Monday, April 29, 2013


In Shanghai...a contract was executed wherein BYD, an electric-car and battery maker, agreed to construct the NOOGIE MOBILE. Because of the need for it to be durable and pioneering in its design and materials used...BYD officials were enthused to commence production immediately.

Per the contract...BYD will build the NOOGIE MOBILE. This critter is a 3-wheeled bicycle with a sturdy top and a box on front and back...the box designed to hold sandwiches. There is a fan-like table which folds from the back box...hinged to become a 1/2 arc table over which a flap is fixed and held fast by two LEGS which affix to the fan-like table providing a frim sales area capable of withstanding 100 mph wind...a necessity in places such as Chicago and New York City.

Situated so that Mr. SUN can reach it...are solar cells powering a battery-fed electric motor. The computer can switch back and forth enabling the "Nuu-Gett"...the buxom sales-lady operating the NOOGIE engage the motor when pedaling seems too much.

Because Chicago does not forbid bike riding in the city and because bike paths have been created to afford such bike-riders access to any part of the windy city...the NOOGIE MOBILE can go where no man* has gone before! Imagine**...a model-quality gal...sitting at the curb...her chair swiveled to face you...her fan-table deployed...sun-blocked...and...ready to sell you a NOOGIE WOOGIE...pork with and munch...dip and bite...dip and bite...incredible stuff...out of sight.

**In Chicago...the site of the first NOOGIE MOBILE micro-franchise...a young man with a tobacco shop, (CIGS AT a micro-franchise...and...earns $100,000 per month selling NOOGIE WOOGIE from his 4 NOOGIE MOBILES. His Nuu-Getts also made $100,000 each monthly.
*Line out of Star trek.