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"Snake...don't do it!" "The name's PLISKIN." And with that said, the button* to turn off the world is pushed...a cigarette is lit...and...a one-eyed dude...stares and takes a drag. That same boldness...that same daring...that same TITAN-like aspect bubbled for as President Trump discussed the WALL in the Rose Garden with a hateful MASS MEDIA.
To keep the Mongolian horde from flooding China...a WALL was erected and daily defended. Might the southern border of America be in need of such defense? President Trump has framed the invasion as a national emergency.

In contrast...the Democrats see the horde not as existential threat but as a new voting bloc that will keep them in socialist-power for decades to come. The socialists know that once they have ascended to power...they'll force people to kneel and worship whatever idol they choose to forge. As proof of this power to perpetuate...they point to MADURO in Venezuela...that socialist paradise where people starve and the military supports whomever gives them their daily bread.

Such paradise awaits America and they will see to it the Americans enjoy the same paradise the Venezuelans are now experiencing.

But...first...the WALL mustn't be built...and...those parts of the wall that are built must be torn down and the flood of humanity permitted to come to America and enjoy the bounty of America. Beto O'Rourke...telling his small audience about the wonders of socialism...told the people he would give all people free medical housing...and...all paid for by Americans whose storeroom ready to be plundered by Beto.

Imagine...working your whole life to save up and have a plentiful storeroom only to have it looted by Beto and his avaricious mob. Imagine as much and you'll sense "why" the socialists will never defeat TEAM-TRUMP in 2020. There are still too many Americans who cherish freedom.
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The Democrats proudly proclaimed victory. They had stopped Amazon from bringing their second headquarters to Long Island City...a deal that would have fetched $9.00 of tax revenue for every $1.00 of tax credit Amazon was due to receive. The 25,000 jobs lost should Amazon look elsewhere were said to be collateral damage. The land speculators who were buying real estate all around the proposed HQ2 site were also left "stuck like chuck".

But...because Amazon was prevented from anchoring in New York City...U.S.Rep. Cortez(D.NY)...and...Big Apple Mayor Bill de Blasio rejoiced and told their constituents it was better to have illegal immigrants taking up that space...they consume...they demand...they need of that space.
"There wasn't a shred of dialogue. Out of nowhere they just took their ball and went home,"Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday evening at Harvard University when asked why Amazon departed socialist New York City. "We wanted to take what they had and leave them with whatever we wished...and...Amazon decided such game was too much to suffer," the mayor grimly added as he looked at the list of vultures and parasites now whining their MEAL had been lost.
New York City and New York State promised $3 billion in tax incentives in exchange for Amazon,Inc. erecting its second headquarters in Long Island City. However...the parasites and vultures weren't happy about the insulation Amazon,Inc. sought and the willingness on the part of some politicians to give.  Indeed...reacting to this "give-away"...they planned on luring Amazon into that trap...and...then...consuming...and...leaving carcass as pluperfect proof of what socialists can do.

Jeff Bezos was told of this secret-plan and shared that data with other board members. Amazon was about to become mired in hassle and hinder...and...the hostage aspect was too much to endure or encounter. In many ways...the VENUS FLY TRAP took form as fitted sheet. Bezos' metaphor so persuasive even the socialists members saw DOOM instead of BLOOM...and...their allegiance to their stockholders greater than their loyalty to socialist miasma and misery.

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Illinois will be a $15.00 per our minimum wage state. The barrier this MINIMUM WAGE creates to "entry workers" is staggering when one considers how few young people can produce anything worth $15 per hour. Even the car-makers can't pay entry-level workers $15 per hour and be profitable. The UNEMPLOYMENT due to this idiotic law will be significant...but...the socialists will provide food, shelter and transport to the voting booth for all those*voters unable to produce enough to warrant $15 per hour.
*By creating institutional unemployment...Democrats believe they create a voting bloc of dependent-parasites...people willing to lick boot with candied tongue.
AMAZON,INC. finally connected the dots and saw DESTRUCTION should their second headquarters be placed in Long Island City. The vultures and parasites were too many and in too many important political positions. Jeff Bezos concluded his better choice to be Florida where freedom is cherished and protected.

Considering Amazon's choice to look elsewhere a big victory for the socialists of New York...U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,(D.NY) proclaimed the $3 billion in tax breaks that Amazon was going to receive would be better spent on higher wages for public employees. "The government must be fed first and Amazon was not ready to work for the community," dripped Mayor Bill de Blasio as he stood by Cortez looking at the site where HQ2 would have been built.
From every part of America came builders with steel to erect a portion of the wall. TEAM-TRUMP deposited steel slats along the wall-line so that as the million man army of builders...American builders...patriots with heart and soul...arrived to construct the wall...1500 miles all every juncture...steel slats and concrete-for-footers awaited the teams...the WALL the mission of ALL.
Julius Caesar constructed a bridge across the Rhine in order to invade Germany. He spent 10 days building an incredible bridge...18 days traveling around on the other side burning and pillaging...before growing bored and returning to the French side. Mention is made of this feat since President Trump can build his STEEL WALL as quickly as Caesar built that bridge. Unlike Julius...though...Donald must contend with political opposition whose mission to discourage and derail whatever TEAM-TRUMP wishes to construct.
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In World War II...the American military invaded island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese had erected such fortifications that it would require a million men and a decade to take that the Japanese commander bragged. As it turned out...76 hours after landing...Tawara was under American control and the 5700 Japanese garrison vanquished. Yes...the Marines lost many...but...they persevered. The battle was needless...but...done so back-home people would be able to hear something daring and bold.
"I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony," whispered You Xiaorong as she revealed the secrets embedded in Coca-Cola while standing on a windswept hill hand in hand with the world. Challenged...though...for her lyrics and aloof mood...she replied, "Long Britain...a textile worker examined and committed to memory "how" to construct such a machine...and...when he arrived in America..he built the machine and began to weave textiles much to the astonishment and anger of the Brits who has lost the bottleneck."
Black-outs in energy-rich South Africa? How can a socialist government be unable to deliver something as simple as ELECTRICITY? Yet...ESKOM...the state-owned utility company...has floundered...until whatever ESKOM can produce is less than needed to meet even basic business needs.

Hearing of this predicament...the Economics Dept of this BLOG contacted Cyril Ramaphosa and informed him there were two up-and-running coal-fired power plants in America the Tennessee Valley Authority were taking off line. For a modest fee...those two plants could be packaged and sent to South up-on-line in less than 90 days. WOW!

Of course...the environmentalists will do what they can to stop those power plants from being unloaded and assembled. They would prefer South Africans in huts using candles and swatting flies. As one ecologist said when asked about how South Africans can be pushed back into the stone age...she chuckled and replied, "Eat shit! Ten billion flies can't be wrong!"
Jaish e-Mohammad...a well-armed jihadist group...attacked a convoy in Kashmir with the intent of making their name a FEARED them the "rep" they needed to become a national political party in socialist India. "The more people you slaughter...the more respect derived in the Hindu culture.

"The path of blood is the trail to power and command," shouted Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he looked at the carnage inflicted by those jihadists. Understanding "why" such terrorists would kill so many government people...perhaps...might give MODI the edge when his caravan is attacked by drone-carried bombs.
U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,(AOC) was asked about social injustice and what she would do as a socialist to make equality the common aspect of everyday life.

After making sure her EVITA PERON lipstick intact...she replied, "Take for instance two chops wood...the other fiddles. The wood that is piled up at the end of the day must be shared with the fiddle player. Both must be equal. The not to tell the wood chopper about the REDISTRIBUTION until he has made his pile and there is too much to hide so he must surrender as much as I demand for the fiddle-player."

Listening to her frame...the inquisitive* cub reporter asked if the wood chopper did not willingly surrender the chopped wood...then which socialist-Cortez replied, "Then...we attack...smear...plunder...and...stomp...until we take whatever we desire."
*Venezuela's Maduro was a bus driver...Cortez a BAR-MAID in a basement Irish Bar where fists and beer equally thrown.
Stacey Cunningham...president of the New York Stock fighting for America against OBAMA era Securities and Exchange Commission stooges who are trying to hurt and take away the profitability of the stock market. Government must step away and permit markets to adjust and proceed...picking winners and losers...based on market assessment not based on relationship to the would-be master. The otherwise unhampered market(OUM) must be maintained and the SEC must keep its ignorance to itself and not spread it as plague,(WSJ A-17;02-15-19).
Titan! Such the conclusion of those in attendance at the press conference wherein President Trump told the world he was erecting the wall and the caravans must turn around and return to their point of origin.

When asked about his presidential power to declare southern border INVASION a national emergency...Kellyanne Conway interceded and said, "He has power...but...of what strength or nature...President Trump has not to the world revealed. What instruction...what frame...what prowess...all manifest in what he will do and is already doing on the border."

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