Sunday, October 14, 2018

All Hat, No Cattle Stabenow

I just finished listening to the James-Stabenow debate.  John James is going to be one of your Senators, Michigan.

He kept just hitting her on her record.  Hitting her on her record.  It was just like the Trump-Hillary debates.  "Since you have all of these great plans for the future, what have you been doing for the past 18 years?"  Same tactic Donald Trump used when Hillary kept bringing up all of the laws she got passed, all the laws by which citizen is shackled and forced to work longer hours.  And it was smart.

It's tough for an incumbent, anyways.  I understand there are legislative projects and issues and that things take time.  Sometimes more than six years.  But you still get the blame, even though in that seventh year, you would have done a job ten times better than you could have in the sixth or the fifth.

But John James, he kept hitting her on that record.  Why haven't you done it in the past 18 years?

Then he threw his military service out there.  Now I'll bet there might have been a few people who got a little irritated by that, as was I, until I realized what he was doing.

John James was saying, "Look, I'm a doer.  Veteran, Businessman, I get things done.  My opponent is a talker.  She's up here talking to you now talking about all the great things we could have done to support you military in the field...blah...blah...blah.

John James says, "I was there.  I was one of those guys, and you let us down, just like you are letting Michigan down, by playing politics instead of getting us what we needed."

"I was there."  Not just in the military, but out in the business world.  Making things happen.

She was here.  Talking.  Debating.  Compromising.  Look around, Michigan.  You see any of that stuff she's talking about you can do, working with the automakers on next generation technologies?  See any of that stuff going on?

18 years.  All Hat, No Cattle Stabenow.  Think about it.  18 years.


Saudi officials thanked President Trump for not "jumping to conclusions"about their involvement in the disappearance of Jamal Khoshoggi. It was OBVIOUS...a CHESS MOVE had been played...and...the INTENT...the PURPOSE...the GOAL...were not yet known. Was it IRANIAN? Was it Venezuelans? Cubans, perhaps? But the culprit was not...not...Saudi officialdom. Whoever perpetrated Jamal's disappearance wanted it to look like a "botched" Saudi job.


U.S. Senator Bill Nelson on the INTERNET has an alter ego. He calls himself BRONCO BILLY. Whereas Anthony Weiner sported CARLOS DANGER when chasing young people...BRONCO BILLY has been at it for years. So many accusations have come forward that they must be true.

As Bill Nelson said,  "Accusation of misconduct must be credited as true and denial not good enough."

Must not Bill Nelson hang on Haman's gallows?(BOOK OF ESTHER).

Must not BILL NELSON resign? He voted against Brett Kavanaugh based on groundless accusations insisting Brett withdraw his effort to be a U.S. Supreme Court Judge. Should not BILL NELSON suffer the same measure of condemnation based on accusations surfacing about serious wrongful acts?

What say you to that, BRONCO BILLY?


"Well learned the tongue that can me commend," injected President Trump when he heard an editor from this BLOG defending him and his policies.


Mitt 'the nit' Romney was overheard ordering TRUMP STEAK and TRUMP WINE...telling the waiter he wanted the best of the best and as far as he knew such STEAK and WINE were of that quality. The waiter smiled and departed. When the order was delivered...TUXEDO-WEARING waiters arrived...and...served the meal with violins and tubas playing I DID IT MY WAY adding thereby that sassy aspect. When asked if it tasted like CROW...'the nit'...his mouth full...chuckled and said, "Yes...I was quite wrong...and...I admit as much."

Those Crazy Nigerian Catfish!

There's an old (but new to me) phenomena going viral on Twitter and Facebook (but I guess not on Google Plus).

It's catfishing.  Yeah, you've probably seen the movie, but I am beginning to suspect there's more to the story.

Nigerian Terrorists?

It's not difficult to imagine some building in Nigeria somewhere filled with rows and rows of workstation computers used by women and men who are tasked with convincing (mostly) American women and men that they are seeking a relationship.  I can imagine that it's also an intelligence-gathering operation on Americans and American Life.  The more they learn about us, the more proficient they are at finding how to fill our emotional needs.

 It's shift-work:  When the shift is up, or someone has to go to the restroom or a lunch break, I can envision them playing musical chairs.  (Sometimes when talking to a catfish, their entire demeanor and language changes.  That's another sign).

I wonder how many pictures they have of me that they are using around the internet to convince young women that they are "the real thing"...

Of course, there's a financial incentive -- eventually, I have found, they will ask for something, including but not limited to:

  • Money (of course)
  • An app card (like an Amazon or iTunes card), that they then cash in maybe?
  • The latest one I have found, I was recently asked to hold a check.  (I didn't get the point of that one, but she may very well have been real.  I've been kicking my own ass all weekend).
It is rumored that this money is used to fund terrorists, according to Romantic Scammers Beware.

Way Too Beautiful to be Chatting Me Up

These incredibly beautiful women, it seems, are having a hard time finding a partner in the real world.  To me, that's crazy.  If you are that beautiful, shouldn't you have a date every night?

Google Image Search is your friend.  I ran a pic through there this morning, and turns out, the pic @Vickielynn642 sent me also just happens to be also a pic put online by a pornstar, Mia Malkova.  See it for yourself here.

Of course, I called her on it.  She replied "What[?]"  Then she immediately blocked me.

Well, that's her (or his) loss.  I have some pretty good crap on my personal Twitter account.  My ideas are novel and unregurgitated, unlike "Vickie Lynn's" photo.

What the hell is Yoruba?

Eventually your catfish is going to slip.  Eventually they will say something like "Ayale ja", "Omo iya", or "Gbayi" or something odd like that.  The first time this happened, I went to Google Translate, copied and pasted it in, and was informed that the language detected was Yoruba.  Of course, the girl claimed to be a Brazilian, and Yoruba is used in parts of Brazil.  When I wrote back to her in Yoruba using the same Google Translate (in Yoruba, she said "Information is forthcoming", and I replied in Yoruba, "True information").  But she was Brazilian, and I let it slide.

When obviously "white" girls start talking in Yoruba, it's time to use the Block function on Twitter of Facebook, etc.

Calling Out Your Personal Catfish

Is it indecorous to call out the catfish?  Sure, it could be a little embarrassing to let on that one got tricked by a fake profile.  So I think a lot of people just bury it.  Or they fall deep in, while the guys and gals in the Nigerian(?) war-room chalk up another one for the team.

I guess it would be equally embarrassing to be wrong.  I have called some out as catfish that I later had to question whether I made the right call.  But hey, at least they didn't get in my wallet, you know?

Verification Tools

One of the tools you need to avoid being catfished is Spokeo.  I've tried the others:  Social Catfish, BeenVerified -- they're too expensive and less comprehensive than Spokeo.
Spokeo bills me $29.70 every 6 months, that's like $4.95 a month. The other services are like $30 a month. Too much for me. And their level of report detail sucks.

Let me know in the comments below about your catfishing experiences. I am here to help.

MacArthur betrayed

President Harry Truman knew he had to eliminate General Douglas MacArthur as a potential political rival. Assassinating him...TRUMAN knew was not possible since MacArthur had too many pet-eye-balls..."Mac"would know about it before that bullet was ever fired. Hence...TRUMAN planned another way to delete this IN-HIS-SIDE-THORN.

MacArthur was told there were not any Chinese troops near the border between North Korea and China. That "data" lured MAC towards the Yalu River basin region since he thought his opposition was little to none.

What MAC did not suspect was that his "data" was intentionally-skewed...designed to fool...intended to induce. And as designed it fetched the expected outcome: a million Chinese troops flooded across the Chinese border and MAC was caught by complete surprise. Such situations as the FROZEN CHOSIN were inflicted on American troops just to hurt MAC.


Former Vice President Joe Biden was asked about his BEHIND-BARN-FIGHT proposition he had issued to then-candidate Donald John Trump. Would he issue the same challenge to now-President Trump or was Joe Biden too old...too weak...too be involved in a physical altercation with someone with 100 times his physical strength?

Joe Biden listened to the query...turned to the cub reporter and proclaimed, "Behind the barn is where I'll meet this that time...I'll inflict...I'll punish...I'll etch my name."

Looking at the venom dripping from Joe's lips...the cub reporter rejoined, " know TRUMP would beat you like a drum...pound your pinhead into the dirt...and...leave you snapping and spitting blood."


The observatory in New Mexico is still closed down. However...before it closed were that escaped "recapture" that were to be destroyed if found on the Internet. The reason for the CLOSE-DOWN is that this solar observatory had photographed a spaceship that is approximately 3000 miles in diameter...or...a moon of Mercury not anyone knew was there. The effort to retrieve the photos is a kind of HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER enterprise...secretive...scary*...and...mind-shattering.
*Why would there be such reaction to discovery of another minor planetary body?


How does "whip-and-chain" sell better than freedom-and-prosperity?

How does Bill Nelson...a devout socialist...feel secure in saying he wants to raise taxes...impose more regulations and push America back to a time of TENT-AND-MULE...a time without fossil fuel?

What talisman...what insulation...what protective mantle has BILL NELSON that he can confidently tell his audience he will enslave them...impose VENEZUELA upon them...and...reduce them to faceless cogs...part of his beloved collective goo?

The answer to such PROTECTION is the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA. It pushes and shoves socialism in every way. It praises socialism and ridicules capitalism. And it is the MASS MEDIA on which BILL NELSON relies both to perpetuate his beloved 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and to deliver the "me-too" aspect BILL NELSON needs to DECEIVE the voters.

RICK SCOTT: freedom-fighter

Governor Rick Scott will defeat Bill "socialist" Nelson and become the 2nd Republican senator from Florida.

BILL NELSON offers socialist misery and squalor...while SCOTT offers prosperity and opportunity. Nelson would have Americans suffer HIGHER TAXES...MORE RED TAPE...and...more government dictatorship...while RICK SCOTT promises to continue the march to make salt and continue to delete the  grip and grab of the NANNY STATE.

Which future would you choose?

under assault?

Former Vice President Joe Biden told a small crowd American values were under attack. The idea of taking from the producer and redistributing to parasites...that idea was under attack...the idea that government is omnipotent and controls from cradle to grave also by TEAM-TRUMP under attack...with the idea of free medical care under attack from every angle. "We can take back America and send it into the socialist toilet," entreated Joe Biden as his crowd cheered the idea of making America just like Venezuela.


Into outer space went the troops each with their own spaceship armed with spaceship weapons...ready to do spaceship destruction. Opposing America's team...of course...were the Russians and Chinese who had perfected WARP DRIVE and had armed their ships with FAZER CANNON...Star Trek stuff.