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Sadiq Khan...mayor of London...told he needed to spread SATAN BUG...closed down parts of the TUBE...forcing riders to bunch up again...get close again...and...thereby create the bridge KHAN was told he had to create to spread SATAN BUG. Their goal: create havoc and then grab total power...using laws...stomping dissent...deploying proverbial fang and claw.

Will the Brits permit such enslavement? From what is taught in public schools...such a turn of events....would be called wondrous and needed. Indeed...Brits are taught to crave their own enslavement...and...SADIQ KHAN is merely riding that wave of ignorance and self-made stupidity.

Representative Bill Posey
by email
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Mr. Posey:

I gladly received your update on the CARES act.

First of all, I would like to thank you for looking out for the people at NASA and NASA contractors.  I have a friend who is a NASA contractor. Thanks to your advocacy, he need not feel any economic distress.  I’m sure he appreciates it as well.

As you mentioned in your email, “Nothing is ever perfect, particularly in Washington”.  H.R. 748 has some glaring imperfections which most of your constituents will excuse in this time of emergency.

However, specifically excluded from receiving economic relief under the CARES Act those Americans who owe past child support!  Student loans and income tax debt will specifically not be subject to garnishment and recovery efforts out of this survival assistance available to all Americans (except wealthy people…)

And except people like me, an everyday self-employed working joe who owes past child support and have been making regular payments.  That is, until things slowed down all of a sudden.  

I don’t get to survive?  My children are gone and grown and my ex isn’t stressing about the child support;  she understands the challenges we are all facing right now. I am still out working, risking my health and potentially the health of others because I know that there is no economic relief in sight for me.  Thankfully, DeSantis is resisting the growing pressure for mandatory isolation, “lockdown” some are calling it. I have been able to go about my business, and although things have slowed for me (and I expect that will eventually come to a crashing halt), I am working more than my fellow.

But again, I don’t expect it to last long.  Soon, I and others who owe past child support could all be out in the wind economically in about 2 weeks here.  And then Congress can no longer say that they protect the interests of ALL Americans. We can no longer say that we enjoy the protection of the 14th Amendment’s “Equal Protection” Clause.

We who will not receive economic support because in the past we didn’t pay some child support yet deserve the equal protection of the law.  I do not feel equally protected by our Nation’s laws. YEMEN...there are scoundrels willing to shoot missiles at Saudi Arabia attempting to bombard Riyadh. The American-made defense system knocked out those missiles...but...the threat remains. The Houthis have 1500 such missiles and plan to use all of them in their quest to loosen Arabia's grip on Yemen...a socialist-toilet set among lizard, scorpion and sand.
India is using indelible ink to mark quarantine. The stamp is placed on the back of the hand so police can determine if the suspect was supposed to be isolated due to COVID-19 infection.'s like LOGAN'S RUN in some socialist India...a veritable toilet...stamping is the best way to sort and glean. VIVA MODI!
"Ju-gaad" is HINDI and means: "make do with what you have"
Pres. the Rose Garden...on 03-29-20...took questions from vicious Trump-hating reporters but answered the questions as he saw fit. Dramatic...eloquent...and...classic TRUMP! America is fortunate to have such a TITAN willing to lead America out of this TRAP which was designed* to hurt America and put socialist-Democrats in power.
*The Democrat-goal once attained will reduce Americans to "tended sheep".
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What if COVID-19 were an attack...well-disguised attack? Could a bomb...could an invasion...could burning tires and breaking bank windows kind of rebellion...could that have fetched such NATIONAL REACTION?

America is "shut-down". Even Michael Rinnie might not have been able to accomplish as much when he stopped the world.

Could the Chinese have envisioned such calamity? disguise the attack...would they have sacrificed the people of Wuhan? And...what gambit so needful it might become the death knell of millions of souls around the world?
Mob-media flat-lined...not even paddle-shock could bring it back. Patrons concluded mob-media: knife-in-back. How dare mob-media talking heads blame Pres. Trump for dare they criticize every act in between!

Nowadays...mob-media is almost boring. Their hate of Pres. Trump is not interesting any longer but boring and burdensome. Yet...these scumbags cannot now commend what 24 hours ago they condemned. Rachel Maddow...a MSNBC freedom-hater...said she liked what Pres. trump had done to protect America but she was too invested in TRUMP-HATE to say otherwise.
Scumbag NBC talking head Chuck Todd asked 2020 presidential hopeful JOE BIDEN if Pres. Trump had blood on his hands implying somehow Pres. Trump had killed COVID-19 victims. Instead of chastising Todd for that despicable inference...he merely said Chuck was being too harsh in describing what Pres. Trump did and did not do. The inference Todd suggested was pretty low...and...he needs to be excoriated and denounced.

Indeed...and...scumbag-Todd knows as much...if it were not for what Pres. Trump did...America would be smothered in COVID-19 carnage.

And...while Todd will never mention it...the bigger story is "why" the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) didn't alert Pres. Trump that a bio-weapon in Wuhan had escaped confinement.

Former Vice Pres. JOE BIDEN knew but he kept mum. He even criticized Pres. Trump for the TRAVEL BAN Pres. Trump...based on instinct and foreboding...fortuitously imposed.

And...though...Todd* and his freedom-hating cohorts despise Pres. Trump and his effort to delete their beloved big grab government...All that Pres. Trump has done was done based on his ability to consider, evaluate and assess...his prowess by most

A grateful country says "thank you" to Pres. Trump...a/k/a...CINCINNATUS.
*Why are so many freedom-haters bubbling forth instead of keeping quiet and thereby retaining their ability to "back-stab"?
From the "what if" files comes another tragic example of pettiness...where hate...blind...animal-like hate...pushed otherwise sensible people to do the unspeakable...commit horrific as much with a belief God was on their side, (Bob Dylan).

Yes...folks...Trump-haters in the loop decided they'd slow-walk the ventilators so that while Pres. Trump was telling the world such supplies were sent...such equipment dispatched...such actual receipt delayed and bottled up by these Trump-haters...and all done to give the Trump-hating mob-media more ammo. Indeed...New York Gov. Cuomo...himself in on this "slow-walk"...followed script line and whined: "WHERE ARE MY VENTILATORS!"