Monday, August 20, 2018


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) hates the ESTATE TAX. Even though he knows it's EVIL INCARNATE...nonetheless...he loves the estate tax because it is a big part of his socialist vision for America...something similar to what is going on in toilet-Venezuela.


THOU SHALT NOT COVET(Exodus 20:17). The TEN COMMANDMENTS declare the word of God and the wisdom of man. ENVY is the most powerful emotion and a demagogue uses ENVY as if it were a carrot dangling on a stick...luring people to do what they would not otherwise do...think horrific thoughts they'd not otherwise enslavement not only of themselves but everyone else just to satisfy that emotion of ENVY...that omnivorous maw consuming everything until soul bare and gaunt.

THE ESTATE TAX is built on ENVY. There is not any other basis for that tax. But most people never look beneath the ESTATE TAX to sense the evil...the horror...the satanic aspect.

Endeavoring to expose and elucidate...suppose a person works their entire life selling widgets...and...sells them to people who feel blessed to have been able to buy the widget. The money the widget-producer received is a storehouse of the value he imparted to widget-consumers. Yes...Bob and Tom tried to out-sail the widget seller but he was so good and they were not as good...making the widget seller rich and Bob and Tom just two more ne're-do-wells envious of what that widget-dude did.

When Bob and Tom...bubbling with envy...were told...however...they could vote for an estate tax that would plunder the storeroom of the widget-seller...they were pleased. That winner was were supporting the looting of his storeroom...a storeroom filled with the blessings imparted by happy buyers through time and space. How dare he have blessed and benefited so many people. Let and the ESTATE TAX and destroy whatever dream that widget seller was envisioning for his heirs.

Somehow...Bob and Tom received some kind of thrill in watching the GOVERNMENT with the ESTATE TAX...enter and plunder the storeroom...taking away what the widget-seller had worked to save...worked to keep for his heirs...worked to frame for them for the eons to come. The EVIL such envy demonstrates is ubiquitous in the ESTATE TAX.

Anyone who supports the ESTATE TAX is violating the commandment: THOU SHALT NOT ENVY. There is not any other reason to support that tax. It's inherently evil. Indeed... Karl Marx said with a progressive income tax to take from the worker bee while estate take what wasn't grabbed the first time...with those two hammers...he could rule the world with sheep at his feet licking boot with candied tongue.


While it's OBVIOUS now...back was not obvious at all. TEAM-TRUMP knew if they could keep that MISSING EMAIL STORY alive until election day...a majority of Americans would choose Big Don over Crooked Hillary. TEAM-CLINTON knew this tactic would be horrific if it really occurred. But...if an attack could be coordinated and scripted...then that FEAT would have multiple INSURANCE POLICY is the way the scoundrels at the U.S. Injustice Dept framed it.

The Russian lady and her entourage were led into TRUMP TOWER. This Russian lawyer followed her script as it was written. However...when the TRAP was spotted...the meeting ended. Yet...there was sufficient data collected in that brief interface to attack TEAM-TRUMP through the so-called RUSSIAN COLLUSION window...the window created by CROOKED HILLARY and her nefarious minions.


Former Trump attorney Mike Cohen will be indicted on BANK FRAUD. He filed financial papers that said he was worth $100 billion...a LIE...but...when such was calculated in SOVEREIGN BOLIVARS...the new currency of Venezuela...that figure dropped to $10,000.00 U.S. currency...a figure that was obviously a correct one. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was asked about the OBVIOUS difference...and...replied, "We're attacking Trump and it doesn't matter what Cohen did or did not do. We're after TRUMP and as many people as we can crush to get to him we will."


Threatening to tell her story if she were not handsomely paid to keep quiet is a crime. It's called EXTORTION. Yet...because Stormy Daniels...a porn film actress...was threatening Donald J. Trump...that threat was not a "crime" accepted way to attack this great American. It's pathetic to see the MASS MEDIA never asking that SLIME SLUG if her threat to tell were not EXTORTION. It's horrific to see such FAKE NEWS outlets tailoring the story to their "hate-Trump" template.


President Trump...the Titan...said America was headed out of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE....despite the hurdle and hassle imposed by Democrats. The 2017 tax cut should have been greater...but...Democrats refused to make the tax cuts greater preferring to "NO" vote that effort to escape the grip of their "beloved" big grab government...thereby assuring that...some day...they can attach the shackle once more.


George Washington said if you lose liberty to government...that liberty is never regained. While many scoffed at such a aphorism appears to be absolutely true. Take Venezuela for example. That country was the richest...most prosperous economy in that region UNTIL the socialists grabbed power. They directed the public schools to teach socialism and the teachers did their jobs well. The students learned to kneel and lick boot with candied ask for their beg for their shelter...and...accept whatever travail and hardship the would-be master imposed.

Nowadays...Venezuelans are sheep...quietly chewing their cud and waiting for their would-be master to give them whatever the "common good" permits. Yes...several million Venezuelans have fled leaving only the sheep. Venezuelan President Maduro while angry about losing the producers...nevertheless...feels good about the millions of Venezuelans who are waiting for him to give them stuff. They're the ones who will support enslavement since they think such HASSLE will deliver unto them some kind of "freebie or favor"at the expense of some producer who was stupid enough to stay and not flee.

Mention is made of this HORROR in VENEZUELA since the Democrat-message in 2018 is to transform America into Venezuela...from marble floors to toilet and travail...from riches to misery and squalor.

Yes...the MESSAGE OF ENSLAVEMENT is ubiquitous. America was the ONLY PLACE...though...where socialism...Eco-fascism...and...neo-feudalism could not take hold and grab power.

Granted there are areas of America that have succumbed to such idiotic notions...and...these are the states that are not only losing their producers...but...are gaining huge numbers of parasites and knaves...people who have come to that socialist state to grab and take. The Democrats are wanting to flood America with such parasites...such takers...since these people are able to be directed as one would direct cattle...stupid...ignorant...and...ready to take whatever their would-be master will give...just as they did in Venezuela.

America must stop such parasites from entering America. We don't need such parasites...such takers...people who are socialists...they want what you have...and...will support the Democrat so that your riches can be looted...your storeroom plundered... such the MENACE OF VENEZUELA...THE IDEA OF ENSLAVING THE PRODUCER FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE HIVE IS NONSENSE AND ONLY RESULTS IN WHAT IS OCCURRING IN VENEZUELA...YET...THE 2018 MESSAGE OF THE DEMOCRATS* IS THAT OF SOCIALISM...VENEZUELAN KIND OF SOCIALISM...REDUCING PEOPLE TO THE LEVEL OF ANIMALS.


President Nixon was betrayed by JOHN DEAN...who...before his discharge...was Nixon's closest associate. When DEAN heard Nixon was going to toss him overboard to save his own neck...JOHN DEAN went to the police and revealed what he knew. Unlike that terrible situation...however...people close to President Trump have revealed only great things about Big Don...not having any "dirt" to offer the Trump-hating MUELLER PROBE.

reaction faction

Mankind cannot cause CLIMATE CHANGE. It's a preposterous notion to think otherwise. However...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA has endorsed the MYTH of man-caused global warming because that IDEA can be used to enslave people. When a person objects to being forced to live in tent and plow land with mule...the victim cannot complain...cannot point to something and say "you're wrong" because there isn't anything to prove CLIMATE CHANGE one way or the other. The slave is told he or she must accept the burden and shackle of the would-be master lest Mother Earth into flames burst killing everyone.
*Fortunately for America...President Trump knows CLIMATE CHANGE cannot be caused by taking steps to remove the IDIOTIC RULES Obama and his scurvy crew imposed. VIVA TRUMP!

Sunday, August 19, 2018


Back log of 18 wheeler truck orders has alarmed economists worldwide. The shortage reflects burgeoning economies...and...the insulation from big grab government such prosperity has enjoyed. However...leading 2018...believe their message of SACRIFICE AND MISERY will appeal to Floridians whose "misery index" is the lowest ever recorded.

Because Floridians like their freedom and the lack of government "this and that"...Democrats sense it's time to change their mood.

"These voters need to have big stomp government injected into their otherwise quiet lives. We plan to give them a heavy dose of YOKE AND CHOKE, " chuckled U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D. FL) as he looked at the polling data that showed him way ahead of Rick Scott...a freedom-fighter whose message is one of liberation over subjugation.

Saturday, August 18, 2018


MATTHEW 6:24 was meant to be read in 2018 by Americans as they choose between Democrats...the shackle and shove crowd...or...the Republicans who promise even more ways to escape the grip of the would-be master with envious mob.

That Bible passage is about enslavement by becoming dependent. Serving become the bond servant of whatever political party is giving the benefit or freebie. Instead of choosing freedom...and...a removal of the grip of the NANNY STATE...the Democrats invite you to choose them...and...become mired in their collective goo.


How to survive in the wilderness can be found in great detail in the FOXFIRE BOOK. The manual was put together by some brilliant students who observed a great fund of knowledge that would be lost if not found...defined...framed...and...offered in a way as to be useful.

When asked about the incredible Titan-like performance  so far of Donald J.Trump...a President who is excoriated and demeaned by the MASS MEDIA 24/7...never anything KIND or SUPPORTIVE ever said on those channels...Kellyanne Conway replied, "If President Trump has a packed crowd and they cheer him as their messiah...the one leading them on a march to make salt...that proverbial effort by man to unshackle and flee would-be masters with envious mobs...the MASS MEDIA does not tell their audience about the great things TRUMP says...but...chooses to dwell on the hooligan who jumped from the 3rd row and threw dung-bags at the bodyguards while singing socialist worker songs." 

Knowing such things will happen...Big Don is writing a  new FOXFIRE BOOK on what to do to defeat the entrenched enemy of freedom. As he said as he scribbled the first few lines...SUN TZU was correct when the tool is spear and cunning...but...nowadays...the PROPAGANDA MACHINES are the cannons...the targets as pinpoint as bulls eye for Annie Oakley. The masters and their supportive ruling elite have a bag of tricks...most of them repeat performances...old scripts with some window dressing here and there. And because President Trump is a path finder...a way finder...and...because he wants to make America great and keep it going so more Americans can become rich...he's writing a FOXFIRE BOOK and it will be the manual for political liberation as we fight the feudal lords and loudmouth "my tears...your purse" socialists and their mighty MASS MEDIA minions, (MATTHEW 6:24).

Friday, August 17, 2018

RUSSIAN SHADOWS might not believe it'll sense you were played and tricked when it comes to the HATE RUSSIA propaganda campaign. If you haven't already...simply GOOGLE SEARCH any part of Russia and you'll see happy people...drinking...dancing...working...raising families...and...dealing with their part of the future as they see fit.They'd like to trade with America, Europe and anywhere else because commerce begets prosperity in every form and format imaginable. Sure...they have incredible weapons to encourage would-be invaders to look elsewhere...but...they're strictly defensive. VIVA PUTIN!

avoiding label

Recently...the MASS MEDIA has been hearing about a parade of futuristic 21st century as to frighten and perplex. Wanting to create imbroglio...they approached TEAM-TRUMP with a tactical-rumor trick to find fault. Secretary of Defense James Mattis...sensing ambush...said he didn't blame the person for wishing to remain anonymous since to be identified as the purveyor of such data would have drawn the label: IDIOT.


Disgraced U.S. Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr will have his SECURITY CLEARANCE deleted. He's a scoundrel...but...if pressured to reveal what he knows...could bring down TEAM-HILLARY and TEAM-OBAMA...bringing all of these slime slugs to justice. Imagine OBAMA having to explain "why" he killed U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens...or...Hillary-the-hag having to explain both her "pay-to-play" scheme she methodically conducted during her tenure as Secretary of State and her DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE. Imagine as much and you'll sense the gravamen of the CRIMES these jackals and knaves committed.


Kellyanne Conway was asked about rumors of a Russian satellite in space capable of firing a LASER BEAM and destroying the world. Smiling at the idiotic aspect of such a question...she replied, " a deadly pace...from outer the message came: SCIENCE FICTION...DOUBLE FEATURE...see President Trump build a creature...see androids fighting...Don and Vlad-et...Ann Francis stars in Forbidden the late night double feature picture show."


Hearing the economic plight of MARK ESCAMIILA...a franchisee owner with 35 outlets in the Seattle area...this BLOG dispatched a HELP-TEAM to address his TAX GLITCH issue. The 2017 tax cut did not mention business physical plant renovation leaving such expenses to be depreciated over 39 years instead of immediately being able to deduct the cost of adding a drive-through...or...erecting another entire franchisee outlet in the year the structure is built.

Making NOISE to get relief from this TAX GLITCH is too much to ask from the freedom-hating Democrat politicians of Washington state....requiring a HELP-TEAM to be dispatched to investigate and resolve.

Appearing on-site...TV cameras and RADIO microphones were deployed...and...the PLIGHT was framed in the direst of terms...crippled children unable to get their gillato...a deaf lady unable to order Latte and cats sleeping together...real Old Testament tribulation splashed and heaped.

So powerful the display...even President Trump turned to Congress and demanded this GLITCH be corrected instantly. VIVA TRUMP!


The coordinated-attack on President Trump in the 2016 election cycle is slowly being revealed. The BILLY BUSH "Access Hollywood" video of Trump discussing how he sometimes gropes women...for example...was to be coordinated with the extortion* attempt of Stephanie Clifford...a/k/a....STORMY DANIELS. It was decided that DANIELS would attack first...then...follow that attack...that extortion...that threat to reveal unless paid to not reveal...follow that assault with the BILLY BUSH extravaganza...thereby enabling the pro-Hillary MASS MEDIA to dwell on the moral turpitude of TRUMP until election day...pushing the public interest away from CROOKED HILLARY.
*Threatening to reveal TRASH unless paid for non-disclosure is a CRIMINAL ACT in Florida and labeled EXTORTION. Is what STORMY DANIELS threatened to do if not paid to keep quiet a crime in New York state? It's a seminal issue for TEAM-TRUMP to address.


At the University of Maryland...ambulances was too late for JORDAN McNAIR. The head coach of the Terrapins had killed him. Yes...that jackal saw Mcnair was in trouble...but...he didn't care. The callous disregard...almost maniacal demeanor of that so-called head coach...combined to KILL a football player.

This was reckless disregard for a child's life. How dare that slime slug still be a coach.

He should be arrested...all of his underlings who participated...also arrested and tried for MANSLAUGHTER.


CNN is conducting a 24/7 excoriation of President Trump for deleting* the security-clearance of former CIA Director JOHN BRENNAN. "How dare the chief executive push BRENNAN into the "citizen-only" category!" fumed U.S. Senator R. Blumenthal...himself an admitted LIAR and LAUREL'S THIEF. When Blumenthal was asked about his lack of concern about the CRIMES OF HILLARY...actual...outright criminal misconduct...he chuckled and replied, "She's not Republican."
*President Trump must begin to delete security clearances and thereby eliminate some of the SWAMP THINGS.
In the movie, IRON CROSS...a Prussian officer plans to go to Russia to get an IRON CROSS and then hurry back to the quiet sea shore of occupied-France. His effort is the story BLUMENTHAL frames best.


Band...balloon...parade...such the appurtenances of welcome. President Trump has decided to postpone his MILITARY PARADE...his latest demonstration of the might and prowess of America. Many military experts were delighted to hear his decision...and...considered revealing America's force premature and might even encourage would-be attackers...making the parade counter-productive...something Big Don wouldn't wish to happen.

Border Separation Rescue Mission

I think there's nothing more traumatizing to young children than being removed from their home country, their schools, their neighborhoods, and then dragged across a desert in dangerously high temperatures (and sometimes without adequate water) to a new and unfamiliar place.

In enforcing the policy temporarily removing illegal migrant children from the custody of their parents, Trump rescued them.  These children are separated from their parents because their parents, in undertaking to illegally slip into Estados Unidos (the United States), have committed multiple acts of child abuse.

There's a right way and a wrong way to come in.  When you come in surrepetitiously, there is a presumption that you are up to no good.  And in Estados Unidos, sometimes people are charged with child abuse for committing unlawful acts in front of their children.

So these children are separated but safe, well-fed, housed in warm homes with running water and electricity with caring (and responsible) adults, receiving medical care.

I really doubt if the majority of these children care to be "reunited".

Thursday, August 16, 2018


After Amorosa Newman was fired by White House Chief of Staff Jim Kelly for ethical violations...Laura Trump called her and explained she could help the Trump Re-election Campaign....with a salary of $15,000 per month. Naturally...Omarosa secretly tape recorded that dialogue for later publication as she jockeyed for position. Underscoring her intentions...she declared, "Trump has met his match!"


U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters said her best wish was "IMPEACH 45!" She dripped venom all over her lovely birthday cake...smearing its otherwise pristine icing with rivulets of terror and tear.


As each of the scoundrels involved in the HILLARY-OBAMA SCANDAL is identified...they will have their security clearance removed. Take JOHN BRENNAN for instance. President Trump allowed this jackal enough jungle...enough rope*...enough leeway...that he finally exposed himself...something he would never have done had Big Don pounced sooner. Now that TEAM-TRUMP knows all about BRENNAN...his security clearance was revoked...making him susceptible of investigation by anyone. VIVA TRUMP!
*Big Don is a consummate grand chess player. He is moving his pieces well. His underlings are performing their tasks as directed...and...the prey will be bagged. Eh, Bruce Ohr?


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the OMAROSA TREACHERY. After looking at the latest CNN "hate-speech" using OMAROSA TAPE RECORDINGS as basis...Kellyanne replied, "In Vietnam...some of the enemy shells made a distinct noise...loud enough that the "to-be-killed" in the targeted area able to scream, "In-coming!" if a the White House...General James Kelly ran from the Situation Room screaming, "In-coming!"


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the ability of President Trump to use his mobile artillery so well on the political battlefield...shoot and scoot...barrage then depart. Where did Big Don get such ideas...such incredible maneuvers? After primping with her last IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "King of Sweden...GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS."


Donald J. Trump is slowly pulling together the knot and net...eventually...he'll have identified all the players and their position on the "flow-chart". Recently...after permitting one of these jackals "open space" so that whatever he knew...whomever he called cohort...all could be identified...sorted that when the complete trap is completed...all the nefarious agents and culprits will be brought to justice in one omnibus prosecution. VIVA TRUMP!


Bruce Ohr mentioned "firewall" in an email with Peter Stzrok in 2017. What people don't know but will will soon learn...OMAROSA NEWMAN had a code name: FIRE WALL. Pro-Hillary forces inside the so-called FBI and the U.S. Injustice Dept. were discussing if OMAROSA had been inserted.

Confirming this INSERTION was tape-recording secretly...her mission to insert herself...insinuate herself...inveigle herself...gain trust...and...silently record and that...later on...when attack a beneficial aspect...unleash such INVENTORY...designed to hurt not help TEAM TRUMP.

DEFINE "vicious"?

Asked to define "vicious"...President Trump quickly replied, "Omarosa Newman!" 

Of course...Big Don was referring to the treachery unleashed on TEAM-TRUMP by this "dog".

Contrary to what one might expect in terms of the feeding hand...she snarled and inflicted grievous wound. "Ouch!" Donald J. Trump muttered as he retracted his bleeding fist...whatever kind of petting masked in twist.

"rag head"

Iranian rag heads. When the "rag head" epithet was used to demean the maniacal Iranian...though...criticism was loud and instant.

How dare a RADIO HOST impugn the traditional headdress of the Muslim.'s a filthy rag...used to clean up after a bowel worn in deference to ISLAM...a religion of selflessness and's offensive to label a Muslim a RAG HEAD.

"hog wash"?

After his security clearance was revoked...a humiliated former CIA Director JOHN BRENNAN declared, "Donald J. Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary."

When asked if Hillary's payment of $12 million to FUSION GPS to produce and disseminate the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER was somehow a material breach of American etiquette...he grimaced and replied, "Whatever Hillary did is long gone noise. We need to look at TEAM-TRUMP....and...overlook the crimes of Clinton and Obama."


Feudalism morphed into socialism...which morphed into communism and Nazism...which morphed into whatever nonsense the American Democrat socialists now proclaim their message to be. Free medical rent. All for free...offered by the Democrat socialists...loot taken from you and me.

In the days of feudalism...the serfs were bound to the land...the lord of the manor with the power to impose whatever punishment whim might embolden. Whatever produced belonged to the manor and what portion left behind only as much as the master chose.


What kind of monster blows up a schoolhouse packed with children? ANSWER: TALIBAN.

But...the Afghans must stop Taliban. Americans can't do it. Yes...Americans could have done it had BUSH-CHENEY eliminated socialism and imposed a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) when they invaded in 2003. their ever shame and disgrace...they not only adopted the socialist template...but also imposed even more socialist grip and grab...enabling one sect to impose itself on all others in nefarious ways.

Aretha Franklin...before she died...was heard to say that Afghanistan is a socialist toilet...a place to be cleaned by Afghans...not anyone else can or should do it. The Afghans must police themselves.

Aretha Franklin...never short of prose...went on to say, "That means removing socialism from Afghanistan and permitting an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) to manifest. The constitution should be changed to reflect such a 21st century approach since only in the OUM can all religions co-exist. Indeed...the OUM prevents any sect from gaining political power and plundering the storeroom of the loser."


Although the PROPAGANDA MACHINE was telling Americans it was man-made climate change that had caused destruction in California...most who suffered loss of property from wildfire knew the damage to property and loss of life was due to the environmentalists interdicting TREE AND BUSH CLEAR-OUT.

Governor Jerry an incredible moment of unabashed clarity...admitted, "Most of the homes would not have been destroyed had the homeowners with their saws and rakes cut down trees and cleaned out underbrush...but...they were prevented by the "GREEN SQUAD"...the slime slugs who live elsewhere...far away from such conflagration."


Mike Rispoli...New Jersey Director of FREE PRESS ACTION...a shadowy enterprise of hooligans and miscreants...told a cub reporter he liked the idea of imposing a tax to fund a government-run MASS MEDIA.

Of course...Mike would be in control and have a permanent job...something he's wanted but never could find.

As Mike put it, "We'll be in freedom-haters will produce anti-freedom stuff...propaganda, so to speak...and...such filth will be free from the vagaries of the marketplace. Yes...if we were susceptible of market forces...the consumer would decide our longevity. But...government-funding means we can say whatever we please...and...fearlessly thumb our noses at the public weal."


Aretha early 2017...told a cub reporter she regretted ever having supported TEAM-OBAMA. She was miffed Obama was not a freedom-lover...but...a nasty Marxist-on-mission...anathema to all she held dear and sacred. Indeed...she sent President Trump a missive wherein she portrayed herself as a patriot whose wish to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE and its YOKE AND CHOKE agenda. She was against big grab government and that allegiance to liberty she felt betrayed by Obama and his bunch of tyrannical tribal socialists. God speed, Aretha.


Aretha Franklin...the Queen of Soul...passed this morning unto her great reward. God speed, Aretha...Heaven will have the Queen to hear forever. WOW!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Most New York City taxis won't stop and pick up an Afro-American especially late at night. UBER drivers...on the other hand...will pick them up. NYC Mayor de Blasio has stopped UBER and other private-driver companies...thereby assuring minorities are forced to ride buses and subways...the most inconvenient and filthy way to get from A to B.

Yet...due to MASS MEDIA propaganda...Afro-Americans won't know they're being pushed aside by socialist de Blasio...they simply won't know...they'll suspect...but...never know.

As the Mayor said, "The typical black or Hispanic consumer will simply have to accept my decision about their access to reliable transport."


When this BLOG asked about the extravagance of the lawyers who were sitting as West Virginia Supreme Court...few people were interested in the issue. Yet...with dogged effort...though...5 of these jerks have been identified as "bad". They need to resign and disappear...crawl back under whatever rock from whence they came. SLIME SLUGS!


Now...the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is saying President Trump calls Afro-Americans "niggers" behind closed doors while glad-handing them when in public. Omarosa Newman is claiming she has secretly-made tape-recordings of Donald J. her face...saying: "You're a nigger!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


What if Omarosa Newman were a "plant"...a "mole"...inserted cleverly into TEAM-TRUMP where she was able to SPY and secretly tape-record her targets in the White House?


The defense lawyer for Paul Manafort elected not to call any witnesses in his defense and rested. The jury expected to hear from MANAFORT but they'll only have his NOT GUILTY as the defendant's statement. Will that be sufficient is a question many legal experts are asking since the prosecution demonstrated RICK GATES...his pal and cohort...had committed quite a few crimes...almost as many as Hillary-the-hag committed during her tenure as Secretary of State. And that association with GATES is what the government will rub and push in their closing argument.
*Prediction: NOT GUILTY!


Because the freedom-hating pollsters were caught cheating...and...concocting...they had to produce a POLL supporting what to-date they were attacking. Somehow 66% (66 out of every 100 Americans) think the MUELLER PROBE should end...that it's nonsense...and...a waste of money. Just a few weeks back...however...the same pollsters* were touting a poll that showed 70%(+) wanted MUELLER to attack.
*The latest pro-Trump poll was created to counter the obvious suspicion most Americans harbor for pollsters and their so-called polls.


Peter Stzrok is a venomous deep state snake ready to strike and inflict horrific damage to unsuspecting targets. Fortunately...STRZOK has been fired. Not any longer need President Trump fear this rattlesnake.VIVA TRUMP!


BAYER AG suffered a $285 million verdict wherein 5,200 plaintiffs claimed they were poisoned by ROUND-UP. Somehow...JUNK SCIENCE once more was permitted in the courtroom and the jury was fooled by it. In front of the jury...the defense lawyer took a glass of ROUND-UP and swallowed it.

When the jury retired to consider their verdict...some of the jury was aghast that a lawyer would encounter such cancer-causing stuff...while other jurors were convinced they were being fooled by JUNK SCIENCE. However...during jury deliberations...the reluctant jurors were persuaded BAYER AG was a deep-pocket and they needed to give those 5,200 claimants some money for their ailments even if not caused by the defendants.

"dog" and "wacky"

President Trump labeled Omarosa Newman a "dog" and U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson, (D.FL) a "wacky woman"...Omarosa because she betrayed TEAM-TRUMP...Wilson because she preaches SOCIALISM. When asked about her label...WILSON became angry...grabbed her pink cowboy hat...and...took a big bite out of it...declaring...with her mouth full, "I hate TRUMP!" Observing WILSON'S tirade and antics...Omarosa...not to be outdone...grabbed a handful of dog dung and began to chow down.


Investors must avoid India. India is a socialist miasma...ubiquitous misery and squalor...suffering everywhere found...the kind of horror Americans hear about but rarely observe first-hand. Now...the idiots of India want to impose RED TAPE and SMOTHER the fledgling internet before it can become another wonder of the world. Instead of permitting INTERNET GIANTS access to its markets...the IDIOTS OF INDIA want to insulate India from such competitors...and...thereby give India a desert wherein...hopefully...someone will feel secure enough in that SOCIALIST TOILET to invest and produce something similar to GOOGLE...or...FACEBOOK,(WSJ B-1;08-14-18).


Michelle UBER DRIVER...takes the long route when performing UBER services. The consumer does not pay any more than the upfront FIXED PRICE...but...UBER pays the driver for mileage. Hence...BLANDY takes longer routes so her INCOME is greater. Of course...the consumer doesn't care since the consumer is usually glad to be riding instead of walking. While UBER knows Blandy is "pushing the envelop"...nonetheless...a little nonsense such as BLANDY'S BLUSTER is accepted* due to need for drivers.
*Tim was asked why he permitted his helper to steal tires from his tire business. "Bob..over there...does steal tires...but...he does the work of 5 guys in order to HIDE it."


Obama sent a BUS to pick up unclaimed children and took them to a SEX-RANCH to be attacked and raped. At that ranch...for instance...U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia was smothered with a pillow by a disgruntled young 13 year old Honduran boy who became angry about how he was raped. The killer said he hated OBAMA for putting him at that sex-ranch...and...wondered what it would be like if a Republican were to become president. "Will Donald Trump permit such BUS RIDES?"queried this young frightened child.


"The Americans have watches...we have time," whispered a TALIBAN fighter just before he lapsed into unconsciousness and died from his bullet wounds. He had been killed during a raid on an Afghan police station in Ghanzi...a city Taliban ruled with an IRON FIST. Trump's team had moved into Ghanzi to delete Taliban only to discover there were 10,000 rifle-toting rag heads screaming "ALLAHU AKBAR" as they fearlessly charged death-dealing machine guns.


When asked about the RIGHT TO TRY LAW...Kellyanne Conway looked at the OBAMA-ERA body-count attributed to the FDA and replied, "The infamous Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has been slaughtering people for years by erecting barriers to the cure they need."

She noted that Obama had led the movement to slaughter as many sick people as possible. She recalled dialogue Obama and Jennifer Granholm had with a cub reporter when the death rate was climbing.

"I like the body count," quipped OBAMA when he was asked "why" his team at the FDA killed so many people.

"By keeping sick people away from "cure" meant they died. We didn't need to worry about them," added Jennifer Granholm*...a/k/a...DEATH ANGEL.
*Granholm tried to prevent a child from receiving a LIFE SAVING CURE. A federal judge...hearing about the impending doom of the child at the callous hands of GRANHOLM...issued an order overruling GRANHOLM'S EDICT of DEATH FOR CHILD. Nowadays...GRANHOLM does not appear in public without bodyguards surrounding her to insulate her from "hurled" dung-bags and urine balloons.


Had there been computers of the sort found in the world nowadays...HITLER could not have killed 6 million Jews. The Russians would have hacked into the NAZI MAIN FRAME and grabbed the data and have revealed the CRIME to the world. But...back then...there was only RADIO...some TV...and...newspapers...all easily controlled by the NAZI PROPAGANDA MACHINE. Hence...HITLER was able to hide the holocaust.

When HILLARY-THE-HAG was using her private computers to commit CRIME...she felt safe...insulated...and...didn't fear exposure. However...patriots...using sophisticated software...were able to access THE HAG'S data base...grab all the incriminating information...and...depart leaving a FALSE TRAIL...a path designed to implicate Russians.

While the creation of a "fall guy" is not "proper and correct" exposed HILLARY and her SCURVY CREW...a revelation which eventually will bring the whole of lot of them to justice. VIVA TRUMP!

Monday, August 13, 2018


Omarosa Newman ominously said, "President Trump fear PUMPKINHEAD!"

White House Chief of Staff perplexed* and the Situation Room...following a raffle...what meant such a thing...never heard underling piped: "a demon from hell".

General Jim Kelly wryly smiled with awkward dread, "Might she have secretly tape-recorded us all...perhaps...cometh PUMPKINHEAD."
*Splendid snare. Omarosa can say she heard this or that and not anyone dare say she's lying since she has tape recordings of it all. Maybe on a tape there is not any such confirmation...but...she'll never permit anyone to investigate or examine since that would fence in what otherwise is a WILDFIRE waiting to be unleashed any time OMAROSA sees fit. Talk about power unleashed. President Trump should have assumed Omarosa was a PLANT...some kind of well-trained MOLE...someone intended to be gather report such clandestinely gathered data to her handlers.


OMAROSA NEWMAN...trying to sell her book...revealed a few of the secret tape recordings she has made of TEAM-TRUMP. Never did she alert her targets they were being recorded...grabbing whatever she wished for whatever purpose she desired. Whether such surreptitious recordings are ILLEGAL is a big OMAROSA didn't consider since her idea was to splash big and hope Trump-haters would appreciate her hatred and anger so much they'd overlook her betrayal and accept her as one of their own.

Strzok: toilet attendant

Disgraced Peter Strzok could not even get a job as a Las Vegas toilet attendant. Turned down by every casino operator due to his notoriety...Pete called his pal Obama...and...asked if there were a place for him in the OBAMA ENTOURAGE. Expecting to be greeted with open arms and a cup of coffee...STRZOK was dumbfounded and perplexed when MICHELLE OBAMA told Pete never to contact them again. "Even though you fell on your sword for my husband...nonetheless...your usefulness has evaporated," smartly quipped Michelle as she closed the door.


TETHER....a crypto-currency...sells its product by offering an exchange in U.S. currency. It also offers a CRYPTO-BANK where consumers can park their assets for a modest monthly fee. So useful and on-time is TETHER that the freedom-hating governments* of the world are looking for ways to KILL it off...and...stop freedom-lovers from having an alternate way to transact and conduct commerce.
*U.S. Senator Mark Warner,(D.Va) who got rich by using his political connections in the government cellphone to eliminate the INTERNET leaving it a dinosaur...a thing controlled by big grab government...his government....reducing what was dynamic to something boring and staid.


Due to changing attitudes toward processed sugar...there is a 19 ton surplus of sugar. Although people are starving in socialist countries...nonetheless...their populations can't get that surplus sugar due to the socialist trade barriers which prevent such access. When asked why not open the marketplace and permit entry of sugar...the socialists cringe and reply, "We're pushing enslavement not liberation!"

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Not any Afro-Americans on the White House staff? The secret recording Amorosa made of her interface with White House Chief of Staff has been raised by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA as an indication that Big Don hasn't found time to repose trust in any other Afro-Americans.


Mike Flynn didn't know he'd been wire-tapped and that his dialogue with a Russian had been tape-recorded. The surveillance was ordered by OBAMA and that data was collected by the now infamous BRUCE his own notes about the FLYNN MEETING wherein FLYNN was said to have LIED to the his own notes...BRUCE OHR declared it was his opinion that FLYNN had not lied to the FBI. Those notes..though...were never given to FLYNN before he entered his PLEA. While that kind of HIDE-THE-BALL...however...while an opprobrium anywhere standard practice at the U.S. Injustice Dept...a practice for which any other lawyer would suffer disbarment.


Folks...Hillary-the-hag laundered $12 million through a law firm...her purpose to pay for a concerted attack on TEAM-TRUMP...including inserting SPIES into that campaign. Her allies and cohorts were eager to help the future first female president achieve her goal. BRUCE OHR and his wife...for example...joined the affair...pushing wherever possible whatever LIE required to keep the PLOT frame TEAM-TRUMP in the cross-hairs...and...create whatever appearance contemplated in the script.

Such is "why" the TRUMP TOWER meeting was scheduled and executed...a show-up wherein the goal was to ensnare the Trumps in some kind of Russian collusion scheme...a goal that has been revealed recently by the MASS MEDIA who now recite the TRUMP TOWER MEETING as absolute proof of RUSSIAN COLLUSION.

Instead of chasing TEAM-CLINTON...the most corrupt and contemptible bunch imaginable...THE ESTABLISHMENT is chasing Big Don and his crew as if they had done something wrong. As JOHN PODESTA...a Hillary ally...acknowledged, "Hillary got a lot of bang out of those bucks."

And she's still reaping benefit. The U.S. Injustice Dept. is not chasing her. Indeed...scumbag BRUCE Injustice Dept. big shot...did all he could to derail any investigation into her PAY-TO-PLAY racket she conducted during her years as Secretary of State.

The so-called sullied Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) is not chasing far...timid U.S.Attorney General Jeff Sessions has backed off.

Many Floridians are asking, "How much dirt does Hillary have on each of them? What insulation does she have from prosecution?"

These questions are bubbling forth and will continue to bubble and more and more Americans get treated UNFAIRLY by a more often than not corrupt JUSTICE SYSTEM. Eh, Bruce?

Omarosa taping you

Omarosa secretly tape-recorded White House Chief of Staff James Kelly telling her she was fired for ethical breaches. Omarosa instantly published the secret tapes in order to show how dastardly she really was...somehow trying to prove she was capable of doing whatever needed to advance the ball down the field for the distinct benefit of Omarosa. When asked "why" secretly tape record Jim Kelly...Omarosa chuckled and replied, "Obama told me to do do it secretly...and...then...publish it so that I could get another 15 minutes of fame...something he loved doing...and...thought I would also love doing."


Somehow...the Charlotte police knew not to touch the loudmouth idiot sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with "BAIT" on its front.


In the middle of the Sahara a spot that was so parched...that it was ideal for an EXPERIMENTAL LAB...a GENE-SPLICING effort was undertaken...whatever could be made...made...and...studied so that knowledge in the area of genes could be expanded. Confident their lab was isolated...carelessness was afoot and some of the stuff they created escaped...crawled across the desert and began to eat people...leaving only the rags they wore and the camel they rode.


Wishing to hear what the speaker was saying...TIMMY TITLER drew closer to the stage to see who was discussing his wealth...his assets...his spot. He heard from the back where he first stood that the government to be imposed would take from producers and pass such plunder out as the would-be master saw fit. Such a promise to spend other people's money...such a threat to his own coffers...frightened Titler..pulling him ever so slowly toward the front...towards the stage...closer to that jackal...that would-be master...who preached enslavement and decay.

No Big Fan of Democracy

On the first day of the Constitutional Convention, delegate Edmund Randolph of Virginia warned that “none of the [state] constitutions have provided sufficient checks against democracy.”

Democracy is like a fire:  You have to handle it with caution lest it get out of control.

Socrates knew that.  He knew that you could do just about any unjust thing if you get a majority of people to vote on it.  He preferred death to life in that kind of unjust world system.

A purely democratic society where everyone has a vote and the majority will prevails is a dangerous one without the opposing but equal force of republicanism interposing a system of checks against bad ideas, and the use of force that makes them effective.

Like Socrates and Randolph, I'm no big fan of democracy.



U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, (D.FL) was asked about the ESTATE TAX and how that ESTATE TAX had destroyed family farms throughout Florida. NELSON chuckled about the loss and said he liked the idea of government controlling the food supply. "Every time I see a family farm wiped out by the ESTATE TAX it makes my left leg tingle. The ESTATE TAX is designed to destroy prevent ancestral farms...and...force people to give up that life and become whatever the government decides. The socialist way is the best way since it puts me in the driver's seat on all big decision...decisions that cannot be left to individuals,"


The Democrats looked with envy across Florida. So many rich many parasites ready to plunder and loot...a prime site for demagogues preaching* socialist enslavement. As U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) confirmed, "With the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA behind us...we cannot lose. Floridians want to be enslaved...reduced to sheep...directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves."
*After saying as much...NELSON was approached by a cub reporter who asked if he were willing to say that on a RADIO SHOW instead of preaching enslavement to his closest supporters. NELSON refused to appear where he would be confronted by freedom-lovers. "I'm not going to be asked questions abut socialism and reveal how evil I really am," whispered Nelson as he entered his black limo.


Because the Democrats lack a message that would attract producers to their cause...they had to go another route to remain competitive. They decided to fill the situation with hate and anger...two evocative emotions easily directed and manipulated.

Following this PLAN...with their virtual control of the MASS MEDIA...they're flooding the TV and RADIO with "hate-speech"...calling the Republicans as many "bad names" as possible...and...hoping the "low information" crowd...the proverbial vacuous Democrat-voter...will ignore the shackle these politicians wish to affix.

If you want to confirm what this BLOG is revealing...why not tune in to CNN or MSNBC for an hour and you'll hear hatred and anger on steroids. The talking heads with venomous tone...24/7 describe how "good" to be enslaved and "bad" to be free...that you should support the socialist and eschew the freedom-fighter...pick the would-be master over the liberty-lover. You'll hear them decrying TEAM-TRUMP...demanding the effort to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE be terminated and the unwashed masses returned to their corrals.

As you observe this "new message" might you look at your own life...introspect, so to speak...and...sense your allegiance to your future is betrayed when you choose a politician whose mission statement to enslave push you into some niche...some spot and keep you there using RULE and LAW to discourage and dissuade?

Indeed...if the Democrats and their MASS MEDIA cohorts can keep this kind of "anger" propaganda going until the mid-term election...they might succeed* in keeping voters from choosing liberty over socialist-enslavement.
*As you consider your own life...your own joy and happiness...might you also decide that it's better not to support politicians who wish to impose hurdle and hassle on your desire? Are you part of the so-called BLUE WAVE...a movement to smother liberty and produce a VENEZUELA-like country: empty shelves and hollow eyes.

Abolish the Presidency!

Doug Ibendahl posted a link to a USA Today editorial by some political non-genius named Tina Dupuy calling for the abolition of the office of the President.  Within the editorial were the various, uncreative, usual, pedestrian (run-of-the-mill) pieces of  Hate (White) Trump propaganda:  Stole the Election.  He's mean.  He hates women and babies.  And hedgehogs.  And he's just ...

A guy wins the presidency according to the rules of the game (also known as The United States Constitution and System of Laws), and the opposition claims he stole the election.  Really.  "But she got more of the popular vote!  That proves it!"

It is a misunderstanding widely propagated that the Framers intended that the individual citizen vote for the president.  The Framers found the concept of  Democracy repugnant.  "On the convention’s first day, delegate Edmund Randolph of Virginia warned that “none of the [state] constitutions have provided sufficient checks against democracy”, as if democracy were not necessarily a positive thing.  The Framers, it is very obvious from how the government is structured, intended to interpose the members of the electoral college (a republican-type system) between the citizenry and the highest office.

It has nothing to do with slavery ("Someone net that red herring, before it gets away!"), and Mrs. Dupuy's insistence in calling it a "scab of slavery" shows that she is not qualified to be commenting on political things.  But here's a little lesson for her:

As history shows, in a pure direct democracy (true populism), it is easy for any promise-maker to win the hearts and minds of a majority clamoring for free stufffree bread, free health care, free college stuff.

Free Stuff is an easy sell.  We are all by nature conservatives -- biologically, we try to conserve an optimal reserve of our body's energy when busy throughout the day.  It's natural for us to do the least amount of work for the greatest return in accomplishment, reward, and satisfaction.  It shows their wisdom that the Founders were aware of this human trait and the sometimes tendency to turn it to morally evil ends.  They foresaw that the "The Free-Lunch-and-Wagon-Ride Contingent" could develop plans for the confiscation and redistribution of your stuff.  They even foresaw that the Contingent would use the force of the government (an organized mob) to lash us all to the harness to pull said ride.  And get this:  The Framers knew that professional politicians would inevitably use their oratorical abilities to sell tickets to such a ride (are you ridin' or pullin'?)

It further shows the Founders' wisdom and prescience that they were able to devise a way to keep out of the hands of certain people -- socialists like Old Bernie Sanders, and that epitome of white privilege Hillary Clinton -- to keep out of their hands what Mrs. Dupuy refers to as"the full power of the most powerful military in history, command of the treasury, the absolute power to pardon and he can unilaterally annihilate millions of people with his command to deploy nuclear weapons".

Promising free stuff is a way of vote-buying.  Sure, it's a little more subtle than a candidate handing out hundred dollar bills at polling places.  The more you look at it, the more it seems as if the Founders were trying to put in place a mechanism for the curtailment of this kind of free-lunch-and-wagon-ride-vote-buying, doesn't it?

Mrs. Dupuy claims that "Russia attacked our country; the target was Hillary Clinton and liberal democracy and they hit their mark."  (Let me introduce you to our Old Friend "Bombast", the last resort of a writer desperate to convince you that what your eyes see doesn't matter, and that what your ears hear is obviously less significant than you thought.)  No, Dear Reader, here's what happened:  Hillary and her sexual-predator husband Bill did a lot of dirt and got away with so much over the years that they thought they had gotten Too Big To Fail.  And then the world changed, and she got caught.  

Information is handled differently in the 21st Century.  She couldn't keep the fabled cat in the bag.  Information gets out.  In the era of the mobile phone, people talk constantly.  Computers get hacked.  The government monitors your searches (I'll bet Obama had 'em monitoring even the devices of DoS employees -- maybe even the Secretary herself was monitored.)  So Hillary failed through her own wrongdoing and arrogance, and got caught slippin'.  

And you know, I think her party failed her.  Democrats got all hot and bothered because we acknowledged and defied our collective history and elected our first (half) "Black" president, and now, by gosh and golly, wouldn't it just be fair and wonderful and cool and historic to have a female president?...and then maybe...even a female black transgender vegetarian President!

Democrats thought it was inevitable.  Thought she was Too Big To Fail, too! They even got Old Grampa Bernie out of the way... (broke all of their own rules and trampled their own ethics in order to make sure that identity politics continued to be the rule of the day, and hiding their open socialism at the same time!), thought that if we elected a female for POTUS, it would be the absolute end of that Male, White Stain on the Presidency.

Do you hear that dog whistle blow?  This appears to be another hate-Trump article, but you know what it really sounds like?  It sounds like the leftist game plan is to generate a movement to get rid of that "Bastion of Male White Privilege Itself", the Presidency.  The woman or nothing.  Black President, Female President, Wise Latina Justice of the Supreme Court, Trans-this, Vegan-that.  Diversity uber alles.  Include everybody (except 'the White Man').

Disingenuous Hypocrites.  You want the same thing I do:  Wealth and Power.  But you want to conserve your body's energy, too, just like the rest of us and work as little as possible for the greatest return on your energy investment.  So if you can say, elect somebody who is willing to direct the forces of the government at some rich guy to take from him to get you what you want, you are working as little as possible by getting someone to direct the forces of  to go over there and grab that other guy's stuff and bring it over to you.

So why don't we just call it what we ought to:  redistribution of wealth is theft.  No matter how big your gang, or small your gang, or whatever colors or uniforms they are wearing, redistribution of wealth is theft, and it is morally wrong.

"My fear isn’t Trump; it’s that the next autocrat is most likely smarter and savvier than Trump."  Yeah, you just missed Her by a hair, luckily for you and the rest of America.  One of the reasons I threw in my bets on Trump (not at one of his casinos, and I don't think I've every stayed at one of his properties) is because he was, aside from the money, just a regular American.  No military or political experience.  He didn't know how to game the (political) system as well as Hillary does.  He's had his already -- he'd already netted billions, and it seemed less likely that he'd try to use the government to grab my little stack than would a woman whose political history belies the fact that she sees the world as her little village, her little plantation for the plucking.

Hillary was a Professional Politician, one who knew how to game the system for her benefit, to make life work for her, one who makes it her business to sell herself as the solution to every one of each voter's difficulties and troubles.  It follows that to be that, that candidate, that Professional Politician, has to have efficient but tyrannical power over every aspect of every person's life (you don't want that).

Donald Trump wants just the opposite.  He wants to clean all of the malware out of the system, remove all the shorted-out wiring, replace the worn belts and hoses and make it run smoothly and efficiently once again -- on its own.  He doesn't want the government to know everything.  He wants to get his hands off of you and off of the market and out of your wallet so you can experience the freedom of free and voluntary exchange with your neighbor.  

He wants to get our heads out of the identity politics (at the least, he doesn't have it in his), so we can talk to each other and not at each other again.  Twenty, thirty years ago black folks would talk to white folks and white folks would talk to black folks -- my opinion: it was about the time Obama ran for President we stopped doing that (well, I mean, I was still doing it, but it's a little hurtful to try to love my fellow American (whose skin color is different from mine) when he or she is screaming at me about white privilege and without even knowing me or anything about me calling me a racist or a cracker with no other foundation for such an accusation other than that my skin is a lot lighter than his or hers (which is...uh...racist, right?)

So let's cut through the crap, be honest and open, and not disguise a Hate Trump or Die All White Men dog-whistle under cover and in the coded language of an article ostensibly arguing for the abolition of not just a branch of the government, but the consequent abolition of the mechanisms assuring the separation of powers to keep... away ... pure ... democracy (sometimes used for property-looting, redistributing, mob rule).


@DougIbendahl #donaldtrump #ImWithHer #ihatetrump #dieallwhitemen #identity politics #socialism #tyranny #whiteprivilege #confiscation #wealthredistribution

Saturday, August 11, 2018


BRUCE OHR and CHRIS STEELE connected to procure a FISA WARRANT so that spies could be implanted into the Trump Campaign. Such implanting would cover those already implanted...adding an expendable second layer surrounding an unwitting Big Don. Despicable and illegal...yet...commended because the target was TEAM-TRUMP...a team trying to liberate America from the dastardly grip of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE

"Donald Trump will NEVER be President!"

I love these video montages and I love the fact that the people who said that Donald Trump would never be President have to now eat those words.

Remember Martha Raddatz crying and stuttering and stammering on screen at the news that YES, despite the polls and the predictions and the shenanigans, Donald Trump had won?

I just get a kick out of watching people "eat their words", people who are so certain that they are right have to change their position.  Some can't do it.  This can lead to a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

#notmypresident  #nevertrump


The Democratic socialists of America are at the helm at the Democratic National Committee(DNC)...steering America on to the shoals of misery. When asked how to hide VENEZUELA from the unwashed masses so they won't see what will manifest until it's too late...DNC Chairman TOM PEREZ said the complicit MASS MEDIA will keep the sheep chewing their cud the shackles are affixed so gently.


Florida Governor Rick Scott will defeat U.S. Senator Bill Nelson in the 2018 U.S. Senate race because Floridians do not want a jackal such as NELSON in Congress. When NELSON refused to support the 2017 tax cut and laughed about the hardship taxpayers suffer...his days in Congress were over. Yes...socialists and freedom-haters will vote that jerk...but...most Floridians won't. VIVA SCOTT!

Friday, August 10, 2018


Maybe the recent bombardment from GAZA might awaken the some way...not heretofore able to be achieved...ALERT the JEW that WAR has never stopped and won't ever end until the JEW has been driven once more back into Sinai. HAMAS...the putative rulers of GAZA STRIP...vowed to eradicate the JEW. Indeed...that hatred and overt anger has been sustained by donations from fellow travelers who delight in the idea of the JEW wandering once more through Sinai.

The JEW cannot achieve PEACE with the PALESTINIANS. The JEW should retain control of WEST BANK putting houses and towns wherever possible...retain the GOLAN HEIGHTS installing even more firepower...and...dispatch hateful Palestinians to countries willing to accept such miserable parasites.


During the OBAMA-ERA...the body count among civilians was extraordinary. OBAMA...himself...directed many air strikes that butchered thousands of children...blowing up hospitals...obliterating schools...and...leaving a trail of carnage that had to be suppressed lest OBAMA be categorized as a "BUTCHER" taking his place along side STALIN and POL POT.

Unlike the beloved OBAMA...though...because President Trump is so hated by the MASS MEDIA in America...his helping Sunnis in Yemen fight the Shiite grip of IRAN has been criticized and denounced. Take for instance the recent bus-kill...where children in a bus were killed by an ARAB BOMB. Such collateral damage in a person-crammed market in Northern Yemen would have been overlooked and ignored had it been OBAMA seated in the Oval Office. However...because it's Donald J. Trump...and...not OBAMA...the MASS MEDIA is working the bus-kill as hard as they can...showing as many graphic photos as possible...and...preaching to voters they must pick Democrats whose mission will be to end the American involvement in the MIDDLE EAST.


Nancy Soderberg, Andy Kim, Abigail Spanberger and Elissa Slotkin are government worker bees who are running as Democrats with a chorus-like message of Democratic socialism wherein they redistribute wealth as they see fit. The complicit MASS MEDIA is calling them enlightened and wondrous...telling voters the misery and squalor they envision will be a veritable paradise. And...perhaps...voters will accept the explanation that what is running down their back gentle rain...and...not the urine of the would-be masters.


Abigail Spanberger...after 20 years of undercover work for the American Central Intelligence Agency...has declared herself the Democrat capable of defeating U.S. Rep. David Brat in Virginia. Her message of free medical care...a minimum income for every Virginian...along with free college, food and clothing...amounts to a magnetic cornucopia among voters. The complicit MASS MEDIA is telling Virginia voters they should choose the GREAT-GIFT GIVER and eschew the Republican. Might voter have the proverbial choice between JUDAS...and...JESUS this time around...choose Abigail and be kissed in the Garden...or...pick Brat and receive a loosening of the grip of big grab government?


If TEAM-TRUMP imposes tariffs on fish-imports...that tax would hurt American fishermen who send their catch to China for processing. Imagine the fish you eat was processed in China...a cheaper venue for that part of the seafood marketing system...and...the price you pay encompasses all that handling and helping...imagine as've just observed the miracle of the free market system...everyone reaping the reward of hard work and peaceful interaction.

Because producers must deal with the CHINESE GOVERNMENT...the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has entered the marketplace to defend American producers from TRADE-HASSLE. Such confrontation isn't new. It's been afoot ever since producers in one country wanted to be protected from foreign competitors thereby insulating themselves from the need to be efficient and innovative. The consumer is hurt...however...since the choices are limited not because of innovation and competition...but...because of government imposition.

In the car-making industry...for instance...domestic car producers like the HIGH TAX the American government imposes on German and Chinese cars since that TAX ON IMPORTS makes the American variety appear cheaper. They don't mind the foreign government retaliating and imposing like-kind tariffs on American cars as they enter their respective countries because their market is in America...their production of cars is in America...their distribution is in they are well-insulated from the impact the IMPORT-TAX would otherwise have.

In the fishing stark contrast...the producers have a perishable product that is heat-sensitive requiring maximum continual refrigeration. That aspect imparts a cost that is not found in cars, for instance. A car can sit idle for years and not be anything more than a storage issue on a parking lot as where fresh fish isn't "fresh" once HEAT arrives or too much time passes.

As Ludwig von Mises noted, "An otherwise unhampered market is the best of the best and anything less results in hardship for producers somewhere. Leave government out of the calculation...though...and...everyone reaps benefits," (HUMAN ACTION, page 316).


Pads and helmet lost in a sea of fist and knee. As the National Anthem is played...defiant NFL football players are kneeling and raising their blacked gloved fists...telling the world they want socialism...enslavement...and...tyranny for America...a display that has inspired freedom-haters everywhere to cheer and applaud such magnificent gestures.

In contrast...President Trump thought they were employees and should perform as their employers asked...but...nowadays...the players run the event...the that kind of HATE and ANGER on display. Perhaps...this displeasure with TEAM-REPUBLICAN has other outlets and ways to express and blame...but...this FIST AND KNEE seems so anti-American it has soured many patrons of the game.


GUN-CONTROL had worked so well...not anyone had a gun except the bad guys and the "arrived-too-late" police. The Democrats sat smugly on the train as it whisked through the city...blithely they looked out on buildings...streets...people hurrying...and...they in singular fashion as if it were a sign to do as much they all smiled...and...seemed so quiet and contented.

Suddenly...their peace was broken as if shattered glass. Into the train car stepped a dude with an assault rifle and a backpack filled with grenades and rockets. He sprayed the 1st 5 rows blowing holes in the Democrats before they could brag to the assailant that they were instrumental in giving him this "RISK-FREE" occasion. The survivors of that 1st blast ran for the back door with only a few able to clear the door and reach the other car.

As the horrified survivors hunkered down in the next train car...they screamed, "Does anyone here have a gun?"


OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing he left the White House was singing: "I was born under a wandering star...Do I know where HELL is...HELL is in HELLO...HEAVEN is goodbye forever...It's time for me to go."


Kellyanne Conway was asked about the underlying aspect of the foreign policy of President Trump. After primping with her last IVANKA FACE KIT...she replied, "President Trump approaches foreign policy with the attitude that he destroys enemies by making them his friends." Hearing her response...CNN Trump-hater Jim Acosta whispered, "Lincoln seems to be afoot."

The ClintonPass: Get Yours Today

Truth is a double-edged sword. The side that cuts me has an opposing side that makes it possible that you'll be sliced, too.
And truth has consequences, which, when imposed by the state, should be applied to every citizen equally. Even to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Decades of documented (but ignored) corruption during her time as Secretary of State remain overlooked by the government and that "watchdog of democracy", the press. While President Trump was magnanimous in preemptively 'pardoning' Hillary Clinton by not pressing for charges against her, why do people continue to issue the ClintonPass and offer cover?  (And remember the time when Congress got all star-struck when it was time to hold William Jefferson Blythe-Clinton
accountable for his use of the truth, misleading the American people?  Yeah, the ClintonPass.  The "Exception to the Rulers".

Why let anyone free of these consequences?  It becomes a slippery slope once you give the first guy a pass, and then jail another for the same or less (Flynn, Manafort, anyone)?  The People start clamoring for a more precise manner of justice instead of the corrupt sloppiness we have now in the Department of Justice and all plus-or-minus 50 Justice Departments of the States.  
Why are the resources of the government focused with laser-precision on some (so-far disproven and foundationless) hypothesis of collusion.  Why bother the innocent citizen when there are so many others with warrants against them, un-chased and unsought, like Hillary Clinton and her associates; real criminals who can hurt a lot of people at one time are the ones that really need to be chased and persecuted.

Equal Justice for All.

#theclintonpass #witchhunt #criminaljustice

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Wolf Blitzer...a CNN hack...was caught LYING about what U.S. Rep. Nunes said and WOLF refused to admit his treachery. But the Republican U.S. Representative he was interviewing had heard what U.S. Rep. Nunes said and not anywhere was the word "protect" used in Nunes' statements. WOLF was caught. He had been telling the world NUNES had said we need to keep Republicans in Congress to protect President Trump. That statement was never made even though WOLF had represented that it had. Such a LIAR...such a jackal...such a jerk as WOLF...only on CNN could he appear. He's vermin...and...deserves public derision.

how powerful?

When Kellyanne Conway was asked how she would frame the power of President Trump...she looked out at the horizon and said, "If Donald J. Trump were to say his name would shatter glass."


"The BODY COUNT in Puerto Rico could be as high as 3 million dead," quipped U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) always trying to exploit tragedy for political gain.


Elon Musk...leader of beleaguered TESLA MOTORS...said he was proposing to buy back the stock for $420 per share. His proposal for a $70 billion(+) stock-buy caused TESLA MOTORS stock to climb as speculators grabbed shares so they might get in on that bonanza.

Hateful as ever...the Securities and Exchange Commission...the same bunch of clowns who ignored BERNIE MADOFF and his PONZI SCHEME even though the SEC was shown PROOF OF THEFT...dispatched agents to examine MUSK'S proposal for violation of federal law.

MUSK was not law...according to these mention his desire to buy back TESLA MOTORS stock and take the company private once more. "We'll stomp MUSK. We'll terrify MUSK. We'll harass MUSK. We're the same scumbags who overlooked Madoff...and...we can do as much EVIL as can be imagined...including attacking MUSK for speaking aloud what must have been banging about in his DOME," dripped an SEC official speaking on condition of anonymity.


There were more people killed in Chicago than were killed in raucous Baghdad. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel...when told of the title held by Chicago: MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD...said the body count was disturbing but those killed were member of rival gangs...and...their deaths were not of much interest to the world.


Missouri voters chose to impose UNION DUES on everyone in a workplace where a UNION presides. The exodus from Missouri has already begun. What will be left of socialist Missouri once the producers who can depart pick up and go is anyone's'll look like New Jersey or Massachusetts.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Following the PLAYBOOK...disrupters were dispatched to every Republican rally to foment trouble. Take for instance the much talked about scuffle at a BALDERSON rally in Ohio Governor John Kasich's old district. A green-toothed dude wearing a BALDERSON jersey struck an old lady with a DANNY BOY insignia on her attack the MASS MEDIA* was right there to capture.
* Because the Ohio MASS MEDIA is pro-Democrat...however...not anyone asked who the assailant was since he escaped untouched...but...later on it was discovered this jerk was a PLANT... a participant in the SCRIPTED ASSAULT...the commotion that was used to paint BALDERSON as a mean-spirited person who inspires attacks on cripples.

too disturbing

When asked about the missing children that officials in HHS...HOMELAND SECURITY and DCF are to know about...such things as the whereabouts and identity of foster parents or name of holding facility...for example...Kellyanne Conway stopped reading GOOGLE SEARCH and replied, "What if most of the missing children were taken from their border-jumping parents during the OBAMA ERA...and...the fact they can't be found...that fact emblematic-horrific evidence that Democrats were involved in "upping" the inventory at their secret sex ranch...a place run* by a CHILD-SEX RING?"
* As most people know by now...payments from that RING have been traced all the way into the Democrat side of the U.S. Senate.

Gwen Graham spam

Running for Governor of Florida are many politicians with big promises and welfare state packages to stir the passion and avarice of their respective constituencies. Take Gwen Graham...for instance. Her idea is to take from producers and redistribute as she sees fit. Instead of you deciding to spend your money...GWEN GRAHAM will have your money and she'll apply the funds as she sees best. The taxes and red tape envisioned by GRAHAM should horrify* voters...leaving only the truly devout socialists by her side.
*In the special primaries...the Democratic socialist message was rebuked. Yet...RASHIDA TLAIB defeated another quite competitive Democrat who said she'd work with President Trump...a statement she obviously regretted...a statement on which TLAIB relied to demonstrate a difference between them. "I will not stop until America is socialist...people are under the rule of a socialist democracy...a place where resources are pooled...when you're done eating...pass the plate to the next hungry soul kind of life style," chirped Rashida Tlaid...her Pakistani accent lilting and accentuating.

SOCIALIST MESSAGE REBUKED special primaries...the socialist message was rebuked...voters picking politicians who preached traditional aspects of their respective parties. The Democrats who promised more free stuff but hid its source of payment...and....the Republicans who offered more loosening of the grip of big grab government were chosen over whatever else afoot. When the choice was CAGE or it was in Ohio Governor John Kasich's old congressional district...though...voters.chose Balderson...patron of freedom...over Danny O'Conner...the herald of enslavement.

Rashida Tlaib

Rashida Tlaib defeated another Detroit Democrat to grab the JOHN CONYERS seat. Venomous and ready to fang President Trump...RASHIDA told a cub reporter she was a classical socialist...ready to impose herself on others...grab their wealth...and...redistribute as she sees fit. "I will stomp Detroit...wring Detroit of its wealth...bust up piggy banks...and...redistribute the plunder as I see a socialist I know what's best," chirped RASHIDA as she looked at her MARXIST glossy brochure.


When asked why Puerto Ricans residing along the I-4 corridor of Orlando are bloc voting for RICK SCOTT and not socialist BILL NELSON...Kellyanne Conway replied, "In Puerto Rico...that socialist paradise...its people cry out for help. Their socialist utility company hasn't been able to restore power to the outback...the producers who could help refuse because the product of their labor taken as one would take the effort of a slave...and...the Puerto Ricans who didn't depart are sheep-like waiting for their freebies and favors...the things Democrats promise every time their votes are needed. Unlike the parasites who stayed behind...the Puerto Ricans now living in Florida understand that BILL NELSON is not their friend but a person who would see them perpetually dependent on the largesse of big grab government...and...RICK SCOTT as someone who wishes to remove the hinder and hassle so that they might reap riches.


As if picking an extraordinary reply from history's grip...the response to the demand by the MUELLER PROBE that President Trump submit to interrogation was notable. As RUDY GUILLIANI said when asked about Big Don's response, "It was incredible what President Trump said. He heard what Mueller wanted and directed the White House response to be: "NUTS".


U.S. Rep. Chris Collins, (R. NY) was informed a government test had failed and the proposed product was not going to make it to market. Chris called his son and alerted him to the difficulty suggesting he sell his 16,500 shares of the company. Of course...his son did as instructed and avoided a $560,000 loss. Because Collins was on the board of directors of that subject-company...his ALERT was considered "insider trading"...a violation of the Securities and Exchange Act.

At his BAIL defense team mentioned the HILLARY TOUCH...a reference to the $100,000 Hillary made when she invested $1000 in cattle futures. Her data came from public sources making any "insider" help perfectly legal. Similarly...Collin's son had already heard about the BAD TEST aspect...knew it would affect his stock holdings...and...had already contacted BOMBASTIC BUSHKIN...his stock dude...and...had already directed BUSHKIN to sell and sell quickly.

Unfortunately...COLLINS will have to defend himself. He'll spend big bucks making this simple argument and telling the jury that his efforts were not any different than what HILLARY-THE-HAG did when she dabbled in cattle futures so long ago. His son received data from another source...a source that was independent of CHRIS COLLINS...and...his ALERT to his son was not anything other than polishing the polish.


Becca Kurfin was rejected on the show BACHELORETTE. Her tears were so powerful...VENMO carried words of consolation along with $6000 in donations. So wonderful was the VENMO platform that since that incident...VENMO has attracted over 300 million users. WOW!


"Oh...Danny Boy...the pipes...the pipes are calling," whispered President Trump when the votes finally were counted establishing TROY BALDERSON...his endorsed candidate defeated the Democratic-socialist...a politician the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA declared the WINNER before votes were even cast. Such Democrat-defeat means OHIO VOTERS are moving towards freedom and away from the JOHN KASICH- DEMOCRAT MIASMA.



Sarah Jeong was hired by the New York Times because she hates "white people". The decision to hire was in the balance...but...tipped in favor of employing her filthy mouth and bigoted temperament when she screamed: "DIE WHITEY DIE!' As one of the decision-makers said, "Her paroxysm...her sudden outburst of rage and anger...was so hate-crammed...she had the savvy...the to be a NYT editor."

Candice Owens heard about Sarah's new employment and was miffed that such HATE-SPEECH was wanted by the same newspaper...the same rag that eschewed the alleged bigotry of TEAM-TRUMP,(WSJ A-15;08-08-18). Feeling sagacious...and...wanting to reap benefits for herself from such idiotic diatribe...Candice replaced "whitey" with Afro-American...and...JEW.

Instead of expected accolade...though...instantly...the UPROAR was worldwide. Sure it was OKAY to denigrate "whitey"...but...when it came to changing the target...that wasn't permitted.


Manafort's trial moved along until JUROR #9 began to exhibit disturbing manifestations of extreme doubt. The juror folded her arms...grimaced over and over again as if rotten meat were finding its way out...and...moving about in her seat as if she itched. Troubled by such ostentatious activity...Judge T.S. Ellis directed the jury to leave. After the jury directed the erstwhile prosecution team to the bench and declared, "'s obvious to everyone...including JUROR #9 over there that you're wasting time on nonsense. Get to the root of your prosecution and do it right now. Mr. Bailiff bring the jury back."


U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell(D.Ala) was asked "why" was she demanding a minimum wage law when the marketplace sets the wage whatever that might be based on skill, talent and ability to produce. Hearing a question that undermined her own ideology...she said her idea was to create an intrusive NANNY STATE...imposing her ideas on everyone...making people lick her boot...and...never would she permit producers to negotiate their own wage...not ever. They didn't know as much as she,(WSJ A-15;08-08-18).


South Ossetia and Crimea were overtaken by Russian President Putin so that Russia would have exclusive possession of the ancient technology found in the buried pyramids discovered a few months before the Russia-Georgia border war,(WSJ A-15;08-08-18). Nowadays...the riches the Russians have found have sustained the government so that the sanctions imposed by Uncle Sugar and its allies are insignificant. VIVA PUTIN!


MAN-CAUSED CLIMATE preposterous a notion as VIRGIN TOSS STOPS VOLCANIC ERUPTION...has not been treated in the same manner. Indeed...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA has proclaimed the latest wild fires in California to be a result of man-caused global warming...even though...had the trees and underbrush been removed as most sages prescribed...there wouldn't be such conflagration and destruction of property and loss of life. What has most voters concerned is the way the politicians are using a NATURAL EVENT to take away their fossil fuel and replace it with GREEN ENERGY...and...GREEN RULES...diktats that direct people to return to a romantic time of tent and mule...a time when around campfires people would sing and dance till dawn.


Although most people would say HUMANE MEAT is an oxymoron...the animal rights advocates declare animals destined to become MENU ITEMS must be treated humanely until slaughtered...the best feed...daily massages...posture-perfect mattress always available...and...a resource officer to hear complaints. Yes...cows don't complain when CHICKEN available...but...are quite the noise-makers when they hear their names discussed in hushed tones behind closed doors,(WSJ A-14;08-08-18).


Elon another brilliant maneuver...offered stockholders a $420 per share buy-out the purpose of such effort to take TESLA MOTORS "private" with ELON MUSK holding all the shares so that if the Model 3 sputters and fails...ELON MUSK will be the sole loser...a title he doesn't fear because the MODEL 3 will sell.

As ELON confidently noted, "Consumers want an electric car that can go 100 miles on a single charge at 55 mph. If the car goes 70 mph...though...the MODEL 3 goes 30 miles on one 24 hour battery recharge. We never tell the buyer about that SHORT-TRIP aspect...and...we never tell them about the lithium battery explosion and burn house down issue."


"STRIKE! That's 10 in a row. Mr. President, your skill with that 16 pound bowling ball seems incredible," gushed Kellyanne Conway as she watched Big Don finish another perfect 300 game. "Well...Kellyanne," whispered Donald J. Trump, "That same kind of skill and talent I apply to administering this federal government."


Although the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has done what it can to inflict mortal political injury...nonetheless...Big Don stands forth his own inexorable self  metaphorically gripping ULFBERHT!
*ULFBERHT, the name emblazoned on a remarkable sword found in a Viking tomb.

Even His Hair

Early this morning, I'm 'surfin' the web (as people from the 90s used to say) and ran across this ad.

Of course, I knew exactly whose hair that is.  It's an American Icon.  Hair we laugh at.

For how long have we had The Mainstream Media and the buttsore Hillary supporters on the left trying to indoctrinate us into the belief that Donald Trump is an idiot?

Let me show you how smart Donald Trump is:

If you think for even a minute that The Donald Hair is an accident, you'd better think again.  This is marketing, and we have all fallen right into its trap.

Even Donald Trump's hair provokes an emotional reaction  (Shhhh.  A little secret:  that's kinda what we're trying to do in advertising, and The Donald probably knows what he's doing with the hair thing.)

For years (since 2008) we've been telling you on this blog about The Gilded Nanny State Cage from which you must extricate yourself (that means 'to get out of', for you Rush Limbaugh listeners*).  Every time you look at even this President's hair, you ought to look at it with awe and respect.

Respect for the man with the balls enough to take steps to deploy the O.R.B., causing it to burrow through the rock.  The rock of identity politics and socialist indoctrination and infiltration.  He Alone seems to be the only one able and willing to give all Americans of any skin color, political party, and religious creed a means to escape The Cage.

Quit f**king with The Hair, dude.


*Rush, we love you and your listeners.  I just wanted to parody the Rio Linda gag.