Wednesday, November 14, 2018
"At Gettysburg...had the Confederates just one 50 caliber machine gun...the North would have been routed summarily from Little Round Top. It would have been a game-changer," whispered Secretary Mattis when asked about the THUMP-TECHNOLOGY his team was about to deploy to address the approaching horde when it came too close to the border. "Sound waves will be used. Harmless...but...painful sound waves...will be used to deny entry to the horde," quipped "Mad-dog" Mattis.
Troops are not stationed where they can be hit by sniper fire. However...the same can't be said for border guards who know they're going to be shot when that caravan is interdicted at the southern border. Bizarre as it might seem...though...those border guards are ready to stand their ground and stop invasion by horde.
Without any REAL witnesses against him...can EL CHAPO win his New York federal criminal trial? Even though potential jurors have expressed fear of retaliation...nonetheless...those same jurors said they could be fair to EL CHAPO. Naturally...the federal judge accepted that "comb-over"since a "poisoned" juror was just what was needed to convict* EL CHAPO in a trial where there wasn't any evidence...just hearsay and innuendo.
*Wishing to trade knowledge and prestige for 'time'...President Trump told EL CHAPO he'd trade that lengthy prison sentence for EL CHAPO directed wall-building. "Not anyone would ever cross a WALL that EL CHAPO not only built but forbade anyone to cross without EL CHAPO permission," injected Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis when asked what unusual measures would be undertaken to make the WALL impregnable. Across Mexico are mass graves of those who tried to out-wit and not do as EL CHAPO wished."
What about the fate of U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca)? Will she become* Speaker of the House once more? Some well-wits are saying PELOSI lacks the votes. Might it be true that the Democrats have decided to eliminate one of their own as the price to be paid for an increase in income and estate taxes so that the producer is crushed into enslavement...something the Democrats long to see occur?
*U.S. Rep. MAX ROSE...a New York Democrat...said he would not choose Pelosi as Speaker...but...added he envisioned an America enslaved from cradle to grave smothered by a NANNY STATE whose yoke and choke agenda so intrusive...so burdensome...it made his left leg tingle every time he thought about "whip-and-chain" socialism imposed on the producer.
"RAZOR WIRE?" asked Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis when told what measures had been undertaken to interdict the advancing horde. "Razor wire only delays...it does not stop a horde as well-organized and as well-funded. Embedded in this caravan are "storm troopers"...virile young lads with a rock-throwing spirit and a desire to be on American TV. And razor wire isn't about to stop them. They'll throw tarps and blankets and simply roll across the barriers as easily as walking the dog in a park. No...boys and girls...we need something else. FIREPOWER won't be permitted...hence...BARRIER must be the solution and what a solution we have. We're going to use THUMP-TECHNOLOGY...sound-waves that cause the target to shy away from whatever the sound waves are intended to defend. We'll blast and beam away until that horde understands it cannot get within 200 yards of our border in most places...or...within 10 feet in San Diego...all border regions draped in this new THUMP-TECHNOLOGY."
Traveling minstrels and lyrical troubadours were commonplace throughout the Dark Ages. They were the Saturday Night Live team...the news hour...and...rumor-mill all mixed into a few rags and mandolins. Nowadays...Trump-hating MASS MEDIA is attacking 24/7...and...if it weren't for the minstrels and troubadours still traveling about speaking TRUTH...few voters would ever know LIBERATION is better than SUBJUGATION.

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