May 2013
If you want to know who is on your side...simply manufacture a rebellion...and...identify those who stay and those who go....for those who stay there won't be trouble...for those who will be double....and...all Assad needed know...were they gonna stay...or...were they gonna go.

Assad has the help of IRAN....HEZBOLLAH...and...PUTIN! The first two helpers are weak sisters. have PUTIN at his side...Assad is a sure winner. Unlike Obama...the wimp-worm...PUTIN is great and powerful. His brilliance* is unequaled. He of the greatest people of the early days of the 21st Century and should be praised for his decision to assist Assad in retaining his regime intact.
*The PUTIN-haters in RUSSIA want to return to the socialist days when people starved and excuses were packed on every shelf.
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There's gotta be some way out of here...said the beggar to the thief...two riders were approaching...3 old rusty nails held hands and feet.

Yes...we can dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market... a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Sure...the establishment is just as formidable as it was when Caiaphus sent his scouts beyond Jordan to investigate a line stretching 1/2 the way across Judea...and...ending in a small pool within which stood a loin-cloth clad dude preaching THE ORB...the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE...a cage in which those souls found themselves so chained and whipped,(JOHN 1:23).

We can vote to change America and delete the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA which is oppressing us so mightily. Yes we can have EDEN...a place where never need a producer fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. Indeed...a place where a cystic-fibrosis 10 year old female child does not have to wait on some government list for a lung...a place where her new lung is printed from her own cells replicated through "otherwise forbidden-by-law stem cell research and technology...things reputedly pioneered by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG!
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In Germany...the unions using government power have stifled the job market until many employers dare not employ new people because of the "attachment costs" associated therewith. Indeed...once you hire Fritz and he turns out to be a're generally stuck with caring for Fritz forever one way or the other. hires are rare and only when desperation has already overwhelmed better sense and redoubt one employed full-time.

However...the Germans are a resourceful people. They know they need a safety valve...a way for have a small job...a "mini-job"...a job that can generate $580.00 tax-free...a job that does not have to bear an employer's tax or attachment cost...a job employers can hand out to 50 Fritz-types...and....never have to fear them...never have to fear claims by them...and...never have to fear getting trapped into paying for them until death. Germany...the min-job has arrived.

In America...the franchise system in most states is so red-tape stuck few ever try and offer such a thing to would-be investors and would-be sellers.

On the other hand...a micro-franchise could be offered without any red a small cost..and...the would-be franchisee would have their very own micro-franchise to sell the franchise product.

The first micro-franchise is called the NOOGIE WOOGIE. Already in several cities throughout America Noogie mobiles are running around selling Noogie Woogies. The micro-franchise owner at in Chicago has 4 vehicles and he makes $100,000 per week! it cost him $5000 for the micro-franchise!
Peter Jakab was wrong when he blamed capitalism for what he detected was a paradox of thrift,(Wall Street Journal C-1;05-31-13). In a Neo-feudal state such as what America is becoming...ole Peter-piker can say such nonsense and get his name splattered all over a prominent newspaper such as the WSJ.

According to Peter-piker: "They say it isn't what you make but what you keep. While that remains sound advice, what is good for the individual can be awful for society, the so-called paradox of thrift." a free society based on the 21st century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...every person is both a consumer and a producer at the same moment. As von Mises pointed out in HUMAN ACTION...only in the OUM can there never be found an able-bodied pauper. And every transaction benefits both participants more lest such deal never occur in the first place. a free society...each person is both buyer and seller from moment to moment and their activity is always to them for their esteemed benefit as such is rationally determined.

Because society isn't anything more that an aggregate of disparate individuals...each one with her or his own bent and base...the entire society is that entire pool of want, need and action, HUMAN ACTION. While a label such as "society" might be used to offer some concept of the vastness of  this ever-changing collection, not anyone could ever claim somehow "society" was injured when BOB SOLD TOM A HORSE, for example.

On the other hand...if Peter-piker meant to say that BOB must take the money he received from TOM for that critter...and...ask some would-be master how much might he is not a paradox but a description of theft by government.

In such an instance, it's not a paradox but a great description of the adage: "from each according to his each...according to his need."

In a Neo-feudal state...what BOB received from TOM for that critter was taken from someone else and it should be given back. Hence...the money TOM gave to BOB does not belong to BOB but to "society"...faceless...nameless..."society". And...who best to determine whose face or hand deserves such benefit if not elected officials known as the "ruling elite".

Hence...only there...only in this welfare state miasma is there such a consideration as this idiotic "paradox of thrift".

It's likely Peter-piker has never read von Mises. He should engage in such intellectual pursuit since in the book HUMAN ACTION he would have discovered his so-called paradox was not one at all.
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In the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...banking is an enterprise conducted by the smartest people. The government does not monitor or direct such banks and its customers patronize only those banks with impeccable credentials...laurels earned by sagacious banking administration.

In the otherwise unhampered market...there is not any tax. Hence...there is not any way for some would-be master to conjure some tax to loot storeroom...making the bank accounts in the OUM quite safe from government grip and grab.

In the OUM, the banks are sacred trusts and privacy sacrosanct...making intrusion by government forbidden. Moreover, in the OUM...there is an unwillingness to share such private data with countries whose curiosity or avarice makes them want to know. the OUM...banks can determine the frequency a patron must access the account , if ever, but can't by some government edict be compelled to inflict requirements drafted by the would-be master.

Naturally, the socialists hate such a tax haven since they can't penetrate it and can't stop their own people from slipping away and putting their assets in storerooms not accessible by these would-be masters.

Recently...the vigilant Swiss were brow-beaten into permitting would-be masters to examine and drool all over private information...violating the sacred trust of privacy which is so much a part of a bank inside the OUM.
The MASS MEDIA made it appear the Iowa straw poll was a critical test of a candidate's national appeal and hence to win that straw poll in Ames was to become the instant front-runner in a pack of many would-be Presidents.

Instead of crafting a new chock full of fresh ideas...she immediately pronounced she wanted to eliminate OBAMACARE and replace it with something similar but not as onerous and promised to support the progressive income tax no matter what.

Bachmann went from town to town trying to muster votes in Iowa*...telling them she merely wanted to tweak the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE machinery not dismantle it. With such a "me-too" platform...she was quickly dismissed by most real voters. Indeed...while Bachmann won the meaningless straw poll...she finished a disappointing last place when the Iowa caucuses rolled around.

Mention is made of Rep. Bachmann since her campaign represents what could be called "same old, same old, just different bag" politics and as such it was too similar to what others were offering to be worthy of support.

According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...had Bachmann preached THE ORB...she would have turned IOWA into a hotbed of seething discontent with people traveling hundreds of miles to see to it Michele Bachmann was their clear choice. However...because she was mired and otherwise steeped in 20th century ways...she could not break free and preach liberation over subjugation...even though such preaching would have put her into the Oval Office in a landslide victory.

It's the polemic of this BLOG that should a politician preach THE ORB...that person would attract an army of liberation. And with such support...whose mission to dismantle the CAGE and usher in EDEN...the tyranny of the CAGE would end..and...the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) would prevail.

*Iowa is a place where both sides of the aisle have reduced the population to cattle-status making the most appealing candidate the one who promises the most lard and freebie.
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From Mt. MOOC...the witboin was what bitcoin tried to be but got all the blame. Yes...Mt. Gox has been assaulted...its bastions breached. BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT attacked and burned...but we're sitting on a big bag of 'dem seeds.

Recall that bitcoin is a computer-generated money. It's exchange was atop Mt. GOX.  It's what you use when you play Monopoly but with an interesting twist. Using algorithms so complex not even the ARCHITECT of the MATRIX could solve or crack...bitcoin was used between players as money. Eventually gamers began to trade them as one would trade baseball cards or unique paintings...and...they were ascribed a value by the players as the whim would fetch.

Yet...the NANNY STATE CAGE can't permit bitcoin since its "grip and grab" is 20th century stuff...represented by such things as the YEN...the BAHT...the DOLLAR...and...the WITBOIN, naturally. It can't attack the bitcoin since the bitcoin is nonsense and has value only to the immediate two people who use it to find a better life. any bitcoin user will tell you...a person trades in bitcoin only when what received of more value. Since that evaluation only in the dome of the participants and not in any others...bitcoin value...and...the assessment of bitcoin value as much those domes in which the bitcoin reigns as a great way to settle up and out.

So...why...if this bitcoin is so whimsical...why is Uncle Sugar trying to stomp it out? The answer is simple. The grip and grab of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE is not designed to siphon off bitcoin since bitcoin is nonsense and nonsense has only value to those between whom it possesses magical power...bitcoin allure some Harvard scientists have called it for want of a better label.

Thus...WITBOIN was found. It is much more powerful than the bitcoin. The entire software package of Liberty Reserve and Mt. Gox were downloaded to Mt. MOOC...the spot where the witboin is exchanged by those whose desires their own....and...whose privacy their first concern.

Imagine you want to buy a know...that electric car that burns down your house when it explodes in your garage after you drove it that 42.3 miles before returning...parking and attempting recharge. Imagine further that while the government has seen fit to keep you have managed with some great difficulty to have acquired money from Mt. MOOC...and...the seller of the KARMA...a dude using the name RAUL...but looking a lot like Justin willing to trade even for the KARMA.

Yes...imagine as've just been inside the nightmare of the ruling elite of the NANNY STATE CAGE should witboin ever become the "reserve currency" of the virtual world wherein Mt. MOOC is the exchange for witboin. The problem is that witboin is not like bitcoin. Unlike bitcoin that used a numerical system to reflect value,,,witboin uses the Egyptian-Summarian system of metaphor and whimsy.

Indeed...witboin simply lacks any way to assess its measure since ascription of value only important between the KARMA seller and yourself.

Hence...Mt. MOOC will remain the spot unassailable by the NANNY STATE masters. To grab the witboin is to grab nonsense and would make the pursuer seem instantly ridiculous and outright mean-spirited.

Folks...the war on freedom is now global. When the bankers of Europe observed they needed people in their boat to row and bail...they never thought bitcoin would be used to circumvent their toll roads and taxes. As everyone a socialist state...the ruling elite direct and the cattle conform under threat of loss of master's freebie or favor. permit bitcoin to remain insulated from the NANNY STATE siphons would be to allow too many to escape the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the NANNY STATE CAGE. Thus...Mt. GOX was attacked...and...not even Microsoft's Bill Gates stood forth demanding such assault cease forthwith.

Maybe you support this attack on Mt. GOX and would also support an attack on Mt. MOOC. But remember the underlying truth that eventually the HANGMAN* will get to you.
*THE HANGMAN by Maurice Ogden
Yanira Moldonado was arrested in Mexico for trafficking in 12 pounds of marijuana. Military police entered her bus...went to her chair...and...directed her to get up. She complied. They entered the seat area...and...from beneath her seat they pulled out a bag that was 3 feet long and 2 feet wide. Inside the bag was 12 pounds of pot.

The video at the bus station was examined by the TWELVE ANGRY MEN DEPARTMENT. They discovered the video did not show her bringing such a package onto the bus. Indeed...that package was loaded prior to that bus ever arriving at the spot where she boarded for her return trip to Arizona, her home state.

Because of the incredible political power of this BLOG...they immediately contacted the Mexican authorities and directed them to release this lady  forthwith. They were prosecuting the wrong person. Whomever it was who had left that package...such person was long gone and it was just dumb misfortune that Ms Moldonado would choose that seat instead of the 15 others from which she could have chosen that fateful day.
General Electric Co. lost its Capital Chief when Michael A. Neal retired and joined the board of NOOGIE WOOGIE...the fastest growing restaurant-delivery service in the world. Indeed...Neal has been tasked with putting 1000 NOOGIE WOOGIE MOBILES in HONG KONG by 12-25-15 and another 1000 of them in Moscow and Berlin....each one distributing NOOGIE WOOGIE and whatever else the gals choose to market from their vehicles.

Recall the NOOGIE WOOGIE MOBILES are 3-wheel bicycles...with airless made of space-age durable that the tires are guaranteed for 100 million miles. They have a surrey-like top and a small electric motor in the event the operator chooses not to pedal for awhile. The batteries are fed by solar panels. And...the operators are buxom ladies sporting a low-cut t-shirt with NOOGIE WOOGIE emblazoned in GOLD LETTERING. The ladies are called Nuu-Getts and are linked by GPS and radio to a mother ship which travels about refilling their boxes.

When ole Mike Neal was asked why he turned down a job with Donald Trump in order to assist NOOGIE WOOGIE...he just smiled...reflected for a moment on some of his Nuu-Getts...and...then...replied, "It's paradise, my friend, paradise."
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In every state...people are joining the army of liberation. They know it's time to fight the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They're forming FIRST BRIGADES...closely knit units whose mission to get out the vote. As one FIRST BRIGADE commander said, "Every vote is a bullet fired into the heart of evil!"

The politicians supported by the army of liberation have one mission: deploy THE ORB and usher in EDEN. Imagine...the federal government shrinking down until what's left is bug-size...easily managed...easily-directed...and...every government employee a servant willing to perform honorably the limited tasks set forth for them to administer: (i) courts...civil and penal...(ii) police to protect and serve...only victim-crimes prosecuted and (iii) a limited and well-staffed national defense team second to none but as insulated from curiosity as one could be.

Of course...the would-be MASTERS of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE know about this army of liberation. They know it can't ever be granted any public forum and that any politician preaching THE ORB must be attacked as viciously as possible lest America discover there is another way...a fresh new which leads to EDEN!

However, THE ORB'S frame is attractive to almost everyone as to be dangerous to the entrenched interests* whose future dependent on the perpetuation of the CAGE. Hence...the outlets of the MASS MEDIA...even the smallest TV and RADIO stations...are forbidden from offering THE ORB**...or...even mentioning anyone who preaches deployment of THE ORB.

Despite this formidable opposition...opposition which can use the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) as a hassle-bureau similar to what Hitler's Nazis did during the 3rd Reich...despite such power to hurt...Americans are beginning to form FIRST BRIGADES...their mission simple: vote to deploy THE ORB and eliminate the CAGE!
* For example...a jackal such as Lois Lerner could never make it in the private sector...her personality drips venom...and...few employers would chance the bite.
**THE ORB is the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE.
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Small employers across the U.S. are struggling to get a handle on their healthcare costs under OBAMACARE. Instead of joining together and refusing to kneel and worship this golden calf...most of them...have capitulated and have begun* to offer their gold for the enterprise, (EXODUS 32:24).

What keeps these small businesses from protesting this new burden? What prevents these would-be slaves from refusing to kneel and lick absurd pomp with candied tongue?

Reflecting on "why" so many millions of small business owners would refrain from significant protest...and...instead...offer their gold for occurred to me that...perhaps...we're not that different from those Jews in that camp wherein Moses was gone...and...perhaps...not ever returning. Those Jews were convinced the idol was good and from that idol power to rule and direct was drawn. Hence...they forged their golden calf.

Similarly...could it be that these small business owners have decided they might as well become knee-crooking knaves...licking boot and begging for freebie and favor from MASTER? Could it be that the MASS MEDIA is so powerful that it has been successful in selling seats in the cargo hold of the OBAMASTAD?
*If there were just one commercial...designed to attract the would be JOIN THE ARMY OF LIBERATION. In it...there would be scenes from the signing of the Declaration of Independence...with...particular emphasis paid to that section where tyranny and remedy described. There would be a scene from planting the flag on Iwo Jima...and...the helicopters departing the American Embassy in Saigon.

The viewer would be invited to consider the alternative to this oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. Hopefully...enough small business owners would be angry enough to offer their fiscal support for the advertising needed to splash the good news across America at all times of the day...24/7...splash and splash made...until...every small business owner knows the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market" is just one vote away.

Yes...folks...U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee(D. CA)...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that man-made global warming was making women become prostitutes. She went so far as to excoriate coal-fired power-plants and anything using fossil fuel. If people rode buses...lived in tents...and...tilled the soil from dawn to dusk...then...and...only then...would women be free from such menace declared a drooling

Perhaps you...too...subscribe to this theory of doom framed as such by this Democrat. If should know that prostitution is the oldest job description known to man...and...hence could not ever be associated with man-made global warming. Not ever!
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Recently...the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) was granted the power to control America's water supply...and...coal supply...and....oil supply...and...gas supply. Indeed...the D.C.Court of Appeals granted to the EPA such extraordinary power that America is a Neo-feudal state with fiefdoms...Barons and...of course...Baronesses.

How did America ever reach such pinnacle of nonsense...and...equally did Americans give up their right to determine their future?

Remember...when the rolling black outs occur during the hottest summer days and'll be the one sweating. The Barons and Baronesses will be in their palaces...air-conditioned...and...plush. Their cars will be air-conditioned, yours won't. Their offices will be kept comfortable with air conditioning, yours won't. When you complain about the lack of energy you'll be called greedy and heartless. There will be radio and TV denouncements wherein your name prominently figured.

Maybe you don't care. From what the MASS MEDIA tells obviously want more red tape and directive, not less. According to your don't mind sweating at night so that keeping with their power-status...might enjoy air-conditioning.

Remember that Venezuela at one time was so energy-producing that even the thought of rolling blackouts seemed far-fetched at best. However, after crushing the life out of the energy-producers and putting cronies in bottleneck-choke positions...Venezuela almost daily with rolling blackouts. one recent blackout...the surgical procedure was arrested and a 10 year old child receiving a new lung died because the energy needed to run the devices all plugged into her needed the socialists saw fit would be available only for government offices during such daily-outages. Sure...the hospital was on a list of those to receive no matter what...but...that list was at the bottom of a stack of such lists the socialists received the day before.
While there is a public uproar about the nasty disposition of the employees at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) and how they attacked Obama's political opposition...their evil ways have not been ameliorated in any manner whatever. The IRS is still packed with vicious people whose lives made better when they hurt people. Indeed...these scumbags were hired because of their* nasty bent.
*As Lois exposed IRS creep...admitted, "We at IRS are the scum of the Earth but we're paid well to be as nasty as ever!"
As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to each American to consider a new way...a fresh of liberation over which cries out for liberty and demands the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled and the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) thereby ushered in.

Naturally...opposition to such a "delete and eliminate" approach is formidable. The would-be MASTERS control almost all of the MASS MEDIA. If it weren't for the INTERNET...such this BLOG purports to be...wouldn't have any forum.

Indeed...almost all TV and RADIO are controlled by the freedom-haters and they simply won't permit anyone to speak out using their venues if such person cries out for liberation over subjugation.

On the other hand...if you preach're called enlightened and raised up for praise. If you want to take away liberty and substitute directive and're called a "true American" and paraded on public stages as if your presentation were the only way.

Recently...for example...Senator Dick Durbin...known to his closest friends as "little dick"...denied he had directed the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to attack his political opponents. Naturally...little-dick was lying and had to admit he lied when letters authored by him surfaced wherein he demanded big foot government stomp opposition thereby enabling socialism and Eco-fascism to prevail in America.

Also caught lying about their involvement in this latest IRS scandal were Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) and Senator Max Baucus. These two slime slugs demanded freedom-lovers be attack  by IRS. According to Max Baucus...he wanted total enslavement of America thereby giving him more power...and...more status...and...the easiest way to attain such goal was to direct IRS to assault any freedom-loving group as viciously and mercilessly as possible.
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The socialist model of the euro-zone has stifled and crushed until Europe a place of misery and privation. In Spain...for example...unemployment among young adult is 39%. Similarly in France...the young are told they need only stand in line and receive what their master decides best for them. While such statement would be anathema in France...the young lick such absurd pomp with candied tongue.
In, an al Qaeda affiliate that espouses global Islamic rule, has become a primal factor in that civil war. These clever people know how to split and divide until what's left can be mopped up and discarded. Sure...there are Muslims who know what these pigs seek world domination...but...they lack any way to preach against such "whip and chain". Indeed...TEAM OBAMA likes al-Nusra since they have a mutual goal: enslavement of the people.
Democrat Harvey Whittemore was indicted and convicted of violating the election law. He used his friends to pass money to Senator Harry Reid in the 2012 Nevada campaign. While ole Reid denied he knew anything about it...the trail is open and obvious. Why would Whittemore take such a chance inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE if he didn't have some kind of perfected insulation from such an attack?

Folks...we need to eliminate the CAGE. This election law is ridiculous and is designed to protect those already in power from competition. The law has so many dips and turns most people simply refrain from political protest to avoid censor. Had Whittemore stayed away from fund-raising for the 2012 Reid Senatorial campaign...he'd still be free of the grip of the masters of this nasty anti-freedom CAGE in which Americans nowadays find themselves.
Well...Michele Bachmann is not planning on seeking another term as U.S. Representative for the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. As most voters will recall...she started the "tea party" caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives.

However, her message was tepid and contradictory. For example...she cried for liberation over subjugation but supported the inheritance tax and the progressive income tax...the two primal pillars of Marxism. She supported women's rights but was against abortion. She wanted free flow of labor but disliked illegal immigrants.

Had Michele merely preached THE ORB*...she would have been unstoppable. Had she called for the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE to be dismantled...her army of liberation would be vast and supportive.

In her defense...some might say...she said as much as she could without drawing the ire and acrimony of the socialist-MASS MEDIA. According to this duck and dodge...Rep. Bachmann didn't have any choice. She had to say things that were acceptable to the socialists and Eco-fascists in her district. She thought these scumbags possessed enough power to squash her and hence she did not cry out for liberty...but...whimpered now and then about less whip and chain.
*THE ORB stands for "the omnibus repeal bill" wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Let America once more breathe free!
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When TEAM OBAMA was asked what was one of its best accomplishments, the answer given by Democrat Chuck Schumer was chilling. He said they had created a deadly virus that could kill in 72 hours once infected. He said it would wipe out freedom-lovers leaving only sheep and cattle which could be directed and controlled from cradle to grave in 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE fashion. In other using a disease the Democrats were planning on world domination. What a bunch, eh?
The U.S. Treasury is trying to squish bitcoin by attacking Mt. Gox, the free marketplace where bitcoin is brought and sold. Because there is a $100 trillion in annual profit to be made in bitcoin...the U.S. Treasury wants to get in on it and destroy what little freedom is represented by such a thing.

Understanding the group-think of the U.S. Treasury as we do...this BLOG has begun to offer WITBOINS. These are similar to bitcoins only different enough to avoid the grip of the 20th Century would-be master.

If you wish to trade in onto the witboin website and get started. Bill Gates...Microsoft pioneer...calls witboin the most delightful way to trade and sell ever devised by mankind.

Just the other day...for an example of how popular witboin has become...Vinod "Timmy" Khosla...a venture-capitalist...bought $300 million in witboin and used it to buy 1000 square miles of Mongolia. According to Timmy...he used witboin since it delivered the fastest and wrinkle-free way to buy and sell enormous parts of the planet.
In Zurich, Switzerland is located the corporate home of the private bank called JULIUS BAER GROUP, AG. This bank with customers across the planet has been attacked by the scumbags at the United States Internal Revenue Service,(IRS). Instead of telling these jerks to "go-fish"...this bank is actually going to reveal its entire client list...a list protected otherwise by gun and law.

Instead of declaring itself a freedom-fighting outfit and hence unwilling to kneel and lick boot...these cowards are going to comply and reveal information not even a German invasion could compel.

When someone tells me in the future the Swiss are a bold people...I'll have to laugh. They're worms...spineless worms...incapable of standing forth and defending what little liberty remains from the vicious grip and snarl of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Sensing that they should refuse to submit and demand such request be retracted,,,these bankers should take some of their profits and finance such freedom-fighters as this BLOG. As this BLOG'S POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT noted, "If these bankers give us $100 million...we can bring down the IRS and the rest of the CAGE so much stifling and suffocating America and the rest of the world."
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The baht is the national currency of Thailand. In Bangkok...its capital city...the baht is bought and sold as one would buy and sell any other commodity. Too many bahts...and...the price per baht goes down.

Hence...the more bahts...the less valuable each baht becomes. Indeed...Zimbabwe demonstrated in 2008 how far a country can go in flooding the economy with worthless script. Recall in Zimbabwe...the $100 trillion dollar note is printed only on one side since the ink is worth more than the amount represented on the side that does have ink.

Instead of leaving the baht supply alone and permitting the marketplace to set the price per baht...Thailand's powerful and mighty have been manipulating such pool trying to keep the baht virtually worthless. cheapening the baht...the exporters of Thailand seem to have some kind of advantage...despite the fact that anything imported would be proportionately more expensive.

In the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)*...the baht would not be subject to manipulation. The government could print sufficient sums for trade and refrain from attempting to beggar they neighbor tactics.
*(In HUMAN ACTION...Ludwig von Mises devotes many chapters to this aspect of the OUM)
In the movie, THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING...there is scene wherein the natives discover they've been hoodwinked. The two revealed-charlatans looked at the situation...straightened their uniforms...and...attempted to "brass it out". Of course...Danny fell to his doom while singing "Minstrel Boy"...and...Peachie was roasted alive but lived to tell ole Rudyard of their exploits and end.

When I observed Attorney General Eric the Holder denying any connection to the assassinations of Ambassador Stevens and U.S border guard, BRIAN TERRY...he looked as if he were repeating that movie scene. There he was denying what was obvious to anyone examining the circumstances. He was in the thick of the decision to snuff out those two Americans.

Moreover, when Eric the Holder denied he knew anything about the attack on Fox News and that he didn't know anything about the IRS targeting anti-Obama not-for-profit organizations...he was playing out that scene perfectly. that movie ends with destruction of will the tenure of Eric the Holder conclude. He simply can't dodge the obvious forever. Someone will finally connect the dots and link him to the death of a border guard...a guard who had 72 hours earlier alerted his supervisor that he had data putting Eric the Holder into the middle of the on-going Mexican border mayhem and murders.
As Obama chortled yesterday when asked if his Attorney General was about to crack and reveal the criminal misconduct afoot inside TEAM OBAMA, "Attorney Genera Eric the Holder won't look back. Why? Well...I'd say because like one upon a lonesome road who walks in fear and dread and having looked once around walks on and  turns no more his head for he knows a frightful fiend doth close behind him tread."

Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway was sentenced Tuesday to one year and one day in federal prison after pleading guilty to a felony bank-fraud charge in connection with a real estate scheme wherein she lied about a $90,000 home she owned in Florida in a "debt-reduction" plan.

Naturally...Diane did not possess any "dirt" on those prosecuting her and hence she had to take the fall. Had she possessed "dirt" she could have threatened to bite back should any federal jerk attempt an assault on her position.

Take for example, Democrat Jon Corzine...former New Jersey governor...who stole $2 billion from his clients and has yet to be arrested or accused. He told Obama if he went down so would the entire cesspool of Democrats infecting Congress and the White House. Democrat Jon Corzine said he had enough data to ruin Obama.

Lois Lerner and Sarah Hall Ingram...two other prominent Democrats whose criminal misconduct at Internal Revenue Service was exposed by this BLOG...have also said they have "dirt" and will spread it should they be attacked. So threatened was Obama by Ingram's ability to expose dirty laundry that he offered her the position of chief NAZI to impose the hellish OBAMACARE TAX.
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Americans are getting inundated with propaganda about how good the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE can be if only illegal immigrants were run off. Naturally...there are some pedants whose desire to impose their narrow-minded ways have compelled them to carry signs telling these "illegal-immigrants" to go home. As one freedom-hater said, "Adding legalized immigrants to the workforce would disadvantage jobless Americans."

Folks...America is packed with immigrants. If you're not an American's likely your ancestors came here from a foreign land. America was built by immigrants and will continue to be the spot in everyone wishes to be since it's the last place on this planet where there is a little bit of liberty left....not much...but...enough to fight the would-be masters.

Why not examine this new and fresh message? Why not consider joining the army of liberation and march with us to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". We want open borders...and...deletion of the CAGE model. Should we be successful...the CAGE will be gone and the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) will appear. Why not live in EDEN instead of this CAGE?
Alan Krueger...former White House economics adviser left TEAM OBAMA and returned to Princeton to join the other scumbags who have been government employees. It's as if Princeton has become a cesspool...a collective of idiots and jerks whose only credentials that they licked boot with candied tongues.

Now...another boot-licker by the name of Jason Furman has become the chief economic adviser to Obama. He has been in government his whole life. He's a snake with forked tongue which makes him quite suitable for this job. As ole Jason said when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG,"Americans need to be enslaved...and...I know how to do it."
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Vero Beach, Florida has a city council packed with idiots. This conlsusion is not the conclusion of this BLOG but the off-camera assessment of the law firm that this bunch of idiot hired to sell the city's utility plant. According to this insider at that law firm...these lawyers have been fleecing this bunch of lack-luster jerks.

Some voters are asking "why" must we get fleeced in this manner? What level of idiocy has grabbed the Vero Beach City Council? Will they continue to spend recklessly other people's money?

As one voter said, "Take a good look at the jerks on that City Council and you'll instantly have the answer. These idiots don't care. They have never had a million dollars...and...simply don't know how to get as much bang for that buck as possible.

It's likely these lawyer will be sued for over-charging.'ll require a change of the council to pursue such theft!

"TRUE THE VOTE" was organized by Catherine Engelbrecht. She sent in her application for non-profit status and hence began her travail with the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Her husband and she were audited 2 years in a row.

Her business was attacked by Marxists who threw a fire bomb into her window trying to frighten her into stopping her effort to prevent "voter-fraud".

As she was informed by Timmy Titler...a rabid IRS agent...her family had been targeted for hassle by TEAM OBAMA and he was there to deliver maximum pressure and incite as much fear as possible.

Naturally...Catherine...a member of the army of liberation...reacted by suing IRS and OBAMA. She knew Obama was personally behind this attack since he wanted as much voter-fraud as possible in 2012. His team had lined up "serial voters"...people who would vote as many times as possible...and...the last thing Obama needed was someone trying to prevent such ballot-box stuffing.
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Join the army of liberation. It's leadership is unique since every member is a leader inviting all those voters near them to come out and support the march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". Yes...Americans...for the most part...don't want to be enslaved. They don't want some bureaucrat* telling them when to live...when to cry...when to laugh...and...when to die.

You will hear naysayers claiming your march futile...your desire...while robust...misplaced...and...the chance of success slim to none...the same assessment George Washington and company heard after 1776.

Sure...there is not much chance of victory while TEAM OBAMA controls the MASS MEDIA. Indeed...Hitler's MASS MEDIA was so good that...even...when the Russians were blowing up the Reichstag...Hitler's propaganda made Germans believe the German Army was about to take Stalingrad and Moscow.

Hence...TEAM OBAMA is protected mightily from criticism and public-excoriation. Even though TEAM OBAMA proposes extensive enslavement of America...yet...the American people want more not less government...and...their desire to kneel and worship the golden calf(Exodus 32:24)...painted and the complicit MASS MEDIA.
*Where so the children Kat Stevens
In Loganville, Wisconsin lives Erma Hershberger and her husband, Vernon. They're the typical family dairy farmers struggling to pay taxes, insurance and live a life which begins at 4:00 a.m. and does not end until 7:00 each night. They sell milk and their profits are small compared to the enormous budget such income must cover. Yet...they continue in spite of all the government red tape and hassle heaped on them. They persevere since they love their land, their work and the future such might hold.

However...unbeknownst to them...they were visited many times by uncover agents seeking to find fault and destroy them. Sure...the Hershbergers were feeding people...but...not in the way government dictated. They were selling raw milk to 200 club members whose preference for raw milk kept them coming back for more.

Eventually...believing they had enough dirt on the Hershbergers...the NAZIS struck. The local prosecutor...a liberty-hater from Harvard...told the newspapers that he would send the Hershbergers to prison for life...confiscate their farm and sell it using the money to augment the NANNY STATE CAGE of which he was so proudly a part.

Of course...the Hershbergers weren't going down without a fight. Erma told the local newspaper she and Vernon had mortgaged their farm to cover costs of their defense. Eventually...they prevailed in a jury trial on all but one count.

The charge for which they were convicted was based on a 2010 holding order which Vernon refused to honor. When the government-jerk told him to destroy that 5 million gallons of milk when the starving children in India could use it...Vernon send that milk to India.

Naturally...the jury...being a bunch of idiots from Wisconsin...many of whom were themselves freedom-haters...found such refusal to submit to the grip the NANNY STATE CAGE compelling and hence they convicted these two beleaguered farmers. While Vernon and Erma escaped the life sentence threat...they nevertheless...have lost their farm and will spend 13 months in a maximum security prison designed to hold GITMO detainees. Wisconsin...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is alive and as powerful as ever. The vested interests...whose business is protected by such red tape...applauded the verdict and demanded that these two criminals be sent to prison...their farm taken...and...their 15 children placed in foster care in Guam.
The City Council of Vero Beach once again is getting slapped around by Orlando attorneys. The law firm which the Council engaged to assist in the sale of the power company promised to achieve results if paid $350,000. Now...these same vultures want another $1 million. For what?'s imperative we fire these idiots on the Council and vote in some people who want to eliminate the idea of spending other people's money recklessly. As it is...these jerks want to spend money when such is precious and those asking for same are more or less charlatans soaking the stupid.
Dan Pfeiffer...spear-catcher for Obama...was interviewed by a reporter from this BLOG. After some coaxing to speak off-the-record...ole Danny-boy sang as if he were on stage. He admitted Obama issued snuff orders from Ambassador Stevens and U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY. He said Obama was behind the 2010 onward attack on tea-party attack recently uncovered by this BLOG and published so that America could know how evil TEAM OBAMA has become.
U.S. Senator John McCain(R.Az) a TV commercial...rhetorically told a border guard we need to build the fence. Of course, the fence to which he was referring was the one to be erected between Mexico and the United States. According to McCain's would be impenetrable and not any Syrian could sneak across to meet with American rebels wishing to dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

But...last week...McCain showed why he knew a great deal about fences. He...himself...tested...the Syrian FENCE. Indeed...ole John slithered across...met with rebels...went over attack plans...and...then scurried back without detection. Yes...he had penetrated Syria and had escaped without incident or blemish.

In some ways...his reckless mission* was heralded as wondrous and enlightened by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA.  Sure he committed an offense that could fetch a Syrian indictment from a Syrian prosecutor attempting to punish thereby such flagrant abuse of power by an American calling himself a U.S. Senator back home. But...whether Assad finds any advantage in such a thing can't as yet be framed.
*This expressive praise...however...was calculated to take the public's focus off the scandals afoot inside TEAM OBAMA. By telling America about the bold and daring trip of McCain, the MASS MEDIA effectively changed the dialogue from that of scandal to that of national security in the Middle East. And...if it weren't for this BLOG...they might have succeeded in this ruse.
"Had there not been any cars in Moore,Oklahoma," declared AL Gore...a climate-guru..."there would not have been any tornado damage inflicted there."

Of course...AL Gore was referring to the recent devastation suffered by that area of Oklahoma. He was making the point that climate-change was man-made and by merely getting rid of all fossil-fuel burning devices...mankind would avoid such tragedy.

As Al Gore said during the interview with a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "Americans must return to the campfire and tent...where women grub root...and...the men hunt elk with bow and spear. Only then will Americans avoid such calamity as that visited on Moore,Oklahoma.

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Denmark has revealed its socialist state is falling a part. Those Danes smart enough to depart, have left the building for America...a place not as bad yet as Denmark. Yes...Danes are stupid to have permitted would-be masters such hegemony over their lives. As one astute Italian commentator said, "But...because they're Danes...they're probably so stupid they'll probably ask for more chain and whip not less."
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With the complicit assistance of the MASS MEDIA...TEAM OBAMA has launched an ambitious attack on what little liberty remains in America. With OBAMACARE...and...a plethora of other assaults...America has been enslaved...its citizens reduced to sheep and cattle...and...its ruling elite doing all it can to perpetuate such power. In essence...socialism has run wild.
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A wonderful man was slain by Michael Adebolajo...a terrorist whose mission to travel to London and murder a British military person. He stalked several army dudes...finally choosing the most unsuspecting one of them. He approached from behind...swung his came the head of his target.

Sure...Mike is a coward and a real jerk. But...when you're a don't care about life...just "mission". According to Adebolajo...he was doing the work of Allah. According to Muslim such slaying he'd be granted a better place in Shiite-heaven. With the blood of an innocent person on his knife...he was more Muslim...more blessed...and...definitely more assured of a place in Shiite-heaven.
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When a hospital in Georgia was contacted by this BLOG, the management was skeptical of the overture. However, after reviewing the entire format offered by the MEDICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...that hospital agreed to examine the self-insurance system.

According to hospital officials...this new self-insurance system will finally alleviate this otherwise beleaguered bunch...and...give it a chance to survive in a socialist-state...the thing America has become.
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      Because the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) caters to the consumer, it's the best of all possible systems of economics.  It produces the most prosperity and never in the OUM can there be found an able-bodied pauper.

      Nowadays….with hydraulic fracturing(fracking)…oil and gas has become quite plentiful. Indeed…OPEC…has met to discuss this feature of the OUM. How can they keep their prices so high when in America oil and gas are so plentiful their prices are plummeting? Even if these OPEC nations wanted to keep their prices high and hurt consumers thereby…the Americans can avoid such grip.
       To stop this amazing feature of the OUM from benefiting consumers...TEAM OBAMA is attacking "fracking"...claiming it will hurt America to have cheap energy. However, the only thing that is hurt is the government grip on America. 
       Why not delete this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein some would-be master dictates what you pay for gasoline? Why must we worship the golden calf forged by TEAM OBAMA? Let us dismantle this CAGE...let us usher in thereby the OUM.
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                In Syria…it’s illegal to cross the border without a permit. People caught crossing without proper papers are shot on sight. Hence…the game of duck and dodge in Syria has become a real challenge to all those people willing to chance death just to set an illegal foot on Syrian soil.
                Yet…Senator John McCain(R.Az)…without a permit…went into Syria to meet with rebels. He promised them guns and butter provided that once they’re victorious they align themselves with America against the Muslim horde. Naturally…these Muslim rebels readily agreed with this idiot knowing that once the Assad Regime is eliminated…their Muslim caliphate will be that much closer to reality.

                Recall McCain is the jerk who wants a bigger fence along the Mexican border staffed with a million man army ready to attack any foe ole John believes threatens his power. What a guy!
When Lady Elizabeth was asked once how she could be so confident of victory when the NANNY STATE had such power...she laughed and said, "Liberation over subjugation invites all to come and prosper. It fashions EDEN as each would imagine...condemning none...accepting all."

When Senator Rubio(R.FL)...alias a "wound-poker"...heard what Lady Elizabeth said...he quickly replied, "Sure...such be true...but...if the would-be masters control the MASS MEDIA...your crusade lacks any chance of success."

If it were any message, Senator Rubio and his pack of naysayers might be correct...and...this crusade would be little more than a "nothing to see here,folks" kind of effort...passionate...yet...fizzling out before explosion ever occurs. But Lady Elizabeth's message is new and fresh. It's the kind of message that piques curiosity...and...attracts all who would prefer liberty over directive and control.

What Lady Elizabeth offers is EDEN. She calls it the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper. the world she envisions...the "Bertha-better-than-you-are" types can't pass laws to compel full term when abortion the choice of the would-be mother. In her place...the borders are open and everyone is free to come and go as they see fit without government incident or hindrance. In her world...there are not any trade barriers of any sort and the population is free of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century CAGE. the world Lady Elizabeth fancies there isn't any way for government to enter and dictate economic outcomes....can't pick winners and losers...and...can't tax income or inheritances. her world...the federal government is limited and restricted. Its funding procured through lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett-like donations. Sure...the government won't have much money...but...then...why should it have any more than absolutely essential to run the the police...and perpetuate a small national defense force?

Some of the benefit the voters receive both from supporting this fresh funding this march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt" nefarious conduct by government officials would be rare instead of as it is nowadays "commonplace". As Democrat Timmy Titler said when asked why he was joining the army of liberation, "Not at any time could scumbags such as Sarah Hall.Ingram or Lois Lerner find there way into some position of power and hurt people."
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But unions control what gets done and what gets done union-controlled. Hurricane Sandy ruined much...leaving for New Jersey's economy...the proverbial empty bowl.

Hence...this BLOG asked Governor Christie if one patch of the shore could be made government red-tape free...if such were done...that portion the most prosperous be.
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The native Indians never settled too long in what is known nowadays as tornado-alley...a name given to it by the earliest settlers and has been confirmed every year since such records were kept. The Indians never kept records since these were prone to getting sucked up and carried off by such tornadoes. Because these things struck mostly at night when the debris ball couldn't be was imperative the Indians stayed clear of that tornado-alley. Even the buffalo knew not to remain too long after dark in that area lest they be victims of a tornado.

However...because the federal government will rebuild your house...most people...who would otherwise not reside in that area...don't mind taking the chance. They ignore the native legends of 10 mile wide twisters with 1000 mile per hour winds.Preposterous they say. Indeed...they're protected any way. If our house is taken in such calamity...Uncle Sugar will build it back at the expense of taxpayers.

Such was the temper of Timmy Titler. His $1 million home was wiped out 10 times in 15 years by tornadoes. But...he didn't care. Taxpayer money ripped from other people that money was used to rebuild his mansion each time.

Sure...the taxpayers hated Timmy Titler and his mansion. One taxpayer had his child's college tuition taken by master-government so that it could be used to rebuild Timmy Titler's house one more time.

But...Titler didn't one wit did he care. He was entitled to have his home rebuilt even if it meant the future of others was kill't. does one accept the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...with its victim-making FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...when...a mere vote to dismantle would eliminate its grip and grab...its misery-making RIDE...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper?

How does one go about accepting this YOKE AND CHOKE vote can delete the red tape, tax and spend that has hampered America for almost a 100 years now? How does one do it?

Folks...a new era is upon America. We have the chance to delete big foot government...and...install...a very federal government...and...all those would-be masters now stationed therein will simply need to find a job. Fortunately for them...there are always countries around the world in need of both despots and those whose acumen that of advising such potentates. can accept the perpetuation of this 20th Century CAGE...a CAGE wherein such vermin as Doug Shulman and Lois Lerner are can join the army of liberation and march with your fellow Americans to Washington DC to "make salt". As one new member of the army said, "We're on our way to delete the CAGE and usher in EDEN."

Lois Lerner took the opportunity when she had the chance to tell U.S.Rep. Darrell Issa(R.Ca) that she was innocent. She had not breached any law. She had not violated Internal Revenue Service rules. She then proceeded to invoke her 5th amendment privilege against self-incrimination and departed that Congressional hearing room.

"If she were so pristine...why invoke a privilege only the guilty use to dodge justice?" asked John Boehner, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

"If she is so "goody-goody"...why put any barrier between her mind and the public?"oped Senator Chuck Schumber, (D.NY). a form of martial arts. It encompasses the use of everyday things as weapons. For example...a Bartitsu specialist can fire an ordinary wooden toothpick with such power and accuracy that a 15 inch plate of titanium steel can be pierced as if a hot knife through butter.

Some people claim it was a Bartitsu-practicing Ninja who killed Bobby Kennedy that evening and not Sirhan Sirhan. was recently confirmed that the Los Angeles Police Department intentionally botched the investigation to hide that successful Ninja attack.
TEAM OBAMA is looking for a replacement for the head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission(CFTC). It's likely their selection will be Amanda Renteria. She's a loyal Democrat and has sworn a blood-oath to Obama. If he said to slit her mother's throat...ole Amanda would sharpen knife and implement. As her best friend forever said, "Amanda is so loyal she'd kill for OBAMA!"
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SAC Capitol Advisors LP have been dogged by the U.S. Injustice Department. Recently they were inundated with subpoenas looking for something wrongful.

To increase the pressure on SAC...someone in that bucket of scum called the U.S. Injustice Department...leaked every sordid rumor and innuendo about SAC so that it might find its way onto such BLOGS as Politico and The Huffington Post. And indeed it has gone far to sully the reputation of SAC.

As one insider at POLITICO said, "We heard good righteous dirt...the kind of dirt one uses to bury...the kind of dirt one finds at ground zero...the kind of stuff you find beneath the toenail of a ghoul."

Yet...the same jackals at Politico would not print anything about the criminal misconduct afoot inside the Obama Administration. Sure...that story was as good as the one about SAC...but...SAC dealt with the private sector...a sector under assault by the advocates of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...hence...when choice offered...they chose to attack private industry and ignore the heinous activities of people in the U.S.Injustice Department and the Internal Revenue Service...two now-in-the-news appendages of the CAGE.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. We're fighting for what little liberty remains since from such small beach head a rebellion can take hold...a rebellion to overthrow the CAGE and usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM). The would-be masters understand this battlefield and control the MASS MEDIA. By command of such cannon...few can pass unscathed...and...those who are permitted to pass as "golden fruit"...they pay a heavy price of fealty.

While it might seem boring...if one compares the treatment of SAC and IRS...there will be a difference so observable as to be Titanic in nature. The would-be masters know they can be defeated should the MASS MEDIA become controlled by the freedom-fighters. Hence...every hurdle and hassle possible are being erected by TEAM OBAMA so that when marshal law is finally declared...America will be so will succumb easily to the stomp of the jack boot.
In the East China Sea there are uninhabitable islands. They are small specks of coral and can't support human habitation. And...yet...Japan and China have traded barbs over them. Each claims them as their own. The claims have become so political that many on both sides began to hate each other.

However...capitalism...alias free trade...has begun to alleviate such acrimony and both sides are beginning to trade once more. Indeed...the capitalists have found that by free and open trade...borders and islands are just geographical spots on Google Search and not worth the anger or fight.
When the FOOD DEPARTMENT of this BLOG heard that the executive branch of the European Union was about to regulate how olive oil is served at became a priority to stop this idiocy. Thankfully...due to the worldwide prominence of this BLOG...the restaurants of Europe can relax. The European Commission has relented. As one of these would-be masters said, "When we saw the power of that was relent or lose job. We chose job-security."
As U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said when asked about the fate and future of Lois Lerner...the beleaguered Internal Revenue Service employee who drew the short straw and thus had to admit her complicity in a scheme to attack tea party groups,"Because she is a NAZI and a goose-steeping one at that...she'll not reveal the evil afoot in the federal government."

Hence..LOIS LERNER for awhile will have the power to bring down TEAM OBAMA. Imagine LOIS LERNER revealing her dialogue with OBAMA and her activities as a result thereof. Imagine LOIS LERNER describing how the Democrats conspired to attack any opposition to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Imagine as sense the political-punch LOIS LERNER has for now.

Will she speak out? Will she publish the criminal misconduct of which she was so much a part? Many in the REGIME..alias TEAM OBAMA...are betting she won't. They know ole LOIS is a faithful follower and will fall on her own sword in NAZI-like fashion. She won't tell what she knows because to remain silent is to remain employable inside the CAGE
With respect to degrees of bravery...there is brave...very brave...extremely brave...and...then...of course...shoe-throwing brave. As most Americans know...BUSH was delivering a statement at a podium in Iraq when a quietly seated man...stood up...said Iraqi freedom words...and...threw his shoe at the dodge-and-duck head of BUSH. This shoe-tossing dude was the bravest person in Iraq at that moment!

Yesterday...Medea Benjamin...a feisty blond...interrupted Obama as he delivered a speech on a "new-way-to-war". She asked him about his drone strikes and the killing of innocent Muslims. She screamed and cried out until Secret Service agents grabbed her and pushed her from the crowded room. Yes....folks...CODE PINK was afoot and doing its job of excoriating the leadership about war-mongering.
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Is the Internal Revenue Service so powerful that its Commissioner could refuse to tell Obama, his putative boss, about a low-level Inspector General investigation into whether or not IRS was wrongfully discriminating in its treatment of taxpayers?

And...if that answer is "yes" as to who is the most powerful...then...isn't it about time we delete the IRS? Why have such nasty vermin afoot on the taxpayer's dime?

After this week's little Congressional show-and-dodge performed by Shulman and Lerner...2 IRS stooges and political's likely more Americans than ever sense there is a dramatic need to change things.

And...a big change would be to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE environment wherein such snotty-people such as Shulman and Lerner believe they can stomp the little guy...and...hassle opponents.

Referring to the aforementioned Congressional hearing...imagine having to face that chortling Shulman in an IRS audit. That snippy attitude...that "I'm better than you are aloofness"...such would be facing you in an audit setting. He'd be demonic...fear-causing...and...pretend he's the master of your future.

Or...imagine Lois Lerner in that supposed audit setting. Her 1000 mile stare...her thin-lips...her evil-looking eyes...all there...focused and horrific.

Imagine as much and you'll sense why more and more Americans are asking about the army of liberation whose crusade to dismantle this CAGE. Why must Americans be faced with such cruel people wanting to attack and demean? Why must we fund our government through deployment of such scumbags and vultures?
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Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House 118 times with one of those times an egg-roll with his daughter on the lawn at Easter. he testified before U.S.Rep.Issa's committee...never once...never once in all those visits did ole Doug slip-up and tell Obama that the IRS was engaged in nefarious misconduct. Never once did he report that Obama's opposition was getting a snoot-full of "slow and nasty".

Because Doug Shulman isn't a practicing-idiot...he must be following some master-script. Each player has been given a portion of the entire puzzle. For example...Lois Lerner...someone at ground-zero in the plot...has played her part well so far. She can be said to be doing her duty by clamming Doug did his: LIE AND LIE SOME MORE.

As New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner said, "It was a clever ruse. In the morning session...Lois Lerner professed her complete innocence and then abruptly departed the room refusing to listen to any questions posed from anyone on the panel. She took the 5th amendment...and...then...left refusing to interface with anyone on that Congressional panel of inquiry.

 It even caught Rep.Elijah Cummings* off-guard. WHile he was an avid freedom-hater...what Shulman and company were doing was criminal. So surprised was this well-known socialist...that he stammered as he told Shulman that such a denial of interface with OBAMA was too obvious a lie even for him to eat.

Sure Cummings was prepared to eat bovine excrement sandwiches to help Obama...but...what Shulman was offering was just too sickening even to taste much less chow down on...even for a dung-eating critter as ole Elijah.
*Elijah Cummings is a professed socialist. He told a gathering he'd slit his own mother's throat to advance the cause of socialism. He wanted to be a master and the voters his sheep. What a guy!(MATTHEW 6:24). Last count...Cummings has eaten 118 dung-packed sandwiches...a record in Washington DC.
Microsoft and its X-box are competing with rival products and services. It's latest offering seems to be as mysterious as Bill Gates. Let's hope this wonderful company can excel once more with its latest manifestation of 21st Century-style entertainment.

If the X-box were made by an Italian firm...some of the board members would be government officials. Hence...the difference in products coming from America and Italy. What comes from Italy needs to be examined for critter and creep...while what comes from America bought for its incredible value and quality.

Go Microsoft!
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Seed is needed if one is to grow corn. No corn. In times attempted to program the seed so that the corn was resistant to specific pests and plant diseases. Because corn was susceptible to almost every wee-beastie Mother Nature can conjure...the battle to keep ahead of that onslaught has become too big to handle.

Indeed...the biosphere found a way to consume what science had promised was resistant to such appetite. And...nowadays...old-fashioned pesticide is about the only way to deliver plentiful crops of corn.
Tom Zawistowski...complained about the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). He presented clear and convincing proof of criminal misconduct inside the IRS. According to this illegal-plot...TEAM OBAMA directed IRS to slow-walk applications for non-profit status...if...the applicant were determined to be a part of the overall mounting opposition to TEAM OBAMA.

When Tom showed such data and verification to Mitt 'the nit' September of 2012...Romney sniffed...but...refused to bite. demonstrated IRS was something in need of deletion...but..."the nit" wanted big foot government as much as TEAM OBAMA and hence refused to carry that banner.

Mention is made of this interface between Tom and "nit" since Tom thought Romney was more than he really was. Tom thought Mitt was a freedom-fighter...not some disguised NANNY STATE CAGE advocate. Of course...Tom was wrong to have concluded as much since "nit" was as dedicated to CAGE as Obama ever thought of being.

We marvel at how in IRAN...the several hundred candidates for the position of President are vetted and sorted for their selfless allegiance both to the so-called Islamic Revolution and to its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Such a selection process...we call less than democratic.

Yet...with the advent of the McCain-Feingold election law...the incumbents in America made sure they had few well-financed opponents. And those competitors...such as "nit"...who do make it through this gauntlet...while dressed one way...are really underneath drag queen opposites.While our way might seem different...the purpose is the same: STOP DISSENT...ELIMINATE OPPOSITION.'s time to dismantle this CAGE. Tom and his team have joined the army of liberation...whose crusade to delete and eliminate the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th century ushering in thereby EDEN. As Tom rhetorically opined, "Why must I kneel and worship the golden calf forged by the would-be master inside some metaphorical CAGE?"
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In a meeting of top mass media honchos...they unanimously agreed that the Obama-Mass Media had been insulating TEAM OBAMA from scrutiny because they were fellow travelers...bent on enslavement and erection of a Neo-feudal in grip...and...capable of stomping out any dissent. Hence...TEAM OBAMA was protected by snarling dogs and high walls...metaphorically speaking....and...these aloof potentates were admitting as much.

While a Republican would have been pilloried by now...Lois Lerner...a loyal Nazi-type...and...a devout Democrat...has received as much insulation as one could expect.

To hear MSNBC Rachel Maddow tell it...for instance...Lois Lerner is a patriot and was doing the right thing by making Obama's opponents wear an insignia of sorts.

Mention is made of the foregoing...since...somehow...the context for what Lois Lerner was doing seems to have been dropped. She took the 5th amendment and refused to answer questions today because she has bombs ready to drop if she's attacked. To speak is to lose her cards and permit some enterprising Democrat to grand-stand her for his erstwhile constituents at her expense.

Recall...because of the 2010 election was imperative that any opposition to what was left of TEAM OBAMA be slow-walked. Ole Lois Lerner was picked because of her goose-stepping loyalty to Obama to implement this Obama-generated directive.

Indeed..with zeal she led the attack on the non-profit organizations whose mission...if permitted to dethrone Obama and evict his vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and "other freedom-haters".

Because 2012 was going to be a close election for all seats held by TEAM OBAMA...Lois Lerner was directed to erect as many hurdles as possible...hassle as many tea party applicants as possible...and...generally refuse to assist these "conservative-group" applicants as much as possible.

If this kind of concerted assault on free speech were reported to have occurred in IRAN...for example...Americans would be using such evil as an example of tyranny run amok in ole Persia. Yet...when it's uncovered in's smoothed over by a complicit MASS MEDIA.

Some are asking Mr. Natural: "What's next?"
*They would never impinge or undermine such cohorts.
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Because most Americans hate the employees at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...Obama has directed DAFT PUNK HELMETS be worn by all employees inside and outside of the building. Recall that police officers are required to wear their hats when they are observed in public. And...taking a pointer from that part of government...Obama concluded DAFT PUNK HELMETS were in order and should be worn by all IRS employees.

As Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "The daft punk helmet will make them look like robots...detestable things...scurrying...crawling...drooling...and...hassling Americans. And...people need to see how frightening IRS can be when at their door stand such things sporting daft punk helmets and clubs."
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When Lois Lerner...a bedeviled IRS employee...took the 5th amendment...and...asserted her right to remain silent...the contours of a very nasty plot became obvious.

Recall that Lois Lerner drew the short straw and had to admit she knew about criminal misconduct at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). The manner of her revelation...the extent of her revelation...every aspect thereof...each snort and was pre-sorted and vetted. She was told what to say and when to say it should she be called to Congress to answer questions about Obama's involvement in criminal misconduct.

She was the leader of this misconduct and could name names and recite activities  thereby creating big drama and potential devastation for TEAM OBAMA. But...she took the 5th and refused to speak.

Yes...she denied criminal misconduct...but...then...took the 5th up...and...departed. How can she deny her misconduct...and...then...refuse to speak?
According to TEAM OBAMA...two rogue IRS agents were the sole cause of the stir over targeting political opponents. While this story is preposterous...the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is pushing this buy-line hard.

It's dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate the ability of two rogue agents to attack Americans with impunity. We need to delete the grip and grab of government and liberate America from the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA so much afoot nowadays.

Why must we have an Internal Revenue Service capable of such attacks? Why not eliminate the income tax and the estate tax and merely have a government funded by lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett-like donations.

Let us delete the IRS. The employees at IRS will be able to find jobs in the garbage or cleaning industries so their lives won't be disturbed. But...folks...we need to dismantle this CAGE and the IRS is a great place* to begin.
*In the movie, THIS ISLAND EARTH...the hero receives something and constructs what is called an INTER-ROSITOR. When he looks at this complicated instructions...the hero points to a spot and says...we'll begin here.
When Lois Lerner takes the 5th amendment against self-incrimination...U.S.Rep. Issa(R.Ca) can immunize her and compel her thereafter to reveal what she would otherwise refuse to tell. She knows the evil runs from the office of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) directly to the Oval Office and to speak about who did what and when would doom her as a career federal employee. As Lois said when asked about this issue, "If I tell what I know...I won't be able to get a job as a  dishwasher!"
Fox News reporter, James Rosen delivered a story on al Qaeda that was based on information he had received from this BLOG and others. Rosen is accused of using data derived from this BLOG and from others...information that came from top secret files kept in the locked drawer in the President's historical desk located the Oval Office. According to Obama...Rosen's activities were outrageous. How dare he expose the nefarious conduct of TEAM OBAMA!
Ah...yes...the vermin in the U.S.Injustice Department are going to investigate the vermin in the Internal Revenue Service. Imagine Hitler calling death camps outrageous and then sending Himmler to investigate if such camps existed. What a report that would have been.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Why must America be subjected to such evil? Both the U.S. Injustice Department and the Internal Revenue Service are packed with scumbags and freedom-haters. Indeed...just as death camp guards were chosen for their ghoulish are these government-employees chosen for their despicable bent.

LOIS IRS employee...has been called to Congress to admit her evil ways. She knows she can bring down TEAM OBAMA. She knows if she mentions Democrats by name...each one recited would be defeated in both the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.

For example...she and U.S. Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) collaborated on a plot to attack Florida farmers ripping away as much of their wealth as possible. She assisted U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) in her bid to destroy tea party activity in Palm Beach county.

If she were to tell America about these two prominent Democrats...these two hell-hounds would be defeated and labeled "anti-American" be spat upon and slapped by anyone wishing to feel better about life.

Why not eliminate this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE/ What is keeping Americans from demanding liberation over subjugation? The answer could be as simple as they would if they knew how evil government had become. However, they're kept asleep by a complicit MASS MEDIA whose future dependent on the power-mongers they serve.
In 2009...this BLOG went on record declaring it had information demonstrating the misuse of the Internal Revenue Service. Naturally...such declaration was called nonsense. 2013...revelation of such criminal misconduct was finally confirmed. Indeed...Lois Lerner and Douglas Shulman...two IRS stooges and miscreants...admitted the truth of what was said in 2009 by this BLOG!
TIM COOK...CEO of Apple,Inc...told Congress that he was not their slave. He and his team provided great product and service and he was not about to be someone's slave. Yes...he served the consuming public...but...such relationship was completely voluntary and never did he fear a buyer. What he feared was the power of government...particularly the power to tax since such was obviously the power to destroy.

Off-camera...TIM COOK praised this BLOG as one of the few that had it right. The less government, the better America would be. He agreed that EDEN could manifest but for the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Remove the grip and grab of the would-be master...and...America would flourish and prosper once more.
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Even though Obama supposedly learned as of May 10,2013 that his opponents were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...his underlings knew as far back as 2010 that IRS was operating as a surrogate for TEAM OBAMA frightening...and...stomping as it pleased with apparent impunity.

By April of 2013, however, the information about such nefarious misconduct had reached Kathryn Reummler...the lawyer for the White House...and...she chose...on her own isolate Obama so that he could not...and...would not...hear such information about the IRS. To assume such power over Obama seems to be contrary to the constitutional concept that the President is the chief executive officer of the government and must know what's afoot in order to perform the various tasks competently.

Some are asking about this lack of anger over the arrogance exhibited by Reummler. Many political scientists have already concluded his lack of outrage at her decision to prevent important data from reaching his "chief-executive-ears" indicates she's reading from a prepared script* similar in its purpose of deception as that revealed on 09-12-12...the day after Ambassador Stevens was assassinated in the Benghazi embassy compound.

But what was Obama trying to hide by making his pet monkey-Reummler-his firewall?

It's obvious he was trying to cover-up his complicity in the death of Ambassador Stevens and such obvious aspect the complete explanation for "why" Obama was "missing-in-action" while Ambassador that so-called safe-room...for 7.3 hours...screamed into the SKYPE...that he wanted those drones to fire their 30mm cannon...launch their hell-fire missiles and drop all the other stuff they carried in order to exterminate the assault team that was slowly making its way into that so-called safe-room...a room designed to withstand a 100 mega-ton Thermonuclear explosion.

So...having his puppets tell America that he was around...but...they can't say just where during those crucial 7.3 hours he was...that need to have such insulation is clear.

But..."why" insulate himself from this incredible attack by the IRS on his 2012 political opposition? The reason is because inside the IRS there is a core crew that are as evil as anybody can imagine. They are the kind of scumbags which were finally defeated in Nazi Germany. They're the same kind of jerks which produce genocide and gulags. And...they are inside the IRS and Obama wants them to continue onward since they're the butchers of big foot government...its merciless shock troops...and...the ones who'd slit their own mothers' throats if it would advance the cause of enslavement and tyranny.

*Recall that Ambassador Rice...still grieving over the death of her assassinated comrade in Benghazi...went on 5 talk shows and told America the Ambassador was killed along with 3 other Americans because of a riot caused by an anti-Muslim video.

Even though she knew Ambassador Stevens had been assassinated by Obama to keep him from revealing damaging data...she chose to perform as her MASTER directed. Her pretense should be studied by all career-politicians. Her statements were as good as anything Hollywood can manage for an Oscar-level performance.
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Ponce de Leon unsuccessfully searched for the fabled fountain of youth. He spent time and money on the venture but in the end lost enthusiasm for inscrutable map and tales of such wonders embedded therein.

Gaily bedight...a gallant sunshine and in shadow..journeyed long...singing a search of Eldorado. But he grew old...this knight so bold...and...o're his heart a shadow...fell as he spot of ground...that looked like Eldorado. And as his strength...failed him at length...he met a pilgrim shadow...shade said he...where can it be...this land called El dorado. O're the mountains of the moon...into the valley of the shadow...ride boldly ride...the shade replied...if you seek for El dorado.

However, nowadays, Eldorado is at hand. The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has finally been able to pin-point both the molecule that triggers "rapid aging" disease* in humans...and...the molecule in a tiny sponge which permits it to go from adult back to infant stage.'s the same molecule with small variants...each one mapped and reproducible! using a variation of this molecule...a person can regenerate heart tissue...liver tissue...pancreatic tissue and about any other organ of the human body and the same be done using that molecule "taken from" the patient's own DNA!
* In the movie, JACK...Robyn Williams plays the part of such a victim.
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TEAM OBAMA was getting stomped politically and would probably not have survived the 2014 election cycle. However...somehow...tornadoes were conjured by TEAM OBAMA using man-made global warming technology. While it might seem far-fetched...according to Al's an inconvenient truth that Uncle Sugar possesses such power to cause tornadoes anywhere they please such devastation to be wrought.
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Dennis Burke leaked vital insider information to the New York Times and to Fox News attempting thereby to put TEAM OBAMA in a better position when the assassination of U.S. border guard, Brian Terry was revealed. Naturally...such revelation was contrary to rule and law...but...when you're trying to defuse a political bomb...ignoring such protocols goes without saying.

So far...ole Burke has escaped any kind of recriminations. He was trying to save TEAM OBAMA and such effort was to be praised not punished. Sure...his revelation caused CIA-operatives in Yemen and Afghanistan to be what!

On the other hand...receiving opposite treatment are Yudong Zhi, King Yang and Ye Li. Recall these Chinese scientists working in America on government-funded research into new MRI technologies were caught telling their pals at Shenzhen Institute about their findings and conclusions.
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OBAMACARE allocated $54 million to pay for navigators...people whose mission to find people without health insurance...assist them in obtaining health insurance...and...reveal NAZI-fashion...who refuses to buy health insurance.

To give these navigators primal power over the population...Uncle Sugar will hand them social security numbers, tax information...and...any other data a navigator requires to threaten those refusing to kneel and lick absurd pomp with candied tongue.
Kathryn Reummler...White House counsel...directed everyone with access to Obama to refrain from informing him that his underlings at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) were engaged in criminal misconduct. She instructed everyone to smile* and change the topic should Obama ask, "What news from the north?"
*In the movie, Brave Heart...Long Shanks arrives and asks his son about the rebellion. He asks, "What news from the north?"
Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner, Douglas Shulman lied when he said IRS was not targeting political opponents. He said as much since he was the leader of such assaults and simply didn't wish to become the focus of a reactive witch hunt. He decided to lie about what IRS was doing during his time at the admit that kind of criminal misconduct would be to put the stain of impropriety on his head.
Muhammad Rasoul Mohseni...a leader in the Tajik area of Afghanistan and an anti-Taliban loudmouth...was in a crowd of people with French-certified body-guards when a dude rushed up...hugged Mohseni and detonated his 400 pounds of explosives hidden beneath his robes. BOOM.

Mohseni had been warned by this BLOG'S political science team that he was marked for termination with extreme prejudice. He was informed to stay away from crowds and when he did choose to leave his bunker he needed to travel in an Abrams M-1 tank and have 100,000 well-armed militia surrounding him.

Of course...Mohseni didn't believe it. He was told by American CIA operatives he wasn't marked for death and that this BLOG lacked such ability to forecast doom with such specificity.

We BLOG had delivered a good prediction and Mohseni would be alive today had he heeded such warning.
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Using Irish and American tax laws, Apple,Inc. escaped taxes on $74 billion...although last year Apple, Inc. delivered $6 billion in taxes to Uncle Sugar to feed the omnivorous maw of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Instead of calling for elimination of any law or rule which compels people to put their funds outside the reach of their would-be MASTER inside the CAGE...the Democrats...always ready to demand more whip and chain.

As U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) told a cub-reporter for this BLOG, "The Democrats want laws that give government the power to loot any storeroom wherever found. We want to grab that $74 billion and put Apple,Inc. at risk of bankruptcy one day. We don't care about freedom...we care about our power and our ability to stomp and chomp as we see fit."
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In 2012...federal red tape compliance costs exceeded $1.8 trillion. Another way of looking at such NANNY STATE CAGE idiocy is to note that such burden cost each American $14,768.00. Such YOKE AND CHOKE must be eliminated and the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market" ushered in. Why not delete this grip and grab environment and enjoy EDEN? (Wall Street Journal A-16;05-20-13).
At an American Bar Association(ABA) meeting...Lois Lerner was asked a question about IRS targeting TEAM OBAMA opponents...a question which has since been exposed as which...she gave a prepared answer. While the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA spun that answer as somehow not choreographed...that it was an off-the-cuff response to a question generated by an independent audience member...such was untrue. find something sinister afoot. Lois Lerner knew a report from the Inspector General's Office was about to be published and therein was graphic-mention of IRS assaults on liberty for political advantage. She knew she and Sarah Hall Ingram were up to their ears in that to-be-revealed criminal misconduct and she wanted to get out ahead of it. If there were to be a "down-side"...she wanted to be in control of the social-media spin.

However, Lerner and Ingram were too clever. If they were willing to spin the straw of falsehood into plenary gold now...what makes anyone believe that they were not engaged in the nefarious misconduct recited so poignantly in that Inspector General's report?

It's obvious these two gals are part of BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT and they believe they can lie, cheat and scheme and such is insulated from critical review. Their arrogance...their snotty typical of what one finds in any socialist-welfare state. The "ruling elite" look down on the unwashed masses and believe they can direct and control from cradle to grave with impunity.
In Portland, Oregon there is located a cold-war era SAC base sporting the name: BURBLESON AIR FORCE BASE. It's commander is Colonel Jack Ripper...his second in command: Captain Lionel Mandrake, British Royal Air Force whose experience with machine guns limited to that button in his Spitfire.

Just moments...ago...this BLOG received an inscrutable transmission from there. According to the report, Colonel Jack Ripper launched a full wing all-out thermo-nuclear assault. Naturally...few in Portland could figure out "why" Ripper would want to cause World War III?

The answer came from James Garvey...a dude from Wichita...whose house had been removed by mother nature. As James said...his house became part of  the debris ball in a force-6 tornado which cut a swath of devastation a 1000 feet wide and a 1000 miles long.

James Garvey told a reporter from this BLOG that Ripper was only doing what he'd have done had he had the men and guns. Garvey went on to explain his passion revolved around the intention on the part of Portland's city government to fluoridate the local water supply. Garvey's voice became sullen and grim as he told this reporter that they were even going to fluoridate children's ice cream. Children's ice cream!

"Americans must not kneel and worship such golden calf!" `cried Garvey...a man who'd taken his last $49,000 and donated to buy the SAC fuel needed to launch that finale. If Americans can't breathe's up to people such as we.
Dr. Strangelove concerned fluoridation and the likelihood such was little more than a commie-plot! Note...Vladimir Putin only drinks vodka. If he drinks's rain water...he catches and stores himself!
Kathryn Ruemmler...chief lawyer at the White April of 2013...was informed the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) had been illegally targeting TEAM OBAMA opposition...even going so far as to give out taxpayer data to those whose purpose to sully and taint therewith. impossible as it might sound...Obama told America that he learned about this "outrageous conduct" on May 10,2013. He said had he known or heard of such things...he'd have told those federal employees considering such misdeed not to attack as they did...and....definitely...would've told them it would be an outrage and he'd not be a part of such illegality.

Hence...the incongruity and dissonance between the tale told by Ruemmler and that revealed by Obama. Is America to believe an "alpha female" such as Kathryn did not tell Obama that his 2012 campaign gambit had been discovered and he'd best get a great cover-story and have Dan Pfeiffer memorize it? Is America expected to eat that bovine excrement sandwich? Hmmmm...Obama?
Damage control expert, Dan Pfeiffer went on every talk show that would have him to tell America that Obama knew about the Benghazi embassy attack and was kept advised of the screams and cries of Ambassador Stevens for assistance and protective air cover.

He admitted that above Benghazi hovered so many fully-armed drones that the attackers could have been slaughtered instantly. Ole Danny-boy also said he didn't know "why" Obama refused to deploy that firepower and save both Ambassador Stevens and those otherwise-doomed Americans whose misfortune to have been near a target* for termination with extreme prejudice.
*Recall that U.S.Attorney General Eric the Holder admitted off-camera that Obama had issued a "snuff-order" directing that Stevens be eliminated and such is 'why" Obama was "missing-in-action" during those crucial 7 hours...hours when there was time to save Stevens. As Holder said, "If Stevens had survived...he'd have been saying nasty things about Obama...something which Obama or Hillary Clinton couldn't afford."
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In Hong Kong harbor there sat a 54 foot yellow duck. Trying to eclipse such extravagance...this BLOG commissioned a 1000 foot plastic duck to float around New York Harbor.

Sure...the MASS MEDIA department of this BLOG lacks the 12,385 permits...and...the Coast Guard has warned the AQUANAUTS not to erect that duck...tow that duck...anchor that duck...or...get that duck any where near New York Harbor. Indeed...the U.S. Navy said it would dispatch a battleship and an aircraft carrier to intercept and destroy that duck...that potentially offending duck.
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Yes...Kansas and Oklahoma by this BLOG were warned that on May 18,2013 those two states would be ripped apart by tornadoes. Naturally...the man-made global warming mythologists instantly reacted declaring their computer models did not show such things to be predicted or predictable...particularly when the prediction was done in 2009!

Behind the scenes...they knew...though...that should this BLOG be correct...then...whatever computer model used to foresee such calamity better. They'd be out of business and their deception thoroughly exposed. To sully this defame and libel this world-class and highly awarded BLOG...they chose to claim...from the day after that prophecy was issued onward...all the way through May 17, 2013 that this BLOG lacked such gift of prophecy.