Thursday, July 19, 2018


Disloyal helpers are slowly being deleted...leaving a streamlined team dedicated to eliminating the grip of the 20th century NANNY STATE. Instead of congratulating TEAM-TRUMP for ferreting out the "moles and spies"...however...the MASS MEDIA is excoriating President Trump for making it so hard on staff that many can't meet his stringent requirements and have chosen to step down. VIVA TRUMP!

Abiy Ahmed: ancient trade route

Standing next to his statue...the newest leader of Ethiopia...told the world his team would delete the grip of socialism...and...usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. So dynamic was ABIY AHMED in his description of this new attracted the attention of President Trump who called ABIY and asked if he wished to open unhampered trade with America. As they chatted...Big Don asked, "By the way...what product* could your people make that might be bought by Americans?"
*Ethiopian costume jewelry is known everywhere as the choice of the 10 to 13 year old female crowd. The lizard-tooth locket and necklace set are big sellers in Tibet as well as in such bustling markets as Tehran and Addis Ababa.


The Republicans want to reduce taxes...delete stifling regulations...and...deliver prosperity to everyone. The Democrats want to create more government this and that...add layer upon layer of crushing red tape...and...return America to "molasses in January" slow...unprofitable...and...forlorn. While the MASS MEDIA is telling the voters they want to be sheep inside a NANNY STATE CAGE environment...the would-be sheep are asking themselves if they might prefer prosperity and liberty instead.


Mack-mood...the Iranian rug maker...looked at his monthly profit-loss sheet...scratched his head at the huge loss...and...asked his friend BEN GUR-AND if he were also suffering from President Trump's rebuke of the rag heads in Tehran. Revealing similar losses...both of them commiserated over the trouble the mullahs had brought on their country. In times past...PERSIA was respected. Nowadays...they're not called PERSIANS but "rag-head Iranians"...a moniker most of them resent...but...which descriptively frames their plight,(WSJ A-7;07-19-18).


Just because Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted 12 hapless Russians and demands their presence in federal court to answer those charges of hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee...does not mean President Trump must grant access of Mike McFaul...the Obama-era ambassador to Russia. "If Mike is indicted in Russia...he should answer that indictment," quipped Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL)...pointing out he had heard rumors that McFaul was involved in an assassination plot the penalty for which...if found death by hanging.


Instant conversion of crypto-currency into U.S. dollars is about to occur. In Vero Beach, Florida...CRYPTO-KRYPTON...a clearinghouse will open its door with a backing of $2.9 billion enabling CRYPTO-KRYPTON(C/K) to handle global crypto-currency transactions at the speed of light. The security for C/K was provided by the RUSSIANS...the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE machinery provided by the Chinese...and...the unfettered platform to bring this 21st Century marketplace into being provided by TEAM-TRUMP!


The hatred of Trump evinced by the MASS MEDIA has not been contagious. Few voters have changed their mind about Big Don. Indeed...the Republicans will defeat the Democrats in the 2018 election cycle such that Trump will have a 51% majority in both houses of Congress. Once President Trump has such a working majority...he will insist on eliminating that idiotic 60 vote rule in the U.S. Senate and finish the job of dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE ushering a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. And it's that likelihood that has drawn MEDIA VENOM.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson fell behind Governor RICK SCOTT in the Florida U.S. Senate race in the latest poll. Even though the pollsters were Democrat-funded...and...skewed the polling data...nonetheless...SCOTT edged out Nelson. Even the 10 billion Puerto Ricans now residing in Orlando hate BILL NELSON. They sense NELSON is a socialist who will ruin Florida the same way the socialists ruined Puerto Rico. Agreeing with them are most freedom-loving Floridians. Yes...some Floridians want to be sheep...directed and controlled from cradle to grave...but....a majority wish to breathe free and hence will choose RICK SCOTT.


What is to be done with Islamic State prisoners? When ISIS troops were caught...or...surrendered...they were imprisoned in huge compounds. The number of prisoners could be as high as 20 million...housed in underground bunkers throughout the Sahara Desert...and...guarded by gurkha warriors whose mission to keep watch but if attacked kill all prisoners by pushing the POISON GAS BUTTON. What's to be done with all these nasty critters is a question few wish to answer...since the obvious answer is too horrific to discuss.

600 miles per hour

The newest Russian submarine can travel 600 miles per hour beneath the waves using cavitation physics. In the front of the sub as it travels is a bubble of impediment enabling the entire sub to slip though without resistance. Such weaponry was known to President Trump when he discussed trouble spots with President Putin in Helsinki. Might America have similar platforms?


As fast as they can...producers are departing socialist states. In New Jersey...for example..residents will be FINED if they do not have health insurance. That FINE was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. People are fleeing as fast as they can from such socialist goo. San Francisco passed a BUSINESS TAX to pay for homeless people and to pay for administrators to handle the homeless people...a TAX so onerous that even producers in that socialist miasma are looking for suckers to buy them out so they might flee to Florida...the Sunshine State. VIVA RICK SCOTT!


Although wondering why the coach was wanting them to enter that cave during rainy season...the 12 children of the WILD BOAR soccer club followed along anyway. As they made their way into the cave...outside the rain began to fall. Because the team was deep in the cave they did not see the water coming into the tunnel system.

When the coach realized it was too late to depart the cave...he instructed WILD BOARS to flee to higher ground and that meant fleeing deeper and deeper into the cave...looking for that island. Somehow...they were able to find that spot...and...on to it they total darkness entered their domain...they began to pray...never knowing night and day...just black pitch light...only sound...touch...smell...and...taste found.

Nowadays...cave hiking is known to be dangerous* and only in dry season will cave entry be permitted. The ordeal those 13 people went through was harrowing to everyone who cares about children.
*One of the rescuers died because he ran out of air coming out of the cave after delivering supplies.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


When Kellyanne Conway was asked about the mal-treatment of ALAN DERSHOWITZ for his intrepid defense of Big Don in Martha's Vineyard...she looked at the venom dripping crowd and said, "In one of the episodes of STAR TREK: THE LIBRARY ... Kirk goes through a portal and ends up in a time in that planet's past where they not only believe in witches but burn them at the stake. Kirk threatens to denounce a "traveler such as he" ...a dude who has used the portal to go to that era to live. Kirk threatens to expose him if that dude won't help him get back into the LIBRARY. At one point...the dude proclaims aloud: THERE ARE WITCHES...THERE ARE WITCHES.  Likewise...might Alan Derschowitz have proclaimed his hatred of Trump outside the mansions of Martha's Vineyard and found acceptance therein?"


While most voters are left ignorant of such things...let it be known the defendants...all 12 Russian defendants...all indicted for hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee...have the RIGHT TO INSPECT the DNC computers...and...thereby exercise their right to confront their this instance...a computer system owned by the DNC.

Of course...the DNC will never permit such inspection...and...hence...the PROSECUTION will end based on due process grounds. that time...all those smug intelligence agencies will have to admit their CONCLUSIONS were based on what they were told by the DNC...if they're ever cornered and required to retract their idiotic conclusions about RUSSIAN MEDDLING.

But...the damage to TEAM-TRUMP by the fearful DEEP STATE led by such miscreants as ROD ROSENSTEIN will have already been inflicted...damage unleashed* to topple TEAM-TRUMP.
*An obligatory mention of the dismissal will appear in some backwater page of most rags...rags that heretofore were crammed with hate-Trump drivel and tripe.


More news on the back of a cereal box than in the Press Journal...the mullet wrapper serving Indian River County, Florida. Such was the assessment of that countywide circulation newspaper when the choice between social media and printed rags were discussed.


At the meeting in interpreter was used by President Trump to translate for him so that he might face-to-face converse with President Putin. Nowadays...some fame-seeking Democrats are demanding to interrogate* the interpreter so they might eavesdrop on that executive meeting. Their basis for such demand: TRUMP BETRAYED AMERICA. Their proof? NONE! Yet...the MASS MEDIA is treating their demand as if it were something from God...some edict with the force of temporal power wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings.
*Ah...yes...secrecy molts no feather.


U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, (D. Ca) unleashed a strain of "nasty"...a new "venom"...that was so powerful...PUSSY RIOT bottled it...and...splashed a bunch around a Moscow church. When asked about her power to influence Russian misfits and ghouls...MAXINE...pulled up her skirt...flashed her "v" and said her influence would birth history.


The seething hatred for President Trump was most evident on CNN...the fake news was to be expected after President Trump clarified what he meant to say in Helsinki about meddling in the 2016 election pointing out at a news conference today that there "were a lot of people meddling in the 2016 election...including the Russian government, maybe."


Maria Butina...the latest Russian spy to be caught...told a cub reporter she had a list of American to speak...and...they were all in the Democrat Party.

If she were not granted BAIL...she'd reveal those names...expose the ENTIRE NETWORK...telling American voters...just before the 2018 election...that most of the Democrats running for re-election are part of this overall RUSSIAN DISRUPTION TEAM.

Adding cement to her story...Maria Butina declared, "They were highly paid...and...they were video-taped accepting the money in exchange for their hatred of liberty...and...they'll be exposed by me before VOTERS can be duped."


Anna Chapman and Maria Butina...two Russian soldiers dispatched to infiltrate America...Chapman...then Butina...both red-headed sexually-active ladies...each one sent to perform* specific feats. Chapman: to infiltrate TEAM OBAMA and exploit their hatred of America. Butina: to conduct compromising trysts with Democrats in the back of a pizza parlor in Georgetown...a task she accomplished with aplomb.
*While Anna Chapman was landing in Russia...Sergei Skripal...a Russian traitor...was landing in Oxfordshire at the Brize Norton air base. When Skripal was not any longer of any use to the British Intelligence community...though...they engineered an attack using a NERVE AGENT that was developed in Russia during the cold war; and then had the MASS MEDIA blame Russia. Sergei and his daughter were found in Salisbury seated on a park bench unconscious due to the affect of that horrific nerve agent...a nerve agent administered by BRITISH secret of whom...according to an eye-witness...used the number: 007...and...liked things shaken...not stirred.


President Trump left his glove in the face of an impertinent knave. When asked about the affair...Kellyanne Conway said,
"Method, let us say.
It is his pleasure to displease. He loves
Hatred. Imagine how it feels to face
The volley of a thousand angry eyes-
The bile of envy and the froth of fear
Spattering little if gentle rain from heaven to this place beneath."


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) was told Florida vets had died waiting for Veteran Administration healthcare. Instead of making noise about it...NELSON kept his mouth shut. He dared not offend OBAMA...his fearless leader. Sure...NELSON knew VETS were dying...but...NELSON kept quiet. BILL NELSON...Vet-killer...Bill Nelson...the maggot who knew Florida vets were dying...dying while waiting for medical care...waiting in line...waiting for BILL NELSON kind of healthcare...and...he wants to be re-elected?
*As Rick Scott asked, "Who but the most base among us would choose such jackal?"


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the voters she was a dedicated socialist. She pointed out that capitalism was not always around...and...socialism was there long before capitalism...and...such harmony...such Utopia was what people wish to enjoy once more. When asked if she were thinking about the Dark Ages or the times of Rome...she smirked and said, "No...I was thinking about the Soviet Union before capitalism arrived and began to make the place better."


As she was making her way along a manicured path through a mysterious forest od Monhegan Island...Clare Durst dared to stomp out a little 3 foot "fairy house" someone had built.

Whoever built that house had spent years erecting it...probably spending entire summers slowly building that 3 foot high intricate in every detail "fairy" house.

Envious...hateful...dripping with anger and disgust...CLARE DURST unleashed her fury...ripping away at the doors and windows of that 3 foot high "fairy" house...a place where children had played with their imaginations...a place artfully adorned...arrayed with carved aspects only a grand master might undertake.

"How dare someone build such a "fairy" house on an island I inspect and police," shouted DURST daring anyone to arrive and build another "fairy" house.

Revealing her angst and fear...DURST described how dedicated she was to ruining people's dreams. "I'll rip down all such buildings. If fairies wish to spend time on this island...they have to get my permission and the site where they'll stay one that I designate as proper," dripped DURST as she dared stomp down the little fake trees around that 3 foot high "fairy" house,(WSJ A-1;07-18-18).


Walter Carr walked 10 miles to and 10 miles from his place of employment. As he commenced his trek yesterday...his boss arrived...exited the car...handed Walter the keys...and...said, "Here...this car belongs to you. I appreciate you."

Later on...the boss...when asked by local mass media...said it was the least he could do to demonstrate the value of his work force. It was also Biblical in its import and framed the way America has always been...outside the Beltway. VIVA TRUMP!


How could an assassin begin World War I? Yet...due to alliances and war erupted when Arch Duke Ferdinand was shot in Serbia. Such was the idiocy to which Big Don referred when he recited MONTENEGRO as a place where world war III might begin. President Trump noted that NATO would respond to an attack on Montenegro...for an instance of this flaw*...and...war would arrive as NATO countries dispatched firepower to interdict and repel. That kind of domino effect is something President Trump doesn't think in America's best interest. VIVA TRUMP!
*Chancellor Merkel pays Russia $5 billion per year for natural gas...yet...spends another $5 billion to defend against Russian tanks and missiles should her Russian gas supplier ever wish to compel bill-payment. That kind of nonsense is exactly what Big Don was framing as the shortcomings of NATO.


Unfortunately for freedom-hating Democrats...dredging up NEGATIVE stuff  said by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in times past has been hard to accomplish inasmuch as almost everything Brett has said publicly has been worthy of open-frank discussion. For example...he said he'd put a final nail in the SPECIAL COUNSEL LAW pointing out that such LAW was usurpation of executive power not supported by the U.S. Constitution.

"How dare Trump's nominee challenge the law SPECIAL COUNSEL MUELLER is using to attack TEAM-TRUMP!" asserted U.S. Senate Minority Leader as he looked at the ridiculous indictment of 12 Russians for allegedly hacking into the Democratic National Committee computers in 2016. Indeed...Schumer knows the 12 Russians are FALL GUYS...but...if  he were to reveal as much...he'd be seen as a traitor* to his SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT appearance "scumbag" Schumer isn't about to manifest.
*Underlying Schumer's grim assessment of Brett...was the hatred of freedom.. "If we can destroy liberty and replace it with socialist freedom-to-obey...we can perpetuate our power for decades to come," sniffed Schumer when asked if Venezuela were not his model for how to gain and retain power.


Montenegro...according to President Trump could very well embroil America in a war if America were totally committed to NATO. Big Don doubted such a postage stamp country could ever induce world war...since he was too smart to fall for that kind of nonsense. VIVA TRUMP!


Cement and steel...such the description of the prior FROZEN foreign policy of America.  Instead of engaging Russia in open and brisk trade...opening trade by removing hinder and hassle from both ends...little was done to encourage such interface.

Nowadays...however...a titan has come to the Oval Office...a liberator...whose mission statement to delete the grip and grab of the NANNY all its pernicious forms and formats. President Trump senses it's time to open the world to free trade...and...deliver ever-lasting peace on Earth and goodwill towards everyone....knowing such PARADISE can only be achieved in an otherwise unhampered market from the grip and grab of the would-be master with envious mob.

PRESIDENT TRUMP and his wrecking ball...bashing and poking...socialists... Eco-fascists...or whatever else they're called. VIVA TRUMP!


When asked about her defense to the charge that she is a RUSSIAN SPY...Maria Butina...abruptly turned to the cub reporter and promised to reveal the names of Democrats who are also Russian-agents and political operatives.

"I plan to bring down the entire Democrat leadership," quipped BUTINA as she held up a BLACK BOOK to the camera and smirked.

"The Democrats were quick to sign on to the DESTROY LIBERTY CAMPAIGN I proposed to them and promised to fund. They never asked me if I were a Russian spy although Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer chuckled and said he didn't care if I were a spy since money lacks soul,"  added BUTINA as she fondled the video-disc of Schumer receiving his brief case of HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.


A Russian spy exposed? In Moscow...MARIA BUTINA spoke* out for gun-rights...declaring a position contrary to the ESTABLISHMENT MEME of "no guns in the hands of citizens". She also attended American University in Washington DC where she met with top ranked Democrats in the back of a Georgetown pizza parlor to discuss campaign financing gambits,(WSJ A-5;07-18-18).

Nowadays...though...MARIA BUTINA is a defendant in a federal prosecution brought by the U.S. Injustice Dept. wherein she is said to be a foreign agent...a SPY...a MADI HARI of sorts. While she didn't steal atomic bomb secrets...or...take CIA eavesdropping software...she did speak to leaders of the National Rifle Association...thereby...qualifying her to be labeled a "FOREIGN AGENT"...and...hence...required to register with the federal government...something MARIA did not do.
*Maria Butina is NOT a Russian will be proven at her trial. She was just an outspoken lady who saw a chance to become famous without having to resort to the antics of PUSSY RIOT...but...she is not a SPY...or...a FOREIGN AGENT. In the HILLARY SCANDAL...Hillary-the-hag in 2016 paid $12 million to  REAL "foreign agents" to create an ATTACK ON attack that is still ongoing in the form of the infamous MUELLER PROBE.


Eric keep his job at the Wall Street Journal must inject propaganda into his articles,(WSJ A-4;07-18-18).

Hence...he wrote recently: "The economy appears poised to expand this year at the fastest clip since the recession ended in 2009."

That statement is a LIE in as much as during the OBAMA-ERA...there was little economic expansion...with most producers preferring to wait-it-out...waiting until a freedom-lover with a freedom-loving majority in Congress arrived...and...arrive it did on January 20, 2017. Since that date...America has been growing more prosperous...with producers keeping more of what they earned...and...the would-be masters loosening the grip on liberty. VIVA TRUMP!


What better way to hinder American fossil fuel production than to pay protestors to obstruct pipeline construction. Knowing such bottlenecks can stifle production and keep OIL PRICES climbing...the Russians paid WINONA LaDUKE...[who lives 30 miles from the LINE 3 route on a White Earth reservation of the Ojibwe Tribe] erect protest camps similar to the ones she erected to obstruct the completion of the NORTH DAKOTA ACCESS pipeline. "While I won't say from whence I received the $5.0 million...I will say that with that funding...we will stop this Minnesota pipeline and force fossil fuel prices to climb even higher," smacked Winona as she waxed feathers on her tribal bonnet.


Slowly the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE is being removed. A finger of that mighty grip was lifted off recently when Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor Nathan Mehrens told the world the OBAMA-ERA "persuader rule" was deleted...a rule that forced labor lawyers to reveal their dialogue with their clients if it involved labor issues.


The Republicans are offering taxpayers another way to create a guaranteed stream of income on their essentially insulated from the grip and whim of  Uncle Sugar. As it is now...young worker bees are paying for the retired ones...and...that so-called TRUST FUND will be empty come 2035...a year these young worker bees right now can avoid suffering, (WSJ A-1;07-18-18).

Naturally...the Democrats oppose* such CAGE escape.

Moreover, their chorus-like answer to the question of how will the federal government pay that Social Security to all those recipients once the TRUST FUND is empty is to YOKE the young worker bees...and...force them into a bankrupt system...taking from them the fruit of their labor so that retired recipients might enjoy the benefit of their CONTRACT with Uncle Sugar...a contract forged decades ago...that in exchange for them allowing Uncle Sugar to take their money during their productive years...that in their twilight years...Uncle Sugar would return that money...paying them monthly. Such an answer might satisfy the fearful retirees who have been told their SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME is about to end...but...young worker bees know they need another route.

Anticipating this dash for the exit by young worker bees...the Democrats are enlisting the help of the MASS MEDIA. 

As envisioned by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA will "bad mouth" the proposal to give people another way to avoid the TRAP of SOCIAL SECURITY...a trap in the sense that during the productive years...during a time when the U.S. dollar was valuable...a time when $35.00 bought an ounce of GOLD...had that worker bee invested that SOCIAL SECURITY TAX MONEY...and...permitted it to grow following the INTEREST RATE set by an unhampered marketplace...that worker bee would be receiving....right now...5 times what is being received through Social Security and Medicare...and...more importantly...not be subject to the vicissitudes of political power-mongering.
* They prefer their power to pick winners and favor some over others...reaping the benefit of continued support at the ballot box from those receiving FREEBIE AND FAVOR and receiving big bucks from the "un-favored" whose desire to gain ground through paying the proverbial "vig" an obvious corollary in this fascist-socialist miasma.


Scrape off the hatred only to find beneath even more hatred. Such the way President Trump must pass his day...with MASS MEDIA and all other "Trump-haters" throwing their dung-bags when able. Unlike his predecessors...though...Big Don came to make America great again. In so doing...he has told his underlings not to champion identify and delete such stain on America's soul. Such directive strikes at the very heart of Democrat-darkness...and...makes them return fire with MASS MEDIA hatred unbridled.


President Trump listened to the controversial video...thought he had said wouldn' in: I do not see why Russia wouldn't meddle in our election...heard that he might have said 'would' and not have added the "not"...observed the acrimony and anger from Democrat and Republican...and...decided to appear before the world and declare: "I meant would not". The entire text* of his utterances supports that "correction".  VIVA TRUMP!
*In the movie USED CARS...a trick is played on Kurt Russell. The video for his TV commercial was changed so that the word he said was MILE instead of smile. It might very well be that same TRICK was played on TRUMP. He might have said wouldn' fact...his lips seem to be saying "wouldn't" in the TV video of his Helsinki meeting with President Putin...not "would" will take so long to find the TRICK...Big Don elected to ascend the podium and CORRECT it his way.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Mitt "the nit" Romney saw a chance to pile on Big Don...and...he did. Running in Utah for the U.S. Senate...ROMNEY stood forth and accused President Trump of siding with the Russians against the American Intelligence community just because Donald J. Trump doubted the ROSENSTEIN INDICTMENT was able to be proven.


While the furor has been mighty...President Trump called a press conference to clarify that he said the word "wouldn't" sounded like he said would. The context of the entire statement supported the "wouldn't" correction. Indeed...Big Don was asking a rhetorical question: "Why wouldn't the Russians meddle in our elections...we meddle in theirs?" When asked about his assessment of the intelligence community...and...its claim that the computers [that were NEVER INSPECTED] were hacked by PUTIN...he noted that President Putin has presented a great defense that it was not his government that hacked the DNC computers...if ever there were any such hacking...a question not anyone so far has been able to answer.


The American Central Intelligence Agency developed software that could snoop and leave a false trail creating a FALL GUY SCENARIO. That kind of software might have been was used to examine the Democratic National Committee computers since ROD ROSENSTEIN indicted 12 hapless GRU employees stationed in Moscow asserting that was precisely what happened. Off-camera...however...ROD told his pal over a beer that the Russians were patsies...but...he didn't care since they'd never see the inside of a federal courtroom.


In 2007...before this BLOG became an international mass media sensation...some of the editors contacted speculators such as OAKTREE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP and warned that august bunch of managers to avoid PUERTO RICO.

Naturally...that ALERT was ignored and OAKTREE along with some other intrepid investors bought $3 billion in Puerto Rican bonds.

As foreseen...the PORTFOLIO did not return enough to pay the INTEREST on the bonds...and...insolvency of the debtor ensued as the portfolio handlers...themselves raving socialists...used that $3 billion to buy blankets and dinners for all the would-be peace-prize winners.

Nowadays...due to the OBAMA-ERA PROMESA LAW...those "warned" creditors stand to suffer a $3 billion haircut,(WSJ B-9;07-17-18).


Inside the moon...inside a dome of sorts...people eat meat made from cow...chicken...and...pig cells...grown inside huge vats. The hamburger looks and tastes like an American hamburger...the chicken fingers as tasty as ever...and...the pulled pork BBQ as if it arrived yesterday from Vero Beach, Florida...the capital of the BBQ world,(WSJ B-4;07-17-18).


President Trump climbed up the water spout. Down came the rain* and washed Donald out. Out came the sun...and...dried up all the rain...and...President Trump climbed up the spout again. VIVA TRUMP!
*Folks...the computers of the Democratic National Committee were not hacked by the government of Russia. Whoever did the alleged "attack-hack"...if there were such a feat...that person(s) was not part of the Russian government. That lack of involvement will be proven and when it is shown the Russian government was not involved...TRUMP will be vindicated and called wondrous since he refused to LIE and push a LIE about 12 hapless Russians. TRUMP could have pushed that LIE. And be fearful...that later on...he'd be called upon to admit he pushed a KNOWN-LIE...a LIE that was so preposterous that it had to come from the ROD ROSENSTEIN Dept. of Injustice.


In reaction to the HELSINKI MIASMA...the "me too" bus left the station with Republicans and Democrats aboard...everyone of them telling the others about much they hated President Trump for telling the world that the DEEP STATE in America didn't have his endorsement. When President Trump refused to subscribe to the mantra about 12 hapless indicted Russians...when asked about it in Helsinki...those bus tickets were instantly bought. Now...that they're all aboard the HATE-TRUMP BUS...much in Washington DC can be kindred the aligned the anger and disgust.


So much fossil fuel available...the price of a gallon of gasoline should be pennies not dollars. Due to anti-fossil fuel hurdles...though...that abundance has been prevented from translating into lower prices.

The reason for the skewed market price is obvious. During the oppressive years of the OBAMA REGIME...much was done to hurt fossil energy production...and...augment the windmills and solar power systems. For instance...not only do Americans have "unreliable electricity"...but...the costs* for it have soared as the utility companies struggle to find a use for intermittent "green" energy.
*U.S. Senator Bill Nelson...standing on limestone in Orlando...when asked about his allegiance to GREEN ENERGY said, " Fortunately in advocates have been pushed to the back of the bus...and...fossil fuel production along our coast is at its peak."


Americans are not getting pushed into another idiotic confrontation...this time instead of with Afghanistan and's to be RUSSIA.

President Trump knows what was done to mask the amazing effort by TEAM-HILLARY to "rig" the 2016 election and assure her victory. For example...when it was discovered BERNIE had been derailed and that the Democrat Primaries were rigged to favor Hillary...there was a discussion among top level Democrats about how to "hide" the nefarious misconduct by members of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary operatives. Destroying hard drives was not an the RUSSIAN ATTACK SCENARIO was fashioned including the use of CIA software that was designed to "leave" a false trail...creating the FALL GUY SCENARIO that the recent ROD ROSENSTEIN INDICTMENT frames so handily.

Although the MASS MEDIA won't acknowledge as much...most Americans don't support EVIL LEADERS. President Trump refused to perpetrate the EVIL embedded in that indictment of 12 hapless Russians working for the GRU in Moscow. Americans stand with PRESIDENT TRUMP not with the LIARS. Americans appreciate PRESIDENT TRUMP not choosing to go along with that INDICTMENT of 12 FALL GUYS. VIVA TRUMP!


Why would the President of the United Helsinki...when asked about his own Intelligence Agency conclusion that the Russian government hacked the Democratic National Committee computers...sort of agree with President Putin and say such RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT involvement might not be proven to have happened? Why publicly doubt the American Intelligence community in that manner?

Instantly...the DEEP STATE wanted to have TRUMP punished for doubting the veracity of their claims. The same DEEP STATE that produced such nefarious characters as Comey, Strzok, Wisemann, Ohr, Page, Obama, and Crooked-Hillary...didn't receive TRUMP SUPPORT in Helsinki when it came to the question about INDICTING 12 hapless Russians.

As U.S. Senator Rand Paul,(R. Ky) noted, "President Trump...too honorable to sign on to such a preposterous prosecution...when asked about it in Helsinki...simply said President Putin delivered a powerful denial of the hacking of the DNC computers and he-Trump was inclined to believe Putin and not the OBAMA-ERA scumbags who were proclaiming RUSSIAN-MEDDLING."


Should President Trump have had a news conference after the meeting with President Putin in Helsinki? Historians will discuss that "what if" for centuries to come. Had Trump dodged that question about ROSENSTEIN that news conference...there would not be any "hate-Trump" frenzy today in the MASS MEDIA. Had TRUMP ignored that question...however...the world would not know the President of America knows the INDICTMENT is based on LIE. Did the world deserve hearing TRUTH from Big Don, though?


The U.S. Injustice Dept. is well-known for false prosecution...hiding exonerating facts...and...LYING to gain advantage. Recently...ROD ROSENSTEIN...putative leader of that rabble...indicted 12 hapless Russians whose only crime that they're Russian and work for the low-level GRU in Moscow. The INDICTMENT frames these 12 Russians as working in concert to gain access to Democratic National Committee computers so that they might use that data to expose the criminal misconduct of Democrats...something THE ESTABLISHMENT cannot have happen. "If America were to see all the crimes Hillary and Obama committed...there'd be a revolt against the Democrat Party and probably some public hangings," whispered U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY).


Somehow...the proof that President Putin did not direct the hacking of computers in America in 2016 keeps coming out.'s been revealed the alleged source of the hacking was the low-level Russian GRU and not the SVR(think KGB).

The GRU...unlike the SVR...lacks counter-intelligence firewalls. Whoever did use the CIA software that snoops and then leaves a false trail creating a FALL GUY SCENARIO knew SVR was "secure"...but...GRU was not. Thus...the GRU was picked as the FALL GUY...and...such explains "why" the 12 indicted Russians are GRU agents,(WSJ A-17;07-17-18).

President Trump was shown such difference and presented with pluperfect factual evidence that the "real" culprits...if there ever were any...are inside America...and...still using that FALSE TRAIL software.

However...instead of going along with the LIE underlying that ROSENSTEIN INDICTMENT...Big Don...honorable...and...integrity-crammed...refused to endorse the LIE...and...told the world his own Intelligence Agency might be wrong about the Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee computers...computers that were never inspected by the FBI or anyone else outside the ambit of the DNC. VIVA TRUMP!


Instead of going along with the FALSE ACCUSATION embedded in that ridiculous ROSENSTEIN INDICTMENT...instead of perpetrating a FALSE PROSECUTION...something the U.S. Injustice Dept. has honed to a fine skill...BIG DON said "no"...he wasn't about to go along with that LIE.

Instantly...the DEEP STATE and all its invested cronies and stooges became inflamed. How dare Big Don tell the world the DEEP STATE is alive and well...but...he's not going along to get along with the EVIL.

No...folks...Donald J. Trump would never tell such a LIE...hurt 12 hapless Russian fall guys...and...thereby become part of the DEEP STATE always fearful that someone might expose the LIE...reveal his complicity...and...undermine his integrity and honor...a/k/a...his soul. VIVA TRUMP!

out came the sun?

President Trump has been attacked 24/7 by THE ESTABLISHMENT. How dare he reveal the LIE to the world...and...alert the world he knew about the LIE.

And...while the LIE says otherwise...the Russian government did not hack the computers of the Democratic National Committee,(DNC).

Those computers have NEVER been people under the control of the DNC.

 And...yet...ROD ROSENSTEIN INDICTED 12 Russians despite a total lack of "usable proof". Because the DNC will never permit their hard drives to be examined by the DEFENSE...the trial cannot ever occur.

Due process in America requires the some permit access to the evidence so that a DEFENSE might be erected. And...because the DNC will never permit access and revelation of their dastardly effort to RIG the 2016 election...the TRIAL cannot occur!

Such was the meaning and import of what President Trump told the world yesterday in Helsinki. Instead of omitting mention* of the INDICTMENT...or...its inherent FLAW...Big Don told the world the RUSSIANS were probably FALL GUYS...and...he accepted President Putin's denial and concluded as much once President Putin revealed HOW and WHY the DNC computers were not hacked by him and his team. VIVA TRUMP!
*PATTON struck a soldier for cowardice. The federal government made PATTON apologize for the blow.

Monday, July 16, 2018


President Trump knew the ROD ROSENSTEIN INDICTMENT of 12 hapless Russians was nonsense. He knew the computers of the Democratic National Committee had not been hacked by the Russian government. He knew all of this and more.

When the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA mentioned the DNC computer Helsinki...after the TRUMP-PUTIN meeting...President Trump pointed out the defense by President Putin was awfully strong.

Perhaps...the American intelligence community was wrong to rely on the protestations of the DNC that their computers were hacked by Russians...but...President Trump was not going to sign on to such a LIE...not when the TRUTH in controlled by the DNC...whose computers the leadership of the DNC won't permit to be examined. WHY IS THAT?


Jake Tapper...a CNN maggot...declared, "President Putin is a cold blooded killer."

That statement was defamatory since it's FALSE.

While President Putin would not sue such a jerk as TAPPER...nonetheless...people know TAPPER is LYING.

They know PUTIN is a titan and worthy of their respect not their condemnation. Unlike the "guilty until proven innocent" Democrats...President a messianic figure...told the world the DNC COMPUTERS so far have not been proven to have been hacked by the "named" 12 hapless Russians.


Maggots inside the U.S. Injustice Dept. said a Russian lady in America was trying to penetrate the National Rifle Association...the National Teachers Association...the American Bar Association...and...the Democratic National Committee(DNC). It was her application for a job at the DNC...though...that caught the attention of both the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...and DNC chairman Tom Perez...who asked her to come to his inner office for an interview. In that private setting...behind locked doors...he let his hair hang up secrets of election rigging...and...CROOKED HILLLARY crimes for show.


President Trump told the world the Democratic National Committee never permitted inspection of their supposedly "hacked-by-Russians" computers.

Reacting to this frank revelation about FALSEHOOD...DAN Intelligence official...defended the accuracy of American Intelligence data that declared RUSSIA MEDDLED IN THE DNC COMPUTERS. Although COATS must admit...if ever pressed....that the DNC computers were never inspected by someone outside the DNC...he won't do it voluntarily because it would undermine the ANTI-RUSSIAN MEME.

As a real a TITAN...President Trump was open and honest in his assessment that the DNC "computer-hacking" INDICTMENT was preposterous. There won't be any evidence adduced at trial which is predicated on an inspection of the supposedly hacked computers. As DNC Chairman TOM PEREZ said when asked, "The DNC computers will never be examined. Not ever!"


Brilliant...well-intentioned...and...capable of mighty discourse...President Trump told the world the hacking of the Democratic National Committee computers was nonsense. As noted by Big Don, "Never did the DNC leaders permit inspection of those supposedly hacked computers."

President Trump knows there is not any evidence of DNC hacking of computers that can be adduced at trial...and...the INDICTMENT was simply a TOOL for President Trump's WONDER BAG. There won't be a TRIAL...because the DEFENSE must be granted access...access that the DNC will never grant...not ever...since it would reveal the RIGGING of the 2016 election by Hillary-the-hag.


President Trump said the U.S. Intelligence Report declaring the Russian government hacked the Democratic National Committee computers was incorrect. Instantly...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...Democrats...and...some erstwhile Republicans snarled and sneered:
 "How dare President Trump denigrate the same bunch of misfits and maggots who said IRAQ possessed weapons of MASS  DESTRUCTION...a LIE...but a LIE prepared for BUSH-CHENEY so they could have their IRAQ WAR."

President Trump...a TITAN...knows the so-called INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY in America is packed with OBAMA moles and such...little of what is produced by the so-called INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY is worth the paper on which it's scribbled. Instead of pretending the INTELLIGENCE REPORT as to 12 hapless Russians was anything other than nonsense...Big Don said that INDICTMENT was preposterous because the Democratic National Committee(DNC) would NEVER permit its computers to be examined by the DEFENSE.


The National Security Agency Director said it was clear to him that RUSSIA meddled in the 2016 election. When asked for proof...however...that same noise-maker refused to reveal the data...and...said it was "too sensitive" for voters to see before the 2018 election. The "take our word for it" approach doesn't go to far nowadays...though...not after Americans were deceived by OBAMA with "keep your doctor"..."keep your insurance" kind of LIES...LIES intended to keep Americans away from asking about socialized medical care...the stuff the vets describe as HELLISH.


U.S. Senator John McCain, (R.Az) couldn't wait to denounce the performance of President Trump at the Helsinki meeting with Russian President Putin: "The most disgraceful performance in memory."

Despite the incredible rapport Big Don developed with President Putin...and...the monumental understanding these two titans forged...the likes of JOHN "song-bird" McCAIN was given the stage to disparage and insult. So envious was McCain that TRUMP...and...not he...was the messianic figure predicted in the Bible...a 2nd coming so to speak...that McCain found a TVCAMERA and commenced his diatribe.

In times to come...historians will recount how President Trump was a transformational figure. He will be known as the leader who stopped America's plunge into the proverbial socialist toilet. His detractors...jackals and knaves...people such as JOHN McCAIN*...will be framed as ENVIOUS MAGGOTS ready to consume whatever greatness someone else might enjoy.
*John McCain has a bumper sticker on his jeep that says: TO ALL VIRGINS: THANKS FOR NOTHING! Indeed...a former P.O.W....said JOHN MCCAIN "sang" like a bird when the North Vietnamese asked him for secret codes.

diffusion sand

The term "diffusion" in economics is used to describe the slow proliferation of technology. The cell phone...for instance...began as a gadget the size of a as small as a wrist watch...and...made by many companies using innovation and invention derived from other entrepreneurs who profited mightily from licensing and selling.

Somehow...the socialists don't want inventors and innovators to have such leverage on production. They want government to enter and control all production. They point to CUBA...NORTH KOREA...and...VENEZUELA as places where government makes sure the hive reaps the benefit.

As U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL)...himself a devout socialist...said,"Before an innovation can be unleashed...government must examine...and...delete anything that might hurt the status quo...thus insuring social stagnation and misery...two necessary ingredients for socialists to make their NANNY STATE PIE."(WSJ A-1;07-16-18).

IDIOTIC INDICTMENT the recent INDICTMENT of the 12'll sense the IDIOTIC ASPECT of what is unfolding. Not any government inspection of the Democratic National Committee computers was conducted. There is not any proof linking these 12 hapless Russians to any 2016 election rigging. The ONLY PROOF found so far that is concrete and able to deliver a GUILTY VERDICT is the criminal misconduct of TEAM-HILLARY. Hillary-the-hag...for example...gave $12 million to the Russians to RIG the 2016 election. That proof is obvious and known...yet...never will it be the basis for prosecution because she's part of the "ESTABLISHMENT.".


The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has been "bad-mouthing" the summit meeting between President Putin and President

Trump. Somehow...the MASS MEDIA and the freedom-hating Democrats do not want global peace and prosperity since that outcome would destroy their political party which is built on socialist misery and privation.

U.S. Senator Chris Coons,(D. Del)...for example...said he was angry that TRUMP would meet privately with PUTIN when the Democrats...such as he...were claiming President Trump "rigged" the 2016 election to defeat Hillary-the-hag.

Some of the people who heard COONS lambasting Big Don came up to COONS and spit on him. One disgruntled observer kicked COONS in the groin...doubling COONS over. 'Tell Maxine Waters her idea has been practiced," whispered the groin kicking lady into the COONS' cringing ear.


Wondering why it was done...a curious observer asked, "Why do a one hour weekly radio show in Vero Beach, Florida and therein decry socialism...and...demand freedom of the shackled?" Acknowledging it was a pebble into the ocean...nonetheless...the effort must be made lest America succumb to the grip of the would-be master with envious mob,(think Venezuela).

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Jesus cleansed the Temple(MATT. 11:15)...and...for such audacity...he was identified and crucified. That same hatred for JESUS is observed for TRUMP...Democrats and their complicit MASS MEDIA saying as much NASTY as POSSIBLE...hoping their small audience will be entertained enough to keep EATING their DRIVEL AND TRIPE and crying for Barabbas when called upon to shout.


In BRAVEHEART...the IRISH are sent to destroy the Scots. Instead of exchanging hostilities...they stop their putative charge...halt...and...begin to laugh loudly and shake hands with the Scots. Might the secret meeting by President Trump with President Putin be similar...outside the's bellicose and acrimonious...inside the bunker...peaceful...and...ready to forge a lasting alliance of free trade. VIVA TRUMP!


When a government official...tells a jury that Democratic National Committee computer hacking was committed by 12 Russians and then proceeds to trace their involvement all the way to the key stroke hacking itself...such is pluperfect proof sufficient to sustain a verdict in federal court. Usually there is an insider who snitches and turns on the others in order to get the "deal" each trial of the other 11 Russians...if there are any such trials...this turn-coat tells the story...connects the computer hacking effort to each of the 12 Russians...and...the JURY...hand-picked by a puppet-judge...returns an expected verdict of GUILTY.

Because of the JENKS ACT...however...the defense is not given access to government data until the government has rested its case-in-chief. Never does the defense get to take depositions of federal witnesses in a federal criminal case...making AMBUSH the default-approach to federal prosecution. Such rule enables such jackals as ANDY get away with HIDING exonerating evidence* and never getting disbarred.

In the instant case of the 12 hapless Russian FALL GUYS...the witnesses are computer experts hired by the Democratic National Committee(DNC)...experts who never had full possession of the "hacked hardware"...and...whose conclusions as full of holes as Swiss Cheese. So idiotic this ROD ROSENSTEIN INDICTMENT...there has to be another purpose behind such foolhardy prosecution.

*WISEMANN withheld exonerating evidence in the ENRON MATTER...and...was eventually admonished by the federal trial judge. But...because MCCABE was attacking an enemy of the Democrats...his transgression...his EVIL was overlooked.


Nigel Farage...the leader of BREXIT...told SEAN HANNITY that the protest crowds in Britain were 'rent-a-crowd'...people who spend their days protesting...and...the big topic last week...naturally...was PRESIDENT TRUMP.

In order to be seen by other professional jump-and-sing...these LOUDMOUTHS mustered to the village square to demand PRESIDENT TRUMP push America into the same socialist toilet in which they swam.

Instead of telling America the protests were contrived...paid-for amusement...however...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA...doing its fake news gig...presented the protesters to gullible American voters as a cross-section of Britain...never revealing the "rent-a-crowd" reality.

Hannity attempted to wade into that crowd with camera man and ask the participants about their desire and demand...only to hear SCRIPTED STATEMENTS...statements prepared by skillful handlers to be used by "cornered" protesters should a news dude such as Sean Hannity stick his nose in the demonstration's cacophony.


Despite the nasty MASS MEDIA hate-speech that has been leveled at the unwitting Russians in an attempt to sour and scrub...President Trump has managed to make a deal with President Putin based on "common ground and common trust". The Helsinki meeting on 07-16-18 will be used to cement the terms already hammered out but which won't be transmitted to the Republican leadership until Tuesday so that they might join TEAM-TRUMP in perfecting world peace. VIVA TRUMP!


Brilliant was how President Trump described President Putin's effort to save Crimea from the grip of socialist knaves who had seized Ukrainian government threatening to drain Crimea of its wealth. Indeed...a 95% "yes" vote sealed the annexation. Voters of Crimea wanted to work with Russia...and...not the slaves of the socialist scumbags of Europe. VIVA PUTIN!


Instead of condemning socialism...Philip Alston...a disgrace to the NYU School of Law...told a cub reporter that poor countries didn't possess enough ambient wealth to fund their welfare system. While they want to give more generous benefits to the unemployed...the anyone else who wishes to receive government slap and slop...they couldn't because they lacked wealth.

Alston went on to cement his point by noting that in America...40 million voters were in poverty and deserved whatever the storeroom held with him passing out the plunder.

And...although idiotic...and...quite foolish...nevertheless...Alston's rubric as sinister as any would-be master with whip might portend. As one NYU Law student said, "ALSTON fancies himself some kind of would-be master with envious mob...plundering...and...laughing as he crushes the producers' dreams beneath his jackboot."


President usual format...sent the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA on a scavenger hunt with a list of the nasty and horrific...stuff waiting to be found and published. While those noise-makers are busy trashing TRUMP...he can meet with President Putin...handle sensitive business...and...depart with everyone but they ignorant of what was transacted. VIVA TRUMP!


John Kirby disgraced America when he chose to speak on TV to Jake "jackal" Tapper in a CNN interview...and...denounce President Trump for meeting with President Putin. Somehow KIRBY'S opinion was featured because it was anti-TRUMP. If KIRBY...on the other hand...had praised TRUMP...he'd never get that $1500 for his appearance. Mercenary? Of course!


In the local mullet wrapper masquerading as the PRESS JOURNAL...someone decided to warn the world GUAM was about to drown as the bottom of the Pacific Ocean changed its facial sneer. Blaming mankind and not Mother Nature for any sea level change...though...was the import of the GLOBAL WARMING article.

Of course...the gullible and ignorant who comprise most of the Democrat Party in Florida have accepted this nonsense about mankind causing plate tectonics and the sun to swing.

 And...scumbags such as BILL NELSON are counting on such ignorance and acceptance to help him at the ballot box as he promises to stop Mother Earth from warming up or cooling down...he'll do it with Democrat power...and...a host of bureaucratic clowns.


President Trump stood with President Putin publicly and sat down with each other in a private meeting...with much to discuss packing the plate.

President Trump...discussing times past...said, "I remember that day distinctly...the Germans wore wore blue."

Vlad replied, "Yes...I put that blue suit away for a better day."


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told a cub reporter U.S. Senator Bill Nelson has hurt not helped Florida...and...he needed to be evicted. "He voted against removal of OBAMA-CARE and TAX CUTS...and...he's standing in the way of deleting the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something she detests. VIVA BONDI!


President Trump will meet alone with President Putin and it's as likely as not there will be a grand understanding fashioned between them...but...such AGREEMENT will be kept "secret" until the TRAP is sprung...a TRAP that TEAM-TRUMP is slowly closing on the REAL CULPRITS.

 Eventually...because of his team's investigative effort...Big Don will have the proverbial "black book" wherein all the names and their nefarious misconduct during the OBAMA-ERA will be recited.

At that time...once the maggots and jackals know such BOOK exists and might be used...America will see an exodus of "retiring" employees from the FBI...the U.S. Injustice Dept...and...almost every federal agency and bureau...lest they be exposed for what they did. In exchange for their quiet departure...their dossiers will be destroyed so America won't know how EVIL they were.


President Trump knew his meeting with President Putin would be fraught with MASS MEDIA "excoriation and belittlement". However...he also understood himself and the Russian to be TITANS...the MASS MEDIA and his detractors little more than "ankle-nipping" Chihuahuas.

Hence...when asked by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA what he would consider in the heralded meeting in Helsinki...Big Don replied, "Si monumentum requere circumspice". T

And with that incredible utterance...Big Don turned and departed to meet with President Putin. The MASS MEDIA maggots scratched their heads...missing the meaning*...and...the slap-down.
*If you seek his monument...look around.


Atop the hill...inside a redoubt...a bunker of sorts...sat Democrats wondering how to connect the Russians to TEAM-TRUMP. U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff queried if there were some not way to fashion a LIE that the MASS MEDIA could use to bash PRESIDENT TRUMP and hurt Republicans in November of 2018. Reacting to that question...U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer whispered, "I guarantee 24/7 "bad mouth" if we can find something nasty to say."


U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, (D.Ca) became frightened when his chief-of-staff told him their computers had been hacked. "They know what you've been doing...and...I can't see any way for you to escape prosecution for sedition," quipped the underling as Schiff's lips became a thin line of terror.


President Trump in an interview told the world that CNN was "fake news". The STOMP was classic Trump...the affect was nuclear. VIVA TRUMP!


Brad Smith...a Microsoft executive...told a cub reporter that he always wanted to be a sniper...and...kill people from afar.

"I always wanted to shoot people with a sniper rifle," bragged Brad Smith as he examined the Microsoft's latest attempt to DESTROY freedom of the INTERNET.

"If I can use my money and influence with government-maggots to stop FACE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY...I will do it. That technology would stop terrorists and that kind of hurdle is too much to accept. I want those killers to remain anonymous and that injection of government-interdictions/control will stop that technology and give the terrorists an advantage...and...that makes my left leg tingle." dripped Brad Smith.


Chihuahuas* nipping at President Trump's ankles...such the description of the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA. It's humorous to watch the seething anger and dripping hatred for Big Don and his effort to remove the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE from the throat of liberty. The masters of the MASS MEDIA despise him for pushing America away from the omnivorous maw of the socialist-toilet. They hate him for asking America to fight for liberty and to help him cleanse the Temple, (MARK 11:15).
*President Putin knows President Trump and will make a trade deal that is wondrous and enlightened...bringing Russia and America closer together as friends. VIVA TRUMP!


Rod Rosenstein called President Trump on a "secure" line and said he was proceeding with the prosecution of the culprits responsible for hacking of the Democratic National Committee(DNC) computers in 2016. When asked about EVIDENCE...ROD chuckled and told Big Don there was not any way to prove HACKING since the DNC never gave access to its hard drives so such an inspection for actual data could be done by the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). President Trump thanked ROD for delivering a TOOL to be used at the meeting* between President Putin and President Trump.
*President Trump already knows the DNC hacking was not done by RUSSIANS...but...President Putin might not know Big Don knows it was someone else. And this someone had a desire to expose the DNC for its nefarious activity and what better way than to lure GOVERNMENT-IDIOTS to examine what otherwise by them would be overlooked.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


As if stuck with a red hot iron...U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Mass) demanded the University of Wyoming delete the motto: "The world needs more cowboys". It was not gender-neutral. She was miffed that the football team would be called THE COWBOYS...pointing out it blocked trans-genders from enjoying the sport...and...that danger of denying a full college experience required the University to change the motto to "The world needs...cowboys...cowgirls...and...other cow-something".


Special Counsel Robert Mueller...alias un-muzzled an OBVIOUS IDIOT. Somehow...his team plans to prove 12 Russian agents hacked the Democratic National Committee(DNC) computer system in 2016...without having examined* the DNC computers. HUH?
*DNC computers were examined by computer-experts hired by the DNC. Somehow...these experts will prove it was the Russians and not someone using CIA-software. Apparently someone or some team allegedly hacked the DNC computers. How much "washing" was done...or...what was IGNORED by these DNC-experts...such will NEVER be known. Hence...the INDICTMENT is nonsense and the product of idiocy.
Overlooked...for that $2 million of the $12 million paid to the Russians by Hillary-the-hag in 2016 came from DNC coffers. The tracking of that $2 million was never done since it would result in pulling down TEAM-OBAMA...TEAM-CLINTON...and 90% of the DNC outcome too calamitous to unleash.


A week or so ago...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA pointed to the drop in the stock market as PROOF that Trump's so-called TRADE WAR hurt America...never telling America Big Don was using tariffs as a tool to open markets and bring fresh life to the otherwise almost defunct industrial base of this blessed land.

So invested in their hate and envy of President Trump...even with the stock market climbing past 25,000 once more...that same nasty bunch of ghouls and creeps is ignoring the EXTRAODINARY RECOVERY from the 8 years of malaise and misery suffered under the OBAMA REGIME. They can't admit AMERICA is winning again...lest they undermine the SOCIALIST-TOILET MESSAGE of the Democrats.


The latest MUELLER INDICTMENT is nonsense. What underlying purpose there might be for such an was timed to coincide with the historical meeting between two of Earth's titans: Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Kellyanne Conway put this GAMBIT into perspective when she said, "Knowing President Trump and also knowing that ROD ROSENSTEIN does not burp or break wind without's obvious the INDICTMENT OF 12 RUSSIAN AGENTS was designed to be another tool in TRUMP'S bag of wonders."


According to CHRIS CUOMO...a CNN the 2016 election...Russian government agents infiltrated the Hillary camp and orchestrated the disruption of Trump events. His proof can't be shown since the source would turn out to be American...not Russian...a connection CUOMO can't reveal lest he lose his job...and...become a pariah* in social circles.
*Dershowitz was shunned in Martha's Vineyard because he dared to defend President Trump.

JULY 27, 2016

On 07-27-16...President Trump asked President Putin to assist in finding the lost e-mails of Hillary-the-hag. Up to 07-27-16...not anyone was able to find those emails...emails that could show criminal misconduct. Hillary received a subpoena for her computers and cell phones...she destroyed them. While such destruction would be felonious if you were to do it...Hillary-the-hag and her team were commended for their forethought...their enlightened decision to deny access to Hillary's circle of racketeers.

According to LANNY DAVIS...a Washington DC lawyer with connections to the Hillary camp...embedded in those "lost emails" were secret messages encrypted to appear as if discussing a YOGA CLASS...or...planning an event. At one point in his recollection...Davis mused, "HILLARY confidently told her crowd she deleted the personal yoga class and event planning stuff...never revealing* to that crowd she did as much because secret messages were contained therein."

Of course...the RUSSIANS instantly complied with TRUMP'S REQUEST it was made to appear by someone inside the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). In 2017...a CIA whistle-blower...sensing what the Democrats and the MASS MEDIA would do with such FALSE TRAIL...admitted the CIA possessed software that could grab whatever and leave a trail to some place else...instant FALL GUY making stuff.'re getting PLAYED. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA on 07-14-18 acknowledged the latest round of indictments from the MUELLER PROBE(think 12 hapless Russians) did not mention any Americans. However...such acknowledgement could not be left alone. Hence...the TRUMP HATERS referred to the 07-27-16 TRUMP REQUEST as somehow demonstrating a CRIMINAL LINK between TRUMP and PUTIN.

Even though TRUMP was asking PUTIN to expose HILLARY-THE-HAG and her racketeering...nowadays...that REQUEST...according to the "proof" that TRUMP was colluding with the RUSSIANS to keep CROOKED-HILLARY from attaining the OVAL OFFICE perch.

Asked about such planning and foresight...Lanny Davis said, "The MASS MEDIA knows about the racketeering of TEAM-CLINTON but their investment in pushing America into the socialist toilet is too great for them to betray TEAM-CLINTON."
* So invested in her victory was the ESTABLISHMENT...that such stooges as Loretta Lynch and James Comey worked to insulate and promote. one point FBI personnel with hammers helped obliterate data.

Friday, July 13, 2018


It will eventually be proven that the RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT did not have anything to do with "American election hacking". As the CIA whistle-blower revealed...there is software that leaves a FALSE TRAIL and the American CIA has such capability. The so-called Road Rosenstein INDICTMENT TRAIL is preposterous and it'll eventually be shown that the RUSSIANS were "set-up" as FALL GUYS if the effort to rig the 2016 election were discovered and all the dots connected...a feat TEAM-TRUMP must complete since it will undermine and eliminate almost 80% of all Congressional Democrats who KNEW such misconduct on the part of TEAM-OBAMA and TEAM-HILLARY was aid and abet her campaign...they kept act that Americans believe* to be despicable.
*As the MASS MEDIA has crowed when discussing JIM JORDAN and the 30(+) year old wrestling imbroglio...declaring JORDON should have spoken out. Well...when Democrats observed criminal misconduct on the part of TEAM-CLNTON and 2016...WHY did they keep quiet? Such a question will never voluntarily be answered by Democrats. Not ever.


President Trump heard the song and mentioned Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Elizabeth Warren...both socialist maggots...reminded him so much when he hears that pop tune.


Russian President Putin is a be admired...and...supported in his grand effort to bring peace and prosperity to Russia and thereby to the world. Yes...the Democrats are attempting to defame President Putin and by such excoriation ruin Big Don's chance to fetch lasting peace and prosperity for America...prosperity that does not depend on some maggots embedded in government passing out favors.VIVA PUTIN!


U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert wasn't about to ignore the horrendous misconduct of Peter Strzok...the disgraced FBI...and...condemned him for his adultery: "You lied to us as easily as you lied to your wife."

To that stomp-and-thump...U.S. Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee injected, "You need your medication!" Instead of righteously adding to that stomp with her own slap...she took up for Strzok....the LIAR.

It's obvious the Democrats do not want TEAM-OBAMA exposed...or...prominent Democrats linked to the racketeering of the Clintons and the recklessness of Obama. At the STRZOK HEARING...not one Democrat condemned Strzok. They commended and praised...with Steve Cohen...leading the way...besmirching the PURPLE HEART as a medal by proclaiming STRZOK deserved one.


"The world needs more cowboys"...the motto of University of Wyoming...has been condemned. "That misogynistic  motto must be deleted," shouted U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren as she reached down to adjust her baseball catcher's cup.


Indictment of 12 Russians just before President Trump meets fellow-Titan: President Putin? What gambit afoot since ROD ROSENSTEIN would not burp or break wind without permission?

Suspecting something HUGE is about to happen...something TRUMPIAN. observing the Rosenstein indictments...the Democrats are demanding President Trump not meet President Putin lest there be some grand deal made for peace and prosperity...something not anyone in the Democrat Party could accept just before the pivotal 2018 election as important as the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

President Trump is using the ROSENSTEIN INDICTMENTS for some purpose not yet might simply be he has HOOKED the TRUMP-hating MASS MEDIA into focusing on the PUTIN-TRUMP that when something wondrous does COME FORTH...the same MASS MEDIA will be required to publish and praise it.

U.S. Senator Mark Warner, (D.Va) demanded the President not meet with the Russians unless there were other eyes and ears in the room. The Democrats through Special Counsel ROBERT MUELLER have accused Big Don and company of collusion with the Russians and the rigging of the 2016 election.*

According to this idiotic Democrat-premise...this 12-Russian Indictment is too hot for anyone and President Trump had best not meet with Putin the perpetrator. While there is not any factual underpinnings for that INDICTMENT and it will evaporate when trial begins...nonetheless...the MASS MEDIA and the Democrats are demanding President Trump not meet with another titan and discuss open-trade and world prosperity.

As with the other Democrat-masters...Warner knows something GREAT is about to happen...and...he is TRYING to derail it. Somehow...the U.S. Constitution...some where in its POWER to a MINORITY PARTY to impose itself in such fashion that guilt is presumed and not innocence.

Voters can join with TRUMP-PUTIN and continue heading towards the door of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...or...toss the KEY to the Democrats such as maggot-Warner and suffer the misery and squalor of the proverbial socialist toilet.

Senator Warner would prefer Americans smothering in collective goo...instead of reaping the benefit of global trade...commerce without hassle or hinder...unfettered nose-to-nose quality best price always out-sailing. And such outcome the meeting between these two outcome the Democrats don't wish to manifest. VIVA TRUMP!
*The ONLY PROOF of election-rigging was committed by TEAM-HILLARY and TEAM-OBAMA but because there are two systems of for for the rest of us...MUELLER has ignored or overlooked such obvious misconduct.


U.S. Rep. Steven Cohen(D.Tenn) told Peter Strzok he deserved a PURPLE HEART for the metaphorical wounds he suffered as a result of the vehement attack on him by TEAM-TRUMP. Somehow...the value of the PURPLE HEART was erased yesterday by COHEN who used that MEDAL to emphasize the "public derision" Strzok sustained due to his "discovered" effort to "rig" the 2016 election to put Hillary-the-hag into the Oval Office.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


In a trade war...consumers lose...most producers lose...and...the few protected industries prosper for a season until inefficiency cannot any longer be hidden. President Trump knows as much...and...his recent TRADE-TAXES are intended to break up the European bottleneck and the Chinese-Asian bottleneck...opening up trade everywhere...something that hasn't ever been achieved. VIVA TRUMP!


The FBI agent was dancing...his hidden gun discharged and the bullet struck a bar patron in the leg.

Jho Low whereabouts

Using his $4.5 billion in stolen money to insulate and hide his whereabouts...JHO LOW is the most wanted man on Earth. "We will find him and bury him in prison," declared Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.


Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said he would stop oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz. President Trump...when told of this threat...chuckled and said Persian warships will be sunk...any military activity stopped...and...IRANIAN MILITARY ASSETS obliterated. While the rag heads might threaten...they won't attack since their future depends on not angering Big Don. VIVA TRUMP! (WSJ A-9;07-12-18).


U.S. Senator Chris Murphy...a socialist from Connecticut...denied he had groped young boys 30 years ago. The accusers are men who claim CHRIS MURPHY approached them and had his way with them.

Reacting to the accusations...Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer...himself with skeletons in his closet...declared, "The claims are so horrific...they must be true."

Despite Schumer's assessment...the denial of wrong-doing by MURPHY was accepted by the Democrat-controlled MASS MEDIA. Voters...however...know it's not only true but also just the tip of the pedophilia this MURPHY-MAGGOT imposed on his young victims.


A pre-existing condition(PEC) of a consumer when buying health insurance is an issue the HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY must assess before accepting that person as a client. The Democrats knew such risk pools would be difficult to form since the healthy clients would be paying for the sick ones. If the pool were large enough...though...the PEC-client would not impinge on the overall protective umbrella such POOL offers. In a marketplace without such requirement to accept PEC-clients...these consumers are helped by CHARITY and by insurance companies that are capable of creating such LARGE RISK POOLS. The PEC-client would be helped but the rest of America would not be burdened by such infirmities,(WSJ A-4;07-12-18).


Scott underling of the notorious ROD ROSENSTEIN...departed the U.S. Injustice take a job at UBER as "compliance officer". On his first day at work at UBER...a protest crowd formed outside the office door shouting about SCHOOL and demanding UBER fire him immediately. He's a maggot who deserves public derision every time he goes outside.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


President Trump has compelled the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA to carry coverage on his every move...criticize every utterance...and...defame him every way possible...such that the NATO CONFERENCE will be one of those meetings* that historians will say changed the face of the global war-zone politic. Russia would be foolhardy ever to conduct protracted warfare hence NATO is a silly organization...expensive and unneeded.

As German Chancellor Merkel opined, "The Europeans will never jettison socialism and will eventually be consumed by it such as has Italy and Greece...once proud and sheep-like and squalid. NATO is a luxury the sheep don't need...and...the would-be masters are tired of fighting over whose pays the tab."
*Once the Middle East has been sterilized of rebels...and...Hindu and Muslim finally learn to get along...the ingredients of peace in that part of the world will bubble forth.


FACEBOOK DATA was acquired by a Russian company using an APP that permitted such access. When asked about the usage...the Russian...a dude sporting the name: RAUL...said JAMES CLAPPER had carelessly left the door open when the CIA was secretly gobbling American personal data some time back.

iron pole

In India...there is an IRON POLE that does not rust. How it was whom made...and...for what purpose constructed are questions with guess dressed as answers. Yet...on the earth's found IRON that doesn't rust. Might there be a connection? And if there is such link...why isn't anyone discussing it?


Reacting to President Trump and his brash approach to NATO funding...other NATO members said they weren't about to spend their own money on nonsense. German Chancellor that if Americans continue to fund NATO...Germany would continue to be a member...but...only if...Americans continued to be the PAYING PARTY.


Around 13,000 years ago...Mother Earth suffered global cooling which lasted several thousand years. What caused that cooling hasn't been revealed...but...theorists are looking for a massive hole punched in our world by a rock the size of Mount Everest.

Whatever caused that COOLING could not have been the result of an increase in the amount of TRACE GASES: carbon dioxide or methane since Mother Earth would have instantly corrected that "blip" by eating and absorbing that "increase".

No...folks...whatever it was that precipitated that GLOBAL COOLING came from the outer reaches of space and time. It overwhelmed flora and fauna leaving behind only what was resourceful or genetically able to survive such cataclysm.


Russian skill and masterful negotiation were evident when President Trump scolded German Chancellor Merkel with her "basement-deal" with President Putin for natural gas. Of course...Big Don left out that the ECO-FASCISTS of Germany had killed off all deals leaving only that RUSSIAN PIPELINE as the best source. He didn't need that "added caveat" because his point was about financing each member must help tote the note.


Before Iowa soy bean farmers saw Chinese buyers disappear...Brazilian soy bean farmers were already selling all they could grow to CHINA. The TRUMP-TARIFF WAR that drew China into reciprocal trade barriers listing soy bean as one of the victims...while it has hurt IOWA has helped Brazilian farmers who couldn't find anyone to buy their low-quality product. How long will Big Don conduct such negotiations isn't known...but...the scribble he's making on world trade might be sufficient for the masters-of-universe to meet with him and agree to open taxes...not barriers...just face-to-face competition. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump in the 2016 campaign told his crowd he was going to stop the NATO give-away...and...NATO members were going to have to pay for their part of the overall umbrella of protection afforded by that alliance that says the attacker will face NATO...not just the country attacked. Such a threat...such an so awesome...peace has been forthcoming and will continue to be the default position of the world. VIVA TRUMP!

43 day separation

A 4 year old boy was reunited with his border-jumping father and placed together in a facility designed to house families. Although the border-jumper risked his child's safety...that child abuse was not discussed by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA which focus* on the 43 days of separation...a separation the border-jumping father had picked as their fate.
*When risk such separation...the border-jumper replied, "I was paid $1500 U.S. currency by a Democrat operating in my country and I was promised TV coverage...15 minutes of fame...and...a chance to attend a BEYONCE CONCERT."


President Trump finally acknowledged the COLD WAR was not only over but the NATO members had best begin paying for their own defense. He noted the Europeans were buying Russian fossil fuel not American product yet asking America to pay for their NATO defense. Quite unfair to American taxpayers.  And because of that imbalance...TEAM TRUMP was calling the matter out for inspection and correction. VIVA TRUMP!


President Trump told NATO that America was done carrying all the burden of defense. Germany could very well pick up its share as could France or Britain if they wished to fund mutual defense. Big Don also added the defense template must be upgraded by adding robot army-navy-air force vectors. He pointed to WAR-BOT(tm)...and...the quickly accomplished feat of clearing a designated portion of Mosul and Aleppo. The price tag using traditional means was $3 million...while WAR-BOT(tm) was contracted for $500,000.00. A collateral benefit...if it could be framed as such...was the fact that not any Americans lost their lives in that CLEANSING.

for want of a nail

For want of a nail...the shoe was lost...for want of a shoe the horse was lost...for want of a horse...the knight was lost...for want of a knight the battle was lost. Ah...that needful nail. Might the trade barriers fetch a similar result?

Historically...the answer would be "yes". Take King George...for example. He wanted the colonies to buy British products instead of French Caribbean junk. Hence...this REGAL MASTER imposed the 1733 Molasses Act on the colonies who simply smuggled in the molasses needed for rum-making...avoiding the BRITISH CUSTOMS AGENTS and their 10,000 Redcoats.

Miffed by such circumvention...KING GEORGE and his erstwhile 1764...imposed more trade barriers...more taxes on imports...more burdens heaped on the colonies. KING GEORGE wanted Americans to drink more PORT WINE...a British product...and...leave Spanish Madiera alone....never suspecting colonists drank rum not wine.

Sensing something not yet right...KING GEORGE imposed the Townsend Act and the Stamp Act...two nasty taxes the colonists hated. When Boston discovered a tax on their tea...the BOSTON TEA PARTY arrived and revolution bubbled forth. When the Brits blockaded Boston harbor in 1774 in an attempt to starve the colonies...that too failed...because America was already a FOOD and FIBER EXPORTER...their storerooms were full.

President Trump cannot cajole socialists into loosening their grip. The hassle and hinder of tax-on-imports only cements the power of the would-be masters of Europe and Asia. Big Don was correct when he told the G-7 that all trade barriers and taxes on imports should be deleted and permit competition, efficiency, comparative advantage and freedom to work the magic that combo has always delivered. VIVA TRUMP!


The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is labeling the southern border morass as an IMMIGRATION CRISIS. When TEAM-OBAMA was doing exactly what TEAM-TRUMP is doing...the MASS MEDIA praised the effort to stop border-jumpers...even overlooking separation of children from border-jumpers.

However...because the Democrats need a message in 2018 for the mid-term election...the illegal immigrants and their children have been featured as VICTIMS OF REPUBLICANS...the illegal aspect of their border-jumping never mentioned...not ever discussed...since such dialogue would undermine the Democrat message: OPEN BORDERS.


A lady wearing a Puerto Rican flag T-shirt was accosted by an intoxicated dude demanding to know if she were an America citizen and scolding her for wearing that t-shirt. Naturally...the man was angry that Puerto Ricans had flooded his region and were changing it into a socialist toilet similar to what these monkeys had in Puerto Rico pre-hurricane.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) said he would be reelected because the socialist Puerto Ricans in Florida want to be enslaved with socialism. They come from Puerto Rico where socialism has generated rampant misery and squalor...and...they miss that "freebie and favor" kind of lifestyle. Because NELSON offers "socialist freebies...such as FREE RENT...FREE FOOD...FREE CLOTHING...FREE MEDICAL CARE...AND...SPENDING MONEY...he is counting on these sheep licking his boot...and...choosing him over RICK SCOTT...a freedom-fighter who wants to reduce the grip and grab of the Nelson's beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE.


It's obvious President Trump is negotiating "open markets" and has found it necessary to use TRADE BARRIERS as a tool in that negotiation effort. While his goal laudable...this approach cannot achieve the result envisioned since socialists are embedded and cannot be ejected through "American-imposed" trade burdens.

The European would-be masters...for instance...are committed socialists and hate free-trade. They love what Big Don is doing since it will drive their people to support the socialists even more in reaction to such TRADE BURDENS.

At a time when BREXIT and similar ideas are bubbling around Europe...TEAM-TRUMP is asking them to open their markets for American entrepreneurs...and...if not...then...America will raise trade barriers and hurt European producers...many of whom are TRUMP-supporters. Indeed...Ludwig von Mises in Human Action (page 316)...notes trade barriers are foolhardy and in the long run always deliver overall "misery" not "prosperity".

$1.4 trillion and rising

The socialist states are buried in a $1.4 trillion "unfunded-pension" morass. Just to cover these monkeys in those government Illinois...for owners will be annually charged an additional $2000. Imagine getting that TAX INCREASE and the explanation is some faceless maggot in government has a $1.0 million pension and you're on the hook for it. How long would it be before the property taxpayers revolt? Maybe 24 hours...maybe less...maybe instantly screaming and demanding change. But that kind of reaction is what the socialists fear they're kicking that can down the road,(WSJ A-13;07-11-18).


President Trump pardoned Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond. These two hapless imprisoned victims of the injustice of TEAM-OBAMA were convicted of arson on federal land. According to the U.S. Injustice Dept. the Hammonds were using fire to hide their illegal deer hunting enterprise. The entire prosecution was silly...the resultant federal prison sentence complete nonsense...and...the PARDON something* which had to be done to remove that STAIN OF INJUSTICE.
*The federal jury is generally the worst kind of jury since they are directed to vote guilty by the judge and the U.S. Injustice Dept. The defense is never given much of a chance to defend. It's called RAILROADING...and...the Hammonds were simply victims of the RAILROAD.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


The Congress-imposed deadline for transmittal of documents from the U.S. Injustice Dept. and the so-called FBI was missed with both agencies declaring they were having trouble complying with such a huge request...a request that included over 100 million documents each one marked ultra-top secret. Might the REUNINIFICATION OF CHILDREN ORDER deadline set by a federal judge and missed by TEAM-TRUMP suffer from such government tangle and crimp?


Enlisting pollsters to "mold public opinion" is a "by-Democrat-always-done". The pollsters are paid to deliver product and without a doubt they do. Hence...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA is telling Floridians they want NELSON not SCOTT...enslavement not liberation...more not less burdens heaped upon their backs.

Based on that paid-for POLL...U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) is declaring Floridians want socialism. As Nelson tells it...Floridians like Nelson's promise to raise their taxes and smother them in Eco-fascist red tape...restricting...prohibiting...and...deleting*.
*They like how NELSON and his Democrat cronies killed off 50% of the family farms in the Sunshine State.


How to enslave people and become their perpetual would-be master? Such was the question posed by the inner circle of the Democratic National Committee as Tom Perez and his underlings fashioned their 2018 message. Annie acolyte of tyranny...piped up and said, "Offer UBI...universal basic income."

TOM PEREZ choked on his cud as did Elizabeth Warren. HUH? They both looked surprised. It was as if a BELL had been rung in their domes. "UBI...YES...UBI!" these two freedom-haters simultaneously said and giggled they had said it at the same time.

Instantly...these two freedom-hating Democrats wanted to know how they would use the idea of Universal Basic Income to ensnare voters. "Just tell everyone...there's a free lunch and wagon ride waiting for them outside the voting booth ready to take them to socialist paradise...CANDY LAND...a place where they never have to work...all their wants provided...all their needs satisfied," whispered Annie noting the FREE LUNCH* makes people sheep...deletes their self-esteem...and...turns them into serfs...willing to lick boot with absurd pomp.
*While Milton Friedman might have thought UBI was good...AYN RAND would never have accepted that idea. It's be eschewed not accepted.

THE "nine year expansion" LIE

Folks...have you noticed the MASS MEDIA...including the idiots at the Wall Street Journal( think Danielle Chemtob)...when discussing any favorable economic news...always say" "It's part of the NINE YEAR EXPANSION begun under TEAM-OBAMA."

That allusion to Obama's exploits is LIE. During the OBAMA-ERA...America limped along...sclerotic...tepid...and...nearly bankrupt. Had it not been for TEAM-TRUMP and their effort to remove the GRIP AND GRAB of the NANNY STATE...America would still be mired in the collective goo of tribal socialism.


The Thai cave event is over. The soccer coach and the 12 boys were safely rescued. of the rescuers died...but...the overall accomplishment was extraordinary. Had it not been for President Trump those children and their coach would still be in that cave waiting to die.

Monday, July 9, 2018


President Trump made the right choice when picked Brett Kavanaugh. He will defend the U.S. Constitution in ways Sotomayor, Keagan and Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg would never consider. While he defends liberty...they choose to impose serfdom. VIVA TRUMP!


Phil Levine...former Miami mayor...if he becomes governor...has promised $5.00 healthcare for everyone...expanded medicaid...expanded with the taxpayer purse in full grip as slowly into the socialist toilet Florida slips.


Somehow...Mike Cohen...Judas-2018...will kiss Donald J. Trump in the garden and thereby delete him from American politics. RUDY told Mike Cohen to "tell the truth" and if he did President Trump was "home free". Naturally...LANNY DAVIS...already concocting a tale for COHEN to tell Mueller's stooges...told the world that COHEN was going to "sink-Trump". Will COHEN be JUDAS? Or...will COHEN "brass it out"...and...await judgment from the American Justice System?


Wendi Rodriquez from Guatemala...with her 2 small children...attempted to swim the RIO GRANDE instead of entering lawfully. She was caught...her two children taken from her and sent to wherever following a DEMOCRAT LAW that directed separation of child from parent during the period of prosecution.

Even though Wendi wished to seek Asylum...the...same separation occurred. Such was the OBAMA-SEPARATION-RULE that was accepted by the Democrats and the complicit MASS MEDIA...until...TEAM-TRUMP did the same thing.

Nowadays...NOISE-MAKERS shout about the SEPARATION...and...hiss when they see a Republican. How dare Republicans defend the American border! As U.S.Rep. Lamb said, "We want those illegal immigrants because they vote Democrat and want to be enslaved in a socialist goo."


Rudy Giulani said Special Counsel Robert Mueller was on a "witch hunt"...and...was bound to end up not finding any factual data supporting the Democrat-accusation: Trump colluded with Russians.

As any trial lawyer would Rudy is requiring MUELLER to reveal whatever incriminating data Special Counsel might possess before any sit-down with Big Don ever occurs.

Naturally...desiring to attack using the MIKE FLYNN GAMBIT*...Mueller isn't about to tip his hand...even if ole Bob is holding ACES and EIGHTS.
*According to FBI documents...MIKE FLYNN did NOT LIE to the FBI. However...that data was not given to MIKE FLYNN before he entered his PLEA OF GUILTY. General Flynn had been buffaloed...pushed...jammed into confessing when he hadn't committed the crime: LYING TO THE FBI. But...because of the JENKS ACT...the U.S.Injustice Dept.did not have to tell MIKE FLYNN that the FBI agents who interviewed him reported back to HQ that FLYNN was basically truthful and honest with assessment diametrically different than the indictment wherein FLYNN was claimed by the U.S. Injustice Dept. to have LIED to the FBI...a claim that was profoundly UNTRUE.


President Trump is about to pick Brett Kavanaugh to replace associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. He will be a good pick since he loves liberty and will fight against the freedom-haters on that august court.


After hearing the risk-assessment report...LEANDRA ENGLISH elected to cease her effort to be the leader of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(CFPB)...acknowledging Kathy Kraninger as the proper leader after Mick Mulvaney resigned. Off-camera...LEANDRA noted her chances of compelling TEAM-TRUMP to give her that job were slim to none.


Theresa New York immigrant from Congo who receives free medical transport along with SPENDING MONEY...climbed 89 feet and sat on the Statue of Liberty demanding abolishment of I.C.E. When she was told the island had been cleared because of her outrageous demonstration...she laughed and replied, "I'm a devout socialist. I love tyranny I'm showing America what enslavement looks like in my home land and what they'll have to accept once my people arrive and flood this place with both demanding-need and a VOTE TO GRAB what they want.."

Sunday, July 8, 2018


President Trump left the stage in Montana after a riotous rally with a good time had by all. He turned to Mike Pence as they strolled to their armored limousine...and...whispered, "The loudmouth in the corner was getting to me."

Naturally...President Trump was referring metaphorically to the "fake news" maggots who would leave that wondrous event and maliciously scribble LIES-TO-HURT such as "TRUMP HATES WOMEN!" referring to that part of the rally wherein he portrayed Elizabeth Warren as an inveterate LIAR whose unbridled hatred of freedom would push America into the socialist toilet.


The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA gleefully announced President Trump was having difficulties with the North Koreans. They chuckled that Big Don might have been duped. Instead of supporting President Trump and his effort to de-nuke the Korean peninsula...the MASS MEDIA is delighted to see another risk of war bubbling forth. It's horrific to hear the MASS MEDIA cheering Trump's hurdles in negotiating with the North Koreans.

Saturday, July 7, 2018


Because India is a tightly-controlled socialist toilet...whatever viable economy there might be is conducted away from the grip and grab of the COMMON GOOD as such is envisioned and imposed by the would-be master with envious mob.

Yes...there is the economy that the government observes...and...that "front"...that "facade" hides what is really occurring with respect to the market place. Indeed...the real action is in the alleys...behind those walls...and...somewhere other than where MODI and his "GRAB-TEAM" can look.

Knowing about this under-the-cover marketplace...Srikumar Misra went to of the biggest socialist toilets in the world...and...began to produce milk using the cows the HINDUS won't touch. FREE MILK...FREE COWS...300 million(+) bovines...with available milk should someone find a way to corral and extract economically that "walk-about-milk".

MISRA developed a collection system that used sunlight to run the engines and pumps...sterilized the milk using specialized gamma ray generators...and...packaged the milk in a special-plastic container that kept the contents fresh and delicious for 90 days. Such product in the squalor of India was needed...with smartphones now available...and...with the blessings of the 12,000(+) gods of India...he might very well succeed,(WSJ A-1;07-07-18).


In the Bronx...Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated dinosaur Joe Crowley in a Democrat primary. Only 20% of registered voters turned out but a majority of those voting were devout socialists and dedicated to replacing liberty with socialist "freedom-to-obey". Cortez...bragging about her incredible victory over the ESTABLISHMENT candidate...told her tumultuous...cheering...crowd that she raised the socialist flag over the Bronx.

The enthusiasm grew greater as she finished that declaration...about a new born of the common good...fashioned from the labor of the producer...guided by the benevolent hand of the would-be master with envious mob...and...dedicated to the unwashed masses of the world.

In the back of that adoring throng...though...some devotees had heard this SPEECH before. It was in Venezuela....Chavez was telling everyone there was a FREE LUNCH waiting for them should they choose his socialist-team. Of course...the Venezuelans were ignorant and for the most part a stupid people and they grabbed at the FREE LUNCH and became enslaved.

 So..what would the socialist flag in the AMERICA look like? Well...the stripes would be there since socialism requires gulags for those who oppose enslavement. The stars would be there since that would be about all one might have left once socialism has taken whatever could be grabbed. And...the BLUE would be symbolic of the loss of heart and zeal...not any longer the SKY...but...the hurt and misery bubbling from America's soul.

Friday, July 6, 2018


A robot was sent into the THAI cave to fetch children. The mechanical claw and scoot designed for 15 hours of operational capacity brings1 child out at a time. Although experimental and considered ultra-secret...President Trump offered RESCUE ONE to assist in rescue not recovery. VIVA TRUMP!