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Folks...7000 years from now COMET NEOWISE will return to be observed once more by Earthlings. By was foretold that in the year of a comet...America would finally delete the grip of big grab government and usher in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market. While skeptics doubted such prophecy was ever uttered...most voters know TRUMP is a once-ever leader and must be supported. VIVA TRUMP!
GOYA chief executive officer Robert Unaneu  said he supported Pres. Trump and was part of the march to make delete the grip of big grab government. In reaction...socialists demanded GOYA be boycotted. How dare a producer want liberation over socialist-subjugation! When GOYA CEO was told he would be denied 3 times before the cock crowed twice...he chuckled and replied, "I am glad we have a leader like Trump. He's a builder."
Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill had his law license suspended for 30 days for groping ladies at a party. Although HILL proclaimed he was innocent...voters chose U.S.Rep. Todd Rokita to replace him. He lacked JOE BIDEN gravitas and a complicit mob-media. Unlike HILL...BIDEN has been commended for his groping and finger raping.

"It shows he cares," drooled NBC TV talking head Don Lemon when asked to defend BIDEN'S finger-raping ladies off-camera.
SAY YES TO WHAT'S NEXT is the name of Lori Allen's newest book. In that book she stresses the need for people to be good neighbors and to care about each other. Indeed...she gave a FRONT LINE nurse a $5000 wedding dress in a dramatic show of appreciation. When BLACK LIVES MATTER members heard of the gift...they demanded the dress be burned. It was a white dress and they didn't want to see RACISM belched in such fashion.
What did JOE BIDEN lack when OBAMA controlled the U.S.House and Senate? Yet...BIDEN was unable to fulfill the promise of building and rebuilding infrastructure...delivering 5 million new jobs in that particular effort...good which would last for years as most highway and tunnel projects never seem to end. No...folks...even with ultimate power...BIDEN was unable to do what he and OBAMA envisioned...a failure about which Obama later chuckled saying: "nothing was shovel-ready". 2020...JOE Pennsylvania...the state Pres. Trump had imbued with prosperity and his first premier speech spot...promised more big government "shovel-ready" stuff. 2009...voters were duped into believing $878 billion was needed to get the car out of the to 2020...most voters know TRUMP was delivering on his promises in spite of the obstruction by Congressional Democrats...and...any "set-back" was due to the advent of SATAN BUG...the Wuhan virus...and...the reactive SHUT-DOWN that plague precipitated.

Pres. Trump can complete his mission statement if given another 4 years. JOE BIDEN promises to take away all the liberty TRUMP has delivered...promises to impose fiscal burdens...and...threaten the very existence of America with socialism and Eco-fascism.

Indeed...unlike prosperity-generating Trump...BIDEN will be as nasty as he was to the Ukrainians when he threatened to withhold $1 billion in vital aid if they didn't fire the prosecutor who was chasing his son, HUNTER BIDEN. Imagine that same "nasty" focusing on opposition to his THEME'll choose TRUMP...picking KEY over Biden's proclaimed NANNY STATE CAGE.
The enormous yellow Black Lives Matter painted in front of Trump Tower on 5th Ave., New York City was put there to annoy Pres. Trump.

So hated is this president by socialists such as Mayor-Bill...Mayor de Blasio permitted helpers and onlookers to gather in violation of his own rules...rules...the mayor declared weren't applicable to this particular exercise. He called the painting an important gesture demonstrating THE BIG APPLE was free of hate and racial anger. Yes...he was adding an eye-sore to the otherwise historical aspect of that famed the mayor...he was expressing his inner BLACKNESS.
Kellyanne Conway was asked why Judge Sullivan was keeping the MIKE FLYNN matter alive. After looking at the forthcoming Durham Report...she replied,"Federal Judge Emitt Sullivan is finessing the U.S.Injustice Dept., the purpose to compel that organization to reveal everyone involved in the MIKE FLYNN conspiracy. Once Sullivan has all the culprits he can then demand their disbarment and prosecution for violation of 18 U.S.C. 1001 and other crimes."
In another "we did-you can't" scenario...China has been questioned about its decision to put Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs and members of other minority groups in special camps designed to keep them from hurting native Chinese...a likelihood Pres. Xi Jingping doesn't wish to confront. In World War II...a Democrat president imprisoned Americans of Japanese ancestry...out of a similar fear of sabotage and mayhem.
*The Trail of Tears and the Creek Nation is a grim reminder of what government can do.
Robert Kadlec...bottleneck at Health and Human Services...on 03-19-20...was told by Peter Navarro...White House economic get moving on letting contracts for personal protection equipment and for other government-storehouse items. think JOE BIDEN wants to add even more such bottlenecks in almost every industry including the health services industry. Makes a person want to stay with Trump, eh?
Fascism was popular and made part of Hitler's economic system. Fascism is collectivism but it has a twist. The people "on-paper" own their property but "on-paper" the government controls every aspect. Moreover, government issues contracts to cronies for various goods and services...extracting wealth from one group and redistributing to others.

America has always had some fascist aspects...but...not enough to harm America or its productivity. In 2009...however...JOE BIDEN took $84 billion and paid off cronies such as SOLYNDRA whose investors had given $50,000 to the OBAMA campaign. That $84 billion didn't hurt America overall but that MONEY was taken from producers so that SOLYNDRA could operate for a season before going bankrupt.

Now...JOE BIDEN wants to take $400 billion out of the economy and use it to pay off cronies and squander the rest as he did in 2009-2010.

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. Pres. Trump is fighting for the producer and the consumer but has been opposed 24/7 by mob-media and Congressional Democrats who have used filibuster to obstruct as much liberation as possible. 2020... relying on the 24/7 disparagement of TEAM-TRUMP...wants you to choose NANNY STATE CAGE...and...become "tended sheep" similar to what Venezuelans suffer. Some will want to be cared for and culled as their would-be master sees fit...but...most Americans are self-starters and do not wish to be pushed around by arrogant bureaucrats...Biden-created bureaucrats.
Outside the Scranton, Pennsylvania forum...JOE BIDEN refused to answer the cub reporter's questions about SOLYNDRA and the $50,000 OBAMA campaign donation its investors made. BIDEN couldn't answer that question after bragging to both the mush-mind audience and an accepting mob-media that he piloted $84 billion in 2009 funding only worthy projects.
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Unlike the socialist northeast...Florida will reopen its schools. Teachers will wear protective masks and have a bubble-protection around their teacher's desk and file area. The students won't miss the tactile input from a teacher's warm hand as they struggle with the N-word...since the computer screen won't permit such declarations.