Monday, December 30, 2013


Why ask her about global warming, American healthcare and the economy in general? After some reflection...the inquiring mind was told that: "CHEE-DEE-YA-WA is a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Shihan,Karauna Reki Master as well as care-taker of ALALILL...a 1,700 pound crystal that came from Atlantis. Her knowledge that of the ages...her acumen ancient and rich with detail and drum...and...her wisdom something to be sought.

Mention is made of this enlightened guru since recently she contacted Russian President Putin and warned him that in a bus station in Volvograd a black widow would detonate a bomb and slaughter thousands. Reacting to this metadata...President Putin dispatched the BEE-GOR-NEE BRIGADE...World War II retirees who banded together to carry out orders from Moscow.

They arrived...spotted the black widow...but...couldn't prevent her from pushing her "red button". The explosion took out 378 of the BEE-GOR-NEE BRIGADE leaving only the drummer boy and the one-legged flag totter. While they knew they were the last of this talented unit...they didn't whine. They knew that eventually some call would come for them to flag and drum one more time.