Before you choose Princeton University as the best college for your child...consider the evil afoot there. ALAN BLINDER is a typical professor at that so-called University...and...his filthy ways and idiotic views are so revolting few can stand to be in the same room with him for any length of time. He's just too anti-American for most people to accept. And...parents should consider such things before wasting their precious money sending their child into that morass and quagmire.

According to ALAN BLINDER...a potential teacher of your child...2+2 can equal "5" or any other number chosen by ALAN BLINDER. He's a Keynesian economist and as such reality doesn't matter. If his computer delivers the must be correct. spit out "5" instead of "4"...but...when you're ALAN BLINDER...such difference is unworthy of your concern. (Wall Street Journal 5/22/12;A-17).

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