Thursday, February 27, 2014


Angel Vivas used social media* to explain "how" citizens could erect defenses against government security forces if such should be dispatched to quell rebellion. And for that helpful advice...Maduro...the rabid socialist leader of Venezuela...issued a warrant for his arrest labeling him a "terrorist". would be expected...a brigade of heavily armed troops entered Vivas' neighborhood with orders to arrest and kill any opposition.

However, the brigade was met by neighbors asking "why" were they in that area of Caracas when the rebellion was in the village square not there. The commander said he had an arrest warrant for ANGEL VIVAS and they had best stand back and permit him to grab that terrorist lest they...too...become targets of Maduro's ire.

Instead of standing down and permitting the brigade to continue onward to Vivas' house...the neighbors locked arms and defiantly said they were all named VIVAS and the brigade would have to slay them all but they weren't relenting. The commander knew he had to back off. If Maduro were deposed and a new government formed...his actions would be called heinous and he'd surely be prosecuted and hung. He knew his best choice was to depart...and...tell Maduro...that...if Maduro wished to arrest VIVAS that Maduro be brave enough to execute that warrant for him and his brigade...he wasn't about to kill 12,000 neighbors to satisfy the power-lust of Cuba's pro-Consul.
*Angel Vivas said he reads this BLOG every day since it's the only source of inspiration nowadays in Venezuela,