Every lady has the right to choose and not any meddlesome...live-my-way jerk should ever be able to commandeer the decision on full term or abort. It's quite impressive to hear the loudest demand coming from people who have never and will never care for the unwanted child. They're all talk...no walk. They're there to direct and control...and...to reduce the woman to that of some herd animal.

The REPUBLICAN PARTY must embrace liberation over subjugation and remove government interference at all levels of existence and lifestyle. If a lady wants to abort, it's her right and it must remain an unbridled right...packed with sole and exclusive discretion. Anything else amounts to an unwarranted intrusion smacking of tyranny!

The Democrats have been clever in pushing the idiots in the Republican Party whose opposition to abortion is foolhardy and officious. Take for instance, ROMNEY. He told America he would stop abortions...a statement so anti-liberty it had to have cost him millions of votes among liberty-loving ladies.

The POLITICAL STRATEGY cadre of this BLOG contacted ROMNEY and entreated him to change his view and embrace liberty and the right to abort. By doing that  one pivot...he could undermine almost 39% of Obama's support among ladies insuring a solid 2012 victory. On the other hand...he was informed that to remain "anti-abortion" was to limit his curb appeal and probably cost him the election.
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