Monday, April 28, 2014


Even though New England from Massachusetts to Maine has abundant "close-by" natural gas supplies...the utility prices paid by its residents are the highest in the country. This shortage and hence high price energy could be instantly alleviated by construction of gas pipe lines from the Marcellus Shale area to these would-be distribution hubs.

Why would they be paying such high prices? The barrier to such energy abundance, distribution and pricing can be traced back to big foot government's energy programs and policies. The permitting process for a pipeline is so nasty...few ever make the attempt; and those entrepreneurs who do try find themselves in the shadow world of lobbyists and cronies.

But...why would New England residents accept such a CAGE environment? Why would they not join together and delete the hurdle and hamper aspects of government insisting these scumbags get out of the way and permit those pipelines to be built and built forthwith? Hmmm? Why wouldn't they?

Many Harvard scholars concluded...when asked this question...that the people of New England are accustomed to boot licking. They kneel and lick boot for freebie and favor. They lick big foot government to get something otherwise to them unattainable. As one Harvard official opined, " in New England kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge."(Exodus 32:24).