Saturday, April 28, 2012


                Anyone who took the time to observe the elephant , dolphin  or whale are quickly consumed with nuances and traits indicating cognitive thought as conceptual as ours…only…framed to suit their needs. Recently, as I was watching TV…I happened upon a video of Africans slaughtering  elephants…not for food…but for…pleasure…sport…and…tribal lust. The elephants would run to their “downed-member” and receive the same cruel, ruthless end.

                Because of my expertise in Positron Emission Tomography(PET)…I insisted the elephant’s brain be examined and devices designed so that they might communicate with Humans, if they desired. What we’ve designed and built has enabled  “BOFO” our in-house elephant to discuss with us whatever he likes. So far…BOFO has insisted we explain why many of his fellow elephants…were murdered.

 Of course…it was hard to inform BOFO that he was elephant and we were human when those two words were ours not his. Indeed…BOFO’s language was telepathic and required my team to use state-of-the-art computer software developed by  my pals at GOOGLE for this specific “green-goal”.


A 3-man fishing team set out from wherever and while upon that ocean…their boat’s  engine failed stranding them in an area without “wind, current or rain”. Such areas are called “ocean deserts”…and…these lads were stuck in such hazard…the proverbial painted ship on a painted ocean. During the 23 day ordeal…2 of these undaunted dudes died having suffered renal failure from lack of water.

 The 3rd lad, THE SOLE SURVIVOR,  bit his arm to get some blood into his mouth so he could scream for “help” when he saw the CRUISE LINER passing within 300 feet of his stranded boat. As he screamed for “help”…he waved his white t-shirt…screaming…waving…signaling for help to a packed cruise liner filled with people pointing and asking what was happening.

 Of course…this cruise liner was owned by the same bastards who owned the Costa Concordia, (the ship that sank off Italy a few months ago)…and…they had a schedule to keep! The CAPTAIN was informed not to render AID but to meet the schedule instead. The CAPTAIN…being an Obama-lover and a good Democrat…followed orders leaving that forlorn fisherman to his doom!


If you believe a Secret Service Agent’s whereabouts were unknown to the White House…then…I have a bridge in Brooklyn worthy of your esteemed consideration. According to my pet eye-ball stationed inside the Oval Office…OBAMA knew about the Cartegena tryst long before it ever reached the point where  the MASS MEDIA simply had to reveal it. However, OBAMA  chose to ignore it hoping things would change in such a fashion the “news-aspect” wouldn’t be worth printing or airing.



Have you noticed what is discussed nowadays as “liberty”…is…disguised “freedom to obey”? AND…that many times that idea is discussed in terms of what’s fair? Indeed…limiting what other people can do seems to be the central current thinking on the concept of “fairness”. When someone opens a shop longer that others, it forces other to open  longer, too. Since HUMAN RIGHTS should dictate working hours, there ought to be a collective action on how long every shop can stay open.

Such an idiotic way of thinking is leading to all sorts of restrictions in such thriving socialist paradise spots as EUROPE. Yes…in France…for example…stores can’t remain open longer than a specific time limit so that employees retain their  leisure time. What has made FRENCH SOCIALISTS so angry is that they can’t seem to control producers outside of FRANCE…producers who seek to better themselves as they see fit.

AND…what do we hear from EUROPE? Do we hear them finally declare their rank  idiocy some holdover from the 20th century and something to be jettisoned? No…we hear FRENCH, SPAINISH and GREEK complain about the working conditions in such places as Africa, China, India, Cambodia and any place  trying to throw off  the grip and grab of  socialism entering thereby the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market.

When you hear OBAMA describing ways to make America “fair”…ask yourself:  under  what circumstances will I be directed to kneel and lick his boot?  Perhaps you’ll believe you’re insulated…that the “horrific” GOVERNMENT ACTION is for your benefit and hence you silently watch as the jack boot stomps your neighbor. You believe the MASTER will whip and loot and redistribute with you somewhere in that FOOD CHAIN. Hence silent you remain. (THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden)


When in Indonesia…as a child…OBAMA ate DOG….CAT…LIZARD…and…”OTHER”. Here was a ravenous lad eating anything his family had. In 1995…OBAMA had his pal ghost-write a book about his travails as a youth. Much of the book was hype and falsehood…but…so what….it was his book…and…who really cared anyway!


Mr. Jeffrey Neely…the announcer loudly said…as Sir Jeffrey entered the ball room this KING …this GSA head. Into the room strode this LORD OF THE RINGS. Tux…shiny shoes…glittering lady of the evening on his arm…walking into a packed room filled with GSA employees each one in Las Vegas to party with him. They clapped loudly…the $35,000 per hour band played “HAIL TO THE CHIEF”…a ditty usually reserved for the President’s entry moment.

DONNA BRAZILE: Ron Paul enthusiast

When Donna Brazile was asked to name her favorite Republican Presidential hopeful…she replied, “Why-RON PAUL, of course!” Naturally…this time around…Ms. Brazile was hired to re-elect OBAMA and so far she’s done a fine job of obscuring and avoiding.

Yet…in that unguarded moment…she expressed her preference not for ROMNEY…a Mormon-socialist…but for…RON PAUL…a leader of an ARMY OF LIBERATION carrying before it “THE ORB”. 

               Ms. Brazile...mentioned in that uncovered instant...that she favored  RON PAUL…a person whose mission to dismantle the CAGE and RIDE...a person whose duty to eliminate red tape, spend and bribe....things OBAMA championed most.


Yes…the maniacs in Tehran have one of our drones which they’ve reversed engineered. Using software from Germany… the ragheads have discovered  our  entire technological base rendering our entire “defense against” networks worthless! How could TEAM OBAMA have been that foolish to expose critical military secrets to the Iranians in such callous fashion?

Assume  for a moment…the maniacs in Tehran…the 12th IMAM Scenario crew…assume these ragheads are successful in getting their version of our DRONE into the air…and…say  they’re capable of getting it over New York City…and…BOOM! The stealthy aircraft and atomic device explode blowing a hole in Manhattan you can observe from the Space Station. Assume as much and you’ll be somewhere near the core of why Obama must not be re-elected.

I mean…can you envision  OBAMA …standing in what once was city…chortling  about not having connected those dots…chortling  in the same manner he did when he mentioned his so-called Green-projects weren’t SHOVEL-READY? Imagine…there stands OBAMA…looking pretty…in the midst of  what  once was city…and…looking  around…and letting  another RED BALLOON go. Imagine such things…and…you’ll sense why the maniacs in TEHRAN must never be given a NUKE!

If OBAMA is re-elected…HARVARD SCIENTISTS have inexorably concluded…that…New York City will suffer a “NUKE” attack delivered by IRAN. The attack will be a “free slap” so to speak since America could only retaliate by invasion…an expensive feat…few would say America could undertake for longer than 60 days.

According to these HARVARD SCIENTISTS…if  the Maniacs in Tehran can’t be snuffed in 60 days…America would have to depart licking wound and issuing iodine pills up and down its Eastern seaboard as the radioactive fallout made its way into every town and city until ghost areas and walking dead  more rumored than not.


As one embattled warrior once said, “Depends…who writes…as to how each deed and feat be treated.” The valiant sword wishes no less be  framed…as does the dragon against whose shield blasted flame.

When historians examine years hence the early days of the 21st Century…they’ll surely take note the struggle in America between the unwitting FOOLS who PULLED and the RIDERS aboard the 20th Century FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. They’ll recite the amazing interest RON PAUL generated as he led his ARMY OF LIBERATION towards WASHINGTON DC to “make salt”. They’ll opine that the FOOLS who PULLED never had a chance because they didn’t control the MASS MEDIA…hence…they were kept balkanized and powerless.

Yes…they’ll note the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE was well-defended at all levels of government. The universities and high schools were infiltrated with socialists, Eco-fascists and Marxists generating  vast pools  of servile supplicants and parasites each one willing to kneel and lick boot to gain MASTER’S favor.