Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Because of the economic prowess of China...speculators have been making billions of dollars per day gambling on the yuan continuing to rise against the floundering U.S. dollar. lLtely, though, there has been some rumors the yuan is about to plummet as China regresses and ceases eliminating the bottleneck and stifle which still oppresses and suppresses much of what otherwise would be the greatest economy the planet has ever known!

It's the polemic of this BLOG that China is led by stellar performers who know which side their butter is breaded on. Sure...the Communists are still in power...but...their ideology has been debunked and rebuked so often in so many ways none of the present leadership is committed to its perpetuation. Indeed, President of China's greatest leaders...understands that the yuan must float with markets since it's a commodity. It's value dependent on how much of an otherwise unhampered market reflected therein.