Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Negotiations are under way for this BLOG to appear on the SARAH PALIN CHANNEL.COM. If everything goes will be able to receive unfiltered news with ardent but humorous editorials. The TV Rating Service rated the proposed program so hot it would take over almost every template and dictate content for a 1000 years in all directions.

For example...many BLOG posts are based on real things but are dressed up so the "big and nasty crowd" doesn't ever know from where such "secret" information is leaking and hence don't plug the holes. Indeed...due to hacking technology* recently popularized by the North Koreans...this BLOG can monitor all communications from any source derived. The only dialogue which escapes potential grab is that between two cups connected by string. Hence...every time Obama orders another shrimp cocktail or his wife calls for Bubba at the back...their utterances and noises all gathered for later distribution.

While this kind of minutia and detail probably would never be always serves as that backup data which eventually is shown to the curious and to those trying to find fault.
*Edward Snowden departed the National Security Agency(NSA) but took with him software which enables the user to access any electronic its raw form and not-encrypted the viewer a front row seat into every secret. As Eddie told a cub reporter from this BLOG the day he delivered these "pass-keys"..." dear...moults no feather!"


Needed to get people to stop. So she stripped down to string bra and thong...10,000 cars per day they say as she passed out hot dog songs.


In the last 6 years...TEAM OBAMA has done much to entrench liberty and replace such with "freedom-to-obey". Reacting to this assault on the ballot box...voters...even the write-in voters...even the email voters...they all chose someone other than TEAM OBAMA.

Can the Republicans...though...use their majority in the U.S.Senate to pass legislation the purpose of which to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where OBAMA-CARE rammed and crammed...a place where cronies favored and enemies prosecuted? Can the Republicans in the U.S.Senate openly express liberation over subjugation and demand the CAGE be deleted...the yoke and choke agenda of the would-be master eliminated? that august chamber of deliberation and enlightened discourse...there is at least one freedom-fighter courageous enough to cry out. His name is U.S.Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky). He tells his audiences his mission statement to eradicate the CAGE...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can there be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never come some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Around every the Senate...he promises deployment of THE ORB*...and...EDEN such brings about. He tells everyone that anyone wishing better for their own...better or best for their them he says join this march to "make salt"...this crusade to dismantle the CAGE and usher in paradise...a place where never can master with mob plunder any other way rob.

Yes...the socialist MASS MEDIA is already pushing** someone to derail RAND PAUL. They had to find some wishy-washy milk-toast kind of scoundrel whom they could promote 24/7.They seem to have selected JEB BUSH. Indeed...they're shoving JEB BUSH...the 2016 edition of Mitt 'the nit' Romney...a little younger...a little more adept...perhaps...but...just as willing to perpetuate the CAGE. With JEB...the voters get 4 maybe 8 years of "me-too" politics and "same old, same old" administration of an ever more intrusive federal government now being unleashed with merciless Republican efficiency.

Can RAND PAUL without this "free publicity" heaped on JEB BUSH by a complicit MASS MEDIA remain a viable candidate in 2016? Or...will he become "the ignored" as JEB BUSH is promoted 24/7? It's likely JEB BUSH can muster the donation-chart of his predecessors and gather larger campaign funds than RAND PAUL. Even though the message of RAND PAUL is one of liberation over subjugation and the message of JEB BUSH is that of more not less big foot government...nevertheless...JEB BUSH will defeat RAND PAUL in most primaries.
**The complicit MASS MEDIA would prefer 8 years of socialism with Republican "fix-it" gurus trying to keep the CAGE intact and escape-proof than having RAND PAUL eliminating the 20th century and making way thereby for the 21st century to enter America once and for all.
*THE ORB: The omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE or its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


Islam never sleeps! Recently...Mayor Bill de Blasio took credit for thwarting what could have been a massacre. Using skills behind his own team's back...he connected the dots...saw through the incredible scheme...and...deployed an entire company of the New York City Police Department to interdict the culprits before they could complete their* dastardly plot. Arrested were 5 rag heads who said they were simply collecting rats for an EBOLA experiment being conducted at Harvard. The researchers had run out of rats. They were simply filling an order so to speak using the sewers and streets of New York City for their quota.
*According to official sources...the Islamic Army of Allah...sporting the acronym: ISOA...had a 100,000 rats...each one armed with a watch and 5 ounces of C-4 explosive...and...all set to detonate at midnight on New Years Eve in Central Park and also in TIME SQUARE. The Mayor overheard discussion about the pending attack...and...immediately interdicted them before they could deploy and detonate.


In World War II...pilots turned their controls over to the bomb-dude...the expert who'd carefully feather the plane into position so a billion bombs could be successfully dropped. Mention is made of such a technocrat since nowadays Predator Drones lurk above the deserts and seas of the Middle East...armed with enough firepower to sink battle ships...destroy entire tank divisions...or...kill some rag head as he travels in a jeep having targeted the dude from 90,000 feet. Yes...the DRONES are remotely piloted by a "driver"...a person seated in a control tower 5000 miles away linked by satellite and able to observe the otherwise not observable and blow holes in about anything one might imagine.

What if Iran or Venezuela were to dispatch an armada of drones...armed with poison darts...packed with explosives for self-detonation strategies? What would Americans do? Well...first...they'd have to apply to the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) for a permit to deploy defense drones. Second, they'd have to clear the matter with the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) along with a host of state and local regulatory agencies including a seal of approval from Governor Cuomo if the menace ever makes its debut in New York State.


Unlike America...ISIS...a/k/a...Daesh...doesn't have the industrial capacity to forge weapons to replace those consumed in serial battle. Hence...within a few months...these scumbags will be down to their last bullets and suicide vests with few options for their final deployment.

Obama knows ISIS can't be anything other than another uprising against the might of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as such practiced in Iraq and Syria. Obama also knows quite well that this kind of uprising with loudmouth leaders...a few weapons...and...a dead end street for a parade ground isn't a real threat to America.

On the other hand...if the missile which blows a hole in Manhattan one day is traced to that very region...the area Obama declared "safe and secure"...will someone revisit the THEORY OF ATTRITION and perhaps add that zealots never stop...but...persist until they either overcome or are themselves overwhelmed.


In terms of man's progress from cave dweller to skyscraper absolutes...2014 can be called another remarkable year. Yes...the would-be masters are still quite at hand...both here at home and abroad...defending their "crumbling-around-them" 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...advancing wherever people permit their grip and grab in exchange for some promised freebie or favor...and...perpetuating their power at every level of human endeavor by whatever means. Whether they wear the mask of Islam or the pious face of an American socialist...these would-be kings and queens are determined to enslave not subjugate...never offering KEY but only more "whip and chain" of the CAGE. In some ways these cage enthusiasts are but another hurdle...another stiff and stifle in the LONG CALENDAR of human progress.


What if Iran were to acquire atomic weapons...missiles tipped with nukes...jets armed with enough megatons to erase Israel and Manhattan? Would the MASS MEDIA remain loyal to TEAM OBAMA? Would they overlook the menace such "nukes" represent once Tehran's maniacs finally get their Sword of atomic weapon so powerful it can destroy all life on planet Earth?


The Republican Party finally has gained power in two of the 4 spots...with only the Oval Office and the U.S.Supreme Court still recalcitrant...defiant...and...obstreperous. However, the Republicans don't control the MASS MEDIA and hence will suffer 24/7 barrages of calumny and half-truth as these socialists and Eco-fascists try and change public opinion once more to accept the yoke and choke agenda which TEAM OBAMA so mightily imposed.


From Afghanistan...Obama extracted everyone except 10,000 Marines and their support personnel and equipment. As soon as the American flag came down...though...the Taliban's colors were observed flying over almost every village and town in most of that toilet bowl of a country. It was a mistake to have waged war against the Taliban and it's as big a mistake to confront ISIS...that black flag waving bunch in Syria and Iraq. Bullets can't stop ideas...particularly those dressed with eternal raiment.


Tan me hide when I'm dead Fred...tan me hide when I'm we tanned his hide when he died Clyde and there it's hanging on the shed. 2014 in the rear view the doctor more monkey jumping on the bed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


When Hillary Clinton told the world that corporations did not create jobs...she was revealing her knowledge of business. From her perspective...she had always been a creature of big foot government...always attached somehow...siphoning and sucking. She had never created any job and everything she ever received was from her connection to government. Hence...her statement about corporations not creating jobs...wasn't error. No...folks...what she meant was corporations don't create her kind of job...a job etched...a niche made to accommodate her political aspirations.


Time came...time convicted but innocent cast. Take for example the date of the meeting...the one meeting not taped...the meeting where the plot began...the others not demonstrating anything draped.

On that that this so-called critical first where all the code words were discussed...the target-for-termination was in a Mexican jail awaiting trial for possession of marijuana. Indeed...of the 97 secret tape recordings not any were about hiring a trigger man to shoot federal judges and yet the 12 person federal jury was told by the judge and the complicit prosecuting lawyer that such recordings taken as a whole do show the plot to shoot 24 federal judges and 300 prosecutors. The one secret recording about a fishing trip to Cuba was interpreted over objection to be a metaphor for taking federal judges out to sea and dropping them overboard; and the many conversations about repairing rental houses the defendant owned were really dialogues about trafficking sex-slaves.

So "why" did this defendant lose? Well...the sole witness for the federal government was erudite...glib...and...practiced his script quite well. What the defense did not know was that this dude had been diagnosed as an inveterate liar...incapable of truth...and...subject to bouts of lucid delusion conjuring stuff that could not be true. However, the prosecutor refused to reveal such defect since such revelation would have permitted the defense to explore the obvious likelihood the story about murder-for-hire was some form of delusion he had concocted to get himself* out of some federal trouble.
*Later independent investigation revealed the prosecutors knew of the LYING...knew the sole witness was never hired to do such despicable acts...but...wanted to hurt the defendant because the defendant on his radio show had told America about U.S. Attorney General Eric the Holder's involvement in the assassination of whistle-blower, U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY. They found this delusional jerk...pumped him up to snitch...and...then traded a pill-prosecution for his assistance in the murder-for-hire plot.


Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a lackluster speech to the New York City Police Department(NYPD) and as he departed the blue-packed auditorium...many officers turned their backs...refusing to salute this socialist maggot. Yes...most officers bit their tongue and paid homage...licked ring...kissed proverbial boot...but some refused...some couldn't bring themselves to pretend respect when to them he was little more than a turd in their punch bowl.


How could the defense lawyer know the government's sole witness was an inveterate liar...diagnosed as a pathological liar before trial? Could it be that those medical records to the defense not disclosed? How could that defense lawyer not ask about the Korean War and the sole witness's relationship to that terrible war...a relationship which the AUSA said made him the obvious selection for a blood-raving maniac? Had the defense lawyer been prepared for trial, that question would have compelled the judge and the Assistant United States Attorney(AUSA) to permit revelation by this liar about things* which never occurred. Such revelation would have assured the defendant a fair trial and have fetched instant acquittal.

Recall in the GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN at trial when a witness declared that he...too...had witnessed the same things Mr. Chicken claimed to have observed at that deserted mansion. And on cross-examination...this witness is asked, "You say you saw the GHOST? The witness: Yes...I did. Can you tell the jury the occasion such observation was made? Witness: Yes...I was returning home from a convention when I observed the ghost. Well...can you tell this jury the location of this convention? Witness: Yes...I can. It was on MARS.
*This sole witness was able to get a hidden recording made. But in that hidden recording the defendant continues to ask this would-be trigger dude why he keeps asking about money and weaponry when all he wanted to know was did he need some money for food and if not then he'd prefer that person be on their way. Hardly the dialogue between a shooter and his employer. Moreover, the AUSA knew the sole witness was delusional. He was not aboard the Enola Gay when it dropped the atom bomb and he did not write the screen play for Manchurian Candidate. likely as not he was not the trigger man in a plot to slay Judges and Prosecutors...the claim he made in front of a 12 person jury...a jury that had been steeped in 24/7 MASS MEDIA coverage of the murder-for-hire plot to kill 24 federal judges and 300 prosecutors using killer bees their stingers tipped with X-FILE VIRUS.


Perhaps few are asking...but...has anyone noticed how many former big shots of the Chinese mainland government have been evicted...tarnished with accusation of corruption or connected to some form of mythical organized crime? Could it be that President Xi Jingping is using an ancient Chinese tradition and deleting any adversary through an inquisitorial template?

PAUL PHAU: freedom-fighter

Billionaire Paul Phau was arrested in Las Vegas. His crime? He was betting on sports...a prohibited activity in most Muslim countries...but...a crime virtually every Muslim commits since they love to gamble as do the Japanese and the Pakistanis. Sure...while praying 5 times each day they're not wagering...but...any time else...they're betting on almost everything including the copulation angle for camels...a prediction which draws a billion rupees per day in bets.'s time for America to eliminate any way to attack Paul Phau for gambling. He must be permitted widest latitude and the busy-noses calling for his demise need to find another hole to haunt and leave him and his brethren alone!


Hillary Clinton was asked what her first words were when she heard Benghazi embassy compound was under attack. She glibly replied, "ABANDON SHIP!"

increase requires more grip

Oil production has risen 78% since 2008 and natural gas...a whopping 22% in that same period making Uncle Sugar potentially energy independent once more. The Saudis know their days as market-maker are in the rear view mirror but Obama promised to stifle and hinder American production in exchange for Saudi assistance in Iraq and Syria to combat ISIS and other militant armies of conquest.(Wall Street Journal A-2;12-30-14).


Jack Gerard refused to come out of a bathroom because outside awaited a photo-op team prepared to document his presence at that motel where once a WHITE SUPREMACY CROWD had spent the night. Cornered and trapped as well in her respective toilet was HEATHER ZICHAL who couldn't be caught seen with Gerard since Gerard's wife had threatened to kick her butt should she ever catch those two together again. "I catch sight of you with Jack and I'll not hesitate but come to your house...break down your door..march up to you...and...kick your butt!" Jack's wife was overheard saying at a New York Deli.


Can't pronounce the name,eh? Even when its spelling is before you...pronunciation perplexing and almost too much hurdle to overcome? To avoid this pitfall...why not give them easily said names? For example...the ISIS leaders and the BOKO HARAM leaders and the al-Shabaab leaders should each be given a simple name? For example...the leader of ISIS by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was dubbed BAGHDAD BOB and the moniker caught on so well that almost every MASS MEDIA talking head refers to this ISIS leader as BAGHDAD BOB. The same could be done for each of these scoundrels so that Americans and others can easily discuss their latest nefarious acts without having to spend 15 minutes trying to say that 400 letter name.

Opossum of Brasstown

In North Brasstown they say...the opossum who'd have been dropped...was spared...some claim that role a puppet played. In times past...from 200 feet...a opossum would fall..Brasstown Mayor would give a speech...and...into oblivion this poor opossum'd call. The crowd would listen to the opossum as it fell...wondering if omen or curse...only a new year could that tell.

But this year...a puppet will play the scene...the real opossum left alone...whatever might have said left in doubt untrammeled or gleaned. Had the real opossum been dropped...though...why the mystery of 2015 all need for need for prop,(Wall Street Journal A-4;12-30-14). My bet: the opossum shows...the puppet flops.


Today's unchallenged nonsense is tomorrow's accepted slogan. Best proven most recently by the so-called theory that mankind can significantly alter the climate on planet Earth. With spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry...the myth went unchallenged...and...nowadays school children are told Mother Earth is about to die. Somehow CO2...a trace gas until otherwise proved...could in such abundance flood the world...and...render our planet uninhabitable.

Nonsense! Yes...but...years ago...a bunch of so-called weather-gurus discovered there was a way for them to make "big bucks" but they had to join together and not ever break ranks lest they collectively be labeled thereafter "charlatans and deceivers". They created computer models to predict climate change and demanded every scientist sign on to the hokum. They handed out grants and other stipends for the most ardent and congratulated every supporter with donations and higher salaries. Even scumbag, Al Gore* got on that band wagon and made a fortune selling "chicken little" stuff to a gullible public.

Nowadays...though...because of GOOGLE SEARCH...most people know man-made global warming is a silly myth and only the most gullible and frightened listen to its purveyors any more. Unfortunately...the federal government has found it a advance its grip and grab...a great idea to impose more yoke and choke agenda...and...TEAM OBAMA has begun to emit RULE AND DIKTAT each one designed to stifle and hinder an otherwise vibrant energy market.

There must be a national campaign launched which reveals this latest effort to advance this THEORY and thereby hurt the American energy grid in all its forms and formats. People must be informed that CO2 is the "food" of the plant kingdom...a biomass without known edge. The more CO2 emitted...the more the plants feed...the greater they grow in proportion as Mother Earth finds equilibrium once more. Not any computer ever devised could address every parameter with respect to what happens to a CO2 molecule once it departs the human lung..or...predict the next ICE AGE.
*Why not GOOGLE SEARCH "ice age" there have been many of them in times past...and...CO2 emitting-mankind wasn't around for them. An inconvenient fact, eh, Al?


On FACEBOOK...Steven Drake,Jr. asked people to go to New York City and shoot some cops with the higher score going to anyone who kills one of the 5 cops who participated in the murder of Eric Garner. He was arrested for asking people to express themselves with bullets...not kill and kill some more...trying with each dateless night...somehow to even "the score".

But...a poster child to hate and jeer...STEVEN DRAKE,Jr....his visage...and...sneer. He was arrested in Pennsylvania...someone to hang and show...sacrificial lamb...Calvary's latest glow.

His defense as obvious as this BLOG'S position on "non-violence". He was merely spouting clearing one's throat with persistent cough. Yet...his words could have incited Brinsley to shoot those two NYPD cops...there's proof Brinsley on that FACEBOOK PAGE...liked the topic...enjoyed the props.

Years ago...Gandhi was asked about violence. He abhorred violence and said every crucial thing important to man can be acquired through non-violent means. He eschewed any notion of violence and asked his followers to consider peaceful means but never violence unleash to accomplish whatever end at that moment seems so vital.

In America...there is an army of liberation afoot its crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...delete its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system and usher in the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. In every state there can be found instances of this army. For every state there's a FIRST BRIGADE...a collection of voters whose mission statement to muster sufficient votes to defeat the would-be masters of this otherwise perpetual CAGE.

In every city* there are local preachers of THE ORB...speakers for liberation over subjugation...each one dispatched by central command to tell the ignorant of an alternative to reveal KEY and MAP...freedom for the overburdened and enslaved. They tell their audiences they must not kneel and lick the boot but direct such temptation to get in the rear view mirror,(MATTHEW 4:8). They entreat their congregation to stand forth and drive the money changers from the Temple, (MARK 11:15). They invite everyone to join the crusade to drive the would-be masters from our government and erect a small central government whose duty to deliver only the essential government services: police, courts, (civil-penal) and a small national defense force and little else,(MATTHEW 6:24).

But never is there any justification for killing another person. Not ever! The 21st Century OUM is based on liberty not whip and chain. The government is never an intruder and whatever the consumer wishes be there can in abundance be found. It's can be acquired simply using the "vote"...choosing a group whose core resolve to delete the CAGE and erect a 21st century paradise of liberty and prosperity. Yes...the would-be masters hate such TEMPLE EVICTION PROCESS...but...eventually...the spirit of freedom will become too obvious to be stifled,(MATTHEW 16:13).
*THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its entitlement system. THE ORB eliminates the income tax and the death tax. It deletes almost every federal department and agency and it pays off all entitlement recipients with a "one-time" victims' payment in recognition of the deceit and treachery Uncle Sugar has practiced on them. It gives to each departing federal worker bee both a thank you note and a fruit basket in recognition of selfless drooling public service but nothing else...not any pension...not any claim...just a fruit basket and a well-deserved thank you note.


Some years ago...Salman Rushdie discovered Satanic Verses in the Qu'ran and published his scholarly critique. Instead of receiving accolades from the Muslim communities...he was condemned to death through what is called the "fatwa"...a religious "do-it-now" directive of sorts whose prize a big spot in Heaven surrounded by 14 virgins...12 camels...and...flasks of wine.

Recently...the SHARE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was cited in a fatwa condemning the entire 12,354 employees of that branch to certain death at the hands of religious zealots trying to get into heaven. However, in their haste to issue the fatwa...the IMAMS forgot to tell the would-be assassins how they might go about identifying their targets making assassination of these 12,354 people unlikely at best.

Perhaps...Salman Rushdie should have considered the safety in numbers approach before spouting off about the sexual perversions of THE PROPHET-Muhammad. Had he sprinkled his conclusions throughout impromptu and there landing his interpretation of the Qu'ran...he might have escaped getting singled out and thereby identified for assassination.

FLIGHT 8501 debris

Exactly where the SEARCH DEPARTMENT of this BLOG said wreckage would be found...such has been sighted.


The Kurds had better not trust Uncle Sugar. They'll be betrayed almost every time such reliance reposed.


Obama promised the environmentalists he was going to destroy what little liberty remained in America and impose "freedom-to-obey". His "green" audience screamed with adulation. The more he spoke about enslavement the more they cheered and applauded. Here was a real scumbag...a person on whom they could rely to stop innovation and delete technology. Here was a leader willing to dispatch America back to those romantic days when people lived in tents and plowed their patch with stick and mule.


Vermont...that socialist toilet more enlightened voters than ever. They discovered there isn't an unlimited source of money for their socialist this and that. Indeed...they're having to pay for their own stuff...and...they don't like it. "We in Vermont like spending other people's money not our own!" screamed a Vermont dude with an empty bank account.


Oregon's Ducks will be the 2014 national champions in college football. Yes...they must defeat FSU and Alabama...but...if they stay healthy and everyone shows up to play...the DUCKS will prevail. GO DUCKS!

Monday, December 29, 2014


Oil companies ignored this BLOG when its SCIENCE DEPARTMENT announced the price of oil was sure to be below $50 per barrel by 01-01-15. How could this "up-start" BLOG have such scientists! crude is selling for less than $50 per barrel and the prediction by this BLOG has become almost internationally acknowledged as the closest format at predicting long-term changes in the macro-economy of planet Earth as exists.

2016 VOTE

Hillary Clinton probably couldn't carry the South if she were running for President in 2016,(Wall Street Journal A-1;12-29-14). Even a "socialist-witch" such as Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) could not win the Southern popular vote despite the avalanche of MASS MEDIA 24/7 support either lady would receive. Southerners aren't as easily fooled as people in socialist New York or Marxist-Vermont...making Clinton and Warren potential "big losers" in the South should either one of them be selected to carry the Democrat banner in 2016.

So what's the tactic to avoid such a great loss in the South?'s called smothering votes with "new arrivals" and thereby defeating the entrenched interests using these "new voters". Indeed...many "immigrants" are already being given Arizona driver's licenses and with such D/L they can go to the several southern states...get free government shelter, food, clothing, gas money and whatever else big foot government can give in exchange for their loyalty and supportive vote come 2016. It's this strategy TEAM OBAMA has adopted. To smother the American vote with these "new immigrant" votes assuring a Democrat victory in almost every southern state.


Outnumbered...the proverbial tight-spot...much expectation...if it don't rot.


Where Flight 8501 is suspected of crashing is in an area with depths of 10,000 feet or more. The odds of locating any wreckage are nil and most searches have been called off. Ignoring such "call-off"...though...this BLOG'S own search vessels and aircraft are still in the area looking for anything which might explain the disappearance and give solace to loved ones waiting for news.


America ended its 13 year military mission in Afghanistan on 12-28-14. However, 10,000 Marines and supporting staff will remain behind to teach Afghans how to defend themselves against the Taliban and other insurgent forces such as the Islamic State. Sure...some Marines will be killed in suicide bomb attacks or in ambushes and roadside explosions...but...Americans will not hear of them or if revealed the revelation will be a "sound-bite" on some obscure news channel such as CNN or MSNBC.


Senator Ted Cruz(R.Tx) is a sock puppet for the MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and he would put American troops back out in the boonies as soon as he became President.


Yes...if you have a JEB BUSH DECODER RING you...too...can decipher his special secret message. Order now so that when the "number code" is given at the end of his know the secret message contained therein!


When Malaysian Flight 370 went missing...every airliner company installed SQUAWK BOXES...alarm signals which commence a beacon for searchers to use to home in on the signal and rescue survivors or mark the spot of  a watery grave. Thus...when Flight 8501 went missing recently in approximately the same area...the disappearance was remarkable since not any trace...not any signal...not anything has been found and the area could be considered the same approximate place where Flight 370 went off course and vanished. Is there some kind of omnivorous portal...some freak of nature...something which gobbles up huge jets and doesn't leave even a vapor trail?

Sunday, December 28, 2014


India...that socialist rid of the shovels and to the road-makers issued spoons and told them to continue onward. Of course...because spoons were used...a million more workers had to be hired to give the product the shovels once delivered. But in a socialist paradise...the more people at work the more the pie is shared. Yes...the government of India* was paying those extra million spoon-workers...but...India was also printing the MONEY-SCRIPT to pay them. People had work...and...colorful SCRIPT to buy their wine and pork.
*India has the least roads and other infrastructure because it takes great tranches of time to construct roadways using spoons or dams using "out-of-work-in-America" beavers.


ISIS...ISLAMIC STATE...DAESH...or...ISIL. This Sunni army will soon be gone. Medieval ways nonsense spawned. Sure...zealots can still be found...abundant their numbers...but...eventually they'll be deleted...dateless night their Holy ground. Should ISIS lose a tank that weapon can't be replaced. Should they run out of bullets...they lack any way to produce more...such are the stakes. always happens in such instances...these Muslim-killers won't have anything left but their knives and camels...and...even their camels will eventually die off leaving them with just their ceremonial knives...those blades of gone those edges of God.


The Democrat Party of 2016 will be as socialist as it can be without openly declaring as much. While the Republican Party will once more produce some milk-toast dude who isn't much different from whomever the Democrats eventually select to carry their banner of the NANNY STATE CAGE.The voters will be promised by both sides more of the same...more grip and grab...more big foot government...more yoke and choke agenda stuff. And...the complicit MASS MEDIA will herald them as champions of the rich or the mentors of the poor while any candidate preaching liberation over subjugation shoved to the side as a "never-to-be-mentioned".

Folks...we're in a WAR* ON FREEDOM. THE ESTABLISHMENT is hiding behind these two national political parties...using either side when most beneficial to control and direct ever so much more. Americans have been steadily losing freedom but in the last 6 years America has become more onerous...more burdensome...more treacherous than ever when it comes to big foot government diktat and control. Yet...the messenger offering a vision of liberty and not more "freedom-to-obey" isn't mentioned in the MASS MEDIA. The reason is simple: THE ESTABLISHMENT...alias THE MAN...knows that should such a politician finally get some TV and RADIO time...that person would become the leader of America and any politician saying different would be kicked to the side.

Despite this intentional ignoring...however...there are freedom-fighters who have taken to the field and are rallying Americans behind a "take it back" effort...a mission to delete and eliminate the CAGE and deliver KEY to the oppressed and downtrodden. One of these leaders is Lady Elizabeth. She met with U.S. Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky)...for example...and told him to disregard the malevolent MASS MEDIA...that the FIRST BRIGADE of KENTUCKY was going to lead his march to "make salt" inviting every FIRST BRIGADE in America to entreat their neighbors to join the crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

But...what does Senator Paul expect to face when 2016 arrives and primaries are abundant and factions asking what's their part of the pie should they join the team?

It's likely the Democrats will tell every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE that they had best be about voting since their vote might stop the elimination of their program or freebie. They'll be serially warned 24/7: Stay at home...refuse to send in that vote-by-mail-ballot...and...receive a Republican Party majority whose goal to eliminate as much as possible of the 20th Century NANNY STATE with its freebie favor format. The fright and fear the Democrats will push in that "LOSS OF RIDE" template might break records for "low-rent" tripe and drivel.

On the other hand, the Republicans will offer a wishy-washy "me-too" dude...some lackluster such as BUSH or CRUZ...whose declarations muddled...muted...and...ready to appear astonished and confused. They'll say taxes must go down and then into some camera frown...but...never will they eliminate the CAGE...the Republicans are as dedicated to its perpetuation as are the Democrats although most Republicans when "down home" preach about freedom and how they'd love to fight for liberty but they're overwhelmed and can't seem to get the powder to blow the wall.

*The fact that few Americans really conclude such afoot is a testament to the power of the MASS MEDIA to hide the evil and never mention big foot government's failure in almost every place it's been implemented. Even industrious China has loosened its grip on the producer because the ruling elite understand there isn't anything as prosperous or as easily defended as a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM).


U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma.) could never prevail and become President of the United States. She's a liberty-hater and wants to replace it with "freedom-to-obey". As she promised, "If  ever I were to get such power...I'd enslave every American with me and my cronies as their masters!" Of course...she'd have the willing help of the complicit MASS MEDIA...itself packed with socialists and Eco-fascists each one drooling over that prospect of ultimate power.

$100 per barrel

When oil was a hundred dollars per barrel...the world fretted about "peak oil"...that the natural reserves were almost depleted and oil would continue to rise until it was $200 per barrel making "green energy" a viable alternative. However...Americans weren't about to sit back and permit their way of life  to be directed from cradle to grave by "green" bureaucrats and innovation bubbled forth.

Yes...Obama has done all he can to stifle and hinder innovation* in the fossil fuel industry since he spent $100 billion on "green energy" boondoggles each one based on "peak oil" theory...a malevolent idea that big foot government had to direct and control what little there was of oil and natural gas so that everyone might share in the diminishing bounty of Mother Earth. If he were to permit OIL PRODUCTION to proceed...his investment in "green energy" stuff would be seen as "wasteful and foolhardy"...labels he couldn't afford appended to his legacy as the FIRST "Afro-American" PRESIDENT.
*Obama tried to outlaw hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in order to make sure the price of oil remained above $100 per barrel. Pursuing this goal...he's so far prevented the construction or completion of several pipe lines and has done all he can to hinder railroad shipments thereby hindering production and physical distribution. "I want Americans to pay through the nose for their energy," he quipped when asked "why" he was against fossil fuel production.

PETER FRATES, FOLKS, PETER FRATES a slow-killer...but...kill it does. Peter Frates was diagnosed with ALS and he was dumb-founded. How could he have contracted such a disease? What could be done to cure him? The answers to these questions bubbled and burst. Yet...the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG put together a fund-raising effort called the ICE WATER CHALLENGE. You dump ice water on the head of someone and they in turn do it to someone else....each person therein giving two things...some money and a deep "OH MY!"

ALS will be defeated.'s a cruel and almost impregnable must have a antidote...and...this BLOG will find it! Such is the promise given to PETER FRATES and all the other bewildered ALS sufferers of planet Earth.


Folks...if TEAM OBAMA would simply step aside...the cure for cancer and for a host of other maladies would already be here. However...Obama directed his scumbags at the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) to hinder and stall as much as possible so more people would die. As he told Burwell...his death angel at Health and Human Services Department, "I want more people dead...not living longer!"


DAESH...the Iraqis label used to describe the Islamic State...are a warlike bunch whose mission statement to eradicate every religion except their own. They kill and slaughter without mercy leaving behind only those sheep and cattle willing to kneel and lick their shiny sandals. They teach even 8 year old boys how to behead an their women to wear pup-tent like garments with only their sock-covered feet and gloved hands showing to the world. They require 5-times per day prayer and execute anyone not adhering to their diktats.

Yes...folks...DAESH is afoot and they'll remain a thorn in the side of peace and tranquility until eradicated. A majority of Iraqis...both Sunni and Shiite...understand this threat to civilization and are slowly forming a general defense to such ruthless purveyors of a medieval approach to Islam.

Their effort to stop the Daesh, though, requires input from America since America is the repository of weaponry. Indeed...if it weren't for the 1000 World War II vintage tanks($10 million) this BLOG paid for and sent to the Yazidi a few months back...ISIS(a/k/a Daesh) would have extinguished that sect. Sure...Obama tried to stop the shipment claiming he wanted to be the savior and not some BLOG...but...with the help of General Allen...this BLOG was successful in getting those tanks to the Yazidi who used them to eradicate ISIS from their area.


In every organization there are bad actors...people who shouldn't be involved. While most organizations can continue onward even with bad apples in their midst...the POLICE must never have such scoundrels employed. When found...they must be instantly deleted. The citizens must believe their police are good guys...not "pigs in drag".


In Iraq and Syria...the people call ISLAMIC STATE supporters "DAESH". The Daesh are unimaginably evil and their eradication is required. The DAESH contemplate a caliphate under Sharia Law with them as the directors. They plan to slaughter their way to prominence and power.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


When the cops were directed to arrest people for illegal drugs...they became enforcers and felt they could do just about anything they wished and they did. This culture of STOMP AND CHOMP fostered and perpetuated by the WAR ON DRUGS spread and became a part of the "method" the cops used when interfacing with the public. Hence...on Staten Island...Eric Garner discovered first hand how the WAR ON DRUGS had done so much to reduce the cops to little more than raving maniacs drooling the venom of hate.
"Shooter" a slang expression for a jigger of whiskey.

Friday, December 26, 2014


Shiites and Sunnis blow each other up. They blow each other up in funeral marketplaces...and...almost anywhere else either sect might be found in large enough numbers to warrant a suicide bomber's martyrdom. Oddly enough...though...both sides* utter "ALLAHU AKBAR" as they detonate their hellish payloads. Whatever differences between them so anger-causing...that either side would slay the other just to receive the grandeur of such massacre in Heaven...a place similar to the BIG ROCK CANDY know...that land of milk and honey...where a bum can stay for many a day and not need any money.
*ALLAHU AKBAR: God is great


Hillary Clinton's wizards told her she needed to have a screaming...raving maniac coming forward so that she could have a difference...something the MASS MEDIA could say made Hillary the better choice as if choosing Hillary were preferable to the socialist witch sporting the moniker: SENATOR ELIZABETH WARREN. Both Clinton and Warren are dedicated freedom-haters and would do as much if not more destruction to liberty than TEAM OBAMA has been able to do in the last 6 years.

As for the Republicans...Senator Rand Paul has the best organization for fund-raising and for getting out the pro-Paul vote in the primaries. Unlike JEB BUSH...a closet socialist...Senator Paul offers a change in direction. Instead of proposing more CAGE stuff...Senator Paul offers KEY...a message which JEB BUSH can't preach since he has already said he's a fairly well-cloned freedom-hater who would perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE with its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


How does a Shiite Muslim find any Qu'ran phrase or passage which could support the killing of a Sunni even if that Sunni has taken part in multiple massacres of women and children? Such was the question posed by the just-captured Jordanian pilot in an interview with a cub-reporter from this BLOG just before he climbed into his jet to go bomb ISIS...a Sunni army whose mission statement: "show no quarter".


Instead of using ground troops to suppress the Taliban...DRONES are being used. The DRONES fly about Afghanistan and blow up cars and buildings if Taliban found therein. "We can destroy any Taliban who surface long enough for us to get their coordinates," declared General Dempsey.


SCHOOL PROTECTING ROBOT(SPR)? Yes...folks...this BLOG dispatched 1000 SPR to Afghanistan to be installed in public schools. While Obama has done all he can to stop introduction of the SPR into Afghanistan preferring death and carnage from Taliban attacks...the recent massacre of 141 children by Taliban in Pakistan has forced him to relent and permit such installation.


"Remove grip from throat of liberty? Why I want to enslave not liberate!" screamed Obama when asked about his last 2 years as President.


Instead of eliminating the government from taxi service in Philadelphia...the taxi owners are demanding big foot government eliminate UBER...a private-ride company that does not pay attention to taxi rules or heed taxi zones. Indeed...with UBER around...Philadelphia residents don't have to wait an hour any more for a taxi ride and this competition has angered the taxi companies and their cronies in government.

While this struggle might sound's simply a manifestation of American fascism. Fascism is a government template wherein the people own their property but big foot government directs and controls what can be done with that property. In Pennsylvania...fascism is practiced with a heavy-hand and anyone trying to break free is stomped Nazi style. Can UBER defend itself against such NAZI attack?


Richard Griffin has a bulls-eye on his back. He's been marked for termination with extreme prejudice by Al Sharpton...a loudmouthed MSNBC talking head. Recall scumbag Griffin...the moniker ascribed by the one who is pushing the National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) to call all franchise owners the "employer" in labor disputes rendering every franchise in America almost worthless. McDonald USA...for instance...the parent-company of the thousands of McDonald franchises...will be a party defendant when the NLRB takes up the issue in July of 2015. The common stock value of that company in reaction has fallen and will continue to plummet as more and more attacks are levied against it by the freedom-haters of TEAM OBAMA of whom Griffin seems to be a ring-leader.

So nasty and evil is Griffin that Syrian snipers have been invited by liberty-lovers to come to America and hunt this scoundrel down and shoot him dead. "We need to kill off anyone who is demanding more not less big foot government grip and grab," opined Mike Brown just before Darren Wilson...a Ferguson, Missouri cop...gunned him down.

Martin Feldstein: former fool

Martin Feldstein was contacted by the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and invited to consider liberation over subjugation...a topic he almost couldn't imagine to be important to him since he was getting a big salary from Harvard and paid to speak about enslavement in wondrous terms of endearment. Martin couldn't sense the shackles about him since he'd been blinded years ago by his own stupidity.(Wall Street Journal A-13;12-26-14).

However...even though "blind"...this BLOG considered him important enough to enlighten with the hope such edification would somehow inure to his benefit and direct him to preach liberty instead of manacle and cage. He was challenged to read HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises...a book and author forbidden at HARVARD. "I can't read about liberty," he protested, "I'm an idiot on salary at Harvard and I can't risk my paycheck to hear about about freedom."

Yet...this little man...this little bit of protoplasm was being given an opportunity to become transcend the grip of idiocy...and...finally learn about liberation over discover the 21st Century way of doing things...leaving behind the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Instead of ignoring and refusing...the two things HARVARD had instilled in him...though...he took the plunge and read HUMAN ACTION.


With the intrusion of OBAMA-CARE into Americans' privacy and pocketbooks...many HARVARD SCIENTISTS thought it was the demise of the American medical service delivery industry since big foot government had grabbed so much of its aspect and was in the process of destroying what was once a great system and one that delivered incredible results. But that calamity might not occur if charity steps up and covers the huge holes OBAMA-CARE created.

Take MEDI-SHARE for example. It's a charitable enterprise whose mission statement to give its members health insurance like coverage. does not cover abortion or contraception and its members must abstain from tobacco and illegal drug use. But the monthly premiums are affordable and are designed to spread the risk of illness among the entire membership which has grown to 110,344( as of 12-24-14).

"If big foot government leaves them alone...MEDI-SHARE will be the largest health insurance plan in the world," quipped U.S.Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL)....a Congressman who saw the usefulness of such an approach and has championed MEDI-SHARE every time big foot government bureaucrats expressed a desire to kill off such acts of liberation over subjugation. On one occasion...BURWELL...the death angel who runs OBAMA-CARE...angrily told Rep. Bill Posey that she would not sleep until every American was enslaved with her and her team in control from cradle to grave.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas! The editorial staff of this BLOG wishes everyone a great holiday season and a happy new year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Iraqis should have known they would be betrayed by the Americans. Had they simply reflected on "how" BUSH betrayed the Kurds in the 1st Gulf War and permitted Sadam to bomb them with poison gas...they'd never have aligned themselves with the American invaders. Those who did...of course...are targeted for deletion. Many of these deceived Iraqis are emailing their so-called American military friends asking for protection or extraction only to be told Obama is commander-in-chief and he said to ignore their pathetic cries for help.(Wall Street Journal A-12;12-24-14).

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Yazidi escape

The Yazidi were marked for termination with extreme prejudice. But for the advent of the peshmerga the Yazidi would have been exterminated by ISIS...that Sunni army which takes not prisoners.


The Muslim will kill to impose Islam...the Christian merely invites. The difference is striking and should always be considered when dealing with the Muslim.


Each of us search for expiation. We look for some way to shrug burden and find happiness.


In toilet bowl Myanmar...villagers are protesting the introduction of a Chinese copper mine claiming the mine will bring jobs and prosperity to their impoverished area. "We don't want the mine and we don't want jobs. We like eating monkey and big foot government gives us clothes and shelter. We're happy being directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic knaves," confided Wing-Do-Boo...a village elder with gray hair and piercing black eyes.


PLUG PULL? When North Korea's internet connection was deleted...many speculated this BLOG'S SCIENCE DEPARTMENT had examined what North Korea had done to SONY STUDIOS and concluded it was time to "plug-pull"...disconnect those monkeys so they couldn't continue to harass SONY or any other movie studio making movies about North Korea's leader. The "plug-pull" was done in such a fashion that its perpetrator can't be traced. The trail was erased using the same "brush the path" that North Korea used to hide its attack on SONY.


What has frightened Internal Revenue Service(IRS) employees is the fact that assassination squads are afoot looking for them. They've become targets for snipers and other would-be heroes whose mission statement to eradicate the vermin of America including those maggots at IRS. Indeed...armored personnel carriers have been ordered to transport IRS employees to/from and their homes sandbagged to protect against mortar and hand-thrown bombs.


With oil prices plummeting and gasoline getting cheaper by the day...Obama called a meeting to decide "how" to stop this oil price drop and restore the misery and burdens "high oil" prices generate. "I want misery and desperation to return to America and that means doing everything you can to hurt liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey" snorted Obama. The meeting was not officially video-taped but a clandestine camera was present and the entire discussion about the "FINAL SOLUTION" was memorialized for posterity.

Amadou Diallo

Amadou Diallo was shot and killed by NYPD cops. He was shot 57 times in the torso and 6 times in the head. The 15 officer...New York City's finest...opened fire on him as he reached into his back pocket to retrieve his wallet wherein he had placed his identification-card. The cops had stopped him because he was Afro-American and was not moving along as quickly on the sidewalk as "whitey"...and...hence was very suspicious. This team of scumbag cops demanded he show them his identification card...a demand Amadou did not constitutionally have to produce. But to "go along to get along"...Amadou did as directed and reached for his wallet. His act of reaching for his wallet caused the scumbag cops to pull their cannons and commence firing.

The cops were called "heroes" by the New York Times editorial board. As one editor said, "We wanted blood on the street and New York's finest delivered."


Yes...folks...snipers are coming to a city near you. Their mission statement to kill as many cops and big foot government leaders as possible. Indeed...the social media is burning with tales of American Snipers sitting on roof tops waiting for New York City Bill de Blasio or Senator Chuck "scumbag" Schumer to reveal themselves. One sniper said he would shoot the Mayor before he'd shoot a child carrying a rifle.


Chris Manney shot and killed Dontre Hamilton. Manney was a cop and Hamilton was a dude asleep in Red Arrow Park...a small community park in downtown Milwaukee. When Hamilton was shot...he was swinging the "baton" he had taken from the hand of Manney.

The encounter began when Manney decided to clear the park of "bums and deadbeats". He approached the sleeping Hamilton and nudged him with his baton directing him to awaken and depart the park or face arrest. Hamilton...having smoked some crack-cocaine...awoke suddenly...and...reacted to the nudging by grabbing the baton. Hamilton stood up...and...swung the baton at the intruder only to receive in return a bullet between the eyes.

Dontre Hamilton was murdered and the Milwaukee prosecutor said Manney was justified in shooting him. Of course...there were not any videos of this murder but as people have of murder does not help. Indeed...Eric Garner was choked to death on video and not anything was done to the 5 cops involved. At one point New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio described the murderers as "great NYPD officers" who deserved a medal of honor for killing another Afro-American.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The cops have been directed to kill minorities and they're pursuing that directive with enthusiasm. In the Milwaukee police building where Manney was stationed...a crowd of fellow police officers opened champagne and toasted this valiant officer. "We needed to show our support for his dastardly deed," whispered the Police Chief.

Monday, December 22, 2014


Deranged gunman? No...Brinsley was a Democrat...had helped with the 2012 Obama re-election effort and was called an important person in Obama's vision of a socialist America. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also framed the shooter as a misunderstood Democrat with an unusual passion for "clever statement".


How long will the voters of Wisconsin permit the freedom-haters`to control their lives? Will Governor Scott Walker be able to eliminate these scumbags by deleting their so-called official office space and send them back into whatever holes from whence they came?


SNAKE PLISSKIN. Some might call him the ultimate gambler...others label him assassin...while...the North Koreans call him liberator. As many people know..."Snake" was sent to find the CYBER KEY...that software package which would stop the cyber-attack the "Little Fella" launched when he heard SONY STUDIOS was preparing to publish the movie, THE INTERVIEW...a scathing comedy about the sexual preferences of the North Korean leader including his tryst with a Yak and Baboon.


Joe Cocker passed away yesterday. He liked to entertain people and did it quite well. He disliked TEAM OBAMA and spoke out many times against socialism.


In New York City...there are so many criminal laws and ordinances few city dwellers can avoid violating something which gives the NYPD a great deal of room to grab and stomp. On Staten Island...for instance...Eric Garner was selling cigarettes...a criminal offense. was a victim-less crime...but...such crimes are pursued just as hard as murder and rape. Indeed...Eric Garner was choked to death by NYPD cops who were caught on video slaying him...choking him to the point where Eric Garner...father of 5 children...was heard begging for his life: "I CAN'T BREATHE!"

Now...two NYPD cops have been slain. The shooter was heard proclaiming he was a Democrat with passion and wasn't going to allow NYPD scumbags to mess with the Afro-American population any longer. "Eric Garner deserved better and now that he's gone...Brinsley simply sent two cops in the same direction," chortled Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) himself a freedom-hater of the 1st order.

JEB BUSH THE SOCIALIST 2012...the Republican Party put forth Mitt 'the nit' Romney...a socialist and a big foot government scumbag. There wasn't any difference between Obama and Romney...both promised more not less big foot government...intrusive and nasty. Romney lost because he lacked any core convictions about liberation over subjugation and was seen by most voters as a "me-too" jerk.

Now...somehow...JEB BUSH...another milk-toast being pushed. Even the Wall Street Journal (A-1;12-22-14) pointed out how many backers and donors JEB already had. The WSJ never once...however...revealed BUSH to be a despicable socialist. "Had they exposed BUSH as a socialist and a would have hurt him in 2016 primaries," whispered Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) a fellow socialist and a person who doesn't fear losing power if BUSH were elected.


Some years scientists claimed the oil of the world was being consumed and there was little left. They showed computer models and pie charts and snorted about "peak oil" and how the planet was losing its natural resources so quickly. They forecast doom and desperation and said the way to avoid calamity was to regulate what oil there was and make sure only government people had gasoline and gasoline burning vehicles with everyone else using foot, bike or bus.

Of course...innovation and technology combined to prove these scumbags wrong. Yes...they're still around tooting and fluting...but...few serious minded people listen any more to their claptrap. There is so much oil and natural gas it would take humans several million years to exhaust these natural resources. Indeed...even with Obama's effort to stifle oil and gas production in America...there is a abundance...and...prices* are reacting to such bounty.

The countries which relied on "high oil prices" are having to reduce their respective grip and grab on the throat of liberty...something they dislike since over the years many so-called oil-producing nations took that oil money and used it to grow their big foot governments ever larger...absorbing more enterprises and reducing them to state-regulated dinosaurs. oil is so cheap...and...fossil fuel so abundant...their paradigms of diktat and control are withering away.
*Gasoline prices are falling with $1.98 per gallon seen in several Texas towns recently. Obama said he hated to see people with more money to spend on other things since he was the author of $100 billion in "green energy" projects...projects commenced by cronies of big foot government,(think Solyndra).

Ismaaiyl Brinsley

Two NYPD cops were executed by a Democrat whose ire was stirred by how cavalierly the NYPD handled the Staten Island murder of Eric Garner. Recall Garner was choked to death by NYPD cops and then a grand jury exonerated the murderers. Hence...Democrat Brinsley decided to shoot cops thereby telling the world "eye-for-an-eye" is afoot in America.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Why Obama has an affinity for toilet bowl countries can't be explained but he likes them and will do what he can to keep the people of that particular country enslaved. Take Cuba for instance. Obama has opened Cuba to American enterprise and not in any way insisted Castro brothers release their grip on the Cuban economy. Somehow...Castro is supposed permit liberty when in America Obama is doing all he can to replace it with "freedom-to-obey".


Two NYPD cops were shot and killed. The gunman took his own life after committing these two executions. Instantly...New York City big foot government expressed outrage and uncontrolled anger. "How dare someone kill our cops!" screamed Mayor Bill de Blasio, "I want 1000 people grabbed and shot in the next 24 hours,"he commanded. Sure...his reaction to the murder of Eric Garner was subdued and timid. But when it came to the slaughter of his goon squads...he was livid.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Obama told America that SONY STUDIOS should ignore the threat of "theater-attack" and show THE INTERVIEW. Some people are asking if he and his daughters will attend the showing of that despicable comedy without the national guard and 10,000 Marines protecting them against surprise attack.

Fethullah Gulen?

In a small nobody kind of town...IMAM FETHULLAH GULEN can be found. He's a dapper looking gent...hangs around in Kent...sometimes he's been overheard in May fair. You better not let him in...he'll rip your lungs out Jim...huh...I'd like to meet his tailor.

Yes...Recep Tayyip Erdogan hates IMAM GULEN and directed his underlings to issue an arrest warrant for Gulen's alleged attempt to unseat Erdogan and erect an Islamic State wherein Sharia Law imposed and any dissent huddled in mass graves. Of course...Obama has refused to extradite the imam since Obama believes Turkey should devolve into another Islamic toilet bowl.


Machines replaced worker bees when politicians began to tell employers they had to pay higher wages.

4 old war ships

China angrily rebuked Obama for selling 4 old war ships to Taiwan. What the Chinese don't know is that these ships are antiquated and not battle-ready. Indeed...they could be sunk with a 30 mm cannon fired from a A-10 Wart Hog. The danger to China is non-existent and President Xi Jingping should know as much.


False prophets and their ministers...have been plaguing the world since monkey became man. Recently this epic portrayal of idiocy manifested in Yola, Nigeria. BOKO HARAM*...a self-styled Islamic army of prophets and underlings...overtook the town and slaughtered all dissent using mass grave burial to hide quickly their evil. Once in control...BOKO HARAM troops marched through the town several times per day directing the survivors on how they must act and what they must think. Any dissent extinguished with a bullet to the head.

Mention is made of this rapacious intrusion into liberty since the Wall Street Journal(A-6;12-20-14). calls such diktat with bullet "governing". Instead of framing such grip and grab as terrorism...the WSJ chose to label it "governing". It's obvious DREW HINSHAW...the author of the article...couldn't find his butt with a bell. He believes telling girls to wear socks with their flip flops on penalty of rape and torture to be acts of "governing" and not hooliganism.
*BOKO HARAM was ejected from al Qaeda since most of Boko Haram's management team and a majority of its troops are cross-dressers and drag queens...ready to perform when asked. According to the Quran...such portrayal of soul is against Islam and can't be tolerated.

Friday, December 19, 2014


After the movie, THE INTERVIEW became so was decided by the MOVIE STUDIO of this BLOG that a sequel had to be made. Fishing for a was concluded THE INTERVIEW part two was the most suitable appellation. In part two...Kim Jong Un...the cruel leader of North handed over the BOKO HARAM who use him as a sex slave for their drag queen militia.


Michael Brune...CEO of Sierra Club...told Americans he'll make sure there aren't any cars  and mass transit the sole form of travel if people don't wish to walk or run. He said he'll destroy the fossil fuel industry and force Americans to live as did the American Indians...cherishing nature and never taking anything from Mother Earth. Sure...tent and mule were left behind with the advent of the gasoline motor...but...ole Mike and his scurvy crew promise to return Americans to that romantic era when children died at birth and people generally were malnourished and terrified of tomorrow.

$700 million?

Before a refinery can re-open it must add $700 million in environmental stuff...gadgets that will stop Mother Earth from bursting into flames.


INTER MAGNUM...forced march. Caesar could move his entire army 25 miles per day in what was called an INTER MAGNUM. With such mobility...Caesar could out-flank an enemy and attack with overwhelming force. More often than not...the GAULS were surprised because they never expected an army to have such mobility and strength. Mention is made of this aspect since Russian President Putin is engaged in a metaphorical march to confront would-be foes including Uncle Sugar.


More and more doctors and clinics are refusing Medicare patients because Uncle Sugar has changed the PAYMENT SCHEDULE so much the medical service providers simply can't perform without losing money on the venture. Granny Gates is going to have to go to the public health clinic and wait with the Haitians and Mexicans. Sure...eventually she might be seen and perhaps given some medical won't be like it was before Uncle Sugar "cut the fee".


In Pyongyang...North Koreans can watch THE INTERVIEW...a slippery comedy about some American journalists who get an interview with Kim Jong Un...the rapacious leader of that toilet bowl...and...during that interview...they attack and slay "the little fella" using toothpick and pencil.While Americans find such movies to be boring...the North Korean leader concluded THE INTERVIEW was an outright act of war on his country and he planned to retaliate.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


North Korea threatened to blow up any theater where THE INTERVIEW was shown. Recall THE INTERVIEW is a spoof comedy wherein the leader of North Korea is assassinated by a clumsy lout whose only passion that for bagel and cream cheese on Thursdays. How dare SONY STUDIOS make a movie portraying the leader of North Korea as a degenerate scumbag who puts dog dung in his oat meal.


How strong about the throat is the dictator's grip? Such question asked by Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) when told CUBA was "open for business". Rubio sensed there is gambit in what Castro has done. He knows Obama is a fool...and...won't see that face slap until his lip drips blood and his brain all rude and spun.


The French are busily pushing HAMAS as the solution to the trouble in the Middle East. The Jew is astonished such recognition is underway. To the Jew...HAMAS is a terrorist organization dedicated to the deletion of Israel from the Book of Time. Will the Jew be erased from Palestine? Will the Jew once more wander the pitiless expanse of Sinai?


OBAMA-CARE has created 5 million servile supplicants. When the Supreme Court hands down its decision that people relying on federal health insurance exchanges won't receive tax credits...there will be 5 million Americans who will lose the health insurance coverage they obtained using "other people's money". "We want other people to pay for us and we'll kill to keep our big foot government benefits," screamed Senator Warren when asked "why" she liked spending other people's money so much.


New York won't permit hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Yes...such things cheaply produce oil and natural gas...bring wealth into a state...and...give needed jobs to the's not a creature of big foot government and hence to be deleted. Of was expected that New York would pull some trick once it lured producers into the state with gimmicks and tax credits...but...few thought Cuomo would do it so quickly and hurt so many people.


Before exams begin...into HARVARD YARD run hundreds of naked students screaming and dancing. It's called PRIMAL SCREAM...most Harvard students have at some time in their career participated. This year...Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) told a reporter from the ROLLING STONE magazine that she had been raped in Harvard Yard during Primal Scream and she wanted that tradition eliminated.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


To avoid complications...Uber has changed its name to GUBER...and...bought cars which look exactly like THE GENERAL...the orange and white Dodge Charger featured in the series, DUKES OF HAZARD. Every driver is a Hollywood quality driver...with a map so well honed the trip is always quickest....the ride...the best available.


After the Taliban slaughtered 141 people at an army-run School in Pakistan...the Pakistani Army decided to take this BLOG'S offered DRONE-NET SYSTEM...a system designed to operate in such a manner that those 9 Muslims on "merciless jihad" would never have made it into the buildings before being interdicted by a spray of 30 mm cannon fire. And...even if these ruthless 9 Muslims had escaped such fury...then...they'd have been met by the guard-bot...a system designed to stop the intruder with a host of non-lethal weaponry including microwave and noise-pulse beam.

For less than $10,000.00 per school...never again could Taliban mount such an attack...perpetrate such a massacre. Yes...they might get near their target but the odds reduced so low of such achievement that every school child in Pakistan can know they can attend school without getting their little brains blown out by a jihad-inspired bullet. Call it class room protection at a decent price.

Of course...Obama heard about this DEFENSE SYSTEM and immediately instructed his U.S.Injustice Department to find some way to stop the sale of such a DEFENSE. According to sources stationed inside the Oval Office...he directed Eric the Holder...before he left town to dispatch one of his goon squads to hassle and hinder any deployment of that kind of INTERNET-DRIVEN enterprise. "I want them stopped. That Taliban raid was good to hear about and it'll help me sneak stuff past the American people. I want those kids as defenseless as possible," Obama told Valerie Jarrett.


Inexplicable dumb show and noise. Deft description...French mood and poise. Stay out of France...UBER told...defied injunction...valiant and bold.


Eventually...our sun will become a red giant and as such will consume Earth making the moons of Jupiter and Saturn Earth-like with suitable atmosphere,etc. And...eventually...that red giant will dwindle into a white dwarf...and...whatever left will be cold and desolate. By then...hopefully...some kind of ARK might be fashioned and dispatched to what might be inhabitable places a billion light years away.


Due acknowledgement is in order. Obama declared Americans could trade with Cuba and that American and Cuban banks could commercial paper....without incident or hinder from any federal While this BLOG has been critical of Obama...this effort to open trade with an obvious trading partner is quite commendable and must be acknowledged. If only he believed the otherwise unhampered market the best way for America...he'd not any longer be called a dung-throwing monkey...or...MARXIST ON MISSION.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty...a/k/a...RiHANNA...asked this BLOG if it were better than best* for her to be the international face of PUMA SE...a German sportswear company. After examining the matter thoroughly the answer was "yes...proceed". As with many celebrities...nowadays...Rihanna relied on the prudence and sagacity of this BLOG.
*Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy


Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) was miffed that Obama would consider opening Florida's burgeoning markets to Cuban need. "We want Cuba to starve...not prosper!" he exclaimed when asked "why" was he so angry about the release of Alan Gross.


When SONY STUDIOS was approached with the screen play for the proposed movie, THE INTERVIEW...there was much question about the plot line since it included the assassination of the "Little Fella"...the fond-name given to the present-day leader of shuttered tyranny. "Might not that incorporation lead to some reaction from the "Little Fella"...and...might not that reaction be costly for SONY STUDIOS?" asked Wen Di-Lo-too...a SONY STUDIO provocateur.


The hackers who attacked SONY STUDIOS were invited by this BLOG to focus their effort on exposing TEAM OBAMA for every criminal act by them committed. Yes...the task formidable...but...those hackers who blew SONY STUDIOS out of the water probably will succeed. Imagine watching YouTube and seeing Obama telling Eric the Holder to assassinate U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY...or...Obama telling RAUL...a snuff Ambassador Stevens in that Benghazi embassy compound.


Alan Gross was released* from Cuban detention due to the great effort by the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. Welcome home, Alan.
* On the WOODSTOCK record...there is a public announcement wherein Alan Vey is told to call his mother.


The Taliban dispatched a cadre of 9 suicide bombers to destroy and kill as much as possible before blowing themselves up. The team entered an army-run school around 11:00 am and began shooting anyone and everyone. They let a few live so that they might tell "why" such slaughter unleashed...reveal the reason for destruction...and...thereby instill fear and terror in the Pakistani Army.

It turns out that the Pakistani Army was bombing Taliban villages...killing children...women...cattle...and...goat. They wanted to tell the Pakistani Army they were at risk when they dropped bombs on those places. What better way to send that message of "leave us alone" than to send a cadre of berserkers into a Pakistani Army school with orders to slaughter and then explode.


An army-run school was attacked by 9 Muslims...the favored of to speak. These 9 Muslims each one screaming ALLAHU AKBAR(God is great) went from classroom to classroom shooting the children and teachers. Their goal was to avenge the dead who lay strewn about the area from indiscriminate air bombardment perpetrated by the Pakistani Army. They were simply returning the "favor"...and...delivering as much grief and misery as was heaped upon their homes when they got bombed.


Stalingrad! Study'll sense the valor and courage of President Putin. He stands for liberation over subjugation and he'll eventually deliver Mother Russia once more from the clutches of the bellicose ESTABLISHMENT. As has been said many times before...President Putin is the reincarnation of Peter the Great. He'll be called one of the great leaders of the early days of the 21st Century...and...will be said to be the father of the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Susan Wojcicki...CEO of wrong when she says the taxpayer should shoulder the burden of "paid maternity leave". She points to the states where the public bears the burden of maternity leave stipend and opines that such imposition was not any imposition at all for any employer since the public coffer the source of such "paid maternity leave". To her...a federal law imposing "paid maternity leave" would be good and she would support such intrusion into the employment relationship.(Wall Street Journal A-17;12-17-14).

Many employers would say...speak for yourself, sister...and...leave us out of your paradise. Many employers simply can't afford to have a work force with "empty positions"...yet positions which must be covered in some fashion while that "nursing mother" is absent. Companies such as GOOGLE can afford to "give this perk" while other companies not as lucrative can't. declare a federal mandate and impose it on everyone so that Wojcicki can feel good about what she did for expectant mothers everywhere...that is too much...and...Wojcicki is wrong to wish for such enslavement.


Luis Carlos Villegas...Ambassador of Columbia...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that Columbia's government should eliminate all illegal-drug borders to everyone...and...generally delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which has choked Columbia for so long.

In a closet of confidence...he said that deletion of the yoke and choke agenda was the only solution...but...his fellow countrymen were sheep-like and easily duped. "Columbians...for the most part...are ignorant and can't be left to live without directive and cradle to grave control...and...inside the CAGE...diaper check is always times even anticipated," whispered Luis when asked "why" Columbians are always depicted by other South Americans as "idiotic and ignorant".


Because of the power of this BLOG an American has been released from a Cuban detention center. But for the persistence of its HELP DEPARTMENT...that poor soul would still be languishing in some inhospitable place...deep in the bowels of the System.


Just when voters expected to have a fresh message and candidate preaching it from here to there...THE ESTABLISHMENT...alias THE MAN...pushes JEB "me-too" BUSH into the stream of political commerce. The idea is to give the voters a moderate person with a passion to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE... continuing onward with this progression into tribal socialism and Eco-fascism.

How could voters be duped so easily even though JEB BUSH is "Mitt 'the nit' Romney in drag? Could they not sense JEB BUSH is a closet-socialist...with a bubbling desire to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"? Florida he trimmed around the edges of the welfare state...but...for the most part...he did little to help the producer  and much to burden the state with ever greater public service agencies and departments.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. THE ESTABLISHMENT knows its best route is to pack the Republican Party primary season with JEB BUSH stuff and once more drown out the cry for liberation over subjugation. For his part...JEB as President will perpetuate the CAGE...and...deliver more entitlements...more taxes...and...of course...more WAR...more...WAR ON DRUGS...WAR ON TERROR...WAR ON POVERTY 2.0...WAR ON on...perpetuating THE ESTABLISHMENT and its bent for destruction and enslavement, abroad as well as here at home, respectively.


In the movie, Dr. Strangelove...Col. Jack Ripper tells Wing Captain Lionel Mandrake that he has launched a full wing attack against Russia because of a "commie plot" to put fluoride in everything...even "children's ice cream"...something so dastardly...he simply had to stop it.

In Pakistan...students and teachers were slaughtered because they dared discuss liberation over subjugation...something the Taliban had prohibited. So hated were these attempts to speak about freedom...Taliban dispatched a 7-man suicide team to kill as many teachers and students as possible before having to blow themselves up to prevent capture. As these dudes were massacring these people...they were heard to be saying over and over again, "ALLAHU AKBAR" (God is great).

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Uber is a cab service without the medallion. In Paris Uber...for example...gave 2,345,887 people rides to/from just yesterday. Yes...the French monopolies hate Uber since Uber delivers timely rides without the hassle of French Cab rules. Can Uber survive in Paris when there are laws which have targeted it for termination?


Russian President Putin has faced much greater problems than those confronting him today. Yes...oil prices have fallen and the ruble is losing its value...but...Russia has been in this unfortunate position many times and always succeeded in making things better. It's as likely as not this trouble will pass and with it the frown of poverty and mishap.

Joel H.Golovensky

Joel H. Golovensky was asked by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to write about Jewish state identity,(Wall Street Journal A-13;12-16-14). In his article he describes the problem the Jew faces in the early days of the 21st Century.


Eventually...the Jew will fight among themselves and while they're slapping each other around...the Muslim will enter and retake what the Muslim believes to be theirs. What has so many Jews they duck and dodge the blows from each how aloof Americans seem to be when Israel is getting pushed into a corner where the Muslim can easily sweep them back into Sinai.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Hillary Clinton was caught saying something preposterous but she had to say something more ridiculous than what Warren was saying...and...she did. She said businesses don't create jobs...that jobs come from other places...but...definitely not from businesses. After this BLOG expressed concern with her grip on reality...though...her complicit MASS MEDIA ran 24/7 her retraction and further explanation that she really didn't mean what she had said.

Nowadays...she's telling the poor and pathetic that she is able to give them access to the storeroom of others. She tells her audiences America must continue its progress into the socialist toilet. She tells them of a future* where big foot government gives and takes and anyone achieving anything only when permitted by some bureaucrat. And when said...the crowds erupt with approbation...cheering the enslavement she wishes to inflict.

*At a rally at a military base...HILLARY recently told a crowd of 15 people that she was ready to be commander-in-chief. She promised them that when that RED PHONE rings at 3:00 a.m. in the morning...she'd be there to answer it. She slapped her hand on the table and added she'd then ignore the screams and cries for help reflecting fondly on that Benghazi moment when she was informed her embassy compound in Benghazi was under attack and that such could be thwarted using predator drones hovering above that very compound...armed with machine gun and deadly missile such could be instantly unleashed and those 4 Americans saved. Yet...she chose not to engage and said what difference did it make now...they were dead...she had done what she did and was not sorry for her recklessness.


David Boies...whimsically billed as Titanic's plumber...was hired by SONY to plug any leaks still dripping post-hack attack many believe was perpetrated by North Korean hack-artists equipped with super computers Bill Clinton gave them many years ago but which are still quite capable of administering a blistering assault which many people know revealed the content of 1200 new movies including the surprise ending to TEAM OBAMA...the missing years...a SONY movie about the tryst between Obama, Valerie Jarrett and R.J.Titler...a pseudonym not anyone can "deep throat" decipher.

It's believed that DAVID BOIES...using EDWARD SNOWDEN pass-key* technology...can reverse-engineer the hacker's code...and...grab back all data leaving a blank screen and a happy face as a parting salvo. However, these hackers were clever enough to publish the stolen data in ways that eliminated any effective retrieval. Imagine a wood grinder throwing saw dust around and you'll sense how difficult a task to compel full grab-back from every source where such might be reposed. Yet DAVID BOIES believes he can achieve 100% grab-back. His confidence no doubt induced by the hefty fee he charged...a fee which naturally came without any assurances of resolution.
*Edward Snowden is a former employee of the National Security Agency(NSA). Snowden left NSA and took with him programs which enable the user to monitor all electronic traffic on planet Earth. To escape the EDDIE SNOWDEN pass-key...two cups with string stretched between the ONLY SURE way to avoid eavesdropping. DAVID BOIES has access to such "pass-keys" and plans to use them to clean up the mess the North Koreans made.


Socialist Federal Judge Cote ruled APPLE,INC. tried to stifle competition when what Apple, Inc. did was bring Amazon prices plummeting it consumer-like contrition...definitely lacking anti-trust kind of sound.  But Judge Cote was not one to consider evidence. As she wrongfully decreed, "Unripe fruit on the tree fall unshaken when they mellow be."


U.S. Senator Elizabeth "witch" Warren(D.Ma.) ignored the questions posed by a cub-reporter from this BLOG. She pretended she didn't hear questions about liberation over subjugation. She even had some of her body guards insulate her from the pressing hand the cub-reporter extended in Warren's direction seeking her exquisite attention...a moment of pause sought in this aloof Senator's seemingly endless schedule.

"Why use your power to advance the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE?" the intrepid cub-reporter asked. Why not spend your time dismantling CAGE...and...fashioning a 21st Century KEY to the socialist stick and stifle still so much afoot in America? Such questions went obviously unanswered yet each one seemed as if Warren were getting poked with hot iron and asked to speak truth once and for about CIA torture time...that cub reporter didn't stop once but kept making the call.


Chinese issued an edict prohibiting modified hay from getting distributed to its dairies. They know inside the alfalfa is hidden a gene that makes the person who eats the cow that ate that alfalfa to become very docile and susceptible to indoctrination.


Why not oppose tyranny in whatever format disguised? Why not demand liberation over subjugation...delete the CAGE...why accept big foot government's enterprise?

Liberty replaced by "freedom-to-obey" socialism's TEAM OBAMA'S way.

For the Republican Party to win in 2016...the grip and grab of big foot government must be lifted at every end and in between.


Germans are generally a smart people but ever so often a bunch will get together and compete for the "STUPIDITY PRIZE". Hitler won it the year he invaded Russia and BUSH-CHENEY decisively went away the winner when they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. December of 2014...the GERMAN LABOR UNIONS are vying for top spot. The unions are miffed that AMAZON.COM,Inc. could function quite well without most of its 10,000 German employees...and...hence its strength to demand higher wages and more benefits greatly lacking. However, despite being able to be quickly replaced...Amazon workers in 4 big cities are on strike and won't return unless Amazon.Com, Inc. gives them more of the pie.

Jimmy Lai

Media mogul, Jimmy Lai resigned from his position as CEO of NEXT MEDIA, LTD....a news conglomerate with a penchant for investigative reporting and in depth critical analysis. Recall he was arrested for demonstrating against mainland China's decision to vet potential candidates who wish to be the lead administrators of Hong Kong. Ole Jimmy didn't like the idea of mainland China preferring to have "friendly" administrators in positions of power in Hong Kong. However, he did concede the obvious point that national security required "friendly" administrators and the mandarins of mainland China needed this kind of "input" to assure such loyalty.


Comet water...the stuff aboard most the theory unlike Earth's water and hence such water was not dumped on the Earth in times long past creating thereby Mother Ocean. It might have come from someplace else but more likely than not its origin probably not from comets striking Earth in primordial times. Comet water destroys amino acids and hence couldn't be the stuff which comprised the ancients oceans of Earth circa 3.8 billion years ago.

Yet...these same scientists...who deny comet-water...can't explain of Jupiter's many moons...having Earth-like water beneath 7 miles of radiation-deflecting comprised of "comet water". How can such water be on Europa and not on Earth? How can both planets have similar potable open to the air...the other buried beneath 7 miles of comet-water? And...if they have similar water ponds...perhaps...aquatic critters similar to our own are there...swimming...and...slithering....through primordial seas protected by 7 miles of ice...a barrier whose mission statement perpetual cloak for life therein.

What if Europa is alive with more than just swimming stuff?  What if there is life which comet-water can't explain? What if there is a civilization therein and the UFO phenomenon witnessed around the world simply their craft exploring our Earth's oceans for colonization? They wouldn't be interested in the land environment...but...they'd surely like the deeper parts of Mother Ocean. It's likely those areas would be suitable for habitation and hence determined defense should humans find ways to penetrate their realm lying in the deepest trenches and covered by protective force fields reminiscent of Star Trek's "Raise shields Mr. Spock!" kind of stuff.

Folks...we're in a new era and it's time to consider the "what if" world. By using GOOGLE SEARCH...every theory and every fact known about Europa can be examined. With such thorough search it's possible the conclusion drawn will be that it's as likely as not that Europa is as old as Earth...has had a stable internal radiation-free environment...and...could support aquatic life of some sort whether primitive or advanced left for speculation.

Charles Lipson

Charles Lipson was digging snow yesterday so he could drive to the University of Chicago where he was a professor of political science. As he was throwing another shovel of frozen-in-design water...he pondered the way of America and if it weren't possible to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Indeed...shoveling 1000 cubic yards of snow will cause a person to think about other things and Charlie was doing just that. He had read about the OUM on a BLOG...had GOOGLED the phrase and discovered it was a primal tenet of Ludwig von Mises' tome: HUMAN ACTION. Charlie recalled how he'd been duly impressed with what was champion KEY over climb the fence to stand up and say "stop" when the HANGMAN* comes for another victim. he was...thinking about that conclusion to the 20th Century and the prologue for the 21st Century's OUM...a place where never could some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Yet...with every shovel of snow...though...Charlie could not bring himself to say that the OUM could be achieved. He erected in his "chained-mind" multiple considerations and requirements before such elimination of the grip and grab of the CAGE could manifest. How does one repeal an income tax and an estate tax when these two taxes are the heart of big foot government? How does one extinguish as well-protected an entitlement program as found in America? How does one tell "shee-ple" they can be free...they can paint their own future...they can exist without the cradle to grave diktat of some bureaucrat? Lipson shoveled away...he began to look to God and pray. he did...he heard himself described as a voice of one who cries out in the wilderness(JOHN 1:23). He was to be a voice of liberation over subjugation. He was to speak out against tyranny wherever found and from his lofty pulpit in the heart of America...preach freedom and eschew the yoke and choke agenda of the mighty NANNY STATE.(Wall Street Journal A-13;12-15-14).

*Maurice Ogden: THE HANGMAN

J.Sam Kass

White House chef, J.Sam Kass told Michelle Obama she could impose the idea of the NANNY STATE CAGE merely by commandeering the school lunch menu. Since most public schools are dependent on free government would be easy to force every school to serve whatever fare Michelle chose to impose. The idea was wonderful since it permitted Michelle to demonstrate on a massive scale how socialism diktat can be deployed to force something on someone else...something she concluded was good and righteous.

Later on...many school districts discovered children didn't and wouldn't eat colored cardboard and funny looking green stuff. Santa Clarita Valley School System lost $250,000...for cafeteria sales when students rejected healthier fare designed to meet federal nutrition standards. "The children simply refused to eat the stuff...and...I don't blame them," whispered the principal of one school where 10,000 apple-looking things were dumped each day because children refused to touch them.

But did anyone ever ask "why" Chef J.Sam Kass parts his name in the middle? The answer might very well explain "why" this "new menu" is rejected by almost all American school children. It turns out that he uses the initial J. since that J. stands for "Jack"...and...throughout his life he's been called JACK appellation with pejorative connotation.




EKREM DUMANLI...editor of Instabul's Zaman newspaper...was arrested for demanding big foot government stop the censure. At his side was a cub-reporter who witnessed those final moments before Ekrem was grabbed by masked men with huge guns and tiny badges. Surrounding Ekrem were children ranging in ages from 5 to 19 years of age. They'd come to listen to great oratory and observe first hand determined defiance well-framed. They heard Ekrem speak about a fence and who climbs with him. That reference meant little to these children since they had been taught in public schools and acts of heroism and defiance of tyranny were never mentioned. Hence the metaphor about fence and freedom meant little to them as they watched Ekrem dragged off.

Later on...Timmy of the young Turks who heard mention of fence...GOOGLED the phrase and found a story of great heroism and defiance of tyranny in the name of freedom. It was a story about a man who was told he could not enter the Gdansk shipyard and a fence preventing entry erected to send the message loud and clear. Entry was by permission only and that permission bottle-necked at the desk of the local commissar whose decree it was that a fence be erected and guarded by K-9 and machine gun.

The man walked to the fence with a 100,000(+) shee-ple standing there watching the man against the vermin man...defiant...and...ready to die for liberation over subjugation...he wanted to breathe free and that fence stood in his way. So to it he went. The crowd backed up as if some leviathan poked as the captain directed his guards to rack a round...and...get ready to mow this intrepid lad down.

But onward went this valiant...onward to the fence...he heard commands to shoot...each direction to fire made him whence...yet...he grabbed some fence and up he climbed...he could hear the guards asking if killing such valor could ever be right...onward he climbed...behind him the doubt in master's might. this hero climbed...he turned to the crowd and cried, "WHO CLIMBS WITH ME!" and with that declaration...a 100,000 shee-ple became crusaders of liberty...with little opposing on the other side.(Wall Street Journal A-1;12-15-14).

Sunday, December 14, 2014


BUSH-CHENEY embroiled America in a religious confrontation where mass slaughter a way of life not some bewildering last option in some gambit few wish to play.

America must disengage and permit the rag heads to battle each other for another 1000 years fighting over which one the best representative of Islam.

America does not need Middle Eastern oil and the Arabs...too...have come to the same conclusion and hence are reluctant to support any American effort anywhere in the Middle East particularly if it involves fighting ISIS...a puppet of the American Central Intelligence Agency. Why should any Muslim support the Yankee when the Yankee's gambit is to extract as much benefit as possible and leave the rest for whomever powerful enough to pick the pieces left behind?


In Vermont...socialism imposed. a consequence...there isn't enough chopped wood for the winter months ahead. A cord of wood is 128 cubic a fortnight...a family of 4 will burn in their fireplaces over 5 cords of wood...making a supply of wood something each Vermont resident knows must be secured before the 1st fall of snow...a fall which can be as much as 9 feet in an evening.

But...Vermont is the land of the socialists and the socialists decided that all wood belonged to the collective and anyone's supply not theirs but part of the whole and as such could be absorbed over objection to the contrary not withstanding. If the master with mob wanted that wood, its owner was obliged to surrender it and whatever left only left because the master interceded and cajoled the ravenous mob to leave something lest the chopper freeze to death and there be less wood to grab next year.

As a result news is now preceding the mob's arrival and hence there was isn't any wood to be found and confiscated. The owners are hiding their wood in underground chasms and leaving it there until the mob has passed...and...then...selling it as quickly as possible as undercover buyers slip in and then away before the master with mob can reckon and reap. Hence...the MASS MEDIA is reporting a shortage of fire wood in Vermont...a shortage never observed until socialism was imposed.