Yes...Walter Cronkite selected ROMNEY as the winner of the 2012 Presidential contest. Sure...ole Walter's been dead some years now...but...his ability to forecast...his uncanny skill to predict...such incorporeal stuff remains intact. His entire intellect was downloaded into a computer...and...that data filled with ways to predict political outcomes. So precise the forecasts that TEAM OBAMA is asking this "EIGHT BALL" every important question possible.

For example..Libyan strongman,KADAFFY...was predicted to abdicate and a specific date was provided by this data base reverently called: CRONKITE. It's more complex than STUXNET and FLAME...two computer viruses designed to gather information in IRAN and SYRIA.It's more precise than any software out there and has provided "real time" forecasts. Indeed...CRONKITE predicted the ARAB SPRING and noted such Democracy effort would begin in TUNISIA.

Because of its "predicting template"...TEAM OBAMA is asking CRONKITE what steps must be taken to defeat ROMNEY and assure Democratic victory in November of 2012. The answer they received was disturbing. CRONKITE when asked such question presented an answer unpalatable to TEAM OBAMA. When asked what could be done to defeat ROMNEY...the answer was: " can't win!"
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