June 2013
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His name was Julius Jenkins Smythe...alias CUBBY...with gun and knife. He was in a gang and it was his turn to be bell and find rang. He spotted a dude from gang next door...shouldn't be where he was...and...for that little more...CUBBY pulled his cannon...9 clips later...the other dude was struck in the foot...and...grabbed his RPG from the truck...and...blew away the corner cafe and the newspaper nook.

CUBBY dashed to his car...in the trunk a 50 caliber machine gun stood...he racked a round...and...sent 10,000 through the hood. Each bullet could go through 100 miles of steel...and...these bullets slaughtered everyone...who hadn't crawled in field.

Soon the police were there and added their share. They fired at cars which never moved...they shot at people they didn't approve. They fired as CUBBY fired...they slaughtered as much as CUBBY did...but...they were wearing costumes designating them immune from killing anyone they chose...and...here stood CUBBY...quite exposed.

An Apache helicopter fired missiles and 30mm cannon rounds...just to soften up CUBBY'S position. Before they approached...all the firepower unleashed just to make sure as Panetta said about Benghazi they know it's "safe and sound".
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Hearken...Jeremiah exclaimed...the Babylonians will gobble you up...put Temple to flame.Ignored was Jeremiah...stepped over...brushed aside...how could anyone know such things...guesses...blade and wide. Yet...everyone knows the Book of Daniel and the travails of Esther and tribe...they would not listen...their blood in the sun glistened...until in the word of God they abide.
In Africa...there are many languages...but...most of them have a word to describe a drunken-monkey. Mention is made of this curious aspect of the Dark Continent since almost every where Obama goes...the crowd...they point at him...and...scream: UM-BOO-DOO! The cub-reporter shadowing the OBAMA $100 million African tour was told by Nelson Mandela himself that UM-BOO-DOO means: "drunken-monkey".
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Ah...yes...Egypt. Home of Pharaoh and grandest tomb. Yet not a place Obama comes preaching MARXIST doom. Sure...in Senegal he told them they must permit the homosexual to attack their goat and child...he told the Nigerians socialism was misery and privation...but...they didn't deserve but jungle wild.
He told starving South Africans that socialism was good...that liberty barren wood...and to that declaration...the 100 person crowd cheered.
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Ah...yes...a drum...a drum....this way...2014 comes. What if the RACE CARD is to be played in the 2014 election cycle? What better to way to get the ball rolling than to ostracize PAULA DEEN for making a comment about what a "niggar" eats? Then pound that story up and down...raising the question of RACE...and...fanning any hatred found.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM...it's fought in many forms and formats. Here in America...Eddie Snowden offered a glimpse into the evil afoot and did so at his own peril knowing...however...that back in America there would never be any jury that would convict him. In America...as Snowden knew...the jury is given the power to believe or disbelieve all or any part of any witness's story...no matter how credible...it can be rejected in whole or in part. If a jury were "V" for vendetta types and since these all wear masks you'd never know if or was for sure...the odds of a jury getting picked to convict Snowden are almost 100% NOT GUILTY since to vote otherwise would be to be that juror who voted to hide the death camps and convict the snitch. As for Snowden...his bravery might be unparalleled and only seen in similarity to the souls at Iwo Jima...or...in the Frozen Chozan.
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In the movie, 300...the narrator says:"They marched for freedom...for their families they marched." Perhaps you're so tied to the RIDE...your seat aboard somehow entangled you until you're stuck like chuck...and...you can't see any benefit of eliminating the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system....then...you won't march...but...sit in your seat in the bowls of the Obamastad...that metaphorical slave ship...waiting for your would-be master to choose your fate.

Yes...there is a march afoot. It's called the army of liberation and they're on their way to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"...to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate the RIDE...and...usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place this BLOG has dubbed the "otherwise unhampered market".

Join this march....even if you're tethered to that seat...join this march since before the army of liberation is carried THE ORB....and...therein is a provision which calls for the one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the RIDE...an injury which has left you a whining worm...incapable of anything self-determined. march for your own self-worth...for you heirs to breathe free instead of the stench wafting in the horrific bowls of the Obamastad!
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Whom do people say I am? Some say you're John the Baptist...others believe you're a great prophet. It was at that moment that Peter declared, "You're the son of God."

Folks...each of us can be purity,peace and joy. It's the spirit inside each of us which can become this mirror of love.

Mention is made of this enlightenment since Americans are approaching the day when their liberty will be little more than a footnote in some socialist rewritten history book. They'll be treated as if cattle and sheep...directed from cradle to grave by some would-be master. And...while inside the bowls of the OBAMASTAD...a mythical slave ship this BLOG conjured years ago to describe this MARXIST ON MISSION'S purpose...a cry of liberation over subjugation will be too late.
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Egypt is a socialist state...with every part of commerce choked and strangled by government...with some picked to win...others left to die. Such was what Moses heard...as Pharaoh him defied.

If Egypt were to throw off the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...it would prosper as never before...liberation over subjugation sparks it.
In baseball...to practice batting...the batter stands at the plate and a pitching machine throws baseballs at whatever speed the batter selects. Eventually...with practice...most batters using this particular method of increasing the skill package...become so adept...they can hit almost any thrown ball, except?

Nowadays...in Syria...most Muslims have given up sports...including baseball in favor of shooting at each
other. A weapon of choice the RPG. It's a tube with a rocket on the tip. You aim...pull trigger...a spark ignites the rocket...and...down-range the explosives are sent...and...when target struck...utterly destroy anything not protected by a 100 inches of pure titanium steel. it's quite a weapon and a child of 8 years could operate it!

Because Syrians are not very bright...this BLOG has offered to give the Syrians a nick-name for their RPG brigades. Instead of calling them RPG...it's suggested the Syrians call them SYRIAN PITCHING MACHINES...batter up!
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Folks...because of the freedom of the INTERNET...superbly offered by GOOGLE...for instance...the idiocy of socialized medicine manifests mightily.

If it weren't for GOOGLE...as Harvard experts will attest...most Americans would never know that in India...would-be masters are about to kill about 50 million people...perhaps...200 million depending on"when" the great people of India finally ask themselves why are we directed and controlled to such an extent these scumbags can pick who lives and who dies.

In India...a well-built socialist NANNY STATE CAGE, indeed...they have bottle-necks and points to squeeze...strategically located so that if a disaster is needed to promote more grip and grab...it can be done with aplomb...from behind nasty stabs. However, these would-be masters aren't bright and don't know that should they immunize the wee-beastie it can destroy mankind and any other creature with lungs. These jerks...these power-monger rooms...they're playing with devastation...hand-maiden of doom.

Recall that there are several strains of drug-resistant tuberculosis(DRTB). The CIA and the KGB both sprinkled people of India with various strains of TB looking for the one that would deliver wholesale slaughter...killing so many as to create sheer terror...and...with such atmosphere rule and rule forever...since the one with cure shall endure...the others soon know about never.

In India...as...now...in America...government sits at every spot where drugs and medical care can be got. India's Ministry of Health...recently...for example...failed to process to-be shipped TB drugs thereby causing an instant crisis. You see...DRTB victims must be treated for 6 months with the last of the defenses to "certain death",i.e.,given a regular dose of the miracle drug: kanamycin. Fail in that regimen and the DRTB comes back but in a way now resistant to even kanamycin. The result: the patient must quarantined be...and...kept as comfortable as a hospital bed embedded in a 100 degrees...can be...it's a socialist country...so "no-A/C".

As everyone now knows because of GOOGLE and this BLOG...there are 50 million DRTB sufferers in India at the very mercy of some knaves in New Delhi. You see...some government dude or dudess...decided it was not important to permit shipment of kanamycin into India. Hence...100 million vials of donated kanamycin sit in London awaiting transfer to DRTB sufferers of India. As one DRTB victim said, "We're at the mercy of some faceless scumbag whose need for power...my epitaph."

In a few years...unless the army of liberation is successful in marching to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"...OBAMACARE will have choke-points as deadly as those in India. You see...government papers and people were put between life and death...such will be OBAMACARE...from cradle to final breath.
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Dakar, Senegal was a pit-stop for Obama. He told a crowd of 56 million Senegalese he wanted them to permit homosexuality...something forbidden by Islam and their venerable laws dating back to the times when the people fought fang and claw...and...surviving the night always a miracle.

Sure...they listened and applauded at each punch line...but...beneath their breath they cursed this MARXIST ON MISSION...a dude who'd slice his own mother's throat if it advanced cause or purpose. Why is this south side of Chicago community organizer there any way...many asked each other as they listened to Obama tell them they needed to accept the homosexual...permit the homosexual to attack children...pervert goats...and...drive camels to Hillary Clinton's bed.
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The 70-foot schooner, Nina with a crew of 7 left Opau for a 3 hour tour and disappeared. After listening to this tale of doom...a song seemed to coalesce and hum: Sit right down and hear a tale...a tale of a fateful trip...that started from a tropic port...aboard a tiny-ship. The 1st mate was a sailing man...the captain brave and sure...5 passengers set sail that day...for a 3-hour tour. The weather started getting rough...the tiny ship was tossed...if not for the bravery of the fearless crew...the Nina would be lost.
Ayn Rand years ago wrote an essay on the "green" movement and described it as the anti-industrial revolution. She warned that these tribal socialists were determined to put people in tents and tending camp fires...the men hunting for elk and the women grubbing root and skinning the day's fare. To them a smoke stack anathema...the misery and privation of pre-industrial society something wondrous and enlightening.

Now... scumbag Obama is trying to achieve that level* of Nirvana. He wants people to be unable to afford their utility bills forcing them to sweat in 100 degree heat in August as they try to sleep. To him such misery would validate his existence as a real scumbag jerk...a label and legacy future historians will frame as despicable and demented.
*Fellow scumbag Mike Greenstone helped write the new "social cost of carbon" rules. He guessed the amount of money a metric ton of carbon emission costs America. Yes...that calculation is simple guess dressed as actuality but...when you're paid to LIE...and...those receiving the tripe are willing to accept any nonsense so long as it destroys industry and grants more power to the would-be master of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...then...you can guess anything and it will be called "important scientific findings".(Wall Street Journal 06-28-13;A-12).
Gandhi once said, "I am steadfast in my commitment to this cause, but this isn't a cause for which I am prepared to kill." Gandhi spoke such wisdom when he was telling the downtrodden that civil disobedience is a form of opposition that doesn't attack or inflict but only receives the beating and boot of the would-be master. Eventually, the would-be master tires from the effort and liberate the subjugated from bondage.

Of course...Gandhi was in the 20th century...and...didn't know the brutality of Pharaoh or the extreme cruelty of Nebakanezer. His frame of reference was 20th Century...and...his only examples of menace and pure evil were Hitler and Stalin. Hence...he could preach civil disobedience and not fear execution. Sure...he was imprisoned many times...but..he fought* on.
*Mandela in South Africa was attacked...beaten...imprisoned...tortured...stomped...poisoned...and...beaten some more. Yet...every time he could speak he cried "freedom"....and...continued to cry out for liberation over subjugation as futile and fruitless as such might have seemed to everyone on planet Earth...except nelson Mandela!
OBAMA was asked if he'd shoot down the jet which carried Snowden to Ecuador even if that jet were loaded with other passengers. Naturally...OBAMA refused to take that idiotic option off the table. He said he would not want to kill those other 300 people...but...to preserve the NANNY STATE CAGE...he'd certainly consider it. As a MARXIST ON MISSION...Obama would slit his own mother's throat to advance cause. He's that much of a scumbag jerk.
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In Brazil...the almost moribund Legislature is reacting to the protests and rioting. "The rapid-fire voting in the Brazilian Congress underscores how deeply the national protest movement is resonating among politicians sensing that the political landscape is shifting quickly."(Wall Street Journal 06-27-13;A-14)

In America...the army of liberation carries before it THE ORB...its purpose to chase away the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism and usher in the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM). Similar to what is afoot in Brazil...so it will be just as poignant in America when politicians observe THE ORB and the army which carries it.
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If you were unfortunate enough to be born in Italy...the odds are quite good you'll not find a job. Italy is socialist and smothered in unionism and the idiocy socialism generates. Why hire someone when to hire is to get another anchor. If the young adult does not pan out...does not work out...does not fit...or...any other way to say such things...the employer is not able to "fire" that employee and is stuck with that anchor. Few employers wish to risk such anchors.

In America...OBAMACARE combined with the minimum wage...will work the same mischief and generate as large a pool of unemployed youth as is found in Italy.
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In India...people suffer from outages and rolling blackouts due to a lack of energy to power the utility companies. COAL is the used in India since it's the most economical if natural gas can't be obtained. In America...OBAMA is trying to cause the same kind of suffering so he can be known as the "green energy dude". When the rolling blackouts and outages begin in America...he'll be the first to say he's not to blame when in fact he the author of that misery! What a scumbag!
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Former National Security Agency(NSA) employee...Edward Snowden is in the "transit area" of an airport in Russia. He is headed for Ecuador where he has been granted political asylum. Yes...the CIA will dispatch a "snuff squad" to terminate with extreme prejudice...but...until then...Snowden will be revealing the secrets of the NSA to anyone willing to listen. His importance is underscored since he has "access keys" which can be given to anyone and with which someone can monitor every government computer  and data base in America!

Because Eddie Snowden...pizza delivery guy...is a bold-patriot...this BLOG has funded his escape. This BLOG sent to Russia by special courier the sum of $10 million U.S. currency. With this money...Eddie can buy friends and status in Ecuador. Good luck Eddie...the pizza was great!

Sure...Obama-goons have attacked this BLOG by trying to force GOOGLE to stop carrying it. GOOGLE replied that this BLOG was the only BLOG offering insight into the evils of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...GOOGLE wasn't about to close it down! Thank you, GOOGLE for your support and incredible global platform and venue!
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In the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...there is always enough housing for everyone...at all levels of income...and...hence offers the best possible way to enjoy life. However...we don't have an OUM. We have Obama-nomics*...an approach where your life is determined by some bureaucrat...some scumbag government nanny-types whose passion to compel your candied tongue upon their boot.
* Between 2007-2011, the number of extremely low-income renters, or those earning less than 30% of the median income in their communities, rose by 2.5 million to 12.1 million. During the same period, the number of rental units affordable to these renters feel from 6.8 million from 6.9 million. The number of households that are severely burdened- or spend more that 50% of their income on housing-reached a record level of 20.6 million in 2011.

Netroots Nation held its annual fun-fest and U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi...a rabid freedom-hater and hence a great Netroots Nation member...was hissed and booed when she said...in her heralded speech to that 100 million person audience...that...Eddie Snowden was a criminal and not a brave-patriot. How dare this witch say such things when Snowden was trying to expose the knavery and evil afoot inside TEAM OBAMA!
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Yes...socialism and Eco-fascism are slowly draining America of its dynamic vitality leaving only a sclerotic 1.8% growth in the gross national product. Sure...esteemed Keynesian-economists projected a 3.9% growth rate if government spent and taxed wildly. But...their forecasts were wrong because socialism and Eco-fascism create misery and privation...and...never generate prosperity!
Actress Stacey Dash...said in public she liked Paula Deed. Instantly...Dash was called every vile name and opprobrious epithet possible. So much for free speech, eh Stacey?
Paul Deen was attacked for her public-statements wherein she called Afro-Americans "niggars"...a label only  Afro-Americans are entitled to use to describe each other.
Erdogan? Sounds like the name of a dragon in some movie, does it not? Yet...it's the name of the leader of Turkey. As most people recall...Erdogan came to power fighting against oppression. But in his 3rd term...he has begun to oppress as much as his predecessors. In many ways...Erdogan is trying to impose an Islamist ethic...one that requires people to remove shoes and not drink beer in the mosques....one that requires homosexuals to remain in their closets...one that requires Turks to lick his boot when he enters the room...and...one that requires Turks to worship and act as Erdogan directs or be punished mercilessly.
Some jackass named Castillo has grabbed several million bucks for a disability claim which amounted to little more than an injured ankle. Yes...in high school...Castillo hurt his ankle and every since he has wanted disability payments for it. When U.S.Rep. Duckworth discovered this nonsense...she excoriated Castillo for "gaming" the system. However, Duckworth did not call for elimination of the system which would permit such "gaming".
Texas state senator, Wendy Davis led a spirited opposition to any restriction on abortion. Her passionate defense of a lady's right to choose between abortion and "full term" are well-received by this BLOG. Yes...Wendy Davis is a rabid socialist and would kill to impose big-foot government...but...she also knows her political future is based on her righteous defense of this right to choose. What a gal!
Folks...socialist and freedom-hater, Ed Markey prevailed in the U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts. The Democrats went all out to defeat the wishy-washy Republican candidate...an easy feat, indeed. When the Republican opponent...in the debate with slime-slug Markey...was asked about his allegiance to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE template...he said he would perpetuate the "grip and grab" of government...and...assist in making Americans more enslaved...more...cattle-like. Never did he challenge the horror and misery of the CAGE...a challenge that would have given him the "edge"...and...delivered victory!

But...this Republican politician listened to the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA and remained "me-too"...remained "wishy-washy"...stayed inside the CAGE every time he was asked what he would do as Senator. Had he replied with "dismantle the CAGE...eliminate the victim-making" RIDE...he would have been elected by a wide margin. Even in tax-a-chusetts...most voters know when it isn't rain running down their back.
Internal Revenue Service(IRS) employees were caught using IRS credit cards to watch cross-dressing pornography. When caught...these bra-and-pantie wearing dudes claimed they were only following orders given to them by their master: Voyeur-Obama. Recall that Obama has been watching people in their bedrooms having sex using National Security Agency computer-spying devices. Had it not been for whistle-blower Snowden...Americans wouldn't know how evil and demented scumbag-Obama really is.
Like not fair terms drafted by villianous mind.
Once the 40,000 border agents are deployed...it's likely they'll be slaughtered by the thousands as the nano-drone armada sweeps over the Mexican border slaying any human encountered. If you don't have a "safety key"...you're bound to be attacked and killed. The drones are armed with a deadly poison which is delivered by a stinger...so powerful it can penetrate 15 inches of hardened bunker-steel.

Yes...there is a nano-drone armada...constructed by enemies of TEAM OBAMA...and...ready to be deployed to destroy the defenders of the CAGE. The purpose of this 100 million drone armada is to take over large areas of America...insuring not anyone goes outside of their house or building without experiencing extreme terror and wild trepidation.

Once TEAM OBAMA has been defeated...then...the directors of this incredible armada will offer Americans a new way...a fresh approach...one that envisions an unhampered market...free of the "red tape, tax and spend" of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Sure...those Americans who want this CAGE to continue...they'll be dispatched by a nano-drone, more likely than not. But there will be enough Americans left to enjoy this newest thing...this EDEN.
Because bitcoin was taking such heat from government scumbags...its promoter, MIT. GOX, has closed shop. Hence...the need manifested for another computer-generated currency...and...the "witboin" was born, its generator: Mt. MOOC*.

This approach has completely flummoxed the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They want to close down any way for people to be free from their grip and grab. As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "We want to enslave. To achieve this dominion over Americans...these computer-generated currencies must be stopped lest they undermine our power grab."
*Massive online observation course?
The Defense of Marriage law was just struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. If the states wish to impose such a thing...then...so be it. But the federal government lacks the power to dictate what is and what is not a valid marriage. Hence...gay couples with recent marriages can breathe easier now that SCOTUS has spoken. Congratulations to Evan Wolfson for assisting this BLOG is removing the D.O.M. from the federal books!
At Louis Vuitton...the new second in command is our own Delphine "deli" Arnault! Recall that Deli joined the army of liberation to fight against the grip and grab of big-foot government. She became an outspoken critic of socialism and Eco-fascism calling for everyone to rise up and assist her in dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Now...she's leading one of the most prestigious clothing manufacturers and has called upon all other fashion-moguls to join in this righteous march to "make salt".
Dilma Rousseff...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...was elevated to the post of President of Brazil. She promised "freebie and favor" to every voter...yet...has so far failed to loot enough storerooms to accomplish this feat. Indeed...she found the public transport system...for instance...so top-heavy...so riddled with corruption and fraud...it probably needed to be reformed beginning with the "fare-increase" for buses and trains.

Immediately, the unwashed masses of Brazil...who depend on "freebie and favor"...rioted and protested...burning tires and buildings in displays of civil disobedience and outright hooliganism. This reaction surprised Dilma since she...in times past...was doing such things when government attempted to oppress by requiring the population to pay for public services. Now...she was in power and doing what she had once called reprehensible.
*In the movie, Viva Zapata...there is a scene where Zapata found himself doing exactly what he had called wrong when he was a freedom-fighter.
Patriot football player, Aaron Hernandez was just arrested on a charge of murder. The police were angry that he smashed is video-camera surveillance system and his cellphone. They believe such activity demonstrates an attempt to cover-up criminal conduct. Already...there is a rush to judgment on the part of the police trying thereby to get their 15 minutes of fame.
When this BLOG was looking for a poster-child for its article on idiocy...the name "Daniel Shrag" came forth . After examining this scumbag's so-called credentials...it was decided he was the best face to frame. Recall that slime-slug Shrag has been receiving money for promulgating and perpetuating the myth of man-made global warming. He's the one who proclaimed that man could with spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry and he would do all he could to give it the ole Harvard try.
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Once TEAM OBAMA had departed "toilet-bowl" Afghanistan...in that vacuum will appear slime slug Taliban...medievalists...and...power-mongers willing to slaughter to retain power. While many philanthropists wish to continue aid to the Afghan people to alleviate their misery and suffering...they're becoming more reluctant to stick their necks out. They heard about the slaughter of mountain climbers by Taliban last week and know that if Taliban will slay unarmed mountain climbers...they're sure to kill "aid-workers".
U.S.Senator Joe Manchin...a socialist, freedom-hater and typical Democrat...discovered that if he didn't oppose Obama and try to prevent this announced-yesterday attack on coal...that his days in the U.S. Senate were numbered and he had best be looking for a job cleaning toilets...the only other thing this scumbag could probably do.

Yes...scumbag-Joe...as he's called in West Virginia...had to speak out against this latest power-grab by big-foot government...a government ole Joe supports every way possible. But...this time...to support this "grip and grab"...he would suffer a political defeat! And...because Joe doesn't want to be a "toilet-cleaner"...he had to come out against TEAM OBAMA and its attempt to destroy what little is left of private industry's independence!
Around Asia and other areas where there are emerging markets...those state-owned companies involved in such emergence are becoming anchors preventing further progress.

In China...for example...state-owned companies are dinosaurs...pathetic instances of how government-directives can become onerous and out-of-step with reality. There are huge steel and aluminum processing plants...shuttered and closed...since the marketplace simply did not need such abundance of processing facilities.

Yes...government-planners thought such were good ideas...but...as most Americans...now...know...even if built...they may not come.
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Folks...in years to come...people will use the phrase "greenhouse gases" to describe drivel and tripe...nonsense in verbal format. Yes...there were...and...unfortunately...still are...some scientists well-paid to cry out about pending doom should mankind not delete "coal and car"...but...most Americans scoffed at Obama's assertion that New York City would be drowned from a rising ocean should such amenities be permitted to continue.

Before you conclude "doom is near"...and..."coal and car" must disappear...why not examine the issue? You'll discover Obama is saying that with spoon and bucket he can dip the ocean dry. If you believe as much...then...with him against "coal and car" loudly cry.
It took years for Jeff Hansen to build his trucking business until he had many trucks and 85 employees. However, Jeff Hansen was informed OBAMACARE would put him and many others like him out of business. According to Jeff Hansen...he has been attacked by BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT and he's angry.

Unfortunately for Jeff Hansen...his Congressional delegation is packed with socialists and other freedom-haters. They rejoice when they're told their LAWS and RULES are destroying small businesses. To them...these are people who refuse to kneel and lick their boot and deserve such destruction.

Because Jeff Hansen is a freedom-lover...he's joined the army of liberation and has funded his own FIRST BRIGADE. His team along with millions of others are marching on WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". Why not join them and help eliminate this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?
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A Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) agent was executed in Columbia. As one Columbian said...speaking on condition of anonymity, "This scumbag deserved death and he received it. Congratulations to those who were brave enough to spot this jerk and shot him. Maybe...Columbia is beginning to shake of this Neo-Nazi intrusion into their national affairs."
While Obama will be in air-condition comfort...you will probably be sweating at night in August. Obama wants to make the cost of energy so high that only the "ruling elite" will be able to afford air-conditioning. The unwashed masses will have to sweat at night and find sleeping in such heat miserable. But...when you're trying to enslave a nation...the best way is to force people to kneel and worship your golden calf.  Are you on your knees yet?
Folks...mankind can't change climate. Mother Nature changes that from time to time as the historical record reveals. But...when you're trying to enslave people...the LIE is better than TRUTH. Ask Hitler!
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According to Obama...mankind can affect climate change. He likened the power to that of a man with spoon and bucket dipping the ocean dry. It might seem impossible...but...Obama was there to say it wasn't. If Americans don't stop burning coal and driving cars...New York City will disappear and become the newest Atlantis. And...since...he's so credible nowadays...it's likely he's right.
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Why can Snowden go with impunity from place to place and not be attacked by goons dispatched by scumbag-Obama? Answer: He has the pass key! If you assist...he grants you a copy of this miraculous key that permits you to eavesdrop on anyone anywhere any time! To attack Snowden is to have him publish everything...every bit of dirt and any activity you did or wrong committed...he has them all and available for YouTube.

Eddie Snowden...pizza delivery guy...and...erstwhile Obama loyalist...can travel to Paris or London and not even there would Obama-goons be able to grab and remove him. He's protected by everyone whose mission that of "V" for Vendetta. How about you? The mask, cape and hat are at your door right now.
Ah...yes...Putin saw the movie, THE TERMINAL with Tom Hanks. In that movie, Hanks gets stuck in a terminal since he lacks the proper papers to exit the area and go about his business. Recently, Putin told Obama that Snowden had not committed any crimes in Russia...that Snowden was in an airport terminal...and...as such...he was free to go about his business. Naturally...Obama...the tyrant...ranted and screamed about such power!
Big trouble in China if China does not remove the bottle-necks which constrict and hinder its producers. The more liberty such producers have...the more prosperity is enjoyed by everyone. To the extent the government interferes with the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the more trouble its population suffers. The less socialism and Eco-fascism China emits...the better off China will be. Most Chinese understand this obvious aspect of the OUM...but...can't seem to get the "ruling elite" to agree.
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Some years from now...Obama will be spit upon by people as he walks by. They'll call him nasty names and point to him as the lowest scumbag on Earth and tell their children that if they ever see this jerk...to spit on him.

Why the anger? What will make people hate this slime slug so much? The answer while prophetic is simple. Because they'll know he is the one who destroyed the energy grid of America. They'll know that he led his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists in a crusade to ruin the energy grid of America and putting government in key bottle-neck positions so that it can direct and control. They'll know that it was such activities that makes them...now...sweat at night because their electricity costs are so high they can't afford air conditioning. Yes...Obama will always sleep in air-conditioned comfort...but...his energy policies and programs will lead to this horrific result for the unwashed masses.
Bread and wine were the fare at the Last Supper where Jesus announced his doom. For Trayyvon Martin...the victim of George Zimmerman's ire...his "last supper" were Skittles and a can of tea...he'd just a few minutes before bought at the local 7-11...a 7-11 just down the street from where Martin would be slain by a bullet fired from a gun owned and operated by ole George Zimmerman.
CAGE STUFF? Internal Revenue Service(IRS) employee, LOIS LERNER attacks Americans...gets caught...and...pleads the 5th amendment refusing to answer Congressional inquiries. She isn't fired...but...praised by advocates of the CAGE for her bravery to stand up to those who oppose the would-be MASTER.

On the other hand...Eddie Snowden...former National Security Agency(NSA) employee...is indicted for his theft of NSA information which he published in Russia and China...revealing thereby and therein the evil afoot inside America at the hands of TEAM OBAMA. Snowden told America that TEAM OBAMA was trying to enslave them and would achieve that purpose if not stopped quickly.

 Snowden was trying to liberate America from the clutches of would-be masters. He left a $200,000 job in Hawaii and a "great" job in order to speak out about evil. In distinct contrast...Lois Lerner is a part of this CAGE template. She has the same mindset that most NAZI DEATH CAMP guards had. If told to kill her mother to advance cause...Lois would slice away.

Yet...Snowden has been indicted while Lerner has been applauded. So hated...for example...is Snowden...that Obama directed the Russians to stop Eddie Snowden and hold him. However, PUTIN...scoffed at such directive and sneered when OBAMA said he'll attack PUTIN somewhere...somehow...if...PUTIN did not kneel and deliver Snowden unto OBAMA.

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The Shiites in Iraq were holding a festival for the HIDDEN IMAM...a mythical rag-headed dude...when Sunni bombers detonated the explosives they had planted around the fair grounds. As each bomb blew up...it killed Shiites...women...children...and...horrified men.

It's likely the Shiites will return the favor when some Sunni festival is in full swing. These two sects have been slaughtering each other for centuries and the vendettas are almost too great ever to overcome and  for peace between them to manifest.
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The barefoot lad asked his mother, "Where are they going?" The mother...standing with her child on the breeze-lacking porch, looked at the 100 million army of liberation and said, "They march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt".

As with that mother and child...so it was across America...as from every town...every village...every hamlet...every city...from literally everywhere possible came this freedom-loving bunch...carrying before them THE ORB...preaching the way to EDEN is through liberty not whip and chain....and...inviting everyone to join in dismantling this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE in which politicians can dispatch Internal Revenue Service hell-hounds to intimidate and torment....can send out threats of prosecution should would-be critics speak out....and...can ignore the 7.2 hours of screams for help from an embassy compound in Benghazi on 09-11-12.

Why not join the march? Why not support this passionate effort to delete and eliminate anything which perpetuates or creates this CAGE or its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system? Why not support deployment of THE ORB* and let us thereby chase away the misery and darkness of  socialism and Eco-fascism?

Remember that in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...there can't ever be found an able-bodied pauper. It is only in the socialist miasma can such paupers be found in ready abundance. Unlike the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...in the 21st century OUM...the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some income tax or an inheritance tax. Indeed...unlike the CAGE environment...in the OUM...the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.
* The omnibus repeal bill(THE ORB) cites all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and its RIDE. By deployment of THE ORB...the OUM manifests instantly and EDEN is manifold therein.
How does a government as powerful as Obama's Regime find itself quite unable to track down and capture someone such as Eddie Snowden...pizza delivery guy?

Putin is clever. He knows the USA does not have an extradition treaty with Russia. If Putin does not wish to surrender Eddie Snowden...then...America is without any way to grab him.
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America is about to become a police state where the populace is controlled and directed from cradle to grave. What is ironic about this potential danger is that it's pushed by the heretofore freedom-loving Republicans. How these idiots ever were manipulated to support such entrenchment of what little liberty remains can be traced to the power of the freedom-hating MASS MEDIA.

Indeed...those Republicans demanding more enslavement...more whip and chain...are receiving favorable MASS MEDIA reviews while those demanding less not more grip and grab are called "neanderthal and narrow-minded".

Fortunately...this BLOG has become one of the most outspoken leaders of the crusade to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. It has become the voice of those whose passion for liberty has heretofore been without an effective venue or stage from which to present and push liberation over subjugation.
Edward Snowden...former National Security Agency(NSA) employee...escaped Hong Kong before TEAM OBAMA could capture him. He plans on making Ecuador his home for awhile...at least...until he can make arrangements to disappear into South America sporting a name such as Pedro Gonzalez or Murray Rodriguez...two names which are so common that anyone chasing Snowden will be perplexed and stymied by 100 million South Americans using those two names.

What is scary is that TEAM OBAMA is using Snowden to whip other would-be informants and whistle-blowers into line. By chasing him so hard...TEAM OBAMA hopes to instill enough fear in other would-be patriots discouraging them from revealing the evil afoot inside TEAM OBAMA. Recall that Hitler's NAZIS used the same kind of intimidation to hide their DEATH CAMPS...and...such remained hidden until the Allies happened upon them as they retook territory from the Hun.horde.
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This BLOG will be ready to assist the army of liberation when it begins its march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". Yes...along that road there will be detractors...naysayers...pitfall makers...MASS MEDIA assault with cannon and bomb...and...snide retorts from everyone else whose interests better served by loyalty to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

Yet...as it was 2000 years ago...so it is now. There is room for a fresh message...there is space and time for good news. Folks...as a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to everyone...to all riders...to all cronies...and...to all the other whining worms aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...I...reach out...standing metaphorically in this electronic pool of God...inviting you to consider rebirth...renewal...and...refreshment of soul.

Why must you listen to people banter about your future when your future should be your own and not the product of some would-be master's design or plan? Why should the 21st century be more of a miasma of socialist "red tape, tax and spend" when Americans could rise up...and...vote to alter course...choose liberation over subjugation...and...together...as Americans...freedom-lovers every man-jack one of them...dismantle this 20th Century CAGE? Hmmm? Why not?

Yes...the heights are controlled by the "ruling elite" backed mightily by the cannon and bomb of the MASS MEDIA. Any enemy of the CAGE is instantly spotted...identified...and...attacked. Indeed...when Lois Lerner dispatched her Internal Revenue Service hell-hounds to menace Obama's opposition...she was not going rogue...but...goose-stepping to the direction of her would-be master.

Mention is made of this wonderful lady whose bent for power became overwhelming. By calling her a good employee...her supervisors pushed her onward and she burned wildfire like and fearful she was. She was praised for her tenacity...and...sent to apply her skill against her master's opposition. And...apply she did with vigor and passion not ever observed in government!

Hence...such people await the army of liberation as we pass on through town after town preaching liberation over subjugation...and...inviting everyone to consider THE ORB...and...march to DC to "make salt".
Cooking show hostess, Paula Deen has lost some stature when she was caught saying "niggar" in public where she could be video-taped. Naturally...she's apologized. But...the TV management elected to avoid contact with this newest pariah.

Had she been an Afro-American...the MASS MEDIA would have called her clever and enlightened. But...she was "whitey"...and..."whitey" can't say that word in public. To say it is to lose your job. Ask Paula Deen, if you doubt as much.
Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki...resident of Abu Dhabi...and...a KICKSTARTER-angel...has financed many small movies hoping he will get in on the next STAR WARS phenomenon. As Saeed told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "When George Lucas went from spot to spot asking for someone to examine his story-boards...he was met by stern...disinterested...snoots. Had he known me...and...I known him...however..."I'd have been in on STAR WARS from jump street!"

And...as blessings go...this BLOG has been given a $9 billion gift from Saeed to finance the ARMY OF LIBERATION. If you're interested in joining our march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"...then...contact us and we'll dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE together!
Several months back...there was a question about whether Queen Elizabeth's horse, ESTIMATE, could prevail in the 2.5 mile GOLD CUP RACE at Royal Ascot. This BLOG went on record as declaring ESTIMATE a fine name and surely would win that race despite the 207 year hiatus since a monarch's steed prevailed. Even the odds of 7-2 weighed heavily...yet...this BLOG'S undaunted prediction never wavered. And...of course...we now know this BLOG'S prediction was correct!
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) wants to dismantle the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). He has prepared a phone number to receive calls from supporters. What Senator Cruz is doing won't work. He must preach THE ORB. If he were to preach THE ORB...he would instantly become the putative leader of the free-world....and...catapult himself into the forefront of the global movement to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...by deployment of THE ORB...the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) is thereby ushered in. As one sage described it, "It's a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper."
Paula Deen...a food show hostess...was caught on camera saying "niggar". When she discovered that error had been caught on camera and sent into the Google cloud...she knew her livelihood was on the line.

She immediately went into Jimmy Swaggart repentance mode...whipped herself on TV...and...asked America to forgive her for mentioning that despicable word.

As Paula Deen said..."off-camera"..." By saying the word "niggar" while discussing Obama delivered a demeaning depiction of Obama...something for which in tears I've repented."
Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE it should not have been any surprise that then-U.S. Senator John Kerry(D. Ma) when OBAMACARE was getting discussed...he put into that LAW a clause that would drain the other 49 states and give all that money to Massachusetts. It was clever and well-disguised so not even the most ardent socialists saw it. As Al Franken...an OBAMACARE advocate...said, "Had I seen that little bomb...I'd have demanded such money be given to Minnesota too."
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The Taliban Flag is completely white. It flew briefly above the Taliban headquarters recently opened in Qatar. Naturally...Afghanistan President Karzai concluded this display was meant to engender support inside his own power-structure...and...chided Obama for promising such flag would never be shown publicly.

Maybe you don't care about that toilet bowl called Afghanistan...but...there are millions of Afghans whose lives will be terribly different if Taliban and its medieval ways ever again find a way to regain power. President Karzai knows that flag was flown briefly to announce the attack for dominion...to resurrect the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan!
The productive capacity of China and Russia are vast...almost without edge. Yes...the state-capitalism model stifles and stymies...but...eventually...the grip and grab will loosen...as more and more people find offensive and officious the intrusion into their private lives by some would-be master.

The latest edition of leaders in China and Russia understand this profound difference. In the controlled-society the ruling elite direct from cradle to grave inside a NANNY STATE CAGE. But...as time goes along...the cronyism and favoritism become layered and sclerotic leaving dinosaurs and "other"...each one demanding continued patronage and fiscal support.

Chinese President Xi Jingping is a follower of Ludwig von Mises as is President Vladimir Putin. Both of these great leaders know that prosperity is proportional to intrusion. Eliminate and delete...and...prosperity bubbles forth. Remove the stomp and chomp of government...and...prosperity floods.

They also realize that inside their own Regimes lurk contenders...disguised...hidden hearts...waiting for moment and space. Should they preach the OUM*...those threatened with public-job loss would instantly combine and conspire to thwart and derail. Their streets would resemble the streets of Greece or Brazil where people wanting freebie and favor march throwing rock and bomb at anyone opposing their desire for more not less from their would-be master.

Yet...even though fraught with treachery and rebellion...both of these men are leaders of the 21st Century and they know the best way is liberation over subjugation. By deleting the "yoke and choke" agenda of the CAGE...these two great leaders will be recited eons hence as the "enlightened ones".
*OUM: otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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The 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) delivers ultimate prosperity and assures perpetual peace with everyone working to keep it that way for as long as mankind exists on this planet. Sure...along the way...the would-be masters with their cronies and follower-sheep might attempt rebellion asking the populace to support more "whip and chain"...promising more not less...if...loyal to drum remain.

In the OUM...unlike the socialist miasma of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king. In the OUM...there is not any way some government can impose "our tears...your purse" program or policy. Indeed...in the OUM...the borders are open and without incident. People come and go freely and flawlessly...each one protecting everyone else from conspiracy or contrivance.

Sure...some jerk somewhere could attempt to transport something nasty across the border with ill-purpose solely intended. But...those odds are so low since that jerk would have to have convinced enough people that by destruction prosperity augmented...a contradiction so obvious only fools could emit or accept.

Nowadays...the socialist miasma in America...has come up with another idea: 40,000 U.S. border agents...each one stationed several feet distance from one another...each one with orders to shoot and ask questions later. Naturally...this is a directive some have questioned...but...because they must go through channels their concerns won't get addressed for years to come....long after those responsible for giving those orders are gone.

We must dismantle this CAGE. Why have 40,000 U.S. border agents? Open the borders...eliminate the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...delete...and....eradicate...until the OUM manifests...and...EDEN found.

Even the most demented Muslim doesn't kill his baker or banker. And...never in the OUM would any neighbor permit such attack ever to occur. Neighborhood watch in the OUM is ubiquitous since everyone is trying to advance their own rational self-interest and honoring that right of others to seek the same.

Hence...the OUM is the best way to achieve national security. Open borders...and..."bug-sized" government...such are the emblems of the OUM...and...indicative of peaceful co-existence.

Producers in the CAGE environment in 2013...from wherever...are oppressed with "red tape and tax"...directed and controlled as if beasts of burden. They're the backs beneath the whip of the newest edition of Pharaoh. They're bid to make mud into brick and pay whatever...accept whatever...and...lick boot for freebie and favor,(MATTHEW 4:8).
Richard A. Epstein has come forward to defend the metadata acquisition by the National Security Agency(NSA). According to this legal scholar...NSA has gathered so much data it can't possibly be focusing on any one person. He simply doesn't observe any constitutional threat to liberty in this NSA activity. In many ways...Epstein reminds many of the narrator in the HANGMAN* who kept quiet.
*Maurice Ogden-THE HANGMAN
MSNBC CHRIS MATTHEWS...the old left tingling leg dude...was recently smacked around by one of this BLOG'S cub-reporters. He was asked why he supported OBAMACARE when it was obvious it was anti-American. In reply he declared himself a rabid socialist and was willing kneel and lick Obama's boot in exchange for freebie and favor. He liked the DEATH PANEL idea embedded in that LAW and was as angry as Sebelius when Sarah Murganhan got her lung on June 12th.

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Of course...Karzai believed Obama. When Obama promised him the Taliban would never again publicly sport the moniker: ISLAMIC EMIRATE...Karzai bought it...100%...sinker...line...and...hook. Sure...he knew Obama had betrayed Dr. Afridi and left Ambassador Stevens to die in a so-called safe-room inside the Benghazi embassy...but...never...thought Karzai...never would Obama betray him....not Obama...not someone whose refrain is: "I don't need to sign...my word is as strong as oak."

But...Karzai found out he was not any better than all the other people Obama betrayed or deceived. He observed Obama-cronies helping the Taliban erect their sign over their newest headquarters in Qatar. A sign which read: "ISLAMIC EMIRATE". Indeed... TEAM OBAMA was helping Taliban erect a symbol that the Taliban was the correct-government of Afghanistan not the puppet-stuff of which Karzai was a part.
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Volcanoes...those above and below the ocean...belch greenhouse gases. How much they spew isn't known. How much CO2 is consumed each micro-nano-moment by the biosphere is also unknown. How much climate change is caused by solar activity is also unknown. How much CO2 does an Amazon rain forest consume is also quite unknown.

But...because these things are unknown and perhaps unknowable with any degree of certainty...it gave the charlatan a perfect topic to use as the underpinning for government grant and professorship. Or...as in the case of ole Heather-the feather...a way to make money while spewing whatever seems or sounds academic.

What has been offered has been guess disguised as accurate assertion and many ignorant or gullible Americans have accepted those assertions never asking how could any mind know such things...those are the province of God. Yes...inside a test tube...a bean plant consumes so much CO2 and emits so much O2 given a specific quantum of sunlight. But...to say...from that test tube...I can extrapolate the entire CO2-O2 quantum for the rain forests of the Amazon...is to belch as badly as those unmeasured volcanoes, eh Heather?
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Dairy farming is hard work and few find the zeal to conduct such an enterprise. The business has been complicated by red tape and taxes for so long...however...that only those dairy farmers operating on a government-created template can generate any profit worth discussing. Hence...the politicians have a built-in support group. When they need money...they merely raise a fear of loss of government funds or protection...and...such threat always loosens the otherwise very-tight pockets.
Heather Zichal is a climate adviser. She tells Obama about climate change and the dangers of greenhouse gases. Naturally, she's a charlatan using junk-science as her prop...but...when you have the President's ear...what manner of deception she practices will escape discernment.

Folks...climate change can't be affected by mankind. Yes...nuclear winter for a year could conceivably be delivered...but...the number of nukes needed has never been accurately determined with only vague estimates given by snotty professor-types whose declarations not much better than outright guess. And...here stands Heather Zichal...climate adviser...directing Obama to shut down coal-power plants and cause great
blackouts throughout America just so she can have her 15 minutes of fame.
David B. Rivkin,Jr. has joined the army of liberation...and...marches to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt." His purpose to dismantle OBAMACARE. While he does not mind the other onerous parts of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...he finds the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to be sinister in concept and Nazi-like in its performance of its contradictory mandate: keep costs down...but...never ration care.
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The blue hairs of America...along with everyone else...had best take note...OBAMACARE has created a death panel...it's decision above reproach. It bears a NAZI-like name: THE INDEPENDENT PAYMENT ADVISORY BOARD. These 5 potentates will decide how much money MEDICARE will pay for services rendered. Imagine 5 monkeys with their paws near the button of death...a red button...a death button...once pushed...those targeted for termination die. Imagine as much and you'll sense the evil embedded in such power...and...possessed by that so-called advisory board.

Blue hairs have been snookered. Blue hairs have been betrayed. They were told by their would-be masters that their share of the pie would always be more not less...if only they would accept the yoke and pay that MEDICARE TAX through time and space.These people didn't expect to have some DEATH PANEL imposed between them and their doctors....and...hence...the knelt and worshiped this golden calf,(Exodus 32:24).

But...fortunately...most of these blue hairs...even though AARP is trying to keep them ignorant...are beginning to connect the dots. For example....they know their MEDICARE TRUST FUND is empty...and...what remains is little more than almost worthless colored-paper money and I.O.U. stuff. If the worker bees of today...for instance...refuse to continue this stupidity and refuse to pay the MEDICARE TAX and the SOCIAL SECURITY TAX...and...the OBAMACARE TAX...then...the blue hairs of today can expect little from their MASTER and will have to begin to survive through the assistance of friends, family and charity.

At one time or another...and...only God knows that moment...we all shall be a blue hair...if not dying sooner for whatever reason or from whatever cause. And when we reach that time in our lives...and...we ask the MASTER of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE to care for and provide sustenance, room and board...will a DEATH PANEL be the one who answers that door...the one which considers the entreaty....the one who measures if and when death shall be?

Sapranos star, James Gandolfini while at a Film Festival fell dead. His heart gave out and he died instantly. He'll be missed by his many fans who liked the way he portrayed a hoodlum from New Jersey.

UP-DATE: Because of the lousy socialized medical care in Italy...Gandolfini suffered needlessly without any hope of survival. In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...this New Jersey dude would still be alive...probably with a new heart "printed on a cell-printing machine". But...he's dead because of socialized medicine...the same stuff OBAMACARE will impress on America.

TWA senior investigator, Bob Young...after 17 years of silence...claims TWA 800 was blown from the sky by a surface-to-air missile...quite sophisticated...and...one only known to be used by SEAL TEAM TEN...a BLACK-OPS CREW...whose motto: "we snuff...you puff!"

Why did he wait so long to rat them out? His excuse for silence was that he didn't have government clearance to undermine the buy-line that a center-fuel tank sparked and boomed. Had he spoken such things back then...he'd have suffered a Gandolfini heart attack or an electrocution in his shower...or...something else which few could ever call assassination. Hence...he remained silent...safe...and...secure.

However, when Edward Snowden departed a $200,000 a year National Security Agency(NSA) job in Hawaii so that he could rat out TEAM OBAMA and expose their many crimes...Bobby decided to come forward. He enlisted the support of this BLOG and with such powerful backing finally released data which demonstrated TWA 800 was blown from the sky by SEAL TEAM TEN.

Why was such a misdeed done? Some say dirty deeds done dirt cheap means SEAL TEAM TEN won't ever speak.
*Bob Young was told by F.B.I. personnel he could not take photos of the missile hole in the side of the aircraft. When he asked "why"...the dude from FBI said to reveal that would mean I'd have to kill you.
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Before you support OBAMACARE one more second consider you are by such support participating in the erection of a DEATH PANEL...a board of sorts...comprised of 5 people picked by the President...whose decisions can be overturned only by resorting to a political process so arduous...so fraught with pitfall and acrimony...as to insure perfect insulation. Hence...these 5 people would decide if...say...Sarah Murganhan would receive her lung or not.

Recall little 10 year old Sarah was doomed to die because Secretary of Health and Human Services K. Sebelius refused to waive rules barring such access. However, a court interceded and on June 12th...Sarah received her lung transplant...something "death angel" Sebelius tried to stop.

Under OBAMACARE...this court-intervention is eliminated. Once the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board(IPAB) decreed the next Sarah would be permitted to die...not any court could intercede! And...the next little Sarah...and...millions such as she...will be at the mercy of 5 people...5 people whose power almost limitless when life and death are involved.

Why have we permitted our liberty to be bottle-necked in such fashion? Americans could dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with this newest monstrosity called the IPAB and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where little Sarah would have had her lung much quicker than she actually received it!
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In Judea...stood Jeremiah. He preached to the Jew. Change your ways...he cried...lest Judea be overcome by enemies. Of course...Jeremiah was imprisoned for sedition. But his prediction came true. The Jew was conquered by Babylon!

Nowadays...Jeremiah has re-appeared. This time his message is presented by this BLOG. Indeed...as a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I reach out to every American to consider an alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE wherein scumbags such as "drone-directing" Robert Mueller, "attack dog" Lois Lerner and Marxist on Mission Obama can attack people using government power...a CAGE where the taxes and red tape crush and hinder until what remains is what government wants to exist not what you wish you had.

We can eliminate this CAGE. We can delete the "YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA"...and...liberate America from the grip and grab of would-be masters. Join our crusade to dismantle this CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
Dr. Ben Carson isn't in favor of an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...but...would not have an objection if the GOVERNMENT were to alter its model inch by inch until everyone enslaved. Not once has Dr. Carson demanded the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Mention is made of this aspect...since it's imperative Dr. Ben Carson preach the OUM!
In the 1960 era...Afro-Americans sang "we shall overcome"...and...they did. Recently...Hillary has been humming that same song but her hurdle is an embassy in Benghazi...not some goon with dog snarling and snapping at sign-carrying protesters. Her problem graphic...her activities unexplained...and...her hopes for 2016 something to blame.

Recall that Hillary could have become NOISE-MAKER...and...forced reluctant Leon Panetta to dispatch SEAL TEAM NINE...a special embassy-protecting team always stationed in submarine...15 minutes from any threat...SEAL TEAM NINE...their motto: always on time....such could have been dispatched...sent forthwith into the fray...shooting missile and machine guns blazing away.

Yet...Clinton...apprised of the threat...disappeared...as did Obama...their stories...as dramatic as wet. How could LEON Panetta know how long the battle would go? Recall Ambassador Stevens from a "bunker-style safe-room"...for 7.23 hours...screamed...entreated...and...begged. He threatened exposure of what they did...his data spark for keg.

As for OBAMA...always in touch was he...with his radio connection...directing defense achieved. SEAL TEAM NINE stayed on the ground...even though from that "safe-room" they could hear those screams...those entreating sounds. "Man...where are you guys? SEAL TEAM NINE! What's wrong with you...your motto: always on time?"

Because SEAL TEAM NINE is staffed with pros...their silence guaranteed...it's the way their work as showed. They listened to Stevens threaten to expose Obama for assassinating U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY...and...how he had video of Hillary with a buffalo. "Boys...you must pull me free...I'm not Dr. Afridi! You can't leave me behind. I've got a pal at the National Security Agency...a mole divine...and...he has a duplicate of what I could use...if...I don't come back...he lights the fuse." BOOM...BOOM...RHYMED.
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While the MASS MEDIA is pushing the benefits of OBAMACARE...most Americans know that's bunk...a contrary view most of them now share. They realize TEAM OBAMA wanted to enslave and ensnare.

Folks...why must you kneel and lick the boot of some would-be master? Yet...OBAMACARE stations such "whip and chain" above each of us. Fail to buy what master directs...and...punishment instant...lash fully applied.

Why not join the army of liberation and march with us to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"?
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Obama was informed be a rider of the storm...bring up nukes and their control...speak about holocaust and New York City a smoldering bowl...do as much and America you'll touch. Tell them those 100,000 megaton weapons are never to be used. They were constructed to threaten total destruction of the planet...but..never to be deployed let alone detonated.

Such was the advice Obama received from his adviser in make-believe. Pretend to care about what those weapons could do...exhibit fear on stage...America will feel  it's true.

Folks...TEAM OBAMA has a big problem. Americans are beginning to understand that ain't rain running down their backs. They know about the ins and outs of the Benghazi debacle...the IRS scandal...and...the Justice Department panhandle. They know Obama assassinated U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY and Ambassador Stevens. And...thanks to Edward Snowden...former National Security Agency(NSA) worker bee....they know Obama is a scumbag voyeur listening in on bedroom antics.

Maybe you don't mind manipulation and don't care if America continues down this drain and into the tribal socialist sewer which candidly awaits. Perhaps...you were somehow made joyful that Obama has now declared he'll eliminate America's arsenal of nukes if President Xi and President Putin follow suit and do the same.

According to Obama...by leaving only terrorists and North Koreans in possession of nukes will safer the planet make. While you might accept such drivel and tripe about such stakes...playing with doom isn't game...it's the work of nuke-kooks...paint and frame.
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Even though for an instant Americans were observed shaking off the chain and shackle of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...those would-be masters didn't stop trying to ensnare and control once more. Hence...in the Wall Street Journal(06-19-13;A-3)...there is mention that state legislatures are making the new legalization of marijuana so onerous to possess...so much red tape involved...that few would ever wish to traverse such maze.

Folks...people need to fight such a renewed grab for power and control. Why must Americans be subject to Nanny State spank and diaper check? Yes...some Americans are so worm-like and knee-crooking they lick any boot for freebie and favor and will hate or fear anything their would-be masters label as such. But a greater number, thankfully, are free-agents and find such meddling to be offensive...and...something to be stomped and kicked mercilessly. How about you?
Kevin G. Norton served in the American Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. When he heard how TEAM OBAMA had left Americans behind to die in a Benghazi embassy compound...and...heard Leon Panetta say he couldn't send in troops when he didn't know what was afoot...he became angry. How dare these scumbags leave Americans behind to die!

Yes...Sam Houston left 180 at the Alamo to die...but...he was raising an army to liberate Texas and Travis and his team were there to keep Santa Ana busy while such feat was accomplished. Indeed...at the subsequent battle of Goliad..."Remember the Alamo" was the battle cry!

But...to have 100,000 military personnel within 15 minutes of that embassy compound and refuse to protect or defend...such was an affront to all those great things for which America symbolically stood. According to Norton...past-tense is used since to him whatever America was is gone and what has arrived is contrary to liberty.

Cover-up and story-line were what Benghazi produced. Such stuff was classified by Norton as indicative of cowardice and anti-American attitude. He called Obama despicable and Panetta a slime slug. How dare they ignore the screams for help which went on for 7 hours!
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Niall Ferguson has joined the army of liberation and marches to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". In the Wall Street Journal(06-19-13;A-15)...Niall Ferguson referenced Alexis de Tocqueville and his vision of America should it ever lose its liberty-aspect and become another feudalistic state. Niall Ferguson agreed with this BLOG'S polemic that America has been reduced to "sheep and cattle"...inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and... what Tocqueville feared* has come to pass.

Instead of whining and licking boot...the army of liberation with Niall Ferguson standing oak-strong therein is marching to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt" carrying before its crusade THE ORB**. Their purpose to dismantle the CAGE...delete the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...turn the page.

Yes...arrayed against such liberation over subjugation are those would-be masters and their erstwhile cronies each ready to defend turf. Indeed...the MASS MEDIA is packed with such knee-crooking knaves ready to snitch on Jesus for the right price...and...deliver to America...Satan's curse.
*In Democracy in America, Tocqueville warned against the government becoming as immense tutelary power...absolute, detailed, regular...covering society's surface with a network of small, complicated painstaking, uniform rules through which the most original minds and the most vigorous souls can't clear a way.
**THE ORB stands for the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and/or RIDE. THE ORB has a one-time victim's payment provision wherein each RIDER in exchange for a release of any further liability or indebtedness is paid a one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the worm-making RIDE.
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Perhaps Games of Thrones has a modern day counter-part...a metaphorical game for power where the Chinese play the game called "GO"...and...the rest play "Chess".

In the gambit afoot...President Putin...by far the  most clever leader to appear in the early days of the 21st Century...is jockeying for position attempting therein to gain momentum and advantage.

The Chinese are directed one way or the other by KING ANT: President Xi Jingping and his crew of erstwhile cohorts. Their idea is to gain as much space and time as possible so that they can plentifully operate when others find their storeroom empty.

The Americans lack any real leadership since the one in the Oval Office leads from behind whatever that curious phrase is intended to imply. Indeed...the Americans have permitted their entire economic life to be controlled by whatever monkey is stationed there.

The British are led by whomever can promise the most from those still willing to pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

The French are too busy trying to learn new ways to manipulate their tongue and will give anyone with such foible or skill their purse and soul.

Naturally...the Germans demanded the best table and knowing they'd take it anyway* they received the table nearest Sam.

Hence...as you can sense...game of thrones has many drones and plenty of things to rinse. Probably and possibly used to grip and grab...chewing bone...and...breaching fence.
*In the movie Casablanca there is a scene wherein the chief waiter tells Rick about the Germans and their arrogance and use of intimidation.
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French requirements at the trade discussions have already been erected insulating its audiovisual platforms from any American competition. This kind of refusal to permit competition only keeps French productions as inane as ever...as boring as ever...and...as petty...as ever. Without competition...the French people are deprived of "prime-cut" stuff flowing out of America and this BLOG.
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U.S. Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL) has an idea as revolutionary as 1776 and guaranteed to work as well. This time around not only will political freedom be guaranteed...but...an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) mandated. Imagine a place where some government would-be masters and their cronies can't collude to pick winners and losers, (think Solyndra, LLC and the myriad of other boondoggles TEAM OBAMA has pressed upon America).

Imagine an America where there is not any income tax or an estate tax...the two pillars of Marxism. And...the federal government...instead of some behemoth...vast and immune from critique...but...a "bug-sized" thing...funded by lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett kind of donations from time to time.

Imagine a place where the decision to breathe and live is yours and yours alone free from interference from the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Imagine proceeding with a project and be free from the intrusion of NANNY GOVERNMENT...permitting the civil tort and contract system to regain its prominence as the forum where disputes and civil wrongs are sorted and remedied.

Had THE ORB been deployed before LOVE CANAL was polluted...for example...those despicable polluters would have been quickly discovered. Indeed...only in a socialist or fascist state can polluters* ever succeed. They would be almost instantly enjoined and the wrath of an entire America brought to bear as plaintiffs sought to enjoin the polluters.

Yes...folks...Rep. Bill Posey is a freedom-fighter. He wants to dismantle this CAGE...eliminate the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Embedded in this fresh message...this new way...is a way to liberation over subjugation.  It calls for the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century to be deleted. It calls for the borders to be open and without government hinder or hassle. It calls for socialism and fascism in all forms and formats be eradicated.

Indeed...embedded in THE ORB is what Bill Posey calls the out-flanking aspect. Every RIDER is paid a one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the RIDE. And likewise in exchange for this payment a general release of any further duty or debt erased...never again to become 'whip and chain' on the backs of the unwitting fools who pull.

Yes...Bill Posey senses there is a tidal change to be accomplished...especially here in Florida...the Sunshine State. Standing with Bill Posey is Lady Elizabeth. She is a Joan of Arc...a Molly Pitcher...a Budacca...with the defiance of Dame Barbara Fritchie...and...the intellect of Margaret Thatcher. She calls on every Floridian along the Treasure Coast to join with her and Bill in their crusade to dismantle this CAGE and usher in EDEN.

 Imagine in Florida...Floridians "making salt"...declaring themselves free from the chains and directives of state and local would-be masters and their knee-crooking cronies.

What a wondrous thing. Imagine the services of state and local governments reduced** to: courts...and...police/prisons and only victim-crimes prosecuted. Imagine as much and you'll sense how easily these things could be funded. Sure...all the needless and unnecessary elements will be gone...but...every RIDER will be paid a one-time payment in recognition of any psychic injury inflicted. Such money will come from the sale of AAA bonds which will be offered to accomplish this elimination of the grip and grab of the CAGE.
*LOVE CANAL is a disaster that was assisted by cronies and cronies in government. GOOGLE SEARCH the Love Canal debacle. And...keep researching until you find the government permits and government knowledge about this on-going pollution. Had this been a matter inside the OUM...the polluters would never have even considered such stupidity since it's bad business to harm potential consumers.
**Roads can be handled as toll roads or if a community wishes to pass the hat...and...roads are built thereby...then...so be it. But the effort is local and designed to fetch business traffic so that prosperity can be achieved.
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America's "most-wanted" has listed Edward Snowden as PUBLIC ENEMY #1 and has offered a $25 million reward for information leading to his capture. Of course...not anyone is stupid enough to believe Obama will pay that money. They recall how Obama treated Dr. Afridi...whose information led to the execution of Osama bin Laden.

They remember how Dr. Afridi was promised both (i) $25 million and (ii) extraction from Pakistan. Obama said his promise was "oak-strong" and didn't need to be in writing. Unfortunately for Dr. Afridi he bought that drivel and tripe and is now in a Pakistani prison serving a 30 year sentence for "treason".

Americans observed a betrayal of trust on the part of slime slug Obama and not anyone has cried out for Dr. Afridi...except this BLOG. Unlike other "sheep and cattle"...this BLOG identified the treachery unleashed by scumbag Obama and has demanded Obama fulfill his promise.

And...now...the federal government...ole big foot itself...has declared Edward Snowden deserving of assassination. James Clapper said he needed to be slain. All of the BUSH scumbags weighed in and said "kill him"..."shoot on sight"...and...other brand-name dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

Will "V" for Vendetta be played out on "reality TV"? Is there anyone willing to assist the Prime Minister in his quest to find and eliminate?

I'd say the fact that ole Eddie*...the pizza delivery guy...was able to get all the way through his question/answer session "on-line" without incident or discovery is great proof there are freedom-watchers in Hong Kong and elsewhere whose mission statement to insulate this bold and daring dude from capture or execution.
*Rocky Horror Picture Show
Pedants, Craig Fletcher and Tracy Carroll, refused to declare a week in June as HUMANIST WEEK. How dare someone ask that their efforts be recognized by the Vero Beach City Council. From their animosity toward the Humanists...you would have thought they were rabid haters of humanism. Indeed...Tracy Carroll showing her lack of knowledge and profuse ignorance described Humanism as "atheist" and not to be underwritten by God-fearing folks such as she and Ma-Fletcher's boy.

Folks...it's time to change this City Council and replace these pedants with open-minded people who will deliver such a declaration without hassle or acrimonious fanfare.
In Tehran...as incredible as such might seem...there is a shrine dedicated to the late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. At this so-called shrine... Iranian President-Elect Hassan Rohani knelt and prayed. It was as if he were telling Iranians that he thought this jerk was somehow divine and worthy of such knee-crooking praise.

In America...people would call such prayer sacrilege and against God. Indeed...the TEN COMMANDMENTS recite that there shall not be any such idols...and...to erect the "golden calf" in any format or form sinful and to be avoided.
The Mexican oil and gas monopoly as asked the Mexican government for permission to joint venture with private investors. Because of the danger of working with a government-monopoly such as PEMEX...this BLOG wishes to go on record as advising against such an effort. It's likely any private investor will be led won the proverbial path only to be ambushed in typical Mexican fashion: "when you're least expecting a surprise attack".
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Imagine...you're suffering from lung cancer. Your doctor says you can survive if the diseased lung were removed and a new one installed. Your doctor reveals that by using alien-technology found in Mayan ruins...it's possible to grow a new lung in a fortnight...a lung created from your own lung cells making the new one in every way acceptable to your own body.

Imagine as much and you'll sense what is just around the corner ...if...but...only if...the Federal Food and Drug Administration removes the hurdle and hassle which it has erected to stop such developments from ever reaching you!
Elon Musk...fiscal backer of the Tesla electric car...is finding entrenched interests are powerful enough to prevent him from selling his fiasco on-line. He's found several states unwilling to permit consumers to buy his electric lemon on-line thereby avoiding the dealership siphons which are otherwise ubiquitous. In Virginia...for example...the consumer must ask a car-dealership for the "Tesla-mistake" and can't get one on-line.

Elon Musk was confident that he could avoid such franchise laws by only offering Tesla cars on-line using company stores for consumer inspection. He misunderstood the power of car dealerships to force legislation which would bar such on-line sales. He thought the consumers' cries for liberty would stifle and drown out any opposition whose underpinnings that of feudalism. To his misfortune...he thought monopolies protected by aging franchise laws could not survive a media blitz aimed at offering consumers a choice.
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Once again...the U.S. Supreme Court has entrenched liberty. If the police come upon you...the Supreme Court now permits the police to use anything you say or do so long as you're not in custody.

This holding will permit the police to rough you up and never get called on their brutality. They'll merely claim they were only grabbing and slapping because they desired to know and the suspect refused to speak out. Hence...a rough-up was due and properly administered.

Talk about POLICE STATE augmentation...this one demonstrates how far this Supreme Court is willing to go to impose a NAZI-like regime to stomp and chomp America. It's as if these jerks comprising this 5-4 majority opinion are oblivious to the horror their endorsing. Perhaps the explanation for such disregard is that these slime slugs have never been "roughed-up" by some idiots posing as co-called law enforcement officers.
Islamic terrorist TV network, Al Jazeera is planning on delivering "great shows" for its American audience. It proposes to show America just how evil TEAM OBAMA is and "why" it must be eliminated. For example...it will reveal "how" the Environmental Protection Agency is carrying out a plan to destroy the American power-grid delivering to the federal government the power to cause "black-outs" in any Republican-controlled area of the country.
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Due to the noise-making of this BLOG...OBAMA issued an executive order directing the bottleneck to open up some more spectrum. It's amazing how Americans permitted the government to possess such power. What's more remarkable is that Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...would relent and direct more spectrum to be offered to the consuming public.
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The NANNY STATE CAGE of Indonesia recently decided to raise the overall price of energy. This proposed increase would cause economic hardship in a country where the average hourly wage is $2.00 U.S. Because the NANNY STATE there is so powerful, though, its "ruling elite" can dictate what the price of energy there will be...regardless of the hardship and privation such government activity would cause.

If THE ORB were deployed instead...and...Indonesia were opened to free trade...the market would instantly provide the cheapest gasoline and diesel possible. The lack of impediment and other red tape hassle would instantly translate into entrepreneurs providing such miracles. Hence...cheap energy would become plentiful and these otherwise beleaguered Indonesian peasants would be accommodated instead of deprived.

Even though the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) permits EDEN instantly to manifest...it's opposed by the "ruling elite". To them...deployment would mean they're power would be gone...their status as "government-honcho" some historical footnote...and...their income only what they could fetch in the OUM...a feat many of these parasites might find too daunting.
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Detroit is a Neo-feudal model and grim notice of what might befall entire sections of America as more and more socialist burden is heaped on the backs of the unwitting fools who produce for the benefit of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. For example...if you are or were a public employee...you're probably going to receive the proverbial "haircut". Remember...Detroit* has an unfunded burgeoning retirement obligation of $3.5 billion...one of the highest tax rates in the country...and...the biggest mass exodus of producers ever recorded!
*Detroit has a $5.7 billion unsecured liability for post-retirement health benefits. It has 78,000 vacant or blighted buildings with more appearing each day!
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TEAM OBAMA...ever ready to serve the "now-global" military-industrial complex...announced weapon delivery to Syrian Rebels fighting the Assad Regime. Somehow...TEAM OBAMA which ironically includes maverick U.S. Senator John McCain(R.Az)...discovered they can sort out "friend"...from..."disguised-foe" and thereby equip only such chosen ones with the firepower to repulse the dramatic attacks from the armies of Bashir Assad.

In reaction to this proposed "arming of rebels"...Assad has informed both Obama and Europe that to assist these terrorists would be to open their own borders to attack from jihadists ready to carry Islam to Paris, New York City and Berlin. He explained that battle-hardened veterans would never stop and would continue their movement to eradicate the infidel...even...after his Regime was crushed...and...they'd be using the equipment and technology provided by TEAM OBAMA and his European cohorts.
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U.S. currency along with all the other nations' paper money are commodities much like copper, rice and corn. The more script you have...the less valuable to its user is each dollar...or rupee...or...rupiah...or...baht...or...yuan...or...yen...or peso...just to name a few of the better known colorfully-printed paper money. If you flood the world with U.S. dollars, for example, each U.S. dollar will fetch less when used to buy something.

To cement the hidden theft which such increase in the paper money supply represents, imagine you worked and received for your labor...say...$100 U.S. If you hold on to that $100 bill and don't trade it for something...you run the risk that such $100 bill tomorrow will buy less than it did the day before. The labor expended to get that $100.00 was expended on the belief that the trade-off of labor for paper money was worthy of the endeavor.

However, if you suspected that tomorrow that $100 would buy 25% less...it would be a moral imperative to rush out and spend that $100 acquiring in such "deal" whatever you believed was worth that $100 transfer. If you chose...instead...though...to remain stationary and "hold" that $100.00...then...the next day...by "inflation"...you'd have had $25.00 stolen and the thief never even entered your vault.

Around the world...idiots disguised as potent-economists have declared the best route for any country is to inflate their paper money enabling somehow the overall pool of people suffering such "inflation" to be better off. By stealing from your vault...it's presumed...by such knee-crooking knaves...you're life is made much better than before. By compelling you to spend immediately lest you suffer such "sneaky-snake" theft...the NANNY STATE CAGE directs and controls its population much in the same manner as puppeteers handle their wards.
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Chess players take note! Putin is initiating a gambit which has several aspects of an overall strategy designed to put RUSSIA as the most powerful industrial country this planet has ever observed. Similar in prowess to that of PETER THE GREAT...Putin has met with the British and...now...Obama. He has spoken secretly with Chinese President Xi Jingping, Iranian President Mr. Rohani and the Ayatollah Khomeini. He has met privately off-camera with beleaguered Syrian President Bashir Assad.

What is the gambit you might ask. Well...it involves deploying THE ORB not only in Russia but every place on this 3rd rock from the Sun. Putin...an avid fan of this BLOG...has taken it's transformation-template to its logical terminus: LIBERATION OVER SUBJUGATION. By deploying THE ORB...the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century can be eradicated and the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM) permitted to manifest in its most manifold fashion.

Putin's intellect is remarkable. He knows that war and strife as the by-product of socialism and Eco-fascism. He knows that by deleting rules and laws which create or perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...RUSSIA will lead the world in economic prosperity. As President Putin said, "THE ORB delivers EDEN!" Ah...yes...checkmate!
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Putting two things side by side and comparing them...such might be framed as Juxta-positioning. Hence...shall we compare the Rice-told Benghazi-story to the newest MASS MEDIA buy-line: Mr. Edward Snowden is a Chi-com agent...a mole...planted inside the National Security Agency to operate as a "sweep"...gathering all PASS KEYS...obtaining all metadata...and...thoroughly gleaning everything in Uncle Sugar's cupboard of secret and what not.

For those of you willing to believe Edward Snowden was doing something for China...ask yourself at least this question before self-delusion closes the door to enlightenment: Why would Snowden leave a $200,000 job in Hawaii in order to become America's "most wanted"?

Indeed...Dr. Afridi was contacted in his Pakistani prison cell and asked Snowden's whereabouts with the promise that this time he'd be paid and extracted from Pakistan. Recall...Dr. Afridi was promised by Obama...personally promised...that in exchange for bin Laden's coordinates...Dr. Afridi would be paid $25 million and be extracted from Pakistan. Of course...we all know how that oak-strong promise played out for poor wretched Dr. Afridi, now don't we, eh OBAMA?