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Why would anyone release an otherwise entombed monster...eternally destined to be found only in the innards of a horseshoe bat? Why would any one read from the BOOK OF THE DEAD so to speak...and...release SATAN BUG?

Answering that question starts with a lab breach...a confinement protocol error.

What came out of that Wuhan lab was a MONSTER...a critter so deadly...DEATH almost assured if antidote not delivered almost on DAY-ONE when the INFECTION has just arrived and set up shop. Any later and the patient's own defense system goes into hyper-drive...cytokine storm arrives...and...the person is consumed by their own body's reaction to viral onslaught.

Pres. Trump is taking preventative hydroxychloroquine (20 mg per day) using the BULLET ANT IMMUNITY approach. His own body has the ability with the help of hydroxychloroquine to stop the viral attack at a level where the body's defenses have time to address the matter in a more orderly fashion.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about 05-27-20 Trump-tweets outlining mail-in ballot fraud. After listening to the hate from the mob-media...Kellyanne replied, "Ah...yes...sprinkling fairy dust...sparkling fairy fuss...magical....wondrous fairy must...and...Pres. Trump from his pouch-on-belt withdrew a pinch of stuff...and...gently tossed on Twitter's muff." 
*Fortunately....Twitter didn't have a heart condition so didn't faint and strike head killing self, (think Lori and Joe)[WSJ 05-27-20 Joe Scarborough]
Pres. Trump was quite correct to say MAIL-IN BALLOTS are a way for rampant voter-fraud to occur. He noted the 13 million dead would have an easier time of voting Democrat not having to line-wait to cast their ballots...just scribble the name and choose Democrat where such mark must be. Democrat fact-checkers refused to consider the VOTE-OF-THE-DEAD since such consideration would underscore what Pres. Trump was saying in his TWEET.
When asked about the 05-27-20 first American flight of an American rocket with 2 American astronauts aboard...U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D. FL) replied, "Janet Reno was in the stands the day the new Little League rule was imposed. Little Sally the catcher lacked a catcher's cup beneath her suit of baseball clothes. Hearing her despair...JANET RENO...squatted on her knees and removed her own catcher's cup...little more than a grunt and squeeze. Instead of Sally being sent to the bench...JANET RENO demonstrated what she could do in the clinch."
In Gangs of New York...the movie portrays an election in New York City. In that scene...the big shot at City Hall says: "It's the count that's important...they never look to see who cast the vote. We need more votes!" Such is the OBVIOUS FEAR Pres. Trump and most Republicans have since it's the Democrats who have paid-for ballot harvesters...people who collect ballots. What easier way to ballot-harvest than to possess the mail-in ballots of  13 million dead people?
Many years ago...Stanley Ho looked at the sleepy town of Macau...envisioned LAS VEGAS...and...commenced to erect casinos.

He dug a deeper harbor for cruise ships. He enlarged the airport to accommodate tourists from China. Widened roads to make travel easier...put in new sewers and plumbing structures including bridges and bus stops...all done on his own dime...never having to ask permission from some snotty envious pack of regulators.

And...with such prowess and freedom...STANLEY HO built an incredible city worthy of a 5-star assessment. God speed, Stanley Ho.
In 2003...BUSH-CHENEY put America into a meat grinder 2020...Pres. Trump is about to extract Americans troops from that socialist toilet. Democrats are angry that Pres. Trump would dare extract America from the costliest war ever...a war without purpose...a territorial miasma of tribal hate and disgust over the Crusaders who dared intrude into their blessed land...into their very homes.
Pres. Trump might be flustered by TWITTER or FACEBOOK since their leaders want socialism to smother America and render Americans as pliable and compliant as the Venezuelans...a population of "tended sheep"...accepting their niche...and...silently supporting their YOKE. Pres. Trump lacks any effective way to reach voters if not by Twitter or FACEBOOK or GOOGLE. Yes...there is access to the mob-media but only on their terms and those conditions are not palatable to aTITAN such as Pres. Trump.

The social-media* is an internet phenomenon and its luster and vibrancy traceable to the liberty internet users enjoy due to the American model of "let it alone". Sure...there are big companies whose power on the internet derived from consumer appetite. But...their prominence will become a fallen star eventually as competitors find ways to out-sail or deliver "better-cheaper" in a way they cannot. It's called the workings of the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can a disgruntled politician remove the liberty of the internet.
*As Ayn Rand would have said: If you want different...make your own. The internet is open for such grandeur.
North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper pulled a blooper...and...told Pres. Trump the Republican Convention might not be doable due to COVID-19 concerns. TEAM-TRUMP sensed there was a political stratagem afoot with Democrat Cooper performing his part. Instead of licking boot...Pres. Trump said he'd use Florida if a decision were not made by BLOOPER-COOPER in the next few days.
Recently...Scumbag Joe Scarborough was asked about the 2001 suspicious death of Lori Klausutis who died at age 28 when she struck her head on a desk in Joe's office.

While Biden pushed Tara Read against a wall when he finger-raped her...SCUMBAG-JOE attempted to lay her over the desk...and...when she reacted...her sudden shifting of her position caused her to fall and strike her head.

To cover-up the bad-deed...the associate-coroner said LORI had a heart condition about which not anyone knew though she was an avid jogger. When she fainted from the heart situation...her fall put her head on a collision course with the edge of the edge which gouged a huge hole into her brain killing her instantly.
*In 2001...the World Trade Center took center-stage...and...Lori's case was pushed aside...a push Lori's family wanted.
In Minneapolis...GEORGE FLOYD was murdered by 4 scumbag-cops. A concerned bystander asked if the officers were not killing him and this inquiring mind was told to depart lest she be arrested and charged with obstruction of police. The bystander had heard the man whisper: "I can't breathe."

This was outright murder and these 4 cops need to be prosecuted and put to death. Each needs to be hung slowly until dead...strangled mercilessly...ruthlessly...suffering the same horror GEORGE FLOYD experienced. Anything less won't be EQUAL JUSTICE.
In Minnesota...a man seated in his lawfully parked car didn't know that he was about to be murdered by the police.

 Following police protocols...George Floyd told the officer who was crushing his neck and stifling him: "I cannot breathe."

The officer continued to apply pressure until George Floyd was dead. He was attacked by officers who pulled him from his car when he refused to exit. The officers sternly directed George to get out and put his hands on the car hood. When George protested about being singled out because he was Afro-American...the officers attacked by deploying what's commonly called: NECK-KILL.

The officers were investigating a suspected forgery...a non-violent misdemeanor...and...Floyd was pointed out by an Arab as being the culprit who passed the fake dime...had the head of Lincoln....a dead giveaway. Floyd was the person who passed that bum-dime to the Muslim street vendor who screamed foul and wanted the police to kill Floyd. How dare Floyd slip him a bogus-dime!

"I cannot breathe!" gasped George Floyd.

One bystander screamed "You're murdering him!" That person...that bystander...was told to depart or face the same death.

Maybe...the voters might sense their state has gone rogue and the police need to be restrained. America isn't Afghanistan or outer Iraq...and...these officers didn't have to kill George Floyd.