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The Corrupt News Network,(CNN) interviewed Nick Sandmann...the student who was accosted by a throng of angry men. The nasty interviewer asked about Nick's red MAGA* hat and if that had triggered hatred and anger among those vicious demonstrators who were there to hassle and insult those children from Covington Catholic School.

Nick said he was accosted by someone beating a drum in his close he could feel the THUMPER pass his nose...always vigilant to avoid getting NOSE-BLASTED by that THUMPER.

 The nasty-interviewer wondered "why" Nick had not retreated when he saw the angry mob sloughing their way towards him. He said he was in a public place and had the right to stand his ground...a right he exercised...and...a right the ex-Marine with drum respected. Yes...he got real close...almost too close...but...NICK had a bigger wick...and...didn't permit that DRUMMER to spark his magazine.
MAGA: Make America Great Again. In the movie KILL BILL part two...the nightclub boss tells Bill's brother never to wear that hat in the bar again.
Where is it written the mob can enslave the individual? And...yet...U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,(D.NY) declared anyone who makes over $10 million must suffer a 70% tax on that next marginal dollar.

Her hidden premise: ENVY should cause support for such WHIP-AND-CHAIN.

Yet...ENVY is considered a mortal sin,(Exodus 20:17).

And to seek power over others based on such Satanic emotion can't be anything but anti-freedom and will only fetch misery and privation for the unwashed masses not their salvation.
How do you energize enough Americans to support dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE?

The answer forged by the MARVELOUS LEADERSHIP of Donald John Trump.

He has demonstrated how little the American people need federal worker bees.

The BLOAT was too burdensome and TEAM-TRUMP using the WALL-BALL route has pushed the socialists and other freedom haters out into the open so Americans can see what scumbags they are and how repulsive they are...and...greet Trump's march to make salt with the enthusiasm required to breach the CAGE DOOR and escape the grip of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT.
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Democrats are gleeful about the federal government shutdown since the complicit MASS MEDIA is portraying America as evaporating away because 800,000 federal worker bees aren't working.

Yet...most Americans know federal worker bees consume...they do not produce. They take...they grab...but...they do not produce. They're parasites and most Americans don't really care if they ever go back to their so-called "work".
House Speaker Pelosi(D.Ca) told President Trump he wasn't invited to the U.S. House of Representatives to deliver the STATE OF THE UNION address.

Because that rebuke was expected...Big Don said he was considering several venues for the SOTU.

When asked if the U.S. Senate were one of them...the President replied, "Such an august assembly of wit and whim might very well be such stage."
In the hallway outside the congressional office of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell...two freedom-haters were arrested. They wanted their beloved oppressive federal government reopened so enslavement of America might proceed under the Democratic leadership in the U.S. House and Senate,(47 bloc "no" vote).

While reopening the federal government is not any big priority except for the furloughed federal employees...what should be TOP BILLING is the elimination of that Democrat blockade in the U.S. Senate.

Mitch could have eliminated that 60 VOTE nonsense 2 years ago...but...chose to give the Democrats "incredible wall-power".

Unfortunately...because the the U.S. House of might be too late to delete the rest of BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT.

It might very well be MITCH was a closet-socialist who did what he could to stop escape from the hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
Mike Cohen said he wasn't about to talk to Congress after having been threatened by TEAM-TRUMP.

"I know what happened to Whitey Bolger...and...I don't wish to be beaten to death while guards are somewhere else," quipped a fearful Cohen when asked "why" not REVEAL what he knows right now and not wait for Congress.

Somehow...because MIKE COHEN is attacking TEAM-TRUMP he has been mentioned 24/7 by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA.

Whatever MIKE COHEN might say has been called BOMBSHELL TRUTH by the Trump-haters...when it's OBVIOUS...Cohen is LYING.

If anything...that fact that COHEN has pitched his tent towards Sodom(GEN. 13:13) should be the threat facing President Trump and not the other way around.
Special Counsel Mueller to Cohen: "There is a kind of confession in your looks which your modesty has not craft enough to color."
Inside the White the Oval Office...the PHONE rang and was answered by Kellyanne Conway who had come to advise President Trump about the socialist miasma unfolding in a once rich country:

"This is not Juan Valdez...but...Juan Guaido."

 "Oh...Mr. President....JUAN from Venezuela is on the HOT asking if he's to be considered the Interim President of Venezuela."
State of the Union(SOTU) address by President Trump will be enlightening. Yes...there is a partial federal government shutdown...but...the SHUTDOWN has helped not hurt America. Indeed...Americans are finding out they don't need such a LEVIATHAN...and...America will be better off if there is DOWNSIZING. VIVA TRUMP!
U.S. Senator Schumer,(D.NY) in one of his more open moments told furloughed federal workers it was time for them to go get real jobs and stop wishing and hoping for a return to the days of the NANNY STATE wherein they showed up for "work"...hassled paid...and...then spent that money on consumer goods and services. "They never produced anything except HASSLE," quipped Scumber as he climbed into his limousine.
Once socialism is established in a becomes permanent and those enslaved who wish to depart leave because there is not any way to delete the grip of such a BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT. Those who profit and prosper off other people's misery will even KILL to perpetuate the NANNY STATE. And that determination with the aid of a complicit MASS MEDIA can't be eliminated.

Mike Pence is wasting his time writing in the WSJ about the plight of the Venezuelans,(WSJ A-15.01-23-19). The Venezuelans are getting exactly what they were promised: FREE STUFF.'s rationed and lines are formed to get what government is giving away...but...once people are enslaved and reduced to herd* format...they can be directed as easily as sheep to slaughter.

Indeed...Venezuelans in America are the first to demand SOCIALISM be imposed on unwitting Americans. As one prominent Venezuelan said, "If we can impose Venezuelan socialism in America...we can plunder America's storeroom. When exhausted..we'll move on to the next unsuspecting spot and grab what they have. We're locusts...socialist locusts...consuming all in our path. We want free stuff!"
*"Hey...why's free, isn't it?"
Nathan ex-Marine who never saw battle action in the Vietnam War...stood there beating his animal-skin drum while a Covington Catholic School Sandmann watched.

Naturally...across the street were the hecklers and trouble-makers* shouting obscenities and spitting on the students if they happened to come near. That harassment and hate was not shown in the social media posting...though...since such "other stuff" would have detracted from the "fake news" affect the purveyors were attempting to create.
*Best-selling author Reza Aslan was struck in  her "punchable face" by one of the thug who mistook her for a NUN,(WSJ A-14;01-23-19).
Although the Corrupt News Network,(CNN) and all the other Trump-hating MASS MEDIA outlets are declaring America will fall down and die because of a federal government shutdown...most Americans see something else. They see an America that does not need 800,000 parasites. Indeed...the Dow Jones Industrial Averages and the S&P 500 are up nearly 9% since the partial shutdown began.

"If we don't get those 800,000 back on payroll...our power-to-dictate will disappear and our beloved NANNY STATE will be gone," shouted Senator Kamala Harris(D.Ca) when she saw how useless the federal work force really was.

"How can we destroy liberty if Americans see they don't need all that idiotic government "stifle and stymie" stuff, " added Senator Elizabeth "1/1024 Papoose" Warren,(D.Mass) when she heard Harris' lament.
Cliff Sims...former White House helper* in charge of strategic messaging...told the world TEAM-TRUMP was in disarray...and...unable to deliver a socialist paradise similar to what the Venezuelans enjoy. Had Sims and not Trump been in charge...America would be on the path to tribal outcome Sims envisioned as wondrous. Indeed...Sims said VENEZUELA was his TEMPLATE.
*Judas kissed Jesus in the Garden while Cliff stabbed Trump in a book.
Former FDA leader Margaret Hamburg said America would DIE if the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) were not reopened. Hearing that LIE...she was approached by several people with human-dung filled bags. They tossed them at her...some striking her in ways that permitted contents to splatter all over her new dress and $10,000 purse. Appalled by the HATRED...and...ANGER...she retooled her remark to say: "FDA is as useful as tits on a bull."
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Although the man-caused climate change gurus won't admit it...Mother Earth is cooling down and heating up due to SOLAR ACTIVITY...and...naturally-occurring Earthly responses to such perimeter events.

The cold weather America is experiencing right now...for example...wasn't predicted by the computer models because the computer models were designed to bolster the MYTH that mankind could affect the weather.

As one well-known climate scientist said, "If we were to admit the HOT and COLD is a natural phenomenon...we'd be out of business and looking for a job. I'd rather LIE and have a JOB."
* About 12,000 years ago...a huge rock struck Greenland...and...the resulting flood wiped out almost all life. Civilization* was stomped.  The Egyptian pyramids were there when the Egyptians arrived...found them...and...used them as they saw fit about 5000 years after the WORLD CALAMITY.

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