Sunday, April 29, 2012


     At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT), AMY FINKELSTEIN was given the JOHN BATES CLARK MEDAL,(JBCM) for her so-called work on public policy and health care. The entire campus was abuzz with the news of such an accomplishment. Indeed...her efforts were what we've come to expect from MIT people.
    What was so remarkable about her feat has escaped anyone examining her work since the concepts and purpose were simplistic and obvious. She discovered that "if" you offer "freebies" to people...they'll take advantage of them and not care from whom such "freebies" came. She went on to make such earthquaking conclusions as: "A year after receiving the this instance Medicaid...those who received the "offered freebie" took it...took as much as possible...had lower "out-of'pocket" medical expenditures and reported better physical and mental health".
     Somehow, this obvious stuff has been elevated to such a pinnacle that even MIT people congratulated themselves on its observation. Separating AMY FINKELSTEIN from the rest of this pulsing pool of pretence was her uncanny ability to spot more dots and connect them to receive her PRIZE. Yes...Ms. Finkelstein declared, "The high standards of empiracal evidence are crucial. What's so exciting about economics these days is we really do seem to have the ability to bring incredible data and techniques to combine theory to answer important economic and public policy questions."
      In academic HARVARD...not to be outdone..."other people's money"(OPM) was lavishly  spent on studying human habits deriving improbable data therefrom. For instance...HARVARD SCHOLARS "discovered" how psychological factors like memory limitations and self-control problems can lead people to make bad decisions." Until that $2.9 million was squandered forging such conclusions...not anyone would have GUESSED such a connection was ever afoot. Thank you HARVARD SCIENTISTS for that brilliant piece of idiotic research.
     Folks...maybe ole AMY deserves such accolade. Certainly her brain-in-gear colleagues believe she has uncovered things not any human could conceive but for her enterprise and genius. She was able to reveal to America that "if" an American is offered "freebies"...such a challenged American will kneel and lick the MASTER'S boot everytime without hesitation or remorse, (MATTHEW 4:8). According to her American is a whining worm and will slither and slime as directed in order to receive a "freebie".
      In some ways, though, AMY FINKELSTEIN, was able to give some unwitting insight into the evil embedded in the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...a system cleverly designed to compel compliance and create dependency. Indeed...from her raw data...anyone can conclude easily that a RIDER slowly devolves into a mindless sheep easily controlled and directed.    OBAMA...for late July 2011...threatened to cut-off the RIDERS if they didn't muster forth and support his oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE in which their RIDE was offered. OBAMA  issued this threat since he knew those aboard the RIDE would kneel with candied tongue ready to lick as directed.
     We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The battleground is the American mind and the MASTER OF THIS CAGE has mighty power to compel your obedience and allegiance. What FINKELSTEIN unwittingly accomplished...though...was a revelation of  horror inherent in this RIDE. She unwittingly demonstrated there is a psychic injury inflicted by the's this damage the RIDE'S eradication will cure.
      Because she's a pedant...she'll never know such things. She's a committed MARXIST ready to kill for cause...and...has been rewarded by her cohorts for her ability to obfuscate and tangle. To her...more CAGE...more RIDE is what is needed in America. Indeed...liberty is anathema in her world.