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Jussie Smollett cried as his charges were dismissed. There wasn't anything to be gained as far as Chicago was concerned by prosecuting what was an obvious PUBLICITY stunt...a costly one...but...STUNT, nonetheless. Yes...Smollett and his benefactors paid back all government funds expended in the affair...and...promised to use Manhattan as the next venue for SMOLLETT BOWL-IT.
Kellyanne Conway was asked about James Clapper and John Brennan...two OBAMA-ERA Trump-haters...who told the world there was absolute proof that TRUMP was a RUSSIAN-ASSET. After checking her IVANKA emails...she replied, "A person who tells a lie...knowing it to be lie...and...tells such lie to gain advantage only obtainable if such lie used...then...that person is a LIAR deserving of derision and disrepute."
Apple, Inc....sensing the iPhone will eventually lose its luster as a profit-center...has embarked on a bold venture to sell TV and NEWS. The platform and offering of original content might very well attract a core following...enough to warrant continuation. Indeed...CHANNELING STEVE JOBS is one of the Apple TV+ 30 minute episodes...wherein JOBS is asked questions and delivers answers.
Former Vice President Joe Biden was asked about his choice of a running mate should he enter the 2020 presidential contest.

Joe said he liked Stacey Abrams and Michael Avenatti...Abrams because she would draw the minority vote...Avenatti because he could force people to support his campaign.

So proud was JOE BIDEN about his two choices that he told his followers...either ABRAMS or AVENATTI...would deliver the Oval Office to the Democrats.
Folks...OBAMA-CARE is about ended. Yes...parasites using taxpayer money are getting FREE HEALTH INSURANCE...and...obviously...they will VOTE to keep that SIPHON on the producer's storeroom. However...most voters sense an unfettered market would deliver all the benefits one might wish to enjoy. TEAM-TRUMP is offering this 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm while Democrats propose more 20th Century NANNY STATE "one-size-fits-all" medical services delivered in about the same manner as American military veterans* historically have suffered.
*And the band played Waltzing Matilda.
How does the JEW negotiate with the RAG HEAD when the JEW is considered "vermin" by the be eradicated...dispatched to wander Sinai...landless...homeless...and...forlorn? The answer is there is not any way to deal with the Muslim whose mission statement: DELETE THE JEW.

Because of this hatred...Israel must remain ready, willing and able to defend against RAG HEAD onslaught. President Trump knows as much and hence moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem and awarded the GOLAN HEIGHTS to Israel...both gestures intended to alert the world that the JEW has a permanent home in Palestine.

Democrats are miffed that the Republicans are seen as pro-JEW...and...the Democrats...led by U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar(D.Mn)...framed as ANTI-SEMITIC.

Indeed...President Trump has done more to protect Israel than any president since Ronald Reagan. The average Democrat-voter knows it and will support TEAM-TRUMP in 2020 because of such bold defense of the ONLY "fair-minded bunch" in the Middle East.
Robert Francis O'Rourke...a Democrat-presidential candidate...sporting the moniker: BETO...before the MUELLER REPORT became public...stood forth in South Carolina...and...declared PRESIDENT-TRUMP colluded with the Russians to "rig" the 2016 election.

After the crowd departed...a cub reporter approached BETO and asked if he were not attacking President Trump needlessly.

Pausing to consider possible rhetorical trap...concluding there was not any DOWNSIDE to answering the question...BETO replied, "I am running to win the 2020 election. I can't ever congratulate Donald John Trump for an excellent job since such congratulations would kill off my chances of leading America into the socialist toilet...a place where I'm part of the ruling elite."
Michael Avenatti was told to step back...and...stop making so much noise. Ole Mike...though...was told by the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA that he was insulated from any repercussions from his extortionist activities. So long as he attacked TEAM-TRUMP he was called "wondrous and exciting". However...Mike saw BIG BUCKS if he attacked NIKE. He's  now facing federal prosecution.
Besides running for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination...Michael Avenatti was told to quiet down...enjoy what he had been able to grab...but...leave NIKE alone.

However...Avenatti was not done. He was greedy...saw another KILL SHOT...and...took the risk.

The client he was representing was someone who thought NIKE owed apology...though...Avenatti figured the affair was worth $25 million. Indeed...the same tactics that were "okay" to use against TRUMP in 2016...Avenatti thought could be used against NIKE...the extortion template used against TRUMP could be massaged and deployed against NIKE.

The arrest of have dispelled such a belief that EXTORTION was allowable in America. Yes...against TRUMP...extortion was commended not condemned. Against NIKE...however...the same EXTORTION TEMPLATE was an actionable crime.
President Trump called the MUELLER INVESTIGATION little more than a "witch hunt". However...after observing MUELLER'S report exonerating him of any wrong-doing...President Trump said Mueller had competently performed and had confirmed what TEAM-TRUMP had said all along: NOT ANY EVIDENCE.

There was just a Democrat-inspired accusation...and...its consequential investigation intended to crush TEAM-TRUMP...bombard TEAM-TRUMP with 24/7 withering remonstrance and critical-innuendo...and...ruin the potential for reelection...a reelection that would kill off socialism for centuries to come...and...guarantee Americans can breathe free.

However...the MASS MEDIA and the DEMOCRATS didn't anticipate the power of Big Don. Instead of flinching...he said to bring on Mueller and give Mueller the latitude to examine.

Because Big Don is Big Don and not some knave given to base spaniel fawning...he framed the Mueller effort as "witch hunt" since he knew the outcome would be acknowledgement that WITCH HUNT was what Mueller was dispatched to conduct* and did conduct.

While the Trump-hating MASS MEDIA has been awaiting the BIG BOMBSHELL...the "burp-by-Mueller" has not been well-received.

Democrats are angry and declare they'll never stop investigating TEAM-TRUMP.

Helping such never-say-die Democrats will be the complicit MASS MEDIA. Its talking heads will tell their dwindling audience that the Democrat-belief and Democrat-accusation are not sour grapes and Democrats don't deserve the proverbial BOOT TO THE HEAD!
*Mueller used the most hateful Democrat scumbag-lawyers he could find including Andy "tell-the-lie" Weissmann...a scoundrel now teaching at New York University to its shame and disgrace.

This BLOG has been telling America that Avenatti was a jerk and that eventually his EXTORTION would be penalized. And...KARMA came around for Avenatti when he attacked NIKE...a target he was told to avoid. Because he was so BIG NOISE like...he didn't think NIKE would fight back and invite the U.S. Justice Dept. to listen in on the EXTORTION.

Folks...TEAM-TRUMP was exposed to EXTORTION. However...the TRUMP-HATING MASS MEDIA never focused on the CRIME...preferring to dwell on "hush-money" the lawyer for TRUMP allegedly paid to keep Stormy Daniels from divulging* her story about a lurid TRYST during the 2016 presidential election.
*Billy Bush and the VIDEO was intended to destroy TRUMP. It was coordinated with the Avenatti Stormy Daniels extortion .
The Qassam rocket is manufactured by HAMAS. It's an indiscriminate killer. Once's destination in the hands of Allah.

According to every military official asked...Hamas has 35,887 Qassam rockets stored in a way that they can be launched anytime. They're stored in rag-head graveyards...and...of mosques. They're disguised as wagons...harvesters for corn...medical equipment...coffins...and...Mosque flag-poles reaction to that missile barrage...the JEW retaliated by obliterating HAMAS SECURITY HEADQUARTERS in the Gaza Strip...the site from which orders to launch were given. The rag heads were livid the JEW would destroy a billion dollar building over a few crummy missiles fired by angry jihadists.
The dead-end report promulgated by Special Counsel Mueller did not kill off the Democrat-attack. Declaring there are still "unanswered questions"...the Democrats...conceded...they can't afford to lose the impetus such INVESTIGATION gave their Hun-horde.

"We cannot permit this DEAD-END to be the END. We need to keep this fire burning...because it will keep Trump-hate sizzling...something that must be occurring by November of 2020 and to do as much...the MUELLER REPORT must be called a "beginning"...not...a DEAD-END," whispered U.S. Senate Minority Whip Schumer, (D.NY).
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America witnessed the power of the DEEP STATE during the Mueller investigation. The Trump-hating MASS MEDIA was relentless in its 24/7 bombardment telling voters TEAM-TRUMP was going down with TRUMP leading the way into federal prison with his impeachment. Of course...such was revelation of the beginning to sour even centrist-Democrats and laying the way for a 2020 Republican victory wherein the U.S. House of Representatives is retrieved and President Trump continues onward pushing the NANNY STATE into oblivion. VIVA TRUMP!
The desire to continue attack has been obvious ever since MUELLER REPORT exonerated TEAM-TRUMP. There was not any FACT that supported any criminal referral. Yet...Congressional Democrats are declaring they are continuing the pursuit*...noting their effort will fetch a 2020 Democrat President.
*Demonstrating thereby the power of the DEEP STATE to decide outcomes...something that will be the DEATH KNELL of American liberty.
Long ball or bunt down base line...either way...the MUELLER REPORT was a WITCH-HUNT...looking at everything...examining every fact...going down every path...talking to everyone involved...looking at millions of pieces of paper...never was there found ANY FACT OR FACTOR which could be used in any way to predicate a prosecution of TEAM-TRUMP for Russian collusion or "obstruction of justice".

On the other hand...using the same investigation framework...the same cannot be said for TEAM-HILLARY. Indeed...$12 million,($10 million from Clinton...$2.0 million from the Democratic National Committee)...was laundered through a law firm and was used to buy what has happened to TEAM-TRUMP since that purchase was made. It was used to put SPIES into the Trump-Campaign. It was used to wiretap TRUMP-TOWER. It was used to frighten people away from "open-support" for TRUMP. And it has since been adroitly used by Congressional Democrats to bludgeon least until now.

Folks...fair-minded voters will look at the MUELLER that "NOTHING FOUND" report to the incessant Trump-hating MASS MEDIA'S 24/7 "WE GOT THE PROOF" diatribe that has been ongoing for over 2 years. And...once comparison is made...those people will know they have been witnessing an ATTACK ON THE REPUBLIC by what almost was the "new" shadow government...capable of taking down a president when desired.

However...because they were attempting to assault a TITAN...and...not some sniveling supplicant...their bombardment didn't discourage TEAM-TRUMP. And...with the MUELLER EXONERATION report...the 2020 reelection of Donald John Trump is assured. VIVA TRUMP!
Could the DEEP STATE be in jeopardy of losing many of its NOISE-MAKERS? If TEAM-TRUMP has its way...HILLARY-THE-HAG and her scurvy crew of miscreants, ghouls and knaves will be investigated...this time...the look-see will be performed without DEEP STATE insulation. The days of "extremely careless is not intentional" are over. VIVA TRUMP!

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