Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Timmy Titler went to the store and bought tooth whiting paste. He went home and applied the paste. His teeth whitened and he was pleased.

However...the tooth white did not last. He went to the MALL and while his gal got her toes and nails painted...he had his teeth whitened by MISSY-LU...the oriental lady with softest touch and gentle way.

However...the life of Timmy Titler was about to get wrinkled. The DENTISTS OF THE STATE wanted such business and demanded MISSY-LU be forbidden to perform the simple application of tooth paste to the teeth of her customers...people such as Timmy Titler.

Timmy Titler did not know what happened. As his gal got her toes and nail done again...he searched the MALL for MISSY-LU. Her store front was closed. The stores next to hers didn't even know she was their neighbor...or...at least...that's how they treated Titler's question: "where did she go?"

Refusing to be brushed off so easily...however...Timmy Titler continued to ask everyone about MISSY-LU. Because he was relentless and so thorough he happened upon the MALL CLEANING SQUAD who recalled MISSY-LU. They recalled how the police had entered her business...and...when she resisted their demand that she turn over her tooth paste...they shot her with shotguns and 30mm chain cannon blowing her to bits.

Timmy Titler asked what would make the police hate tooth paste so much that they'd kill for it. The CLEANING SQUAD'S oldest member replied, "Man...when you got a chance to use a 30mm chain cannon...you don't pass that one up!"