Friday, February 28, 2014


Tesla Motors wants to build a Gigafactory wherein it will produce cheap lithium batteries enabling it to sell 500,000 electric cars per year since cheaper batteries means cheaper cars in price and maintenance. However...what Tesla Motors can't overcome no matter how many batteries it can produce is the lack of distance and dependability of the electric mode of propulsion. Few Americans want a car that might go 40 miles at maybe 50 mph before it abruptly stops. As Senator Chuck Schumer said, "Seeing people pushing Tesla Motor cars home can't be a good selling point."

Because there is a need for a cheap car using cheap technology...this BLOG'S SCIENCE DEPARTMENT went out and built a car that can travel 1000 miles on 1 gallon of gasoline with a top end speed of 150 mph for a total cost of $4800.00 and using off-the-shelf stuff to accomplish the feat. The reason the other cars can't do as well is because they're built to perform more than the function of transporting people. The car developed by this BLOG is specifically tailored to transporting people.