Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Folks...just reflect on what you used to choose between HILLARY-THE-CROOK...and...DONALD-THE-WIZARD. You'll find as you stroll down memory lane the RUSSIANS were not involved.

 Yet...somehow...the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA and its allies in the Democrat Party are claiming RUSSIA guided voters...pushed them to choose LIBERTY instead of perpetuation of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

According to this polemic...this argument...the Russians put TEAM-TRUMP in power. But for the Russians...Americans would have chosen more socialism...more enslavement...more misery and privation.

What is disturbing...nowadays...though...is how many gullible voters actually have accepted that explanation for "why" Donald John Trump defeated Hillary-the crook.
Monday, December 17, 2018
Hillary-Obama-clown Axelrod on the Corrupt News Network(CNN) declared President Trump was unfit to be president. It's amazing how many NOBODY-PEOPLE are out there ready to denounce a TITAN. Axelrod is a slithering slime slug deserving of derision and acrimony. Yet...because he hates Trump...he's raised up as if his OPINION were important.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about her use of the phrase: "hard food for Midas".

Wishing to answer those inquiring minds with useful metaphor and exacting tribute...she replied:

 "Until January of 2019...President Trump has what he needs to delete the 20th century NANNY STATE. He has a majority in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. 

However...Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R.KY) refuses to delete the 60 vote WALL...and...hence...by such refusal...has permitted the freedom-hating Democrats to obstruct and stifle implementation of THE ORB...the Omnibus Repeal Bill...wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. 

Had Mitch...the Republican In Name Only...been a freedom-lover he would have JOINED TEAM-TRUMP and deleted the WALL permitting even more tax cuts and more deregulation thereby opening America even more to the riches of commerce. Had he done as much...America would be the most prosperous nation on Earth for centuries to come with ONE BELT-ONE ROAD leading into American coffers and not Chinese vaults."
Richard Lindzen and Frederick Seitz erupted when they heard how the CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT of 1996 had been "doctored" in a way that its meaning was changed. In June of 1996 Seitz revealed the CLIMATE REPORT had been "edited and changed" after being peer reviewed and such was done to deceive the gullible public into believing that the scientific evidence demonstrated human activity was causing global warming.

These two truth-tellers told the world there are two huge fluids...ocean and air...and...they interact not only with each other but with land, sun, and earth orbit to deliver whatever climate such combination might generate. Instead of CARBON DIOXIDE(CO2) being some "incredibly important" gas...any measurable difference in which fetching horrendous consequences*...the "unedited" REPORT put carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere as dynamic and without consequence other than as PLANT FOOD.
*Sure...school kids are taught a MYTH as TRUTH...but...they're also told the universe began with a BIG BANG...something from nothing...so to speak. Both man-caused climate change and BIG BANG are nonsense...but...accepted as somehow "true". Such acceptance might seem unique...but...in times past...the same kind of idiotic mind-set supported virgin-toss to stop volcanic eruption.
As the market plummets toward 23,000...call-put straddlers are reaping enormous profits. An investor using this STRADDLE TACTIC on any tech stock has reaped BIG BUCKS. And...the profit will continue when the market rebounds...as buyers see incredible "value-stock" aspects and pursue them vigorously. Imagine the market mid-2019 hovering around 26,700 and you've just sensed what will happen. Get aboard and enjoy the BIG BUCKS as the market goes up and down in wild profitable swings.
Recently...in IOWA...several polls were taken. The one that bolstered the socialist-narrative was picked by the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA since the other POLL showed TEAM-TRUMP defeating "all the above".

The picked-poll put Beto, Bernie and Biden in the top tier of potential 2020 presidential candidates...and...put them as WINNERS if they were pitted against President Trump.

The other poll showed TEAM-TRUMP eclipsing all of them whatever combination fashioned...whatever socialist message splashed and dashed.

Might this BLOG become a beacon for the Republicans by 2020? Might the wisdom and boldness in such frame...find its way into Republican political playbook...might it be goal of game?
Richard A. Grenell...U.S. Ambassador to Germany...told the GERMANS they need to bite off their nose to spite their face. He told the Germans to unplug their connection to the extremely CHEAP NATURAL GAS LINE...and...pay enormous ENERGY PRICES so that they could be in alignment with the general feeling that MANKIND must return to a simple time...a time of tent and mule...a time when mankind eked out an existence hand-to-mouth...a time of tribe...mud-hut...chieftain...and...knave. The kind of lifestyle for the GREEN PARTY made.

Of course...the Germans...for the most part...are too smart to shoot off their own toe so the world might know how serious they are about defending the planet against man-caused climate change.

Indeed...NORD STREAM 2...is a God-send to the energy-starved* Germans...and...they'd be IDIOTIC to do anything other than utter THANK YOU and exude GRATITUDE. VIVA PRESIDENT PUTIN!
*This natural gas line will enable Germany to compete with America. The GREEN PARTY along with all the other freedom-haters of the world don't want to see GERMANY once more on top...powerful...and...commanding. They'd prefer to see Germans paying huge energy prices and laboring 24/7 beneath whatever GREEN BLANKET they might choose to weave.

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