BOOM! That was all Captain Titler heard. He awoke in a hospital missing his legs from mid-thigh down. "My God!" The nurse seated next to his bed...stood up...put a reassuring arm on the Captain's shoulder saying they could not be saved. The BOMB was too big...his legs were ripped away in the blast. The doctors merely stopped the bleeding and cleaned up the bone fragments.

When this BLOG heard about Captain Titler...a call went forth for a manufacturer to build an exo-skeleton for this warrior. The SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT(SATD) of this BLOG made many calls before a charitable company was located.

Working from designs authored by exo-skeleton was created. It employed nano-technology...flexible such combination...the "user" finds walking...running...even...mountain climbing as easily performed as if there were real legs doing such things! Yes...there are other competing designs...but...they're metal, wire, small motors...and...walk like ROBO-COP.

Recently...SATD was asked "how" such 21st Century science and technology found. The answer was simple: GOOGLE SEARCH!
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The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

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