Why hog the JOB? Many politicians need their JOB. They haven't any other source of livelihood and detest working in the real world where employment and income are "iffy" things! Because they're on the public payroll their JOB is to keep the TAX AND SPEND going mightily. The more people dependent on the "pro-vote"...the more JOB security for those who promise "more not less".

Unfortunately for most politicians slithering about in the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the voters are beginning to awaken to the LIE...are angry about the DECEPTION...and...are planning on evicting the entire vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists. Sure...they have been told to fear the light of THE ORB...but...most voters are intrepid Americans and aren't easily frightened.Such is "why" U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL),can be defeated by CONNIE MACK...so long as MACK offers liberation over subjugation.
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