Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Living in Europe on $5.00 per day was a feat almost beyond belief. Yet with tent and boot...such could be achieved. A book was written about how it could be done. And since then many have been written on different countries and what would be required to reside in such a place on $5.00 per day.

For Caracas...the $5.00 would buy a 72 inch wide screen...5 pounds of flour...10 gallons of cooking oil and 3 pounds of pork along with a place to stay with good bed and water that could be ingested without dramatic hazard therein.

In Tibet...the $5.00 buys little more that a spot in which to pitch tent and light camp fire. India...$5.00 buys a year in the Punjab eating crickets and swatting boo-flies.

Mention is made of such things since on social security income of $1370.00 per month...the struggle to make that $1370 stretch very far in America in 2014 is almost daunting. The social security recipient must be careful about even the smallest extravagance. For buy beef instead of beans and pone a choice faced almost 24/7.