July 2013
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Anthony Weiner staged a scene where a person asks insulting questions while Weiner addresses a paid-for audience. Weiner raises his voice...and...seems to command the interface. While well done...it smacks of contrivance and manipulation...two things Weiner says he doesn't emit from his stern visage and resultant form.
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Israel in times past would receive direction from prophets and more often than not when heeded...tragedy or doom avoided. Hence...as a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...permit this humble soul to warn Israel not to deal with the Palestinians. To surrender any land or hegemony is to invite eradication. If wondering Sinai is the goal of present-day Israeli leadership...the Muslim will certainly accommodate such desire.
Olivia Nuzzi and Barbara Morgan...the former an intern...the latter...a veteran...and...hardened soul...whose mission to put Weiner back in power...finding the scoundrel another role...became embroiled and slapped each other's station around...Nuzzi used her UZI...and...splattered Morgan's boss all over the ground. Morgan unprepared for such revelation of perversion...Weiner-style...unleashed opprobrious epithet unbound...and...absolutely vile.
When Eliot Spitzer consulted a soothsayer asking if he were winner or not...this blind lady with palsied hand said, "Seraphs sob at vermin fangs in human gore imbued. Out...out are the lights...out all! And over each quivering form, the curtain, a funeral pall, comes down with the rush of a storm...while the angels, all pallid and wan...uprising...unveiling...affirm...that the play is the tragedy "SPITZER THE SPIDER" and its hero the conqueror worm.
There are 315 million Americans and 1/3 of them have a preexisting condition which would be rated by a health insurance company when determining a premium. This statistic is used by the Democrats as a justification for the OBAMACARE TAX. By grabbing this money from the storeroom...the Democrats believe they can deliver quality health care to these 129 million.

For example, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky... rabid socialist and freedom-hater...says by looting the storeroom she can get sufficient funds to pay for health care. She'll decide who receives what and when...but...she's a "nice" person and will only refuse those whom she finds unworthy.
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In an otherwise unhampered market...such things as rice and sugar are so plentiful...the price so cheap...there isn't any starvation. However, in a socialist country...where there is a minister and department for every facet of human existence...starvation is rampant...rice and sugar scarce.

But for this BLOG'S ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT...though...there  is not any major internationally acclaimed think tank advocating eradication of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. But for this lone voice of this BLOG there is not anyone crying out for liberation over subjugation...not anyone speaking for the starving and the poor!
U.S.Rep. Jan Schakowsky(D.Oh) is a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. She likes the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE since therein she can direct and control from cradle to grave...something she likes to mull and ponder as she knits another name.

Mention is made of her since recently she has come forward and said Americans like socialism and will lick any boot to gain freebie or favor. While this "witch" might be speaking about herself and her closest friends...this BLOG doubts there are that many Ohio residents in her district who are that servile or parasitic that they support such drooling venom or candid description of themselves.
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Ronald Reagan looked at the Berlin Wall and cried against it. Tear down this wall! A few years later...in 1989...that IRON CURTAIN fell and freedom flooded into Communist countries to some extent although most socialists retained pension and power.

Nowadays...Lady Elizabeth has called upon Americans to join her in a crusade to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which has America by the throat. She stands before every level of government and cries against the "whip and chain" approach to governance offering an alternative she calls the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM).

She calls upon politicians on both sides of the aisle to join in this effort to eradicate the "yoke and choke" agenda. She invites everyone to consider liberation over subjugation. Why kneel and lick absurd pomp with candied tongue she asks her audience as she outlines her vision of EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the producer never need fear envy and avarice finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...indeed...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king.

Just as Reagan brought down the IRON CURTAIN...so will Lady Elizabeth lead America into EDEN and out of the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. Will you not join her army of liberation?
Rush Limbaugh is "old news". He wants walls along the border...ladies unable to get abortions...and...people continuing to pay a progressive income tax and an inheritance tax. Rush represents more of the same old, same old...just different bag.

Yes...this BLOG doesn't have the patronage of Limbaugh's 3 hour nationally syndicated show...but...it's gaining ground as more and more people want to learn about another way...an alternative to this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

While Rush...for instance...sees little wrong with the overall CAGE environment in which we live...this BLOG does and calls on every American to join the army of liberation and march to WASHINGTON DC and to every other level of government and "make salt"...deleting and eliminating the 20th Century "red tape, tax and spend" template replacing it with the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Imagine yourself in the OUM and you have just experienced EDEN for that brief moment. Indeed...in the OUM the producer never need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax. In the OUM there isn't any way for the master with mob to loot the storeroom...with all funding for government procured through rent, royalty, lottery and Warren Buffett-like donations...but...never done by imposing some tax.

We must join together and fight this tribal socialism which is smothering America. Yes...the would-be master controls virtually all of the MASS MEDIA including "me-too" Limbaugh. But...this BLOG is leading the way to EDEN. Why not consider this alternative? Why not consider liberation over subjugation? Why not be what you want to be and not be what some CAGE bureaucrat decreed?
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OBAMACARE represents an effort to enslave Americans through tribal socialism. U.S.Senator Mike Lee wants to starve this anti-American law by refusing to "fund" it. It's brilliantly conceived since the NANNY STATE is otherwise given funds...but...this abomination isn't. Why Senator Lee won't demand the entire CAGE be "de-funded"...however...continues to baffle and perplex most political scientists.
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An aide of Anthony Weiner called an INTERN a "slut-bag" because she revealed how desperate and despicable Weiner had become ever since his perversion was exposed to America. She pointed out that he was a practicing homosexual pedophile with a penchant for 12 year old Asian boys. And for such honesty...she was labeled a "slut-bag". Does not Weiner have any shame?
Governor Chris Christie(R.NJ) and U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) are trading barbs and petards. Naturally, the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA is publicizing this back and forth since such acrimony might assist the Democrats in 2014.

These two Republicans should be attacking the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and not each other. However, because Christie is a BIG GOVERNMENT dude and RAND PAUL is a "limited government"advocate...there will always be such tension...one wishes to enslave piling up more "red tape, tax and spend" while the other wants liberation over subjugation.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. Obama is a nasty tribal socialist who'd slit his own mother's throat to advance his evil agenda and it appears Christie is just as nasty only he's hiding behind the Republican trademark...a trademark he wishes to sully and undermine if ever given that chance.
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Grab stones and start throwing? Judge and be prepared to be judged...when your slip is showing. Yet...Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer don't care what voters think...they'll betray while advantage blinks. Both scumbags cheated on their wives...and...would do it again if such could be done. And...maybe voters know...if they'll do it to their loved ones...what is promised might not show.
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Teaching at Georgetown University is an Afro-American sporting the moniker: Professor Michael Eric Dyson. He's a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. To him...he advances his station by race-baiting and race-mongering. He likes to drool the venom of hate and teaches his students about doom and fate.
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Steady flow the by-product of grid-management can be interrupted by sporadic infusion of so-called green-energy sources. Because solar and wind contribute so little to the overall energy-grid in America...the frequency of blackouts and other system failures is slight to none. Yet...in Europe...where the GREEN STUFF is nearing the 40% infusion-range...grid-management has begin to break down with massive blackouts spreading across Europe.
Donald Trump has a show called the APPRENTICE. It has been given another TV season due to its growing audience. DONALD hasn't announced the next bunch to be on his show...but...word has it...he will have Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner and Ambassador Stevens as channeled through Bill Clinton along with Debbie W. Schultz and Yellen.
Picasso would paint a portrait of a lady and it would resemble something but little more...and...yet strangely the lady for whom such done would in that something find exquisite and loving care to grab or anoint.

Mention is made of this kind of looking into...finding...and...then...bringing back out since someone asked what might be used to fashion frame for Eliot Spitzer. After inspection of Love Client #9 and all the nasty things he's done to people over the years...the most closely resembling him is a SPIDER...the most horrific-looking little bastard possibly imagined kind of arachnid. Such fits and frames Eliot Spitzer.

Of course...SPIDER-SPITZER is running for public office hoping voters don't care how evil and sinister this jerk can be and has been to many people. He thinks he's enough of a scoundrel he'll be quickly accepted by the Democrats. He doesn't think the Democrats are smart enough to detect SPIDER instead of FLY. As this SPIDER told a veteran journalist, "EAT SHIT...10 billion flies can't be wrong!"
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Tiger butter...say it and see...the waitress will acknowledge the phrase and the dinner is free. Disbelieving but then again wanting to see...I looked at that bill-carrying waitress...threw TIGER BUTTER seed. She stopped and looked at me and then ripped the bill apart...she smiled and waved good-bye...TIGER BUTTER smart.
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Yes...Saudi Arabia has called upon TEAM OBAMA to slow down fossil-fuel production lest it subsume Saudi Arabia and end its oil-only economy...an economy driven by the oil the Royal Family sells to the world. Remove Saudi oil as a key-player and that bunch of rag heads will finally have to get jobs. As one Saudi in amazement exclaimed when informed of such prospect, "Are you frackin' kidding me?"
When Bill Clinton was caught with Monica...Hillary stood by her man and refused to throw him under the bus. Similarly...Huma Abedin has stood by her husband, Anthony Weiner. Both ladies know their decision was theirs to make and they did. While their husbands are jerks...these ladies are demonstrating what makes an American girl the best partner.
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"Please Mr. Titler...I need the job." Indeed...Titler wanted to hire little Billy...but...the minimum wage was too high. Because of that federal law...he couldn't afford Billy. Sure...the wood needed to be cut...and...then...sold...but...the minimum wage was too high and didn't warrant the expense.

Hence...Titler told Billy that Billy would remain in the pool of the institutionalized unemployed...a pool of people unable to get a job because the minimum wage was too high. Yes...Billy was destined to become more and more dependent but such enslavement is what the Democrats find so appealing.
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In the movie, GHOST-BUSTERS II...there is a Brooklyn-accented dude who asks the Ghost-busters "why] have you came?"

Mention is made of this incredible description since many advocates of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE ask the same question. They know this BLOG calls for the elimination of this CAGE and the ushering in of this otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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Jesus healed many...but...only one came back to say "THANK YOU". As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I invite everyone to join the army of liberation. Yes...we march to WASHINGTON DC to make salt and dismantle this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...in such resultant otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...never can there be found any able-bodied pauper.
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Yes...if you apply logic and reason to the concept of "minimum wage" you quickly conclude it's evil and an attack on freedom in every way. Under such law...the worker demands the employer to pay above what can be done...the employer knows losses can't be sustained...and...such a demanding person shunned. Hence...the minimum wage law creates institutionalized unemployment wherein such pool the young and marginal await their chance to spin straw into wool.
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If you stop taxing wages...the employee would be quite better off. Even the $8.00 per hour worker bee would be able to live in Washington DC. Sure...taxes keep the population deprived and dejected. But when you're trying to impose Obama's idea of tribal socialism every whip and chain program or policy is skillfully perpetuated and well-protected.

Ayn Rand depicted this NANNY STATE CAGE in her greatest novel, ATLAS SHRUGGED. It's obvious to most people in 2013 that she was in many ways well ahead of even Nostradamus in her prophecy.
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As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...an invitation is extended to everyone to consider EDEN. Unlike other political systems...America can change course quickly. Indeed...if enough voters want liberation over subjugation...such will attain!
Some might ask about the title when there isn't anything in the above statement which alludes to LOOSE NAIL. Permit this humble voice to speak out against the whip and chain of this modern-day pharaoh.
MSNBC...and...all other Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA...fears U.S. Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky). If Senator Paul is clever he'll preach THE ORB...and...call upon every American to join the army of liberation and accompany him to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". So feared is this cry for liberation over subjugation that MSNBC has dispatched its talking heads to disparage and decry this brave American whose demand that this CAGE be dismantled...so infectious and attractive...it's feared and loathed by all of the vermin Hun-horde of socialists and other freedom-haters.

Indeed...any politician wishing to remain relevant...will preach deployment of THE ORB...deployment at every level of government...from the city council to Congressional chamber. As Senator Paul forecast, "If the candidate is preaching more of the same...if that candidate is offering to enslave...then...that candidate needs to be and will be by the thousands defeated decisively!"
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In one place...the market was left alone and everyone there was prosperous. Indeed...not anywhere could be found an able-bodied pauper.

On the other hand...the other site was beset with 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE "red tape, tax and spend" program and policy...and...that spot is called America-2013!

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Minimum wage hurts the worker bee. It creates institutionalized unemployment. Examine Europe if you don't believe it. Should the worker bee refuse to kneel and lick this boot any longer...it's likely they can change America for the better by voting out this vermin Hun-horde of socialists who use the minimum wage to create abject dependency.
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According to every statistic available...TEAM OBAMA is presiding over the impoverishment of America. Yes...the politicians are getting their salaries and their cronies are getting rich...but...the average American has been stomped by OBAMA-NOMICS...a euphemistic way of saying "tribal socialism". If you don't believe it...you are paying attention and deserve the slap and blow Obama wishes for you to know.
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Methane hydrate is found at the bottom of the sea and in an abundance beyond fantasy. Some believe there's 700 trillion cubic feet of such stuff to be grabbed...but...the environmentalists want it left alone. Such an abundant source of energy would subsume their windmills and solar panels...and...render foolhardy ethanol production. hence, they never want such stuff accessed. Not ever!

Man-made global warming mythology envisions a massive methane hydrate release which will plunge Mother Earth into a new Ice Age. Of course...it's myth...but...it has Hollywood behind it!
The more unhampered the markets of China the more prosperity shall it enjoy overall. Right now the capitalists are struggling to gain more of a political foothold in China...but...their effort will eventually produce a greater...more dynamic and wondrous China, if such is possible! President Xi knows such things and is China's best leader for this 21st Century path. he is orchestrating this massive feat to eliminate the grip and grab of "stifling-government".
In Michigan...pension-recipients have a champion* in Attorney General, Bill Schuette. He's told Michigan taxpayers they're slaves to these "in-the-red" pension fund recipients...and...they as wealth-holders...as taxpayers...they must pay even if such obligation means selling everything in Detroit...something they wouldn't want to do...but...to fund those pension funds it would be something they would be obliged to do. Sure...it would drive the producers from the state...but...when you're a socialist economy...who really cares since there will always be beasts of burden willing to pull that FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE.

*However, such sanguine forecasting as to the amount such forced-sales is as worthwhile as guessing the power of the ant on the butt of an elephant.
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In a trench...the cry "IN COMING" was an instant alert to fall to the ground...hug mother earth as much as possible...and...hope that batch of doom didn't have your name on it. BOOM!

Recently...the American medical service industry has come under attack by would-be masters of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. In many respects the onslaught from OBAMACARE...for instance...could metaphorically be labeled: "IN-COMING".

Responding to this bombardment...many doctors are refusing to kneel and lick boot. They're insisting on their patients paying cash or go elsewhere. And...because that "elsewhere" is horrible...deficient...nothing new...these patients are choosing quality over government-goo.
Once...David Blaine...a magician...was asked if he ever had a teacher of this incredible art. After some consideration of ripple and pack...Blaine conjured word and answered back. Yes...SLOVAJ ZIZEK...was probably the script-writer for most of what is done...it was Zizek...for instance...who first from straw...into gold...it spun. Exhilarating...extricating...while still...had run.
When former Democratic National Committee chairman, Howard Dean described OBAMACARE as the foremost achievement of OBAMA...it reminded many voters that the death camps were called Hitler's foremost achievement. Indeed...no less than Noam Chomsky...M.I.T.speech-guru...called OBAMACARE the moral equivalent of a death camp. He was surprised a tribal socialist such as Obama would attempt this kind of proven-never-to-work template...imposing thereby NAZI-like "whip and chain".
Okay...degrees of mean? Well...there's mean...very mean...extremely mean...ridiculous mean...ram-speed mean...and...then...there is DEAN MEAN as epitomized by Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont. He's the outer edge of dripping venom...the poster child from drooling anger expressed in slap and blow. Call someone DEAN MEAN and you'll described a maniac without reset button or slow-mo.
Obama and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL)were quick to label as a phony scandal the assassination of potential whistle-blower, U.S. border guard BRAIN TERRY and its incidental cover-up. Sure...they conceded Terry was killed...and...yes...the gun and bullet were once in the confirmed possession of TEAM OBAMA...but...according to this newest explanation...such references are part of a phony scandal...a bubbling brew wherein it's claimed that Obama...about the assassination prior to its commission...knew!

Before you sign on to this newest spin about assassination...open and end...that the death of BRIAN TERRY is a phony scandal...why not examine what the government can't hide due to the advent of "EDDIE SNOWDEN"revelations...many of which were streamed to this BLOG with password handle? By such study you will sense the factual data...the facts and factors...surrounding the death of Brian Terry...are...patently solid and verifiable. You can...for yourself...assess if the obvious connection between the bullet which killed Terry and U.S. Attorney General, Eric the Holder is loose-fitting or glove-tight.

You might ask yourself "why" would the MASS MEDIA avoid making such connections and revealing this evil afoot...why hasn't there been the cry for revelation? The answer might be as demented* as the cover-up ongoing with respect thereto. Maybe the MASS MEDIA is controlled by the government to such an extent whatever buy-line TEAM OBAMA drafts...such is their "talking-head" script for the next news segment.

Hence...with such air-cover...so to speak...Obama was able to label this assassination as "phony scandal"...little more than the over-active generation of  this BLOG. But...as asked before...please...prior to accepting this newest explanation for "how" the bullet which killed Terry was controlled by TEAM OBAMA...why not ask some questions in the mirror about choice and foolhardiness?

* Simply examine the proof they've used in most of the public witch trials of Wall Street operators of various levels and caliber of play. The proof is little to none. Yet...because a federal court is used...and...because the federal judge will tell the jury the verdict it must produce...

Take Steven Cohen...for example...the lawyers at the U.S. Injustice Department call him an inside-trader...offering this label without any factual proof.certainly not the level or kind of cement found in the Terry-assassination data base,(click here).
John P. Walters is a rabid freedom-hater and a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE advocate. He likes government diktat and directive. He's a NAZI mentality and needs to be spat upon every time he ventures into public spaces where people can deride and excoriate attempting to embarrass and ostracize. This kind of scumbag deserves little more. What a scumbag!
As Senator Schumer(d. NY) said when asked about Walter's perfidy, "Keep in mind Walters said he'd kill his own mother to advance the police state. He said he loved HITLER and liked how Hitler dealt with drug-users. Naturally...this scumbag was inside the BUSH ADMINISTRATION and conducted his drug interdiction policy. Again...what a scumbag! And...BUSH is just as much of one!"
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Corn prices are skyrocketing because ethanol is gobbling so much of the commodity. As one farmer said, "Why should I not get on that gravy train?" Of course...pork and beef prices reflect this "what the hell" attitude of government-advocates who like watching people pay more for their groceries.
Remove the laws and rules perpetuating this skewed market...and...pork and beef prices would plummet! However, the GREEN ENERGY lobby in Congress has succeeded in keeping grocery prices high and like watching as prices continue to rise.
Because the MASS MEDIA is so heavily invested in the perpetuation of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...any politician wishing to have sustained MASS MEDIA coverage..must preach enslavement not liberation over subjugation.

As George Bennett said, "Perhaps this kind of fear has silenced such freedom-fighters are U.S. Rep. Bill Posey and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio...two people who could lead the army of liberation but who seem too afraid to speak out against this CAGE and its victim-making FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system."
Democrat Terry McAuliffe...a rabid socialist and devout freedom-hater...has been "outed" by CITIZENS' UNITED. Apparently...this watchdog group has uncovered the evil afoot in Terry's heart and they wish to reveal such nefarious bent before the election in Virginia where ole Terry is vying for the Governor's berth.

Naturally...feeling an affinity for him...Anthony Weiner contacted Terry and told him to LIE...and...never admit he's a pedophile whose appetite for 12 year old boys almost insatiable.
U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY was assassinated by Obama because Terry was about to reveal the existence and mission of Black Ops teams afoot along the Mexican border. Most of the murders were done by Black Ops and Terry was about to reveal Obama's connection. Obama made sure Brian didn't tell his story.

Now...years later...Obama has described this murder as a "phony scandal"...not worthy of investigation. Indeed...this BLOG and all the other people asking questions about this murder have been labeled fear-mongers.
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Inside every human is the fountain of youth. Over the eons the ability to trigger regeneration was lost. However, that GENE is still in the human genome and awaits rediscovery and repatriation to its rightful spot. For want of a better name it's been dubbed: THE METHUSELAH SITE.

Recently, Lady Elizabeth embarked on an exploration of this miraculous thing. She directed the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to get answers for her and they did. It turns out that there is a small critter which when its food sources disappear...returns to its infant stage attached to a rock and feeding off whatever floats by. Moreover, in the human population there is a disease* which seems to mimic aging and that disease is expressed by GENES.

Employing the wonders of medical genetics...Lady Elizabeth and her skilled team cracked the GENE which gave Methuselah such a lengthy life. She is looking for someone to manufacture the pill. Take it once a day and you'll never be the quintessence of dust.
*In the movie, JACK, Robin Williams plays the part of a child who matures quickly...grows old...and...dies.
As many know...when Moses returned to camp with the TEN COMMANDMENTS...he discovered some were worshiping the golden calf(EXODUS 32:24). Recall how Charlton Heston threw those tablets and the earth roared?

Mention is made of this biblical feat...since...nowadays...even RUSH LIMBAUGH kneels and licks with candied tongue some master's feet...inside what he has obviously found to be a comfortable CAGE.

 Indeed...today...RUSH told his dwindling audience that he didn't like OBAMACARE but the Republicans hadn't come up with another approach...something they needed to do...implicitly sanctioning the continued intrusion and entrenchment of liberty by asking why haven't the Republicans come up with another plan.

It's the polemic of this BLOG that there must be a cry for liberation over subjugation. Why did not RUSH declare America free...and...demand that all Americans contact their government and direct it to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...where never can be found an able-bodied pauper? Why did not RUSH declare such things?

Had RUSH LIMBAUGH told his dwindling audience that he wanted to dismantle the CAGE...and...thereby usher in the (OUM)...he would have instantly become the voice of this army of liberation which metaphorically marches to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt". Instead RUSH simply chided the Republicans to get busy and craft their own plan to advance the CAGE even further...but do it with the Republican stamp...whatever that might be by November of 2014.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...and...with a growing audience...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...permit me to invite everyone to consider liberation over subjugation....to consider joining the army of liberation...a global movement to eliminate the grip and grab of government...and...usher in the OUM...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where the envy and avarice of the neighbors can't find its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax...indeed...a place where never can the master decree: "my tears...your purse"...So it is written...so shall it be.
On 09-11-12...Ambassador Stevens cried for help for 7 hours while hiding in a safe-room. Hillary knew she could save the lad...but...he was going to reveal...nasty stuff about her and Bill...so...as for Stevens...just too bad...turned her back...and...J. Christopher was killed.

Mention is made of this Benghazi scandal since the latest revelations about Anthony Weiner seem to be a metaphorical repeat of that horrific night in Benghazi...inside a safe room...where Stevens...for 7 hours screamed for help. He knew hovering above his embassy compound were armed-drones capable of destroying all human life...except those in that "safe-room"...within a 5 mile radius.

From hacked National Security Agency data base...compliments of Eddie-pizza delivery guy-Snowden...this BLOG has discovered that Stevens begged LEON PANETTA to release the firepower and save him and 3 other Americans.

But...he had been doomed by Hillary** and Obama. It was quite simply out of LEON'S HANDS...and...he summoned the pale and washed them with great symbolism.

Sure...Panetta could have saved them with a phone call to the computer team to deliver destruction and save those beleaguered four...hunkered down in a safe-room with never-ending door.

What happened to the data Stevens had? What about the dirt? Some say he was able to send it all...to people with such power could hurt. Stevens described with backup stream closet stuff on Senators...Judges...Presidents...and...on people most people never know. Eddie Snowden* confirmed he did. It's likely should Hillary run in 2016...that information will sink her bid.

**Now...Hillary's best friend, HUMA ABEDIN...she's stuck like chuck with Weiner's perversion. Huma has come forward to stand by Weiner. He was wrong to be conducting himself in such fashion when married and trying to become a shining example of forthrightness...a Jimmy Swaggart moment so to speak. Yet...she chose to remain loyal to him.

Such loyalty is commendable...but...it's the American Way and expected from her! Underlying that platitudinous wisp...however...HUMA ABEDIN is sticking by Anthony since she knows he's basically a good father...a good lover...a good candidate for a nudist colony pin-up...and...with some polish...could be in the White House in 2016. He's so vile and despicable...voters will flock to him...particularly when other than Obama...there isn't anyone who can LIE as well as WEINER...the dude's an impeccable prevaricator...a real tribute to the 2013 Democrat Party...and...capable of running America his way. What a guy!
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Ms Quinn...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...has pulled ahead of Anthony Weiner in the polling data putting her in a clear lead to be the Mayor of New York.

As everyone knows...Weiner is his own worst press agent. He can't stop sending photos of his penis to strangers. Indeed...Timmy Titler...a 12 year old boy...and an Eagle Scout...has come forward with WEINER STUFF. According to Titler...Weiner hacked the Eagle Scout data base...found a child he thought susceptible to his perversion...and...then carpet bombed with lewd photos.

Naturally...Huma Abedin has claimed Titler is lying and for that 15 minutes of fame is trying...but...her Weiner never sent such things to Titler no matter how much accusation Titler brings.

Prosecutorial "Puffing Statements"

Most prosecutors divert attention from their own evil bent by chasing for money scum worse than themselves. There are very few exceptions to this rule. Even those prosecutors who do actually live lily-white public lives don't have the spine to stand up for what is right once cowardly members of the media start beating a public drum against it. For example, Bradley Manning's exposure of egregious violations of human rights on par with genocide (those civilians and reporters died for no other reason than being brown without speaking English (BBWSE)).

The American Mentality

Sorry for not being a fan of America like I once was. Sorry for not being a flag waving, "support the poops!" slogan shouting American. Heck, maybe I shouldn't apologize. I have found most Americans to be shallow, stupid and easily deluded, yet still willing to enter the arena of debate, a real man's area. Like lemmings, they march right behind anyone with a gun (of a box cutter) in their hand, falling right in line with anything the good men with guns tell them to do -- even if it means to go kill innocent brown children so they won't grow up to be brown men and come "take away our place and our nation".

The true "Evil Traitors"

Bradley Manning is not an "evil traitor". The evil traitors are those who would strip our us of our natural right to privacy -- those who save a record of every phone call we make, monitoring them secretly from hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles away. He who believes that Manning is an "evil traitor" or who tells people that they should think so is a traitor to American ideals and should be on trial him- or herself. Edward Snowden stands head and shoulders above every American as a man that rejected a life in Pharoah's household and a real ability to amass power and wealth himself -- like Jesus telling Satan he can keep his God damned kingdom! We need more real men of the caliber of Manning and Snowden, not less.

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Government:  A Criminal Gang Out for Blood

As everyone knows, what really got the members of the criminal gang labeled "the United States government" all upset is Manning's release of a video clearly depicting the manifestation of the policies of those false Americans who have surreptitiously taken over the government (the well-known Collateral Murder video).  The gang members got their buddies in the media to whip up a bunch of dick-and-flag-swinging 90 IQ Americans to spread the "T" word, when they know damned well that the murders and the human rights violations were wrong, and that the ends do not justify the means...the video proved once and for all that our presence in Afghanistan and Iraq were indefensible.

The Uniformed:  "All citizens are equal, but some citizens are more equal than others"

Police officers, members of the military, and others clothed with licenses to kill in what is supposed to be very limited situations have been very intentionally testing the limits -- actually pushing the limits -- to see just how flexible the limitations are (Everybody likes freedom for themselves, right?). They want to see just how much society will tolerate, see how much abuse the citizenry will handle before we wake up and slaughter them all in the name of preserving the American principles that we are all expected to be loyal to.
Far too many have given their allegiance to the Republic, rather than to the ideals it was built upon. Many have done it disingenuously, knowing damned well that they have compromised with tyranny in the name of their feminine pursuit of other men to watch over them and ensure their safety.

Toward a Principled, Rational Allegiance

Allegiance to the Republic (our "group") is OK if it is built upon reason and allegiance to the ideals it was founded upon: the natural right to be left alone, the natural right to defend oneself against unwarranted aggression, be it by one man or by any group of men. The right to self-determination in all things. Once you begin to say, "Well, we're so afraid of ___ that we're willing to limit this group or this person's freedom", you've lost your way and have become a traitor to the American ideal.  Once you begin to say, "That person's wearing a uniform, and is immune to criticism!  We have to stop Al-Qaeda/Hamas/The Boston Bomber/weed smokers/dissidents at all costs!" and make it an official habit of turning a blind eye to their obvious human rights violations and other criminal behavior, you know you are going down a really ugly road, for we have seen all of this before.  Our willingness to gloss over and and willfully ignore the crimes and transgressors of those who cary weapons of death as they walk among us, reveals our true fears:  They are wearing guns, they have tanks, they have police dogs, cameras everywhere, and they can hear everything that we say.  "Now they are unstoppable, and we were too busy.  Now they have set up for themselves a separate class of elite citizens with special privileges and powers, stripped us of our wealth as punishment for being "B-class citizens", making it their own.  Yes, there are consequences for busyness with non-essential things, neglecting the things that make for freedom.

The Consequences of Busyness

Remember when all of those people you thought were good people got busy rushing to jump in the laps of those impeding the Ron Paul Revolution (Who wants to be associated with those nuts, right?  I'd rather surrender my own!)  Too preoccupied with waiting for someone else to go fight for us so we could see who got kicked off of the show this week?

Are those in uniform slowly and calculatingly planning a coup? Do they want to make sure they have absolute control over the American populace through fear of them that they willfully, intentionally, and un-righteously torture and beat the shit out of innocent citizens without provocation, hoping those beatings go viral on YouTube? Are they so loyal to their master that they will sacrifice their careers and reputations "for the greater good" [sic], total domination by the rule of force?

Touch Not

The Bradley Manning affair is being used as a not necessarily effective warning against whistle-blowing: "Expose my kingdom, and I'll pull out all stops to take you out." This incident should wake up every red-blooded, gun-totin', weed smokin', flip-flop wearing American: A war is coming. We believe the first salvo will be fired when government agents start kicking in our doors, ready to try to force armed Americans to pay a penalty for not having healthcare. The ropes are ready. We will hang them from the necks until dead, with their feet kicking. No healthcare law will be there to save them then. Their influence in this world will be over.  They know this, and as is widely reported, continue to buy ammunition at record rates.

Ain't No Fun When the Rabbit's Got the Gun

How will we hunt them down, catch them, and try them once our country rises again to its greatness? Well, I once read a blog by a pretty smart blogger who laid out the case that tyranny leaves a paper trail, and no one still being hunted down by teams organized to make sure that they are brought to justice on this earth). That point was driven home to those in authority during the Nuremburg. Nuremburg warned every man and women who is in a leadership role, whether it be someone on the Vero Beach City Council, an Indian River County Sheriff's deputy, a prison guard, a policeman, a Navy Seal, Presidents, Kings, and dictators: Things have changed. Good men will hunt you down and take you out of this world if you abuse your position of authority and attempt to strip natural rights from men and women who are going about minding their own businesses.  No one ever really gets away from us (Teams are out hunting the Nazis this day in an attempt to bring them to justice on the earth.)

Side with the Prosecutors and the Detractors Against Manning, you're a coward.  Only a cowardly traitor would fail to stand behind Bradley Manning's righteous decision and action.  ("Them's fighting words, right there.") Strap on your backbone, fellow American, and let's start taking this country back with words before we are forced to do so with weapons!

[Join our Army of Liberation today.  The Army of Liberation is among you.  We are peace to the peaceful, but to the unbelieving, defiled, and abusive bullies, we will respond by cutting off your heads in public as a shameful example, if that is what's needed to rid this land of tyranny in whatever degree.]

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The MASS MEDIA supports socialism and Eco-fascism and is decrying any politician unwilling to fund such anti-American stuff. We're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and most of the MASS MEDIA favors enslavement not liberation over subjugation. Should the Republicans preach dismantling of this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and replace such "yoke and choke" agenda with the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...they'll defeat the "whip and chain" crowd mightily at the ballot box!
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The phrase "make salt" is a reference to people standing up to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and dismantling the same. Will you not join the march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt".
Gandhi marched to the sea and made salt. The British government had a monopoly on this process and to attempt such a thing was a criminal act. The British thought little of his effort and hence didn't stop him. When he made salt...Gandhi destroyed the British grip on the throat of India.
Newspaper dude, George Bennett finally has joined the army of liberation. Yes...he was a rabid socialist...but...the recent downturn in the American economy has soured him on the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. he knows the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA must be deleted and the otherwise unhampered market ushered in. Welcome aboard, George!
Worthless is how U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer, (D.NY) described the 25 million signature petition demanding therein that Obama reveal what really happened in BENGHAZI on 09-11-12". The cover-up is too clever...too great...and...too powerful...to be exposed. Yes...it got a 15 second sound-bite coupled with a scathing critique by the talking heads in the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA. But effective...such a conclusion would be...however...quite doubtful.
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They're called the TWENTY-NINERS. Their the newest manifestation of the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Due to OBAMACARE...one of the most sinister anti-American pieces of legislation ever to be forged inside this CAGE...employers must delete their 40 hour per week work force and replace that loyal bunch with TWENTY-NINERS...people willing to work for only 29 hours per job.

Naturally...OBAMACARE is a "one-size-fits-all" socialist miasma...an omnivorous maw...consuming jobs and businesses as it gobbles the profit margin until the plate is bare. Ah...yes...the TWENTY-NINERS...prosperity they'll never share.
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The Town Crier from another town...stood at the door when William and Kate brought their baby forth. This well-dressed Crier...took out a scroll...and...after ringing his big bell...to the crowd the name of the baby told. He was not commissioned to perform the feat...he just heard he had the chance...to that spot to cry into the street. While some might say he was out of place...as for many observers he filled the space.
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Most Americans under 55 years of age rarely need more than minor medical service. Hence, they're the least likely to buy health insurance. If it's offered through work, they'll accept it so long as they're not getting gouged. But...nowadays...the Democrats have seen to it that these worker bees under-55 years of age are charged a penalty* if they refuse to kneel and worship the golden calf more commonly known as the "individual mandate". 

While many Americans will kneel and worship as did those in the Exodus story...there will be a substantial majority of voters who refuse. These defiant ones will be led by Lady Elizabeth as she and her army of liberation march to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"...to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein OBAMACARE can be imposed...where enslavement is the default position of government...and...where the producer is yoked and choked until beaten into submission as beasts of burden.
*Refuse to carry health insurance and a penalty is exacted...a financial penalty...backed up with the teeth of the notorious Internal Revenue Service.
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At the Gdansk ship yard in Poland...the master of the CAGE threatened to shoot anyone who approached and touched a fence which had been. To carry out this feat...the master stationed machine guns every 10 feet...with orders to shoot to kill. As the crowd approached the shipyard and guns...they slowed down and stopped. Not one step further would any take. Too afraid. Too much sheep and cattle...not wanting dirt and spade....their fear fairly rattled.

However, among them stood Lex Walsea. He stepped forward and strode to the fence. He heard the racking of rounds...if he were to climb...they'd surely cut him down. Yet...he grabbed the wire...and...began to climb...heroic...defiant...vibrant...divine. Half way up...he turned his determined visage to bubbling crowd...who climbs with me...he cried aloud.

And with that question...the throng moved forth...they pushed past guns...and...for Poland...changed its course.

In America...the MASS MEDIA does all it can to stifle dissent when the topic enslavement of man. OBAMACARE is the latest example of enslavement. Every American has been directed to kneel and worship this golden calf(EXODUS 32:24)...and...some have accepted this YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA and don't mind being directed from cradle to grave.

However...there are enough liberty-lovers left to be the ones who push past guns and dismantle this CAGE. There are enough bold and brave to overcome such MASS MEDIA opposition to liberation over subjugation bade. At the ballot box in 2014...Americans must choose freedom over CAGE. Any candidate promising to do what has been done...they need to be evicted because they're behind those guns.
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OBAMA is traveling around America selling the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. While he never mentions the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE in such graphic terms...he tells his cheering audiences he plans to take from the producer and redistribute in accord with their need. Yes...the premise is Marxist...but...Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION.
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The American Automobile Association,(AAA) predicts that due to government interference with the marketplace...the price gasoline will skyrocket. When such increase occurs...which politicians will cry out for liberation over subjugation? Which ones will demand government step out of this marketplace and permit prices to plummet?

This BLOG believes U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) will remain silent even though Florida will be stomped by such gasoline price increase. While RUBIO should demand liberty...he seems to prefer the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE wherein government determines what the citizens pay for fuel.
As Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) said, "Anthony Weiner used the call-sign "Carlos Danger" when attacking helpless children." Scumbag-Schumer* went on to tell a cub-reporter from this BLOG that...Weiner was caught committing homosexual acts on 12 year old boys and was not prosecuted since the parents of those children were paid $2 million each for a total of  $24 million. Weiner knew he could pay them off and escape prosecution for raping them.
*Schumer is the pot calling the kettle black. He's as perverted and evil as Weiner but has not yet been caught.
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When a cop accosts a person without any belief that that person is committing or about to commit a criminal act...and...demands the person submit to a frisk of person and clothing...the event is called a "shake-down" and is quite illegal. Yet...in New York City...the cops shake down people all the time with impunity. They know the Afro-Americans they grab and search won't cry out since to make noise is to make those Afro-Americans a target for subsequent attack.
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There are more Americans receiving government assistance than are working. Indeed...most worker bees are reluctant to produce since the product of their labor is involuntarily grabbed and redistributed by the master of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Why work...when...you can get free: food, rent, gasoline, clothing, shelter and medical services?
More explicit photos have surfaced showing the body parts of Anthony Weiner. Of course...most people know Weiner is mentally ill and doesn't need to be given any way to hurt people with his detestable bent for homosexual activities with 12 year old boys.

As police data shows...he was sexually abusing several 12 year old boys in Washington DC and took photos of his exploits with them. As disgusting as such certainly is...Weiner thinks people will forgive him and put him back into power.
Eliot Spitzer...alias SCUMBAG...needs to be followed and spat upon every time he ventures into public. On the sidewalk...he needs to be slapped and kicked in the mouth. When he's at a restaurant...the waitress needs to spill extremely hot coffee into his lap and then say she's sorry never once meaning any of it. Yes...this SCUMBAG is reprehensible and people need to tell him as much using their spit and boot to punctuate their ire.

On the other hand...such a vile person might very well be representative of what slithers through the streets of New York City. It might be that his nasty bent is what is so typical nowadays of the people to be found in New York City. Indeed...Mayor Bloomberg when asked about Spitzer said he was evil and detestable but those credentials made him a good Democrat.
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The rabbit out of the hat was a great trick for the magician and always a crowd-pleasing performance. However, the federal government has informed all magicians they must not use rabbits any longer and must use stuffed critters. Because this trick is so popular...this newest NANNY STATE CAGE law will ruin the overall mystique and put most magicians out of business...a fate TEAM OBAMA has long wished would occur. As Stephanie Cutter...an Obama spokeswoman...said, "We want as many people dependent as possible."
Phillip Agnew has finally joined the army of liberation. He wants to stop the imprisonment of young Afro-Americans whose criminal activity is minor or venial at best. Why attack the Afro-Americans? Yet...in the 19th Judicial Circuit in Florida...racism is obvious.

As Phillip Agnew said, "Speaking of elected officials....State Attorney BRUCE COLTON doesn't stop his underling from attacking based on racism. From statistics...BRUCE COLTON is presiding over rampant racism. In fact...if it's a racist arrest...it came out of the 19th Judicial Circuit and BRUCE COLTON...or...his slime slug assistants prosecuted it!

It's time to evict BRUCE COLTON and tell him to crawl back into whatever hole he has prepared. He presides over injustice and idiocy. Go look at his goon squad...his so-called stable of assistant state attorneys...and...you'll vomit. Except for a few good ones...the rest are scumbags.
If you knew a death camp were on the drawing board...would you have tried to stop it? Back in 1942...to have voiced opposition to the proposed German death camps would have resulted in death. Hence..silence was the mainstay of the NAZI PARTY.

In 2013...if you knew Obama were attacking liberty...would you speak out if you were a government employee? From what we've seen of LOIS LERNER and her 5th amendment proclamation...it's obvious to speak out is to lose your status and job.
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U.S.Marshals have lost millions of dollars in encrypted cellphones. Yes...with one of those cellphones you could listen in on government dialogue. As one U.S. Marshal said, "Even Tommy Lee Jones would find this error incredible and worthy of excoriation."

Keep in mind the ZETA CARTEL has 12 of these cellphones and has used them to stay one step ahead of law enforcement. As one ZETA captain whispered, "When we can listen in on what the police plan to do...it gives us that edge...that necessary edge."
Detroit has 21,000 retired city workers and each one demands the city fulfill its promise to pay pensions. Of course...these people represent an anchor...and...such hold is about to be severed in bankruptcy. The fools who pull this FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE are refusing to pay...or...are departing as fast as they can find suckers to buy them out.

The city of Detroit worker bees had to know their basket of goodies could not last and that eventually ATLAS would shrug. What they counted on...of course...was the government strong-arming people and compelling them to pay these anchorites even though such payment didn't make any kind of economic sense.
Federal Judge Denise Cote decided that giving consumers lower prices was a "per se" violation of the anti-trust law. How dare Apple.Inc. give the consumer a lower price on e-books thereby hurting Amazon.com...she oped and drooled.

Folks...it's time to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and remove this power to interfere with the otherwise unhampered market. Judge Cote was clearly wrong...but...inside the CAGE...she's right. Inside this CAGE...government can push and shove as much as it wishes and the citizens must accept it.
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When the Abe-led government elected to reduce the value of the YEN reducing it so much that even the U.S. dollar is more valuable by a factor of 16%...it committed outright theft. Imagine...your storeroom getting looted...and...you'll sense the evil unleashed in Japan.

Many imported products and services have gone up in price to make up for this shortfall in the YEN'S value. This increase reflects the looting of the storeroom and will continue to work its iniquity until Japan stops its Keynesian economic tactics.
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Winning the Tour de France by 5 minutes 11 seconds...Chris Froome became the 100th bicyclist to succeed in this almost impossible bike ride across France. To fend off any criticism from would-be detractors...Mr. Froome...following the enlightened advice from this BLOG...has offered his training chart. Indeed...as one "thus-informed" physiologist said, "Chris was able to do what he's been doing all along...ride faster than anyone else!"
Phil Mickelson...using "how-to-do-it" training videos produced by the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...has won the CLARET JUG AWARD. Yes...he'd tried to win golf games on his own...but...he found it much better to use the technique and stratagems embedded in those videos. Thank you, Phil...for revealing how important this BLOG was in your victory!
*Recall that Albert Gore...offering another inconvenient truth...said he invented the INTERNET and to that proclamation the world laughed.
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In Detroit there is still a city-job for a blacksmith. Yes...the dude who puts shoes on horses still has a job with Detroit's city government. This essential job rewards its holder with a slary of $150,000 per year and a $5 million dollar retirement plan. This essential jobholder also receives free car, free gasoline, free insurance, free food and clothing. It is any wonder that the waiting list to get this job...if stretched out...would extend to the Moon?
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When Timmy Titler was looking into investing in municipal bonds...his broker told him to buy Detroit Bonds since it was a socialist experiment in government and bondholders would be protected no matter what. He was informed that Detroit had the highest taxes in America and socialism was wonderfully represented therein. He couldn't go wrong with such an investment in enslavement gone wild.

However, with the Chapter 9 filing by Detroit for bankruptcy protection...such advice has been exposed as thoroughly incorrect...and...amounted to little more than an expression of hope that socialism was something different in America than in...say...Spain or Greece.
Andrew Puzder...CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc...has joined the army of liberation. He was a fence-sitter until he realized OBAMACARE would destroy his business and put most of his 21,000 full and part-time employees in fiscal jeopardy. Now..he marches with us to WASHINGTON DC to "make salt"...to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.(Wall Street Journal A-17;07-22-13).
What if the North Koreans had send two ships...one with and one without...and...planted misinformation so that the one without would be detained while the one with would escape detection? According to North Korean top-secret documents...the CHONG CHON GANG was the decoy and the real shipment succeeded in escaping detection completely!

Recall the CHONG CHON GANG was stopped in Panama and searched...uncovering* beneath 200 tons of brown sugar 1950 missiles with 1950 technology included. As expected...cheers and accolades were heard as government officials crowed about their ability to stop such clandestine conveyances of weapons of mass destruction....never once revealing that the real shipment got through.
*The attempted suicide by the captain of that "detained" ship was melodramatic and was a sure give-away that the CHONG CHON GANG was a decoy.
Lois Lerner...an Internal Revenue Service(IRS) employee...refused to answer questions reciting her 5th amendment right against self-incrimination when asked by a Congressional committee about her criminal misconduct. Recall that Lois Lerner was one of the people at IRS who attacked taxpayers because they did not support TEAM OBAMA. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) said, "She took the 5th instead of ratting out Obama, himself."

Mention is made of this intriguing relationship* between Lerner and Obama since the headmistress of that school in Gandaman,India...where 23 children were fatally poisoned...cited Lerner when she, herself, refused to talk about the horrific poisoning of the midday school lunch. As the headmistress said, "If LOIS LERNER can refuse to speak about her criminal misconduct...then...so...can I!"
*Where are the lawyers to sue this socialist-government?
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The unemployment statistics are intentionally kept low by government in order to avoid widespread disenchantment with the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. If Americans knew their misery and privation were caused by government...most of the CAGE would be attacked by disgruntled voters vociferously demanding both a deletion of this "red tape, tax and spend" approach and the resultant ushering in of the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Because Obama is a dedicated tribal socialist...he plans to ask the voters to support more CAGE...more growth of government and its intrusion into daily life. Yes...he'll launch his call for more tribalism from KNOX COLLEGE...the place in Illinois where...in 2005...Senator Obama demanded wealth be expropriated and redistributed as he saw fit. And...the MASS MEDIA will both echo this call for enslavement...in 2013...and...describe Obama as a man-God...a Pharaoh...indeed...the reincarnation of SHAKA ZULU.

At KNOX COLLEGE...Obama will attempt to explain...in 2013..."why" the multi-trillion dollar "tax and spend" program hadn't yet worked. He'll promise this captive audience that if he's given total control over every facet of their daily lives...he can assure them he'll be benevolent...and...distribute freebie and favor in tribal socialist fashion.
Senator Ted Cruz,(R. Tx) is getting pushed into corners he must avoid. When asked about immigration...or any of the other so-called "hot-button" issues...he needs to say open the borders...delete the NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate the "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...finally...remove its yoke and choke agenda. To proclaim as much would set him apart from the rest of the "me-too" crew...such people as: former Florida governor, Jeb Bush...U.S.Senator Marco Rubio...and...U.S.Rep. Paul Ryan.
Treasury Inspector General, J.Russell George stepped forward and declared TEAM OBAMA was using Internal Revenue Service(IRS) for wrongful purposes in as much as IRS was directed to attack Obama's opposition. He noted the Democrats were in control of IRS and any opposition was subject to such nefarious use.

Folks...we need to eliminate the IRS...and...hence...remove this tool from the Democrats' bag of tricks. Yes...both sides of the aisle have used this scumbag bunch but it's time to delete IRS...and...send its employees into the real work force where they can try for a job suitable to their self-esteem: cleaning toilets or mowing lawns.
Obama...using patently incorrect English...referred to Trayvon Martin in personal terms. He said, "Trayvon Martin could have been me." The correct way to have said as much would have been: "Trayvon Martin could have been I."

While it's obvious Obama doesn't understand how to use correct English to express his feelings...it's also equally clear Obama wants to use the acquittal of Zimmerman as a way to launch his anti-gun campaign. If he can use that death to his advantage, then so be it. Yes...its' callous and in poor-taste...but...when you're credentials include "south side of Chicago community organizer" what more can you expect?
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If there were one spot free of 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE  "red tape, tax and spend"...such an unhampered market(OUM) would be the most prosperous place on planet Earth. Indeed...Hong Kong...perhaps the most free of all economies...bubble and blossoms daily with new millionaires...people* who produced something of value for someone else in such volume as to generate great wealth.
*Steve Jobs...Apple,Inc. co-founder...produced things others wanted. He did not have some government jerk directing from cradle to grave...and...he flourished as did his customers.

The government in the OUM is funded solely by rents, royalties, lotteries and Warren Buffett-like donations. Hence...the producer never need fear master with mob proclaiming: "Your purse...their tears".
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How to assess the power of the mass media? When Germans were shown the death camps...they were aghast that their beloved Hitler was really a monster. The German propaganda machine was so powerful...many Germans still believed that Hitler was about to conquer Russia. Even when the Russians were in Berlin destroying the city...many Germans thought it was a Jewish Hoax and not reality.
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Even if America does fall to socialism and Eco-fascism...suffering onerous rule and law...it WON'T last long! Unlike cookie-cutter China or sniveling Europe...America is filled with mavericks and freedom-lovers. Oh...sure...there are plenty of servile supplicants and parasites to cheer such YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA...but...even they know when to quit.
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OBAMACARE must be eliminated not trimmed and tucked...but...deleted completely and an otherwise unhampered market permitted to flourish. Yes...the guilds and other crony capitalists will have to fend for themselves not any longer able to suck and siphon from the public coffers. But...the consumer will once more be queen or king and not some stuff-shirt bureaucrat.

The Republican Party must demand OBAMACARE be deleted not redesigned. Yes...Senator Sue Collins from Maine has called for the "trim and tuck" approach preferring to leave in place as much of OBAMACARE  as possible..but...she represents that portion of the Republican Party which likes the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...the power such confers on them and their cronies.

OBAMACARE can be used to convince voters the DEMOCRATS are responsible for it...and...they should send to WASHINGTON DC Republicans whose mission to delete and eliminate as much of the CAGE as possible including this horrific OBAMACARE.

The Republican Party*...in 2014...must preach THE ORB...and...promise to deploy it...dismantling thereby...the CAGE and ushering in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

*As one prophet said, "Preach THE ORB and prevail...ignore and lose!"
China must avoid the pitfall of the property tax. In Florida...for example...this nasty tax attacks people and their wealth forcing them to pay tribute to the KING each year with failure to pay resulting in a loss of that property when it's sold to pay the property tax. More often than not...the buyer of such tax deed soon finds the tax onerous and ceases payment. Such was found to be the case in such socialist paradises as Detroit and Chicago.

CHINA would be best served by eliminating as much "red tape,tax and spend" as possible. As President Xi has said, "The otherwise unhampered market generates the most for the most when most is most."
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Obama crowed that 8.5 million Americans received a $100 rebate from their health insurance companies because OBAMACARE directs Insurance companies to refund unearned premiums. Because most Americans will find health insurance costs in 2014 climbing steadily higher...this $100 rebate will seem silly and appear to be some kind of bribe for them to accept the yoke about their neck.

Folks...why must America be kept inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Let us eliminate the yoke and choke agenda. Let us dismantle the grip and grab and usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can a would-be master impose: "my tears, your purse".

In the movie, BRAVE HEART...there is a scene where Long Shanks tells Robert the Bruce that those who betrayed Wallace sold out very cheaply indeed.
The janitor was from another country and had been hired in January of 2013 because Obama wanted such
people employed. The nurse ignored the strange cough and hacking when she passed by this janitor one day thinking it was flue season and such strange sound a symptom of that. Of course...she was wrong. The janitor was a transmitter of a deadly strain of tuberculosis(TB)...so deadly...he died yesterday...snapping and spitting blood.

The nurse was alarmed. She tested some school children and found them infected...everyone of them doomed to die a horrific death vomiting and gasping for air. She told the other two school nurses to use caution and don protective mask and gloves immediately.

However, when little Timmy Ttitler...a precocious child...asked the Director of the Department of Health and Environmental Control why she had ignored this threat...Catherine Templeton said she was a government worker and she was protected by government insulation. She was a Director not an Inspector...and...she simply didn't much care about the who and why.

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The cook informed the school's headmistress that the government-food had a foul smell. Yet...the government-paid and protected headmistress told the cook to ignore such stuff...he was a government worker...and...he was to do as told...and...ignore such a foul smell. The cook did as he was directed because he was a government worker bee...no brain...no honor...nothing...except...he was a government worker bee.

Of course...most of the children became sick and many died from the poison in that food...food which smelled foul...and...yet...because it was government-food...delivered by government-workers to helpless children...it was considered "good food".

It was fed to unsuspecting children who could not choose for themselves if they wished to be fed by government and hence face the chance of government-poisoning due to government-recklessness...or...worse. These little children didn't stand a chance against government-recklessness...government disregard...and...government stupidity.
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Detroit filed for bankruptcy with $18.5 billion in debts and no plan to pay off its creditors including bondholders most of whom are retired UNION people! As everyone knows...Detroit was run on a socialist model...with "red tape, tax and spend" at ram speed for so long...that the city finally ran out of credit and time...the two things socialism can't create.
*By 07-18-17...socialism will have been demonstrated to be little more than a miasma of privation and misery. Venezuela...for instance...will be embroiled in a civil war with Cuban nationals leading the cadres of hooligans and assassins.
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Speaking to an audience of children...many of whom with big smiles stationed behind him and directed to cheer and happy appear...OBAMA told America...that he liked tribal socialism...and...he'd see to it he enslaved as many Americans as possible. And to that evil declaration...they clapped and cheered. In many ways...these children represent the fool multitude who choose by show never learning more than fond eye doth teach.

Initially...when this BLOG revealed that the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) was being used to attack those opposed to TEAM OBAMA...everyone...except the patrons of this BLOG...scoffed and said its editorial staff was going too far accusing such an august institution such as the IRS of criminal misconduct. Now...it turns out...the hacking of the IRS data base proved correct* and these scumbags were conducting such an assault.
*Lois Lerner took the 5th amendment to avoid having to tell America that this BLOG was correct and had revealed correct data...how such obtained...however...to her chagrin...she didn't know.
Virginia Rometty...CEO of IMB...joined the army of liberation. She donated $100,000 to this BLOG to assist it in its 2014 MASS MEDIA BLITZ wherein every socialist, Eco-fascist and other freedom-haters will be evicted for political office and those candidates promising to deploy THE ORB elected. The MASS MEDIA will be inundated with advertising revealing the evil afoot inside TEAM OBAMA and asking voters to consider an alternative to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
Jack Ma...CEO of Alibaba Group Holdings,LTD...has joined the army of liberation. He knows that China is transitioning to the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...even though there are powerful vested interests opposing such liberation over subjugation.

As Jack Ma said, "China is going to make the correct decision and turn away from socialism and Eco-fascism."
Jack Ma also supported the 6/4 decision by Deng Xiaoping to crush the Tiananmen Square demonstrations since they were a prelude to outright civil war...something not experienced in China for decades. As Jack Ma said, "Deng made the right decision."
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Why do Democrats...such U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz...want to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Indeed...the CAGE can only burden and abuse them as harshly as it does the producers whose own chains have become so oppressive that many are refusing to pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE any longer. So...why do it?

The explanation is as simple as "power" attracts the would-be master the same way as a moth to a flame is drawn. Ole Debbie likes to force people to do things her way. She enjoys watching the misery and privation her rules and laws beget. In many ways her perverse enjoyment is shared by most Democrats in as much as they've been taught to lick absurd pomp with candied tongue.
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The unions in America supported OBAMACARE since its leaders were promised glories and kingdoms if they would only kneel and worship government,(MATTHEW 4:8). Nowadays...most of these leaders understand they were used...and...now...their patrons are burdened and abused. They realize socialism is horrible and only knee-crooking knaves want government directing from cradle to grave.
While the scumbags at Internal Revenue Service are imposing tyranny...and...committing criminal acts against Americans...the Department of Injustice has turned its mighty focus on GEORGE ZIMMERMAN asking people to come forward with any "dirt on George". This kind of power needs to be eliminated and the slime slugs* at the Injustice Department fired...every lousy one of them!
*Four years from now...the MASS MEDIA will be conducting witch hunts into anything the Republicans attempt.
Benjamin Netanyahu...Prime Minister of Israel...told Americans that he would never permit IRAN to possess a "nuke". He mentioned the need for a joint-military operation to stop such development before the phrase "too late" becomes commonplace. On the other hand...should Obama remain tepid and fearful...then...the Jew will accomplish the feat unilaterally. But...the Iranians would never possess an operational "nuke".
Lloyd Blankfein...CEO of Goldman Sachs Group,Inc....heard about the NOOGIE WOOGIE and demanded at lunch such be brought. By noon...at that golden table...500 NOOGIE WOOGIES wrought. The entire team arrived and tried. Blankfein was so impressed...he cried. He wondered how could he get a franchise to spread the NOOGIE WOOGIE around Apple town. To his query...he received an application for the best pork sandwich every found.
Mr. Zhu Changhong...the honcho of  S.A.F.E.(China's reserve fund)...invested in this BLOG contributing over $5 billion directing such funds be used to eliminate as many Democrats and Republicans-in-name-only(RINO) in the 2014 election cycle as possible.

He liked the idea of an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) in America where his team could compete for consumers without any bottleneck or other government "hinder and hassle" format. Hence...unlike tepid and fearful Americans...he was willing to put his money where his mouth is! Thank you, Mr. Zhu!

Imagine gasoline at FIFTY CENTS PER GALLON...and...a loaf of BREAD for under a buck. Imagine as much and you'll sense what Mr. Zhu portends shall arrive in America when the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE is dismantled and the OUM permitted to manifest. Because he has such hope for America...he has invested $5 billion of his $3.5 trillion STOREROOM to fund a media campaign designed to evict the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters and install a bunch willing to eliminate the yoke and choke agenda and usher in the 21st Century OUM...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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In 1916 at the battle of Jutland, Rear Admiral Hood was blown up with his crew aboard the INVINCIBLE. Of course...in World War II...the HMS HOOD was blown to bits by a shell from the Bismark.
The Hood found the Bismark and on that fatal day...the Bismark started firing 15 miles away...we gotta sink the Bismark was the battle sound...but...when...the smoke had cleared away...MIGHTY HOOD WENT DOWN!
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Illinois...the murder state of America...has passed a conceal-carry law permitting people to carry concealed firearms in public. The criminal elements are furious. Now...the citizen can't be attacked lest the otherwise would-be victim(OWV) stands his ground and blasts away...Zimmerman-style. As angry as the criminals are...so equally joyful are their potential victims.
In the movie, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW...Eddie...the pizza delivery guy...sings a song about how he encountered cosmic light...lured as he was by the whispered, "Hey...Eddie...do you want to have a good time."

Eddie Snowden is languishing in a Russian airport. President Putin has reduced his significance to that of dung on sidewalk. Yes...he can remain in that airport...but...he's too "hot to handle" otherwise.
LIZ CHENEY...daughter of  former Vice President Dick Cheney...has declared herself a candidate seeking the U.S. Senate seat held by Senator Enzi...a 3 term Republican...whose political problem is that he supports the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE which has become anathema to Wyoming freedom-lovers.

LIZ CHENEY will prevail and become the newest Senator from Wyoming if she preaches THE ORB. Should she choose to tell her audience, however, that she is a "me-too" person...then...Senator Enzi will win.
*THE ORB stands for the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.
GLAXO-SMITHKLINE,PLC was caught in China bribing government officials at every level in that food chain. As CEO Liang Hong said, "When you're in a country where everything is controlled and directed...the only way to do a profitable business is to pay the people who control the bottlenecks."

Folks...perhaps...it's time that China eliminate its 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the otherwise unhampered market where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...and...where the producer never need fear some would-be competitor finding the right government-pocket to stuff.
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While you might not believe it...but...2000(+) years ago...if you wore a white robe and were not a credentialed Rabbi...priest...or...other designated honcho...you were in violation of the law and could be stoned to death. In this regard...Jesus was not ordained. Jesus was not credentialed. Jesus was not granted the right to wear such a robe...and...yet...defiantly...Jesus donned what he wished and spoke as he chose.

Mention is made of this aspect since John Rosemond...a practicing psychologist...lacks a certificate establishing him with a Kentucky licensing board as such. The board directed the Kentucky Attorney General to attack this gentleman for saying he's a psychologist. Naturally...the psychology certification team have packed the village square with a mob crying for Barabbas(MARK 15:7)...so his chances of surviving such assault is unlikely.
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Recall that in the Bible...Jesus asked Peter to accompany him across Judea preaching the good news. Instead of telling this carpenter-turned-Rabbi he had better things to do...Peter joined that merry band and across their world...made of snake...spider...and...sand...offered rebirth to those whose lives were little more than earth.

In metaphorical congruity...this BLOG reaches out to America and to freedom-lovers everywhere to consider an alternative to this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. As a voice of one crying in this 2013 wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is extended to join our army of liberation...march with us to WASHINGTON DC where we'll "make salt"...and...dismantle the CAGE.

Yes...opposed to such eradication of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA are those vested interests whose future tied to the CAGE not to liberation over subjugation. These people have the power to flood the square with a mob crying for Barabbas(MARK 15:7-8). They control virtually all of the MASS MEDIA...except for the INTERNET...and...hence can direct the mob accordingly.

Mention is made of such people and barriers since the army marches to WASHINGTON DC unafraid...and...ready to delete and eliminate the "red tape, tax and spend" CAGE model, (MATTHEW 21:12) and replace such whip and chain with the blessed 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Will you not join us...perhaps...not in body...but...in spirit...offering your purse to aid our crusade to shed the burden heaped upon you future by some would-be master?
Eric Schneiderman...the New York Attorney General...told a small group that he planned to become the poster child for idiocy. He said he had long wanted such infamy...but...had not found the right vessel to carry himself across the River Styx...until now. He revealed that he would stop the TWO-SECOND LEAD-TIME offered by Reuters to its patrons. By eliminating this aspect of selling and buying...he could control the markets of the world. Imagine this jerk any where near your portfolio and you've just imagined a rattlesnake in your sleeping bag.

It's this kind of power-play that makes the argument for dismantling such NANNY STATE CAGE overwhelming...and...the eliminating of the YOKE AND CHOKE AGENDA so attractive.

What idiot-child was bragging about was stopping progress in the open market place. Indeed...applying this idiot's edict...Reuters would have been prevented from using pigeons to get the information faster than his rivals could achieve...and...his innovative approach would have remained unknown. While idiot-child might not understand the bottleneck he erects...most Americans do.
When Justin Bieber heard about the way an intern working for the National Transportation Safety Board(NTSB) had played a prank on a TV station when the TV station asked for the names of the crew aboard Flight 214 from South Korea...ole Bieb decided he would play a similar prank on former President, BILL CLINTON.

According to officials close to Clinton...Bieber called Clinton and pretended to be Monica...heavy breathing...sensual groan and whispered words of affection. Naturally...Bill played along sensing the dude on the other end of the phone couldn't achieve what Clinton managed daily.
*The intern told the TV station the pilot's name was "YU-Gotta-Kook" and the co-pilot was "beans and pone".