Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Because of the philanthropy of this BLOG...the entire bar tab for TIME SQUARE will be picked up by its ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT! The Congressional Budget Office was asked to run the numbers and it's estimated the entire tab will be $345 million. This total includes over 300 different beers and assorted wines from all over the world, quantity unlimited. Indeed...a rare Napoleon wine will be opened and served to as many as there are glasses, first come, first served only.

Because the new Mayor asked that the entire tab be paid by an INTERNET big shot to show off the prowess of this new medium of commerce...this BLOG jumped at the chance to assist this new mayor of the Big Apple. A socialist who promised more not less big foot government deserved to have the backing of such a well-known BLOG on New Years Eve in the hopes that he dismantles the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE he has so far championed and ushers in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market.