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The son of former President Reagan...last night...during the CNN Democrat debate...did a commercial wherein he expressed his hatred of religion and invited people to join his FREEDOM FROM RELIGION movement. Not one presidential hopeful on that stage denounced Ron Reagan's ad with "Papoose" Warren saying she liked the idea.
Mayor Pete Buttigieg...a 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful...pretended he had been in combat. He never walked* point. He was never in a combat zone where he was subject to bullet, mine or shell. He was in an Intelligence Unit far away from any danger.

Yet...last the CNN Democrat debate...Buttigeig chided Robert Francis O'Rourke about courage...acting as if he had seen combat where courage was needed. As one vet said, "Mayor Pete was a latrine kind of guy...behind the lines so to speak."
*In Vietnam...the lead soldier in the platoon-patrol would be called the POINT MAN...and...was likely the first one to be shot.
At the 10-15-19 CNN Democrat debate...Senator Kamala Harris(D.Ca) showed voters "why" they could deem her an "also ran"...yesterday's rice....a 2020 hopeful gone sour...a loser ready to towel-toss.

As one of her disgruntled Harris-helpers admitted, "Oh my god...She was incoherent...and...raised issues not anyone thought FIRE-LIKE. Her demand...for example...that taxpayers pay for abortion fell on a quiet did her tearful rejoinder at how much she cared about people and their plight."
While waiting for a meeting with U.S.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,(D.Ca)...the cub reporter noticed the repeating sound track had been changed from piano and violin stuff to the song: MINSTREL BOY.

It caused* the novice reporter to chuckle that here was attention-to-detail as good as any politician she had interviewed. Pelosi had gone from NO-WAR-NANCY to "WAR-MONGER-PELOSI"...dripping with venom for Turkey and expressing total commitment to the KURDISH WORKERS PARTY(PPK)...a "designated-by-Congress" terrorist organization.

The minstrel boy to war has the ranks of will find him
His father's sword girded on...his beloved harp slung behind him
U.S. Speaker Pelosi admitted she had not been that far before...and...asked President Trump, "How about you?" voters looked at how she was treating* Big chorus fashion sang: "Third rate romance...low rent rendezvous."
*As if night from sober-suited HAWK from NO WAR ANY MORE...ready to put American troops in harm's fight other people's battles...and...perpetuate ENDLESS WAR.
President Trump extracted troops from a northern Syrian meat grinder and Tom Steyer...a 2020 presidential hopeful...said he would have left them there to be slaughtered.

"I relish a body count. If we lose makes the war better for my campaign contributors," confided Tommy boy as he looked at how many soldiers America would have lost last week but for the extraction by a prudent-Trump.
U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) invited Islamic State to attack.

"How dare President Trump leave the Middle East to ISIS.," blood-thirsty Schumer declared into the TV camera.

Instead of congratulating President Trump for extracting our troops from harm's way...scumbag-Schumer chided the commander-in-chief for not leaving the troops in place to be slaughtered...a move he would have done so that he could stand at the airport as body bags delivered.

How horrific is Chuck?
Presidential hopeful Joe Biden warned voters that TEAM-TRUMP was corrupt and sober-suited Joe was going to expose TRUMP for the demon that he is.

How dare President Trump remove American troops from a meat grinder!

"Why if I were president...I'd beef up the area* and get ready to ship home the body bags," quipped an irritated Joe Biden when interrupted while telling voters how he would give more free-stuff than other Democrat contestants.
*Joe Biden said George Washington told Americans to beware of foreign intervention into American affairs. According to a disturbed Joe...that warning as good today as it was the day President George Washington said it.
Greta Thunberg watched Hunger Games: Catching fire over 300 times so that she could mimic Katniss Everdeen...the heroine of that serial.

Greta's "How dare you..." speech at the United Nations seemed as if Katniss were discussing the brutal murders that had just occurred outside the big hall. The same poignant staccato...the same vehemence...the same peppered-tears and half-cry choked discourse.

Yes...folks...Greta presented a credible portrayal of KATNISS EVERDEEN.
There is a Kurdish Workers Party(PPK)...and...that bunch has been bombing and assassinating Turks for hundreds of years in one form or another. Such Kurds were the ones to which President Trump referred when he mentioned Kurdish terrorists but the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA overlooked such distinction...though order to paint President Trump as having doomed the Kurds to genocide.
The Turks aren't about to cease fire. They mounted this assault to be some kind of "end-all" measure...with wholesale slaughter...commended not condemned.

Ignoring the meat grinder the Turks have in mind...the war-mongers in the MASS MEDIA and in the Democrat Party criticized America's commander-in-chief for prudent departure.

As MSNBC Chris Matthews acknowledged, "How dare he not leave troops to be massacred in northern Syria by Turks or by others posing as Turks or Kurds! We were ready to denounce President Trump for troop loss but now we must criticize him for troop safety."
Last the CNN Democrat debate...Robert Francis O'Rourke...a/k/a...Beto...told the world he was about to go door-to-door and gather all military rifles and ammo. First...he'd force registration...then...using those documents...attack. Those who refused to give up their military weapons would be shot by a special squad inside S.W.A.T. whose members wouldn't care who they killed.
President Trump in so many words told a hateful ABC operative at the Italy-America news conference that he was successful in extracting American troops and equipment from harm's way. After the news interface...a tearful cub reporter weaved her way to the commander-in-chief and said, "Thanks to you...GEORGE BERGER* is coming home alive."
*In the movie, HAIR...the last scene is horrific. Berger is killed and finds himself as a white cross among a sea of white crosses with friends singing Aquarius.
"Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie which we ascribe to heaven," whispered Secretary of State Pompeo when asked about troop withdrawal from norther Syria. Hearing such incredible metaphor...another reporter added, "The fated sky gives us free scope; only does backward pull our slow designs when we ourselves are dull."

Yes...folks...President Trump pulled troops out of a battle zone in northern Syria and avoided the "bad press" associated with a TROOP MASSACRE.

The "surprise" troop withdrawal was clever since it didn't tip America's hand to its enemies. As one former general said, "President Trump is a grand master chess player...and...out-flanked our enemies."
Outside the Democrat debate were homeless people demanding the 12 contestants give them their such the world how selfless they could be.

As one crippled child dressed in the habiliments of privation grabbed the skirt of "Papoose" Warren and begged for wealth...Senator Warren turned...pulling away from needful grip...and...replied, "Being my slave what should you do but tend upon the hours and times of my desires. You have no precious time at all to spend, nor services to do, until I require."
The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has been stirring every pot available to make it seem like the north Syrian Kurds are about to be deleted. They even went so far as to concoct a BOMBING SCENE to underpin their polemic.

Somehow...attempting to exit Syria is now deemed unworthy of the commander-in-chief. He should expose his team to the meat grinder and then suffer ignominy when confronted with his 2016 promise to depart Syria.
At a press conference with the President of Italy...President Trump eloquently answered a snotty question from a MASS MEDIA jackal* by simply saying he removed American troops from a battle zone wherein Turks, Syrians and Kurds were about to commence killing each other as they have been doing for thousands of years. The lull in the slaughter was about to evaporate...and...he was happy to remove American troops from that meat grinder.
*The ABC operative was scolded by Pres. Trump for how ABC used a bombing run in Kentucky as proof the Turks were bombing Kurds in northern Syria.
Jason L. Riley...a malicious scribbler for the Wall Street Journal,(A-19;10-16-19)...injected people hate Trump but will reelect him rather than suffer a socialist take-over and the squalor surely to follow. While Riley is entitled to his hate and envy...his prediction of a TRUMP VICTORY is accepted. Indeed...this BLOG predicted a 2020 landslide victory for Trump with only California choosing the socialists.
Sleepy Joe was asked questions about his son and about his demand for impeachment. Groping Joe Biden said he and his son had not done anything wrong. He wanted President Trump impeached. He wanted to see Trump's tax returns. The voyeur in him needed to be satisfied. And he was going to see RUDY Giuliani in prison. How dare he expose Biden's corruption!
U.S. Senator Elizabeth "1/1024 papoose" Warren,(D.Mass) demonstrated her prowess at dodge-ball last night at the CNN Democrat debate. At her was thrown a HARD BALL: "Tell voters how much their taxes are going to go up if you impose your MEDICARE FOR ALL."

Having practiced the maneuver many times...she leaped from the wet-paint corner...landed on her moccasin-clad feet...and...said she was reducing costs...and...her plan didn't have anything to do with raising taxes. Her assertion was so obviously a FALSEHOOD...the other contestants chuckled to themselves sensing Papoose had just shot herself with her own arrow...but...didn't pounce and slap.