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 If left to draw from all insurance company dedicated to covering pre-existing conditions could be profitable enough to warrant the effort. Of course...the risk pool would be so great that any donation would have to be considered "spent" as soon as received. However, the donors would be doing their donating voluntarily and it would permit people to watch how charitable JOE BIDEN or NANCY PELOSI are. Imagine a crippled kid demanding PELOSI give him some of her millions for his preexisting condition and you'll sense "why" PELOSI and BIDEN want government to force everyone to donate so that the misery is spread by force among all citizens.

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 Folks...JOE BIDEN was instrumental in drafting the IRAN DEAL...a deal which guaranteed IRAN a "nuke" in less than 15 acceptable time line for the rag head. mullah noted, "Americans have watches...we have time."

When Pres. Trump took office in 2017...he instantly rebuked that idiotic deal and today added even more sanctions on Tehran. So mighty is Pres. Trump the Arab has seen fit to join him in this effort to pull the teeth of this effort stifled and lost should JOE BIDEN ascend to power. He will reinvigorate the IRAN DEAL...ignore the rag head construction of a nuclear weapon...and...put America perilously close to another big war in the Middle East...a war JOE BIDEN has promised the military-industrial complex should he defeat TEAM-TRUMP come 11-03-2020.

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 Pres. Trump mentioned 6 mail-in ballots were found in a trash can and those ballots were all for Trump. The trash can was a terrible symbol of what the Democrats plan to do. Perhaps those mail-in ballots were put where a pro-Trump helper could find them...somehow...sending a cryptic message to Pres. Trump similar to the newspaper containing a fish and a bullet proof vest. 

Taking this "message" as harbinger...Pres. Trump has mentioned "how" the mail-in ballot was going to be used to delay election results. Indeed...Hillary flatly told JOE BIDEN do not concede even if it is a TRUMP LANDSLIDE in the voting booth since the mail-in ballots all 300 billion of them are for JOE BIDEN and eventually...God willing...BIDEN will be declared the victor.

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 The owner of Cosmopolitan Magazine paid for a U-Haul truck packed with riot stuff to be handed out in Louisville...the purpose to suuply and equip rioters with gasoline bombs...ball bats...deadly Chinese metal throwing stars, dung-tipped darts and frozen water bottles. They intent was to give rioters the sutt needed to hurt police and burn down the town. When asked about the U-Haul...the Cosmo-owner giggled and drooled, "We will replace liberty with socialist freedom-to-obey. We're so close. We need to destroy as many cities as possible thereby giving the would-be masters the room to impose their tyranny. It makes my left leg tingle just thinking about people licking my boot for freebie and favor."

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 Letitia James...the New York Attorney General...told Gov. Cuomo she was attacking TEAM-TRUMP at every level. 

"We will destroy the TRUMP organization," bragged Letitia herself a scumbag who never did anything except hurt people and lick her master's boot. 

Gov. Cuomo listened to the promise of devastation...chuckled...and...injected, "Make sure Eric Trump suffers. And...when asked about Democrat criminal acts...appear as if you're dumbfounded to hear such inquiry."

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 Amos Hochstein...a U.S. special envoy for international energy affairs...cornered JOE BIDEN in a hallway in October of 2015 and told JOE that Hunter's relationship to Burisma was "too hot to accept". Of course...BIDEN ignored that warning since BIDEN a Democrat...he didn't need to fear reprisal or prosecution. His son could do as he pleased.

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 Gov. Newsom has decreed there will not be any gasoline or diesel cars sold in California come 2035. So could only happen in California. Somehow...Gov. Newsom believes that by restricting gasoline cars...Mother Earth into flames will not burst. According to Newsom and his consensus science...the carbon dioxide emitted by cars alters the climate of the planet. California, Eh Newsom?

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 How can Americans not care that JOE BIDEN while vice president opened the way for his son, Hunter Biden in April of 2014 to become involved in Burisma...a known-to-be-corrupt company. At the time Vice President JOE BIDEN was the point man on Ukraine and his son-Hunter manipulated his father's power to gain benefit from Burisma. While this Burisma-connection* smacks of "corruption"...mob-media won't speak about what SENATOR RON JOHNSON uncovered.


*The 87-page report stated that Obama administration officials “knew” that Hunter Biden’s position on the board of Burisma was “problematic” and that it interfered “in the efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine.”

“This investigation has illustrated the extent to which officials within the Obama administration ignored the glaring warning signs when the vice president’s son joined the board of a company owned by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch,” the report’s executive summary stated.

Hunter Biden joined Burisma in April 2014 and, at the time, reportedly connected the firm with consulting form Blue Star Strategies to help the natural gas company fight corruption charges in Ukraine. During the time Biden was on the board the company’s board, then-Vice President Joe Biden was running U.S.-Ukraine relations and policy for the Obama administration.

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 Brett Hankison was indicted for the killing of Breonna Taylor...a lady who was shot to death when she walked down her partment's hallway to see who was bashing down her front door. Her boyfriend decided to shoot at the entering officers and Hankison returned fire...8 of his 10 rounds striking Breonna Taylor "enter-mass". 

Hankison's defense must be that he was sent to that site to execute a no-knock search warrant issued by a judge. Hence...the way Hankison saw it...he was sent to execute a no-knock warrant and that meant he was being sent into the most dangerous situation possible...a potential death zone...and...such danger required himself and his team to be armed and ready to shoot to kill.

And...just as that no-knock search warrant issuing judge envisioned...DEATH occurred. The bash-down-door-sound caused boyfriend to grab his cannon and fire. Breonna Taylor was caught in the melee...her body riddled with outcome the issuing judge had to have envsioned and had to have accepted as a possible but acceptable outcome. was protrayed in the movie, GANGS OF NEW YORK...someone has to be sacrificed. One of the officers must be attacked lest riots occur and Louisville disappear in smoke and rubble. 

If Hankison survives the ordeal and it's likely he will...then...the judge remains insulated...and...the $12 million paid to Breonna's family somehow a "close-the-door" approach...the ole "weep-under-carpet" way of assuaging an angry public. Why that judge escapes condemnation is a dramatic question far...hasn't been asked. Might the judge in the town have blood stain on his hands?