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From the carnage of World War II...many legends come.The Germans speak of KURT KNISPEL. He was an accomplished gunner whose skill was well-known. Knispel had 163 kills before his beleaguered King Tiger II was overwhelmed in his last battle where he got his 163rd kill before his own tank succumbed to Russian cannon. Germans proudly speak about how Kurt had stopped a SS ghoul from mistreating a Russian prisoner and for that intervention was never given the Knight's Cross...but...had the most KILLS of any tank commander. He was truly a KNIGHT...defending Germany as a soldier devoid of political aspect.
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The defendant faced 85 years in prison if convicted of all charges but was offered 60 months in the Florida Dept. of Corrections. Instead of taking that plea offer...the defendant went to trial...3 trials...lost all three trials...and...received 80 years in prison. When asked for a definition of CRASH DUMMY...his erstwhile lawyer lamented he had the frame.
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The Crooked News Network,(CNN) blamed Pres. Trump for the locusts which are consuming parts of Africa...swarms as large as Texas...eating and dying...and...denying the mud-hut natives of their sustenance.

And...while CNN won't tell its dwindling audience such locust swarms are mentioned in the Bible...most learned folks know man vs. locust is a historical fight against nature which has been the plight of the African ever since the HOLOCAUST 12,000 years ago which scrubbed civilization away.
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In the Indian River...near Ft. Pierce, Florida...there's a flesh-eating bacterium which is fatal to most people who can't survive losing their limbs. So dangerous is that area...even the paddle-board crowd wear hazardous-material suits with oxygen and well-adapted ventilator just in case they capsize.

Trying to keep others from suffering the same fate...Timmy Titler sits at the base of the bridge holding a sign with what's left of his last limb warning people about the danger.
A lady who professes liberation...and...wishes to delete the grip of big grab government...that lady could ascend to the Oval Office since those who support her effort want to breathe free be free of the burdens imposed by the NANNY STATE...and...ready to enjoy the blessings of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found and able-bodied pauper. VIVA LADY ELIZABETH!
Pres. Trump mentioned "28 days" to the disease control personnel handling the corona virus outbreak adding he didn't want a RESIDENT EVIL situation. "That virus might be two not spotted in 14 days...the other one riding along inside the first one...coming to fruition at day 28...a time when that "thought-not-to-be-infected" person probably back in the population when the signs of NUMBER TWO VIRUS manifest...the real killer whose existence masked and hidden for 28 days. Such the idea behind the Diamond Princess patrons being quarantined for 28 days.
Might Pres. Trump have a cadre of specialists capable of completing assigned tasks in such fashion it can't ever be traced to TRUMP? Maybe there isn't such an OMEGA SQUAD*...but...Taliban believes Pres. Trump can snuff out any of them any time he pleases...and...that kind of prominence...that kind of notoriety is divinely bestowed. As one enlightened disciple* said of Big Don: "He's the messiah!"
*Unlike BUSH...Pres. Trump wishes to erect otherwise unhampered markets worldwide so that never can some BUSH-CHENEY bunch attack someone for their pleasure.

"How to sell Bernie?" asked BULL-WICK...the name Bernie's most passionate transgender* used when discussing tactic and strategy with BERNIE HELPERS...a cadre of malcontents who want Bernie to give them fiefdoms. "Just tell voters there isn't any politician who can out-promise...or...out-give Bernie Sanders. He'll plunder storeroom and give it to them in exchange for their loyalty," smacked BULL-WICK answering his own question as voter-maps were examined.
Crazy Chester followed me and he caught me in the fog
He said, I will fix your rack, if you'll take Jack, my dog
I said, wait a minute, Chester, you know I'm a peaceful man
He said, that's okay, boy, won't you feed him when you can?
Until Donald John Trump became President of the United States...America was just sitting there waiting. However...once at the starting line...Pres. Trump grabbed the microphone* and declared, "Drivers...start your motors!"
*Pres. Trump is the first U.S.President to start the Daytona Race...a contest which begins with the fabled declaration: "GENTLEMEN, START YOUR MOTORS"