Sunday, April 29, 2012


     U.S. House of Representative Speaker JOHN BOEHNER (R.OH) appeared on national TV and endorsed Mitt 'the nit' Romney. He pointed out OBAMA had failed miserably and Romney was capable of bringing Americans out of this socialist malaise and insulating  America from the Eco-fascist torment heaped on our industries. According to ole Johnny-B-Good...ROMNEY will craft even more "red tape"...massage trade barrier...reduce  bureaucratic hassle and hurdel in order to restore America to its former greatness...but...will preserve the 20th Century NANNY STATE mostly intact.
     In so many ways...SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER champions the past. He and ROMNEY don't  see anything wrong with trillion dollar deficits...inflationary currency...enormous tax hikes in 2013...and...a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system which has grown massively since TEAM OBAMA arrived. Sure...they'll squeal about the TAX about the SPENDING...trim about its edges...but...then...capitulate and grant to the MASTER OF THIS CAGE more money to continue to eliminate liberty replacing such with "freedom to obey".
     I mention JOHN BOEHNER on this April 29th because he could've said so much in that TV interview but refused since ROMNEY is a Mormon-socialist. How could BOEHNER decry the "chain and whip" his own endorsement of  'the nit'...he declared the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA fitting and fit instead of rank anathema? How could BOEHNER call Obama a "MARXIST ON MISSION" when the dude he just endorsed  a rabid socialist willing to destroy as much liberty as OBAMA ever considered doing?
     Even though SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER could've voiced a statement of liberation over subjugation...he chose to discuss "how" ROMNEY and he will trim and massage. Sure...Boehner could've broken rank and said "I support liberty and hence I march with RON PAUL" have done as much would've doomed his chances to remain "accepted" by THE ESTABLISHMENT.
     Keep in mind RON PAUL...the leader of the ARMY OF still a viable alternative to ROMNEY...even though ole JOHN has concluded otherwise. Maybe in early May of 2012 RON PAUL'S chance to become the putative Republican Party presidential nominee will be dashed. As Rep. RON PAUL said, "He'll fight until the 1,144 delegate count by Romney has been reached." Yet..this ARMY OF LIBERATION will still be afoot...still calling for this CAGE to be dismantled.'s this likelihood of deployment of  "THE ORB"which causes alarm in the pro-CAGE camp on both sides of the aisle.
     Folks...if such defeat of RON PAUL occurs...some might throw  their battle flags into the fire and return to home and hearth deflated...devoid of zeal...cathartic...angry, perhaps...and...mostly out of time to devote to such continued effort. Surely Boehner and Romney would like to see such deterioration of obvious opposition within the Republican Party. They can't hardly push pro-CAGE stuff with a bunch of freedom-fighters screaming and protesting everywhere the GAG LAW now permits them to stand can they?
    To help eliminate this "real opposition"...TEAM OBAMA will lend its minions in the MASS MEDIA to publish accounts of "liberation-advocates" finally declaring their allegiance to the CAGE and "red ink" RIDE.  Indeed...TEAM OBAMA will have their minions "dressed as RON PAUL" people saying they're headed home...the country is in good hands with TEAM OBAMA.