December 2012
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Nearing a fiscal cliff...Obama took to the stage to announce the Republicans were caving into Democrat demands...and...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE was to be perpetuated for another season.

Sure...the Republicans could shut off the water...turn off the lights...and...send the entire vermin lot of them packing...but...TEAM OBAMA gambled they would relent...kneel...and...worship the golden calf, (Exodus 32:24).

The Republicans lack support in the MASS MEDIA. Indeed...the MASS MEDIA is packed with MARXISTS...SOCIALISTS...ECO-FASCISTS...AND..."other freedom-haters". Hence...the Republicans must fight not only the scum in Congress but also the scumbags in the complicit MASS MEDIA.

FOX NEWS and a few BLOGS simply can't unhorse the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA. Sure...cannon can be brought to bear on some fortresses...but...overall...the redoubts remain impregnable...its minions capable of delivering 24/7 excoriation,(think Herman Cain).

We're in the final days of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. days...folks...because more and more Americans are beginning to understand they don't need someone directing and controlling their lives from cradle to grave. Even in New York City...the very epitome of "spank and diaper check"(think 16 ounce cups and Bloomberg's edict)...people are eating as much as they want...drinking as much as they want...and...are prepared to tell any busy-nose to haunt another part of the universe and leave them alone.
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Obama took to the national stage to say what he's been saying all along. After he concluded his of the hand-picked audience said, "He is a MARXIST ON MISSION and will ruin America with his tribal-socialist programs and policies...but...I can't do without my social security or medicare and he has promised to loot storerooms to fund my need."
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BAD IDEA? Of's always a bad idea to spend more money than you have because to accomplish such feat...borrowing must occur. And...more often than not...unless the borrowed portion produces enough to repay the loan...the red ink floods compartments and the ship to speak.
The only outfit that can borrow and spend with impunity is Uncle Sugar. Because Uncle Sugar can print can always pay off any sums borrowed. Naturally...the pay-off would be accomplished using more paper money...and...the creditor left without any other format for repayment and hence forced to accept the same.
Most creditors know Uncle Sugar could resort to such monetizing of  the national debt flooding thereby America with such worthless script...but...doubt such folly would ever receive a majority vote.

In an inflationary every Keynesian knows...the creditors are repaid with worthless script...script they must accept since most such unwitting creditors in their contracts* didn't put in the "equality provision". A belief that never would Uncle Sugar flood America with script is what most creditors have used as their underpinnings.
* In Argentina...contracts have an "equality clause" making repayment in "inflated script" equal to what value the contract would have otherwise fetched. GOLD is GOLD and possesses a commodity price no matter where on the planet such might be used. On the other hand...colorful fish dollars...with birds and bearded men on the front...that script usually is discounted by as much as 5000%. A Zimbabwe $100 trillion dollar note...for example....fetched THIRTY FIVE CENTS at the "PAWN STARS STORE"....and...that was only because not anyone was watching CHUMLEY at that moment.
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Expected might be the way some might say when whether award received one day. Perhaps...when historians examine this BLOG and its multiple awards received in recognition and acknowledgement of intellectual prowess and forecasting accuracy...they'll conclude FREEUSFLORIDA.COM led the crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete its "victim-creating" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.
20% of GDP was spent by Uncle Sugar in 2008. 2012...spending has grown to 25% of GDP. From what TEAM OBAMA has can only assume the omnivorous maw of "tax and spend" will become even more ravenous not less! Senator Rand Paul stood forth and said he would not support any increase in taxes and he wanted Uncle Sugar to stop spending as much.
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The Afghans were burying explosives and when Americans happened by...they'd detonate the "improvised explosive device"(IED). The Americans became quite savvy at finding these "mines"...and...such defense required the Afghans to come up with a better weapon. After some conferring with Iranian rag heads...they began using what has been called an "improvised explosive projectile"(IEP). This IEP when detonated travels through the defenses of the Americans...piercing up to 100 feet of steel and concrete and anything else presently used for armor.
Senator Lieberman admitted Benghazi and Kabul were equally dangerous on 09-11-12...but...only the defenses in KABUL were beefed up. According to Lieberman...the Benghazi embassy compound was a prime target...a target of which Hillary Clinton knew prior to 09-11-12...was asked about...and...was heard to tell people she didn't care if loudmouth-Stevens got his! Lieberman was disturbed by Hillary's callous disregard for Stevens' safety and how easily she dismissed his potential murder.
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How can one use a false premise argument to great advantage? Such was the question posed recently by Timmy Titler...a FOX NEWS contributor. Titler knew that charity in a free society was a socialist society...such was imposed using the phrase: "our tears...your purse".

Take for instance the often heard argument about "why" government can loot and plunder at will. It can be framed easily as follows:

"Because America is a good and charitable nation...Uncle Sugar can give "freebie and favor" to those qualifying for the same. Because America speaks through its President and other leaders...if these leaders wish to create a FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE then so be it! And...if the FOOLS who PULL refuse to perform as beasts of burden any longer...that they not any longer desire to PULL...then...the MASTER of this charitable nation will apply 'whip and chain' directing mud and straw be brick by noon!"
Ambassador Stevens sent several emails predicting his own doom should embassy defenses not be augmented. However...for still unexplained reasons...his premonition went ignored...and...on 09-11-12...a date he thought the one where he'd meet his doom...he was murdered along with 3 other Americans. Hard to imagine what Stevens was thinking...hunkered down in his impregnable he screamed into that microphone for aloft gun ships and hovering Predator Drones to open fire.

In contrast...ADAM LANZA...did not announce his intention to massacre children at Sandy Hook Elementary. Whereas, Stevens knew he was doomed...and...begged for protection...those victims at Sandy Hook Elementary never could imagine towards them approached a monster....ready to kill anyone and everyone.

The comparison and contrast between Stevens' death and the Sandy Hook dramatic and so obvious...they combined to trip Hillary Clinton causing her to fall in her living room and strike her head on the cold concrete inflicting a significant concussion and loss of memory. Indeed...her complicity in the death of J.Christopher Stevens was so much an indelible stain that it clogged her leg...generating balloon with backed-up blood.
Parents for the slain children of SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY have filed a $100 million law suit. Somehow...officials are accused of culpable negligence....that they foresaw ADAM LANZA'S massacre and yet refused to defend Sandy Hook from such a monster. Doubtful this suit will survive a motion to keeps the Sandy Hook massacre in the news, now doesn't it?
Bassam Haddad has come forward to reveal "why" Ambassador Stevens was assassinated at the embassy compound in Benghazi on 09-11-12. Using data acquired from Stevens' computer hard drive....Haddad declared Stevens was murdered in order to prevent him in the last days of the 2012 Presidential campaign from exposing General Petraeus' affair with Broadwell...and...his own tryst with Hillary Clinton and a camel.
Rep. Burgess was elected to "cut spending"...not..."raise taxes". He went to Congress to do just that. But when he arrived...he found Democrats...such as Chris van Hollen and Debbie Wasserman Schultz...wanting to increase both spending and taxes...the purpose of which was to make the federal government some kind of tyrant capable of stomping any dissent.
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Why spend hours analyzing...and...then...preaching? Why do it? Who will hear? Such was what the universe asked as John the Baptist...over 2000 years ago...stood in a pool beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...and...called upon GOD to issue "renewal and rebirth" to any soul seeking the same. Instead of some 2 shekel Temple tax and some mumbo-jumbo incantation...JOHN...offered merely life-threatening water and rebirth. However...despite the desert the time the scouts of Caiaphus arrived...the prayer-line stretched 1/2 the way across Judea,(JOHN 1:23).
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AYN alien from another planet who took human Atlas Shrugged...forecast what would become of America should a charismatic leader espousing MARXISM seize power. And what she predicted has come to pass. a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with a pragmatic MARXIST ON MISSION in control of 99.999% of all MASS MEDIA! Obama and his Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other"...want to destroy what little liberty remains and replace such with "freedom to obey".

Ayn Rand predicted there would be "celebrated-by-media" meetings between moguls of industry and the Oval Office...and...therein...such titans would tell the "curious public" the NANNY STATE was best and their obedience required to achieve beneficial results.(See movie: ATLAS SHRUGGED, part two).

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM! Yes...the Mayans were incorrect. Planet Earth did not explode...and...mankind is alive and well. But...what Americans make of the next election cycle means much to freedom-lovers. As history demonstrates....when the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE out-number the FOOLS who isn't very long before that RIDE becomes tyrannical and hence unsustainable.
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Can't happen?

"Can't say?" did...and...for such event...for such ripple in time and space...such must be did!

Yes...scream "it did" all people...strangers as you meet...grab ignorant tunic...gaze through surprised did!

When JESUS escaped the grip of dateless night...when using sophisticated death-assuming drugs...when...using technology...Jesus foisted a "return from the dead"...caused he the cry across Judea..."he did"...of can't...nobody else has done it...but...blessed the Lord...he did!+
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You can have your silly must increase domestic spending to gain our support. To get Democrat support...BUSH-CHENEY capitulated and began to give the Democrats their domestic-NANNY STATE CAGE.

BUSH-CHENEY were idiots...and...were out-sailed.  They got their "dirty little wars"...but...BUSH-CHENEY surrendered domestic policy to the Democrats. The Democrats were clever enough to engineer the FISCAL CRISIS of 2008 because BUSH-CHENEY were too involved in winning religious wars...and...when catastrophe struck...Obama was propelled into the Oval Office along with his rabid socialist crew whose desire to destroy liberty and replace such with "freedom to obey".
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The dude...who set fire to his house...called the fire department...and...then shot the fire fighters as they tended the flames...this jerk was a loyal Democrat and vocal OBAMA supporter. He said he was driven to kill because OBAMA refused to loot storerooms as fast as required to keep the NANNY STATE CAGE funded. Such slow-motion socialism angered SPANGLER...and...he decided to shoot some fire fighters just to show what a good Democrat he could be.
Democrat Dick Durbin from Illinois in the U.S. Senate bragged about looting storerooms of the wealthy and passing such plunder out to those folks he concluded were needy enough to warrant his largess. Sure...he destroyed when he plundered and looted...but...what did he care! He was a Democrat and such destruction to him expected outcome.
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Okay...10,000 clowns out of're trying to be funny? Now...I get it! For a moment...I thought you and the others were in the backroom hammering out a deal...a deal to solve a problem you and the others created...a problem you and the others could instantly solve. Yet...instead of doing what could be that backroom hammering...and...selflessly...claiming still undone.
ADAM LANZA...the ghoul of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre...possessed a "crazy-look". As one of his best friend's said, "Ole Adam had a crazy look!" Indeed...not one of his friends could believe that ADAM had killed his mother and all those children at Sandy Hook. Sure...ADAM had discussed his allegiance to OBAMA...and...had called himself a "good-Democrat"...but...never did these bosom-pals think him so demented he'd become some monster and slay others.

What has everyone spooked is that this same "crazed-look" is on many faces in the typical crowd nowadays. Walk through any MALL...look at the passing eyes and many of them you'll observe the demented...the crazed...and...all packed with anger so deep as to be ruthless. So disturbing were such observations...that a MALL COP drew his gun and shot 15 such "crazy-looking" people because he believed they were armed and dangerous.
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Leaders from both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives met at the White House to cobble out a last-minute deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. Behind closed-doors...vested interests and political power measured and assessed.

Will the Republican-led House kneel and worship whatever golden calf TEAM OBAMA fashions behind that closed door? Will the freedom-fighters among the Republican Caucus stand forth...identify this idolatry and demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the generator for such dismantled and the otherwise unhampered market thereby ushered in?
AARON MOYER and his wife are some of the "in limbo" adoptive parents. Their child is a Russian 4 year old child who might not become theirs should President Putin not step in and ask Russia: "Is there not a Russian family willing to offer what this American family intends to offer to this Down Syndrome 4 year old male child?" If there is not such a Russian Family...then...permit this American family...led by Aaron have this child to raise and to love as a "wanted child"!

President Putin is a great leader. He understands mistreatment and never wishes any Russian child to be adopted by "bad-parents". However, there are better ways to insure "good-parenting" than interdicting Aaron Moyer and preventing him from offering a home and nurturing environment to a 4 year old Downs Syndrome male child.
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Okay...before 11-06-12...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came forward and took 100% of the blame for the Benghazi embassy compound debacle.

When it came to her appearing before Congress to explain what she meant...she fainted...bumped her head on the coffee table as she plummeted to the concrete floor where her nose and chin splattered in blood and broken bone.

Because she had the flu...and...was dehydrated...she lost balance...consciousness...and...towards the floor she precipitously fell...her nose and chin striking the coffee table's sharpest edge...lacerating...breaking...and...inflicting concussion and other related-infirmities. Obviously...Hillary was not about to appear in such "injured" condition...but...has promised...following her speedy recovery...that she'll appear and answer questions.

It's obvious "soft-ball" questions will be home-run format...smacked from the so-called park. The MASS MEDIA will hold her up as willing to be a team-player when team-player was needed for Party perpetuation. Indeed...because of "what frame" such will hold...the "faint-bump" will become a favored ploy used to the complicit MASS MEDIA labeled: "prudent and bold".
Folks...the ROMNEY CAMPAIGN BUS...the one with all the stuff painted on it...that BUS...that amazing BUS...all packed with every luxury...such is for sale! some surprise...the opening bid for that BUS has not topped $100.00!

Yes...that BUS...when built...cost $98 million...and...has technology and amenities most Earthlings couldn't imagine. But...Americans are a superstitious bunch and few wish to waste their money on such an emblem of "loser"as that BUS represents. Not even someone wishing to attend BURNING MAN would want that BUS!
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Because of the favorable tax-treatment...many multi-national companies are putting their valuable stuff in "tax-havens" and then buying from those tax-haven entities permission slips to use those respective goods or services. Take for example, STARBUCKS. This company buys its products from "tax-haven" countries and then sells such stuff in "tax-rich" environments more often than not losing money in those "tax and spend" venues.

In Britain...STARBUCKS volunteered more money than it owed in taxes because 2012 was the first in its first 5 years of business that ever profit was made. Instead of accepting this "donation"...the socialists screamed they wanted their "fair share"...that STARBUCKS had to pay more...much...much more.

When STARBUCKS reported such "much-much-more" would cause them to shut close their it...screamed the socialists..."fair share"...such a thing...such a them the winning score. Yes...another business driven from off...never to return no matter how much implored. the socialists...misery shared was to be honored...raised up as golden calf to be worshiped...and...called: "LORD".
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Secretary of Defense nominee, Chuck Hagel is opposed by Republicans because he's a Jew-hater. Israel doesn't need another Jew-hater sitting in a position of power when IRAN attacks through Syria and Lebanon! Yes...the U.S. Senate Democrats  are pushing CHUCK HAGEL. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL)...for example...said he supported HAGEL because HAGEL would never use American military to protect Jews...something Nelson found appealing to his own private anger towards anger stemming from how Nelson was treated as a young aspiring artist in Vienna.
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Uncle Sugar's debt is 120% of gross national product. If everything Americans produced were grabbed and sold by Uncle Sugar to pay its debt...100% of what was taken would not satisfy this omnivorous maw with an appetite so vast it consumes 20% more than what can be produced per year. Yes...folks...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is about at its end.

 As one historian noted...the horde only advances when grazing available. No horde advance. The NANNY STATE and its Hun-horde are about out of fodder...about out of storerooms to loot...and...about at an end!
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The BIG BANG THEORY says that the universe sprang from an exploding singularity. Because this idea is so became the center of all Astro-physics. Indeed...BIG BANG THEORY even has noted intellects discussing the BANG in terms of what the universe looked like ONE BILLIONTH OF A SECOND after the singularity began to expand.

When you assess this BIG BANG THEORY...why not ask simple questions which these "brain-ee-acts" refuse to examine or discuss? For example...gravity and time are inextricably connected. As gravity increases...time slows down...and...infinite density implies time has stopped. The singularity would remain a singularity and...never...ever...never...blow up...because of this simple rule of  Quantum physics!

Ignoring such things...however...the "brain-ee-acts" dodge this obvious pitfall simply by saying that one day...the board of directors of the singularity met...and...decided to expand their domain. An expansion button was pushed...and...the universe began: BANG!
JAPAN is angry because Obama is keeping the U.S. dollar cheap making American goods more competitive in world markets squeezing out thereby Japanese products whose prices are greater because the Japanese Yen is so much stronger.

What the Japanese don't understand is that money is a commodity and too much money creates a glut and that glut causes the overall value of that commodity to fall generally speaking. Zimbabwe...for example...recently went too far trying to cheapen their money...trying to reduce the value of the Zimbabwe dollar.They made their money so cheap that they don't print both sides of their money since the "printing ink" cost more than the $100 trillion* dollar value mentioned on the printed side.
*According to Timothy Geithner...Secretary of U.S. Treasury...the Zimbabwe $100 trillion note is valued on the world market at THIRTY FIVE CENTS!
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Changing things requires a crusade in a Democracy since majority vote controls what will become of the nation. Inviting participation and then delivering what promised thereby...such the purpose of the crusade.

The crusade of which mention made is that of liberation over subjugation...dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...ushering in thereby the "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where never could some MASTER dictate from cradle to grave using NANNY STATE CAGE spank and diaper check.

Why not change? Why not join the crusade and let us...together...dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why permit the MASS MEDIA to keep you in fear and torment when by joining our march to WASHINGTON assist in "making salt"?

The KOCH BROTHERS and the KENNEDY FAMILY have joined this crusade as has Manny...the bulldozer driver at the county dump.
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Why do we not evict the vermin Hun-horde in Washington DC...hit the reset button...and...pursue an alternative which makes sense and is not a threat to future generations? Hmmm....why not?

The answer is simple. The Hun-horde controls most of the MASS MEDIA. If the Hun-horde were to lose their cannon on those heights...lose their fortresses arrayed to stop any passage of those seeking liberation over subjugation...then...freedom could...once again...shine in America.

Yes...there is an alternative to this fiscal morass in which America seems to find itself nowadays. Sure...the Hun-horde has impoverished America...but...when the country is led by a MARXIST ON MISSION* surrounded by rabid-socialists and Eco-fascists...there can't be much more expected.

The alternative is called "the otherwise unhampered market"(OUM). In the OUM there never can be found an able-bodied pauper! In such a place...the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax. In such a place never could someone...such as OBAMA...take wealth and squander it on such things as FISKER AUTOMOTIVE or SOLYNDRA.
*OBAMA is a freedom-hater. He is a tribal-socialist. He believes in the power of the "whip and chain".
Richard of "Occupy the economy...challenging capitalism"...came forward recently to acknowledge his error and admit the best possible economy would be one based on the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market" model. He conceded that America was suffering from exposure to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...that...what he was decrying wasn't the 21st century approach since such had not been tried...but...crony evolved-fine art...practiced by knee-crooking knaves and their would-be MASTERS, alike.

Because RICHARD WOLFF has been such a vocal socialist and came as quite a surprise when he contacted this BLOG and reported his change of mind and rebirth of spirit. He supported deployment of THE ORB and the ushering in thereby of the "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Instead of despising producers...he...recognized in himself a soul worthy of liberation over subjugation.
Socialist and freedom-hater, CHRIS HAYES...looked into a TV camera and exclaimed his dismay. He never thought Obama would refuse to attack...he always bragged that Obama was the one whose mission to grab and stack. Before this surprising change and approach...CHRIS HAYES was telling people that TEAM OBAMA capable of destroying liberty and imposing the YOKE.
HEATHER McGHEE...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...expressed her utter surprise when Obama refused to eradicate what little liberty remained in nibble and trim about the edge. "How dare he not plunder and loot until little left but that which permitted by government!"screamed an angry McGhee when she learned Obama had stepped back from total eradication of liberty.
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FORTNIGHT? Yes...TEAM OBAMA has bragged about such a term. It's another way of saying 14 days and nights. Mention is made of the FORTNIGHT because such is the amount of time the so-called TAX INCREASE would finance the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of 2012. With similar irony...the SPENDING CUTS which accompany this "fiscal cliff" patch-job...won't even wrinkle or ripple the vast ocean of red ink.

Such is the TEAM OBAMA legacy of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Indeed...unemployment probably won't dip much below 8% for decades to come. And...the number of RIDERS will continue to increase with each new group of rookies and acolytes more vocal and demanding than the veteran bunch. Rioting and looting when the "freebie and favor" begin to taper off...instead of quietly accepting diminution as the price of fealty.

As for the FOOLS WHO PULL...they can expect their storeroom to be plundered every time the RIDE seems in need of funding. What little protection their doors determined by the MASTER of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. According to TEAM OBAMA...such door shall be removed and the MASTER will loot as the MASTER sees fit and fitting...even if the plunder won't pay for more than a FORTNIGHT.
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Until a SUN-SPOT destroys all electronic stuff...there will be an electronic universe...a place where the human spirit and intellect are without edge...are boundless...and...infinite in perspective and nurture.

Over 2000 years ago...the Bible says...a man in a loin cloth...went into the desert...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...and...preached renewal...rebirth...and...reconstitution. When he commenced...he spoke to the universe...surrounded only by...sand...snake...scorpion...spider...and..."other". However, by the time the scouts of Caiaphus, (JOHN 1:23) arrived to discover the prayer line awaiting BAPTISM stretched 1/2 the way across Judea.

As it was over 2000 years a voice of one crying in the wilderness...I reach out to every American to consider "rebirth". Why not support an alternative? Why not stand with other freedom-lovers and demand this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled and the EDEN of the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) be permitted thereby to manifest?

Yes...the MASTER and the complicit MASS MEDIA have put before you many kingdoms and glories all yours if only you'll kneel and worship,(MATTHEW 4:8). The MASTER considers you "faceless cog and mindless sheep"...with...the glitter and sparkle of  "freebie and favor" much to your liking. believe your better days satisfied only by accepting and supporting whatever the MASTER believes suitable. If you're so constructed...renewal is the last thing you'd wish for anyone including yourself.

On the other hand...if you're adventurous...if you fancy yourself a liberator...if you want to stand forth seeking your own painted by you...and...not by some MASTER...then...consider supporting the OUM.'s's requires courage and steadfastness...but...all such things marshal in your soul should liberation over subjugation take hold.

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BOOM! That was all Captain Titler heard. He awoke in a hospital missing his legs from mid-thigh down. "My God!" The nurse seated next to his bed...stood up...put a reassuring arm on the Captain's shoulder saying they could not be saved. The BOMB was too big...his legs were ripped away in the blast. The doctors merely stopped the bleeding and cleaned up the bone fragments.

When this BLOG heard about Captain Titler...a call went forth for a manufacturer to build an exo-skeleton for this warrior. The SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT(SATD) of this BLOG made many calls before a charitable company was located.

Working from designs authored by exo-skeleton was created. It employed nano-technology...flexible such combination...the "user" finds walking...running...even...mountain climbing as easily performed as if there were real legs doing such things! Yes...there are other competing designs...but...they're metal, wire, small motors...and...walk like ROBO-COP.

Recently...SATD was asked "how" such 21st Century science and technology found. The answer was simple: GOOGLE SEARCH!
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Americans...died at Iwo Jima and a thousand other places so that people might be free. Indeed...stopping the advance of tyranny...the primal import of freedom-loving people.

However, America is not a freedom-loving place any more. It's become packed with tyrants and would-be kings at every level of government. Because government has been permitted to enter into the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) and its socio-economic realm and dictate outcome...such and control almost from cradle to grave using NANNY STATE CAGE spank and diaper check.

As observed in the 2012 election cycle...the voters are divided into basically three groups inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. There are the RIDERS aboard the "$100 billion" per day red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. There are the unwitting FOOLS who PULL. And...of course...the "ruling elite"...the MASTER of the 20th Century CAGE.

These RIDERS are generally divided into two sub-groups. In one such sub-grouping...are the retired worker bees....employees who spent their lives worshiping the golden calf and now that they're retired...they expect the government to recognize such worship and to pay them a monthly stipend until death. They paid their "dues" while they were working and contributed handsomely to the so-called SOCIAL SECURITY LOCK BOX TRUST* FUND.

The other sub-group of RIDERS is filled with parasites...people who take but don't give...and...who want as much as possible given no matter what storeroom must be plundered to accomplish the feat.

The unwitting FOOLS who PULL are those producers who still believe that in spite of all the "red tape and tax"...they can persevere. So long as they're on the playing field...they believe they can their sources of income as government stomps and chomps its way towards complete power and tyranny. They know at death the vultures of government will descend and loot the storeroom and pass such things out to the RIDERS as the MASTER sees fit and fitting. Nevertheless...the producers do what they can to avoid as much looting as possible...not only during their lifetime but also after their death.

The 3rd group is mentioned last since they believe themselves permanent. Once a pro-CAGE law is passed...they use it to increase their grip on augment the YOKE AND CHOKE perpetuate thereby themselves and their office. OBAMACARE is the epitome of this approach to government. If you don't pay whatever the MASTER directs...then MASTER will stomp!

In the 2012 election cycle...TEAM OBAMA knew there were more RIDERS than FOOLS WHO prevail they had to call upon the RIDERS to worship the golden calf. From the 2012 election results...TEAM OBAMA succeeded in persuading many knee-crooking knaves.
*SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND is filled with worthless paper! It's a MYTH... if ever there were one authored by tyrants.
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Payroll tax is "theft". The payroll tax money does not go into a lock box trust fund but is put into the general coffers to be used as Uncle Sugar sees fit. When the time comes for that payroll taxpayer to retire and receive his "social security and medicare"...those social security and medicare payments come from the general fund!

The worker bee volunteers such payroll tax because of the promise such payroll tax money will be put into a lock box trust fund designed to pay to that worker bee upon retirement a monthly stipend. The worker bee is promised that the monthly stipend will be protected from interruption because the lock box trust fund is administered to achieve such result.

However, the "lock box trust" fund is a MYTH. The worker bees are being taxed and that money is being spent as soon as it's received for everything but the purpose for which it was "taken". The Social Security Trust Fund is loaded with paper...not...GOLD or PLATINUM...but...paper.'s official looking paper...with stamps...and....seals...and...eagles flying in the's paper with a value ascribed by the world around it.

Imagine you're dollar bought a car when you were working. But...Uncle Sugar took part of that dollar in payroll tax promising that one day upon retirement...that that precious and valuable money would be that time...that dollar used to buy that car...a car that the worker bee had to do without because payroll tax took such money that would have been otherwise used for car purchase.

Imagine you're surprise when...upon retirement...Uncle Sugar hands you back that DOLLAR...but...that "paper dollar" won't buy a won't buy won't even buy a stick of gum. When that DOLLAR was stolen so long ago...that DOLLAR bought a even a stick of gum. Somebody stole that "value"? The culprits...on both sides of the aisle...even"who-me?"...and...then adopt the look of stupid and dumb.

We must end this PONZI SCHEME! Every retiree/victim should be paid a one-time payment and then the system terminated. Such termination of this entitlement will be merciful to the recipients...those coming and going...all first class treatment delivered.
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Imagine...a micro-rocket that uses zinc and naturally-occurring chemicals inside the human body to propel itself through human blood at the rate of 0.3 meters per hour. And...when...that micro-rocket comes into the proximity of a "circulating tumor cell"(CTC) fires its chemical payload destroying the CTC. The rocket is 10,000 nano-meters long and can survive in the tumult of the blood stream. Hence...when the patient suffers from a movement of the cancer to other areas of the body...these nano-rockets can be used to hunt down these CTC and destroy them!

Folks...we're on the verge of immortality. Imagine having a way to retard the aging process so that a person ages as slowly as...say...a sponge on the ocean's floor. contract pancreatic cancer and the entire pancreas is simply removed and another one grown over several months installed. Yes...imagine as much and you've just observed the benefits of the 21st century should the government not hinder or hassle such innovation or inventiveness.
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This morning...I was confronted by SATAN WORSHIPERS. They demanded I kneel and for such fealty I'd receive kingdom and glories. I rebuked them. I said "get behind me!"...and...I departed triumphant!

When will it be your turn to make such a pronouncement? When will you be shown kingdom and glory? When will you be offered much if only you kneel and permit? What price glory?
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If you smell human're in India...socialist...filthy...squalor...nasty...India.If you walk along the sidewalk and step in human're probably in China where socialism has kept most people incredibly poor. If you happen into an orphanage where adoptions went from almost 100% to're in PUTIN'S Russia.
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How long can both sides of the aisle hide the theft perpetrated on those who contributed to the social security trust fund or medicare trust fund? How long can both sides of the aisle pretend that a grand theft wasn't perpetrated on most retired American worker bees?

Folks...there is not any SOCIAL SECURITY LOCK-BOX TRUST FUND prudently administered to provide payment for each participant therein when by contract the same required to be paid. It's a LIE! That LOCK-BOX is filled with I.O.U.paper...not...GOLD...not...PLATINUM...not anything precious...but...merely...paper...paper...and...of course...why not...more paper....indeed...paper promising payment in even more such paper. Not GOLD...not platinum...but paper...mountains of paper...Zimbabwe-like paper!
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Awakened...I was...the sound of chopping. Annoyed I was that someone at dawn found chopping worthwhile. Yes...winter was coming...but...last night too much dare this miscreant disturb quiet dawn...chopping wood...useful fuel...when winter presses on.
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In BOB BIG went from home to home blowing people away. Yes...there was a GUN in the hands of Constable Timmy...but...Timmy was timid...and...fearful of what danger a gun can bring. Yes...Timmy had the GUN...but...Timmy was afraid to hold this be observed with this symbol of death.

When Timmy was told BOB BIG was afoot armed with AK-47 and a BUSHMASTER...he was asked if he would stop BOB BIG. Timmy said he had a GUN and would stop this menace before too many died. Those who delivered the information were...themselves...departing town...they knew how timid Timmy could be...they didn't wish to be on "killing ground".
Norman Schwartzkopf was well-known. What few know is that he...on one occasion...with speed almost Superman-like...flew across a room...grabbed his two helpers...and...slammed them and himself in bear-hug format to the floor. Over them flew shrapnel and death. How Norman knew a mortar shell had entered and landed was beyond human kin. What was known was that Schwartzkopf has saved himself and his two pals from doom.
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Why is it important to emphasize persistence? In the movie, RUDY...this concept of persistence was explored. Even though huge hurdles...RUDY leaped every man jack one of them. was impossible from every angle examined...yet...RUDY prevailed. The human-spirit can't be daunted. It can't be subsumed. Yes... it can be restrained for a Gandhi said...eventually...the soul of liberation shines through. a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan, (JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to you to consider liberation over subjugation. Yes...TEAM OBAMA with its complicit MASS MEDIA is replacing liberty with "freedom to obey" would appear they are winning. But the spirit of America will never permit such enslavement.
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General Norman Schwarzkopf has died. He was one of the generals whose ideas led to a victory when America led a coalition of countries against Sadam when Sadam took over Kuwait some years ago. It was ole Norman who decided to outflank Sadam's forces encircling and then destroying what would otherwise have been a formidable defense network.
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Folks...25% of the grain being sold in America moves through west coast ports. Many of these ports are ruled by UNIONS. These UNIONS can close down a port by shooting drivers...blowing up hydraulic equipment and other acts of mischief...hellishly designed to shut down a port and create fiscal havoc for all those people who thought such a thing could not be achieved.

Those folks who would attempt to dodge roadblocks...try and fill the jobs those striking UNION members wouldn't do...they're the first to be shot by UNION THUGS or ridiculed by complicit MASS MEDIA.

Because we're inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...most of the UNIONS are insulated from the forces of the marketplace...forces which would lead even union members to avoid the strike and deploy such a thing only in the last instance.
The shooter moved from train car to train car...shooting people as he went. He was using an AK-47 so each bullet killed 4 or 5 people as it traveled through the train's patrons. Of course...this train was a special train. It was packed with people who were against guns and who supported a complete ban on guns. To them...they were safe because there were GUN LAWS and the only people who possessed GUNS were the they were safe.

Unfortunately for them...they were wrong. GUN LAWS only took GUNS away from "good guys"...and...thereby provided the wolf with sheep...unarmed...defenseless...cowering sheep. And from train car to train car went the shooter...blowing holes in the sheep you could pass plates through. There was not anywhere to run. His firepower was awesome...his ammo belts full...and...his anger dripping from his bayonet.

After making his way through 59 train cars...he arrived at the last one...train car #60. In that car sat a lady whose courage unparalleled...unmatched...and...ready to be forthcoming. Lady Elizabeth listened to the screams...the booming of an AK-47...followed by...the horrific silence. She could hear in that ensuing silence...the heavy breathing and thud-like footsteps of the shooter.

When the black clad and fully masked shooter cleared the door to train car #60...his head exploded as a 45 caliber bullet entered and detonated. Lady Elizabeth...smiled...put her lip stick tube away...and...called upon the train's driver to let her off at the next stop. The ride had become a trifle unpleasant and she wished to use other transport.
George Bennett...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...was asked about the SANDY HOOK MASSACRE. He answered by saying "BAN ALL GUNS!" To eliminating all GUNS...that Sandy Hook tragedy would not have occurred. As George said, " the time the police arrive...the shooter will have killed everyone...but...that is a small price to pay when it comes to banning all guns!"
You all do  know this mantle. I recall the first time America ever put it on. It was in a tent on a summer's evening...that day America had overcome the enemies of liberty.

Look in this place ran socialist-daggers through. See what a rent the envious made. Through here...the well-beloved stabbed. This was the most unkindest cut of all.

We're in the final days of 2012...and...America's mantle covered in blood...soul pierced by treachery and betrayal. Shall we stand we stir and cry out?

Marching to WASHINGTON DC is the Army of Liberation(AOL)'s mission to "make salt" deploy THE ORB...and...dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Liberation over subjugation a battle cry of sorts...inviting all who hear its sound to join the crusade to delete the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA so much represented nowadays by the so-called "fiscal cliff".
Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a "fiscal cliff" is said to almost be upon America. Should America go over that so-called fiscal cliff...taxes would go up...and...spending would go down. According to the Keynesian economists such consequences would stifle businesses which depend on low taxes and ironically hurt businesses which rely on government-spending. A double to speak...would clobber America.

While it might seem improbable from your alternative could be offered to address this fiscal cliff and avoid the so-called double whammy. It's called THE ORB. By deploying THE ORB...the 20th Century CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system are instantly* dismantled...and...the "tax and spend" of the 20th Century CAGE jettisoned as "idiotic and foolhardy".

Some Doubting Thomas need of a wound-poke for verification...need only be directed to examine HONG KONG and determine in such assessment "why" that ROCK generates more prosperity than anywhere else on the planet. He would observe that...low taxes...little to none government intrusion...and...small government operation fetch incredible prosperity for the citizens crowded wall-to-wall on that speck of whatever...a speck so's one of the best places to visit and vacation on Earth.

This "show-me" inspection would reveal that to the extent there is an Otherwise Unhampered Market(OUM), therein can't be found any able-bodied paupers. Indeed...the OUM manifests when THE ORB is deployed. By such deployment...the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism are chased away and EDEN manifests therein.

To deploy THE ORB requires a majority of legislators and a willing President or Governor. Should THE ORB be deployed and Uncle Sugar dismantled...America would instantly blossom and bloom. The "hassle and hinder" would be removed. The grip and grab of some MASTER inside a 20th century 'red tape" CAGE would be gone. The incredible siphoning of wealth through government monetizing of the NATIONAL DEBT would be at an end.
*Yes...3.78 million federal worker bees will be out of jobs instantly. But they'll be given thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their selfless, drooling public service, but NOTHING ELSE! Sure...they'll be unemployed...for awhile...but...without the CAGE and RIDE to stifle and hinder...America will blossom and bloom as if EDEN manifested. And in such incredible otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...these federal worker bees...those of them who wish to be employed...will find employment. As socialist-David Plouffe said, "Most of them will qualify for positions in the fast food or hotel cleaning industries."

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Wind power receives a tax break. The Republicans want to end this "wind production tax credit". The Democrats respond by claiming wind power requires such a tax break in order to survive in a world where wind power is for fools and not for serious investors. But the argument is misplaced in focus, however.

Folks...the answer to our fiscal cliff is not to continue with "same old, same old...just different bag."  Why must businesses be taxed at all? Why must wind power be taxed at all? Why not eliminate the "spending" that requires such tax? Indeed...Americans...for examples of instant savings...could save $38 billion per year by eliminating EPA and DOE.

The solution is for the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE to be dismantled and such can be done instantly using THE ORB! By deploying THE ORB...the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism are dashed away and the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) ushered in. Why must we permit monkeys in Washington DC to squander and waste precious funds?

Why impose a tax at all? Why must the federal government be entitled to so such of a producer's product? The entire NANNY STATE CAGE must be dismantled and its omnivorous maw disengaged.

Indeed...Obama has promised to spend $100 billion of "borrowed-from-China" money to buy wind mills and solar panels to be put on the Moon and Mars in 2037. Sure...the recipients of that $100 billion have all been identified as Obama supporters...but...when you're spending other people's money...who cares, eh OBAMA?

In the OUM...such boondoggles as SOLYNDRA...FISCKER MOTORS...and...WIND POWER...just to name a few such money-pits...could never occur. Simians such as Obama or Steve Chu wouldn't have the access to "other people's money" to spend on such idiocy.
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A general approaches* battle with plan and stratagem..."if-then" tactic at the ready...always making sure the advantage remains with his team.

Speaker John Boehner could be a general on a political field of battle. He doesn't control the MASS MEDIA. Such is directed 24/7 by TEAM OBAMA  and its propaganda mills are as powerful as ever.

Metaphorically...the MASS MEDIA can be likened to cannon arrayed along the ridge and through the valley charge Speaker Boehner and his brave bunch. As they proceed towards liberation over subjugation,,,they're pounded mercilessly by the socialist MASS MEDIA whose hatred of freedom obvious to anyone wishing to assess such presentations on NBC...CBS...ABC...MSNBC and CNN...alias the communist news network.
*Sun Tzu outlines what the conqueror must assess in his tome: ART OF WAR.
no image's the day after Christmas...and...many retailers...mostly the brick and mortar stores...did not make "enough" in the holiday shopping period to sustain them in 2013. Many stores...mostly the mom and pop operations...they're probably going to disappear. As one Christmas official said, "The holiday sales in 2012 were abysmal and 83% of all small businesses will evaporate in the next 24 months."
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If BOB spends $1000.00 of which $200.00 was his and the other $800 borrowed from TOM...BOB must consider how he'll repay that $800.00 before that portion of the $1000 is spent. If BOB does not care if the $800 is ever repaid...however...such consideration about "how well" that portion of the $1000 is spent is never deemed least to BOB.

If TOM had been promised faithful repayment by BOB and BOB had promised to use that portion of the $1000 to secure collateral for the repayment...but...BOB...never intended to perform as promised and was saying whatever TOM needed to hear before that $800 was offered...then TOM has been duped and tricked. But...the only person who knows trick afoot would be BOB.
A ship made of iron will founder and sink if too much water comes into its hull. When the pumps become overwhelmed...there isn't much left to do but abandon ship.

In America...there are enough parts that if one area sinks into economic malaise...other areas take up the slack and prosperity continues to bubble forth. However, federal law can be used to reduce every state to the status of "sinking without lifeboat".'s this grip on America...this ability to sink which must be removed from the political arena.

Folks...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE must be dismantled and the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) permitted thereby to manifest. In this EDEN...the federal government can never threaten to there merely to provide national defense, courts and police to protect and serve. the OUM...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper...and...never does a producer need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding* its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance.
* In the Communist Manifesto...Karl Marx declares the progressive income tax and the inheritance tax are the two primal pillars of the CAGE environment.
** But this ship can't sink!'s made of iron and I can assure this ship is doomed and will founder.
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POST-MORTEM deconstruction of electoral results is boring. Asking why someone named Mitt 'the nit' Romney lost an election where his opponent the weakest ever to occupy the Oval Office...while entertaining to political worthless data to most everyone else.

Yet...permit a moment to understand one of the reasons "why" ROMNEY lost. Recall ROMNEY pushed E-verify legislation...a hideous piece of legislation that would have destroyed farm labor practices throughout the south and mid-west! Whomever it was who directed Romney to preach such need for more hassle and hinder...that charge of the Republican Party!
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In India...there is a strain of tuberculosis resistant to every known treatment. If a person contracts this strain of TB...that person is doomed...and...anyone coming in contact with that person...or...more horrific...if coming within 5 feet of the TB sufferer...that curious doomed...doomed to die snapping and spitting blood while screaming tucked into a fetal position covered in excrement and sores.

"Let us quarantine INDIA!" many people...when hearing such news...shout and demand. Washington State...two confirmed cases of this horrific-strain of TB has been identified! It's already afoot in America.

As one Emergency Room Doctor confided, " get that one...and...we must instantly quarantine...and...offer ameliorating relief for the few weeks preceding your horrific demise."
This Emergency Room Doctor...speaking on condition of anonymity...went on to paint that: "From the sign of 1st symptoms to death has been as short as 10 days!"
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Even if you have an award-winning'll remain sell the sizzle...not...the steak. succeed in selling...there must be a customer base suitable for that product.

Such was the problem facing the makers of the NOOGIE ingenius sandwich taking the form of a 4 inch petite sub-roll packed with a specially-prepared pork....using preparation and cooking secrets only now coming to the marketplace for the first time.

For Dickinson, North Dakota...a street vendor selling from a food coach...could easily sell 100 sandwiches per day at $5.00 per sandwich and have a total cost in those 100 sandwiches around $1.25 each. Hence...the profit and the ease of preparation make the NOOGIE WOOGIE the fastest growing micro-franchise in America. Indeed...the NOGGIE WOOGIE has a a viable shelf-life of 3 days after packaging applied.

Take for instance, Timmy Titler. He was dead broke. However, this BLOG bought him a ticket to Dickinson and set him up with food coach and plan. That was 6 months ago. At an investment of $5000.00...this BLOG was able to assist Timmy Titler with a hand up. His NOOGIE WOOGIE business last month pulled in $35,973.00 with an adjusted profit of $23,866.00! According to Titler...he'll pull in close to $100,000 per month by next year.

However...that same business plan in Vero Beach, Florida never was successful. The consumer base was too spread out...and...the NOOGIE WOOGIE not enough to attract "paying customers". Ironic...the same product...offered in two's an instant success and the other...while they can be given away...not anyone would spend the money and buy one.
Someone decided to take a video of a homeless man and send it to Justin Timberlake as a wedding present. It was intended to be a "joke"...and...never meant to belittle that homeless man.

However, Gloria Allred...a publicity-seeking California lawyer...grabbed the incident and was on local TV standing beside the homeless man as he decried the video and how insensitive such things were and how emotionally hurt he was about it.

As this homeless man sobbed in flood of tear and snort...Gloria patted him on his back refusing to touch his hair as it moved with lice.
It's illegal to spray Salicylic Acid on fruit trees even though it prevents them from succumbing to CANKER and  other "cultivar threats". It's illegal because the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Regulation and the Department of this and that...they haven't convened...had their so-called board meeting...and...hence...until such accomplished...this "cure-all" can't be used to save Florida's multi-billion dollar crops!'s Neo-feudalism...but...Floridians are accepting this "ruling elite" system instead of saying, "Mind you own business and leave the farmers alone!"
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In encourage employers to hire young employees...the socialist-government will pay the employer $5,276 per year for 3 years so long as that employer hires that youth on a long term contract making it almost impossible to fire that youth once so employed. Of course...few employers are willing to gather such ANCHORS knowing such ANCHORS eventually cause the ship to founder once "red ink" begins to flood.

The solution to any "unemployment problem" is to eliminate what is causing such trouble. In every instance...unemployment figures dwindle as soon as the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is permitted to manifest. As everyone the OUM...unlike anywhere else...there can never be found an able-bodied pauper...and...never need the producer fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.

The socialists know this solution would cure the "youth unemployment" would also eliminate themselves from the loop...and...JOB LOSS is not something they wish to self-author.
Jack Klugman and Jack Lemmon played in a movie entitled: THE ODD COUPLE. Klugman in one scene confronts the fastidious Lemmon and says, "I find these stickers every where. Pick up clothes...close the refrigerator door the end of each one...there is this "F.U." Lemmon takes the stickers from Klugman's angry fist and says, "The F.U. stands for my initials: Felix Unger."

Folks...Klugman has passed.God speed, Quincy!
Christmas of 2012...a bright sunny day in Florida. The ocean flat and assure blue. The sky fitted neatly with a sun appointed smartly too. Lady Elizabeth looked out from her porch and smiled. In 2013 she was commencing her bid to become the U.S. Representative from the Vero Beach area. Yes...opposing her was a powerful incumbent sporting the moniker: "Wild Bill Posey". He had money...connections...friends in the MASS MEDIA. Lady Elizabeth had only her "zeal + message"...but mighty her crusade...attractive her quest...and...possessed of something every Floridian wanted most: "Liberation over Subjugation".
Flor-Olive began as a small 200 acre olive grove nestled in Ft. Pierce, Florida off of Shinn Road. The olive market was depressed but there was hope that a tasty organically-grown olive would have a unique market along the treasure coast...a place packed with rich people looking for "better and best". The entrepreneur and farmer whose idea was afoot was told by almost every other farmer in the area that olives would not grow in Florida...particularly in an old orange grove located off of Shinn Road behind Ft. Pierce, Florida.

Naturally...this intrepid would-be olive-king ignored the naysayers and proceeded to plant and pray. Of course...her olive trees were designed in a lab and were made to grow in this very environment. Not only was the tree also had built-in wee-beastie fighting features making it almost impregnable to 99% of all would-be threats to performance.

When the first crop arrived...Flor-Olive Company harvested using a robot army specifically designed to excise the olive leaving the tree unharmed...untouched...and...ready to produce its next crop. As this olive-grower said, "Those trees always have two parts...the olive to be picked...and...the olive that will be picked."
*Olive Oil can sell for as much as $5.00 for a 1/2 quart portion. A 200 acre grove can generate 200,000 gallons of olive oil every 6 months! After deduction for equipment and "other"...profit margin can be as much as 18%...a profit margin unheard of in Florida farming nowadays! Because the government will buy 100% of all oil produced...the farm is guaranteed an income of $360,000 per year!

THE both its Republican and Democrat format...created the fiscal cliff. As Speaker John Boehner said, "The federal government has a spending problem...not a revenue problem."

The fiscal cliff has been defined as a 01-01-13 increase in taxes and a simultaneous decrease in spending.
If you're a government contractor...for example...this "fall-off" might mean you're contract with Uncle Sugar might not be funded. Hence...your "follow-up" study on the speed of shrimp running across the ocean's floor...for instance...might not be funded much to your surprise and resultant outcry of anger...screaming, "How can mankind be so blind to such a need to know...and...such speed define!"

As Senator Rubio said, "If there is a spending cut that will hurt the military-industrial complex...such disaster could be avoided by simply spending less some where else."

U.S. Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL)...speaking out in favor of liberation over subjugation and against the waste in government stated, "Maybe the federal government  not spend $600 million for the EPA to impose more "hassle and hinder" on coal, gas and oil; or...maybe the Department of Energy not squander another $100 billion on boondoggles such as Solyndra and Fisker Automotive. Or...perhaps...leave unfunded a follow-up study on the speed of shrimp...a follow-up study led by HARVARD SCIENTISTS...a study that finally answers that tugging metaphysical question: "How fast might that critter run on the ocean's floor?"

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Some women are slap-happy. They'll unleash a face-slap with lightning quickly done...the sound barrier broken...and...a loud slap heard:"SSSLLLLAAAAP!"

There sat Mervin...his significant other standing over they were talking...discussing infidelity...he said, " was only a one-night stand." And as he was completing the word "stand"...his significant other took her right hand and delivered a full face slap. The sound:" SSSLLLLAAAAP!"
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At the front door was a package delivered for Christmas. A thief looking for the unearned spotted that package and grabbed it. Yes...the security cam was able to capture the entire scenario...the approach to the front door step by this thief and the theft itself.

Later on that day...though...the thief opened that package and BOOM. Inside that package was a firebomb designed to obliterate everything within 1000 feet of ground zero! Obviously...that package was meant to injure or kill and the thief had interrupted that plot.

The police never connected the dots. The package disintegrated into burnt cellulose and hence untraceable! The thief was a known thief and the investigators concluded he had finally stolen one package too many. Indeed...they classified it as just another one of those THOUSAND WAYS TO DIE!
Felice Navidad...Hammar has been released! Recall that...Marine John Hammar was arrested when he brought an antique shotgun across the border. The United States authorities had Hammar fill out papers as did the Mexican officers on the Mexican side of the border so that he could enter and exit with his shotgun. However...once ole Hammar entered Mexico...he was immediately arrested and chained to his jailhouse bed.
While many people ignore DONALD TRUMP...saying they needn't hear from some pompous jerk such as he...other folks find his observations stimulating and thought-provoking.

For example...TRUMP says Obama and Congress need to make the "big deal". To Trump's way of seeing things...a BIG DEAL is available if the courage to achieve the same bubbles forth.

TRUMP refused to preach THE ORB, however. While he knows THE ORB would instantly produce prosperity...for instance...he is mired in the 20th Century and can't imagine an "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) wherein he would not be able to profit from his crony-capitalist relationships with government big shots. Because Trump could not compete very well in the OUM...he would never do what need be done to bring it forth.
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At the end of the last ice South America...some 11,000 years ago...there were huge areas of wetlands where people lived...hunted...and...passed on their heritage. However, climate change continued as Mr. Sun and Mother Earth cavorted and of those areas where man once resided are vast oceans of desert...not any water...not anything...or anyone...but...sand...rock...and...more sand and rock.

One such area that has been dry for the last 11,000 years could be instantly turned into a Garden of Eden if only a pipeline for water were installed siphoning off  10% of the Amazon's annual water shed! Imagine a huge pipe running through the ANDES MOUNTAINS and grabbing water from the Amazon and returning such flow into that otherwise desert area. Imagine 57,000 square miles of desert turned into enormous farms of wheat and'll sense the grandeur of the project this BLOG has proposed for this GARDEN OF EDEN.

This BLOG has offered $1000.00 in U.S. Currency for that 57,000 acres of what everyone calls worthless...unforgiving desert...a place devoid of water and people. The big shots holding back title transfer are envious because they did not think of the idea. However...too many people are in on the deal to prevent its execution despite the 'time-hurdle" some Authoritarian types seem likely to impose.
Ah...what could be called "grenade"? Two Jewish lads...bubbling with mischief...took some bloody pigs feet...ran to the door of a packed mosque...and...threw those pigs' feet into the kneeling crowd...screaming "long live Israel...long live the Jew!"

Within 24 hours...Jerusalem was running in blood. In every town across Israel Jews were found with their throats slit. It was WAR TO THE END. all began with significance in hand...and...some school yard mischief blend.
According to TEAM OBAMA...the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy attack and the resulting death of 4 Americans was not avoidable and came as a complete surprise for which there was not any "defend-spot" preparation!

According to Tommy under-secretary of state...when questioned by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee...said that the Benghazi embassy was attacked by terrorists and the lack of defense was due to a 200 year old treaty called the VIENNA TREATY wherein embassies...if at all...were to be guarded by "home-town" troops. Even though Nides would have garrisoned a defense team at the Benghazi every other embassy...all 253 of them...he was restricted by that TREATY.

The Republicans accepted that explanation even though a defense-perimeter could have been erected so formidable it would have discouraged all but the most insane. The Republicans knew that Hillary Clinton had been approached and offered a defense system so cheap and so powerful it would make all embassies around the world assault-proof and everyone therein assuredly safe. Yet...when Nides appeared before them...these knowledgeable Republicans refused to challenge Nides as to "why" such a robot-like defense system was not installed.

This "advanced" perimeter which could have been offered in package format was called STOP-NOW-OR-DIE, (SNOD). Once could not be disarmed by even an electro-magnetic pulse since SNOD was insulated for that very event. It was fool-proof...and...designed to slaughter everyone in a 1000 foot radius. If the attacker were to be within the compound...a 1000 foot radius on average...and...such attacker refused to depart...having native tongue...informed of dire consequence should such refusal persist...then...such recalcitrant attacker disappeared in flame so intense...the by-stander would swear the SUN had instantly appeared on Mother Earth and consumed thereof.

SNOD'S bullets were designed to pierce up to 100 inches of steel...and...1000 feet of concrete. It's flame-throwers stationed to embrace the entire compound in horrific conflagration. SNOD also was equipped with high frequency crowd dispersal technology...rendering anyone struck incapable of anything other than instant escape and flight away from. In short...SNOD was totally-defensive...and...did not rely on any local militia for protection of embassy compound.

What was so attractive about SNOD was that its cost was $25 million per compound...its maintenance cost $100,000 per year per compound so guarded...and...was absolutely defensive and therefore not in violation of that silly TREATY. Indeed....Ambassador T. Nides conceded that had Hillary Clinton installed SNOD in Benghazi those 4 Americans would be alive!

However, Nides refused to answer the question: "Why was SNOD not installed...since installation could have been achieved in 48 hours from the time the request made for installation?" Off-camera...Nides confided he thought SNOD was gross and quite unusable. To him...yesterday...Stevens...just another government courier...but...since 09-11-12...he'd become the "honored dead".(CASABLANCA).

Tommy underling of the Secretary of State...was directed by Hillary Clinton to discover both what went wrong in so doing...answer...the question of why people died. Naturally...Tommy...a company man...did as directed and reported Benghazi was unavoidable and death was an obvious collateral aspect of such incompetence.

Maybe...we'll never know "why" Ambassador Stevens was assassinated. Perhaps it was his threat to expose both Petraeus and Obama which led to his demise. Whatever it was that made Obama issue that "snuff order"...and...Petraeus carry it out...we'll probably never* know. Certainly...Tommy Nides isn't looking for such expatiation.

*Yes...this BLOG has offered humorous explanations...but...always in the spirit of good fun. The truth America will not ever learn, however. At least America will remain without that factoid until the present ESTABLISHMENT withers and evaporates.
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When I saw the "want ad" for a 30mm cannon along with 1000 depleted uranium shells...I knew the seeker had ill-deed framed and ready to proceed. Because such premonition strong...I contacted the local police logical presentation brought them along. Stop that person before tragedy ensues...find out who ran that "want ad"...think for a minute what monster in those shoes. premonition and explanation unheeded went. Apparently the person who placed that "want ad" was connected and safely bent.

Yet...after Sandy Hook School massacre...this warning was removed from its shelf...brushed off...and...offered by the police chief  to his DETECTIVE SQUAD to investigate.

Instead of merely asking the retired general why he wanted a 30mm cannon with such ammo...there was a decision made to sneak up onto the property of the general...scale the cliff-face which was one of the borders of the general's home site...and...surprise him with a RAID IN BLACK UNIFORM AND MASK.

Naturally...they forgot the 30mm cannon this retired general possessed. And...they forgot to imagine where such a cannon would be placed to defend should such an invasion occur as contemplated by a bored-but-retired general. Hence...they were ironically preparing both to invade and for their own demise.

Could these officers have ignored this general? Could they have honored the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution and avoided contact? Yes...folks...yes...these officers could have ignored and avoided. However, they were stirred to action by the memory of the Sandy Hook School massacre. Their blood was boiling. They wanted to make noise...set an example...ruin a life...stomp and through whatever anger their brain pumped forth.

Up that cliff face they struggled. Included in their invasion plan were flanking maneuvers wherein 1000 troopers armed with AR-15 BUSHMASTERS and dressed in black were dispatched to sneak through the woods and crawl up the 1/2 mile driveway...each team pressing* towards the house where possible-battle envisioned.

The general's trusted dog of 20 years...OLD BLUE...yelped for an instant before silenced with a 9mm silencer-equipped pistol. That single yelp...that final bark...that light in dateless flamed in the general's mind. He had heard the last noise from OLD BLUE...but...enough warning for him to spring into action...pressing "DEFEND BUTTON" as he dashed into his basement bunker...his electronic command center from which he could direct his "initiated" robot army...bots-with-guns!

"STOP NOW!" demanded one of these bots. In reaction to such verbal of the assault troops splattered the bot blowing holes in its electronics disabling it completely. "Hey...they're easy to take out!" screamed this joy-filled officer who had been told these bots were indestructible and to be feared. So began a cleansing of the woods and driveway as the troopers machine gunned the bots who did not fire back but merely kept saying, "STOP NOW!"

However, when the troopers were within a few feet of the porch of the main house...the gun-bots they had seemingly blown away returned to active duty...nano-bots located inside each gun-bot had repaired the damage even though the gun-bots still had multiple bullet holes making them appear to be disabled and out of any battle plan.

Instantly...from behind...the gun-bots fired...their bullets striking only the troopers' guns knocking them from the troopers' surprised and stinging hands.

"WHAT!" shouted the troopers as they fled into the woods and back down the 1/2 mile driveway screaming about ghosts and demons. Whatever had attacked them had made them drop their guns and they were not going to return and face such power. They knew they had been spared...granted life...and...they refused to confront such edge again.

Whatever became of the cliff-face crawlers was never been mentioned or chronicled. Possibly the 30mm cannon did its dirty work and blew them away. Or...more likely...the threat of that cannon made these cliff crawlers too fearful and they relented.

*Their orders were issued by Terwilliger...a dude from the RUBY RIDGE massacre command loop...but...who offered to show these intrepid officers "how" to kill with impunity and escape any "downside".
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When John the Baptist began his mission...he was alone...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28) cell plane flying over Jerusalem with his banner streaming coordinates available through GPS locating was alone...surrounded by sand...snake...scorpion...and...spider. Yet...he turned to the universe...waist deep in water...and....cried out: "REBIRTH!"

By the time the scouts of Caiaphus...chief priest of the Temple of Jerusalem...arrived to discover and report back(JOHN 1:23)...however...awaiting JOHN'S hand was a prayer line stretching 1/2 the way across Judea. Even if Caiaphus wished to snuff JOHN...nevertheless...the message was loosed...never to be caged again!

In 2012...this many ways a reformatting of JOHN THE BAPTIST...reaches out to every American to consider "renewal" find "rebirth"...and...thereby...enjoy refreshment. Yes...more than merely pushing the "reset" button...such rebirth gives new apps for life and love.
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"No debt ceiling will be raised unless government spending is somehow constrained!" loudly declared Senator Lindsey Graham, (R.SC). late suffering from monumental government oppression in all forms and formats. The solutions so far offered by TEAM OBAMA are the same ones which have produced this almost moribund economy with an institutionalized unemployment problem* above 9%!
*The Department of Labor claims unemployment has dipped below 8%. Economists associated with TEAM OBAMA are crowing about the "tax-and-spend" policy rejuvenation process. Somehow by taking money from the producers and passing it out to Solyndra and Fisker Automotive...there has been a growth in economic activity thereby reducing unemployment. In fact...however...unemployment is rising quickly and is well above 18% nationally...except in North Dakota where anyone who wishes to work can find instant employment.
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said he would stop the shooter before the shooter ever became a shooter. He would make sure every gun had a string attached to Chuck's sleeve so that when someone grabbed a gun...ole Chuckie "possum" Schumer would instantly know and spring into action asking "why" does the gun need to be touched? Indeed...Schumer said he could know who was a potential shooter at Sandy Hook by using such strings attached to every gun!

When asked what kind of string CHUCK had in mind...he said it would be an electronic string. When a gun was alarm would signal...and...the GUN CONTROL SQUAD would muster...launch a defense perimeter...and...shoot to kill that gun-totting person who did not get permission to touch that gun from ole Chuckie "possum" Schumer. Sure...many innocent people would be slain by the GUN CONTROL SQUAD but when you're trying to prevent another Sandy Hook School massacre...anything is proper!
GLENN THRUSH...a writer and novelist...acknowledged in an interview that had ROMNEY* preached THE ORB...he would have defeated TEAM OBAMA even though TEAM OBAMA controlled virtually all TV and RADIO outlets! By preaching THE ORB...TEAM OBAMA would have been compelled to reveal their plan to enslave** and reduce Americans to the level of sheep and cattle to be directed from cradle to grave with nanny state spank and diaper check.
*ROMNEY offered "same old, same old...just different bag." Had Mitt 'the nit' Romney been something other than a tepid Mormon socialist...he could have preached liberation over subjugation pushing OBAMA into revealing himself as a would-be MASTER inside a hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

**Glenn Thrush agreed with this BLOG'S central premise that "Should a politician stand forth and preach THE ORB...that person will instantly become the leader of the Army of Liberation whose march to Washington Dc a crusade to "make salt". Such a leader shall have adoring throngs in the street cheering as the Army passes through on its way to Washington DC to dismantle this CAGE and eliminate the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA. Even the RIDERS aboard the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system will join this march to delete the psychic-injury causing RIDE.

Jonathan Martin...a writer and novelist...wrote about Mitt 'the nit' Romney and "why" Romney lost what was supposedly a slam-dunk! Romney faced the weakest President ever to occupy the Oval Office. Romney had enough money to prevail. However, Romney was a "tepid candidate"...and...his heart really wasn't in pushing the Republican Party's "reduce government's grip" agenda since his life had been a testament to socialist dogma in human-format.

Jonathan Martin agreed with a reporter from this BLOG that had ROMNEY preached THE ORB...he would have soundly defeated Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION. Even with the help of the MASS MEDIA...Obama would have lost. Had Romney offered THE ORB as alternative...Obama would have been forced to tell Americans he represented the CAGE and MASTER model of the 20th Century and that if elected he'd continue to perpetuate this "YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA".
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Marginal borrowers...those people...who...might repay the likely...might not...have always found it difficult to convince a banker that this's..."different"...and...this business deal will produce enough for loan repayment as promised. However, when DODD-FRANK became law...such marginal borrowers law and regulation...considered anathema and to be avoided. Hence...the door to cash and capital was closed to anyone not meeting government-drawn qualifications.

There is a need for a bank which accommodates such marginal borrowers. Such a late 2012...would be open only for a little while, though, as such marginal borrowers refused to repay even though they could. In the 19th Century...a borrower was honorable only when repayment was perfected. In the 20th century...the borrower was considered shrewd if the bank ended up receiving less than promised. the early days of the 21st century...the banks don't even have a choice to gamble and such borrowers generically are left to do without.
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Joshua Gordon...alias "faithful Concord"...finally agreed to make a public statement declaring THE ORB the only way to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and delete the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA which is strangling America and creating rampant misery and social torment. Yes...he was afraid that his career would be at an end since socialism and Eco-fascism were in vogue and contrary statements about an alternative to such "grip and grab" were labeled "stupid and insensitive". Yet..."faithful Concord"* took to the podium and preached LIBERATION OVER SUBJUGATION.
*In the movie, Monty Python's In search of the Holy Grail...this character is featured in a hilarious cameo.
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MOSES knew "envy and avarice" could destroy liberty and reduce an entire population to warring factions each one struggling for its season in power. Such internal strife would prevent his team from mounting whatever "take-over" required for perpetuation. Hence...ENVY was framed as "sinful"...and...something to be avoided in one's own life.

As Moses always asked of the perceived envious, "Why want from others what you can have in the abundance you envision beneficial by merely doing what need be done in your own life to produce such goods or services?" Moses eschewed the "unearned"...and...never accepted the "unearned"...unless offered as GIFT representing the esteem someone had for him.


Obama uses ENVY as a tool to foment unrest among Americans...asking them to support his looting of storerooms so that he might take that money and redistribute it as he sees fit,(think Solyndra,LLC and Fisker Automotive).
(Antony discussing Caesar's bloody mantle: "See what a rent the envious Casca made.")
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Imagine...wait until for a UNION strike and walk-off at such places as airports...train hubs. What UNION would do such a thing? Not any American UNION, for sure. But...recently...American UNIONS have been paying advisers from GREECE asking them to direct their UNIONS into more profitable avenues and this kind of precipitous union strike is one of those CLUB and CARROT tricks the GREEKS deploy regularly in their own depression-struck country.
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England is a wonderful country to visit. However, because of socialism and has become a place where few wish to live. If you're a "ne're do well"...a parasite...or servile supplicant...however...then...Britain is definitely your kind of place. You can get free food, clothing, shelter, transport and entertainment. must become a "needy bloke"...but...when you're out for freebie and favor...what better place to call home than Britain?
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"But yesterday...the word of Caesar might have stood against the world." Such was the stature of Julius Caesar at the moment he was struck down in the Roman Senate.

Many of us find ourselves receiving the "unkindest cut of all"...never sensing betrayal...and...quite surprised by the blade and whose hand stabs most.
In the movie, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL...Michael Renny tells a lady if he's killed she must get to the robot in the park and say these words: "Klatu Barrata Nick-toe". If she failed to say such a phrase...the robot would avenge Michael Renny's death laying waste to the Earth.

Yesterday...Speaker John Boehner was asked by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to keep those important words in mind as he and Obama struggle over the fiscal edge.
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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he was going to reduce the Pentagon employment rolls including his own 200,000 person "private staff". He was also going to trim the TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM since by the time the contractor has all the bugs worked out...and...the weapon's obsolete and unworthy of production. Leon Panetta wanted the procurement system made faster so that the weapons produced can be useful for at least a few months before becoming obsolete and not useful. Never once did he let off the gas pedal for a season and wait and see what the enemy produces as its best of the best. Then...leap-frog that weapon all that MONEY!

After making such statements...the Secretary accepted questions. In response to a question about the war in Afghanistan...he was candid. Leon the National Press Club...told America that the Afghan War was lost. Sure...he used sugar and pomp to hide that fact...but...he could not accomplish the "cloaking".

Even when Panetta said the Taliban was destroyed...that there was not any Taliban left...the TALIBAN was meeting at Chantilly in a castle with the American-backed Afghan leaders. When his attention was drawn to that factual contradiction....he blustered and said he would have his dog, BRAVO send an email on what was needed.
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Athens was once a great place to go for a vacation. The people were pleasant...the food relatively cheap...the entertainment exceptional...and...the overall event 5-star in anyone's book.

However, recently, the UNION strikes have been so often...Athens has come to almost a complete standstill. One day it's the doctors. The next the court clerks. The next week...perhaps...the nurses or cab drivers. Strikes are announced...demands made...deadlines breached...and...Athens...once more...shuts-down.

If you're on vacation and get entangled in one of these STRIKES... it can turn into hassle and torment framed in broken glass...burning tires...and...a run for your life as a crowd mistakes you for enemy.

Indeed...Timmy Titler did not heed the warning issued by this BLOG about Greece and chose Athens for his vacation spot. After a few days of glorious Athens...a STRIKE occurred and Athens was brought to a standstill. Timmy Titler left his hotel room headed out to go fishing. But...the elevator was not working requiring him to use the 38 flights of stairs to reach the lobby that was now dark and light delivered by candles festooned throughout the waiting area.

"What's up?" Titler asked as he approached the front desk where he'd checked in a few days earlier. At that time...the lobby was abuzz with news of the STRIKE. This one encompassed every worker and Athens would be closed for the next 1000 years if demands weren't met!
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The INTERNATIONAL CLEARING HOUSE...the it's called...was begun to avoid all red tape and tax...a place where "buy and sell" is done at the speed of light and those involved are involved only so long as they wish to be involved... come and go as one pleases...only contract directs...the other can blow in breezes.

Virtual a novel twist...ICH uses the lunar surface for soil...when soil required...platted by ICH in the event it ever became important to guarantee something with soil. What better place than the lunar surface...a place where each day moon-bots from ICH report what has been located and what value each lot might have should a retrieve-bot be dispatched to obtain and return to sender.

Impossible...can't sell...not anyone wants to buy stuff in a virtual world where if soil required moon lots...all platted...are used. Yes...there are competitors on the moon looking for what ICH seeks 24/7... but not anyone has ever wanted what has already been taken in this virtual world called ICH. Indeed...the moon is big enough to accommodate a trillion moon-bots and an equal number of moon lots each platted in a grand grid and certified by HARVARD SCIENTISTS!

Imagine for a're in Vero Beach, Florida. You have bought 1000 moon-lots. They cost you ONE CENT EACH. Now...when you're trading in the ICH...and...someone wants your deal but wants can offer SOIL if such be required to make the deal work. The other party can accept the SOIL in terms of MOON-LOTS in the ICH since they're certified...platted...and...verified by HARVARD SCIENTISTS!

What is attractive about having MOON-LOTS is that you can move them around...exchanging them for what might be better areas for exploration. Indeed...on the moon there are moon-bots...robots controlled from Earth through link-up designed and permitted by ICH! You simply pay $100.00 for 10 hours of BOT-TIME. On the lunar surface are robots and you can direct them to look for 10 hours for $100.00. If something is found you can dispatch a "retrieval bot" and that cost ranges from $200 to $500 per day. Once your package is in low Earth orbit...examination and retrieval are whatever the market price is that day for your commodity on planet Earth.

In the virtual world of ICH...some MOON-LOTS could be very valuable and sought by many whose pocketbook sufficient to bring that 100 tons of gold back to ole Mother Earth.
Everyone was crying as Obama spoke about the tragedy at Sandy Hook School...everyone...except Erin McPike. She bowed her head...her lips pressed against each other as if she were holding something back...and...her eyes stared at the cement in front of her. She was not crying. She was not weeping. She was stolid...statue-like...and...little more than concrete angel.

Afterwards...McPike was asked "why" she didn't cry. She said she was angry that Obama had not reacted sooner. She had warned Obama that Sandy Hook School was a possible target for Adam Lanza but her warning had been ignored. Yes...she had supported Obama and her premonition was worthy of his notice and yet her warning had been ignored. Hence...Erin McPike was angry...and...simply...could not cry.

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Deep in the Sahara Desert there is a mountain of gold. Except for its western most portion, the rest of the mountain is one massive nugget of gold. It measures 6 miles across and has been likened to Mount Everest lying on its side. And...its mountain of gold.

Why has it not been found? Well...Solomon had it buried in the Sahara Desert since he who owned that NUGGET ruled the planet and such power could not be left to any one person. Hence...Solomon buried it deep in the desert where the sand and wind assured dateless night.

And...yet...using technology almost alien in nature...this mountain of gold has been found! The ANCIENT TREASURES DEPARTMENT of this BLOG located it while looking for natural gas deposits* should the JEW be flushed once more into desert life.

Upon certification and was decided to offer a MAP to anyone who wished to go and look and maybe chip some off and carry it back.

Along with the MAP each recipient receives the WARNING NOT TO TRY. In that WARNING are stories about travail and torment as people attempt to go to that mountain of gold...spend time chipping away...and...then...try carrying it out while the Sahara Desert pulls and tugs...saying "Oh, no you don't!"
*GIVOT HAMATOS...a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem has angered Muslims. The Muslim's newest chant: "SEND JEW INTO SINAI."