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Congressional Democrats are salivating over the MUELLER HEARING wherein these people will use MUELLER as a mere puppet for their rants and rhetorical-epithets...each scripted...each gesture staged...and...the entire matter meant to  make Democrats more dedicated to imposing socialism on America and reducing voters to "tended sheep".
While the MASS MEDIA won't lambaste the Democrats for their staged "smiles and gestures"when they interview* ROBERT MUELLER about his idiotic report...this BLOG plans to offer its critique hoping that some historian...will look back and see how incredibly correct and prescient this BLOG was in 2019.

Indeed...the bluster...the sneer...the glare...the righteous "Oh my god"expression in all forms and format...all scripted...all practiced...and...ready for PRIME TIME TV....all of it will be examined and exercise meant for elucidation as to what was afoot in 2019.
*U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler...a hateful...envious imp...promised to take down President Trump using the MUELLER HEARING as his kick-off. When asked if he had practiced moving his eye-brows with expression...he grinned and pointed to Hillary-the-hag crying about her loss to Big Don.

Congressional Democrats and TEAM-TRUMP reached a 24 month budget deal which helps America deal with the oppressive OBAMA-ERA Nanny State...a system which President Trump is slowly deleting. 

His own political invested in perpetuation of this NANNY STATE...hence...Big Don must eliminate discreetly...keeping the MASS MEDIA focused on "other things"...and...Democrats so busy they don't know when to fight or run. VIVA TRUMP!
Kellyanne Conway was informed Congressional Democrats were plotting to hurt TEAM-TRUMP. After listening to the question...she looked at the hateful press people and exclaimed, "Oh my god! The Congressional Democrats are scripting and practicing their MUELLER HEARING. Why would anyone wish to watch that idiotic display of political acrimony? On the other hand...if there were ATTACK-TEAM interest...there will be much AMMO which can be used in 2020 against these Democrat-scumbags."
"e" is for ENERGY! Boris Johnson will lead Britain. Many historians say BORIS is a reincarnation of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR...1066 Battle of Hastings all over again. This time...Britain is departing the socialist European Union and already its citizens are reaping greater benefits. As one FRENCHIE admitted, "I wish I could live in England where huge taxes and grip of government are obviously evaporating."
"Damn it, Janet...I love you; Oh Brad...oh Janet."

And so it was the boycott of Israel was drafted by Democrats whose mission to delete the JEW from Palestine.

Although TEAM-TRUMP says: the JEW is to be defended not condemned...BRAD and THE SQUAD hate Israel and want it deleted.

The BOYCOTT attacks Israel in favor of the Palestinians.

What has so many Illinois voters angry is how cavalierly BRAD SCHNEIDER has handled the JEW-ATTACK initiated by "THE SQUAD".
*THE SQUAD: Alexandrai Ocasio-Cortez, Rashid Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley.
Jack Quinn...the scumbag lawyer who helped Bill "blue dress" Clinton to remain in office...said PRESIDENT TRUMP had committed criminal acts...although...QUINN could not specify what he meant. One listener approached Quinn and injected, "You were silent when Clinton was raping young ladies. You were silent when Hillary-the-hag was stealing millions of you are besmirching President Trump...the greatest president since Lincoln?"
Once again...the Corrupt News Network,(CNN) has characterized presidential tweets as "racist". While most Americans like TRUMP-TWEETS...the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA does not. Indeed...CNN has done everything possible to BESMIRCH this president. One CNN talking head said it best when she noted, "President Trump is the greatest president America had had since Lincoln and we hate him for it."

U.S. Rep. Tlaib(D. Mi) said $20 per hour was to be the new minimum wage. The reaction was almost instantaneous as businesses said they would cut their work-force and put millions of entry-level worker bees on the sidelines...something Tlaib wants to happen since unemployed-workers are a great source of political power. "I will direct them as one would direct slaves," whispered Rep. Tlaib
The "pizza man" reference by Alan Blinder when addressing HERMAN CAIN in a WSJ article has brought Princeton students out into the streets with signs and burning Blinder effigies. The call for him to be "fired" from the University is mounting. Blinder showed himself to be a RACIST when he called that great Afro-American "pizza man". Blinder must be fired and publicly shunned...perhaps...getting a bucket of human dung dumped on his head.
U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler,(D.NY) said he was not going to stop attacking President Trump. When asked about the obvious criminal activity of the Democrats in 2016...he laughed and replied, "We're attacking the Republicans and will never investigate the real criminal misconduct of my fellow Democrats. Even I could not withstand such a "look-see".
Christy of the ridiculous leaders of the idiotic GREEN ENERGY lobby...said she wanted to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to stop climate change. When SHERR was asked if virgin-toss stopped volcanic eruption...she chuckled and said, "Yes...such an approach was good because 10,000 scientists signed a letter saying it was an effective way to deal with Mother Earth's dissonance."
A local teachers' union was appalled when the National Teachers Association(NEA) moved into their official headquarters and imposed a TRUSTEESHIP...ejecting the officers and telling the teacher-members they were "tended sheep" be culled and cared for as the NATIONAL TEAM determines better than best. Of course...the local-teachers were devout-socialist and licked their master's boot with candied tongue.

Modi and Khan won't agree on Kashmir. Modi asked President Trump to mediate and Trump agreed. Later...Modi denied he had asked Big Don to assist. As for KHAN...President Trump has asked that Pakistan stop* helping TALIBAN.
*President Trump has injected several strike-teams to identify and delete TALIBAN. the last 6 months...TALIBAN leaders have simply disappeared. Their whereabouts unknown. As one strike-team leader said, "We simply pour acid on them and they disappear into the desert sand."
Guo Wengui lost $30 billion in real estate holdings in China when the Communists decided it was time to take away his stuff. Guo was angry that his life's effort was grabbed so easily. He came to America to preach about socialist horror...but...found Big Apple dwellers didn't care about SOCIALIST "grip-and-grab" because they hadn't suffered such terror. Wengui told a small crowd gathered in the lobby of Sherry-Netherlands Apartments that they would eventually feel the BITE OF THE MASTER....if they didn't join with him to defeat socialism in America!'re about to hear a great deal about how good government intrusion can be. The well-paid researchers discovered that if GOVERNMENT invests $1.00 in a low-income child...that child will become a productive adult and pay taxes and be a "good-slave" with a 47 cents return on that $1.00. If you believe such things...there's a bridge in Brooklyn looking for a new owner,(WSJ A-2;07-23-19).
*Take on look at the Indian hospital called ROSEBUD and you'll see exactly what GOVERNMENT provided medical care delivers. It's horrific! will hear MEDICAID-expended gives good-stuff...not "bad stuff"...and...that is LIE!

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