Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Seth Cropsy is wrong when he says America must have battle fleets stationed everywhere. As it is right now...within 72 hours...any where...an American battle fleet can be put on station...ready to obliterate. And...while the American fleet is somewhat "new"...most of the firepower is vintage World War II...with some adaptions to address enemy innovations.

Obsolescence...however...is always the silent foe to be confronted. The Chinese were smart to wait and see what kind of air craft carrier would be best in the 21st century before they built one. The flip up front...though...might prove to be a flawed design...particularly in "rough seas"...but...they'll learn and adapt...such is the Chinese way.

America must be judicious in its construction. Why build wooden walls when the ironclad an obvious up-grade? DRONE SHIPS...mechanical marvels could very well take over much of the Coast Guard function by 2025. As for high seas interdiction and protection...unsinkable ships might very well be the answer to the age old fear of the mariner: DROWNING.

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