ADAM LANZA...the ghoul of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre...possessed a "crazy-look". As one of his best friend's said, "Ole Adam had a crazy look!" Indeed...not one of his friends could believe that ADAM had killed his mother and all those children at Sandy Hook. Sure...ADAM had discussed his allegiance to OBAMA...and...had called himself a "good-Democrat"...but...never did these bosom-pals think him so demented he'd become some monster and slay others.

What has everyone spooked is that this same "crazed-look" is on many faces in the typical crowd nowadays. Walk through any MALL...look at the passing eyes and many of them you'll observe the demented...the crazed...and...all packed with anger so deep as to be ruthless. So disturbing were such observations...that a MALL COP drew his gun and shot 15 such "crazy-looking" people because he believed they were armed and dangerous.
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