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 The U.S.Senate lacks contitutional basis to proceed to impeach a president who has departed office. However, mob-media will tell mush-mind Americans such can occur even though express constitutional provisions for impeachment do not allow that kind of attack. Pres. Trump is gone and his departure subsumes such proceedings. spite of such lack of proper basis...Senate Majorty Leader Schumer(D.NY) said, "We don't care what the constittuion says- we control and we can attack as we please. We're Demcorats. Principle and logic don't guide or direct us."

When Pres.Trump left town so did any prospect for perpetual prosperity. The envious and hateful are now in control and they plan to impose as much burden and yoke as possible. They believe people will accept such burdens and willingly kneel and worship whatever idol their would-be masters might forge...and...permit such power-mongers to paint whatever future they might have,(Exodus 32:24).

 How long can the billionaires who created JOE BIDEN continue to bolster his idiotic ideas? When will they shrug under the burden and begin to flee the stock market and other expoed positions attempting thereby to preserve a little of what they once had. Unfortunately...we're headed into the socialist toilet and the ripples will become tsunamis...and...their PLACEMENT OF BIDEN* will be shown to be an OBVIOUS ERROR as it wipes out and washes away what once was a GREAT COUNTRY. [The Zimbabwe $100 trillion dollar paper-note-though colorful- won't buy chewing gum.]


*On 09-01-19...Pres.Xi signed off on the "OMEGA BUG gambit" once Pres.Xi Jingping was assured by FANG-FANG-the sexual consort of U.S.Rep. Eric Swalwell-that America would not react pugnaciously towards CHINA even if told CHINA released the deadly COVID-19 VIRUS; Swalwell also told Pres. Xi through FANG-FANG that-if that deadly virus-that bio-weapon-were released-mob-media and Congressional Democrats in chorus fashion would BLAME Pres.Trump and use COVID-19 to destroy TEAM-TRUMP. 

 By issuing an EXECUTIVE ORDER on federal contracts, CROOKED JOE BIDEN made it almost impossible to defrock or discharge federal worker bees. These ORDERS grant incredible benefit to the federal worker bee...benefits the private sector worker does not get. This difference is NONSENSE and there must be some kind of GLEANING...reducing salaries to minimum wage for every federal worker and department retirement the end...they get only THANK YOU NOTE and FRUIT BASKET. If they want more...they'd best seek employment if possible in the private sector a place where their kind...unfortunately for them...don't function too well and are, more often than not, ousted for being a jackal...a knave...a screwball...or...worse.

 After his press conference...BRIAN DEESE...BIDEN'S economic wizard...looked at his aides and whispered, "Not any rational person would knowingly choose ENSLAVEMENT of themselves though...from what a majority of voters did on 11-03-20... they'd surely support YOKING others if such whip-and-chain fetched them some palpable benefit. By simply voting for such things, Americans are told enslavement can be selectively imposed. Yes...those so yoked can quit and join the throng of servile supplicants and parasites and disappear into the collective goo...leaving the ruling elite in power perpetually...but...there are many Americans...from last count...75 million Americans...who wish to breathe free and not be "tended sheep". We must identify these malcontents and send "our FBI agents" to harass and hassle."

 When labeled "FOOL"by friend and enemy alike...Mark A. leader of the Natural Resource Defense Council...took the moniker as COMMENDATION. He was spouting LIES abd congratulated for the deception. 

Indeed...Izeman agreed that IF 10,000 climate-scientists declared virgin-toss stopped volcanic eruption...he'd endorse the practice. "I follow the science even if preposterous. I mean 10,000 scientists signing a concensus letter on virgin-toss is all it requires for me to support that toss-in idea," drooled Izeman when he was asked about horror-in-lie.

 Magical. Such the frame to describe how COVID-19 disappeared in such fashion New York GOVERNOR CUOMO...a/k/a...KODOS THE EXECUTIONER...declared, "NEW YORK is open for business!" Yes...CUOMO is guilty of COVID-19 slaughter but also destruction of so many businesses, the counter gave up and concluded "total wipe-out". is NEW YORK open for business? Might his STATE LOCKDOWN have been designed to hurt Pres.Trump's chances of reelection and "KODOS" was willing to kill-and-destroy in order to bring about such outcome?

The "small riots" staged in several cities in January of 2021 were designed to throw off the suspicion that POWERFUL DEMOCRAT AGENTS were behind the summer riots coordinated with mob-media 24/7 denouncement of TEAM-TRUMP. 

The polemic to be raised: If the riots occur during BIDEN-TIME, he could not be behind those previous riots. 

It's OBVIOUS such is the motivation behind the recent-January unrest and dissonance in Seattle and Portland. 

Using these "fresh riots" as proof...mob-media will answer accusations that DEMOCRATS crafted the RIOTS by referring to the January of 2021 riots in several cities. Hence, to enable such denial, there had to be cosmetic riots post-Inauguration for such suspicion-killing stuff to be usable.

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 In Sacramento at the Capitol the Antifascists showed up opposing both Trump and the Biden Administration.  

They meet the legal definition of a criminal street gang.  In this age of silencing those who become unpopular and vilified, will Antifa lose its access to social media platforms and other content-sharing platforms?  

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 In "V" for Vengence...UNITY was festooned on posters around the beleaguered commmunity. Might BIDEN be using "UNITY" to depict a HIVE...a COLLECTIVE...a place where a ruling knaves direct and control from cadle to grave. In a prison there is UNITY. In North Korea there is UNITY. America...UNITY will be imposed. It's EVIL on steroids!