Before his stay in the Oval Office...OBAMA was little more than a community organizer. He never opened and perpetuated a business. He never met a payroll. His business talent is minimal, (think Solyndra and First Solar). Indeed...OBAMA saw fit to squander almost a trillion bucks on GREEN ENERGY...something few thought viable...yet...he proceeded anyway...demonstrating his utter lack of reason and confused logic.

While I'm not thrilled about ROMNEY...he's a better choice in 2012 than TEAM OBAMA. Almost everyone is concluding as much. In Florida, for example, voters realize OBAMA has done so much wrong it's hurt the average Floridian. In OHIO...another battleground state and UNION stronghold...Obama's support has waned among UNION members. They wanted him to destroy what little liberty remained and replace it with "freedom to obey"...a well-worn UNION idea. While OBAMA has done a great deal to accomplish this UNION GOAL...they don't believe he's done enough!
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