Monday, April 29, 2013


When asked how did NOOGIE WOOGIE...go from...a small firm operating in a sleepy fishing village nestled along Florida's Treasure billion-dollar per day business...the answer is easily formed.

A few months back...rumor was afoot that venture capitalist, Jimmy Breyer was stepping down from the board of FACEBOOK...itself a billion dollar social-media sensation. Following up on that information...a NAVIGATOR was dispatched to interface with him and offer him a micro-franchise: NOOGIE WOOGIE.

Unable to pass up such venture...intrigued by the potential of a new format for delivering an incredible sandwich to the busy crowd...a pool of hunger numbering in millions of salivating mouths...Jimmy Breyers bought into the venture...enabling the putting of NOOGIE-MOBILES in every city on planet Earth...providing "pork with punch" into the hands of those who run and munch.