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Why are so many Americans standing by Pres. Trump? While answers are as many as there are supporters...Kellyanne Conway did her best to capture the passion:

"Davy. You hear what they're playing. It's the El DeGuello...NO QUARTER...the BLACK FLAG. We enter the Alamo...we'll be going to our certain doom," confided one of the boys from Tennessee who rode along with Crockett listening to stories of Indians and bear-marked trees. Yet..into the Alamo Davy went...and...died with Travis...shooting 'til last ball spent.

"very married"
Break out the powder...ram...and...ball
Hey...not on the rocks...
Has my wife called?
TEAM-TRUMP has been screaming "in-coming" since 01-23-17. The MOB-MEDIA has been bombarding relentlessly...anything "bad" said..."everything good" well-ignored...such the battlefield on which Pres. Trump stands...valiant...bold...and...backed by every freedom-lover on this planet.

In June of 2015...when Donald John Trump decided to save America...his opposition was mighty and quite powerful...even with its tentacles in the so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S.Injustice Dept. [see Horowitz Report 12-12-19]

Undaunted...intrepid...and...ready for anything...candidate Trump embarked on what has been a remarkable odyssey...fraught with every giant and man-monster one might imagine...even having to face a false IMPEACHMENT.

Yet Titan-like stands forth Pres. Trump surrounded by Americans whose passion for liberty as if some fuel for Trump's freedom-fire! Indeed...Big Don summed it up when he said to himself as he descended that golden escalator to announce his candidacy: "Hazard all in hope of fair advantage." VIVA TRUMP!
India told Muslims to seek out Pakistan. "Pakistan was created for the Muslim," inserted Prime Minister Modi when asked "why"delete "Muslim" from consideration of IMMIGRATION-CITIZENSHIP.

"Unlike the peace-loving...selfless Hindu...the Muslim follows the mullah and will kill their own family if directed to do as much by a mullah," opined Modi when he heard of Muslims killing daughters to prove they loved Allah.
MS 13 discovered it had snitches in its midst. Who in the gang was not who he or she appeared to be? Such questions were asked up and down the ranks of the gang in every place where it had a club house with turf.

But to delete loyal players wasn't an option. Hence identification of the TURNCOAT had to be done with precision so MISTAKE would not be made.

The house-cleaning wasn't going be easy...and...errors would be made. One MS 13 member said she was headed to backyard Kentucky and sit out the expected WHOLESALE SLAUGHTER.
"To catch saint bait hook with saint," scratched Schiff-for-brains as he listened to the snitch tell him about a phone call between Zelensky and Trump. The snitch had been told about the content of the call by Lt. Col. Vindman...himself a MOLE and devoted Trump-hater. Instead of waiting to see if the snitch were telling the truth...Schiff-for-brains leaked* the story and the IMPEACHMENT effort was off and running.
*Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth.
"Shades of mean? Well...there's mean...very mean...extremely mean...and...then...DEAN-MEAN," answered U.S.Rep. Mat Gaetz,Jr.,(R.FL) when asked why Madeleine Dean was so nasty and vehement when it came to discussing Pres. Trump.

At the U.S.House Judiciary Committee hearing...Rep. Dean revealed stern visage...determined brow...thin-lipped venom...battering ram on her speeding prow.

While not any evidence of actual wrongdoing observed...DEAN was ready to drive Trump off dead-man's curve.
Just as Jesus was shunned by the it is with DONALD JOHN TRUMP...45th President of the United States. Despite the hate-and-anger of Congressional Democrats and their complicit MOB-MEDIA...Pres. Trump and his band of patriots have deleted much of the grip of big grab government with a promise to do more if returned to power. Of course...the cry for Barabbas is loud...but...TEAM-TRUMP will be picked* by voters to keep America great.
*And based on accomplishments...Pres. Trump is the greatest president since Washington who started the venture...and...Honest Abe who kept the enterprise ongoing. VIVA TRUMP!
When Caesar was asked who would have the unmitigated temerity to stab him on the Senate floor...JULIUS...conqueror of Gaul...leader of legions...victor of wars...replied, "There are not any bold enough to pull and strike."

If such people will slay Caesar...might that same afoot in the U.S.House of Representatives? And will a "Marc Antony" rise forth to vindicate?
Amanda Nunes rose up and was given the microphone so she might ask presidential hopeful Liz "papoose" Warren a question about MEDICARE-FOR-ALL.

While she was asking her became painfully obvious Nunes was there to spread FREEDOM not pander to Warren-the-Liar. "How dare you want to impose yourself and your ideas on my medical service industry. But for government intrusion...American medicine would have already found the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH and whatever else out there to be discovered.And here you are trying to enslave Americans by controlling who lives...who dies...who laughs...who cries. Your way is deaths' way."

As Amanda was speaking...two big dudes approached from either side and grabbed at the microphone. What these two goons didn't realize was AMANDA was a martial arts fighter...a CAGE MATCH kind of fighter. When they grabbed...AMANDA used that microphone as a bludgeon knocking both of these Warren-tigers senseless...and...delivering a signal for everyone else to stand back and permit her to finish eloquent discourse.
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Inside the Trump administration more moles are to be found. Some are so discreet in their leaks it would be too hard to ferret them out.

Eventually...though...most will find their effort so unpatriotic...they might very well abandon such nefarious misconduct and actually try and delete the 20th century NANNY STATE whose pernicious grip too much for the people of the 21st century to accept. the 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)..never can there be found an able-bodied pauper...and...never can some would-be master with envious mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
Daniel Pantaleo was hired to assist IMPEACHMENT. He waited for Pres. Trump to enter the room and put him in an ERIC GARDNER choke-hold. When Trump said, "Hey man I can't breathe"...Schiff-for-brains insisted oh-Daniel-my-brother choke even harder.

Schiff's revelry was interrupted...his day dream gone. "Mr.'re wanted on the phone."
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the implications underpinning IMPEACHMENT. Knowing anything said would be spun into nasty-and-bad...she declared, "Ah...yes...rook takes bishop. A move Pres. Trump expected.'s a benefit to's an advantage the finale...the 2020 reelection of Donald John Trump. Despite petard and ambush...TEAM-TRUMP is not only going to defeat the Democrats...but...retake power so that the 20th Century NANNY STATE can be finally sent back into hell where it belongs."
Why pick on CARTER PAGE? He was a mole for American Intelligence operations. He looked like Adam Schiff. He had bulging eyes as if he were receiving a 24/7 enema. Why pick on Page?

Was it his red comical as it might seem...the POWER-BROKERS mistook him for the real deal?

Was Carter Page...Naval Academy graduate...some kind of double-bubble spy...playing all sides against each other and profiting mightily from the clamor as everyone tried to figure out whose thumb stuck there?
Kellyanne Conway was asked about the ankle-biters that embody impeachment. She looked at the rabid horde of MOB-MEDIA and replied, "World leaders come to see Pres. Trump because they wish to be in the presence of a TITAN. They sense the 20th century is about gone...that Big Don is flushing it away...and...making room for a 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. VIVA TRUMP!"
Kentucky Governor Bevin on his way out of office issued a plethora of pardons...some good...some bad...some perhaps meant to be perpetually controversial. Equally spectacular was Bevin's issuance of the RECALL CODE for the CRM 114*...something many thought too secret even for Bevins to utter.
*Dr. Strangelove...and...bathroom scene from RAISING ARIZONA.
While running in a New York City park...TESSA MAJORS was accosted by 3 teenagers who were determined to rob and kill.

Tessa fought valiantly...but...3 scumbags with knives...the outcome was death for Tessa.

Naturally...the 3 jerks were caught. Looking at their desperate faces...they were called BRAVE AND WONDERFUL by Mayor Bill de Blasio who took up for these critters by saying...they seemed be to misunderstood youth...who needed to be cared for not condemned; and while Tessa Major's death was a tragedy...that wasn't any reason to condemn these children for errant acts. [Most New York City dwellers agreed with de Blasio's assessment and conclusions]