Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Lois Lerner has been sanctioned by a Contempt citation issued by Congress. Her lawyers are fighting to keep her out of jail while they scramble to find ways to hinder any further investigation into the scandalous activities of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Recall Lois Lerner and her scumbag cronies at IRS attacked conservative organizations, their purpose to damage the ability of these organizations to influence political outcomes around the country. When they were caught...they immediately took the 5th amendment and refused to reveal their criminal acts.

Because Lois Lerner is a loyal soldier...she'll go down and not take her supervisors and a host of prominent Democrats with her. Unlike Democrat Jon Corzine who threatened to take down the entire edifice if his $2 billion theft of his own clients' money were ever prosecuted...ole Lois has kept quiet. Sure..she could take Obama with her since she has secret emails from that dung-throwing monkey encouraging her effort to attack conservative organizations. But...she won't reveal them. She's a loyal soldier...the kind of Nazi-types that assisted Hitler in his demented conquest.