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Took a while to discover* who was stealing from the neighborhood cars left parked at night on the side of the road. It was a bunch of bears and coons who'd joined up to raid the area and split the loot before heading home for the night. Instead of leaving them alone...OBAMA directed his goon squad to slaughter them.
*This story was featured at a recent meeting held in Vero Beach, Florida. Master-star beings appeared and attempted to stop Obama from issuing that "snuff order"...but...found they had arrived too late. They buried the fifteen hundred little balls of fur and claw on a hillside beneath the shade of an old oak tree.
Ignore her? That's not very good advice. We did that and her poll numbers soared...we played fair...treated her nice. Left her crowds alone...didn't plant boos and stares...didn't kiss her once but twice. If we don't do something and whatever quickly done...she'll have her army of liberation camped outside every state house...unless we attack...she's already won.
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Because of the philanthropy of this BLOG...the entire bar tab for TIME SQUARE will be picked up by its ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT! The Congressional Budget Office was asked to run the numbers and it's estimated the entire tab will be $345 million. This total includes over 300 different beers and assorted wines from all over the world, quantity unlimited. Indeed...a rare Napoleon wine will be opened and served to as many as there are glasses, first come, first served only.

Because the new Mayor asked that the entire tab be paid by an INTERNET big shot to show off the prowess of this new medium of commerce...this BLOG jumped at the chance to assist this new mayor of the Big Apple. A socialist who promised more not less big foot government deserved to have the backing of such a well-known BLOG on New Years Eve in the hopes that he dismantles the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE he has so far championed and ushers in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market.
There's a new game created by this BLOG. It's called BUY-AMERICA. You take $1 trillion and buy stuff. Whose bag of buys better wins. Because Obama has already spent a "real" trillion bucks, his bag of buys...his sack of goodies...might be a great place to find an example so that novices can see how it's done by the wizard himself.

Because this game intrigues anyone with a penchant for the strange and unbounded...several administrative aides for Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) took up the challenge and played BUY-AMERICA. Each one took their trillion bucks and attempted to buy the best package...the winner the one whose total the largest when all red ink is drained from the pool.

Hearing of this in-play game...a cub-reporter from this BLOG logged-on and commenced to compete. However, the scheme adopted by her was designed to address the better way...intended to fetch such feat. Nelson's team bought stuff...while cub-reporter bought favor and land...she told those with whom she dealt of El Dorado almost at hand. I have a trillion bucks she said and part of that be yours...all you need do... vote imbued...and...support what long endures.

She bought Orange County and every vote required to make empire. Where once just earth, water...air...stood castles for every soul...riotous the sound of joy without despair. She demanded an otherwise unhampered market prevail...eliminate grab and grip...chase away imposed travail...and...into EDEN slip.

Unlike the trillion bucks squandered by Billy's crew...cub-reporter's bundle burst and overflowed so dramatically it finally proved: liberation over subjugation...it's the winner every time...and those who chose to add "whip and chain" are always the ruling elite trying to fashion one more play in a never-ending game.

Of course, along the way across the game...there are CRONY CARDS if you land on the CRONY DEAL square. You land there...you pull a CRONY CARD to see what you get from someone else...or...if in that CRONY CARD...a CARD you keep secret and safe...there is something you can later on deploy for greater advantage making the 'wait' part of the overall suspense...then...you hold that CARD until the propitious moment arrives.
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In the 2014 election cycle...the MASS MEDIA has a heavy pull. They must insulate TEAM OBAMA from the anger and acrimony surrounding OBAMA-CARE. Not only must they deal with OBAMA-SNARE as many anonymous White House officials are labeling it...but...the other intrusions Obama and his scurvy crew have perpetrated. 

Indeed...the intrusions are so many...and...the number of voters adversely affected so large...the MASS MEDIA will have a struggle to cobble propaganda sturdy enough to withstand the anger surely to be unleashed. Its talking heads must persuade people that the cost of electricity...for instance...is much higher but so are the number of polar bears saved by the suffering such higher costs represent to the average American. Americans must be convinced that it's gentle rain falling down their back and not something else...a trick some already admit might be almost impossible. 

MSNBC Chris Matthews...off-camera...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he feared himself and his colleagues would find it most difficult to hide the evil TEAM OBAMA represents. Overhearing the interview...MSNBC Ed Schultz...ever the rabid socialist and freedom-hater...approached and injected that the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE was here to stay and Matthews had better wise up and get on the train before it departs the station.
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George Bush and his erstwhile pal, Dick Cheney decided to attack Iraq and Afghanistan...two toilet bowls where they could squander the lives and treasures of America. Their attack was silly and only impoverished America and put it under the jack boot of TEAM OBAMA. So stupid was this attack that many have examined BUSH'S past to see if he had been known for such ignorance and idiocy. And...sure enough...his 3rd grade teacher said he was called 'BUNGLE BUSH'...referring to his inclination to foul and flip.
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Some years ago...a political ad showed a ringing telephone at 3:00 a.m. and the question: WORLD GONE MAD...WHERE IS HILLARY? Reacting to such calumny...in a Congressional hearing...Hillary slammed her fist on the desk and declared that it didn't make any difference now what happened to Ambassador Stevens. And...to her way of thinking...it didn't matter. She had been reckless...but...she had so much dirt on those sitting in judgment that she coldly explained she did what she did and they had best accept it.
On 09-11-12...in Benghazi...at the U.S. embassy compound...Ambassador Stevens hunkered down in a so-called safe-room for 7 hours and live-streamed(SKYPE) his entreaty for assistance. It's been meticulously documented that he pleaded for Sec. of Defense, Leon Panetta to order the hovering drones to unleash their mighty firepower. He begged Hillary to dispatch SEAL TEAM #6...a team that was stationed less than 5 miles from that beleaguered compound.
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Examining metadata...and...every Google theme...it appears...almost clear...disaster frames 2014. Imagine IRAN dispatched its hellish band...its drone armada flood the sky...slaughtering and frightening...conquering and destroying...begone GREAT SATAN...perish...and...die.
*Iran labeled Uncle Sugar "THE GREAT SATAN"
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Hillary is damaged goods and can't defeat a Republican candidate whose mission to dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE which HILLARY will promise the voters she'll perpetuate. While HILLARY will tell the crowd she likes OBAMA-CARE and will impose it everywhere...no matter how despotic...let not freedom be spared...her opponent will offer KEY...escape from CAGE...liberty...will offer EDEN instead of grab and grip...will promise liberation over subjugation...demonstrating how good...how worth the trip.
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Whistle-blower, Eddie Snowden told the world that IRAN was building a drone armada that it will launch with horrific consequences to Israel and America. According to this former National Security Agency,(NSA) employee...Obama knows about this coming attack but believes it will give him cause to declare marshal law and impose rank tyranny...something about which Obama has dreamed ever since he was taken from Kenya as a baby.
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If the mountain won't come to you...then...naturally...you must go to it. When John the Baptist began his ministry...he was surrounded by the universe...spider...scorpion...snake...and...sand...not anywhere was there respite or the touch of man. Yet he preached salvation...and...into the far reaches came want and need...by the time the scouts of Caiaphus arrived to inquire...1/2 the way across Judea...that prayer line and bent to blessing knees.
no image
There are 2 million Americans enrolled in OBAMA-CARE. Of that paltry number most of them signed up because they're getting something from Uncle Sugar...something they didn't have and by their own means and in the NANNY STATE CAGE they could not otherwise get. They have knelt and worshiped the golden calf,(EXODUS 32:24). They have accepted kingdoms and glories in exchange for their soul,(MATTHEW 4:8). They have become the minions of Mammon,(MATTHEW 6:24).
no image
If you ever have gone mud-trucking...mud and pit all mixed and ready to drown...you need that sort of thing if you're going to take OBAMA-CARE down. It's slippery and has support from everyone looking for freebie and gift...for more not less master's favor the headman's ax they lift.
THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden
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John the Baptist was warned the scouts of Caiaphus...chief priest of the Temple of Jerusalem...were on their way to engage him. Instead of hiding...John stood his ground, (JOHN 1:23). He spoke of things so unfamiliar to the scouts...they reported back confusing sounds. They told a disgruntled Caiaphus ole John used mere water to anoint fools and heal so-called sick...there wasn't any need to worry about the noise...it was candle without a wick.
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According to ancient astronaut theorists...incorporeal beings visited this planet and were from somewhere in Orion's Belt. According to these scientists, these critters came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal man. They can leap tall buildings in a single bound...bend steel in their bare hands...change the course of mighty rivers...and...who disguised as mild-mannered Earthlings wage a never-ending battle for truth, justice and the American way.

Naturally...these same wizard-like researchers are the ones who conjured the man-made global warming myth. They've made so much money off this LIE...they're salivating over the prospect of another bonanza as they gather their colleagues to sign a letter of concurrence proclaiming "star-beings" walk among us.
Why ask her about global warming, American healthcare and the economy in general? After some reflection...the inquiring mind was told that: "CHEE-DEE-YA-WA is a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Shihan,Karauna Reki Master as well as care-taker of ALALILL...a 1,700 pound crystal that came from Atlantis. Her knowledge that of the ages...her acumen ancient and rich with detail and drum...and...her wisdom something to be sought.

Mention is made of this enlightened guru since recently she contacted Russian President Putin and warned him that in a bus station in Volvograd a black widow would detonate a bomb and slaughter thousands. Reacting to this metadata...President Putin dispatched the BEE-GOR-NEE BRIGADE...World War II retirees who banded together to carry out orders from Moscow.

They arrived...spotted the black widow...but...couldn't prevent her from pushing her "red button". The explosion took out 378 of the BEE-GOR-NEE BRIGADE leaving only the drummer boy and the one-legged flag totter. While they knew they were the last of this talented unit...they didn't whine. They knew that eventually some call would come for them to flag and drum one more time.
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Most people know the MASS MEDIA is controlled by TEAM OBAMA...and...hence...expect diatribe and excoriation as standard fare served up 24/7 telling Americans they can't escape the grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and should therefor accept the yoke and become cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.

But...few ever expected the MASS MEDIA to get vicious and drool venom when discussing any effort to dismantle CAGE and usher in EDEN. They couldn't believe how nasty the talking heads became when speaking about patriots whose message that of eliminating the grip and grab of the CAGE. As one surprised American said, "How dare these puppets of big foot government decry those demanding liberation over subjugation!"

Lady Elizabeth was informed by her captains there were more recruits every day. The army of liberation was attracting everyone yearning to breathe free. Sure...the MASS MEDIA was dropping napalm and carpet bombing...telling people they must never contemplate escape from the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...more and more Americans...even the servile supplicants and parasites...were beginning to sense* that it's not gentle rain running down their back.

But what could be causing people to choose liberation over subjugation? What way has big foot government rudely imposed itself that these newest members found the burden unbearable and their soul unwilling to kneel and worship whatever golden calf some would-be master might forge?

Some officials...such as Joanne Conroy...chief health care officer of the Association of American Medical Colleges...said she thought OBAMA-CARE was the single-most destructive law ever passed and would be the root of tyranny beyond what any American could imagine. She said this grip and grab by TEAM OBAMA was so nasty it was causing even the bystanders to march to make salt.

When  Ginger in California...for instance...was informed her situation was now going to cost her 235% more than the year before and that she had to drive 158 miles to access the network's doctors and hospitals...she became a recruit of the army of liberation.

Indeed...as Joanne Conroy opined...thousands of people are rushing to get their medical service...arranging to see their specialists before OBAMA-CARE begins and erects barriers to such medical service directing thereafter that whatever a person might want overruled by what big foot government decrees.(Wall Street Journal A-1;12-30-13). Many have heard about Ginger and don't wish to end up like her and her family...driving 300(+) miles to receive inferior medical care from impersonal care-givers whose salaries are paid whether the customer pleased or helped.

Mention is made of Ms. Conroy since Joanne is one of the newest captains leading a FIRST BRIGADE in her home state. As she did with Joanne...Lady Elizabeth is inviting everyone to join this crusade to dismantle this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE wherein would-be masters decree, "Our tears...your purse!"
*In the movie, Jose Wales there is a scene where it's mentioned, "Senator...we have a saying out here...don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining."
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Obama needed something nasty in Texas and his BLACK OPS team delivered mightily. They sprayed H1N1 flu-virus in a mall and a theater knowing their attack would sicken thousands and kill millions along the way. Naturally...Obama has denied this revelation claiming Eddie Snowden...a former National Security Agency big shot and whistle-blower...couldn't possibly know his political plans for 2014.
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In North Korea...do they know they're enslaved? It's likely most North Koreans believe they're cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. They don't know any better and will kneel and bow to the master of their NANNY STATE CAGE...never knowing he represents oppression and tyranny.

In America...unlike in North Korea...there are enough Americans left who recall a time when there was not such oppression...such diktat...such knavish imposition of big foot government as has been recently unleashed by TEAM OBAMA. And they sense they're losing what was once a great land blessed in freedom and warranted of God. They know they're being led into the bowels of a proverbial slave ship most call the OBAMA-STAD. How about you?
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She out-braved the heart most daring on Earth! Lady Elizabeth and her army of liberation's worth. Before the opposed force of vermin socialist, Eco-fascist, and other freedom-hating sorts...they march to make salt...past MASS MEDIA cannon and mightily-held forts. How brave...how brave indeed...when others cowered and crawled...she cried rise up...don't submit as cattle and sheep.

Lady Elizabeth...why not join her crusade...she invites everyone to use their key...and...vote to end this CAGE. Before her army of liberation is carried THE ORB...it chases away the darkness and misery of socialism and Eco-fascism...and...ushers in EDEN...and...more. It pays off every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE and delivers insulation to the producer from the envious otherwise at the door.
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In the Old Testament...eventually...before the ruler the prophet would be brought. The stories of these sages on mission are some of the most interesting parts of the Old Testament. Indeed...JONAH suffered mightily in his travail of the cloth...yet...eventually...against the walls of Nineveh he cried beseeching them to find salvation and rebirth.

So it is with this BLOG on 12-29-13. Metaphorically...the Internet is the electronic universe...and...this website a pool of God wherein stands a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...inviting everyone to consider deleting the old...ushering the new...ringing out the false...ringing in the true.

Why not ponder an alternative? Why not look at something as close to EDEN as modern-man can imagine?

Folks...we're in the final days of this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE environment. More and more Americans...including the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...they're discovering there is little left in the general coffers and fewer producers willing to shoulder the heavy pull...and...as such...their RIDE is about to end and end poorly* for them.

This discontentment...this disillusionment...this unsettling realization....among the RIDERS...has caused them to look for solutions and have found them embedded in the crusade to dismantle the CAGE.

And it's in this spirit that this BLOG has fashioned a massive media campaign for 2014. Part of the overall plan is to hand to the Republicans 'canned-speeches'...each one designed to tell the audience to contact their neighbors so that they too can join the march to make salt and to dismantle this oppressive CAGE...a CAGE in which such potentates as U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi can tell her audience that they must accept the yoke and become cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.

Indeed...by November of 2014...it's the prophet-like forecast of this BLOG that most Americans will feel compelled to vote against TEAM OBAMA and elect the Republican alternative...an alternative which envisions a place where never again can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!" By that date...this BLOG will have spent $125 billion on attempting to get the army of liberation so established that every candidate promises to delete "red tape, tax and spend" and thus extend the liberty of the Otherwise Unhampered Market(OUM) as far as possible.

There must be a viable alternative ready to be offered and offered mightily by the Republicans in 2014. It has been proposed by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that the Republican Party call for the deleting of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the establishment of the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper!

Should the Republicans offer such liberation over subjugation...the Democrats would be left trying to tell voters their way of "whip and chain" fetches better results and will deliver more plunder for redistribution...a message most voters have come to suspect and doubt. Hence...the Republicans...by offering another way...a way based on the freedom of the individual and not the power of big foot government...will prevail in landslide proportions. If the Republicans...on the other hand...follow the template the ESTABLISHMENT wizards claim best, they'll end up with about the same mix of power as before the 2014 election cycle played out.
*The bankruptcy of Detroit demonstrated that everything a government owes or owns is up for grabs.

Why not find yourself in the midst of "me-too"?

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What impetus floods America pushing would-be bystanders into the marching ranks of the army of liberation whose mission to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? It's the grip and grab of OBAMA-CARE. Unlike other rules and laws that stomp only small segments of the hive...this one...this one outright imposes slavery and diktat in a measure far beyond anything most Americans have known.

And...it's this simple organizing theme which will draw patriots to the ballot box their intention to evict the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and usher in liberation over subjugation. They realize the line between liberty and slavery has been deleted and Americans now enjoy: "freedom to obey"...a tribal socialist approach which Obama calls enlightened and wondrous.

FIRST BRIGADES will be advertised in every paper in America. When you see the notice of a meeting of the FIRST BRIGADE you should muster forth and meet your brethren in liberty. And...because the army of liberation carries before it THE ORB...everyone can join and march to make salt never having to fear the reach of their neighbor's envy.

Yes...the MASS MEDIA has already begun to decry THE FIRST BRIGADES. MSNBC Chris Matthews...for instance...called them a nasty bunch of nasty but little else did he say to besmirch and defame. Not that he didn't try. But he was left with telling his audience Americans didn't deserve to be liberated and should accept cradle to grave directive and control.(click here).

Despite such MASS MEDIA menace...there are courageous souls speaking out. Leading this demand for liberty...for example...along the Treasure Coast of Florida...U.S.Rep. Bill Posey has been organizing such brigades to carry to the voter this new message...a message of freedom...a message that promises to dismantle the CAGE and usher in EDEN...delivering to America the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper and never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Why not consider this fresh approach? Imagine an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) where the producer...never need fear a progressive income tax or an inheritance tax and you'll sense what people intend as they march to make salt.

They're not any longer going to kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge. They're marching to delete this yoke and choke agenda and eliminate its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system stopping forever the power of the master to reduce self-starters to whining worms ready to lick boot with candied tongue.

They're forming FIRST BRIGADES. They know the RIDERS will be out in mass voting to perpetuate their RIDE. They know these RIDERS are told to support the politician promising more not less freebie and favor lest they lose their seat aboard the RIDE.

Hence...to attract these servile supplicants and outright parasites...there had to be an offer greater than any TEAM OBAMA could fashion. It had to address the chain the master had on each RIDER...a chain of fear and anxiety...and give to the RIDER a way out...a way to get off the RIDE and be free from this merciless pick and poke of the CAGE.

The way is found in a provision of THE ORB. It's called the "ONE-TIME VICTIM PAYMENT"(OTVP) and is paid to each RIDER in recognition of the psychic injury the master has intentionally inflicted...an injury that has reduced each RIDER to that of a knave oddly given to lowly curtsies and base spaniel fawning.
THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
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At the behest of the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG a nurse from Sri Lanka took a sample of red rain to America and showed it to NASA...the space dudes. They politely refused to examine the the sample claiming it was too unusual and perhaps too dangerous for them to approach even if it done behind 100 inches of glass with hermetically-sealed containers to accommodate the same. In so many words, they said, "Get out of here with DA-DA-DA...and...don't come back no more!"

he Thing - Phil Harris

(also done by Arthur Godfrey, The Ames Brothers, and others)
Writer: Charles Randolph Grean (according to Ghastly Gary Flinn)
Lyrics transcribed by: Ted Hering
see below for a discussion of this song's origins.
(The * * * is stomping.)
While I was walking down the beach one bright and sunny day,
I saw a great big wooden box a-floating in the bay.
I pulled it in and opened it up and much to my surprise,
Ooh, I discovered a * * * right before my eyes.
Ooh, I discovered a * * * right before my eyes.
I picked it up and ran to town as happy as a king.
I took it to a guy I knew who'd buy 'most anything.
But this is what he hollered at me as I walked in his shop:
"Ooh, get out of here with that * * * before I call a cop!
Ooh, get out of here with that * * * before I call a cop!"
I turned around and got right out, a-running for my life.
And then I took it home with me to give it to my wife.
But this is what she hollered at me as I walked in the door:
"Ooh, get out of here with that * * * and don't come back no more!
Ooh, get out of here with that * * * and don't come back no more!"
I wandered all around the town until I chanced to meet
A hobo who was looking for a handout on the street.
He said he'd take 'most any old thing. He was a desperate man.
But when I showed him the * * *, he turned around and ran.
Ooh, when I showed him the * * *, he turned around and ran.
I wandered on for many years, a victim of my fate,
Until one day I came upon Saint Peter at the Gate.
And when I tried to take it inside, he told me where to go:
"Get out of here with that * * *, and take it down below!
Oh, get out of here with that * * *, and take it down below!"
The moral of this story is if you're out on the beach
And you should see a great big box and it's within your reach,
Don't ever stop and open it up. That's my advice to you.
'Cause you'll never get rid of the * * *, no matter what you do.
Oh, you'll never get rid of the * * *, no matter what you do.

This 1950 hit song was not the first to use this melody. According to Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954, the melody is that of the traditional song "The Tailor's Boy". I am not familiar with this song. However, another song which uses the same melody is "The Chandler's Wife". I don't know where this song originates, but I have heard a recording of it by Oscar Brand on one of his early LP's. Here are the lyrics to that. In this case, the * * * is knocking.
Title: The Chandler's Wife
Lyrics transcribed by: Jeff Morris
As I went into the chandler's shop, some candles for to buy,
I looked about the chandler's shop, but no one did I spy.
Well, I was disappointed, so some angry words I said,
When I heard the sound of a * * * right above my head.
Yes, I heard the sound of a * * * right above my head.
Well, I was slick, and I was quick, so up the stairs I fled,
And very surprised was I to find the chandler's wife in bed,
And with her was another man of quite considerable size,
And they were having a * * * right before my eyes.
Yes, they were having a * * * right before my eyes.
Ah, when the fun was over and done, the lady raised her head,
And very surprised was she to find me standin' by the bed.
"If you'll be discrete, my boy, if you will be so kind,
You two can come up for some * * * whenever you feel inclined.
You two can come up for some * * * whenever you feel inclined."
So, many a night, and many a day, when the chandler wasn't home,
To get myself some candles, to the chandler's shop I'd roam.
But never a one she give to me, she give to me instead
Just a little bit more of that * * * to light my way to bed.
Just a little bit more of that * * * to light my way to bed.
Now, all ye married men, take heed, whenever you go to town.
If you must leave your woman alone, be sure to tie her down.
Or if you would be kind to her, just set her down there on the floor,
And give her so much of that * * * she doesn't want any more.
Yes, give her so much of that * * * she doesn't want any more.

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You have taken great pains to qualify his rigorous course; but since he stands obdurate and that no lawful means can carry me out of his envy's reach, I do oppose my patience to his fury, and am arm'd to suffer with a quietness of spirit the very tyranny and rage of his.(Antonio tells the Duke of his peculiar predicament with Shylock, the Merchant of Venice).
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The attack on the Benghazi embassy on 09-11-12 was not the work of Al Qaeda. This revelation was meant to be some earth-shaking announcement intended to exonerate Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice whose infamy had all but been guaranteed with what was known of that tragedy.

According to the New York Times...it wasn't Al Qaeda that besieged the embassy for 7 hours. It wasn't Al Qaeda that used state-of-the art explosives to enter* a safe-room. It wasn't Al Qaeda that didn't leave anything that could be used to trace who did what to whom. No...it wasn't Al Qaeda that did this dirty deed. It was the OMEGA TEAM...a shadowy mercenary crew brought in to carry out an Obama "snuff order".

How is it that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta knew about the attack for 7 hours and yet refused to direct the hovering Predator Drones to unleash their firepower and fend off the assault? Could it be that he was directed not to fire because the people involved were carrying out a mission...a "snuff-mission"...a mission whose intent was to silence Ambassador Stevens before he could tell America what he had discovered about OBAMA?

Perhaps the New York Times will be bold enough to tell America what it was that Ambassador Stevens had uncovered about Obama. Recall that Stevens was one of the few inside the Obama administration that refused to accept the Hawaiian birth certificate. And...using the cover of Ambassadorship...he had taken many trips running down leads and stray-tips.

After much travail and search...he discovered the truth in Kenya on one of his expeditions into that region looking for the real birthplace of Obama. He met an old man who said he had absolute proof that Obama was born in Kenya...in a village that had since been swept away by flood and famine.

Interested in finally having proof-positive so he could depose that dung-eating monkey...the label Stevens found most appropriate...he followed that old man into the bush. They marched for 15 days...night and day...no sleep..no camp fire...no food...no water...just 15 days of marching through impenetrable jungle. Ever so often the old man would point to something...and...warn...such was deadly and would cause instant death if touched...or...tasted.

Eventually, Stevens came to a clearing. It was surrounded on all sides by jungle...but...here...in this almost perfect circle...there was not anything growing...not even the wind crossed that circle's girth...still...stale...and...as quiet as Pharaoh's tomb. The old man pointed and said in the middle of that circle was Obama born. His mark is there for the universe to see. He's pure evil...as pure as pure can be.

Ambassador Stevens gathered the proof...and...back to Benghazi he went....ready to tell the world...what worthwhile time he'd spent. But...Obama heard that Stevens was about to tell...so Obama directed OMEGA TEAM to protect his place in hell.
*...a room whose whereabouts were known only to Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Stevens...a safety feature worthy of a modern day state department safety-protocol.
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Russian President Putin made every effort to protect the Russians from terrorist threats. However, he was unable to stop a black widow from entering a train station packed with people and blowing herself up. And...although she killed 30,000 people...the MASS MEDIA in America framed her as a heroine willing to die for her cause of socialism and the mastery of the state over the individual...something the MASS MEDIA found good and blessed.
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With 2014 approaching...many are wondering about the TV show this BLOG is about to commence. Unlike the BLOG platform...the visual aspect will be as important as the message presented. It's the fond wish of the MEDIA DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that everyone will enjoy the themes and the portrayals. We have an Obama look-alike...as well as...a Harry Reid look-alike. Both were very easy to find since these two politicians have the most common look about them.
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Why not have one spot...one industry...one endeavor that is insulated from the grip and grab of any would-be master and permitted to operate as the proverbial otherwise unhampered market? The answer is as simple as question forms frame. The master of the NANNY STATE CAGE can't afford even one such spot that's why not!

Imagine a spot where the master's decree cannot impose that mighty curse: "Our tears...your purse!" Imagine as much and you've just had a glimpse of EDEN...a place where never can there be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the would-be master can't find anyone wishing to be reduced to that of a whining worm to be directed from cradle to grave by knee-crooking knaves.

In 2014...an army of liberation shall march past your door. Why not join and demand there be one spot where the master's decree is not? Hmmm? Why not?
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A great leader is usually a genius. This aphorism is borne out remarkably well when one examines Russian President Putin. He's the reincarnation of Peter the Great. He has a vision for Russia which offers to every comrade an opportunity to achieve their grandest desires. This BLOG offers its sincerest wish for the new year that President Putin continue to succeed and prosper!
Internal Revenue Service scumbag, Lois Lerner took the 5th amendment to avoid prosecution for criminal enterprise upon which she and her slug-pals embarked to attack any group that might have had some influence on an election outcome in 2010 through 2012. She chose this kind of avoidance measure...this 5th amendment dodge and duck because she had dirt on so many people they had to accept her chosen path and could not attack lest they themselves be consumed in the conflagration surely to follow.
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Gujarat is a province in India. It was plagued by socialist program and policy to such an extent its power sector was riddled with inefficiency and graft.

Because of the influence of this BLOG in India...however...an experiment was permitted. In Gandhi-esque fashion...a private electrical company was permitted to install its wires and related gizmos and conduct business along side the state-owned power company. So far those customers using the private company receive continuous electrical power at 1/3 the cost...something the state-run company decreed was not possible.

Naturally...the reaction of the socialists has been immediate and vocal. How dare they embarrass the state-run system chided several state-electric officials whose jobs were at one time held by their fathers who in turn had been given their jobs by their fathers. As one of these sneering slugs drooled, "They dare demonstrate socialism hurts instead of helps. Indeed...we, socialists want big foot government to erase such interlopers...delete their approach to efficiency...and...return to the good old days."
Imagine a global warehouse system* that stores for later "something" precious metals and other things but which is "private" and can't be monitored by commodity-brokers. Imagine as much and you've just had a glimpse of the bitcoin reserve system...a series of shadow-warehouses...each packed with whatever has been collected for later use in some manner. In one warehouse in Malaysia, for instance, 2000 million tons of copper are stored. In a cave in Utah there is kept 5000 million tons of processed aluminum and several tons of rare earth stuff all processed and ready for use in whatever manner chosen.

The U.S.dollar at one time was backed by gold. Nowadays, it's backed by little more than a promise to pay wherein payment made in the same worthless paper. Sure...the dollar is backed by the fact it is the "reserve currency" used by planet Earth's inhabitants...but...that status could change as could the inflation in America rendering the dollar almost as worthless as the $100 trillion Zimbabwe note featured on TV recently in a show the topic of which was inflation in world currencies.

The bitcoin was designed to be a medium of exchange. However, there needed to be a reserve system backing the bitcoin's virtual value. Hence...the shadow-warehouse system sprang forth. Yes...it's owners are all known on Mt. Gox. They're honored since they're dedicated to preserving the system...keeping it quite secret...and...ready to provide whatever substantiation required. As one owner said, "We're there to offer a wound-poke to any doubting Thomas."
*Wall Street Journal 12-27-13;C-1 METAL MOTHER LODE SITS IN SHADOWS
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Two candidates stood before the crowd. One offered more not less freebie and favor in exchange for more whip and chain. This candidate told the crowd the richest among them would be relegated to the status of beasts of burden whose mission to toil for the hive. And to that promise of enslavement, the audience roared with approbation. The other told this jubilant bunch that she was there to offer liberation over subjugation...to offer release from the grip and grab of the would-be master...and...deliver the otherwise unhampered market wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place described as EDEN-like.

The crowd listened. They had never heard of such a thing. Here was someone telling them there was an escape from this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein the master directs from cradle to grave. Yes...she was not offering kingdoms and glories the things the other was wont to mention,(MATTHEW 4:8)...but...simple liberty...where each respects the rights of others and goes about doing what need be done to perfect a future most suitable and grand.

After both spoke...a cub reporter from this BLOG interviewed attendees to determine what impression and perhaps what support at the ballot box they might give. Most were impressed with the idea of liberation but they felt it was "pie-in-sky"...and...there wasn't any way for such a thing to happen. They were resigned to leading gray little lives in gray little torment never knowing the other side. How about you?
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In Afghanistan...Taliban blew holes in buildings and killed people...announcing by such mayhem they were still the mean-mutt on the block. Similarly, in Iraq...the Shiites and Sunnis traded bombs and death  last week as each faction portrayed its position as the correct one.

And while such slaughter might appear new to some people...those steeped in history or those who have Google-searched the history of the region...they know...massacres and genocide have been afoot since the region went from fertile to some fertile but mostly desert. The people find it commonplace for one tribe to wipe out another and have been watching such rebellions since the dawn of time.
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Turkey's leader has been asked to resign over charges stemming from graft allegations inside his inner circle of power-mongers. Erdogan was told he should step down and is considering the move. Naturally, the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has issued position-statements for both sides with the expectation that control of the generic will produce peculiar but lasting results.
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OBAMA-CARE will cost $100 billion per year in administrative expenses, salaries and fees. An offer was made by the MEDICAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to deliver medical services to any American seeking the same in exchange for that $100 billion per year. Yes...the medical care would be the latest in every way...most innovative...most daring...most enlightened...and...so forth.

The bid was turned down by HHS Sec. Sebelius. She was angry that the BLOG had labeled her DEATH ANGEL... a label she hasn't been able to shake or scrape away.
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With only the Old Testament as basis...John the Baptist offered another approach...one inviting the recipient to seek salvation...repent...and...therein find rebirth. When he commenced such ministry...he was alone...surrounded by the universe...spider, snake, scorpion and sand...yet...into the day and night he preached...offering refreshment to the soul of man.

Indeed...so powerful was the message...that by the time the scouts of Caiaphus arrived to find out what was afoot...the prayer line awaiting the baptism stretched 1/2 the way across Judea,(JOHN 1:23).

Mention is made of JOHN since nowadays...a metaphorical JOHN has appeared...but...this JOHN has many faces and marches to make salt...inviting every American...everyone...everywhere...to join the army of liberation whose crusade to dismantle this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

There will be new politicians coming from the ranks of this burgeoning army...people willing to delete the grip and grab of big foot government and thereby permit the 21st century otherwise unhampered market to manifest. They'll go to every level of government and eliminate the yoke and choke agenda...replacing "freedom-to-obey" with true liberty...the kind of liberty America was bound to enjoy.

Imagine a place where never can some would-be master with mob decree: "Our tears...your purse!" Imagine as much and you've just been inside EDEN. Replace the old politicians with this new crew...and...America will blossom of bloom. Let us evict the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and thereby find prosperity not collective misery and pending doom.

This BLOG has sought out such politicians...entreating them to put down their plow as Cincinnatus did and come assist in dismantling this CAGE...therein...permitting liberation over subjugation.

In 2014...the TV portion of this BLOG will be done. It will feature proposed political themes and invite patriots to step forward and carry such banner up the hill. The BLOG will be funding the entire measure with a $100 billion war chest collected from every billionaire wishing to keep what they have intact.
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From Norway they came...wanting to kill, destroy...and...otherwise maim. Their parents had left the Middle East to escape jihad and bombed-out rooms...their children would have a safe place to grow...they needn't fear suicide-packed doom.

But...the power of social media laid claim to their children despite such wall...to fight against President Assad...for instance...something that makes martyrs tall. Boom went Mook-Tad...BANG went Al-Hig-dee...two Muslims from Norway trying to make a difference...even if they but spoon with bucket dipping dry the sea.
Paul H. Rubin teaches economics at Emory University. Recently, he was given a tome by a cub-reporter from this BLOG and invited to open the door to enlightenment. Because Paul is a gentleman...he accepted this great writing and asked "why" such interest in his ignorance quotient. He was informed that he was worthy of salvation and with that declaration, Rubin was handed HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises.

Instead of putting this "darkness destroyer" on some shelf...Paul did as he promised and read cover to cover. He was astounded at how wrong he'd been. He had supported socialism and despotism and every other "ism" trying to find the best way for mankind to progress and prosper.And...all that while...the answer was obvious...the paradigm as simple as taking a breath of fresh air.

Mention is made of this interface since Rubin wrote* in the WSJ about the marketplace. And...while he mentioned an aspect of the market...that of cooperation and division of labor...he failed to affix the other aspect of the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) as framed in HUMAN ACTION: each participant to a transaction always receives more than they gave...or...else...that particular transaction wouldn't have occurred.

As Ayn Rand pointed out in CAPITALISM, THE UNKNOWN IDEAL...in the OUM...there isn't any "hassle and hinder" imposed by big foot government. Hence...in the OUM...the transactions occur as each consumer sees fit receiving whatever peculiar benefit sought without the interference of some NANNY STATE diktat or prescription. In the OUM it can be said that each party to the transaction received more than they gave...and...that "additional something" is magical since it's peculiar to the recipient and can be known to the meddlesome only by inquiry therein.

 *In the Wall Street Journal(A-11;12-26-13), Mr. Rubin declared that the marketplace is not one where there are winners and losers but those who cooperate better than others.
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OBAMA-CARE isn't getting the patronage its sponsors expected. Most of those enrolling are seeking subsidy and want the best health insurance available and cry foul if they receive less. Those refusing to kneel and worship this golden calf haven't been moved by threat of penalty and probably will remain "off-camera" until they're offered something so attractive that they wouldn't hesitate to "sign-up".

When the suggestion box was opened recently the answer to that conundrum came forth. All OBAMA-SNARE navigators needed to do was offer those "reluctant" Americans a BIMBY*. Yes...that's right...a BIMBY! In 12 months, the BIMBY can save a family of 4 as much as $29,872.00 (U.S.)...a savings so great that those funds can then be used to buy the $29,872.00 health insurance policy they must have each year or face a firing squad.
*The BIMBY is an all-in-one cooking pot. It measures...cuts...cooks...and...keeps ready-to-eat...whatever the user prefers. One BIMBY user in Alaska reported she saved $124,675 in one year using her BIMBY! So impressive the savings that HARVARD SCIENTISTS declared the entire federal debt of $18 trillion could be paid off in one year if Uncle Sugar used the BIMBY!(Wall Street Journal 12-26-13;A-1)
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As I examined my 2 year old grandson...I immediately traveled backward to a time when I sat on my grandfather's lap and examined his visage as much as JP did mine. While I sat quietly...JP chose something else. He put his trigger finger to his lips...began to say "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB" as he twiddled his lips up and down making a Jews' harp sound. It was remarkable prose and great retort though yet I had not anything to say. I laughed as he did the same...I saw my son's twinkle and knew they were playing some kind of game.
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When two people interface and trade horse for money, for example, both receive more than they gave or else such transaction wouldn't have been done. Because there is more than before and its bounty inuring to both sides of the deal, there is benefit without measure. Sure...some officious, meddlesome fool might stick opinion into the mix...but...between the actual participants, both have received more than they gave.

If you were to take that simple example and multiply it by 300 million Americans each wanting and needing...it's immediately obvious that there isn't anyone on this planet who can assume they know best and direct an outcome which otherwise might not have been. Hence...OBAMA-CARE can't be anything more than some would-be master choosing what is better or best for everyone and everyone accepting the choice with grave penalty imposed on those who don't.

It's the polemic of this BLOG that America must dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE that is smothering...hindering...and...keeping producers burdened with ever increasing duties to the hive. Should America eliminate this yoke and choke agenda and permit the otherwise unhampered market to flourish...prosperity would bloom as if EDEN bubbled forth.
When Gandhi announced he was commencing his march to make salt...the MASS MEDIA scoffed and sneered...but...when Gandhi reached the sea and grabbed that handful of liberty...the entire world cheered.

Likewise...Lady Elizabeth on January 01,2014 will announce her first step. She will lead an army of liberation before which shall be carried THE ORB. Their crusade shall be to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Yes...as Gandhi discovered along liberty's route...there will be MASS MEDIA barrages...each bomb designed to defeat, discourage and derail...yet onward the intrepid...against oppression such zeal assailed.

But why 2014...and...not say 2013? Why have-picked 2014? What's special then that isn't now? What advantage found there that in 2013 not anywise shared?

Perhaps it's the affects of all the bad laws combining to create a crushing oppression wherein there is a "ruling elite" and then "the rest of us". For instance, the adverse affect OBAMA-CARE will have in 2014 on the overall population will incite Americans to ask for an alternative. This overreaching by big foot government will make people want to join the effort to eliminate the yoke and choke agenda and usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "our tears...your purse!"

Yes...some Americans received an entitlement* from OBAMA-CARE and support this latest 'whip and chain' because they receive something,(MATTHEW 4:8). But...even these now-servile supplicants have the chance to find salvation...to break the chain...and...demand liberation over subjugation, (MATTHEW 6:24).
*...a diktat in their behalf directing insurance companies to accept "sick" people and do so without charging any "additional" portion because of their "sickness". To off-set such an immediate and assured drain on these "affected" insurance companies' coffers...Uncle Sugar was given the power to stomp and chomp people...attack them and their credit and impose harm and prejudice as the master sees fit.
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It's 12-25-13 and people all over the world are rejoicing. They know rebirth is upon them and their lives much better indeed. So it was as reflection and touch bubbled and bobbed in me. My loved one wasn't there...quintessence of dust not shared...yet...incorporeal stood her frame...and...throughout the day we played our game...her way and mine ensnared.
The MASS MEDIA has praised Obama for stopping the Iranians from completing their nuclear weapon...a thing they call the SWORD OF ALLAH. While they haven't stopped...but...merely took the time to hide better...Americans are enjoying their Christmas unworried. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) opined, "When they actually observe a mushroom cloud over what once was New York City...they'll stand with angry hands...with Obama looking just as pretty."
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Many years ago...there were 8 children and a mom and dad. Since then...at Christmas time...the 8 children have spread out making distance a factor in their not having that kind of packed-to-max Christmas with each other. They must conduct their celebration without each other. It's a "good time"...but...it isn't as it used to be.
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The Christians celebrate Christmas because they believe the Son of God was born on that day. The New Testament of the Holy Bible recounts this birth and what it meant to the world. Many around the world still believe in the divinity of Jesus and follow his teachings throughout their lives. Hence...Christmas cheer and wondrous joy flood and wash away the misery...pain...and anything else your future blamed.
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In 1857...the U.S.Supreme Court(USSC) determined that in America a person could be bought and sold as one would a cow or wagon. These dudes...these so-called august wizards...told Dred Scott that he was not human but chattle...something which could be whipped by its master...sold on whim...and...made to fear tomorrow...bright or dim.

If the U.S. Supreme Court had stopped with that BIG MISTAKE...corrected itself...and...forever after remained vigilant for such idiocy...then...this BLOG wouldn't be necessary. However, since 1857 this bunch had made some nasty decisions...each one designed to reduce liberty and increase the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Take for instance their wondrous determination that CO2...the stuff a human exhales...is a dangerous gas and must be regulated. The Supreme Court found compelling the theory that CO2...a trace gas...could become so great that all oxygen-breathing life would die. Al Gore testified that a great solution was to stop humans from exhaling thereby salvaging the planet from certain doom for a billion years in all directions.

Many Americans are wondering who these people are. They surely are not rational people but seem more like puppets doing their masters bidding. Indeed...this nest of nonsense recently ruled that OBAMA-CARE was constitutional and big foot government could enslave its people in such fashion. Sure...they're wrong. They're as wrong about OBAMA-CARE as they were about slavery in the South and CO2 in the clouds.
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Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. Hence: E=MC2. This formula offers insight into the issue of "HOW" when discussing the origin of the known universe. Mention is made of this Einstein stuff since recently HARVARD SCIENTISTS said from energy mass comes and it needn't any way for such transition to occur....it just transforms...miraculously becomes mass where before only energy found.

To that pronouncement by those august wizards of the minute and discreet...the reaction has been monumental. How dare they claim something can come from nothing!

When such concept of spontaneous creation is combined with the known properties of gravity, one is struck by the obvious falsehood. Energy remains energy and will conduct its affairs in accord with the obvious laws of thermodynamics...but...never will energy...by itself...left to the confines of its own merit and devices...never will energy transform and become "mass"...it just can't do it and won't do it...no matter how much HARVARD SCIENTISTS wish and dream to the contrary.

These same HARVARD SCIENTISTS also support the BIG BANG THEORY. That theory says from a singularity sprang the "known-universe". The tenet of this so-called theory is that there was an infinitely small spot...a speck...a something...indescribable beyond such aspect...and...that this thing was infinitely dense and that this infinite density one day held a board meeting and it was decided it was too boring in the singularity and there needed to be action...there needed to be paint and party...indeed...there had to be someone to enjoy the wonders therein. So the vote was to cease being infinitely dense and expand mightily...and...at that board meeting were the ancestors of "energy" and "mass".
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In a closed-door session with John Boehner, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, it was agreed that he would oppose tyranny and carry out such fight by preaching THE ORB. He told this group that he feared defeat...however...since the would-be masters controlled the MASS MEDIA.

As Boehner said, "If they can cover-up the assassination of U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens...they certainly can derail any effort to escape this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the "ruling elite" can impose whatever they choose and sneer at those whose future thereby they destroy."

While this control of the MASS MEDIA is obvious...it's also equally obvious that a new message could suffer such onslaught...such barrage...and...yet...remain unscathed...and...thereby observed by all as invincible. If the message were one preaching liberation over subjugation...its frame would remain impenetrable to shows of dross. If the message offered an otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"...then...that message would be accepted by most and those choosing to ignore or oppose so connected and embedded that to rise and be free not any longer an option,(MATTHEW 4:8).
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Instead of removing whatever was creating the strictures in the marketplace...OBAMA-CARE merely added layers of directive, regulation and outright enslavement. Similar to what they do in North Korea...Americans are now under an obligation to possess health insurance and that insurance must be what Uncle Sugar believes best and fitting.
*In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is: "Toby".
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One day...Jesus and his troupe were strolling around and they happened upon a blind man. The blind man asked for alms and sought empathy. Jesus paused and examined this pathetic soul. He bent down and mixed dust with saliva and rubbed it suddenly into the eyes of this now-made-desperate rag of a man. As the man was reacting to this intrusion, Jesus directed him sternly to wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam...the largest public pool in Jerusalem and a place where this "affected" wretch was surely to be recognized by people he'd "conned" over the years with that blind man act.(JOHN 9:11)
The crony-capitalists who supported implementation of OBAMA-CARE thought they'd get huge profits by using Uncle Sugar to compel people to buy their several products. Karen Ignagni...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...wanted OBAMA-CARE to have a provision permitting big foot government to kill anyone refusing to kneel and worship this golden calf. She wanted her health insurance group to be benefited and anyone refusing to buy health insurance she wanted slaughtered.
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Nadezhda* Tolokonnikova...alias "Nancy"...was released from a Russian minimum security prison having been pardoned for her vulgar performance in a Russian church. President Putin knew these girls were merely puppets for the American CIA and weren't worthy of any further restraint. He did request that they consider a better stage to act-out than inside a church whose patrons are the toughest crowd Pussy Riot could ever play.
* Her name was McGill...she called herself "Lil"...but...everyone...knew her as Nancy,(ROCKIE RACCOON-White Album-Beatles).
Billionaire Edgar M. Bronfman died leaving behind him another empire without an effective leader to carry on the tradition of excellence. He was a contributing editor to this BLOG and was greatly responsible for creating its $429 billion endowment...a fund held in a vault in China...the only country where such gold and platinum is actually safe.

"Biff" Bronfman was loved by everyone. Even the Muslim and Jew would set aside their hatred that they might feast with Biff in banquet fashion...festive and sparkling with wonder and joy. Indeed...it was Biff who persuaded Obama not to invade Syria. And it was Biff again who demanded Obama dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE in America...something Obama was not wont to do. Biff will be missed. God speed, Biff.

Until then
you don't know
Ironic dust
tombstone's show.
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How does one make a "TOBY"? How does one enslave* another without ever actually imposing shackle with bane? Nowadays the would-be slaves aren't beaten but lured...coaxed into the bowels of the awaiting slave ship sporting its most recent label: THE 20TH CENTURY NANNY STATE CAGE.
*In the movie, ROOTS the hero is beaten until he admits his name is "Toby".
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Because it was something which at one time was an integral part of commerce...there was a public outcry* that government should step in and preserve this industry...to insulate it from the grip and grab of innovation. Naturally...the industry was wooden-spoke wheels and covered wagons.

*"How dare someone wish to permit competition and consumer choice to stomp out what was once a vital aspect of the economy,"snorted the politician whose own future tied to preservation of the status quo.
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The Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is pushing the idea that this 2013 Congress was a "do nothing" Congress. They wanted Congress to fund an even greater 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...AND...because the U.S.House of Representatives is held by the Republicans whose mission for the most part has been to honor the aphorism: :"first...do no harm"...America has been spared even greater oppression and misery.
Folks...every day there is another football super star...the game is designed to give the finest athletes a forum to demonstrate their prowess, talent and skill. It's combat in pads and only the smartest, quickest and strongest prevail. It's a game of inches and seconds. It's a game where the male portion of our species can find whatever is most important...and...do what must be done to achieve greatness and acclaim!

Recently...this BLOG has been mounting a "draft Tim Tebow" campaign...inviting him to run for the U.S.Senate preaching from here to there THE ORB*...and...demanding liberation over subjugation...inviting everyone to join the army of liberation and together dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN.
*THE ORB stands for "the omnibus repeal bill" wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century CAGE and its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.
Victoria "Tori" Soto...as rabid a tribal socialist as can be found...grew angry when informed  that her promotion wasn't in the cards...her support of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wasn't packed with whining worm sounds. She didn't kneel and worship as quickly as she should...she didn't praise whip and chain...even though on a 1000 different occasions she didn't but could.
As KEYS says in the movie, DOUBLE INDEMNITY..."whoever did kill that man...they're riding a train...neither one can get off...and...they're bound to ride it all the way to the end."

Mention is made of this scene because SUSAN RICE and HILLARY CLINTON are on a similar train. Indeed...in many respects...they're like YING and YANG the Chinese twins conjoined at the hip. Neither one of them can afford for the other to tell what she knows about the attack on the Benghazi embassy on 09-11-12. They must always be the secret-keeper of the other..something SUSAN RICE probably never considered when she agreed to involve her good self in the cover-up of an assassination?
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Recently...one of the contributing editors(C/E) of this BLOG was accosted by a goon squad of sorts. The incident occurred in the early evening hours as this C/E was returning from having buried his faithful dog on the hillside beneath the shade of an old oak tree.

He was lamenting OLD DOG TRAY...eulogizing him...reviewing in his mind the times with that loyal bunch of fur and sinew....when...suddenly...his thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the stern voice of a black-uniformed jack boot type...decked out with pistol...rifle...RPG...and...50 grenades.

The C/E was puzzled. Had OLD DOG TRAY hurt someone before he was run over by that 80,000 pound 18 wheeler? His imagination ran without edge...his grief removing border...and...adding poignance and question.

"What can I do for you today?" whispered the C/E...his essence wrapping around the tracks of his tears  as they etched odd figures in his dust-filled face.

"We're here to direct that you cease contributing to that BLOG. If you persist...we'll attack. It's your fair warning that when we come back...it won' be this pleasant knock...but...battering ram and bullet."
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If a person is born into slavery...that person will grow up and never know there is liberty because their entire life has been that of a slave. Such a theory is the basis used by Ayn Rand in her novel, ANTHEM...and...it's afoot in the form of OBAMA-CARE. As Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "If I can enslave America long enough...they'll forget they once were a free-people."
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People are angry because Obama intentionally LIED to them about OBAMA-CARE. His promise of people not being affected by its reach...telling them they could keep their own doctors and their own insurance...while bald-faced lies...such prevarication isn't knew.

Tyrants have been using propaganda for centuries. The first thing a tyrant does is take control of all information outlets and then use them to tell his subjects what he wants them to think. The only imperative is neither can there be dissent...nor...any outlet to spread such disenchantment. North Korea is just the latest example of this idea...of repression...of reducing...people to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.

While Obama thought his propaganda mills could assuage and mollify... he was wrong. America isn't North Korea or Europe, for that matter. Americans might choose the "freebie and favor" route and lick boot for a season but they would never submit to the yoke of despotism. Hence...the expressive anger most Americans display when asked about OBAMA-CARE.
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When Obama was considering pushing OBAMA-CARE...he asked his "enslavement" wizards...what were the chances of Americans kneeling and worshiping this golden calf. The wizards in chorus fashion replied, "The compliance curve demonstrates that almost every American will lick boot in exchange for freebie and favor."

Obama...ever the dung-eating monkey...listened and then asked what was meant by such a phrase as "compliance curve". Timmy Titler...chief-resident wizard...observed the puzzlement and want etched across that evil-visage...and...knew Obama didn't have a clue.

"Well," began Titler,"The compliance-curve simply means that if you were to take a graph and impose an inverted bell shape thereon...at one end you have those Americans who would do anything their master asked...then there are those at the other end who I'd call the Alamo-types...refusing to kneel even when the odds are obviously overwhelming...and...of course...the great middle...that huge bulge of the "wishy-washy"...those people who might or might not depending on whatever they at that moment find important. Hence...the compliance curve, Mr. President."

Obama understood the curve idea and wanted to know from HHS Sec. Sebelius how many Americans had succumbed and admitted their name* was "Toby". Sebelius...a/k/a...DEATH ANGEL**...said the actual number of Americans actually paying for OBAMA-CARE was quite low. When asked by the monkey how low...she cleared her throat and said, "Less than 1000, Mr. President."

Obama erupted in anger...his venom drooled from his simian lips. He turned to David Pluffe...his erstwhile political adviser and sneered, "You told me Americans were not Alamo-types...but whining worms ready to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave. What happened?"

Before NAZI-PLOUFFE could answer, however, a voice from the back of the Oval Office whispered, "Americans don't kneel...they don't lick boot...they might permit some plunder...perhaps...enjoy the loot. But when it comes to enslavement...you'll not find one American ready to submit...they'd rather die fighting the chain...no matter how powerful your propaganda...no matter how much smile and wit."
*In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is "TOBY".
** Sebelius attempted to stop a child from receiving a "life-saving" lung transplant. She said big foot government had to show Americans they were enslaved and this child's predicament would be a great demonstration of this "tyranny".
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Jesus offered a new message and got stomped. The establishment wasn't about to permit some wannabe to usurp their power. He threatened their system and invited the cattle and sheep to consider liberation over subjugation...to be without the grip and grab of bureaucratic creeps.


Nowadays...as a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is made to come and join the army of liberation...marching to "make salt"...and...whose crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

If you wish to sense the drama surrounding this message of liberty dressed forth in 2013 regalia...why not in a group of people declare you wish to dismantle the 20th Century CAGE and listen to the response?

It'll be something along the lines of most claiming such attempted escape from the CAGE a fool's errand. What you might find interesting...though...is the large number of people who will support the notion of removal of the jackboot from the throat of America...if a coherent proposal shown.

As one tribal socialist drooled from his perch in the Oval Office when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about his views on loss of freedom, "How dare anyone contemplate removing the shackles imposed by big foot government.That its grip and grab might continue unabated...more whip and chain...not less...must be applied!"
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Keynes was famous for describing the producer as having "animal spirits". Ayn Rand pointed out that when your model begins with such a critter...it's result must be some kind of tribal socialist state where such "animal spirits" are chained...and...made to pull the "free lunch and wagon ride"entitlement system.

Folks...man is a heroic being...and...the CAGE* is anathema to such a spirit. Jesus described the purity of soul as did John the Baptist. They invited everyone to find rebirth...not as some cruel critter lurking in a jungle awaiting prey to happen by...but as a heroic being productive and observant of the Ten Commandments.
*TEAM OBAMA and its complicit MASS MEDIA have enslaved America. That Americans haven't yet rebelled is a testament to the flood of 24/7 propaganda...designed to allay fear of chain and whip while the same are being prepared for application.
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America is a mixing bowl of sorts and as such will suffer tribulation but will loose whatever grips and grabs the spirit of its people. Unlike the North Koreans whose lives are managed from cradle to grave...in America...such servile supplicants are called knee-crooking knaves.

Unlike Venezuela where the people want more not less freebie and favor...in our blessed land...liberation over subjugation...where prosperity's fairly savored by quintessence of dust...this critter called man.
Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson should have observed the injunction: "don't ask...don't tell". When asked his views on homosexuality...he should have abruptly informed that inquiring mind that such things aren't asked...and...hence...such things aren't told. Because he chose to decry such a thing...however...the homosexual community a greater part of which inhabits the MASS MEDIA grew angry and insisted A&E eliminate this neanderthal...removing him permanently from TV.
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In Venezuela...inflation* is running at 54% making it one of the worst places to live if you're on some kind of fixed income. The bread you buy today...for example...costs twice as much tomorrow...making the buyer want to buy that day and not wait. But so does everyone else conclude as much and the shelves become empty quickly. Enter any Venezuelan state-directed grocery store...for instance...and...you'd think you've entered a refugee shelter where even a grain of rice is considered a banquet.

*In Venezuela they have a saying, "Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining!"
Tribal socialists like inflation since it makes everything more expensive giving them room to demand "price controls" so that the poor and needy won't in every way starve. They never admit they're the ones who made the pool of poor greater and are the ones doing all they can to keep them there. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said, "By cleverly making prices higher...the people complain. We merely step up and tell them by more not less big foot government their lives will be so much more improved."
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Two headed for glory...Jesus and John. One died on a chopping block...the other nailed to a tree. Mention is made of these two heroes...their measure eternity...because in America...on 12-20-13...there's forming an army of liberation...powerful...and...zealous...and...whose crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper and never can some would-be master decree: "our tears...your purse!"

Even though John and Jesus faced terrific odds...they persevered. John as a voice of one crying in the wilderness...Jesus as the "Son of Man" fulfilling Old Testament prophecy.

When John began preaching...he spoke to the universe...surrounded by snake, scorpion, spider and sand...but...by the time the scouts of Caiaphus arrived...the prayer line waiting to be baptized in the pool of God stretched 1/2 the way across Judea,(JOHN 1:23)...each entrant into that modest pool receiving spiritual rebirth...and...the power against temptation's hand.

Similar in purpose to that of John's...this BLOG was commenced to offer a fresh message. It's a message of how to avoid enslavement...a message describing a place where producers never need fear some master with mob looting storerooms or attacking their children in public schools designed to indoctrinate children to kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge,(Exodus 32:24).

Because this BLOG reaches the entire planet...thanks to Google...invitation is extended to come and examine what can be. Draw near and imagine what you could have by simply voting for liberation over subjugation...and...demanding the CAGE be gone. Imagine not any income or inheritance tax...not any hassle or hurdle designed to aid cronies and hurt others...and...not any bureaucratic creeps whose mission to subjugate and imperil.

Just as JOHN preached liberation of the spirit and salvation...in a metaphorical sense...this BLOG asks everyone to consider eliminating the grip and grab of the master...erase the yoke and choke agenda...and...remove the jackboot from the throat of America. And..just as JOHN found himself faced with an angry ESTABLISHMENT...so does this BLOG face a mighty MASS MEDIA intent on reducing Americans to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.
*Eliminate the free lunch and wagon ride entitlement system and in its place put freedom to act within the social-economic context without resorting to force or fraud. By deleting the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies...Americans can prosper and never need worry that their neighbors' envy and avarice become some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.
Perhaps Phil Robertson had an unpleasant experience as a child with the game: duck, duck, goose...and...it left an indelible stain on his psyche. Somehow...to him homosexuality became sinful and not the choice of two or more consenting adults. He should have said...in that recent interview...I lack an opinion on such topic and refer you to the Bible for edification.
In North Korea...the Hermit Kingdom...tyranny can readily be found. There it's "freedom to obey"...anything else framed with firing squad sound.

Dennis Rodman...nowadays...sporting purple hair and 300 facial piercings...2000 more pins and "other" situated everywhere else such things can be put...has traveled once more to see his Best Friend Forever,(BFF): Kim Jong Un...the tyrant of that starved land.

Clown-act Rodman...as he's called by U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer...carried with him a message from Obama...a message that Obama felt too sensitive for any other mode of transmission. Because of Eddie Snowden "pass keys"...though...this BLOG was able to examine the entire message and it's as juicy as one might imagine.

Obama was sending the video he made of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as she showered and luxuriated in her shower area. Because the Korean "little fella" was as much a sexual deviant as Obama...Obama thought they could get to know each other better by sharing their porno.


Kwalliso: political prison(North Korean).
Songbun: Neo-feudal ranking for goods and services bestowed by the state(North Korean)
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Had it not been for the pilot Paul and Peter bar Jonas...the life and theories of Jesus would have ended on Calvary, (MATTHEW 16:13).

Likewise...if not for this BLOG...people would remain in the grip of tribal socialism...and...enslaved in a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is given to come...and...imagine...fantasize...perhaps...for a brief moment...contemplate another way...a place called EDEN.

Folks...using the vote...Americans could dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where would-be masters decree: "Our tears...your purse!" And usher in the 21st century "otherwise unhampered market...a place where never be found an able-bodied pauper...indeed..a place with open borders...sound money backed by gold...and...without the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies which have resulted in Uncle Sugar's 2014 federal budget borrowing 40% of its expected spending spree.

But...you might ask...'why should I want liberation over subjugation when I'm satisfied with my seat aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE?' If anything wanted...it'd be more whip applied...make those unwitting fools who pull obey or die, (MATTHEW 6:24).

If you're such a RIDER...it's imperative that you know...that all that glitters is not gold...and...the fool multitude learns only by show...never having more than fond eye doth teach...never understanding their day will come when someone else takes their seat.

When your time comes for deletion...these so-called political allies...of late sporting the label: TEAM OBAMA...you'll demand yours be left untouched. You'll find blank stares and merciless bent...you'll discover at least that much.

Similar to what this BLOG faces today...so it was with Jesus and his team. Indeed...Jesus entered the pool of God mere mortal...and...departed as 'THE SON OF MAN'.
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Recently...off-camera...Jang Song-thaek was shot on orders given by his nephew and North Korean tyrant, Kim Jong Un, In order to justify this murder...this butcher-from-hell...directed his controlled-by-him MASS MEDIA to label the uncle: "despicable human scum who was worse than a dog".

Recently...this BLOG was criticized in the New York Times for calling Obama a "dung-eating monkey". However, comparing such accurate label to the one the North Korean idiot authored...it has been officially decreed...this BLOG has the "best label" for Obama!(Wall Street Journal A-17;12-19-13).
What is income inequality? And...when you answer that question...you'll sense how silly that notion is when placed into the context of a free society...free to win and lose...free to try and fail...work and win...and...everything in between...and...start again.

In the tome, HUMAN ACTION...von Mises answers this question by saying that everyone is at the same moment a producer and a consumer and each interfaces with society for their advantage and benefit, the only caveat that not at anytime in seeking such empire there be an unleashing of force in the Socio-economic context. Hence, income inequality is a given in a free society since everyone has different desires...different fantasies...different purposes and goals.

As silly as it might be...Obama is telling Americans that big foot government has ways to create equality...and...will impose whatever such might mean as the master sees fit inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. If Tom...for instance..chopped too much wood...then...big foot government...using this concept...enters and removes that portion which created "too much"...telling Tom he had best remember what he's been told!
Dock Dynasty patriarch said something derogatory about homosexuals. He's since apologized but the MASS MEDIA is acting like an angry nest of buzzing hornets ready to sting that old dude to death for belittling homosexuality. Pope Francis also said homosexuality is not a path to God...but...he wasn't condemned. Why the difference? Perhaps...it's the way they said it...one crass and vulgar...the other velvet and purple dripping with soul.
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Investors are turning to high tech snooping to determine where the next big money-maker is located. For example...using satellite imaging...most oil refineries can be assessed as to their respective production. The software for such snooping was designed by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and has become the standard by which such snooping is measured.
The crew of the Greenpeace ship was arrested for attacking a Russian oil rig. The Greenpeace crew climbed aboard the rig and tried to kill its worker bees. They had spear-guns so their evil-deed could not be traced to them using ballistic test on bullets recovered from Russian corpses. They were screaming something about Captain Phillips and how they would avenge those Somali pirates with their capture of this oil rig.

Russian President Putin was surprised by the attack since he thought these idiots were only trying to stop whalers from killing whales. He never thought they'd attack an oil rig...a rig designed to be Eco-friendly...a rig that was specially built to afford the marine life in the area maximum insulation from their efforts to extract precious oil and gas from Mother Nature's bowels. Yet...Greenpeace knaves did just that.

Maybe...President Putin will permit these jerks to be released. If he does...they must promise not to attack Russian capital assets and concentrate on interdicting whalers and saving whales...one whale at a time. President Putin said he had watched the movie, "FREE WILLY" and was inclined to agree with Greenpeace's effort to stop the slaughter.
Devyani Khobragade...an envoy from India...was arrested by a federal goon squad for telling Uncle Sugar she would pay her house-keeper $9.75...the New York City minimum wage...and...then...was caught paying only $3.25 per hour. While in India such lying is commonplace and in some respects expected...in America...Uncle Sugar attacks when politically appropriate.

Because Obama was called a dung-eating monkey by the leadership of India recently...Obama took his misplaced anger out on one of India's envoys. He directed his goon squad to take her into custody and strip-search her. He told them to use OLGA...their in-house bull-dike. He knew she'd search the body cavities of this envoy for hours looking for that suspicious something.

This envoy from India was an outspoken women's rights advocate. She had come to Obama's attention because she said Obama was a misogynist...a woman-hater...and...had done more to hurt women in America than any other President. "How dare this lady come to the United States and tell Americans how bad I am!" snorted a miffed Obama as he paced back and forth asking how he could silence this nasty lady.
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The big foot government's budget deal borrows 40% and lacks credibility since the money borrowed will be spent on salaries and "red ink" programs.  But after all that "budget deal" money is flauntingly spent America will be $20 trillion in debt...and...still...have the same unemployment numbers...the same pathetic public schools...the infrastructure will still be crumbling from neglect...and...the vets will be getting the hammer and blow even as the "red ink" entitlement system of Uncle Sugar bubbles and grows.

Why not consider another way? As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...everyone is invited to observe EDEN...even if it's for a mere moment...and...feel that other way...the 21st century way...the way of liberation over subjugation...the way to freedom and prosperity.

America needn't be smothered in "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies...each one more onerous and flagrant than its brethren...soaking up more money...stomping liberty...and...insuring thereby the omnipotence of the CAGE and its "ruling elite".

Americans with their vote can evict the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters...and...usher in* prosperity and liberty in overflowing fashion and abundance. They needn't worship the golden calf some would-be master might forge. Unlike inside this nasty CAGE environment...they needn't fear the envy and avarice of their neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.
*The 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can a would-be master impose: "Our tears...your purse!"
Xiaomi,Inc. is doing quite well in China. When this BLOG delivered the initial funding for Xiaomi's smartphone project...many scoffed at the idea of funding a fledgling start-up. Yet...the returns have been outstanding and the future appears even brighter. Thank you Xiaomi for delivering on your promise of great wealth in exchange for initial trust and fiscal support.
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The ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has made an offer to buy WILLIAM MORRIS ENDEAVOR ENTERTAINMENT.LLC in order to jump-start its new YouTube show. The offer is $300 million. According to some insiders speaking on condition of anonymity...the owner might very well take the deal...and...deliver to this BLOG instant stature in HOLLYWOOD...something even Brad Pitt and Justin Bieber can't seem to acquire.
Instead of silence...Americans should speak out and declare open borders and free trade with Russia and the Ukraine...removing any red tape...tariff...or...other contrived hurdle and hassle...opening America to Russian competition...something most Russians would like to undertake.

Many of them believe the Russian Bear much more powerful than Uncle Sugar...and...so far official HARVARD SCIENTISTS say Russia will overtake America in productivity by 2016!
Russian President Vladimir Putin is perhaps one of the greatest leaders of the early days of this 21st Century. He is the veritable reincarnation of Peter the Great. He's a visionary and will make Russia the greatest power on this planet. He understands that America has been overtaken by rabid socialists bent on destroying any competitive edge American producers might have enjoyed and that using that destruction to Russia's advantage something he knows well how to do.
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The minimum wage law creates institutionalized unemployment...it creates a pool of unemployed and unemployable people...people not capable of producing enough to warrant receiving a minimum wage. The higher the minimum wage...the bigger that pool. While in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) there never can be found an able-bodied pauper...inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...there exists this government-created pool of desperation and despondency.

However, the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is claiming that 99% of Americans support making the minimum wage even higher. They don't care if there is created this pool of beleaguered futures...they want to direct producers to pay more never considering the chasm such creates for the less qualified.

As self-proclaimed idiot MSNBC Ed Schultz snorted, "The minimum wage needs to be around $300 per hour. Sure fast food joints will be gone as will most small businesses and there will be 100 million out of work...but...when you're imposing socialism...there isn't any face that can't be stomped!"
Federal Judge Leon determined that Obama had violated the U.S. Constitution when he directed the National Security Agency(NSA) to tap every phone in America and collect the content of every phone call...every email...every search engine exercise...everything anyone was doing on a computer...and store such meta-data until Obama needed it to attack someone politically.

LARRY KLAYMAN thought Obama was a dangerous MARXIST ON MISSION and would definitely use this meta-data to gain more power and control over Americans...something Klayman found repugnant to the core values of America...and...something Klayman was going to stop. And...he did!

The danger of some lecherous scumbag...such as Obama...accessing the NSA search engine to get all the dirt on some political target...according to Judge Leon...was too great and it had to be interdicted.

Those so-called pundits who decry Judge Leon's observation of "misuse" haven't yet themselves been ground zero from such an attack using meta-data derived from NSA spying on Americans. Hence they don't realize they...too...could be the brunt of some vicious assault in the MASS MEDIA where their most* private information suddenly bubbles forth from discreet outlets.

Congratulations to Larry Klayman for carrying the banner for this BLOG. He agreed to file the suit and prosecute it after the theory he should use and in fact did use was explained in immaculate detail. This BLOG'S LEGAL DEPARTMENT drafted Larry's pleading...gave him his arguments...demonstrated why he would prevail...and...offered him encouragement. And...of course..Larry Klayman followed the script and prevailed over Uncle Sugar...nowadays...a mighty foe of liberty.

*How did they know that?
New York City's Mayor Bloomberg spent other people's money on helping the poor and pathetic. He spent billions of bucks paying big foot government people to help New Yorkers find shelter, schools, food and medical care...and...used other people's money to do it.

He even tore down the historical BRONX INTAKE CENTER...a place where 100,000 homeless nightly could find shelter and a bathroom while waiting for placement in some generic housing project(think Soviet style).

Where that incredible building once stood...Bloomie erected a $65 million bunker...with little space for the homeless to rest their weary bones for the night.

As Bloomie snickered when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about his accomplishments as the BIG APPLE'S mayor, "When you're spending other people's money...there is not any limit...and...can be spent as wildly as imaginable with impunity!"