Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tid-bits from MARS


As a voice of one crying in the wilderness…beyond Jordon,(JOHN 1:28)…I reach out to every American to consider  the PROMISED LAND  envisioned by OBAMA.  What is his idea of paradise in which we shall live? In answering these questions…it occurred to me that Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION. Hence…his concept  of paradise  centers  around enslavement and neo-feudal control  from  cradle to grave.

Take for example this so-called OBAMACARE MANDATE. Such a MANDATE is “universal enslavement” with a MASTER-SLAVE  relationship embedded therein. Imagine  that the moment you’re born… you’re tagged with an OBLIGATION TO PAY WHATEVER MASTER DIRECTS…and…you’ll feel the grip of OBAMA in his PROMISED LAND. Indeed…the Bible’s BOOK OF  REVELATIONS forecasts such a MARK OF THE DEMON being affixed to each person. HMMMM…sounds like MARXIST ON MISSION afoot, eh, Folks.


Yes…on Tuesday evening, the Republican Primaries in several states recited ROMNEY  as winner but RON PAUL took a large measure of the overall delegate vote leaving him and ROMNEY as the two left standing in this 2012 Republican Presidential contest. The Republicans are offered two different visions in these final days before TAMPA. With ROMNEY they receive “same old, same old, just different bag”. On the other hand….with RON PAUL …America receives a fresh start…with this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model dismantled…its “red ink” RIDE terminated.


Yes…STUDENTS…who seek a college degree using BORROWED FUNDS…after graduation become indentured servants. Many will choose to work for the government to pay off such OBLIGATION. Others will simply ignore the BURDEN and attempt to live a life on the proverbial run from some government agent with a nasty disposition.


In 2016…the disabled receiving social security…will find the ENTITLEMENT exhausted. Sure…there will be MASS MEDIA stirred hysteria. Anecdotal stories will be paraded. Drooling wheel chairs and cripples crying on stage will become commonplace. “How dare you permit Little Billy to die because he didn’t get his piece of government  pie!” 


Government causes famine…freedom delivers growth. Nowadays…the NANNY STATE has reached its zenith…and…most producers recognize it’s time to dismantle this CAGE…eliminate this oppressive FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system…with its YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA…and liberate  from subjugation the unwitting FOOLS who PULL.

Yes…the NANNY STATE has crony businesses that exist because of the NANNY STATE. These businesses will obviously suffer when the NANNY STATE is dismantled since they’ll have to compete without their special protections and other political power. As most Americans have finally come to realize…most of them are so beholding to Uncle Sugar…such loss of Uncle Sugar’s favor will surely cause them to seek bankruptcy protection.


Talk about “BIAS”…most of the MASS MEDIA is in favor of more socialism and more Eco-fascism. These talking heads are paid to preach enslavement with a smile and they do it with aplomb. To hear them tell it…AMERICA is much better off if Uncle Sugar siphons wealth and redistributes as Uncle Sugar sees fit. Yes…Uncle Sugar hold lavish parties in Vegas on such MONEY. And…of course…the OBAMA-Secret Service operates brothels in South America  and elsewhere…using  male prostitutes as young as 11 years old…for their ruthless  pleasures. But…so what! Uncle Sugar is powerful and can do as Uncle Sugar pleases, eh, OBAMA?


The Obama Administration set the IMMIGRATION CASE to be heard before the Supreme Court in April of 2012 so that such advocacy could be used politically. Imagine pro-OBAMA people telling their pals “at least Obama tried to stop that Arizona Law.” Such a statement creates instant affinity and hence is politically powerful.

 In contrast…the people…those assiduously attempting to counter  such  an ATTRACTIVE  BENEFIT…are left telling their audiences they’ll attack employers…imprisoning producers for using the cheapest labor possible with the skill level required for such task.  This attack on the employer-employee relationship is neo-feudal and must be opposed. Free flow of labor without border or incident is a moral imperative in the OUM.

Indeed…such a statement is contrary to the 21st Century  “otherwise unhampered market”(OUM) model and prevents LATINOS from generally  supporting  the Republican ticket. Unlike any other group…the LATINO knows how to work…how to save…how to build an empire for his family. You’ll never meet a dishonest LATINO who is doing such things! They’re a credit to any community and should be encouraged in every way possible.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness…beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)…I invite you to consider THE ORB. THE ORB chases away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. Yes…there are naysayers who declare THE ORB won’t ever be deployed. They stand in the way…using every tactic to hinder and annoy. Yet…THE ORB is attractive to anyone engaged in EDEN-seeking.


After some effort at convincing Union County, Indiana about the wondrous nature of liberation over subjugation…their  local government decided to try applying the concept embedded in THE ORB.  Within 36 months of its first application and deployment…UNION COUNTY experienced a $400,000 government surplus and ceased imposing property taxes due to the overage. Yes…government services are stripped to essentially courts, police, and road-bridges maintenance. 

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator AL  ARMENDARIZ (REGION 6)

Al Armendariz…an EPA honcho…must be fired and labeled in such a way people will shun him as “evil”. This desperado in drag stood before a group of underlings and described their mission similar in nature to that of the Romans who would go into Turkish villages and crucify the first 5 people they met in order to spread terror. Yes…this Cretan has apologized for his poor choice of metaphor…but…he…nevertheless…meant every word of it. Indeed…he felt “safe” to reveal the true nature of EPA…and…the apology was based on something akin to “oops…we got caught…best hide the evil for now.”

We must dismantle this NANNY STATE CAGE model with its multiple MASTERS…each one willing to KILL for CAUSE. This jerk is just a bubbled-up symptom of this hellish CAGE.


We must eliminate the Transportation Security Agency. The TSA is a bunch of evil people wishing to assault children and Grandmothers causing them humiliation and emotional distress. By privatizing this “security search”…such monstrous transgressions will cease. But because they’re government…they can assault…embarrass…and…demean anyone they wish at any time they desire and they’re using that awesome power in an EVIL WAY!

A 4 year old girl dressed as a fairy princess was stripped searched. Her little dress removed. Her naked chest thumped hard to see if she were real or  some kind of explosive device. Her little vagina was probed and rudely examined by huge fingers looking for HIDDEN DRUGS and ATOMIC WEAPONRY…the two things TSA was told 4 year olds are obviously prone to carry.

                 Lori Croft…the  child’s grandmother…was hysterical. She could hear  her  granddaughter’s screams  as they raped her with their huge fingers looking for that hidden pouch of DRUGS or that offending “NUKE”. The TSA…alias NAZI VERMIN...classified this child as an “uncooperative suspect” deserving of any physical assault they chose to impose.

Maybe you don’t mind such EVIL done in your presence.  ANN FRANK …for example…was  grabbed  by the NAZIS during World War II  and slaughtered while people watched.  Fortunately…there are “real”  Americans still in America and they’re outraged at this kind of activity. How about you?


Folks…maybe you don’t care…but…the City of Vero Beach is wasting Vero Beach City taxpayer money. Never once did the City Council offer the  lawyering-contract for public bidding when it came to locating transactional attorneys to handle the sale of the Vero Beach Utilities Company. The level of skill needed for this effort is minimal since the lawyers are only “nuts and bolts” technicians with the negotiations left to the august Vero Beach City Council’s agents.

However, this august Council saw fit to award $1000 per aggregated hour to this law firm…a law firm that never publically bid on this contract. Had there been public bidding and public discussion…the local Indian River County Bar Association could have donated the time. Indeed…this county has the most talented lawyers in Florida. How such a collection occurred is too much for this BLOG. Suffice it to say…Vero Beach is paying too much* for the whistle.

·         Ben Franklin as a child bought a whistle for $5.00 and his Dad pointed out a whistle seller on every block of Boston and the average price was $1.00. His Dad turned to a tearful Ben and said, “Lad…you paid too much for that whistle.”



Rush Limbaugh is pushing ROMNEY. Somehow, ROMNEY has transformed into some kind of capitalist willing to dismantle this horrific 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its “$35 million(+) per hour red ink” FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system…a system designed to compel compliance and create utter dependency. Little that ROMNEY has said or done would suggest such an epiphany.


OKAY…suppose you lacked any real talent or skill but had an almost worthless college  degree in climatology…and…there you sat…all fearful about future and willing to LIE and CHEAT to eat and clothe yourself. AND…suppose…someone said, “Hey…join us and you’ll make big bucks saying Chicken Little stuff.” Would you do it?

 An honest person would immediately say, “No way…I don’t kneel and Lick Satan’s boot.”(Matthew 4:8). Yet…unfortunately…there are some with candied tongue. They claim it “likely” Antarctic Ice Shelves are getting heated from beneath. They claim the cause of such dramatic ICE LOSS is a novel combination of  (a) wind change, (b)natural weather variation, (c)ozone hole and (d) greenhouse gases from mankind. Not anywhere was there mention of (e) VOLCANOES and (f) “other” …because…to mention (e) and (f) would be to undermine the entire man-made global warming myth…something these charlatans can’t ever afford to occur.


In the movie, PTCH BLACK…Van Deizel…tells the heroine to “look deeper” into the hole and there she would discover what grabbed one of their team of survivors.

FOLKS…the 2012 election cycle is significant but  there is always the next and the next. However, as time goes by and less and less freedom is enjoyed…each succeeding generation never knows what joy there was in the freedom the ancestors possessed….accepting what “is” as the normal when what they have is little better than CHAIN and WHIP.

Note for example NORTH KOREA. There you have dramatic starvation and misery on a scale harkening back to the early Middle Ages. Indeed, a  best seller in North Korea  is a book  on how to eat “tree bark and live”. The North Koreans don’t know they’re sheep and cattle inside a nasty CAGE. To them…whip and gulag are thought normal and not “evil and satanic”.

Maybe America is so dynamic that the CAGE won’t stifle as it has in North Korea. Yet…the entire American  public education system…through 20th century infiltration…has been tailored to preach CAGE and FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE and to hold “freedom” in disdain. The more dependent a person the better the voter…such theory has become the central theme of  OBAMA’S TEAM.

Al “not so” Sharpton, a foghorn for TEAM OBAMA, for instance, gleefully reported there were 58 million Americans dependent on FOOD STAMPS. His attitude was that such a number meant OBAMA was a good MASTER…and…those 58 million RIDERS deserved the RIDE and were the reason for the whip on the back of the unwitting FOOL who PULLS. Their tears, the FOOL’S purse…so to speak.

As I said the 2012 election cycle might not be that dramatic and another 48 months of this MASTER-RIDE-FOOL scenario won’t much matter. Yet…each time we miss the BRASS RING and permit perpetuation of such an EVIL THING…our idea of liberty gets trimmed and molded as MASTER defines that “right” or “need” to be.

As history has proven time and again, generally speaking the overall population comes to accept less liberty in exchange for whatever freebie or favor the  MASTER deems better or best UNTIL you have something akin to what’s afoot in North Korea.


Independent voters are breaking to the ROMNEY camp leaving Obama  with a TEAM  comprised of little more than rabid “OCCUPY” types. Unfortunately for OBAMA…the aggregate of “OCCUPY PEOPLE” are not “BROWN SHIRTS” and hence not much use to a demagogue. In fact…OBAMA fears them as much as the Republican Party. Obama signed into LAW a LAW that GAGS these people. They can’t hold OCCUPY SIGNS near any Presidential event “if” the Secret Service determines such protest-sign a THREAT TO THE PRESIDENT OR TO NATIONAL SECURITY.


When asked recently “how” would you sort the flock…cull the  herd…I…replied…ask which of the 535 did not vote “yes” for the GAG LAW. After those 3 valiant Americans step forth…you know the other 532 who must be evicted, of course.

Imagine using this one  vote to sort them out.  Their  vote in favor of this nasty  GAG LAW  would be the best way  for such a sorting because it cleans house and is something not any patriot or freedom-lover would have even considered possible in America. Indeed…Florida needs two new Senators. RUBIO and Marxist-Bill Nelson messed up and voted “yes” to impose such NAZI-LIKE CONDITIONS IN AMERICA!

In fact…folks…all 100 U.S. Senators voted for the GAG LAW. Surprisingly…MARCO RUBIO…joined in the lick-fest… knelt and licked MASTER’S boot. Of all licks that one was the unkindest of all. Whomever it was capable of having RUBIO sell out so easily…to stain and soil himself so well…such person has a  serpent’s tongue.

Envision the voters finally mutually deciding that EDEN is one vote away and they need to take this 2012 opportunity to clean house…evict all but those three patriots and proceed to deploy THE ORB and dismantle this 20th Century CAGE ushering in thereby the 21st Century!

 Imagine the entire newly elected bunch were dedicated to eliminating the “FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE”  and ushering in the otherwise unhampered market…a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king…a place where 14 year old male prostitutes in special brothels in Cartagena and El Salvador aren’t ravaged by Obama Secret Service Agents….a place where the General Services Administration(GSA) can’t squander $850,000 in Las Vegas on a great party spending “other people’s money”.

 Instead of permitting Satan to continue to reign…imagine this DEMON  and his crew pushed courageously aside.  There will come a moment when such a confluence shall occur and it very well might be 2012.

 I say “might be” since the ARMY OF LIBERATION was unable to muster sufficient funds to overcome the enormous advantage of the ESTABLISHMENT...a team with control of almost all MASS MEDIA.  Indeed…THE ESTABLISHMENT thought itself so secure it voted to GAG America preventing thereby any protest to gain momentum.

Led by Rep. RON PAUL…the ARMY OF LIBERATION planned to march to WASHINGTON DC and make salt. New and fresh…brilliant and bold…all brought to bear with geometric logic foretold. But it’s 4-26-12AD…and…the delegate count is mounting in favor of ROMNEY…THE ESTABLISHMENT dude.

Imagine everyone dedicated to dismantling this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its “red ink” RIDE…eliminating the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA…and…delivering this blessed land from the grip of Satan. Had we such a leader ready to deploy THE ORB…2012 would be a great moment to evict  the Congress…install a new crew with one mission: DEPLOY THE ORB.

  Imagine the Congress and President joining together and deploying THE ORB…eradicating instantly this CAGE and RIDE. Yes…folks…THE ORB chases, instantly, away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. Metaphorically…THE ORB is similar to the sword of Alexander the Great slicing through our proverbial Gordian Knot. Instead of attempting to piecemeal the process…something never to be accomplished…THE ORB…as the Holy Bible promises…chases away the grip and grab of SATAN…and…renders without power his minions.

 Such was the apparent  2012 mission of  U.S. Rep. RON PAUL…an elderly doctor who labeled himself a messenger delivering the gospel of liberty. He led an ARMY OF LIBERATION…dedicated to “making salt”. I speak in past tense since ROMNEY has been declared the putative nominee by the ESTABLISHMENT and any contrary voice ignored…a voice unfunded…left alone…as if a voice of one crying in the wilderness, (JOHN 1:23).

What if  the federal  government were  packed with people, though,  dedicated to dismantling the CAGE and RIDE and not to  its perpetuation? What if our government were filled with such patriots instead of   crammed with a  present-day collection of  miscreants and liars?  It’s possible to achieve this result…even though you’re taught from your first day in PUBLIC SCHOOL to lick MASTER’S boot.

 The eviction of Governor Scott Walker is proof that any recalcitrant outlier could be spotted and evicted through special election and public petition.  For instance…those 3  patriots…who refused to kill FREE SPEECH…had best remain loyal to liberty lest they suffer the proverbial “SCOTT WALKER”. Indeed when it comes time to deploy THE ORB…these three freedom-fighters  had  best  be amongst  its champions.

Yes...the Democrats…generally… want this  RIDE OF MAMMON, (Matthew 6:24) preserved no matter how many trillions of dollars must be borrowed from China to continue their power…because they derive their  GRIP  from the enslavement embedded in that RIDE. I describe the RIDE as enslavement since the RIDE is designed to create dependency and reduce a person to that of sheep and mindless cattle. The Democrats derive their power from telling the RIDERS they had best vote for RIDE and  CAGE because the “other  side” wishes to delete and eliminate virtually every seat aboard. 

In many ways…the RIDE  reminds me of a dreadful scenario set forth in THE ODYSSEY.

 In that TOME…that EPIC POEM…Homer tells us  the Big-O was divinely warned about a place where if you eat of the lotus you become “cattle like”…and…the typical scene so horrific not any one should ever land there…not ever…if  “men” they  wished to remain.

Sure…the RIDE is  attractive…and…can lure the unsuspecting amongst us  into the land of the lotus eaters. Yet…America is too dynamic…too many Big O-like people afoot. Yes…there are and always will be whining worms…and…to them I say…you  might wish to wash in the POOL OF SILOAM, (JOHN 9:11).

 Imagine before the ARMY OF LIBERATION…carried… as a beacon…as  a shining  invitation…there were something so wonderful…it  attracted everyone…even cattle to rise up…and…from their shrouds step forth.  Imagine this thing a mighty light chasing away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. Imagine as much and you have sensed the power of THE ORB.

The ORB is the Omnibus Repeal Bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE model with its “$35 million(+) per hour red ink” FREE


When the General Services Administration, (GSA), was caught partying on the taxpayer s’ dime…voters wondered if OBAMA were connected to this criminal enterprise. How about you?


Democrat John Edwards was running for President in 2008 when he became attracted to a lady with a goal. This SPIDER had  set out to ensnare him…embroil him in a mess from which there wasn’t any escape…and…profit mightily thereby. Had JOHN EDWARDS heeded my warning, though, he could have avoided this entire situation.

Recall that in early 2007…this writer publically warned DEMOCRAT JOHN EDWARDS that about him slithered serpents. He laughed at my alert saying I was an “alarmist”…incapable of really knowing what awaited the mighty JOHN EDWARDS. How dare someone attempt to provide information about what would occur!

Yes…in that publicized dialogue…I explained to him there was a “real hunter” on his trail and he’d best watch for such an obvious danger  lest he become a part of an inescapable  scheme.  I said his own evil would become his worst enemy. To my effort…he chortled and said he wasn’t afraid and was well insulated from any such nefarious encounter.

Of course, we know Rielle Hunter…somehow…was able to ingratiate herself and became the VIDEO-GIRL for the JOHN EDWARDS 2008 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. She was able to travel and be around JOHN EDWARDS at night as they went from town to town…from hotel room to hotel room…campaigning…shaking hands…kissing babies…and…preaching MARXIST drivel and tripe.