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Because President Trump has an incredible business...the DEMONS want to use whatever those businesses have in the way of blemish and wrinkle against President Trump in 2020. He's the greatest president we've had since Lincoln...taking a country torn by socialists and Eco-fascists until the shredded economy little able to recover but for the advent of BIG DON and his team of freedom-fighters....taken such a defunct economy and breathed life back into it...record markets...record unemployment...record wealth growth...and...yet...the MASS MEDIA prefers to discuss if the Mueller Report were as thorough as they might have been?

The detractors and Trump-haters never could do what he has done and they're envious and fearful...envious of his prowess and remarkable accomplishments and fearful that Americans will sense they don't need the bureaucratic ghouls and knaves smothering their way of life.
Oh my god. The same "collect-and-contact" team that alerted BUSH-CHENEY that there was an attack on World Trade Center about to happen...also alerted Sri Lanka that an attack on Christian churches was imminent.

The same response from BUSH-CHENEY and SRI LANKA indicates this TEAM has cried wolf too many times and was as ignored* in September of 2001 as it was in April of 2019.
*The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka knew about the imminent church attack but did not alert the President and hence the alarm was never generally sounded. Because of bitterness between these two politicians...Christians were a series of church bombings that could have been stopped.
Kamala Harris when asked about Boston Marathon Bomber having the right to VOTE...she replied, "I think we need to have that conversation."

With the blow-back from that snotty hot it melted Bernie's bank account...KAMALA retracted her statement and said BOSTON MARATHON BOMBER should not be permitted to vote.

Many of her supporters were left struggling to explain her ideas about socialism and Eco-fascism now that listeners know HARRIS is an IDIOT.
The only requirement was that: not any aspect of the DOSSIER could be "run-down"...and...shown to be "false". Such is why CARTER the DOSSIER...was said to have met Russians operatives in Prague...even though...CARTER PAGE never was in that Eastern European country.
Bernie Sanders derailed his candidacy for president. Sanders said even the BOSTON BOMBER deserved to cast his vote as a citizen of America and it didn't matter that this scumbag killed people and was on death row.

The reaction by almost everyone who heard BERNIE advocate for the BOSTON BOMBER was negative....with most whispering to themselves: "Speak for yourself, you idiot!"
A "right" is nothing more than "freedom to act within the Social-Economic context with any initiation of force or fraud." Hence...all human action is based on the exercise of such rights. Because one person's exercise of their rights by definition cannot impinge on another person's similar rights. Such is 'why" there can be peaceful coexistence with division of labor and rule of law overlay as the fabric on which such stain made.

On the other hand...BERNIE SANDERS...advancing his imprimatur of state-control...drained out the idea of "right" and packed it with "my tears...your purse" ideas.

Indeed...he told an audience of MUSH-MINDS that medical-care was a basic human right. Imagine going to a doctor and demanding treatment because you have a right to compel that doctor's labor and skill-package. Such a right creates a "slave" of the medical service provider since the right of the patient transcends the otherwise unfettered right of the doctor to practice medical service as he or she sees fit.
Ejected from its caliphate...members of Islamic State...looked around and called it fate.

Yet...their hungry eyes looked for another place to grab. Sri Lanka...too peaceful...too gentle...too much the such had to be stabbed. And...stab Islamic State did...blowing up Christian churches...slaughtering...and...maiming...and...all the while shouting: "Allahu Akbar!"
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President Trump is delivering on his promise. American markets are booming...people are are plentiful...and...the Democrats propose to stop such things and return to a time of malaise and misery. The markets are at record levels and climbing. As one dejected Democrat admitted, "We offer enslavement...TEAM-TRUMP offers paradise."
Bernie Sanders lost his chance to be elected president by advocating for the Boston Marathon bomber to have the right to vote. According to Bernie, "Yes...he killed people...but...that demon has a right to vote until he's fried in the electric chair."

But...Bernie Sanders uses the term "right" very loosely. He declares people have a "right" to medical care...and...producers must pay when such "right" is exercised. But...when you're preaching something as irrational as's imperative definitions are changed to fit the rhetoric.
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President Trump is surrounded somewhat by moles and traitors...people who do not want America to be great but prefer Americans enslaved and licking their boot for favor and freebie. The MASS MEDIA is opposed to liberating America from the grip of big grab government...and...hate Big Don for making the attempt. "How dare he remove shackle from our beasts of burden!"screamed U.S. Senator Elizabeth "1/1024 papoose" Warren, (D.Mass).
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Florida Senator Lauren Book...a socialist-Democrat...said she did not want GUN in schools. When asked if her child had been killed in a school shooting...she chuckled and said not that she had heard. Legislators who did lose children voted to have GUNS on campus. If a shooter attempts to enter and shoot...Florida teachers will pull their cannons and blow that DEMON away! VIVA RON DESANTIS!
Before the Sri Lanka bombings of Christian churches...there was a WARNING that such an attack was imminent. Because of animosity between the President and Prime Minister...however...that ALERT was not issued. Afterwards...the ALERT was mentioned as was the reason for it not being published...but...little* was said about it.
*In a socialist toilet such as Sri Lanka...filthy and is cheap and loss of life due to religious fervor expected and accepted.
Hillary-the-hag showed her fangs recently when she said Donald John Trump needed to be indicted for obstruction of justice. Yes...folks...the lady who destroyed emails* when she heard a subpoena had been issued...the lady who killed 4 Americans in Benghazi...the lady who conducted a "pay-to-play" scheme during her tenure as Secretary of State...that lady is chastising and besmirching President Trump?
*Yet...the MASS MEDIA never discusses the fact TEAM-CLINTON paid foreign operatives including Russians to "rig" the 2016 election. Such was real criminal law violations but because they were against TRUMP such criminal acts were permitted.
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Examining quarried rocks weighing 4 million pounds and finding them placed precisely in buildings 500 miles from the quarry...such efforts combine to render the observer speechless since there isn't any way in 2019 such a feat could be done. On the other hand...if granite balls were used as marbles beneath the stone...ball to speak...running along a hard flat surface...the rock could be pushed with ease. does one separate that 4 ton rock from the cliff face?
"The Boston Marathon bomber should be allowed to vote," quipped an assured Bernie Sanders as he peered out into the faces of a mush-mind audience of parasites and "me-too" types. As he vomited his platitudes and ancient bromides...his audience cheered and clapped. Here was a real scumbag ready to plunder storeroom for them...redistributing loot as BERNIE saw fit...with them as promised-recipients.

BERNIE declared he would make sure everyone had what he had and if he had more he'd readily give it to those with less.

As he said as much...a lady in the back asked if he would give her $500,000 for the house she wanted.

Bernie stumbled for a reply...backing up...pointing his trigger finger at her...and...declaring in shaky voice: "Listen...I'm a socialist. I spend other people's money...never my own. You will have yours taken and ruler...will tell you...the unwashed masses...the supplicants and servile to live and how to cry...when to laugh and when to die."
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U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar...a committed socialist Democrat...told her audience she was able to go face-to-face with Brett Kavanaugh about alcoholism...and...she defeated that supplicant who was asking for the nomination of U.S. Supreme Court Justice...and...because of that "hat-in-hand" aspect...she took advantage and sneered him down. For that kind of "glare and stare"...she expected to become president?
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In the episodic LOST IN SPACE...ever so often...the robot and the young boy would encounter something strange. The robot would flex its arms...and...loudly declare: "DANGER! WILL ROBINSON."

Back in 2017...when President Trump asked McGahn about the potential-for-attack Robert Mueller represented...McGahn looked wild-eyed at TRUMP and LOUDLY DECLARED: "Danger! Will Robinson."

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