April 2013
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What if you were informed a county judge had said it was proper for a Deputy Sheriff to enter a house without a warrant...having been trained for the same by the Sheriff...and after entering that house without a warrant,(as required by the 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, 4th amendment), delivered serious injury to the home's occupant...and...such was done without any proper basis?
In ANTHEM...Ayn Rand explored the idea of a society where to say "I" was to speak sedition requiring immediate arrest and execution.

Are we about there in America when the MASS MEDIA disparages anyone crying out for liberation over subjugation...and...claims such a person to be calling for a new order...a situation where there is not any NANNY STATE CAGE...and...the producer never need fear the grip and grab of some would-be MASTER? Hmmm...are we there yet?
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Timmy Titler went to the store and bought tooth whiting paste. He went home and applied the paste. His teeth whitened and he was pleased.

However...the tooth white did not last. He went to the MALL and while his gal got her toes and nails painted...he had his teeth whitened by MISSY-LU...the oriental lady with softest touch and gentle way.

However...the life of Timmy Titler was about to get wrinkled. The DENTISTS OF THE STATE wanted such business and demanded MISSY-LU be forbidden to perform the simple application of tooth paste to the teeth of her customers...people such as Timmy Titler.

Timmy Titler did not know what happened. As his gal got her toes and nail done again...he searched the MALL for MISSY-LU. Her store front was closed. The stores next to hers didn't even know she was their neighbor...or...at least...that's how they treated Titler's question: "where did she go?"

Refusing to be brushed off so easily...however...Timmy Titler continued to ask everyone about MISSY-LU. Because he was relentless and so thorough he happened upon the MALL CLEANING SQUAD who recalled MISSY-LU. They recalled how the police had entered her business...and...when she resisted their demand that she turn over her tooth paste...they shot her with shotguns and 30mm chain cannon blowing her to bits.

Timmy Titler asked what would make the police hate tooth paste so much that they'd kill for it. The CLEANING SQUAD'S oldest member replied, "Man...when you got a chance to use a 30mm chain cannon...you don't pass that one up!"
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When an al Qaeda operative was asked why does he kill...Sunni...and...Shiite...alike..he proudly replied, "You're either secular or Muslim. Choose secular and die."

It is this kind of nonsense...making a dichotomy in Islam...such as "secular-or-Muslim"...which is behind much of the car bombings and mayhem witnessed recently throughout the Middle East. In Iraq...for instance...people run from spot to spot hoping that while they're dashing to and from a bomb is not detonated beneath their feet. They don't know to whom they must apply for permission to live in peace...hence...they live in fear of death from all directions.
If al Qaeda can be in so many places and be so deadly in 2013...then...how could OBAMA...in October of 2012...tell Americans that he had stomped out al Qaeda...that it was on the run...and...not any longer any kind of fighting force?

How did al Qaeda...once more...grow from "stomped out" into "formidable fighting force" which holds many areas of the world in its terrorist grip?

Maybe...al Qaeda is CIA-connected...and...it delivers death and mayhem when the industrial-military complex somewhere needs the political boost such an attack gives those in power.
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In Armenia...soybean farmers were struggling to keep abreast of the increased costs of production and the plummeting price of their product. But most of them were optimistic and believed their future was bright. That was until the American "FOOD-AID" ships arrived with a 100 billion tons of processed soybeans...so much soybean was there the price of soybean went to almost zero completely destroying 98% of all soybean farmers in Armenia.

Nowadays...Armenians line-up to buy their meager portion of soybean from their American MASTER. The home-grown soybeans are a thing of the past. Most of the soybean farmers quit...sold their farm...and...went to America to grow soybean. As one Armenian farmer said after arriving in Mississippi, "The socialist government of America comes to our homeland and creates abject poverty and dependency..forcing those of us who refuse to kneel and lick absurd pomp with candied tongue to come to America to grow what was produced before America came and stomped."
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Okay...if you're suffering stage four lung cancer...you're probably hoping a cure is near. And...it is! Imagine...these patients can have their malady eradicated in a fortnight. The treatment involves taking ant-bodies from the patient...re-engineering them using proprietary software and patented genome-scouting technology...and...then...re-introducing this army back into the patient. In a fortnight or so...whatever cancer there was...is eradicated.
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Obama told Syrian strongman, Al-Assad that if he were to use chemical weapons against his own people...that America would step into the civil war and crush him and dispatch into oblivion his regime.

Of course...Al-Assad listened to the threat and then deployed a deadly gas supposedly killing 3 rebels in a remote mountain region almost impassable by foot.  Why would this Syrian...if he were calling Obama's bluff...choose such a remote spot to deploy deadly nerve gas and not...perhaps...in...say...Aleppo...a hot-spot of rebel contagion?

No...folks...there's something else afoot. Someone else deployed that deadly chemical agent in that mountain area. From the timing of it...and...its location...so far away as not to hurt anyone...but...close enough to cause fear...this smacks of CIA-black ops.

Enough to cause alarm...enough to afford the military-industrial complex an excuse to demand more funding...and...just enough to give the politicians in Washington DC something to discuss on TV talk-shows. Yes...certainly does smell like American stuff...would you not agree?
According to this BLOG'S pet-eyeball stationed in the Oval Office...President Putin called Obama and informed him that he should deploy troops and protect the Boston Marathon because Patriot's Day was targeted by Jihadists operating in that area. What Putin did not know was that OBAMA wanted such a tragedy since that anticipated attack would invigorate his call to disarm America leaving guns only in the hands of government...his government!
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Yes...folks...the Euro-zone's wizards now have a machine called the "economic sentiment indicator"(ESI) and it tells the MASTERS of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE if people are happier or sadder. When the MASTERS...for example...had to save Cyprus from fiscal calamity keeping thereby that portion of the overall CAGE intact...the ESI fell precipitously.  In contrast...when Al-Assad was accused of using weapons of mass destruction against his own people recently...the ESI shot upwards within minutes of that revelation.
Yes...folks...U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan...Romney's 2012 running mate...agreed to preach portions of THE ORB. In Chicago he told a robust audience, "We need to make sure that we have an economy that is wired for the 21st Century."
*THE ORB stands for the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE template. By deploying THE ORB socialism and Eco-fascism and all the other freedom-hating tags and temps are deleted and the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) is permitted thereby to manifest.
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Before you quit fighting for liberty...why not try something else? Why not join the Army of Liberation(AOL)? The AOL is marching to Washington DC and to every other level of government and demanding the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled and the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) permitted thereby to manifest.
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The expanded quantitative-easing program(government printing money) should increase Japanese investors' tolerance for buying higher-yielding and riskier assets like stocks and corporate bonds. The hope: An increase in risk-taking in the investment sphere will lead to an increase in risk-taking in the economic sphere-something Japan...socialist...neo-feudal...Japan is in desperate need of.(WALL STREET JOURNAL 04-29-13;C-6).

FOLKS...in Japan you need a permit to sneeze. There is not any dynamic business sprouting since such a thing is not permitted. Sure...there will be a dash of innovation and a pinch of passion...but...overall...Japan will remain in a quagmire of socialist "red tape, tax and spend". The unions...the regulators...those cronies whose position and wealth directly connected thereto...they combine to create and perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

ABE should have called upon Japan to jettison the CAGE model and adopt instantly the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. He should have used his mandate to cleanse Japan of socialism and Eco-fascism and all the "other freedom-hating" knee-crooking knaves clogging and hindering.

Alas...ABE is just another disguised BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT dude. Sure...he'll release the grip and grab of government enough to get some economic fire going...but...once aflame...he'll take as does any other BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT dude...leaving the would-be entrepreneur with a look on her face as if she just had her guts kicked out.
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In Shanghai...a contract was executed wherein BYD, an electric-car and battery maker, agreed to construct the NOOGIE MOBILE. Because of the need for it to be durable and pioneering in its design and materials used...BYD officials were enthused to commence production immediately.

Per the contract...BYD will build the NOOGIE MOBILE. This critter is a 3-wheeled bicycle with a sturdy top and a box on front and back...the box designed to hold sandwiches. There is a fan-like table which folds from the back box...hinged to become a 1/2 arc table over which a flap is fixed and held fast by two LEGS which affix to the fan-like table providing a frim sales area capable of withstanding 100 mph wind...a necessity in places such as Chicago and New York City.

Situated so that Mr. SUN can reach it...are solar cells powering a battery-fed electric motor. The computer can switch back and forth enabling the "Nuu-Gett"...the buxom sales-lady operating the NOOGIE MOBILE...to engage the motor when pedaling seems too much.

Because Chicago does not forbid bike riding in the city and because bike paths have been created to afford such bike-riders access to any part of the windy city...the NOOGIE MOBILE can go where no man* has gone before! Imagine**...a model-quality gal...sitting at the curb...her chair swiveled to face you...her fan-table deployed...sun-blocked...and...ready to sell you a NOOGIE WOOGIE...pork with punch...googie....googie...run and munch...dip and bite...dip and bite...incredible stuff...out of sight.

**In Chicago...the site of the first NOOGIE MOBILE micro-franchise...a young man with a tobacco shop, (CIGS AT PITTS.com)...bought a micro-franchise...and...earns $100,000 per month selling NOOGIE WOOGIE from his 4 NOOGIE MOBILES. His Nuu-Getts also made $100,000 each monthly.
*Line out of Star trek.
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When asked how did NOOGIE WOOGIE...go from...a small firm operating in a sleepy fishing village nestled along Florida's Treasure Coast...to...a billion-dollar per day business...the answer is easily formed.

A few months back...rumor was afoot that venture capitalist, Jimmy Breyer was stepping down from the board of FACEBOOK...itself a billion dollar social-media sensation. Following up on that information...a NAVIGATOR was dispatched to interface with him and offer him a micro-franchise: NOOGIE WOOGIE.

Unable to pass up such venture...intrigued by the potential of a new format for delivering an incredible sandwich to the busy crowd...a pool of hunger numbering in millions of salivating mouths...Jimmy Breyers bought into the venture...enabling the putting of NOOGIE-MOBILES in every city on planet Earth...providing "pork with punch" into the hands of those who run and munch.
Yes...the Democrats...always comfortable inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...wanted to compel background checks...before a person could become a pit bull owner. As North Carolina State Rep. Rodney Moore said when discussing why he wrote such a law, "Because this particular dog can be trained to attack and bite...they're dangerous weapons as deadly as an AR-15 assault rifle or a Jim Bowie Knife."

Of course...the SIERRA CLUB...an erstwhile NANNY STATE CAGE advocate...became involved because this titan-like Democrat failed to include hamsters and pigeons...both critters having been documented by the SIERRA CLUB to be susceptible of such morphing into obviously-dangerous critters. Indeed...officials at the SIERRA CLUB forecast there would be many more Sandy Hook school massacres should there not be background checks on such animal-owners.
Have you heard the MASS MEDIA say there are "11 million illegal aliens in America"? From where does such a number come?

The answer is from many sources all of whom admitted they were simply guessing since they were paid to venture such a guess if they would pretend to have accurate backup data for the same.

Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL)...forgetting such a number was illusory...has become stuck on the tar-baby* called IMMIGRATION. Instead of simply saying liberation over subjugation demands open borders without incident or hassle...he chose to support some IMMIGRATION LAW which creates a "mark of the beast"(REVELATION 13:17) to be applied to the immigrant and to any employer thereof.

By such support of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...RUBIO has tarnished his overall appeal to freedom-lovers everywhere. Indeed...a liberator would demand open borders...free of government hassle and hinder...permitting all who wish to breathe free to come to America...apply their enterprise and industry...and...prosper mightily herein.

What RUBIO is doing is playing to the "elect Mitt 'the nit' Romney" part of the Republican Party...the RINO** bunch. Instead of leaving these dinosaurs behind and offering a fresh approach...an open-border approach where BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT is neither present nor a concern...he has chosen to align himself with these crustaceans to demand IMMIGRANTS accept the brand of the beast.
*The fox unable to catch rabbit deployed tar-baby with sign: DON'T TOUCH. Naturally...rabbit could not pass up such admonition and became completely stuck as he used one foot and then another to pull himself free of tar-baby's sticky insistence.(JOEL HARRIS STORIES).
**Republican in name only
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"Proponents of the MARKETPLACE FAIRNESS ACT say they're just leveling the playing field between brick-and-mortar stores and online stores."(Wall Street Journal 04-29-13;A-15). According to these knee-crooking knaves...sales tax imposed on the INTERNET will give government a much needed fiscal boost so that their respective socialist ways might be perpetuated a season longer.

Folks...instead of demanding others be enslaved...why not demand the burdens imposed on the brick-and-mortars be removed? By deleting the siphons on business which government has imposed...the land-stores would be quite able to compete with the INTERNET-sellers.

The fact that huge businesses such as WALMART and AMAZON.COM want this federal BIG FOOT TAX is quite indicative of "how" Neo-feudalism works. The cronies of power stomp competition leaving only themselves and their MASTERS in control of consumer preferences.
HOW SILLY ARE SOME SALES TAXES? Well...in Michigan...a place where simple Simon seems to be a preferred approach to life...if there is too much ice cream in an ice cream cake...then...a SALES TAX must be paid. On cake-seller forget and put 1/2 ounce too much into an ice cream cake and came under fire by the SALES TAX POLICE. They arrived at his store. They entered his store. They had guns drawn and claimed there were snipers stationed on the rooftops waiting for their orders to kill.
RACHEL WYATT...a South Carolina teenager...was awarded MISS AMERICAN TEENAGER FOR 2013. When asked about her political ambitions...she instantly replied that she was a member of the Army of Liberation...and...tirelessly working to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM).

Why not join her?
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From that steamy YouTube video of Kirchner and Chavez in that hotel room in Havana a few years back...many internationalists concluded Kirchner would immediately follow Chavez and nationalize all wealth...imprisoning any dissenters...and...reducing everyone to sheep and cattle. While they were wrong about how fast she'd follow Chavez...they were correct that she was a fellow traveler and consort.

How does a government grab Neo-feudal control over business and thereby achieve unassailable power to direct and command? If you wish to answer that question...using a "real-time" example in the process of occurring...merely...watch what Kirchner does in Argentina. She plans to stomp and chomp until all that remains will be peasants...along with a compliant MASS MEDIA and surviving businesses...both things existing only because they kneel and lick boot with candied tongue.
Former Florida Gator and New York Jet quarterback, TIM TEBOW was cut from the roster for 2013. According to New York Jets officials...TEBOW was good but not great...and...the JETS simply could not pay for whatever TEBOW has to offer.

It might very well be that the JETS might be a better team this coming season...but...it's unlikely. When you eliminate a TITAN such as TEBOW...you leave a hole as big as TEXAS.

A TEBOW OFFENSE is one reliant on strength and surprise...stratagem and skill to implement. Indeed...in the interview with a reporter from this BLOG...TEBOW painted such a dramatic scene of proposed gridiron exploits that it seemed as if a general were speaking about his next campaign. TEBOW described how a TEBOW-LED TEAM would stomp and chomp with aplomb any opposition.

And the JETS fired this guy?
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When describing mass murder using chemical weapons...the label most aficionados of massacre use is "gotterdammerung". And...because such term is well understood...even by simple Simon Obama...Syrian strongman, Bashar Al-Assad...wasted no time in declaring that should Americans invade his country...he'd detonate his DOOMSDAY BOMB.

According to Jewish Intelligence officials...BASHAR has constructed a BOMB capable of spreading a deadly chemical gas across the entire planet killing all life...plant...animal...human. A doomsday shroud lasting an estimated 100 million years in all directions...rendering the planet a barren place indeed.

Yes...folks...this Syrian isn't dumb...but...is a grand master of CHESS and a recognized titan in the game of "GO". He has a BOMB which he can detonate in his own unbridled discretion. He carries the BUTTON with him 24/7. You snuff Bashar...he snuffs the planet. Fairly decent self-protection mechanism...you don't* dare kill him.
*In the movie, ALIEN...there is a scene where a laser is used to cut the finger of the ALIEN. It shoots from the wound GREEN MOLECULAR ACID...so powerful it almost eats through the hull of the space ship making its destruction impossible.
Newton examined gravity. He found that all matter attracts other matter through gravity...all exerts pull on everything else. The closer the objects to each other...the stronger the force of gravity between them.

Today...physicists can't explain their understanding of gravity in terms useful when analyzing the BIG BANG THEORY(BBT).

The BBT says that an infinitely dense point...one day...began to expand...and...that expansion is what we observe as our universe.

But...folks...infinite density would mean imagine as much density as you can and then add one more unit...such is infinite density. Indeed...expansion cannot occur when something is infinitely dense. The BLACK HOLE phenomenon confirms gravity comes from density...the more dense...the greater the gravity. Indeed...light energy...photon energy...such can't escape the grip of the BLACK HOLE. And...if it can't escape a BLACK HOLE...how did it escape an infinitely dense point in which the entire universe was situated...all packed like sardines? Board voted. Correct. Circle gets the square.

Somehow...according to the BBT...this infinitely dense whatever...held a board meeting...and...there it was decided expansion was better than existing as a mere point of whatever...and...hence...14 billion(+) years ago...the POINT...though infinitely dense...began to give up some of its otherwise well-held stuff permitting the universe to expand and become what we observe today.

Some say GEORGE SOROS was on that primal-board and cast the deciding vote. Recall that ole GEORGE SOROS recently bought a 7.59% stake in J.C.Penny Company to save it from bankruptcy.
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From a single point...or...so the theory goes...the entire universe sprang. That point of something...one day...decided to expand. That decision modern science says occurred 14.98321 billion years ago. Somehow...an infinitely dense something held a board meeting...and...it was decided to become more than mere point...but...become a universe. So says this theory of commencement of time...space...and...gravity.

Folks...this theory is the theory based on what has been so far observed. It might very well be...that this universe is one of an infinite number...infinite in variety in construction and contents...and...the so-called "from whatever to something"theory as wrong as any other cosmological explanation competing therewith.
After much investigation...it was discovered that the research into the potential existence of a HIGGS BOSON was more or less practiced by astute...articulate charlatans. They know that to measure is to change...and...that the creation stuff...the first matter to manifest after the alleged BIG BANG...can't be found.

In keeping with that obvious fact...what they have succeeded in calling a HIGGS BOSON is nothing more than something they created...but...haven't...as yet...understood...they created...or worse...they know what it is but have mislabeled it so that their paychecks don't stop.

Let us review this entire situation to sense the deception afoot, shall we? According to the BIG BANG THEORY...something came from nothing. From an infinitely dense point of something...an explosion occurred...a primal blast...which spewed the universe forth. The first stuff...according to this BIG BANG NONSENSE...was energy...incredible...infinite energy...without mass...or...form.

While there has been monumental speculation on the nature of that FIRST EMITTED ENERGY in that BIG BANG...what kind of energy that first energy was remains unknown. Undaunted by such ponderous hurdle...though...the BIG BANG THEORY declares that...somehow...this energy decided it wanted corporeal existence....remaining pure energy was okay...but...corporeal existence seemed much more suitable should there be a desire to mold...or...make something.

Hence...somehow...this energy decided to become "mass"...to traverse the void between energy and matter to become the latter. Ancient Bible writers examined this same edge. They chose to avoid deception...to dispense with creating a HIGGS BOSON...and...simply label the FIRST THING as GOD...and...proceed from there to sort and evaluate their surroundings in order to survive.

Yes...science should attempt to discover that juncture between energy and matter...that moment when energy chooses to become matter. And...if  the label HIGGS BOSON is a way to describe that mythical "first thing"...then...so be it. But...to claim they created and then found something resembling the FIRST STUFF is far-fetched and seems to have been said only to perpetuate their paychecks.
The known universe is limitless. We only observe what can be observed. Yes...we can dress guess as fact and parade it before ignorance claiming as much as one might wish to frame without fear of contrary proof...but...to say with passion and purpose...however...that there was a BIG BANG...that something came from nothing...that there was a board meeting one day inside that infinite point of whatever...and...it was decided by a hard-fought vote to explode and become energy and matter...with HIGGS BOSON leading the way...to proclaim such things...is wild and reckless...and...perhaps the source of boondoggle.
Sara Volz is searching for MANANA...that stuff which fed the flock of Moses as they waited in the desert for 40 years preparing to advance into the promised land.

She says she's getting closer to a solution as to how these ancient people grew algae in a desert environment where water was as precious as the air they breathed. Using spores and other wee beasties she collected in the deserts surrounding Israel...she has been growing 23,458 different kinds of algae...many of which are deadly even to the touch...whereas others are packed with nutrients and proteins sufficient in quality and quantity to preserve, perpetuate and maintain those who consume them.

Sara Volz has isolated one algae in particular which seems to fit the frame. She calls the stuff "manana" in deference to the biblical label appended so many thousands of years ago. It requires only the morning dew...ubiquitous dew which exists because the Mediterranean is somewhere north of that desert area.

The trick was to find a way to precipitate the dew and then nourish the algae with it before the SUN rose high enough to evaporate any moisture thereby drying up and out the entire spot completely. As she studied these formidable hurdles...she found that the heat of the mid-day desert sun could be used as a source of power to run pumps.

Following up on this hunch...she fashioned pumps and solar reflectors based on Egyptian wall etchings depicting a way to run machinery. In addition...she fashioned an enclosed recycle system...using only those things available to Moses and company. After many long hours of back-breaking work...she was able to construct machinery capable to producing manana in ton-amount quantities thereby proving this feat of endurance was possible and likely did occur as depicted in the Book of Exodus-OLD TESTAMENT.

Hearing about her pioneering work...the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) dispatched one of its thugs to hassle and disrupt such research. How dare this young lady attempt to experiment and conjure without proper EPA clearance! She had to be stopped...even...if...that meant...killing her.

To her dorm room at the University were sent 1000 well-armed EPA agents...15 S.W.A.T. teams...100 armored cars...and...one Abrams M-1 tank. They surrounded her dormitory and demanded she exit with her hands up.

Naturally...Sara Volz was in her room...beneath her elevated-bed...in her make-shift lab...with her headphones on...dictating into her computer and recording her latest findings for future examination and perusal. Because of such things...she was unable to hear the threat of death should she not appear in the next 10 seconds.

As she sat at her desk...trying to find that last aspect to complete her project...just as she was getting to that Eureka moment...a 50 caliber sniper's bullet broke through the window...and...blew Sara Volz's brains all over her lab...exploding her head like a bursting melon. BAMMMM!

The Environmental Protection Agency was immediately asked about this death. In response EPA officials said, "She had it coming!"
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OKAY...now...let me get this right. Obama declared a "red line"...that should chemical weapons be deployed against the Syrian people...America would enter to interdict such slaughter removing Al-Assad and his Regime forthwith?

And...after this publication of "don't step beyond"...the Syrians deployed DEADLY NERVE GAS and killed 12,345,679 Syrians leaving only 9 left...4 on each side...Sunni...and...Shiite...in equal portions...and...one Hindu. Of course...the 9 million agents and cronies of the Assad tyranny were off-camera and escaped oblivion so that they might rule this desert empire.

OKAY...if such are the facts...and...indeed...they are...then...why has not OBAMA attacked and stopped such use of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

When OBAMA was asked by a reporter from this BLOG if ASSAD had crossed that "red line" and hence at the mercy of American military might...he replied that he was not sure the Assad government did it. He speculated it was too soon to identify who deployed that DEADLY NERVE GAS and caused genocide.
Maybe you wish to guess who would gain from an assault on Syria? In America...it would be the military-industrial complex...the team which supports the 20th CENTURY NANNY STATE CAGE since it profits so mightily from its grip and grab. It needs war and destruction to justify its demand to be fed as if the American taxpayer were feeding a limitless omnivorous maw.
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When you're reading down through questions...sometimes...there are 3 choices and then a box marked "other" with a line so that you might add another consideration...a more dramatic issue...and...assist thereby in pointing that inquiring mind in another directions...one more fruitful...and...beneficial...perhaps.

Onto one such "other" line...in a Republican Party question format...was written recently: PREACH THE ORB AND LIBERATE AMERICA FROM THE 20TH CENTURY NANNY STATE CAGE...USHERING IN THEREBY...EDEN!

When the Republican National Committee received that QUESTIONAIRE and read that "other" stuff...such simple written words instantly kindled in them a fire for freedom. Never had they received such a directive...a directive which would fetch complete victory and liberate American from the clutches of the would-be MASTERS of the CAGE.
Ah...yes...the mother of the Tsarneav brothers...that terror-team from Chechnya...she was listed on many "terrorist lists" in circulation months before the Boston Marathon was attacked. She was being shadowed by Russian agents reporting directly to the CIA which in turn was delivering "real-time" data to the White House. The Russians informed none other than Vice President Joe Biden that the Boston Marathon was the target and the attack squad was a dedicated brother team whose mission would not be stopped with anything less than by death.
The latest Dodger sensation to arrive in Los Angeles by-passed Beverly Hills and set up residence in the Ritz-Carlton L.A. From his window HYUN-JIN RYU can see Dodger stadium. Mr. RYU is a fast-ball pitcher...with a fast ball clocked at 159 miles per hour. The catcher's mitt had to be reinforced and the catcher given a brace since the impact from that ball striking that mitt is the same as receiving the blow from a 12 pound sledge hammer swung by ole JOHN HENRY!
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The so-called MARKETPLACE FAIRNESS ACT is a disguised encroachment on liberty and must be defeated. This law would permit states to compel "online sellers" around the country to collect sales tax for them on purchases made by their respective residents.

Yes...there are brick-and-mortar businesses...such titans as Walmart and Amazon.com who want such a TAX since it will eliminate many competitors leaving them the only ballgame in town. Hence...they are backing this CRUSH-LIBERTY law.

Imagine New Jersey demanding the INTERNET TAX POLICE(ITP) to come to your place of business and eliminate you. Under this law...the ITP would come to your door...bash it down...shoot your dog...slap your wife...and...thereafter...demand money or your life. Of course...if your reaction is to defend...and...some ITP are slain...then...under this LAW...your entire bloodline is arrested and crucified since the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution forbidding cruel and unusual punishment is by this law deleted.
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The Tsarneav brothers...according to Secretary of State JOHN KERRY...were part of a larger assault team planted in America by our own CIA. Sec.Kerry was appalled when he discovered this incredible connection. Here they were...America's own crew...perpetrating such heinous crimes.

And to pick the Boston Marathon as the beginning step into such mayhem was almost too much for ole Fightin' John to accept. He vomited...puked...chucked his cookies...eliminated...and...every other way you wish to frame his reaction.

Off-camera...speaking on condition of anonymity...Secretary Kerry told a reporter from this BLOG that he long suspected OBAMA had issued snuff orders to eliminate Ambassador Stevens and U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY.
Federal Judge Bowler...himself an avid Elvis fan...told an audience he delivered Miranda Warnings to Dzhokhar Tsarneav because he wanted the young man to shut up and not reveal that he was directed by the CIA to blow up the Boston Marathon. As ole Bowler said off-camera, "Obama sent me to silence him before he told Americans he was a CIA-operative dispatched to conduct terrorist activities in America."
Senator Max Baucus is retiring. His problem is that people know where he lives and what he drives. In a few months after he leaves the U.S. Senate...he'll be found in his car...with a .22 bullet in his brain.

As Dzhokhar Tsarneav told the FBI from his hospital bed, "When Baucus voted for OBAMACARE...he and all those other idiots who supported it...signed their own death warrants and will be snuffed as one would squish a bug. They're not Americans...but...freedom-haters...and...don't deserve to live."
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Folks...the Internet is under attack by BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT. The advocates of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE want to impose a tax on internet sales. Imagine...you're selling something and a few days later...BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT arrives...deploys its S.W.A.T. TEAMS...bash down your door...shoot you dog...slap around you wife and kick you kids in the mouth...and...after such mayhem...demand you give them at $12.65 that you supposedly owe to BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT. Imagine as much...and...you'll sense what evil is afoot in Congress.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Senator Bill Nelson...two rabid socialists and freedom-haters...are leading this effort to enslave. Yes...they're Democrats and apparently proud of it.

Will you permit those jerks and their vermin Hun-horde to impose such a thing? Where is your freedom-loving spirit? Are you...as they believe...so much sheep and cattle...you will remain silent? Hmmm.
Maybe you thought neanderthals were extinct. If you did...you'd be wrong. They do exit and have surfaced as a formidable wrecking crew. They can be hired to attack and destroy property and businesses. In many ways...they're the newest edition of "cave-man" thinking.

Take for example their assault on a lab in Milan. The lab's leader, Michela Matteoli and her team fled their lab when it was invaded by these jerks. After these idiots were finally taken away by police...Ms Matteoli discovered her work on Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease had been thoroughly ruined. She was almost on the verge of discovering "how" to prevent those two destructive brain diseases when she was attacked.

Why would this incredibly beneficial research be targeted? Well...it turns this lab uses mice and rabbits in the studies of the brain and its several diseases. These so-called animal-rights advocates felt it was their privilege to enter and trash. They released mice and rabbits in a way making the sorting of them impossible requiring this lab to start all over again!
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Yes...Senator Stevens(R. Alaska), deceased, once demanded that a hovercraft be dispatched with maintenance team and a crew big enough to deliver 24/7-365 service should someone from King Cove need to be taken to the hospital in Anchorage. The annual price tag for that effort: $1 million!

It was used 2 times in the 9 years it was offered...and...more often than not...the weather was just too lousy to risk a craft that flies off the ground a few feet and can be ripped open by cyclone-type winds...a common occurrence...in King Cove almost 98% of the time.

When the idea of putting in a gravel road...a road that would cost $1 million and would last 1000 years...was offered by this BLOG in 2003...such obvious solution was rejected as too cheap and did not require government involvement in the lives of the people of King Cove. Indeed...an ambulance could traverse such a road to other outposts of civilization in that desolate wilderness...and...do it without any need for a pilot and a crew of 900. But...then...again...when you're attempting to impose the NANNY STATE CAGE...such independence is called nonsense. Hence...the hovercraft and not ambulance with gravel road was chosen.
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Ah...yes...APPLE,INC. is beginning to lose the momentum Steve Jobs delivered. When he died...Apple, Inc. was on a meteoric trajectory. However, as with that kind of guidance system...eventually...the market asks for something different and there is not any Steve Jobs to imagine the next BIG DEAL. The basket empty...only core and peel.
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Between Cold Bay and King Cove...the environmentalists declared a wildlife refuge...cutting off those two towns such that to traverse only done by sea or air. In Winter...this inability to get to and from isolates and makes King Cove treacherous. Should there be a need for emergency medicine the nearest hospital is too far away to be a viable option. Hence...you need medical care in King Cove...your chances of survival are slim to none.

When the environmentalists in Congress were told of this problem...they chortled. Some giggled at how much hassle they had heaped on those 932 King Cove residents. As Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) exclaimed, "If they die there will be less threat to the bird and bear!"
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The Greek government...ever in need of more money to fund its socialist template...is seeking to revive a long-standing demand for reparations from Germany arising from World War II, its foreign minister said on Wednesday, in a move that could test Athens' ties with Berlin, which bears the largest part of Greece's bailout-rescue package, (WALL STREET JOURNAL A-9;04-25-13).

Because Greece is demanding "payback" based on such a thing...it has generated an entirely new industry. Advocates of reparation for every harm done have been emboldened by the Greeks' theory of perpetual reparations...tagging every pain...every bit of suffering...and...ascribing to each a monetary value  in keeping with the damage inflicted. All that need be done once you have that package of pain is find a culprit and pounce...grabbing everything and demanding more.

And they say elephants don't forget.
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In a Houston federal court...U.S. Federal Magistrate Stephen Smith refused to issue a search warrant permitting the scum-bag FBI from hacking people's computers in search of those they wish to stomp should they ever become politically active and in opposition to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. In denying such tyranny a chance to grip and grab...Magistrate Smith declared such government desire to be anti-American...more closely associated with NAZISM that law enforcement and he wasn't about to sanction such evil.
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Oklahoma City prosecutors filed charges in March against three people who allegedly conspired to gamble on a 2010 pigeon race which began in Oklahoma City and ended in Tokyo, Japan. According to these jerk-prosecutors they needed to get such criminals off the street. When asked how much taxpayer money they planned to spend...the prosecution team's leader exclaimed, "I'd spend a billion bucks to snuff such criminals from the face of the Earth!"
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Because the would-be MASTERS command the MASS MEDIA outlets...only those things they wish published are ever observed by the data-consuming public. As LENIN said, "What they don't know...won't hurt them."

America has a YOKE CHOKE AGENDA which is stifling it...preventing Americans from becoming prosperous and self-sufficient. Indeed...Uncle Sugar...alias TEAM OBAMA...entreats Americans to climb aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE and travel with BUTCH* to "CANDYLAND".
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Most Americans are oblivious to the attack on liberty since theirs has not been...as yet...curtailed. When that does happen...however...as it surely must since tyranny never sleeps...they'll find their time to prevent such entrenchment long past and they're plight without recourse...except to kneel and worship whatever golden calf their MASTER of this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE bids be forged, (MATTHEW 6:24).
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Because the dialect was not known before its discovery...its publication was difficult. Not anyone really wanted to learn...let alone ever use...BOO-PA-BONIAN...the ancient tongue of the BOO-PA-BONIANS.

First...there was not any politically-correct niche in known-history where there were ever any BOO-PA-BONIANS. They held not any nation-state...they didn't kill millions and enslave the rest...and...they never were considered a threat to anyone. So who would ever choose to deploy BOO-PA-BONIAN in their discourse?

Second...from what has been so far uncovered in the desert...the BOO-PA-BONIANS had great cities...enormous factories building star-ships just in case ASTEROID-BIG BOB couldn't be deflected...and...pyramids emitting power of such magnitude that their craft...sea...land...and...air used it to get from here to there and back again.

Ah...yes...now...that you mention it...I have heard of the BOO-PA-BONIANS. A magnificent bunch...all full of love and prosperity...golden streets...pearl gates at each residence...diamonds as plentiful as grains of sand...and...peace and goodwill towards all people...not fist...but...an open...welcoming hand.

So when you ask have I heard...I say...why yes...I'm a BOO-PA-BONIAN...aren't we all? So...what...can I do for you?
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The Federal Aviation Administration,(FAA) told its top managers to lay off air-traffic controllers in a way that creates as much misery and anxiety as possible. Because of the SEQUESTER...the FAA was directed to trim sail. What the FAA is doing is making their "cuts" so onerous to air-travelers as to make those victims cry out for more not less government power and control.

Folks...such thinking is Neo-feudal...and...contrary to the American way! However...TEAM OBAMA is packed with tribal socialists and they want more control over our life. If you sit back silently...they will!
Chinese bird flu is afoot and it's deadly. You contract that flu and you perish. According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...this flu virus was engineered by the American CIA to slaughter Chinese...to wipe out at least 500 million of them in a fortnight.

What has not been revealed is that TEAM OBAMA possesses a vaccine...and...is planning on giving it only to those Americans that express a willingness to kneel and lick boot with candied tongue. As Secretary of State JOHN KERRY said, "Obama plans on killing as many people as he can so he will be remembered as a great leader."

no image
TEAM OBAMA decided to make air travel as unpleasant and anxiety-causing as possible. As OBAMA told a reporter from this BLOG, "I want Americans to suffer...and...by such government hassle...they'll demand that I step in and enslave everyone!" What a guy!

The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) could avoid such delays and other hassles by simply deleting 99% of the FAA head honchos. America needs to eliminate the FAA and permit the airlines to modernize and deliver better safety to consumers who choose to fly instead of drive.
Finally...someone has decided to sue Democrat Jon Corzine for FRAUD and outright theft of $2 billion. The suit describes in 61 pages how Democrat Jon Corzine stole money with apparent impunity. He obviously has "dirt" on people and to attack him is to cause him to bite back. Somehow...someone found the spine to attack Democrat Jon Corzine.
Vero Beach Utility Company signed a contract that has become a noose around the neck of the Indian River County taxpayers. It is this contract that must be examined and attacked as void.

Recall that the alleged energy-contract was never properly signed. The redacted version was offered as the contract when such was never the contract signed by all 5 then-City Council members.

That "phony-paper" has been fought ever since by BRIAN HEADY and his team of freedom-fighters. As Brian pointed out...there was never a contract actually signed by all 5 members. The lawyers for the other side changed out the pages so that the contract benefited them and not Vero Beach.

The cover-up has been amazing. Brian Heady has tracked the cover-up throughout officialdom...but...has never had anyone stop and examine his data in detail. However...more and more people are watching BRIAN HEADY and are beginning to listen to what he can show happened and how the cover-up has been proceeding.

At one recent meeting...BRIAN HEADY asked the City Council to issue a motion to direct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the preparation and execution of the offending contract. City Council member,Jay Kramer was challenged to utter the motion. Naturally...Jay...never to duck such passion...made the motion to investigate the allegations. But...Jay could not get anyone to second the motion which would have required a vote...a vote that might endanger the political future of those having to face re-election in November of 2013.

When Jay could not get anyone else on that august council to second his motion...a compatriot of Brian Heady stood up and called JAY a "wizard that could not".
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In World War II...the American army marched from Omaha Beach to Berlin...and...along the way killed millions of Germans and "other". The German soldier was fighting to advance the NAZI CAUSE...enslavement of the world by the Hun. To them...they were the MASTER RACE* and all others had to kneel and worship them as gods.

Nowadays...radical Islam preaches such nonsense. According to Islam...there are Muslims and there are infidels and the latter must be eradicated. Of course...as it must always be when man pretends to know the things of God...there is a primal schism in Islam...itself. Indeed...there are Sunni and Shiite sects along with several other branches of those two theories of life and heaven.And...these different people do all they can to slay each other seeking to become the ascendant power and authority.
*In the movie, CROSS OF IRON...there is a scene where Steiner and his platoon discuss the German assault on Russia. One asks will they ever forgive us for what we've done...to which Steiner replies, "No...but...they'll never forget us either."
Okay...the Elvis impersonator from Mississippi...the dude who supposedly sent ricin-laced letters to Congress and to Obama...he's declared "set-up". He claims a neighbor set him up and that the neighbor was the perpetrator of that terrorist attack, not he.

This BLOG has maintained from jump street that this entire scenario was too pat...too well done...too obvious...and...such things screamed "set-up". Now...Mr. Curtis...alias KC...has...himself...come forward...and...cried out that he is innocent and that someone else did this misdeed.

Backing up his claim is the fact that the search of his house and every place Mr. Curtis has been in the last 20 years has been thoroughly searched...and...not anything connected to ricin was found. Even his computer and all computers in a 1000 miles of his house were examined remotely and not anywhere was there found any researching of ricin...a deadly poison and one capable of killing quickly.

The search demonstrated Mr. Curtis was a patsy. Indeed the search did not turned up any blender...any castor beans...not anything that could be used to manufacture ricin. It's as if  someone prepared letters...laced them with ricin...and...sent them under the guise of Mr. Curtis. The paper on which the messages were written...for instance...lacked any fingerprints of Mr. Curtis. The letters and envelops lacked any DNA stuff from Mr. Curtis. As one examiner said, "It appeared as if these letters were prepared in a "clean room"...a place where not even a speck of dust is permitted."

Indeed...Mr. Curtis has spent his career practicing and presenting ELVIS. He flunked high school chemistry and can barely read the Bible. Yet...somehow...he obtained...and...laced letters with a deadly poison...a poison so rare few even knew what it was until the MASS MEDIA began to popularize it after the letters were discovered and their deadly payload identified.

While it might seem preposterous to most readers...what if the real culprit was some BLACK OPS TEAM dispatched to perform this feat? Note that these letters were instantly interdicted...and...examined...with special care to them given. Why single out* these two letters from the 100,000(+) which arrive every day from Americans addressed to OBAMA?
*Hitler needed to blame the Jew and Communist to cement his hold on Germany. He dispatched his team to burn down the Reichstag. He then found a mentally-retarded Jew to claim he and some communists built and deployed a fire bomb to destroy German government.
According to this BLOG'S pet eye-ball stationed in the Oval Office...the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI)...knew...actually knew...about what Tamerlan Tsarneav and his brother were planning to do. Yet...they waited to see if such were an accurate report or sheer speculation.

What has many people angry is that the FBI should have dispatched their SHADOW UNIT to observe them from a distance...and...if...anything suspicious by them should be done...there would be "on-station" personnel to move in and interdict and otherwise prevent and thwart.

In distinct and absurd contrast...had these two brothers been dealing drugs...the entire national police force...every state police person...and every wannabe...would have been within a few feet of them and ready to pounce. Ah...yes...the WAR ON DRUGS, eh?

But...alas...these two Chechens*  were only bent on murder and mayhem...two things the FBI classified as "unstoppable". Hence...they did not dispatch a SHADOW TEAM...even though such prudence would have prevented the horror these two jerks unleashed on an unsuspecting...wide-open...BOSTON MARATHON.
*Chechnya is filled with Chechens.
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Because BOB heard there was GOLD in Alaska...he sold his house...car...boat...cat...dog and bird...took the cash and headed for that BONANZA. He arrived...bought prospecting gear...and...erected his tent with a promising stream quite near.

After pitching his tent and making a fire...he took his pan and began inspired. Here was his chance to grab from Mother Earth what few could do...it's trouble to get not the hassle worth...for such as me and you.
Even though the OBAMA-controlled MASS MEDIA has been crowing about the American economic recovery...and...even though government numbers and statistics support such claim...the reality is much different. All around the world...the socialists and Eco-fascists have done so well in their power-grab that whatever dynamic and vibrant global economy there was seems to be slowing down.

As Pseudo-economist Paul Krugman said when asked about this general malaise, "Neo-feudalism is manifesting more and more...and...as it does...the distance between poor and rich will continue to widen until there is a ruling elite...a small attendant middle-class...and...of course...the peasants."
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NEO-FEUDLAISM? Business giants such as WALMART and AMAZON.COM want Uncle Sugar to burden "on-line" businesses with sales tax. By smothering them in red tape...these giants can stifle and retard any competition for years to come. Instead of demanding the grip and grab of government to release its hold on the throat of liberty...these giants want government to assist them in making sure only they remain afloat!
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When inspecting the dismal record of the Intelligence Community...some might ask, "What are we paying these people to do?"

In 1993...the World Trade Center was bombed. In 1998...al Qaeda attacked embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. In 2000...the USS Cole was attacked and a huge hole was blown in its side with 17 sailors killed. On 09-11-01...the World Trade Center was again attacked this time with two jets commandeered by Jihad. In November of 2009...the known-to-be-demented Major Nidal Hasan shot people at Ft. Hood screaming as he murdered: "Allahu Akbar!" In December of 2009...the Christmas Day underwear bomber detonated over Detroit but his BOMB was a CIA-dud and only burned off his penis. On 09-11-12...the Benghazi embassy compound was destroyed wherein Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were slain. And...of course...there was the Boston Marathon Bombing just recently in April of 2013 where people were killed and horribly maimed.
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Could a person sue Exxon in...say...the Congo....get a judgment for $19 billion...and...then...attempt to collect? The answer is "yes". Indeed...in Ecuador...a judge...relying on contrived data...entered judgment against Exxon for pollution that Texaco, Inc. perpetrated before Exxon bought that outfit. The judgment for $19 billion was entered in favor of 100 Ecuadorian Indians each having the same name: BOB-TOM-DICK- HARRY.

Their lawyers have attempted to levy on Exxon ships and refineries around the world...and...have them sold at public auction so that the judgment might be satisfied. Of course...EXXON'S wizards have applied to the INTERNATIONAL COURT in The Hague asking for protection from such precipitous attachments.

In one instance...a fully-loaded tanker was stopped as it departed the harbor and made to drop anchor until it could be sold along with cargo. The loss to Exxon was over $59 million. But...when...you're trying to be a nuisance and get some money in exchange for a general release...what's a few million here or there anyway?

Folks...according to what happened in Ecuador to Exxon...you could go to some backwater country...file a lawsuit there...have that law suit served on some huge company such as Exxon...and...get an enormous judgment...even though the claim without foundation. The question...though...becomes...can such a backward spot...make a law...or...enter an order...that could bind the world?
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Call him Mr. BILL. He retired from a northeast job and bought a mobile home in a mobile home "over-55" subdivision. The plat of the subdivision was packed with small streets...many of then winding and meandering throughout the subdivision...some ending in cul-de-sacs while others looping around and re-connecting with where you'd just been. Moreover...almost all of the mobile homes therein looked similar with few differences and the differences there were might not be observed by an uncritical eye.

Mr. Bill paid CASH...and...moved in...and...got comfortable. He took his medications for his high blood pressure and began to plan his day.

The same day he moved into his MOBILE HOME...ole BILL decided to take advantage of the REC ROOM. He put his bathing suit over his underwear...slipped on a t-shirt...put on his flip-flops...and...off to the REC ROOM he went. He exited his new mobile home...left it wide-open...climbed into his new car he had purchased a few days before he bought that mobile home...and...off he drove.

Mr. BILL arrived at the REC ROOM. He exited his new car. He entered the REC ROOM. He entered the Jacuzzi. He sat there for 15 minutes. When the timer went to zero...he exited...pushed the timer for another 15 minutes...and...back into the Jacuzzi he went.

When the timer went off again...Mr. BILL exited the Jacuzzi. He blacked out and fell. How long he was there in the CRUMPLED POSITION...leg bleeding...arm bleeding...his head banged maybe...he can't recall but had a bad bruise on his head later discovered by him as he took self-assessment of what had happened to him.

Well...Mr. BILL found a way to lift himself off the floor...and...he was able to wander from the REC ROOM to what he thought was his "just-bought" MOBILE HOME. The MOBILE HOME was as wide open as he had left his MOBILE HOME. He entered...and...walked to a large chair...a recliner chair and sat down.

The owner of that MOBILE HOME heard Mr. BILL'S noise. As she was napping...she recounted...she heard a rapping...a tap...tap...tapping...a rapping sound...sounded like at her chamber door. She arose to look and nothing more.

This owner...call her Miss PEEK..hearing the noise as before...he went to the area of this noise...and nothing more.

She observed in her chair a stranger with blood down his knee and blood down his arm...and...he appeared to be an Alzheimer's patient...a malady with which she had extensive experience having cared for a a loved one whose death had only recently come.

"Who are you" asked Ms Peek.
"What's it to you" replied Mr. Bill
"Who are you looking for?"rejoined Ms. Peek.
"You...what do you think? Does it matter?" offered Mr. Bill.

At that time...after having uttered those words...Mr. Bill stood up and removed his shirt showing her his bare almost no-hair chest.

Mr. Bill then said as one would whisper and say to a visiting LADY OF PLEASURE AND SATISFACTION:

"It's about time you got here. What are you going to do for me? I've waited long enough."

Ms. Peek reacted by telling Mr. BILL that she was calling the police.

Mr. Bill laughed when she threatened such a thing...a LADY OF PLEASURE...threatening such things in his MOBILE HOME? Ah...he laughed. In his HALLUCINATION...he laughed.

In Mr. BILL'S boiling dome...a brain cooked for 30 minutes in the Jacuzzi...he was at his MOBILE HOME.

Somehow a LADY OF PLEASURE AND SATISFACTION had been sent. He was in his own MOBILE HOME...and...here...was a taste of paradise...made to order...how she arrived...not expressed in his HALLUCINATION. Whatever was bubbling up there in his SKULL...it combined to initiate some EXPRESSIVE STATEMENTS about his desire to have INTERFACE.

Of course...Ms Peek exited her MOBILE HOME and called law enforcement.

While she waited for the police to arrive...she watched through a window and observed Mr. BILL...rise forth from that chair...take off his bathing suit...down to his underwear. And...then sit back down...back into that chair...with that T-shirt up around his arm-pits making visible to her once more his little bird like chest and bulging tummy.

While she was on the PHONE with the POLICE DISPATCHER...she continued to observe Mr. BILL.  She chose to offer some insight into the way Mr. BILL was acting. She told the POLICE DISPATCH OPERATOR that she was familiar with Alzheimer's patients...and...that the stranger seated in her chair in her living room could very well be suffering that kind of mental malady.

Within a short time of that call for help...a S.W.A.T. team arrived...a helicopter with 30mm chain cannon hovered overhead...9 armored cars surrounded her MOBILE HOME...along with 1000 well-armed deputies with orders to shoot on sight...shoot and ask questions later.

One deputy felt there was perhaps overreaction afoot...so he decided to tone down the noise. He begged the other "hair-trigger" dudes...permit him to enter and negotiate with this hooligan. Although blood-thirsty...they reluctantly relented and Deputy BOB entered Ms. Peek's MOBILE HOME.

Deputy BOB approached Mr. BILL. When he got into a position where Mr. BILL could see him...the deputy asked him what he was doing.

Mr. BILL in reply returned the question: "What are you doing here?"

The deputy told Mr. BILL he was in the wrong MOBILE HOME.


As deputy BOB and Mr. BILL were exchanging such information...Mr. BILL'S body finally gave up and began to release and emit...URINE...DIARRHEA...AND...OF COURSE...DUNG GAS.

Mr. BILL'S hands became DUNG brown as he searched his underwear for what was found. DUNG was on his chest...in his hair...and...filled to the rim his underwear.

Although Deputy BOB couldn't know...he suspected Mr. BILL had been emitting DUNG all along the path he had taken it seemed...blood and dung...along his path...dripped on stem and beam.

Deputy BOB asked Mr. BILL to come outside so that he might observe that he was in the wrong MOBILE HOME.

Mr. BILL stood up...went outside...and...was shown he wasn't at his MOBILE HOME...a spot he had just bought...a place he had left open wide...but...he was at the MOBILE HOME of Ms. Peek...a lady as angry as she was snide. How dare this man enter my home...even...if  he thought it his...such things blistered through her mind...The PEEK whose first was MZZZZZ!

Naturally...Mr. BILL was arrested for criminal trespass and criminal drunk and disorderly conduct...the two things he never did. He thought he was at his MOBILE HOME. he had suffered a mental breakdown...and...he was in need of medical assistance not in need of arrest.

Why Mr. BILL was arrested is not yet known. Maybe Deputy BOB and the prosecutor needed some newspaper headlines. Maybe...they needed someone to pay for all that deployed but unused firepower and Mr. BILL could be forced to pay that $3.9 million tab if prosecuted successfully. It was worth the attempt.

Because of the close relationship Snoop Dogg...has with this BLOG'S editorial staff...he elected to change his label to "Snoop Lion"...hoping such change in nomenclature would fetch him additional sources of revenue. Yes...this BLOG entreated Snoop Dogg to choose 21st century liberation over subjugation...grab THE LION as symbol...as moniker...and...proceed forth "Reincarnated".
OKAY...why can't Big Bob and company build that on-off ramp connecting their property to INTERSTATE HIGHWAY I-95? The answer is that there is too much red tape and bottleneck...so formidable...that not anyone would trouble themselves to attempt to circumvent or proceed defiantly.

While TEAM OBAMA preaches "shovel-ready" projects will receive top funding and priority...when...it came to delivering on such promise...they refused. "How dare a private company wish to erect an on-off ramp accessing thereby I-95 without government sanction...government certification...and...government guidance!" snorted U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL)...himself a rabid freedom-hater and Neo-feudalist.
Fortunately for the Treasure Coast...U.S.Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL) has stood up and demanded the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be deleted. He wants Florida to prosper and he knows socialism and Eco-fascism stifle and hinder and must be eradicated...their vicious grip undone...enabling Floridians to breathe free!

Florida could become a magnet for global wealth as people take what they can and run to America to avoid the plundering of their storerooms. As more and more countries devolve into a socialist miasma of misery and privation...Rep. Bill Posey knows there must be one spot...a sunshine state kind of spot...where people can bring their wealth...and...prosper.
If you wanted to pass a law that was evil and tyrant-making...how could you easily accomplish this feat? Well...you could pack the MASS MEDIA with a specific topic...and...while consumers of such MASS MEDIA were focused on that...you...then...slip something by and into LAW before these same consumers can recover their wits and return to examining what's afoot in American politics.

Could the Boston Marathon bombing be such a thing? Something selected for public consumption while the politicians slip some monstrous law or rule past an otherwise vigilant voting-public?

And...if there are politicians with such power to cause two brothers to prepare...deploy...and...then...detonate two pressure-cooker bombs that were hidden in their backpacks...if there are such politicians with that kind of power and ruthless nature...then...America is under attack and the voting-public had best become aware of what might be afoot.
In Syria...a civil war rages. The entrenched Regime has...however...formidable weapons and they are not above deploying them when needed. On the other hand...the rebels want to impose strict Islamic Law and reduce people to sheep and cattle with them as the new ruling elite. Hence...two would-be MASTERS are fighting for power and are asking the world to assist them accordingly.

TEAM OBAMA not to be left out...dispatched to that boiling kettle the swaggering JOHN KERRY...the latest edition of America's Secretary of State. While Kerry could not publicly promise to give weapons to the rebels...he did give them a check for $100 billion. As Kerry told those rebel rag heads...with that kind of money they could buy the entire North Korean Army for a fortnight...enough time and firepower to destroy the REGIME'S forces.
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Yes...as incredible as it might seem...in Denver...at the "four-twenty" celebration...two people were shot to death. The gunmen escaped. They were masked and fled in a black SUV with a "government" license tag! It was too good to be true...a POT FESTIVAL without thug-police busting smokers and tokers. Hence...a BLACK OPS TEAM was dispatched to kill...providing thereby...a basis to decry marijuana consumption.

Folks...the entire DRUG WAR EMPIRE was shaken mightily in Colorado and Washington State when they decided to eliminate "witch burning" laws. You don't think the vermin in the Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) would protect their jobs in such a heinous manner knowing their days are almost over? Think again!
Mark Brownstein...alias BROWN STAIN...is an ecologist. Recently he agreed to be interviewed by a reporter from this BLOG'S Environmental Department...but...only if...he were paid his standard $300,000 interview fee. This BLOG gladly paid that fee since MARK'S statements seemed worthy of such payment(click here for video).

BROWN STAIN admitted he was guessing about man-made global warming but he was paid to spew such nonsense and he found it quite amusing how many people believed such pseudo-science. He pointed out that he had just received $300,000 to deliver such an admission...and...didn't mind the label charlatan and fraud...two accusations he said only fetched him greater sums.

He said he packed a HARVARD HALL recently with drooling idiots...each one sniffing how much he or she knew about man-made climate change. He chortled as he reflected on how those monkeys cheered at his silly assertions. When he explained that he could cork volcanoes and sew together the tectonic plates so they would not quake...they screamed in adulation. He crowed that he was a man-God...and...they the sheep and cattle to be frightened and fondled.
no image

I used to take her to the drive-in...out on ole route 441...and...that was where I first suspected she was doing what she'd already done.

She said Johnny go get me some popcorn...and...she knew I had to walk pretty far...and...as I crossed through the moon light...I saw her jump into the foreign sport's car. (JOHN PRINE)

Folks...we need to jettison this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE eliminate its "red ink" billion bucks per minute FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where a producer never need fear some MASTER at gunpoint imposing "Your purse...my tears!"

"Ah...dismantling the CAGE with its grip and grab RIDE...could never be done!" snort knee-crooking knaves. "You can't eliminate the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...never will you free the slaves." The unwitting FOOLS who PULL are said to be too few to make a difference when votes for perpetuation of CAGE and RIDE all but tallied. These FOOLS will continue to PULL...they EVEN scream for more chain at TEAM OBAMA rallies.

Perhaps you believe there is not any threat to prosperity...and...what little there is of such stuff is insulated from expropriation well enough. Fine...but...before onto that "wait and see" approach you sign...read the poem THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden...and...feel the choke of tyranny's vine.
Yayoi Kusama is the richest and most lucrative artist in the history of mankind surpassing even King Solomon! And...yet...even though she has reached such pinnacle...she...nevertheless...agreed to paint a few masterpieces for this BLOG so that we can add them to our ART DEPARTMENT'S walls. Thank you Yayoi for your patronage. It's great people such as you who make this BLOG the best of the best.
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Congratulations to the citizens of the Boston area. They assisted Law Enforcement in locating that last bomber. Recall that the police had killed one of them...but...the other had escaped. He was found inside a boat parked in a backyard. Sources close to the investigation reported that he probably could be saved and preserved for interrogation.

Who is behind this attack? Is it related to the Fertilizer factory explosion in Waco,Texas? Speculation might serve well here since more often than not the most preposterous conclusions usually turn out to be quite on point.

Again...congratulations to the people of Boston!
Chairman of HNA Group met with a reporter from this BLOG and revealed the wonderful things he plans in America. CEO Chen Feng said that he planned on opening in Atlanta, Georgia a REPAIR SHOP wherein a sick person enters at one end and when they exit from the other whatever repair required performed and they're on their way to full and complete recovery.

He showed the reporter a scar on his side. He said that a new pancreas and liver had been installed a few weeks back. Because they were made from his own stuff...his body did not reject but readily accepted. He said his uncle had received new legs and nerves and that the diabetes had been reversed using this new technology.

CEO Chen Feng did not hesitate to describe the miracles modern Chinese innovation were bringing to America. In his exuberance...he told this reporter that cancer would be a thing of the past in less than 24 months hence. He said his SCIENCE TEAM had found a way to print anti-cancer cells as easily as one would print a book page and that in less than a fortnight almost any cancer could be eradicated from the otherwise diseased and dying body.
Is there anyone so foolhardy...so oblivious...that such a person would with spoon and bucket attempt to dip the ocean dry? And...yet...MARK BROWNSTEIN...head of the U.S. Climate and Energy Program at the Environmental Defense Fund...a not-for-profit company...was heard to exclaim, "The fundamental question is are we making progress in reducing global warming?"
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In Florida...a person eating raw shellfish takes the chance of contracting several diseases and becoming a victim of parasite attack...an attack which can prove fatal in some of the more severe cases of shellfish poisoning. Indeed...raw connotes that the critter was removed from its surrounding and whatever it has aboard when eaten is now inside the eater.

Instead of avoiding the feast...people ignore the dangers and chow down...sometimes eating 100 oysters in one sitting. Hence...in that encounter...that consumer takes 100 chances to contract one of the 123,984 types of debilitating diseases and conditions one might suffer should that shellfish prove poisonous or otherwise dangerous in some way.

Inside the NANNY STATE CAGE...the government is expected to inspect everyone of those shellfish prior to consumption...examining minutely for any offending wee-beastie...and...allowing only pristine shellfish to be sold. If someone encounters what should not be there and dies...the inspector of that batch is not scolded...or chided...but...goes on about the business of making it seem like there is some kind of protection from such danger and they...the MASTERS OF THE CAGE...are delivering insulation from such a menace.

One such whining worm is Caroline Smith DeWaal, food-safety director of the advocacy group CENTER FOR SCIENCE IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST. She wants the Food and Drug Administration to take immediate action to require better controls for shellfish harvesters and shippers.

When DeWaal was asked why she could not perform such inspection for herself...she snorted that she was unable to choose for herself and needed a NANNY STATE Master to deliver from time to time spank and diaper check.

She went on to scream,"How dare people be offered something that could very well prove fatal? The NANNY STATE must insulate...and...protect.

 The consumer must never be given the choice of inspecting for themselves and making their own decision based on what they have uncovered through their own intricate inspection. When was the last time you ate rotten fish?
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One of the Boston Marathon bombers was killed and the other is still at large.  How much longer he'll remain afoot isn't known...but...the police are adept at such dragnets and the likelihood of his capture great.

If he can be taken alive...maybe...he might reveal the entire sordid plot. Perhaps even link TEAM OBAMA and its BLACK OPS teams to the massacre in Boston. Indeed...those who could be exposed by this perpetrator have a motive for making sure he isn't taken alive...eh, OBAMA?
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Paul Kevin Curtis found his 15 minutes of national fame when he was arrested for sending letters to Obama and others laced with RICIN...a deadly poison. Before that arrest...ole KC was an Elvis impersonator and earned money around Lee county, Mississippi by singing and dancing for crowds.

People close to KC reported that he had mental health issues and was a paranoid soul always doubting shadow and shade. But...never could he have obtained RICIN...a deadly poison that can kill millions with less than one gram of the stuff. Indeed...this RICIN came from a special batch prepared and owned by the CIA! Now...how did ole Elvis get such stuff, eh OBAMA?
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Folks...CO2 is a naturally-occurring gas...much as is Oxygen and Nitrogen to name a few. The biosphere emits and consumes CO2 and that process can't be quantified with any certainty leaving only guess as the best possible conclusion. Hence...when someone says mankind is emitting too much CO2 and hence causing global warming...that assertion is nonsense if presented* as anything more than another guess peppered with notions of fear and dread.
*Like one upon a lonesome road...who walks in fear and dread...and...having turned once around...walks on and turns no more his head...for he knows...a frightful fiend doth close behind him tread.
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Folks...TEAM OBAMA was looking for a way be mischievous and cause trouble. Hence...TEAM OBAMA...everyone of them a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...decided to cut Federal Aviation Administration budget knowing such a "cut-back" would mean the CONTROL TOWERS would have to become "flex-time" operations. Such a reduction would cause bottlenecks and hence flight delays or outright cancellations.

In the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...such power to cause trouble is not granted and the control towers are operated by the best teams in the world. Sure...they're paid handsomely...but...only the best are allowed to be there...and...there they would be...steady-eddy types...honorable...loyal...honest...and...always prepared.

It's time for Americans to join the Army of Liberation and march to WASHINGTON DC and "make salt". Their mission to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete its grip and grab on their lives...and...enter EDEN. Indeed...the unfettered...unhampered market....fetches prosperity for everyone...and...limits the government...eliminating acts of mischief such as this latest trouble-making.

This BLOG intends to use this latest mischief as more proof the CAGE must be dismantled and the OUM permitted to manifest. America is not Europe and need not follow those idiots back into Feudalistic systems and ways.

Never should a government be able to interdict air travel in order to cause as much discomfort and trouble as possible to as many people as possible. The airports need to be owned and operated by private industry removing any way for TEAM OBAMA to inflict suffering and inconvenience.

In Europe...for example...where the citizens are sheep and cattle...their MASTER can interdict air travel with impunity. Why? Because Europeans are inherently slave-like in mentality and are easily directed. Such is "why" most would-be MASTERS frame their ways with the nail and fiber of the European demagogue. But in America...we're freedom-lovers and this mischief must be identified and publicized so that people can demand such grip on air travel be released instantly!
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The BOSTON MASSACRE went down on Monday and by Thursday evening two of the culprits were identified and on the run.  By Friday morning...one of the two brothers was dead. Are there others involved besides these two brothers? Perhaps there were but it does not take more than one person to construct those home-made bombs which were placed near the finish line of the BOSTON MARATHON.
OKAY...one dead...one on the run. The two in the photos have been found. One killed...the other afoot...but...the dragnet around that area is formidable. Every citizen...every cop...everyone...is looking for that dude. His face is on every TV...and...the $5 million reward "dead of alive" has motivated the entire population. The sale of AR-15 rifles went viral after the BOSTON MASSACRE...and...good that it did since every Massachusetts citizen...now...has the firepower to take down this clown.
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Any investor betting that FRANCE would implode have lost mightily. The French socialists have found ways to perpetuate their NANNY STATE CAGE and fund its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system without ending up as bankrupt as Spain or Italy. Sure...eventually the French will suffer significant setbacks and other economic woes...but...it won't be until April 18, 2021 that France finally folds...its currency worthless...and...its people as desperate as the North Koreans are today.
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If you're a peanut farmer in Georgia...you're singing "praise Jesus" all the way to the bank. The Chinese have discovered south Georgia and its peanut bonanza. Because of free trade between China and America...farmers in Georgia are finally getting a good price for their precious peanut...and...these Chinese buyers are getting what they need for resale in their homeland.

While the MASS MEDIA won't publicize such free market success...this BLOG does as much as possible to reach Americans asking them to join this movement to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE . Why can't every farmer...every entrepreneur have such access to international markets? Indeed...a private seller or buyer if left alone always get more than they gave. It's the magic of the market so to speak.
According to the chicken little climate gurus...man-made global warming will cause Mother Earth to burst into flame and mankind will instantly perish in a mighty conflagration. These founts of profundity proclaim that unless 60% less fossil fuel is used...mankind will die. Of course...their methodology and computer templates fetch whatever gruesome outcome they envision...but...it seems...reality simply won't play ball!

Indeed...the climate model these idiot are using predicted scorching heat for April of 2013 throughout the Midwest and Northeast. However...instead of "hotter than usual"...an announcement they wished were made...what has been revealed by a reluctant MASS MEDIA is that the world has cooled off!

Al Gore had a solution to such incongruity. He said the scientists needed to ignore any data which conflicted with their model since the NANNY STATE CAGE would be almost inescapable if a CARBON TAX and CARBON POLICE were imposed. By ignoring the truth and propagate lie...he foresaw an all-powerful state in which a ruling elite would have all the creature comforts while the peasants sweated and suffered in their hovels in August.
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Some years ago in Waco...Clinton ordered the Branch Dividian Compound put to the torch and anyone therein incinerated. In the ensuing conflagration...80 men...women...and...children...were burned alive. Janet Reno...a loyal solider and his attorney general at the time...took the blame and said she understood she had committed a crime against humanity.

On April 19, 1995...Timothy McVeigh parked a rented truck near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City...exited that vehicle...departed to await detonation of the explosives packed in the truck. We all recall the devastation this maniac wrought. Naturally...McVeigh was delivering a "payback" for the slaughter in Waco. In his memoirs...ole Timmy McVeigh points out his idea was to get a good body count.

Patriot's Day in Boston...2 bombs were detonated. The design and contents of these improvised explosive devices(IED) offered insight into how demented the perpetrators were. These bombs were meant to kill and dismember as many as possible and were placed at sites most likely to have the most people in the most compact situation possible.

Clinton and Reno escaped condemnation for their slaughter. McVeigh paid with his life. And the BOSTON BOMBERS will be tried and hung in the most public spectacle possible. Making sense out of such things seems pointless...until...you add the faces of those that were collateral damage.

At the Federal building...for example...there were children and strangers just by misfortune visiting the site...not just ATF agents and BLACK OPS agents. Similarly...at the BOSTON MARATHON...Lu LINGZI and others were killed and maimed. Whatever political point the bombers wanted to make it has become lost in the horror inflicted.
Lu Lingzi...a 23 year old math and statistics graduate student...was from the rust-belt city of Shenyang in China's northeast. Ms.Lu Lingzi was slain in the Boston Marathon bomb blast. In China...her death has been mourned by 1.3 billion people. She was a great lady and a credit to her family and country. She'll be missed. God speed, Lu Lingzi.
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Ah...yes...GOOGLE FIBER. Imagine everything you need in the way of information derived from a fiber optic thread and you'll sense the power of GOOGLE FIBER. What Google is doing is installing a fiber optic cable capable of transmitting the entire Library of Congress in less than a billionth of a second.

Of course...the receiving-end would have to be suited for such transmission...but...computers double in computing power every 6 months nowadays. So...it won't be long before that GOOGLE FIBER is carrying the world.
This BLOG contacted the CEO of Roper Industries, Inc. and invited that company to buy MANAGED HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATES,INC. With this purchase Roper could launch into "bio-manufacturing"...that newest of industries wherein human organs are grown as one would grow a melon or grape.

Glad to hear such a potential purchase might occur are all those people suffering from defective organs. Imagine a pancreas or liver getting installed as one would change a tire or have a tooth filled. Such medical service is almost here.

At the new clinic...for example...the patient-consumer...gives a sample of DNA. Then...that DNA is fed into a printing machine and a new organ is printed that is that person's organ. Hence...it can be installed and the old one removed easily with recovery time less than a fortnight.

A volcano emits noxious gases including CO2. Indeed...the volume of CO2 emitted can't be calculated accurately. Estimates can be made...but...any guess is as good as any other no matter what person utters that guess.

What this BLOG has discovered...though...is that some of these guessers have declared themselves correct. Take for example, Penn State's Mike Mann. This charlatan found he could make money if he were to disguise and dress his guess. Mike Mann found that while people wouldn't pay for "guess"...they'd pay for a "fear-causing assertion presented as ultimate fact".

Indeed...these charlatans and wizards have constructed computer models based on other computer models to back them up. In their model...ole Mother Earth heats up due to mankind's input of CO2 into the atmosphere. Not at any juncture...however...is Mother Nature's own emissions considered. But these can't be included...says the myth purveyors...since there is not any way to measure accurately how much CO2 is generated by all forms of nature and geology.

Because this BLOG is proactive...a reporter from its ENVIRONMENT DEPARTMENT was dispatched to confront Mike Mann and ask him why he chose to LIE...and...not confess his best was guess.

Once cornered by this comely reporter...Mike Mann admitted he was a charlatan...but...he was paid very well to propagate the myth of man-made global warming presenting the same as "factual and fear-causing". He said he always dodged the "nature-input" questions since these always ended up making him look as if he were spewing nonsense...something he simply was told to avoid if job-security important.
How much CO2 does Mother Earth emit? How much CO2 does nature consume? Such answers are not known. Only guesses are available. If you want to have a MASTER from cradle to grave...a ruling elite packed with knee-crooking knaves such as Mike Mann...you'll permit them to dress guess as fact and use it to gain more power over your life...power based on whatever they believe is "real".

The proposed CARBON-TAX is based on nonsense. It's derived from pseudo-science which is offered as an accurate assessment of threat to mankind.

CO2 is a trace gas and as such is not very important to anything except all organisms which eat Carbon and/or use it for fuel.
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Ah...yes...the myth of man-made global warming. Folks...this claim that man can alter his environment...by emitting CO2 in every format presently known...has been debunked in so many graphic ways...those proponents of such nonsense are shunned as charlatans or worse.

By way of an example of this nonsense...Wall Street Journal(A-11;04-18-13) carried an article about how mankind will destroy itself by emitting CO2 in all forms and formats. According to the WSJ:

The International Energy Agency(IEA) estimates that a cut in carbon emissions per unit of energy of more than 60% is needed to prevent global average temperature rising by more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit in the long term and maintaining current levels would yield a temperature rise of 10.5 degrees Fahrenheit...an increase that would make Mother Earth burst into flames and melt into oblivion.

Of course...members of the IEA admit they're wildly guessing about all of this nonsense...but...because they need their job...they play along...adding fear and tear when needed to make the point more graphic.

Before you buy into this so-called REAL THREAT OF CO2 stuff...why not step back and ask yourself could I...with spoon and bucket...dip the ocean dry? When you answer that question...you'll sense why the IEA and its minions are at best charlatans whose mission to perpetuate this myth for advantage and profit.
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Yes...in New Hampshire...there is a movement afoot...a FIRST BRIGADE kind of organization whose mission to liberate New Hampshire from the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Their idea is to import voters whose desire to breathe free is so overwhelming that they'll actually go into the voting booth and elect freedom-fighters...choosing people who desire as much as they to delete the 'grip and grab' of the CAGE...and...usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM).
Contact Chris at: 888-377-2515. She moved from Oregon to New Hampshire to begin eliminating the socialism and Eco-fascism that strangled and crushed Oregon and which has New Hampshire in its grip. Unlike Oregon where there is not any way for a freedom-lover to prosper or to change the situation...New Hampshire...she concluded...was ripe for "take-back"...more suited to have its people liberated from the CAGE...and...hence the state to which she had to move.
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All that could be done I did leaving nothing more to do...such is when Shackleton asked JOIN my mighty crew. We set sail for land unknown...wooden ship and sail our way...until in sheet ice we got stuck and had to abandon ship some say. Others claim the expedition always jinked...misfortune at every turn...and...perhaps such might be so...our ship we spent and burned.

Ah...yes...without edge...can there be tomorrow? Everyone might ask and run...but...we escaped the grip of doom and sorrow.
Ah...yes...the proverbial* Gordian Knot. If you would permit such excursion...it might prove useful. What if Americans voted to slice through their Gordian KNOT...and...dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...deleting the "red tape, tax and spend" model...and...ushering in thereby the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
*Alexander the Great was tasked with a novel proposition. If he were successful in untying the GORDIAN KNOT then without bloodshed...the entire nation would bow down and call him man-God to be worshiped and obeyed as such. Because it would save his Army time and trouble...Alexander accepted the offer knowing that should he prove unsuccessful he must circumvent that nation and leave them alone.
Patty Campbell cried as she spoke about her daughter's demise. Her daughter was one of the victims of the BOSTON MARATHON MASSACRE. After she spoke...she was asked by TEAM OBAMA to be a poster child for GOVERNMENT SPANK AND DIAPER CHECK.

While angry that TEAM OBAMA was so careless as to permit a bomb-attack at such a special occasion...PATTY CAMPBELL couldn't bring herself to support any POWER-GRAB by OBAMA through exploiting her daughter's death for his own evil-purpose.
There is a fatal poison called RICIN. Recently...a disgruntled Democrat from TUPELO...angry that TEAM OBAMA hadn't succeeded in totally-enslaving America as promised...sent several RICIN-laced letters to members of  Congress and to Obama. The purpose was to murder as many people as possible thereby bringing attention of this unquenchable need to be ruled by a MASTER inside a 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Yes...there are such insane people in America. Somehow...someone threw the "come-out" switch and these "loonies" are bubbling forth in ways few soothsayers could ever forecast. One of these loonies deployed and detonated bombs at the Boston Marathon...while another dispatched RICIN-laced letters in order to kill as many as possible.

But...what if...these loonies were directed? Somehow directed.

Of course...to-date...how it's done...hasn't been discovered but this BLOG'S "anonymous-squad" say they're close. Apparently...the data-keeper...fondly labeled by this BLOG as the KEY-MASTER senses any attempt to happen upon...observe...or...download..and...requires SUPER CRAY computing power to overcome and dismember! But...the "anonymous squad" reported they're close to breaching and examining in every way possible.

What purpose would TEAM OBAMA have in "upping the ante" so to speak? Somehow putting such evil thought and proposed ill-deed into the mind of simple Simon?

Naturally...the overall template hasn't been...as yet...revealed...but...pet eyeballs near the center of power are making it a point to find that moment when YouTube can be given the "real truth" about why these attacks were launched against America.