Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mr.Peabody & Sherman

Years ago...on TV...there was a comic character show. It featured a dog and a male child: Mr. Peabody...a glib...erudite...British accented...pipe-smoking unassuming lad...wide-eyed...and...prone to saying, "Golly..Mr. Peabody...I never knew!"

Mention is made of this cute TV show since it became a full-length movie that bombed mightily at the box office. Unlike Madagascar and Shrek...two box office hits...PEABODY was a loser. It took $49 million to produce and present earned back a meager $5 million. Unfortunately...most consumers never liked the TV show and those who did were represented in that $5 million.

Why would a production company spend big-money on such a loser? Why take such a risk? The reason is that its owners received bad advice. The company that was hired to determine if there were enough residual interest in that TV show to warrant such an expensive enterprise concluded based on their "population-study" the movie would fetch over $100 million(+). Their research demonstrated that most Americans and Europeans loved the idea of a K-9 and a young boy traveling through time and space meeting people and doing things.

Of course...$40 million(+) of red ink later...however...the production company knows it received bad advice. The company that delivered such bad stuff...was the same crew that was hired to select guards for sensitive naval bases in places such as Roanoke,Virginia. They were the same bunch who carried out Eric the Holder's scheme called "Fast and Furious". And...they were the ones who advised Ambassador Susan Rice to LIE about the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy compound attack.