November 2013
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Obama told the complicit MASS MEDIA that victory for TEAM OBAMA in 2014 depended on there being more not less Americans dependent on big foot government. As he fearlessly told a cub-reporter from this BLOG, "If we can reduce the unwashed masses to the status of cattle and sheep...we'll be able to direct them using our bureaucratic creeps. They'll vote as directed...and...kneel to whatever golden calf I forge...on their souls I feed...every freebie given on their carcass gorged."

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The 2014 election cycle is critical since it will either demonstrate that magical bloc-vote to reduce America to "whip and chain" has been crafted...or...enough Americans refused to kneel...refused to accept this idol...and...demanded liberation not subjugation...calling for the dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and ushering in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never could some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"and impose the same at the point of a gun.
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Maybe the difference so slight it escaped your notice...I was the same way...until one morning at the local diner I saw a strange mishap. While sitting there eating my oatmeal...I observed scalding coffee spilled all over a waitress by another waitress and she didn't react but grabbed a towel wrapped it around her arm and walked out of sight into the back room.

Impossible, I thought...unless...that arm robotic and without feeling. Absurd to think such progress in robotics when the most advanced leg or arm look like miniature pogo sticks. Yet...intrigued by the possibility...I wandered back to that door she had used to leave the seating area. The door* opened into a huge room...without windows...without other doors...and...I'd kept my eyes on her and that door the whole time.

*LOST CHORD by Moodie Blues. Mystery spread its cloak across the sky...we lost our way...shadows fell from trees...they knew why.
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Melissa Harris-Perry...a rabid socialist and idiot...told America that businesses needed to pay $15.00 per hour as minimum wage or more depending on how she felt about it. Of course...this monkey has never met a payroll and has never had to worry about her bottom line. Hence...she can say such nonsense and act as if she's saying something important instead of something stupid.
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Well...Obama promised the healthcare website for enrolling to be another "TOBY" would be glitch-free by 11-30-13. While his statements aren't any longer believed...having achieved Bill "blue dress" Clinton status...many Americans are, nevertheless, attempting to enroll seeking therein as much "freebie" as possible and rejecting any demand they pay more than they do now.

Ironically...what these freebie-takers don't realize is that they're being absorbed thereby...their innards drunk in the same way a spider grabs its helpless-victim entangled in its horrific web of doom...and...feeds. These people become dependent on the payment Uncle Sugar makes in their behalf and as such they must accept whatever their master grants: "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." In such metaphorical fashion** they've become another "Toby".


OBAMA-CARE always had this "whip and shackle" as its default position. Those people who seek government help are thereafter the cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps.

And for those romantically considering the manner in which OBAMA-CARE gives and guides...why not add some "reality" to the mix? Why not consider that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius...a/k/a...THE DEATH ANGEL...directed that a sickly child not receive the lung that might save her. Add and suppose that child was your child and as you do...look at that face of that DEATH that moment of might discover the EVIL afoot in OBAMA-SNARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-CARE.
*And while this BLOG relentlessly warned of its pernicious nature...most of the "complicit" MASS MEDIA told America to believe Obama when he a thousand times to America definitely declared: "If you like your health insurance you can keep it.Period!"
**In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he says his name is Toby.
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America will survive this era of socialism. It'll survive because America is packed with freedom-lovers. Unlike the rest of mankind who have accepted the yoke and prefer to be directed as if cattle and sheep...controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...Americans know liberty and will only take so much subjugation before they rebel. They did it in 1776 and they can...and...will do it again!
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As the legend goes, the master put his hat on a pole in the village square and bid everyone refuse none dared. Until one day...came William Tell...he heard of the law...and...its penalty he knew well. Yet...defiant he stood...refusing the dare some clown in some other town...make me his slave...said he with disdain.

We all know he was forced to shoot an apple from his son's head. And...when the master asked why the second arrow...William Tell said, "Had I missed and my son slew...that second arrow was for you!"

Folks...OBAMA-CARE is the "hat in the square". Shall you to it kneel? Are you a worm or William Tell?
Pope Francis was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG about his latest official statement wherein he called for enslavement of the producer for the good of whomever some would-be master might select to receive such redistribution. According to the Pope...he couldn't see any benefit in leaving the producer alone and hence leaving people alone to produce and to consume as they saw fit and proper. Why leave the choices of life to the individual when the Pope and his crew knew so much better?

Confronting the Pope...this somewhat commanding reporter asked him if he'd listen to another point of view and therein receive a blessing...a Biblical kind of to speak. In characteristic format...Pope Francis agreed and sat quietly as this inspired reporter offered a new view...something beyond Jordan,(JOHN 1:28).

She asked the Pope to participate in dialogue its purpose enlightenment. First, the Pope was asked about the benefit flowing to each person when a simple transaction occurs. If Bob sells his horse for $100 and Tom buys that horse for $100...the only objective conclusion which can be drawn from that interaction is that Bob valued the $100 more than the horse and likewise with Tom and that $100...preferring a horse instead of paper. Both received more from the transaction than was given by each...otherwise...the sale wouldn't have occurred. The Pope agreed that such was a remarkable benefit a dedicated socialist...he'd never considered. So long as fraud and deception weren't afoot...both sides received more than they gave.

After receiving the Pope's agreement that the otherwise unhampered market was the only way to maximize that kind of benefit. The Pope went on to acknowledge that big foot government prevented such maximization and was the bottleneck to prosperity.

After about 5 minutes...Pope Francis stopped and injected, "My God...I've been misled all these years. Liberation over subjugation* is the will of God. I hereby endorse the otherwise unhampered market and decree that all Catholics begin to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE."
*OBAMA-CARE...for instance...forces Catholics to buy contraceptives for the likes of Sandra Fluke.
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As pointed out by Ayn Rand in her essay, "Capitalism, the unknown ideal"...there isn't any form of government as good and noble as that of the restricted-by-law kind of governance. She went on to define such vision even further by noting that government must be so circumscribed that it can't pick winners and losers in the otherwise unhampered market. By keeping government away from the storerooms of the producers the abundance becomes the stuff of legends as the rich attempt to out do one another with great feats of largess and charity.

Nowadays...Americans are watching how big foot government works. OBAMA-SNARE is just another outgrowth of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...before OBAMA-SNARE was ever passed...the socialists had already cleverly passed a law that forced hospitals receiving any kind of federal aid to take all customers regardless of their ability to pay. This law caused the hospitals to pass along these incurred-costs to "paying customers" whose aspirin instead of a PENNY apiece were charged out at $900.00 each.

Hence...the so-called spiraling upward of the costs of medical services. The poor and pathetic were granted "freebie and favor" while the rest of the paying public toted the weight. The basis for such a thing...the socialist idea that the state directs and controls life and death...happiness...and...wealth.

Indeed...had the Republicans called for a clean slate...demanded the elimination of these "market-interfering" laws and rules...they'd have discovered instantly a falling in medical service costs across the board. They would've found a market offering health insurance at reasonable rates in accord with a burgeoning market where customers entreated and always given top shelf service.

Because such release of grip isn't ever willingly done by the would-be master(think TEAM OBAMA)...Americans...through their vote...would have to evict any politician in any way attempting to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. As one voter said, "If the jerk supported OBAMA-CARE or any other socialist rule or law...I'll work night and day to secure their defeat."

no image is merely a natural outgrowth of the social contract? When did America become socialist? When did the producer become a beast of burden...directed by some would-be master inside a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? When?

The answer: it began when politicians decided they wanted power and began to take it from the citizen...from the individual and vest the same in big foot government. It has proceeded until such things as OBAMA-CARE in 2013 are discussed as "accepted enslavement"with the only dispute being over how well the manacle fits.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. OBAMA-SNARE is just the most recent intrusion into what little remains of liberty. But what is surprising is how many Americans are both willing to kneel and worship the golden calf and support the use of force to compel such homage.

As a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...invitation is made to consider another way. Why not support the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse?" Why not support liberation over subjugation and thereby have whatever medical care you choose...and...obtain the same when such needed?

Unlike OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE...the OUM delivered the lowest price and the best quality possible. There is not some bureaucratic creep directing cattle and sheep...but...a disparate aggregate of individuals each one living out their lives as producers and at the same time mutual harmony...finding whatever future for each awaits...unhindered by some officious scumbag,(think Obama)...or...other Neo-feudal jerk.

According to HARVARD SCIENTISTS...the OUM delivers healthcare to everyone at the lowest price possible without any need for big foot government diktat or mandate. This lack of need for tyrant is the primal reason the would-be masters hate even the mention of the OUM. To them the OUM is repugnant since they want control over every aspect of life similar to what the Lord possessed over the peons of the Manor. The OUM eliminates the niche for such scumbags and they can't stand the thought of an entire world escaping their grip.
Flying B-52s over the Sekaku Islands(all 3 of them) was idiotic and dangerous. The Chinese have every right to extend their protective cloak to whatever range they see fit. Indeed...this ridiculous display of American firepower was humorous to the Chinese. They look upon Obama as a checkers player...a dung-eating monkey...and...a clown of sorts. most circus attendees...the same act quickly becomes tiresome and boring...two things the Chinese despise most.
The Bible says that spreading rumor is wrong and should not be done. On the other hand, the Qu'ran says that rumor should be used as one would a sword or shield...While Mao and Stalin dispersed them to foil opposition and confuse the beleaguered and downtrodden.

Nowadays...the MASS MEDIA present rumor as fact and deny they intentionally were misleading. For example...when MSNBC Chris that he'd heard U.S.Rep.Alan Grayson(D.FL) was secretly having sex with a 12 year old Cambodian boy until his 75 year old boyfriend of 15 years found out and raised hell about it.
Salon's Joan Walsh was approached by a crippled child who entreated her to give him some money so he and his family could have Thanksgiving. Joan was appalled that an urchin could get so close. Her 3 bodyguards were hastily summoned so that she could enter her Bentley without harassment.

In seconds these three neanderthals...grabbed the "no-leg-below-knee" child by his dirt-stained coat and threw him into the bushes along with his crutches. As they did...they expressed Joan's resentment with, "If you want money...go find it somewhere else...this is JOAN WALSH...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...and...never will she give her own money...oh...sure...she'll spend other people's money but not her own. So why not go and find these "other people"?
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In 1876...a group of piano teachers in Cincinnati,Ohio created the MUSIC TEACHERS NATIONAL ASSOCIATION. They were worried that America would lose the art of piano art that was worthy of perpetuation. By their persistence and visionary effort...perhaps...they could assist the next Mozart or Bach and to that goal and laudable purpose they joined together and created MTNA.

In the election of 2012,though, their 22,000 members joined together to evict TEAM OBAMA. They called Senator Jared Brown...for instance...a scoundrel unworthy of re-election and labeled Obama,himself, a dung-eating monkey. Unfortunately...when freedom-hater Brown and scumbag Obama were re-elected despite the noise of these piano-players...these opponents were targeted for extinction.

Suddenly...and...without cause...the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) attacked the MTNA. This august group was accused of "price-fixing". They were called callous robber-barons. How dare they charge $30 per hour for their lessons when those not associated with the MTNA charge any where from $3.00 to $100.00(+) per lesson. Liberace ...for example...charged $100,000.00 per hour should someone feel compelled to know some of his secrets.

Brian Majeski...a big shot at MTNA...however...said he was frightened by such big foot government stuff. He understood that he was to kneel and kiss ring, boot, or butt...whichever pleased the master most. To get along...he said he and his 22,000 members would worship whatever golden calf the FTC might forge. Indeed...spineless he's called by those who know him best...bowed and licked boot with candied tongue.

Mention is made of this horror since we're watching things in America that happened in the same way in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Those citizens who openly supported tyranny were raised up and given whatever they wanted...while those opposed to the shackle and whip...stomped and chomped. MTNA is just another example of the evil of big foot government in America.

Why must Americans suffer such oppression? Why not delete this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why not dismantle this "red tape, tax and spend" template and usher in EDEN? the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...never could there be a FTC. Never could some scumbag Senator or dung-eating President dispatch goon squads to take out the opposition. Not in the OUM...not ever!
Turkey's entrepreneurs are making big bucks off their Iranian neighbors. Because Obama saw fit to lessen the trade restrictions imposed on IRAN...the Turks are making money and getting quite rich.

However, when this BLOG dispatched its NOOGIE WOOGIE BUSINESS to the area to reap some of this was informed that it lacked special permits from 15 different governments...each one requiring a BUSINESS PLAN and payment of permission-fees...some of which were designed to grab 99.9% of all profit. Naturally...instead of proceeding...this BLOG chose to write about it.
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FDR was both a closet fascist and an outright socialist and along with the "pure-evil" Woodrow Wilson...they fashioned the pathetic economy from which America suffers today. While Ronald Reagan did what he could to lessen the grip of big foot government...nevertheless...on 11-29-13...America is smothered in "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies. Indeed...TEAM OBAMA has told America it plans to enslave and subjugate until there is only a "ruling elite" directing cattle and sheep.

State Senator Evie Hudak has resigned to avoid getting ousted by a "recall-petition" that was almost ready to be sent to Colorado's Secretary of State. Her statement about guns riled and angered her district. How dare she claim it was better to be killed than to defend oneself with a gun. She was, of course, espousing the Democrat's central theme of gun-control. She would prefer watching even her children butchered than pick up a gun and defend them. What a Democrat!
U.S.Rep. Simpson is facing a primary challenge in Idaho. His opponent is Mr. Smith and he wants to go to Washington DC to "make slat" dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something ole Mike won't do since Simpson likes the power he has there. He likes the Ne-feudal aspect of economic life nowadays. He's more or less a socialist hiding in Republican clothing,
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Choice is an individual moment...a time when the person selects. Choice is removed, however, when big foot government decrees what will be in that so-called marketplace from which the enslaved must choose or face penalty. Maybe you like such "freedom to obey" want to be directed from cradle to grave...but...there are 300 million other Americans who find such circumstance repulsive and unworthy of this blessed land.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This imposition by TEAM OBAMA is designed to reduce Americans to cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps. With the complicit MASS MEDIA telling Americans they must kneel and worship this GOLDEN CALF,(Matthew 4:8;EXODUS 32:24)'s likely most Americans will transform into whining worms waiting for their master to give them something.
This called BLACK FRIDAY since it's the biggest shopping day of the year. Many retailers told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that this year is the worst one yest because of the socialism and fear Obama and his scurvy crew have injected* into this blessed land.
*According to Zain Asher...people hate socialism and have linked their pathetic circumstances to the antics of TEAM OBAMA.
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In Illinois...where once the town of Washington steel...and...broken wood.

This BLOG responded. Its CHARITY DEPARTMENT offered everyone wishing to enjoy THANKSGIVING in Vero Beach, Florida a way to get there with some goodies along the way. Indeed...these tornado-survivors choosing such a holiday...would be picked up and flown to Orlando...the kids given a few days in Disney World*...and...then everyone by luxury bus taken to the gala event and then to their luxury rooms at COSTA Del SOL...the finest hotel on the Treasure Coast. And all of this done to demonstrate the compassion this BLOG has for Americans.

In stark contrast...Obama chose to fly over that once-pristine spot...he had meetings in Hollywood with millionaires and other big shots.

Unlike the response offered above...this dung-eating monkey never even offered some of his wealth to assist or otherwise help. Yes...he'd spend other people's plundered from unwitting FOOLS who for his own purse...he'd rather claim he did...and...ignore the wails and curse.
* and Universal Studios and all the other incredible children rides and events including Water World and Sea World and on and on beyond the rim...until all were filled to the brim.
U.S.Senator Robert Menendez,(D.NJ) to a cub-reporter from this BLOG said, "Old mother Hubbard...went to the her poor dog a bone...but...when she bent over...Rover drove her...because he had a bone of his own."

The reporter...a 12 year old female every snort...and...sound from this not a worse scumbag found.(click here).

Pope Francis is a definition...a socialist. However, unlike the practicing socialists of the secular world...he'd never condone using force to compel donation since such wouldn't be donation but extortion....something abhorrent and completely repugnant to Catholicism. Hence, his call for everyone to be charitable to their neighbors is not a call for big foot government with mob to loot and plunder...but...a simple request for everyone to treat their brethren as they would themselves wish to be treated.

In his tome,HUMAN ACTION...Ludwig von Mises revealed the inherent blessing bubbling forth from the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the would-be master with crony never can derail or hinder using well-crafted law or impinging rule...indeed...a place where never does the producer need fear the envy and avarice of her neighbors finding its way into some progressive income tax or an inheritance tax.

In the OUM there are so few "needy and pathetic" that charities advertise for patronage offering luxurious amenities. According to HARVARD the OUM...the number of paupers and sickly are so few that doctors hold the most golfing awards and fishing trophies! As one of these august SCIENTIST said, "The OUM...unlike the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE template with its victim-making FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement the way to EDEN...and...America must understand such a thing and follow what Pope Francis meant not what he said."
Senkaku Islands...3 bits of uninhabited nothing in the middle of the South China Sea...witnessed a low-level flyover by B-52s dispatched from Guam by Obama to demonstrate his rank ignorance of foreign diplomacy. China simply wished aircraft to identify themselves should their flight plan include a flyover of those islands so that they might know who it was near their coast. Displaying his usual simian-stupidity...Obama ignored this request and told his bombers to remain silent when asked by Chinese aircraft control for their identity and flight plan.

On the other gave TEAM OBAMA something about which to brag and crow. While he'd looked weak and incoherent when confronting appeared defiant and powerful. Sure there wasn't any red line crossed by either side...but...the complicit MASS MEDIA is heralding that idiotic flyover as an incredible demonstration of American strength.

The MASS MEDIA is also using this knavish-nonsense as a way to take attention off the NOVEMBER 30th deadline* for the HEALTHCARE website to be perfected and glitch-free.

*They're also using the flyover as "filler" so that public sentiment favoring TEAM OBAMA doesn't sour due to such things as...the COAL-MINE DEPRESSION that Obama has caused...the loss of buying power by the fixed income folks,(think the elderly and disabled)...and...the destruction of American prosperity replacing the same with socialist-misery and Eco-fascist darkness.
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Federalist Paper 51 warned against the tyranny of a majority stomping the minority to accomplish some goal or purpose. Recently, TEAM OBAMA eliminated the 200 year old RULE XXII (60-vote rule) in the U.S. Senate for judicial and executive branch appointments. It won't be long until it's little more than government by decree....the very thing James Madison envisioned as inimical to liberty.

To avoid the ageless unwanted intrusion by mob into the minority's otherwise unhampered market must be instituted...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse." By removing the socio-economic aspect from the reach of government...never can any majority infringe on the right of an individual to be from compelled expropriation.

Madison lived in the time of era wherein government was as much involved in the economic sphere then as it is now. The only thing different is that the government was so small...there were so few laws...and...rules...that prosperity was unbounded...and...America became the richest country in Earth's long history.

Since then...though...the 20th Century socialists and other freedom-haters have been assiduously pumping out millions of pages of laws and rules each one designed to take something...impose something...but...almost never do they delete what has already been imposed.
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MEDICAID is free. The user of this entitlement doesn't pay for the medical services received. The payment is made by government...and...that money comes from producers whose toil and product directed and permitted by the master of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. While it might be free to the end-user...for those whose storerooms are plundered to cover the tab it's not.

What OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE...did was to broaden the entry gates of MEDICAID opening the entitlement up to everyone whose income less than $100,000.00(family of 4 in California). According to the ACTUARY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...such widening will result in an annual indebtedness of $980 billion of which Uncle Sugar will have to print $980 billion of script to cover it...thereby inflating the overall money supply once more,(think Weimar Republic).
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Not anyone would wish to be called Toby when that reference is meant to describe enslavement and willingness to kneel and worship whatever golden calf some would-be master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE might wish to forge. Kentucky...recently...a riot erupted when a green-toothed hillbilly found a crowd of Obama-worshipers and over a loudspeaker cried..."Ya'll come over here and get the mark of the beast tattooed on your heard me...all you slaves...come over here...and...suffer the mark."(REVELATIONS 13:17)
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is: TOBY.

As an aside...TOBY had to say as much. He'd been taught by his friend that there are times when a person must kneel in order to conquer. As the movie points out later in a scene on a hillside his vision of liberty was realized. His progeny exclaim, "Hear me old black're finally free!" The last thing Kunta-ken-tay ever wanted was to be someone's go-for...someone's lackey...someone's footstool but he had to suffer such things in order that his progeny might one day breathe free. To refuse to submit and be beaten to death while admirable would not result in his liberation in any sense such term meaningful.

In Libya...there was a shadowy group called ANSAR al-SHARIAH whose crusade to destroy whatever liberty remained and impose strict Islamic Law crushing any opposition or dissent thereby. They had as many as 200 members at one 09-11-12...they'd lost almost every helper with only the leader and his treasurer remaining to carry on.

Mention is made of this silly bunch since they were used as fall-guys in the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy attack wherein Ambassador Stevens was snuffed along with 3 other Americans who were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The attackers had the entire layout of the embassy including the ultra-secret safe room...a place so fortified it could withstand an atomic bomb hidden...only Ambassador Stevens, Secretary Clinton and Obama even knew it existed or where it could be found!

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. As one White Official said, "Obama can kill anyone at any time...and...the MASS MEDIA will cover it up." But why...this official...was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG having promised anonymity to this whistle-blower...why kill Stevens? What menace did he represent to Obama?

Fearing for her own life...this official whispered in candid reply, "Because he can. He didn't want Stevens to reveal the evil afoot inside his administration. Such revelation would've ruined any chance Obama had for re-election. And...Obama had the perfect fall-guy...some clandestine peripheral group...whose identity could be easily crafted to fit the event."
Paul Swanson...a Kentucky coal miner making $82,000/year...voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Voting for what others called a dung-eating monkey made him feel good. He was promised freebies and favors from this would-be master. He supported Obama's idea of big foot government...and...liked the power of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He wanted to be cared for from cradle to grave...told what to do 24/7...and...otherwise made to kneel and kiss rings and butts as need there be.

However...because of the attack on coal by Obama and his henchmen...ole Paul lost his job and is now unemployed. Sure...Obama called him a patriot for licking the jack boot and accepting the awesome might of big foot government...but...since he lost his job...and...hence quite unable to pay for his car, house and medical care*...his attitude towards socialism has changed.
*TEAM OBAMA told Mr. Swanson he is their slave. He'll do as they say...think as they out his life in quiet desperation. Will Paul Swanson and the millions like him accept the shackle? Obama is counting on it. How about you?
When Radhika Jones stepped out onto her porch early one morning...she was confronted by several critters she had assisted in saving from extinction. She was overjoyed that Mr. bear and Mr. Skunk had been spared the hunters' wrath and were on her porch probably to thank her for her resolve and application. However, she was mistaken in her belief. They attacked her...the bear eating her arms and legs while Mr. Skunk went inside and ate her toast and egg as well as drank her coffee.
The Republican Establishment has been informed they had best join TEAM OBAMA and use the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to squelch any grass-roots movement to unseat the entire lousy bunch...Democrat and Republican...and...install people dedicated to dismantling this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE where the ESTABLISHMENT uses the scumbags at IRS to stomp out opposition to enslavement.
(Wall Street Journal 11-27-13;A-4).

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. We must fight against this effort to reduce Americans to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps*,(think Lois Lerner and Mark Mazur).
*Lois Lerner is the quintessential Nazi. She candidly told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she'd kill for her master and then deny she was ever there. As for Mark Mazur...he's another knee-crooking knave. As for ole Mark...he needs to be taken to the public square and flogged with a cat-of-nine-tails until he reveals the underlying PLAN TO ENSLAVE.
U.S.Rep. Alan Grayson,(D.FL) was asked about "bone marrow" donors giving bone-marrow in exchange for money. He said he was against* such a thing since it would prolong life...something he didn't wish to occur. He liked watching children groan in agony as their little bodies succumb to a disease totally curable with such a transplant. He liked the power he had in granting life or taking it. It made him feel a Grinch stealing Christmas.
*TEAM OBAMA needed a way to cull the herd and reduce overall health-related costs. Because Grayson is a socialist and freedom-hater he can't permit anyone to get healthcare that does not come from big foot government. By closing off any way to survive but through big foot government assistance...he and his scurvy lot hope to enslave and reduce the otherwise proud American population to that of whining worms...waiting for whatever benefit Grayson and his scumbag crew wish to mete out from time to time.
Some of those voters who support big foot government recently discovered how "evil" such could be. Even though Obama told America he was trying to get them "health care" by way of OBAMA-CARE...he was LYING.

Yes...this dung-eating monkey was caught LYING about people being able to keep their health insurance they liked when he knew that to be untrue. He was caught LYING about his involvement in the assassination of U.S.border guard Brian Terry and Ambassador Stevens.'s been caught telling HHS Secretary Sebelius...alias...THE DEATH kill off anyone with a defect in their body's ability to make "good blood". Recall that DOREEN GUMMOE and her family applied for a bone marrow transplant in order to save her 3 girls. She was informed by THE DEATH ANGEL...that due to big foot government taking over health care...her 3 daughters were not going to be saved but given a pill and put into the corner to die.

Sure...if THE DEATH ANGEL'S daughter were dying from the same thing...the bone marrow would be instantly provided. Why? Because she's an insider...her family would be covered and granted the "bone marrow". However, ole Doreen isn't so connected*...and...her 3 daughters will surely die. As Obama snorted, "It's a good thing that government can help so many people."
*This BLOG dispatched its LAW TEAM to assist Doreen and her family. With great effort...big foot government was directed to step away from the situation and permit "private bone marrow donors" to get involved and save these 3 children and the thousands of others who are charted by Obama to die.
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Prometheus...gave fire to man even though directed such thing not be done. In return, he was chained to the wall of a pool of incredibly great tasting water...but...his shackles prevented him ever from getting even the smallest sip...forever...indeed...for eternity always trying to get such water to quench his thirst. A punishment not any human could ever imagine(impasto).

Mention is made of this mythical hero since nowadays Americans are looking for someone with such Promethean boldness...such valor...such courage and stature. Whomever it is stepping forth that person shall lead an army of liberation before which shall be carried THE ORB chasing away with its LIGHT the darkness of socialism and tyranny.

Against this righteous standard none can stand. When the opposition hears of the enlightenment THE ORB affords...they rush to join the march to "make salt" dismantle this* 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...usher in EDEN...a place** where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Imagine never having to fear the envy and avarice of your neighbors finding its way into some law or rule enabling them to plunder and loot your storeroom. Imagine as much and you'll sense the liberation over subjugation THE ORB***fetches when deployed.

*The CAGE...a place where its leaders can lie with impunity...their grip and grab hidden by a complicit MASS MEDIA...their diktat to forge a golden calf impressed into walls and gates with "freedom to obey"the only thing the citizen must know.
**Where a bum can stay for many days and not need any money. Oh...the buzzing of the the cigarette trees.
***THE ORB stands for: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE. Deploy THE ORB and delete thereby the rank enslavement afoot in America,(think OBAMA-CARE). One of the provisions of THE ORB is to pay off every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system with a one-time payment in recognition of the theft and deception suffered by the RIDERS in as much as the RIDE reduces a RIDER to that of a servile supplicant..a whining worm...a knee-crooking knave...a slime slug ready to lick boot with candied tongue for MASTER'S favor, (MATTHEW 4:8).
no image
Obama...that dung-eating monkey...told a bunch of low-information voters in California that 350,000 people had succumbed already and were admitting they* were now "Toby-ized". They had signed up for OBAMA-CARE and had become enslaved...reduced to knee-crooking knaves. What this scumbag didn't tell them and the onlooking taxpayers...alias the unwitting FOOLS who PULL...was that all of these 350,000 people...these enrolled consumers...were receiving 100% subsidy...(think freebie).

How long will it be before Americans become angry and demand this OBAMA-SNARE be deleted along with the rest of this horrible 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?
*In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is "Toby".
no image
Ardent Obama-admirer and model Democrat, Adam Lanza took his legally-bought gun...went to Newtown Elementary School and shot 20 children and 6 adults. He told his mother before he blew her brains out that he loved Obama but his sexual advances had been spurned by this monkey...something his twisted mind couldn't sort. How could Obama not want him as much as he wanted Obama? When Obama turned away...Adam...a good Democrat and Marxist acolyte...reacted...grabbed his gun...his 100,000 bullets...his 500 30-round clips...and...made headlines. What a Democrat. What a guy. Eh, Obama?
Pseudo-economist David Cutler...was spat upon by several people as he walked down the street. One angry patriot took some monkey-dung and threw it on him. When Cutler reacted...another American came up and slapped him until he fell in a pool of blood. Then another patriot arrived to kick his teeth out. When it was broken up...Cutler was found with blood and cuts all over him. He barely survived the assault and public admonishment.

Why the attack? A cub-reporter from this BLOG discovered Cutler's chastisement was caused by this BLOG'S identification of him as a person to be chided and publicly scorned. Recall it was this scumbag who pushed OBAMA-SNARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-CARE.

By this physical contact...they wished to tell this parasite...this knee-crooking knave...he needed to disappear or suffer such "condemnation-in-kind" every time he chanced even a casual walk down any street in America, except WASHINGTON DC where his kind are so many in number the real Americans can't get near him.
Sitting around a small table in a local pub...several innovators discussed the human genome and how 23 pairs of proteins comprising the DNA could be offered to consumers in ways heretofore not imagined. This company became so profitable that Obama...alias MARXIST OF MISSION...directed his thugs to attack and destroy. Such is why the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) sent "23 and me" a stern letter admonishing the company for offering insight into the particular DNA composition of an inquiring consumer. These FDA scumbags declared, "How dare "23 and me" do something not sanctioned by big foot government!"

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The enemies of liberty have taken over the federal government  and they intend to control from cradle to grave. The FDA is packed with bureaucratic knaves...people willing to kill their own mother to advance the cause of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where your choices are restricted by the NANNY STATE...a place where you must get permission to breathe.
no image
The government-workers' union(SEIU) has thugs on its payroll and the money needed for their salaries are taken from the general coffers of the federal government. In other words, taxpayers are funding these scumbags. Such is just another excrescence...another natural outgrowth of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE environment.
Detroit got a new mayor: MIKE DUGGAN. He told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he was going to drain producers of the product of their labor and redistribute as he saw fit. He asked producers to come to Detroit so they could be attacked and destroyed with "red tape, tax and spend" policies and programs. As QUICKEN LOANS CEO Dan Gilbert said, "We're looking for a way to escape this toilet...but...can't find any suckers that stupid."
no image
The horrific smell of burning flesh is too disturbing to discuss. It's surprising how Obama...with that potential stench in his nose..can declare how he thwarted the Iranian construction of a nuclear weapon when his "NUKE-DEAL" merely gave those rag heads a SIX MONTH respite from any threat of attack. When New York City disappears beneath a mushroom cloud...though...this dung-eating monkey will be the first to deny he had anything to do with it.
John Rosenthal...a rabid gun-hating fascist...demanded big foot government* take away the gun leaving only the jack booted thugs of the master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE in complete control. It's odd that a Jew would wish to give government the power to snuff him and his loved ones. He should watch the movie, SHIP OF FOOLS* in order to get a better understanding of such foolishness.

*The National Rifle Association is fighting to save America from the gun-toting grip of big foot government. When the citizen is disarmed...tyranny is afoot.
**While the song, BLUE DANUBE is playing...the Jew asks rhetorically, "What are they going to do...kill us all...there are 6 million of us." At that moment in the movie...the song stops for a 2 second count and then continues on.
Rep. Karen Bass laughed about people losing their health insurance. She thought it humorous that anyone could have believed what Obama was saying about people keeping their health insurance or doctors. According to this Nubian Queen...people must learn to kneel and worship this golden calf...and...anyone who refused she'd like to see them killed.
Iran's President Rouhani met with foolhardy John Kerry and forged an agreement so well-worded...that America and Israel have been left* defenseless...should those Iranian maniacs choose to attack with "nukes". Can their be such stupidity afoot inside the Oval Office?
*In the movie, Dr. Strangelove...Peter Sellers...on the phone...asks his Russian counterpart..."Demetri...remember we have always discussed the bomb...the hydrogen bomb...Demetri...well..."
no image
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero is beaten until he admits his name is "Toby". Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the citizen is incrementally absorbed...until...that once whining worm...licking boot with candied tongue...bit with nasty squirm. Sure...some become worms more quickly than others...but...the end result is a pool of servile supplicants and crony-like parasites. Ah...yes...another Toby has appeared.
no image 1934...required all Germans to swear loyalty to him...creating a dictatorship thereby. Failure to salute Hitler became a criminal act. Hence, Germans would begin and end every conversation with a dramatic salute accompanied by: "Heil Hitler".

Mention is made of this demon since recently Americans were directed by their master to bring their W-2s, their tax returns and Social Security card to the Thanksgiving dinner and share them among family members as they discuss OBAMA-CARE. such satanic tacitly threatening every America. They either get enrolled or they'll be stomped by his pitiless jack boot.

Many American...when they were told of this "directive"....declared they weren't about to do something as silly as that and resented some dung-eating monkey thinking he could impose it! How about you?
no image
In the art of war...there is set forth every way to defeat an opponent. To follow Sun Tsu is to ignore is to invite defeat. So far...this its mission to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...has followed the steps this genius set forth. The results are slow in manifesting...however...since the MASS MEDIA is dedicated to thwarting any attempt at CAGE ESCAPE.
no image
What if this NUKE-DEAL were little more than a way to deflect public scrutiny? Hmmm? And what if TEAM OBAMA were told by its pollsters another fire needed to be started so that 2014...would have something about which to preach and avoid thereby persistent questions about their complicity in passing OBAMA-CARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-SNARE?
Some years ago...Republicans and Democrats passed a law that said hospitals had to accept patients regardless of ability to pay. This law resulted in a huge influx of non-paying customers with the government on the hook for the costs of rendering such service and medicine. Because the states and the federal government were instantly smothered with such "costs"...the cry went out to force everyone to have health insurance. The argument underlying this demand was that people were getting "freebies" while others were paying dramatically higher prices for their own medical for which they were expected to pay when delivered.

The alternative to OBAMA-CARE is the "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM). If an OUM were granted to the medical service industry along with its related health insurance aspect, the troubles bubbling from the government's intrusion would disappear instantly. This solution would, however, eliminate the grip and grab of big foot government...something quite repugnant to TEAM OBAMA whose vision is that of slave and master.
no image
Country singer, Wayne Miller was shot* and killed by the owner of PIT AND BARREL because ole Wayne refused to put out his cigarette. That Nashville bar owner pulled his 44 magnum pistol...loaded with exploding head bullets...and....told Wayne that owner was an extension of TEAM OBAMA and he was authorized to shoot on sight anyone refusing to kneel and lick Obama's boot. Obama had directed no cigarettes be smoked in bars around the country and told bar owners it was politically correct to execute violators.
*The bullet exploded on impact and put a bucket-size hole in Miller's stomach and back. When Obama was informed of the slaying...he laughed and said he loved hearing about people worshiping him.
no image
Hitler used henchmen to slaughter Jews. In America Obama is using a similar approach to kill off sickly people thereby saving money for his socialist programs and policies. For example, he dispatched "death-angel" Sebelius and the U.S. Injustice Department to stop children from receiving bone-marrow transplants thereby insuring their hastened death. He said he liked watching children snap and contort as their bodies reel in pain from the lack of bone marrow transplants. What a guy, eh America!
no image
The Iranians are highly motivated to finalize construction of their Sword of Allah...their doomsday weapon. If they can finish it...they'll be able to tell America to cease its sanctions or face annihilation. Obama...a simple Simon without conscience...knows the Iranians will deploy and advance a socialist state in America...he's willing to do it. What a jerk!
Iranian psychologists studied Obama and concluded he was a fool whose mission to enslave America reducing its people to cattle and sheep readily accepting directive from bureaucratic creeps. He was similar in his rank stupidity to that of Neville Chamberlain...the jerk who gave away Europe in the Munich Accord. Ole Chamberlain stood front of cameras...all packed with ignorance...and...foolishly waived a piece of paper that he told Britain was a promise from Hitler that he would not attack Poland.
no image
Obama and that idiot, John Kerry endangered America recently when they agreed with Iran to allow those maniacs to continue constructing their Sword of Allah...a doomsday weapon designed to kill all life on planet Earth...the ultimate weapon...the tool of the 12th IMAM! The complicit MASS MEDIA is supporting this maneuver claiming America will be much better off once IRAN has deployed and detonated their BOMB.
no image
According to a :science" BOOK used in Texas schools...CO2 is a dangerous gas. Even though that statement is's been framed in a TEXT BOOK. Sure...the U.S.Supreme Court declared as much...but...this same 1857...told Dred Scott that a human being was chattle,(think slavery) and could be bought and sold as one would a cow or wagon.

This text book explains that CO2 is deadly and that people need to exhale less so that polar bears can breathe more. As charlatan-AL GORE opined, "If Americans would just stop breathing so much...the hurricanes and volcanoes would disappear. Just read the Texas science book...if you doubt me!"
no image
TEAM OBAMA knew OBAMA-CARE was horrible and would destroy private enterprise. But when your goal is to crush and impose...LYING becomes a necessary instrument of implementation. Mention is made of this aspect of this vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters since this scurvy bunch is trying to foist a "NUKE DEAL" on them. How could anyone believe anything these scumbags are saying or claiming?
Simple Simon plays checkers not chess. President Rouhani referred to the Americans in that way since Rouhani's a master chess player. He revealed how easy it was to out-maneuver a couple of checker-players. He chortled about the rank stupidity of Obama and Kerry. This rag head opined it was likely Congressional Democrats* are as idiotic and will sign on to the new "NUKE-DEAL".
*Several big mouth supporting this NEW DEAL are Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) and Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL). Sure Schumer says otherwise...but...he's an inveterate LIAR.
Bibi Netanyahu...a very concerned Israeli leader...expressed his anger for the milk-toast deal Obama struck with Iran. The deal delayed the Jew's response to the obvious final stage of construction of the Iranian Sword of Allah...their ultimate doomsday weapon. In an unguarded moment...ole Netanyahu cried out, "We're going to be destroyed by Iranian maniacs with the help of a dung-eating monkey...and...not any where in the scriptures is such horror depicted."
Secretary of State John Kerry along with his scumbag pal, Obama gave IRAN the Atomic Bomb. In the years to come...these two people will be spat upon and called nasty names to let them know that Americans know what they did. Such contemplated treatment is in recognition of the mushroom cloud hovering over what was New York City.
As despicable as can be...MSNBC directed scumbag Martin Bashir to belch vulgar aspersions about Sarah Palin. When America cried out that such nasty reference was too much...too over-the-top...Martin was told to go on TV and apologize...something he reluctantly did.

On the other hand..Sarah Palin was asked about his apology. She replied that she could accept it. However, Martin needed to meet her husband Todd in a place where they could be alone and off-camera. What Todd did to Martin would not be viewed by anyone except these two men. If this jerk survived then his apology would be accepted by the entire family.
*Martin Bashir is the one who told this BLOG about U.S.Senator Robert Menendez(D.NJ) having serially raped a 12 year old Cambodian boy on the condition such information would remain anonymous.
Rep. Rattle(R.FL) was caught smoking cocaine as was Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Most people know about such things because the MASS MEDIA is controlled by TEAM OBAMA.

But did you know that...according to rumor...U.S.Senator Robert Menendez(D.NJ) was caught with a 12 year old Cambodian boy...and...this child rape was covered up. Did you know that according to a recent tweet Carlos Danger was having an affair with the First Lady's lawn boy?

Or how about Alan Grayson(D.FL) whose latest despicable act was how he walked by a blind child with tin cup begging for alms? According to eye-witnesses, Rep. Alan Grayson...a/k/a...the Grinch who stole Christmas...sneered and refused the plea for mercy and money. How dare you ask me for my money when I only spend other people's money. Get away from me you vagabond.
Has anyone traced Al Gore's foot steps since he left political office? It's an interesting picture painted by all that he's done since. When he was shown, for example, how to make money off a LIE(think man-made global warming)...he instantly signed aboard. He saw great fortunes to be forged using his connections,(think crony capitalist). And...from a look-back vantage point...he's one of the best crony capitalists afoot in America today.
Can an American be forced to kneel? Until TEAM OBAMA led by a dung-eating monkey came along, that answer would've been an instant "NO!" However, as has been proven many times before, people can be given stuff and asked that in return fealty be shown...servility evinced. And they'll do it hoping benefit and advantage be gained thereby(MATTHEW 4:8).
no image
While most Americans didn't believe big foot existed...some people...however...found a way to make money off of it. These enterprising folks got 99.9% of their colleagues to sign a letter of belief. These same monkeys had signed onto man-made global warming and were making money off of it until most people began to ignore their idiotic declarations such as humans emit CO2 and CO2 is a deadly dangerous it required payment in the form of grants and programs to examine this horrific menace.
no image
In the movie, ROOTS...the hero's beaten until he declares his name is "Toby". an unguarded he thought almost every American would kneel and admit their name is "Toby". They'd worship whatever golden calf he might forge. Indeed...Obama could reduce most Americans to cattle and be ruled from cradle to grave by his bureaucratic creeps.
no image
The Democrat-controlled U.S.Senate removed the 60 vote rule which was previously required to close off debate and bring the issue to a vote. Nowadays, 51 votes will be all that's needed to get a bill passed in the U.S.Senate.

As this BLOG has said quite often, the 60 vote rule needs to be deleted so that when it comes time to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the opposition to such liberation can be ignored. Imagine deleting almost the entire federal government footprint ushering in thereby the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. With 51 votes the only thing required...the would-be masters of this nasty CAGE can be stepped over and stepped on!
no image
In the movie, THE BLOG...a slimy-goo-like critter goes around a town eating people and getting larger with each meal. Mention is made of this movie since OBAMA-CARE is such a metaphorical thing. Recently the mother of Nicole L. Hopkins was absorbed. She had health insurance that she could afford. When her health insurance company canceled her policy, she eagerly went to the OBAMA-SNARE website.

Eventually she was put into MEDICAID. She didn't want to be put into that cattle herd...directed and controlled by big foot government, yet such is the only option she had. The insurance company with whom she'd been for 20 years at $276 per month was canceling her.

The new policy through big foot government was a 100% higher and something she could not afford. Her only option was to become a ward of the state...receiving what master dictates...and...dying when master directs.
Jessica Luebke found a bag containing $224,000.00. She immediately contacted the sheriff's office. An armored truck had somehow dropped that bag and was retracing their tracks to find it. The casino whose money that was has given Jessica a$35,000.00 finders reward. Naturally, Jessica refused the gift having taken a vow of poverty. She asked that BOOM TOWN CASINO give the money to that uses it to help blind children.
In New York City in expectation of Democrat Bill De Blasio becoming mayor...Afro-American gangs and Hispanic gangs are traveling about the neighborhoods looking for someone to surprise and knock out by delivering an unsuspecting blow to the head or cheek area. If the blow knocks out the victim, the attacker is granted 10 points with a total possible score of 1000! When told of this so-called game...Democrat-Bill laughed and said it was good to have the old New York City back...a place where he and his crew could shakedown entire neighborhoods.
Rep. Jim McDermott...a would-be master and a disciple of MAMMON(Matthew 6:24)...plainly told Americans they were his slaves. He would direct them from cradle to grave. He'd plunder the warehouse and storeroom claiming his intrusion and theft for the "common-good". Yes...he's a typical pig...with one twist. Like Obama...he'd kill his own mother to advance tribal socialism.
no image
Have you noticed how desperate the MASS MEDIA seems to have become since Americans are finally examining this tribal socialism and its natural outgrowth of enslavement? Instead of eliminating the things in government which cause healthcare services and related insurance coverage to be expensive and out-of-reach of the poor and downtrodden...big foot government...led by the MARXIST ON MISSION in the Oval Office...added a 2500 page law presently referred to not as OBAMA-CARE but OBAMA-SNARE.
Many people ask why it is that Russian President Putin is held in such high esteem by this BLOG. After some was determined that one of the editors is quite impressed with the fact that President Putin was able to have sexual relations with 3 naked women while riding horseback. As this editor said, "And I thought I was the only one!"
no image
In the to-be-made movie, part 12...the heroine, JESSICA STANFORD...loses her health insurance due to OBAMA-CARE but receives miraculously an OBAMA-CARE insurance policy costing her much less that before. Because she's a single mom and self-employed, this benefit was gladly received. Indeed...OBAMA mentioned her circumstances in his latest stump speech holding her forth as a poster child of gratitude for the benefits granted by big foot government.

Unfortunately for the heroine, in this episode, she's informed that big foot government made an error. She owed 498% more than she did before. They inform her that she had best cough up that big foot government money she'd received and if not they are taking her home, her car, and even her child due to inability to support or care for.
Martin Bashir...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...was caught mentioning Sarah Palin in derogatory, filthy terms. Instead of reprimanding this scumbag...MSNBC called him brilliant and bold. They liked the excoriation and vulgarity saying it showed the world how low Sarah Palin was esteemed in America. It also showed the world how powerful the socialists and other freedom-haters had become in this once blessed land...a land nowadays beset by would-be masters, parasites, servile supplicants and the fools who pull.
Instead of the "Silk Road"...or...Mt. Gox...the newest entrant into this exotic world of virtual reality encapsulated in the almost mythical "bitcoin" the Secret Service, the FBI, the DEA, the U.S. Injustice Department and almost any other scumbag bunch in our big foot government. As one federal worker bee said, "We plan to destroy any way for an American to escape the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE."
no image
Obama told America that the glitches in the health insurance website would be fixed by 11-30-13. Now...his stooge at HHS told reporters that she doubted that the website would ever perform as envisioned. HHS Secretary Sebelius went on to say that the website might not ever get fixed and was something that would expand and fall from time to time as big foot government imposes more strictures and diktats.
U.S.Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) was caught on camera smoking crack cocaine. Unlike Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, though, Nelson has escaped censure* because he's part of the tribal socialist team which has control of the U.S.Senate and Oval Office. When asked by a cub-reporter from his BLOG why he was spared such "bad press"...this scumbag replied that he was protected by a complicit MASS MEDIA.
*U.S.Rep. Trey Radel(R.FL) was charged with cocaine possession. The charge is based on an encounter Trey had with a lady who was the consort of Bill Nelson. He didn't know that she was a confidential informant and was sent to put cocaine into the pocket of ole Radel when he was taking a shower after sex.
no image
Obama candidly said that he was going to transform America from the "land of the free and home of the brave" into a socialist miasma wherein there is a ruling elite and everyone else as poor as the people of Europe and Britain.

To accomplish this transformation...Americans are told 24/7 they're not free but are cattle and sheep to be controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. The public schools are simply "ignorance-generators". The children are told to kneel and lick worship whatever golden calf the master might accept the chain and whip.
U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) knew that Obama was deceiving Americans about OBAMA-CARE. Because she's a fellow traveler and loves the enslavement OBAMA-SNARE represents...she went along with the LIE...something most honorable people wouldn't do...but something she found attractive and "job-securing". When asked "why" she went long with the LIE...she replied that her need to direct and control her fellow Floridians was overwhelming.
Most public schools are nowadays glorified baby-sitters. The teachers are told in a "common-core" way they're duty to create ignorance on a massive scale. The purpose: to generate entire populations whose beliefs are steeped not in science but in myth and silly supposition.

Take for example the MYTH of "man-made global warming". Never are the students informed that such a thing as "man-made global warming" is supposition and based on "paid-for" LIES...LIES* designed to give the master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE the power and control over Americans from cradle to grave. Never are the students informed that such MYTH generate huge grants and payments from a complicit big foot government to these LIARS.
* When these scumbags needed some proof the oceans were warming up...they went to areas above undersea volcanoes and took their measurements. When asked off-camera about this obvious "contrivance" of these jerks, Penn State Michael Mann, admitted they did fudge and concoct...but...if he didn't...he'd not have as much income. To retain this income stream...he had to participate in this conspiracy to foist this LIE on an ignorant and unsuspecting public...a public taught in the masters' public schools to lick the jack boot and believe whatever the master said was true.

Yesterday...federal worker bee, Henry Chao sat in his chair and answered questions for a Congressional hearing about the OBAMA-CARE website. Afterwards...Henry Chao was interviewed by a cub-reporter from this BLOG. Chao told her that he liked the job since it permitted him to be a part of the overall socialist transformation of America. He enjoyed watching people kneel and lick the boot of big foot government. Indeed...this moon-faced scumbag...when he heard 120 million Americans would be compelled to worship this golden calf...laughed and said he wanted to kill anyone who didn't obey.
Unbounded fate...what grip hath doom? Guard gate.
Rep. Rosa Delauro...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...told her constituents she was not going to permit the Republicans to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. According to this parasite...Americans wanted to be directed by her from cradle to grave.

Maybe you're one of those servile supplicants ready to lick Delauro's boot in exchange for freebie and favors from big foot government...but...most Americans found her haughty attitude despicable.
Because America is the land of the free and home of the brave...U.S.Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has come forward to denounce TEAM OBAMA and OBAMA-CARE for attempting to enslave the producer and create a voting bloc of 200 million dependent souls...each one vying for more not less big foot government interference with the private sector.
While most people have seen the movie, TEN LITTLE INDIANS, they haven't been treated to the upcoming big-screen drama entitled: 39 Democrats. In this latest edition of that story-line..39 Democrats are asked to explain why they jumped ship when it came to OBAMA-SNARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-CARE. They all agreed it was political survival which was their impetus to join the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Rep. Peter Defazio...for example...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he signed on to changing OBAMA-SNARE. According to this scumbag...if he didn't pretend to desire such change...he'd surely lose his berth in 2014...something this jerk couldn't afford since he's a well-known parasite and couldn't find employment* in the private sector.
*Hearing Rep. Defazio's reason for changing employer offered to give Defazio a job cleaning toilets and using his mouth to give pleasure to male patrons of the bowl. Of course...Defazio told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he was very interested in that job.
Pseudo-economist, Steve Liesman, said Obama had done quite well in assisting America to recover from the 2009 economic downturn caused by TEAM OBAMA and a compliant BUSH/CHENEY. He said by enslaving producers...Obama had succeeded in fundamentally transforming America into a tribal socialist state where the citizens...the cattle and sheep...are directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.
no image
OBAMA-SNARE hasn't destroyed all that it was designed to ruin or erase. It's the polemic of this BLOG that the health insurance plans now offered by employers will disappear leaving over 100 million Americans without health insurance. When these Americans discover how horrific OBAMA-SNARE really is...TEAM OBAMA will be evicted from their berths and replaced by "eager-to-delete" politicians whose mission to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE wherein such "enslavement" is possible.
How many lies has Obama told? Some political pundits have declared he's more deceptive that Bill "blue dress" Clinton. He lied about OBAMA-SNARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-CARE...and...was caught fudging the unemployment numbers in order to get re-elected in 2012. According to David Axelrod...Obama is an inveterate liar but should be commended for his willingness to deceive. As if reverential...Axelrod went on to say that such evil demonstrates a complete disregard for truthfulness something Axelrod found appealing and worthy of his drooling praise.
To assist TEAM OBAMA in its re-election efforts in 2012...the unemployment numbers were doctored. Those Dept. of Labor employees involved in this LIE have been told they're to be quiet and permit Obama to stop any investigation by the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.

 By deploying the "executive privilege" approach, Obama envisions putting an impenetrable barrier between him and the LIE. By injecting this insulating feature of the executive privilege, Obama hopes to derail any revelations about his complicity in generating such a LIE. As U.S. Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) opined, "It's obvious Obama is a liar. I guess I'm as much a liar as he since I knew the unemployment numbers were reveal the LIE would have cost me my berth and I was not and still am not motivated to tell Floridians the truth about how many Floridians are unemployed."
U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi told MSNBC commentator, Sergeant Ed Schultz that she was like him in that she "knew nothing"...and...didn't wish to edify her otherwise vacuous existence. She loved hearing about people losing their health insurance due to OBAMA-CARE since it was her vision that Americans be reduced to servile supplicants...cattle and sheep...controlled from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps.
no image
What person do you know wants to enslave you? While you might not know anyone expressing such a's obvious there are such people whose bloc vote keeps politicians in power whose mission it is to enslave the producers for the benefit of these RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. Indeed...just listen to the Congressional Democrats and you'll hear them extolling the virtues of slavery.
Recently...using the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT(FOIA)...this BLOG discovered that whomever it was that attacked the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12...had information* which otherwise was only known by Obama or the Secretary of State Clinton! This linkage...this smoking gun...puts the death of 4 Americans one of whom as an Ambassador squarely at the doorstep of those two scumbags.
*While the MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to ignore and stifle any data on the "snuff-order" Obama issued to silence Ambassador Stevens from revealing things which would deal the Obama campaign a death blow...there are Americans using the INTERNET to educate America on the evil in the Oval Office as well as reveal the TRUTH.
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Charlie Crist is a disguised socialist. He hates freedom and wants Florida to be as burdened as those northern states many of which are drowning in their socialism. He likes misery and privation and will champion any law or rule which fetches such destruction removing as much liberty and impose as much subjugation as possible.

Charlie Crist was a Republican. But he was a Democrat disguised as a Republican. He found he was opposed by liberty-lovers and his loss to Rick Scott proved as much.
Liz Cheney...running for the U.S.Senate...erred when she came out in favor of traditional marriage and definitely opposed to the homosexual version thereof. How dare two humans fall in love and wish to be joined in marriage. According to this pedant...her assessment should be imposed...any dissent stomped.

Ms. Cheney was warned by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that if she were to preach THE ORB she'd win her political contest(s). If she chose to follow the staid Republican Establishment "anti-gay" position...though...she'd surely lose. This BLOG has a material interest in replacing the BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT types...both Republican and Democrat...hence such advice was given. Liz Cheney seemed ready to delete the grip and grab by TEAM OBAMA and its complicit MASS MEDIA.

By this august DEPARTMENT..she was directed to tell the voters:(i) she marched to make salt and (ii) the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE by her hands would be dismantled.

Obviously...ole "hateful" Liz was told by smarter political pundits that she needed to disparage gays and tell the hungry MASS MEDIA that she was a "gay-bashing" kind of lady. These so-called wizards told her that along with being an avid "gay-hater"...she needed to be "anti-abortion"...and..."anti-immigrant".

It's the polemic of this BLOG she's getting betrayed by her own advisers whom it's suspected see greater advantage in derailing this blond-haired freedom-hater. Had Liz Cheney preached THE ORB...she'd have put her opponent in the untenable position of defending the status quo. Somehow...smarter advisers prevailed...however...and this lady is drooling venom in ways few voters find attractive.
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John F. Kennedy(JFK) wanted to reduce the grip and grab of the federal government. The Wall Street Journal(WSJ) was opposed to liberation over subjugation and said as much when it critiqued the TEX REDUCTION PLAN.

"How dare Kennedy call for reducing the "stomp and chomp" agenda of Congressional socialists"... these scumbags declared. These so-called pundits predicted a disaster for the economy since these jerks believed government was the "cure-all"...and...the generator of prosperity.

Of course...history reflects the American economy boomed after the jack-boot of government was somewhat lifted. The tax reduction didn't hurt but materially helped Americans conduct business for profit instead of simply working to give big foot government more money to impose even more big foot government.

While the WSJ was clearly wrong...never did WSJ acknowledge its error. Apparently...the WSJ directed by disguised-socialist...its daily-paper just another propaganda outlet. No wander it's taken so long to reveal that Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION who would slice his own mother's throat to advance that ideology.
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In 2014...the voters will choose if they wish to be enslaved. Naturally, TEAM OBAMA believes most voters want to be controlled from cradle to grave. Hence, they want higher taxes...more red tape...more grip and grab. Will voters choose "shackle and whip"?

The best thing Republican candidates could do is tell the voters they'll dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE beginning with OBAMA-SNARE...a/k/a...OBAMA-CARE. These politicians should support "open borders" to an abortion along with eliminating the progressive income tax and the inheritance tax. Such a platform would subsume the Democratic candidates whose "sump-speech" calls for more not less big foot government.
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Because the WEATHER DEPARTMENT of this BLOG determined that tornadoes would strike Kokomo...that town was warned. Naturally, the warming was ignored by most residents of that "to-be-destroyed" city since big foot government told them they had nothing to fear but fear itself. They trusted TEAM OBAMA. Sure...they were told never to trust those jerks. However, from the looks of the disaster in that's obvious they chose to believe BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT.
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Lockheed has cut is job squad by 4000 souls. Many agreed the reason for their discharge was OBAMA-SNARE. Naturally, these 4000 votes will go to the Republican candidate provided that politician preach THE ORB and promise to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE wherein big foot government dictates and directs.
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As it turned out...39 Congressional Democrats deserted Obama and supported the UPTON BILL which would permit Americans to retain their health insurance even if that health insurance does not possess all the goodies and favors embedded in OBAMA-SNARE. Why did these 39 feel it politically beneficial to back a Republican measure? Perhaps they're in vulnerable districts and must appear to be against this aspect of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.
Dennis Rodman has been strangely quiet since he was informed 96,742 Christians were put to death in North Korea. "How could his little buddy in that toilet bowl of a country have executed Christians?" Rodman aloud queried.

Rodman went on to tell a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he was stunned. That little North Korean was such a fun-loving fellow. He smoked crack cocaine with him and laughed at Rodman's silly jokes something few others did. Hence, Rodman was surprised.
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Obama recently was caught LYING. He admitted he was wrong to have deceived America. Yesterday, this dung-eating monkey announced that the insurance companies could continue to deliver insurance coverage for another 12 months. The idea was to alleviate the harm OBAMA-CARE has done to people who liked their insurance and believed Obama's promise that such things would not be touched.

This diktat is nonsense because insurance pools are not magically decreed into existence. While any insurance agent will tell you as much...such obvious aspect was completely overlooked by this south side of Chicago community organizer. Somehow...the insurance companies are supposed to re-issue the canceled health insurance policies without any regard to how such risk-pools would be reconstructed.

Naturally...the complicit MASS MEDIA won't call Obama on this tactic. They seem to be quite satisfied with this newest duck and dodge. They think this maneuver will dupe as many people as Obama's first LIE seems to have done. They believe with their power to persuade that they can succeed in getting TEAM OBAMA re-elected in 2014. To them...voters are stupid and can be told almost anything and it'll be accepted as truth.
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Obama's limousine struck and killed a yellow-in-color dog which had dashed into the road to knock a crawling baby from the on-coming tires. The baby was saved...but...that old yellow dog was crushed.

Immediately behind the dog was another child...a child of 8 years...and...that now-dog-beneath-tire...that old yeller dog had been with him ever since he traded a horny toad for it with some dude many called the "Rifleman".

The child ran up to the scene. There stood Obama looking at the crushed-to-death dog. The child had heard Obama telling his driver to drive off and not stop. This now-grieving child had heard the driver in reply sternly tell that dung-eating monkey that he couldn't do it because the dog's owner was right there. The child approached and before the Secret Service squad could deploy and shoot the child, this child was able to say to Obama: "You killed my dog, mister. You killed my dog!"
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In a 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) there is not any need for laws with names such as :Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012(alias JOBS ACT). The 21st Century open marketplace addresses all problems and sorts them out accordingly. In the is conducted by permission of the master. Indeed...the JOBS ACT has so many many bottlenecks...few have ventured to access whatever is available. And those entrepreneurs who have gone that extra mile to get their permission slip from the Securities and Exchange Commission have discovered they're the targets of every government probe and prosecution possible.
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Instead of OBAMA-CARE...why not eliminate the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete its "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies...and...usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where medical care is offered at the lowest price for the best quality possible? As it tape and permission slips have bottle-necked the medical care delivery industry so much that it has become another leviathan with little regard for patients or practitioners.
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Someone asked how it was that U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) could be so open about her unwavering support for OBAMA-CARE when other Democrats are fearful to mention they were ever connected to its passage. The answer is that in her voting-district...there are more people who like her than don't.

However, even in this bunker...she's vulnerable to a message offering liberation over subjugation. She could be defeated by a candidate whose platform that of the otherwise unhampered market. Whereas she could offer only more grip and grab...more yoke and choke...her opponent could preach THE ORB...describing for the audience EDEN...a place where never could be found an able-bodied pauper.
U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) declared she would insist on all Democrats supporting OBAMA-CARE. According to this rabid socialist...people will be forced to comply. As ole Debbie said, "We plan to replace liberty with "freedom to obey". Such a transformation will insure we remain the ruling elite...directing from cradle to grave."
U.S.Rep. Patrick Murphy(D.FL) was told he wouldn't be re-elected because of his unwavering support for OBAMA-CARE. Instantly, Murphy  told his team to spread the word that he was against OBAMA-CARE. Yes...he had campaigned on the promise to impose's unpopularity nowadays made any express support thereof a pitfall.

Maybe voters will overlook this "stripe-change"...but...a majority of them won't. They saw Murphy was willing to be any color...adopt any stripe...take any position which kept him in his present berth. They know Murphy would slit his own mother's throat if it advanced or benefited him. His chameleon-like maneuvers might fool his most ardent'll repulse the rest of the voters so much he'll lose his bid for re-election.
TEAM OBAMA has perfected the 'DENY AND LIE' tactic which was somewhat well-honed during the Clinton years. However, these scumbags have taken DECEPTION AND LYING to new heights. Senator* Chuck Schumer(D.NY) proclaimed in defense of OBAMA-CARE, "We're the masters of this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and whatever we decree will be done."
*In the movie, TEN COMMANDMENTS...Yule Brenner says, "As it is it shall be done!"
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Getting fooled...getting hoodwinked...being deceived...such are descriptive labels framing what TEAM OBAMA did when it foisted the so-called Affordable Care Act(ACA) on America. Indeed...Americans were told ACA was good for them...would be wondrous...and...render medical care affordable. Americans are finding out...however...TEAM OBAMA knew OBAMA-CARE was ruinous but it would give them power over people...something they craved in the same way as crack addicts crave another hit.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The would-be masters presently are doing all they can to keep Americans enslaved...subjugated...and...beholden to the master for their entitlements and favors. Aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE...for instance...the RIDERS are kept dependent and servile by the clever use of fear and carrot. As for the unwitting fools who pull...they're kept pulling by offering respite and reprieve from some state policy or program.

Bill "blue dress" Clinton appeared at a revival service and began to witness. "Folks...I had sex with someone other than my spouse." To that revelation, the preacher said, "Tell it all!"

"Well"...Bill rejoined..."I then took her to the front yard and we did it there!" To that further revelation, the preacher and crowd declared, "Go it all...tell it all!"

Bill felt so confirmed that he then said, "And then...I was still so fired up...I grabbed the dog and had sex with it six more times."

The preacher leaned over to "blue dress" and...into his ear...softly whispered, "Oops...I wouldn't have told that one!"
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"Rats off a sinking ship." Such was the description of the Democrats demanding OBAMA-SNARE be changed to accommodate people with existing health insurance. Apparently...these jumping rodents were told their chances for re-election were nil unless they stood forth and LIED about their determination to change that abominable law.
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Democrats are known for lying and deceiving. However, nowadays, they're also known for ducking and dodging. Take for instance, Senator Landrieu,(D.La). She was a champion of OBAMA-SNARE. She told her constituents they could keep their health insurance...a statement Landrieu knew was false when she said it. She was promised her deception would never get publicized so she was safe in making such false-declarations....and...with such assurances...she harped on how great OBAMA-CARE when she knew such statements were patently false.
In one of the final scenes of the movie, ROB ROY...the hero grabs the sword of his nemesis and having disabled that better hand, he rises up...retrieves his own belabored blade...and strikes...slicing the French Dandy in half with one great downward stroke. a surreal re-make of ROB ROY...Toronto Mayor Rob Ford grabbed the menacing blade...stood up...and...metaphorically declared he would remain Mayor despite the "bad press" he'd received wherein his addiction to booze and cocaine was graphically revealed.
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BY 2015...AMERICA WILL BE THE LARGEST OIL PRODUCER IN THE WORLD FOR A THOUSAND YEARS. This headline startled the Eco-fascists. How dare American initiative and innovation make America energy-independent!

Indeed...the entire green-energy bloc were angered that such data would be published. It made it almost impossible to tell donors and government grant-givers there was any longer a need for "green-energy" alternatives. One green-energy promoter told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that this kind of news was the stuff that one finds in coffins."
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President Xi Jinping was granted new powers at the 3rd Plenum. The attendees recognized that he was capable of leading China into prosperity if granted the plenary power to accomplish such goals. Off-camera...President Xi discussed the benefits of a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market describing it as a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

He conceded there were vested interests definitely opposed to liberation over subjugation...noting the opposition's claim that to give key to CAGE would quickly lead to their loss of job...forcing them to go to work to earn a "real living"...something they found anathema to their Mandarin ways.
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Over 200 years ago...the Indians were removed from Martha's Vineyard. Nowadays, they're demanding they be granted a casino site. Recall it was Martha's Vineyard that Michelle Obama chose for her second honeymoon with Barack last year. When asked her opinion about this Indian demand for gambling on that elite island...she snorted, "How dare these redskins believe they have priority!"
When Ella Yelich-O'Connor was looking for an award-winning song...she turned to this BLOG'S MUSIC DEPARTMENT for some ideas. After a few minutes...she was told to examine a song which the musicians at this BLOG had been fussing over. If she liked it...she could have it. She was told it was a very good song and would grab the heart of every Brit...every Scotsman...and...most of the insane Irish.

Naturally...Ella...always the "doubting Thomas"...refused to use her own name and chose to operate under the name: LORDE. As it turned out, LORDE'S song "Royals" has been a #1 hit for weeks making her song quite valuable. She sent a thank you note and a fruit basket to this BLOG'S Music Department in recognition of their primal assistance.
Obama's approval rating has plummeted. Even Democrats don't believe him any more. They know their political future dim if they support this dung-eating monkey any longer. Hence, Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL) came out recently to condemn Obama for lying to Americans. Yes...scumbag Nelson went along with the lie he didn't know what OBAMA-SNARE really meant.
Osama bin Laden was executed by Seal Team #6. Because Obama wanted to use this execution to his political advantage, he revealed SEAL TEAM #6 to the world. The members of this elite squad were horrified. They knew they were doomed once their identities became known as world-class hackers looked for their names and addresses.

What these Seals didn't know was that they were to be snuffed by their own commander-in-chief. None of them ever thought they were targeted for termination when 22 of them climbed aboard an antiquated helicopter. Some suspected they were on a one-way trip but not any of them could bring themselves to believe their own commander-in-chief had directed their demise.

Whatever it was telling them not to go but to refuse to climb aboard such a death-ship, they ignored it. They were crowded into a helicopter designed to carry 1/2 their number and bound for a place in Afghanistan too far for that craft to go. Yet...because they were SEALS...they ignored such warning signs trusting in their commander-in-chief their brand of loyalty.

Naturally, the complicit MASS MEDIA never carried this story about a helicopter crash wherein 22 SEALS were killed. As MSNBC Ed Schultz said, "We could not tell America that OBAMA killed his own men!"