Monday, August 6, 2018


TWITTER commits shadow banning when the company removes your name from its auto-populated drop-down search box making it harder to find you. Because the company is a private can ban anyone it pleases any time it pleases. Such whimsical discrimination would be its death knell...however...and...TWITTER does best when it only shadow-bans those people the company feels are too powerful...too noticeable...too marketable...and...too much an enemy to accommodate.

Yes...U.S. Rep. Gaetz(R.FL) was miffed when TWITTER shadow-banned his re-election effort thereby giving the socialist-Democrat an edge in a close race in a region of Florida socialist-crammed...parasite-packed...but...GAETZ must continue to preach freedom and NOT get involved in some fight with TWITTER.

For now...unfortunately...TWITTER has chosen to support the socialists...ironic as it might seem they'd support the very vermin who would plunder TWITTER'S COFFERS.

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