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Surfing in shark-infested waters is another name for epitaph. Turning to the child...the speaker asked, "Do you know what an epitaph is?" The child smiled and replied, "Dinner."
*Robert Luois Stevenson: This be the verse you grave for he lies where he longed to be...home is the sailor, home from the sea and the hunter. home from the hill.
In 2016...the U.S.Postal Worker Union directed its members to help Hillaryd efeat Trump. This directive was quite unlawful...but...a UNION can do such things and escape condemnation. In 2020...the same UNION promised MOB-BIDEN it would make sure mail-in ballots from TRUMP-areas wouldn't reach the count-box...a promise about which JOE BIDEN admitted he knew...but...denied orchestrating the effort. When confronted about it...JOE replied, "You're a lying dog-face pony soldier."
Some years ago...explosives were removed from a ship and placed in a warehouse in Beruit. When a small fire erupted in that warehouse...on 08-03-20...the explosives detonated and killed 135 people...wounding thousands of others...and...destroying buildings even those miles away. The EXPLOSION was caught on's impressive.

Watching that explosion on TV...Biden Communications Director Hinajosa said, "If we permit BIDEN to debate TRUMP...we'll suffer about that same kind of explosion in Beruit the other day."
U.S.Sen. Hirono...a vicious socialist...refused to disparage organization to which she secretly belongs. Sen. Cruz(R.Tx) found it amazing HIRONO would not condemn ANTIFA...a group dedicated to the destruction of liberty in America. Her refusal to denounce ANTIFA was indicative of how much the Democrats are counting on such scumbag organizations as ANTIFA to destroy America so she might ascend to power where ANTIFA...the new BROWN her to speak.
The LINCOLN PROJECT is a group of self-described alienated Republicans who want to make sure Pres. Trump isn't reelected. To that end...these idiots endorsed endorsement of socialism and Eco-fascism. They're collectivist using a DISGUISE to inflitrate and destroy. Using idelogy as their battering ram...they plan on remaking America into a VENEZUELAN PARADISE.
Folks...remove hinder and hassle, and Americans will work around OMEGA BUG...avoiding it...conquering it...dealing with all forms and it because they're Americans..."never give up" kind of people.

While scientists around the globe are trying to find America...our scientists are already confronting this monster...a critter extracted from the innards of a bat...eternally entombed...until...Chinese explorers happened upon the bat...examined its maladies and discovered OMEGA BUG...a virus so could destroy the world in less than a fortnight.

Why would anyone extract such monster from its tomb? Why expose humankind to this creature from Hell? The only explanation must be extraction was performed to see what the wee beastie was and how dangerous it could be. 

Both curiosity...and...a need to find a virus so could be deployed as a BIO-WEAPON...such things combined to push the Wuhan lab personnel to explore and in that effort the BUG escaped.
Pres. Trump will use Executive Order deliver a payroll tax cut* and thereby side-step the blockade Democrats have erected in Congress...their obstruction intended to cause consternation and dissonance in America...hoping such turmoil will redound to the political benefit of MOB-BIDEN.
*The tax cut in payroll will be an intant shot in the amr for worker bees and an incentive for idle workers to return to work so they might reap tax-benefit.
When rioters arrived...they took stuff from others...burned down businesses...threw dung-tipped darts at cops...and...even used a laser cannon to blind 3 federal agents who were defending the Portland federal courthouse. Candidate Joe Biden said he wanted to redirect police funding...reducing the police power proportionately....and...should property be destroyed...that is the price one pays to reside in such a Democrat-led city.