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 Bob watched Bill fill his car with "made-expensive-by green theme" gasoline in less than 3 minutes and off Bill went. Bob-on the other hand-was waiting for is batteries to recharge enough so he could get home. He'd been there an hour already and his car-still-would not move. Timmy saw Bob's ANGER AND HATE building-came over to him-and-said, "You licked the boot of absurd GREEN THEME with candied tongue. Now-you're suffering GREEN THEME. But you deserve it! You bloody well deserve it."

 Eskimos love the fairness doctrine...a rule that requires mob-media to deliver BOTH SIDES of the argument. Pres.Reagan deleted that MENACE TO FREEDOM but TOM QUINN-another scumbag would-be master-wants FAIRNESS DOCTRINE imposed. He doesn't like being called a SCUMBAG every time he attempts to access social meida. Indeed...if he goes outside, DRONES drop dung-balloons on him and his car. He knows he's righteously HATED but wants to hear someone say he's LOVED.

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 Folks-we must delete the grip of big grab gov't. When the GRIP comes to your door-who stands to fight by your side? Unifying against tyranny isn't easily accomplished when the mob-media is determined to keep your as "tended sheep" cared for and culled as your masters see fit. 

Perhaps-you're unafraid of tyranny. Maybe you sense somehow you'll be cared for as if a "babe" in the woods. AND-there are politicians who will sing that SIREN SONG for you. But-your heirs-your proginey-why enslave them? What horror in your life prompts you to support BIG GRAB GOVERNMENT? 

 SCUMBAG JOE BIDEN along with his scurvy crew of misfits and miscreants told Europe and other socialist toilets-AMERICA would accept TAXATION on its digital companies. Destructive and preposterous to LICK SUCH BOOT, nonetheless, JOE'S candied tongue licks well. Macron-French President-said it best when he declared, "Socialism works until we run out of other people's money. This time we won't run out because we'll be siphoning the income of the digital companies. Yes-we'll eventually drain them dry and kill them-but-look at all the hate and anger we have dealt them. It makes my left leg tingle."