In Libya...Abdel Baset al-Megrahi has finally succumbed to his prostate cancer and died. Recall that he was connected to a bomb which brought down a passenger-packed jet...and...spent many years in a Scottish Prison. He was released when it was demonstrated the jerk had contracted consumptive cancer and should be permitted to die in Libya. Over BUSH-CHENEY objection...he was released and flew back to Tripoli where he received cancer treatments which prolonged his life 1000% longer than predicted by Scottish Doctors.

Many people are could there be such a difference in a Scottish doctor's OPINION and what actually occurred. HARVARD SCIENTISTS tasked to answer this question reported that ABDEL outlived the Doctor's prediction because he received Libyan cancer treatment...not Scottish Government-administered medicine and treatment. For Libya...Megrahi received a different batch of cancer-fighting drugs...and...this combination worked well until his already-damaged body simply couldn't any longer self-repair and he succumbed. Had he remained in Scottish custody...he'd have received the Scottish-package...a package cleverly designed to terminate quickly.

I mention this SCOTTISH STUFF because TEAM OBAMA has created OBAMACARE with a death panel similar in bent and purpose to that found embedded in the SCOTTISH MEDICAL LAWS. Every healthcare scholar...who has compared the British System and the one OBAMACARE will generate...have's likely these death panels will deliver assistance but only healthcare assistance it determines better or best. Can you imagine what the AMERICAN package will contain?
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