Saturday, May 12, 2018


The maggots and jackals inside the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) and the U.S. Injustice Dept. are immune from punishment...insulated so much they can LIE and DECEIVE...violate CIVIL RIGHTS...and...never...ever...fear condemnation. How such despicable people ever found their way into those two government organizations can be traced to a hiring preference for the "NAZI-MINDED"...those wretches ready to kill their own mother to advance cause.

Take Patrick Fitzgerald...Mr. Injustice himself...for instance. This jerk knew "Scooter" Libby had not lied about anything but pursued him anyway. To his ever shame and condemnation...PATRICK steered an unwitting JUDY MILLER into testifying in a way that JUDY MILLER later found evil...and...quite false. She had been steered in her testimony...and...she gave into PATRICK'S entreaty to stretch the TRUTH so that BUSH could be hurt. Later on...JUDY MILLER finally understood what had happened to her...and...valiantly stepped forward to reveal PATRICK'S EVIL.

INSTEAD OF BEING the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...Patrick Fitzgerald is held in the highest esteem. So long as he's hurting Republicans...they don't care if he injures or kills. Likewise with ROBERT MUELLER...a scumbag who left 4 men in prison when he knew them to be innocent. Instead of public derision...though...MUELLER is leading the 2017 TRUMP-RUSSIA inquiry that is specifically directed to ignore the EVIL of  TEAM-CLINTON or TEAM-OBAMA.

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