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The IMPEACHMENT HEARING conducted by that sorry sack of Schiff was a plummeting feather. KENT and TAYLOR...the two premiere witnesses...unbiased...impartial...and...angry they had been pushed aside by TEAM TRUMP testified about what they heard and assumptions they made. While these two career diplomats wanted it their way...other channels were better than theirs when it came to asking the Ukraine to ferret out corruption with HUNTER BIDEN as an example of such American concern.

"How dare TEAM-TRUMP ferret out corruption,"screeched U.S.Rep. Peter Welsh,(D.Vt). Although KENT knew President chief executive officer...had a constitutional duty to ferret out corruption where U.S.taxpayer dollars were involved....nonetheless...KENT was concerned such demand for transparency harmed relations with UKRAINE.
*Rep. Peter Welsh refused to speak about the FALSE FISA WARRANTS and the JOE BIDEN quid-pro-quo scandal. To speak of them would invalidate Congressional witch hunting.
KENT and TAYLOR...two career diplomats...miffed at not being able to guide TEAM-TRUMP in the Ukraine...appeared at the KANGAROO HEARING held by that sorry sack of Schiff and admitted TEAM-TRUMP demanded Ukraine investigate corruption.

Of course...Democrats didn't want to hear about corruption since some of their team had been involved in a CAMPAIGN ATTACK* on TEAM-TRUMP using Ukraine in 2016.

These same indignant-in-November Congressional Democrats...for example...remained silent when HILLARY and her helpers used the CHRIS STEELE DOSSIER to procure 4 false FISA COURT WARRANT so that TEAM TRUMP could be spied upon.

Indeed...these same Congressional Democrats never made any noise when OBAMA promised Putin he'd do as Putin asked after he was reelected. KENT and TAYLOR...who knew of such Ukrainian betrayal...never made any noise about it.

On 11-13-19...KENT and TAYLOR revealed their love for Ukraine. So concerned about UKRAINE in 2019 they had to come forward about TEAM-TRUMP...yet...when they heard outright betrayal being discussed between OBAMA and MEDVEDEV...they remained taciturn.

Never did these "I'm shocked" Congressional Democrats ever ask KENT and TAYLOR about "why" JOE BIDEN bragged about imposing a QUID PRO QUO [withholding a billion bucks] until a Ukrainian prosecutor was fired. Would that have caused their "CONCERN" to boil and bubble? No...such an obvious question was not asked. Such blank-for-answer will be left to posterity to answer.
*Ukraine complied with Hillary-Obama's request emitting data which resulted in Paul Manafort being expelled as Trump campaign manager.
Ambassador Taylor could not comment on whether Ukrainians were angry when OBAMA in 2012 leaned over to President Medvedev...Russian President...and...said, "Tell Vladimir after the election...I'll be able to do more for him."

But...Taylor...this same scumbag-government Trump-hater...said Trump's request for a corruption investigation inflamed all Ukrainians...made them angry and spiteful.

How did Taylor know how Ukrainians felt about Trump but not about Obama?

Could it be that Taylor had not been briefed by that sorry-sack-of-Schiff...not told how to answer the OBAMA-MEDVEDEV INTERFACE...and...such is "why" Taylor said he didn't know if OBAMA's overheard betrayal of Ukraine was not incendiary.
Into Algiers came THE LIZARDS...a crack brigade of French soldiers...their skill...their tactics...their firepower...all combined to make THE LIZARDS not only dangerous but feared throughout that part of Africa. When the LIZARDS...though...finally left that socialist cauldron...the affect of their presence disappeared as if their legend writ in water.
Daniel Goldman...a MSNBC inquisitor for that sorry-sack-of-Schiff...asked Ambassador Taylor what Zelensky meant by "investigation" in the 07-25-19 Zelensky-Trump call. Taylor said he assumed Zelensky meant "investigation into corruption in Ukraine"...something Taylor found repugnant. How dare America's chief executive officer ask about corruption and how such affected America. How dare he!
Not all those who would have stabbed were able to be present and deliver such blow when Caesar was attacked in the Roman Senate when he was laid so low.

Ambassador Taylor is just one of the moles and other critters slithering and lurking in government positions waiting for their chance to pounce...using whistle-blower status...for fame and trounce.

How to ferret out such two-faced jackals and jerks? Might Taylor reveal his circle of friends to assist in such Temple-cleansing work?(Mark 21:12).
*Mark 21:12 cleansing the temple
So-called Ambassador Taylor heard Sondland describe Trump's thinking as "won't sign check until get the grub." And...Taylor...a Trump-hater...elected to INTERPRET that to mean "quid pro quo". When Taylor heard Sondland say "stalemate"...Taylor didn't ask for Sondland to clarify what he meant. Taylor concluded stalemate meant Ukrainian President Zelensky had to pursue corruption in Ukraine before Ukraine would get American taxpayer money.

While such was never explicitly said...Taylor concluded as much. Why not? He's a Trump-hater and has a chance to stab.
Ambassador Taylor took notes because he was part of the cabal to attack President Trump. The Democrat attack on Trump in 2016 through the Ukraine was not stopped...but...was and is ongoing.

America is watching the culprits tell on themselves. one point...said he heard something and then drew conclusions that the Democrat lawyer never asked from whom Taylor heard such things. Had that been asked...Taylor would have to admit he was told to say as much and cannot say from whom he heard since to reveal such person or persons meant the cabal would exposed and all the coup de'tat effort also exposed. Taylor...a modern-day CASCA*...will never reveal it. He's a closet-Trump-hater.
*"...through here the envious Casca stabbed..."
In a back-and-forth of softball...Chairman Schiff and Ambassador Taylor discussed how money from America keeps Russia from overtaking Ukraine. It was classic nil-shoe-rider causation*...pure nonsense...but...for mush-mind voters...honey-to-ear.
*For want of a nail the shoe was lost...for want of the shoe the horse was lost...for want of the horse the rider was lost...for want of the rider the battle was lost...for want of the battle the war was lost.
Ambassador a two-face moment...admitted he heard people saying President Trump wasn't demanding any quid pro quo...only that Zelensky should wish to investigate Biden and Democrat-Ukraine 2016 election interference...corruption so terrifying...revelation of primal importance both for Ukraine and for America.
Folks...President Putin is a TITAN...and...his vision for open markets as dramatic as the incredible effort of PETER THE GREAT to encourage commerce. America...Congressional Democrats are raising the specter of a Russian Bogeyman...some chimera in a closet ready to pounce and prance.

Scumbag Taylor appeared before Congress to malign Russian efforts to protect Crimea and eastern Ukraine from attack and exploitation. In so doing...this two-face idiot said he didn't agree with President Trump and his foreign policy decisions. He didn't agree with how Trump was handling corruption in Ukraine. And...became alarmed when TRUMP asked Zelensky about Taylor's closet-pal JOE BIDEN.
Iraqis want to be given more...given more food...shelter...transport...and...spending money. They want free medical care and potable drinking water. They want human feces cleared from their sidewalks and street. They want government to tell them when to live...when to cry...when to laugh...and...when to die. They want to be "tended sheep" and are willing to break bank windows and burn tires to make their point. They want to be cared for from cradle to grave...pushed and molded by bureaucratic ghouls and knaves.
U.S.House Intelligence Committee Chairman ADAM SCHIFF, (D.Ca).../a/k/a...sorry sack of Schiff...declared he did not know the identity of the Zelensky-Trump "whistle-blower"who had commenced the IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDING.

That declaration...however...cannot be true.

But...why LIE about it unless such connection would reveal SCHIFF as puppet-master...a power-position he unwittingly revealed somewhat when he "added stuff" to the Zelensky-Transcript at an open-door session where the transcript was examined?

 Chairman Schiff cannot reveal he's the SCRIPT WRITER lest he be bounced from the House of Representatives. Hence...when Rep. Jordan(R. Oh) accused him of knowing the identity of the so-called whistle-blower...sorry sack of Schiff had to deny knowing such identity.
Chesa Boudin might have a good idea* by ignoring crimes such as drug selling...drug using...and...prostitution. These crimes are moral issues and should not be subject to penal aspect. A drug user who overdoses is his own executioner but his effort to kill himself should not be some kind of "call-on-others". As long as Chesa operates on that level...pursuing only VICTIM-CRIMES...he'll be praise-worthy.
*Chesa Boudin was raised as an orphan by freedom-haters who taught him to hate anyone better than he...teachings that have made Chesa even measure his against other males.