Tuesday, December 31, 2013


There's a new game created by this BLOG. It's called BUY-AMERICA. You take $1 trillion and buy stuff. Whose bag of buys better wins. Because Obama has already spent a "real" trillion bucks, his bag of buys...his sack of goodies...might be a great place to find an example so that novices can see how it's done by the wizard himself.

Because this game intrigues anyone with a penchant for the strange and unbounded...several administrative aides for Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) took up the challenge and played BUY-AMERICA. Each one took their trillion bucks and attempted to buy the best package...the winner the one whose total the largest when all red ink is drained from the pool.

Hearing of this in-play game...a cub-reporter from this BLOG logged-on and commenced to compete. However, the scheme adopted by her was designed to address the better way...intended to fetch such feat. Nelson's team bought stuff...while cub-reporter bought favor and land...she told those with whom she dealt of El Dorado almost at hand. I have a trillion bucks she said and part of that be yours...all you need do... vote imbued...and...support what long endures.

She bought Orange County and every vote required to make empire. Where once just earth, water...air...stood castles for every soul...riotous the sound of joy without despair. She demanded an otherwise unhampered market prevail...eliminate grab and grip...chase away imposed travail...and...into EDEN slip.

Unlike the trillion bucks squandered by Billy's crew...cub-reporter's bundle burst and overflowed so dramatically it finally proved: liberation over subjugation...it's the winner every time...and those who chose to add "whip and chain" are always the ruling elite trying to fashion one more play in a never-ending game.

Of course, along the way across the game...there are CRONY CARDS if you land on the CRONY DEAL square. You land there...you pull a CRONY CARD to see what you get from someone else...or...if in that CRONY CARD...a CARD you keep secret and safe...there is something you can later on deploy for greater advantage making the 'wait' part of the overall suspense...then...you hold that CARD until the propitious moment arrives.