Tuesday, April 30, 2013


In Armenia...soybean farmers were struggling to keep abreast of the increased costs of production and the plummeting price of their product. But most of them were optimistic and believed their future was bright. That was until the American "FOOD-AID" ships arrived with a 100 billion tons of processed soybeans...so much soybean was there the price of soybean went to almost zero completely destroying 98% of all soybean farmers in Armenia.

Nowadays...Armenians line-up to buy their meager portion of soybean from their American MASTER. The home-grown soybeans are a thing of the past. Most of the soybean farmers quit...sold their farm...and...went to America to grow soybean. As one Armenian farmer said after arriving in Mississippi, "The socialist government of America comes to our homeland and creates abject poverty and dependency..forcing those of us who refuse to kneel and lick absurd pomp with candied tongue to come to America to grow what was produced before America came and stomped."