June 2014
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The march to make salt was made easier today when the U.S.Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision ruled in favor of religious freedom. Hobby Lobby didn't have to kneel and worship TEAM OBAMA'S golden calf. The 4 so-called associate Justices who wanted to enslave even more and to advance the CAGE in even greater degrees...they were pushed to the side by the 5 liberty-lovers on that seldom august bench.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. As you listen to the diatribe emitted by TEAM OBAMA about how unfair it is that big foot government can't stomp everyone equally...just imagine if that NAZI BUNCH had prevailed. Why they'd be telling every employer what they will and won't do from here til then and back. It would be as nasty and backward as found in France...for an instance of socialist-toilet bowl...where such nonsense was determined the better course.

The army of liberation is growing. The Tea Party teams are merely a portion of the overall crusade. The platform is called THE ORB which stands for "the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE." As one Harvard scientist acknowledged, "Should Americans choose liberation over subjugation...they could rid themselves of the Pharaohs and other would-be masters. They could eliminate the yoke and choke agenda and usher in EDEN...the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

The Supreme Court ruling advanced this crusade's mission to eradicate the "whip and chain" of the CAGE...to provide a KEY...and...give every American a chance to succeed without having some tax or regulation hampering or hindering. In such an environment...the people are the most well off. They can't be plundered by some would-be master whose banner: "Our tears...your purse!" They can't have their storeroom looted by some inheritance tax or have their lives saturated with diktats designed to keep them herd-like and pathetic. No...in the OUM...each person is in the same moment a producer and a consumer as Ludwig von Mises once said in his tome:HUMAN ACTION...and...government never something that can be used to pick winners and losers.
Recall Sandra Fluke* demanded that other people pay for her contraceptives. Sure...she could pay for them...but...she wanted big foot government to force people to pay for them. She wanted to feel both powerful and wanted at the same time and what better way than to know her contraceptives were bought by other people through big foot government compulsion...something she found erotic and sensual.

When Sandra Fluke heard the U.S.Supreme Court ruled against her...that big foot government could not compel such payment...she screamed and ranted. She drooled and snarled...snorted and yelled. "How dare those jerks choose liberty over "freedom-to-obey"! she fumed in firehouse fashion. She didn't want to spend her own money...she wanted to spend other people's money and the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision chose to insulate them from her desire. And...that made this socialist livid and ready to kill people to get her way.
*A fluke is a nasty parasite.
The U.S.Supreme Court ruled that SEIU couldn't "tap" the income of a home-health aide if that home health aide didn't wish to pay dues. This ruling will undermine and reduce unions since without funds...unions lack political clout and can't exact tribute in exchange for "no-strike" agreements. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) opined, "It'll mean that a worker bee needn't fear reprisal from some SEIU thug for refusal to pay dues. Indeed...worker bees can henceforth refuse to support the perpetuation of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE...something I hate since as a Democrat I want more not less "red tape, tax and spend".
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Netanyahu was visibly shaken as he described the kidnapping of Jews carried out by HAMAS. Instead of asking for ransom...the victims were beheaded on TV. So gruesome...the culprits threatened to publish the executions on Al Jazeera...their outlet for "dirty deeds done dirt cheap"...if the Jew continued to refuse to grant the WEST BANK to the Palestinians.

Naturally...Obama...ever the closet-Muslim...is pressuring the Jew to give away their homeland and suffer once more the diaspora and wandering in Sinai. Will Netanyahu cave into such idiocy...or...will he fight against an overt land-grab? The POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG says the Jew is too smart to pull the rattlesnake into his sleeping bag.
Mike Papantonio admitted he was wrong to support socialism and Eco-fascism and joined the army of liberation. Naturally...his former associates...scumbags such as MSNBC Ed Schultz...are angry that Mike would choose rationality over idiocy...something ole Ed and his ilk prize more than life itself. "How dare he want to delete the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE!" snorted Ed Schultz...himself as rabid a freedom-hater as one might wish to find.
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"He who is without sin...let he throw the first stone." prompted Jesus as he handed the stone from person to person whose shame so great the stone shunned. Jesus having dispersed the crowd told the lady to go and sin no more.

Mention is made of this feat and parable since Bill Clinton is traveling about giving interviews wherein he touts the qualifications of his wife and denies she was reckless in Benghazi...where an Ambassador and 3 other Americans were murdered. He tells hand-picked crowds that she didn't know the embassy compound was in danger until the attack began. However...when she did hear of it...she tried her best to get Leon Panetta...the ghoulish Secretary of Defense...to unleash the firepower of those hovering Predator Drones and save Ambassador Stevens and the others...but...Panetta refused since he knew Obama had issued a  "SNUFF ORDER".

A cub-reporter from this BLOG met with Bill Clinton for 5 minutes after one such staged-explanation to find out what he knew about the involvement of his wife in the Benghazi scandal. When the cub-reporter told Clinton that she knew what BRAXTON knew...hinting to insider data that only the most inner circle would know and hence qualifying the reporter as "core-command"...his voice went to "whisper-mode" and confirmed Obama assassinated Stevens before Stevens could divulge "game-changing" information just weeks before the 2012 election.
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Before the court ruled in favor of the networks...AEREO was flying high with a stock price commensurate with its novelty. Nowadays...AEREO stock is almost worthless and getting more worthless by the nano-second. How could AEREO turn this plummet into a soaring glide...eagle-like...bold and packed with even more novelty...and...hence more value?

The answer was given to AEREO by the IMAGINATION DEPARTMENT of this BLOG on 06-30-14 and AEREO's stock prices have begun to rise as rumors whistle along Wall Street that there's a new guru in town and AEREO is about to take off as if some SATURN ROCKET. Anyone not aboard will be observed as less than prudent and too timid to be in the game of speculation for profit...a label few wish to wear.
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According to official experts...this BLOG was instrumental in defeating Obama's attempt to destroy religious freedom. The U.S.Supreme Court supported Hobby Lobby's protest against the "grip and grab" of OBAMA-CARE. The government could not force that family to buy abortion-services for their employees. Yes...the employees could finance their own abortions...but...big foot government could not compel the employer to fund them.

Sure...rabid freedom-haters...such as U.S.Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) were angered by the decision. She wanted big foot government...for example...to stomp out anyone and anything unwanted and the Court prevented once more such overreach. "How dare someone refuse to worship whatever golden calf the master might forge!" she snorted and drooled.
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If the super-train were to run on rails above traffic so that the 32 trips per day would not tie and tangle...most Floridians would not oppose it. On the other hand...without such "above-it-all"...though...the snarl and anger such trains would cause would become legendary.

Take Vero Beach, for example. The train track runs through Vero in such a manner that 32 trips per day would create a two section town...those east and west of the tracks. At 110 mph...the trains would be dashing by at over 135 feet per second...a city block in the wink of an eye...and...the barrier such would cause might be more than most people could take before bubbling in anger and protest.

Any beach side law firm, for instance, would need to take such traffic back-up into account in scheduling court hearings since the "tie-ups" some foresee as long as 5 minutes or more. The restaurants on one side of the track would have to do without patrons from the other. The number of scenarios might be too many to mention...but...suffice it to say...32 trips per day would seem to "slice Vero" into east and west in ways people can't at the moment appreciate.

Adele Keim and others are fighting to preserve religious liberty in America. Their plight is as grave as that of Dred Scott in 1857 whose future depended on the U.S.Supreme Court finding he was a human being and not chattel. Keim and Hobby Lobby claim they should not have to kneel and worship whatever golden calf the master might forge...a declaration of sorts...that they won't accept the yoke and ignore their conviction and pro-life stance. Opposing them are the minions of Mammon( MATTHEW 6:24)...whose mission to crush the individual and replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey".
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Fanjul is a family with great sugar plantations and big bucks. TEAM OBAMA...that vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters...has wanted to loot their storeroom for years. Recently...Obama was caught using a stooge in the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to attack people he didn't like or people he wanted to shake-down Chicago-style. One of those targets was the FANJUL family.

From "recovered emails" of Lois Lerner(think IRS stooge)...Obama directed her to find a dude named Garcia and direct him to use the FANJUL name so that IRS could chase through every vault and grab whatever found. Garcia did as requested and went about buying on the credit of the FANJUL FAMILY...a spree which lasted over 14 months until the watchdog branch of this BLOG uncovered the "connection" and notified the FANJULS of the assault by OBAMA.
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In Afghanistan...Major Jim Gant and his best friend forever, Ann Scott Tyson...lived in a tribal setting. He was there to assist in defense against the Taliban and she to document and video the entire event...chronicling the effort by Jimmy and his troop to provide security for that region...a region packed with bullet and bomb. The effort was so well done that Gant's area was the most safe and peaceful.

When Obama heard that Gant was imposing the "otherwise unhampered market" paradigm in that region and giving Afghans a way to prosper mightily...he became livid. "How dare he show them how liberty can fetch prosperity!" fumed Obama as he paced back and forth in his Oval Office...his mind reeling with urges to get some dung and start throwing in monkey fashion. "That dude has to go. Summon my generals and tell them their mission statement: discharge Gant forthwith!" drooled Obama in a series of snorts and whistles.
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In the movie, Poseidon Adventure...there's a scene where Gene Hackman tries to convince a group of would-be survivors to follow him to safety. He points out their course destined to end in doom should they not heed his entreaty. Yet...they ignore his warning and disappear into the bowels of the capsized vessel.

Folks...as a voice of one crying in the wilderness...beyond Jordan(JOHN 1:28)...I invite everyone to consider a "real" way out. It's called the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. It's obtained by merely deploying THE ORB...passing and implementing "the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Sure...there will be opposition to eradication of the "whip and chain" but tyranny in every form and format can be swept away using THE ORB.

Because this feat requires tactical as well as strategic...THE ORB has a provision to pay off every RIDER with a one-time victim's payment in recognition of the psychic injury of "drooling-dependency" inflicted by big foot government. Yes...they'll be paid in U.S.dollars...that almost worthless fiat currency...but...folks...that's what's left after 75 years of CAGE. The good news is that once the CAGE is eradicated and America released from bondage...those almost worthless dollars will be as valuable as gold itself...and...everyone...producers and RIDERS...everyone will experience the benefits of the OUM!
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Obama snickered when he said he was stomping out Jesus by giving women free birth-control such as pills and creams. By taking money from taxpayers such as Hobby Lobby and redistributing it in the form of "free birth control"...Obama found he could undermine the pro-life segment of America. Hobby Lobby refused to pay for birth control for its employees saying if they wished such things then their own purse should be used since the owners of Hobby Lobby were pro-life people and were opposed to birth-control.

The U.S.Supreme Court will determine if Hobby Lobby can assert such freedom in the face of tyranny. It's likely the Supreme Court will support the "yoke and choke" agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...an agenda wherein the individual is subordinated to the collective goo. The appointees of Obama are rabid freedom-haters and want to crush liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...a necessary tenet of socialism. Hence...they'll side with big foot government and declare Americans...such as the owners of Hobby LObby...must kneel and lick boot.
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A culture as ancient and venerable as that of China is the last place one would look for "fresh and new" since such things tend to confuse and clutter...and...yet...the Chinese are finding ways to push aside the Centuries old NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a dramatically different approach: the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can an able-bodied pauper be found. Sure...the Mandarins hate such things since their grip and yoke are evaporating as quickly as their monuments are crumbling...but...the young and restless want more than closed doors and shuttered windows.
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While Obama sat in his office alone...starring at the numbers on the telephone...wondering how a man could send a child actor to visit in the land of the wind-chill factor. Hey...Ma...look...there goes the Elephant Boy...$100 doll dressed in Corduroy...headed down south to Illinois from the jungles of east St. Paul.(John Prine).

Perhaps such scenario might explain "why" Obama dithered while Taliban and ISIS took over Afghanistan and Iraq. What American interest is there in those two countries that would cause Obama to ignore and dally? Sure...he stuck the U.S.S.Ronald Reagan in the Persian Gulf the other day...but...without a mission statement that firepower is useless and meant as "eye-candy"...something the Muslims know quite well as "timid and meek".
Rothblatt...another freedom-hating Democrat...says he'll defeat U.S.Rep. Bill Posey because Posey's tepid and weak...timid and boring...into that circus tent you'd never peek. But why support another would-be master...another "same old, same old, just different bag"? Yes...Posey is quiet and never raises his voice...but...Rothblatt will protect the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and make sure only his pals get the government contracts and other "goodies" as Rothblatt so often calls them.
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University of Las Vegas demanded Hillary Clinton return the $225,000 speaker's fee she exacted for her 45 minute speech on her days in the political arena. They were displeased her speech was merely a campaign discourse...boring...droll...and...packed with lies and half-truths. "How dare she rape us!"exclaimed Mendy...whose last name she preferred this BLOG not mention.
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What if ISIS is but an appendage of the American CIA? Far-fetched? Perhaps. But ISIS attacked a bank and looted it of $500 million...funds the CIA needed to be conveyed to ISIS but didn't have any way due to the INTERNET'S power to snoop and publish. Hence...the attack was orchestrated and the funds made available when ISIS arrived...something only able to be done by the CIA!

Some official experts claim ISIS is a new movement unconnected to any traditional terrorist organization and comprised of Sunnis wanting a better life.
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Obama's qualifications for growing the American economy? Well...he was a south side of Chicago community organizer...and...so far he's played more golf than any other President in history. Senator Chuck Schumer underscored his qualifications by pointing out he had quite an arm...of course...referring to Obama's moniker: dung-throwing monkey. And...U.S.House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi...not to be left out of master-worship...went so far in her accolade as to frame his abilities as "far beyond those of mortal man."
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Although a majority of Florida-voters won't yet support legalization of marijuana...that 50.1% is almost gone. Indeed...more often than not...nowadays...most voters have smoked or are using pot right now...whether it be better orgasm...feeling euphoric...or...simply passing-the-time. And...most people resent any officious...meddlesome...snot-nosed knave...interfering...condemning...and...otherwise 24/7 trying to impose and direct as if some would-be master...a/k/a...witch-burners.

Why not live and let live? Why permit federal goon squads to operate in Florida? Florida needs to delete all anti-drug laws and release all prisoners whose incarceration based on violation of some state drug law. Floridians need to delete the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and a great place to begin is with eradication of the DRUG LAWS!
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"We need to show the oceans are getting hotter," whispered Michael Mann...a Penn State charlatan...as he sat in a group of climate-change gurus who had met because their hoax had been uncovered by this BLOG in 2013. "If we don't show the oceans are growing warmer...our computer-model will be demonstrably revealed as "phony" and that means we all have to give back the money we took using this deception."

Because most of the money was already spent...none of them wanted that disgorgement penalty to manifest. One of the gurus said that in a fortnight he could deliver those "numbers" to which the conspirators delivered applause and cheers of "Here!...Here!"

This "helper" with boat and equipment immediately went to that part of the ocean where underwater volcanoes found...dropped his thermometer into the water...took readings...so to speak...ditched the real coordinates and inked false ones...and...returned with "startling" data...fear-causing measurements...stuff one might find in a Twilight Zone episode.

"So disturbing are these numbers...we must have more taxes and regulation...more burdens and more yoke and choke lest the world burst into flames and mankind extinguished," scream Mike Mann. He appeared frightened and passionate as he read off those "hot-water" numbers and informed America that doom was just around the corner.
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Charlatan Al Gore was able to get 1000 scientists to sign a letter demanding that Obama fund the NEEDLE AND THREAD THEORY. According to this well-documented and computer-modeled theory...earthquakes can be stopped by merely using steel cable and sewing the rifts together thereby preventing sudden shift in the tectonic plates. The amount of steel required would be a 100 trillion tons...and...the needle would be 10 miles long...requiring a huge mechanic hand with an granny's love at the helm.

Naturally...there are 'contrary-scientists' who say such a theory is ludicrous and the effort to put the "stop-steel-thread" into place almost as unimaginable as preposterous. These pro-quake people are said to be too far removed from reality to consider this protective activity worthy of consideration. "The consequences of not using the thread and needle are too horrific to imagine," said AL Gore when asked "why" he wanted $100 trillion in funding.

Folks...earthquakes will never occur again once the tectonic plates are sewn together. Sure...plate movement is a natural thing...but...so is overall climate change...but...when there's money to be made from "junk-science" why stop with just the weather? "We can triple our take by adding the "needle and thread" theory," chortled Penn State's Michael Mann when asked "how" he could support such idiotic claims and vision-statements.
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If super-volcanoes were to erupt...the temperature and rainfall globally could be temporarily affected. Because the myth of man-made global warming presupposes man can affect climate change...these idiots have also envisioned "huge corks" to be placed into the volcanoes to stop them from emitting greenhouse gases. Indeed...the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)...passed rules using the CLEAN AIR ACT directing Mother Nature to curb her carbon emissions by 25% by 2030...a feat most official experts say is unlikely without more government taxation and red tape applied.
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Disbarred lawyer and former President, Bill Clinton told an excited audience that his wife was the most qualified Democrat and should receive the nomination for President in 2016. He conceded she dropped the ball in Benghazi and the turmoil in Iraq and Syria are due to her recklessness and incompetence...but...among Democrats...she's the most qualified. As Bill opined, "At 3:00 a.m...when the "hot-phone" rings...she'll already be up looking for me sneaking in the back door."
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TEAM OBAMA is slowly putting American military forces in harms way once more somehow trying thereby to bolster the socialist-state BUSH-CHENEY installed in Iraq. While BUSH-CHENEY should be condemned for their imposition of a mixed-economy welfare state paradigm...OBAMA must be equally held accountable for his short-sighted withdrawal of troops without a residual-reaction plan...something THE ART OF WAR mandates.
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DRAVET SYNDROME...is a bad disease and when it strikes a child the seizures can be serial and prolonged. To avoid the affects of this disease...marijuana is used to ameliorate and assuage. Ms. Parsons...a mother of one of these stricken children...demanded Governor Scott do something and he did. Ms. Parsons can now buy marijuana for her son and alleviate his suffering.

Naturally...there were many who wanted her child to live life as hampered and pathetic as possible and said they'd kill anyone trying to give that child marijuana. Charlie Crist...for instance...a Democrat...came out against Ms. Parsons saying he liked watching her child corkscrew and foam at the mouth. Of course...him being the darling of the complicit MASS MEDIA...they called his statement refreshing and nuanced.

Folks...it's time for the "witch-burners" to get out of the way. Floridians need to delete all anti-drug laws. Governor Scott needs to release every inmate at every jail or prison who was convicted of a drug crime. Florida needs to become the Mecca for pot use. It will be the largest money making thing for farmers and for entrepreneurs it will be a boon to every segment. Imagine Rolls Royce instead of Toyota as the most commonly observed vehicle...and...you'll sense the prosperity when pot is legalized in Florida!
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U.S.Tax Code absorbs a billion man-hours per year as businesses address their tax obligations. Eliminate the income tax and the burdens reflected in that number would evaporate. It's called liberation over subjugation. Why not delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
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Some time back Obama chortled about how well he'd deceived America using the phrase "shovel-ready". He smirked about how Americans had believed they could keep their same insurance company and same doctor when he was pushing OBAMA-CARE. And...just the other day...ever the dung-throwing monkey...Obama almost cried he was laughing so hard about the "waste in government".

"So what!" Obama exclaimed. Big business has lots of waste and so it is with big government. Of course...Obama was describing "Government Motors"...f/k/a...General Motors...when mentioning "waste in business" and not Ford Motor Company...a private sector enterprise...where "waste" eschewed and efficiency dramatized. To Obama's way of thinking...government can waste as much as it wishes...hurt whomever it desires...and...pick winners when such required.
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Secretary of State John Kerry threw his Vietnam service medals over the fence of the White House many years ago. Yet...as Secretary of State...he was in Iraq telling Maliki and his frightened Shiites...Obama would protect Baghdad from final assault. Such promise wasn't taken as meant, however. Maliki knew he would be betrayed by Obama in the same manner as Obama betrayed Dr. Afridi...the man who gave Obama the coordinates for Osama bin Laden enabling the execution thereof.
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Lois Lerner gave an interview to a cub-reporter before she took the 5th amendment and refused to speak publicly about her criminal misconduct and the conspiracy of which she was a member. During the interview the issue of data retrieval came up to which Ms. Lerner smirked and giggled. After regaining her composure...Lois confided that before you can hide something you must learn to find it...taking a quote from FAHRENHEIT 451.
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Are you a God? Ray...stood there...paused...then...meekly replied, "No". In reaction...the demon said, "Then...die!" and blew Ray and his Ghostbuster pals almost off the top of a 100 story building. When they came to rest...one of them turns to Ray and says, "Ray...when someone asks you if you're a God...you say "yes"!

Nowadays...people are asking if Obama is a God. He has issued diktats not found in law. He has refused to execute faithfully applicable law and rule. For example...OBAMA-CARE required businesses to pay so much they'd probably go out of business. Instead of crushing American enterprise...Obama chose to insulate them...or...at least...a portion of them...a Shindler's List kind of thing...saving perhaps as much as 3% of the total economy! For that House Speaker Boehner wants to "sue the President"?
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TEAM OBAMA's ruthless attack on liberty has been fanned and fostered by a complicit MASS MEDIA. The more liberty removed and replaced with "freedom-to-obey"...the more the MASS MEDIA drools in wonder and awe. The more merciless and deceptive TEAM OBAMA is...the more the MASS MEDIA calls such dastardly things "enlightened and marvelous".

So "why" is the MASS MEDIA in a panic nowadays? It's because there is a new winning message resonating with the voters. It's the message of liberation over subjugation...a message promising a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. The MASS MEDIA knows such a message is something they can't combat. Oh...sure...they can nay-say and poo-poo the idea of dismantling the CAGE...but...most people like the idea of KEY...the vision of escape from the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th century NANNY STATE. And this magnet-like affect has the would-be masters plenty concerned.
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Khatallah was grabbed in Tripoli and will be prosecuted for the 09-11-12 attack on the Benghazi compound. Officials international sources, though, have portrayed this prosecution as persecution of a "fall guy" whose big mouth and ability to fantasize landed him on a transport bound for America to be tried in a Kangaroo Court with Kangaroo evidence in front of a Kangaroo jury.

What has so many international law experts puzzled is how Eric the Holder...the U.S Attorney General...plans to get around the fact that Khatallah was over 100 miles away during the attack and only arrived afterwards as a scavenger looking for trophies.There is absolute proof he was 100 miles away because he was incarcerated and that time in that jail can be documented! Also...Khatallah used the Lois Lerner method* of scrubbing and cleansing.
*Lois Lerner and 6 other intrepid Nazis scrubbed their computers so a trail wasn't possible.
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Kathleen Sebelius...alias DEATH ANGEL...has somehow slipped from public view. Recall she's the one who tried to stop the little girl from getting a replacement lung so she could survive what otherwise was a mortal infirmity. Sebelius was overruled by a Federal Judge who couldn't stand by and watch Sebelius kill another child.

Mention is made of this DEATH ANGEL...this hag from hell...since the little girl recently was reported to be doing just fine and will live a normal life. Her mother said she was astounded how easily Sebelius was able to melt into the public background and not be hounded 24/7 by people wanting to spit on her or slap her down. Indeed...a bounty was offered by Senator Chuck Schumer for any information leading to the arrest of the person who kicks Sebelius in the butt.
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By-passing Baghdad is right out of THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tsu. It's amazing how easily ISIS has taken city after city using the plan this BLOG laid out as a hypothetical reaction to Obama's removal of American troops from Iraq. Indeed...ISIS has used the proposed propaganda tactics...the simple governing tools described and defined...along with the supporting but simple arguments for accepting imposition...combining them as prescribed and achieving permanent ground-gains thereby.

One ISIS commander said if it weren't for the INSTRUCTION MANUEL developed and distributed by this BLOG...ISIS would still be wandering around the Syrian border looking for water and a way to explain their needs. As it is...ISIS has surrounded Baghdad and will eventually overtake Babylon absorbing until it's more or less an appendage of the Caliphate...a place that once was Syria...Iraq...Afghanistan...and...Turkey.
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A crippled child hobbled over to Hillary Clinton and asked her for one of her millions. Obviously caught off-guard...Clinton smirked and said she only gives away other people's money...never her own. She went on to tell this pathetic peasant that Hillary was rich and her wealth was hers and never would she ever give any of it willingly although she had gone on record as promising to loot other people's storerooms for the unwashed masses.

Folks...Hillary Clinton is a rabid socialist. She sees herself as part of a ruling elite and looks down on everyone else. Sure...while she's campaigning...she will glad-hand...kiss babies...and...promise as much plunder and redistribution as possible. But...never will she admit her goal is to enslave America and reduce it to a manageable herd with her and her cronies directing and controlling from cradle to grave. She is a nasty witch-like person with a bent for anger and deceit as worthy as that of her husband's own unsavory ways.

The Republicans must put up candidates that have a message of liberation over subjugation. Those Republicans who preach elimination of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE  will defeat those demanding the CAGE be made more oppressive...more burdensome...more entangled. And when that crippled child is dispatched to harry them...they need to be able to say to that American: Support the otherwise unhampered market paradigm and you'll receive so much you can't spend it all. For therein lies EDEN.



Worked hard delivered cards...service and product in wondrous ways combined...delighted most...coast to coast...gold and silver climbed. Each coin represented a satisfied customer...someone who received more than given...and...for that exchange...in reach and range...received what was striven.

A socialist hates such liberty since there isn't any room to siphon. A law must be imposed so that the socialist can interfere with such an envisioned exchange and drain off some of the "exchanged value" so that such plunder might be redistributed to the supporters of the socialist so they might enjoy some of the loot in portions determined to be "best" by the...you guessed it...the socialist.
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Thad Cochran pulled out all stoppers and directed his minions to pack-the-vote. And...in a Republican Primary...the number of voters grew by 40% in some instances around Mississippi. In one county...238 dead people cast their vote for ole Thad...while in another venue...966 Democrats said they were Republican in order to defeat McDaniels.

Of course...McDaniels is angry that his Republican constituency was "watered-down" by "disguised Democrats" so that in the general election the "freedom-hating" Democrat could sail to victory over what most voters will be told by the complicit MASS MEDIA is an almost-senile old man whose best days in Congress quite behind him.
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In Virginia...U.S.Senator Mark Warner is in a dead heat race with Republican challenger, Ed Gillispie. Of course...Warner is a rabid socialist and freedom-hater and hence is supported 100% by the MASS MEDIA. Whereas Gillispie...for example...must pay for any mention on TV or  RADIO...Warner gets free headlines...free admiring mention...and...other "staged accolades" almost daily...giving Warner an edge Gillispie can't surmount.

Noticing this massive assistance by the MASS MEDIA...this BLOG dispatched the FIRST BRIGADE OF VIRGINIA to help Gillispie prevail.

Their message: liberation over subjugation.

Their crusade: dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE ushering in thereby the 21st Century Otherwise Unhampered Market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Should Ed Gillispie promise the voters prosperity and tell them the way to EDEN is by eliminating the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE...deleting its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...reducing the grab of big foot government..should Ed Gillispie tell the voters such things...he'll defeat freedom-hating Warner in margins greater than Cantor lost to Brat.
As fascinating as it might seem...a newspaper man with years and years of living tucked beneath his arm...has uncovered the missing emails of Lois Lerner( IRS stooge) and Gina McCarthy(EPA honcho and ultimate hag). It's a wealth of data he confided when asked by a cub-reporter "why" he was smiling as if the Cheshire Cat. After looking around to observe who might be eavesdropping...ole Georgie Porgie Puddin Pie said he had the missing emails and their content made him whimper and downright cry.
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Obama told Americans the advance of ISIS was unexpected and surprising. Obviously such declaration of ignorance was a LIE since the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG had previously informed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Iraq would devolve into a religious civil war as soon as American troops were withdrawn. An emissary from this BLOG was sent to visit Obama in the Oval Office wherein he was flatly informed IRAQ would fall to ISIS should he remain on his present course of ignorance!
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U.S.Senator Grassley(R.Iowa) was targeted by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Lois Lerner's emails demonstrate she was directed by Obama to attack this loudmouthed Senator. Naturally...most of the emails of Lois Lerner were destroyed...but...some survived including this one. Somehow...this BLOG was able to find this one and get it to U.S.Rep. Darrell Issa,(R.Ca) so that he might pressure Obama into admitting his own criminal misconduct.
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The “Little Fella” expressed anger when he saw the American parody about him and his nasty toilet bowl of a kingdom. How dare they depict me as a homosexual with lust for virgin camels…the little fellow scowled and snorted as his underlings showed him another parody of him and Hillary Clinton doing it together on the back of a virgin camel. Insiders said it wasn’t so much the depiction as it was the fact the Americans had chosen an Arabic critter and not one of the “little Fella’s” Yaks which drove “Little Fella” to scream and spit hate and acrimonious epithets.

“Little Fella” also said he would take publication of that movie as an act of war and Obama had best demonstrate his BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT POWER and stomp that movie before Americans discover how evil North Korea’s leader really happens to be. Of course…Obama…himself…ever the dung-throwing monkey…said he would stop publication and immediately issued a “red line” statement…anyone showing that movie in America would cross a “red line”…and…woe be upon the person who dares defy Obama and show that despicable movie.


In the movie, THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY…Eli Wallach played the role of “the ugly”. His portrayal was wonderful and kept the movie packed with humor and excitement. In one scene…an enemy happened upon him while he’s in a tub filled with soap bubbles. The enemy expresses the time it took to heal from the wounds Eli had inflicted and the time it took to locate Wallach. As the dude is pulling the trigger…Eli fires his pistol he had beneath the soap bubbles. As the dude is writhing and dying…Wallach says to him…”If you come to shoot…shoot…don’t talk.”  God Speed, Eli.
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Due to the inclement weather along the east coast of Florida...beach-goers have discovered gold and silver coins along with gold chains and precious jewels. One lady went over to see what her dog was scratching about and to her surprise she found a 24k gold chain weighing 1000 pounds. It took her and her husband over 4 weeks to dig it out and cart it back to their garage where they showed neighbors what had been discovered.

Naturally...big foot government wanted to enter and grab the chain. When Timmy Titler and his wife Mendy refused to give it up...they're house was surrounded by police with orders: "shoot to kill". Through a bull-horn the commander warned Titlers to come out and permit them to plunder their storeroom. Titler replied that he wasn't giving up something he'd found and they'd best depart lest he unleash his own firepower.

With that said...the commander issued orders and the S.W.A.T. snipers began to blast away with 50 caliber exploding rounds each one blowing a 10 foot hole in the walls...and...tearing Titler's castle down. BLAM...BLAM...BLAM. After several minutes of barrage...the commander directed a cease fire so that he might inquire.

"Are you going to surrender that 1000 pounds of gold or are you going to make us keep firing our cannons?" asked the commander as he studied the best way to drop an incendiary device and torch the entire place...house gone...people gone...gold still there. Titlers screamed back, "Don't tread on me!" And with that defiant whimper...the commander gave the orders and a conflagration ensued. The MASS MEDIA reported that two thieves were caught stealing a 1000 pounds of gold and paid with their lives.
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AEREO suffered a 6-3 defeat in the U.S. Supreme Court. Recall AEREO was grabbing TV signals...bundling them...and...selling them in that format to cellphone subscribers. The networks were angry since their product was getting resold in a way they didn't like even though their product was protected by the U.S.Copyright Law.
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U.S.Senator Thad Cochran,(R.Ms) prevailed in a hotly contested primary. His opponent didn't preach THE ORB and lost. As the loser confided, "Had my message been one of liberation over subjugation...instead of "other"...I'd have defeated ole Thad." The ESTABLISHMENT won yesterday since Thad's opponent wanted to reduce taxes and "red tape"...two things Thad liked very much.
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Sarah Palin was lambasted...criticized...and...labeled... by the MASS MEDIA in an "attack-dog" kind of fashion. In contrast...Hillary Clinton...has been given smooth sailing. She hasn't been asked any "hardball" questions about the Benghazi scandal or what she knows about the assault on liberty by TEAM OBAMA.

When a cub-reporter from this BLOG asked MSNBC Ed Schultz "why" the difference...he sneered and snorted in reply, "TEAM OBAMA wants to stomp out liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...and...I...for one...love the idea. Hillary Clinton will merely perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...something I long to have come about in America. Hence...I will raise her up even though she's despicable."
While in a fire fight...Kyle Carpenter observed a grenade thrown into his area. He jumped on the grenade to save his team. He survived but sustained life-long injuries. For his valor, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Recently...he announced he was joining the army of liberation and was marching to "make salt". Why not join this brave soldier as he fights against the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where the would-be master can direct and control from cradle to grave? Together...this CAGE can be dismantled ushering in EDEN...the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some knee-crooking knave is queen or king...indeed...a place where a would-be master can never decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

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Why is it that Brazil is poor? After much investigation and study...the official answer is that the country could be rich but is enslaved to the diktats of socialism. Those huge stadiums erected for the World Cup...for example...that money didn't come from donations. It came from taxes imposed on the rich(few in number) and the unwashed masses(rest of Brazil). These are monuments to socialism and its power to implement whatever dream the would-be master might conjure.

Had Brazil been following the otherwise unhampered market model instead of the staid-socialist paradigm...those stadiums would have been much grander and the payment for the same borne only by promoters and their brethren. However, Brazil is a government-run economy so the money was squeezed out of the populace...a grip and grab that angered most of Brazil whose dinner of beans and pone every night in the face of such BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE made them feel "small and unimportant".
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"Net neutrality" is a buzz word but simple means: Big Foot Government Control of INTERNET. Imagine Obama having the "kill switch" on adverse publicity or the rest of his vermin Hun-horde having the authority to eliminate any "unwanted" stuff...and...you've just experienced the obvious menace "net neutrality" poses to the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) called the INTERNET.

If some "big boys" want to exclude some portion of the user population...their effort can't last more than the time it takes for another "server" to arise...plug in...and...grab all that business the "big boys" didn't want on "their part" of the INTERNET. Indeed...in the OUM...those who build walls are left behind as dynamic aspects of the INTERNET undermine and subsume anyone trying to "corner" something.

Such an obvious element of the INTERNET angers the would-be master crowd. They want control and they want people asking them for permission to breathe. It makes them feel superior and elevates them to the realm of master-peon wherein their desires are imposed.

In the OUM people can group together to try and impose their "marketing orders and plans" only to find them doomed before implemented. In contrast...in the big foot government environment in which America finds itself...these same groups can and will prevent anyone from entering they don't want to enter and there won't be any way around them since they have control of the bottleneck...control backed up with the power to impose brute force to accomplish whatever goal desired,(think Federal Communications Commission).
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Obviously...Governor Chris Christie has trouble with the MASS MEDIA. Unlike Democrat Jon Corzine who stole $2 billion of his clients' money but escaped condemnation...Governor Christie's venial involvement in the Bridge shutdown has become 24/7 news...each commentator taking his or her turn at sneering and accusing. Sure...Corzine actually ripped people off...but...since he's a scum-sucking Democrat...the MASS MEDIA would never deign to attack him and so far has not.
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Miss Melton bought a Government Motors vehicle. She wanted to support big foot government by purchasing one of its cars. Her patriotism...however...was short-lived. Because it was a Government Motors vehicle it was flawed and defective...things Government Motors knew existed...but...refused to tell an unsuspecting public that because of such problems their vehicles were dangerous. Hence...Ms. Melton never knew she was doomed when she bought that piece of junk.

As everyone knows...her airbag inflated...her steering locked...and...when she was struck by the bag and discovered her steering was locked...it was too late...traveling at 70 mph...she collided with a concrete wall and oncoming cars killing her and 15 other people.

Naturally...all emails and hard drives were instantly destroyed since Government always hides in such ways nowadays, (think Lois Lerner). Sure...it's a smoking gun...but...when you're big foot government...you can lie and hide with impunity, (think Lois Lerner). Will those in government who were instrumental in hiding the defects and then attempting to cover-up their complicity...will they escape condemnation? So far...the MASS MEDIA has painted the newest GM management team as the culprits when the real evil was done while Obama and his scumbags ran the show.
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Imagine driving 70 mph on I-95 and all of a sudden your airbag deploys...blowing you back into the seat and causing you to lose control...wreck...and...probably die. Imagine as much and you'll sense the evil afoot inside Government Motors...f/k/a...General Motors. These scumbags knew of the defect yet didn't speak about it or try and correct it through instant-vehicle recall. No...none of that was done. They did the big foot government thing and covered it up using whatever hiding-tactic available including destroying emails and losing hard drives...a technique perfected by the Internal Revenue Service.
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General Motors was taken over by big foot government and the cars produced by this new company have been killing people due to defects in the ignition system and elsewhere...defects Government Motors knew about...but...didn't correct since they were Government Motors and could produce as much defective stuff as they wished with impunity. Even when this BLOG pointed out the defects and demanded correction...Government Motors refused and ignored. Why? Because they were government!

Nowadays...TEAM OBAMA is trying to "cover-up" this horror story they authored. They're responsible for over 200 deaths and the number keeps climbing as more and more defects are found in Government Motors vehicles. "Only a fool would buy a car from those scumbags," chortled Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) when asked "why" he drove a Toyota.
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Even though most residents know about rolling blackouts in California...few outside the "left coast" do. Their misery...their discomfort...such is not nationally publicized by the complicit MASS MEDIA. Most Americans don't know that they...too...will begin experiencing such rolling blackouts as their own energy grids are attacked and traditional fossil fuel underpinnings eradicated.

Before you support some "green energy" program or policy in your area...you had best be sure a consequence won't be loss of power leaving yourself sweating in summer's heat waiting for the utility company to regain its grid position. If vigilance isn't exercised...as time goes by...then...what little autonomy there was in the power grid will be gone and rolling blackouts everywhere will be as commonplace as they are found nowadays in "green" California.
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On a highway with 70 mph speed limit...the driver never expects to find a car stopped...and...its driver standing in front of it assisting a baby duck traverse the road. Yet...a deadly pile-up occurred when that very thing occurred. The lady who caused the deaths of 200 people said she wasn't guilty. She obeyed a higher law...the law of nature that said that man must stop and permit nature to have its way. She was doing her part to obey that law and it was just too bad if some humans got hurt or killed. Sorry!
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U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) joined the army of liberation some time back and has been fighting the advocates of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE ever since. And using a "skill-package" developed by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...he's ducked and dodged most of the acrimony unleashed on him by the complicit MASS MEDIA whose mission to silence anyone crying out for liberation over subjugation.

Mention is made of this freedom-fighter since he is leading the Republican anti-war bunch. He does not want America getting embroiled in a religious civil war since there isn't any way to pick a winner as much proven by the idiots BUSH and OBAMA so far picked to lead that socialist miasma. He says America should let those two sides slaughter each other as they've been doing for 1400 years while we remain on the sidelines as observers.

As Senator Paul pointed out recently...Obama directed the military to leave behind enough weaponry that Iraq could defend itself against invasion from Iran or elsewhere. The stuff left behind is capable of being used against our own military unfortunately. Even though Obama was told not to leave such weapons behind...Obama insisted that it be done.

Consequently...that decision is proving disastrous since ISIS...the insurgent Sunnis army...has overtaken the towns where Sunnis majorities held sway and are subjugating those Shiite enclaves wherever found using the armament Obama chose to leave behind. In just one confrontation...800 ISIS troops overtook and disarmed a Shiite army of 300,000 grabbing missiles, tanks, helicopters, and everything else needed to inflict casualties on any American re-entry force.

Americans can't re-enter easily to stop ISIS since that effort would be opposed using American weapons...weapons capable of stopping Americans! How could Obama have been so stupid many people are asking since even simple Simon would know you don't leave behind the gun that can kill you.
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Sam Walton took a trailer...loaded with home goods and went about the area selling. Nowadays...we call his enterprise "Walmart". Instead of people liking this fact...it seems that the freedom-haters want to attack Walmart and reduce it to a government "hand-out" program something Walmart has so far refused to do. Can Walmart fight such socialism or will it become just another anecdote in some fact-book about a business that was destroyed by big foot government?
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Okay...this BLOG was created to assist the army of liberation dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. It was designed to create FIRST BRIGADES in every town in America such that when voting time arrived...only those politicians dedicated to erasing the grip of the NANNY STATE over Americans would stand any chance of getting elected with all pro-CAGE advocates sent once more packing back into their holes and crevices.

Imagine a Republican preaching such eradication of the yoke and choke agenda and her opponent-Democrat telling that same audience that he wants to plunder more storerooms and redistribute the wealth better than before. Imagine as much...one offering KEY...the other more CAGE...and...you sense why those wanting more "grip and grab" can't ever* prevail in America again.
*By such dedication and persistence the would-be master and the crony capitalism such begets would never again grow into "stifle and hinder" as it has as of 06-22-14 in America.
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Not possible, you say? Not possible to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Why? Why isn't possible?

Is it not possible because you won't support such a revolution? Is it not possible because so many in the MASS MEDIA would be fighting with fang and claw...opposing liberation over subjugation...telling people it's not worthwhile to want it all? It is not possible because such a message of liberty was replaced with freedom-to-obey...something public school children are taught in America is the "new order way"? Is it not possible...though...that upon that barricade you'd be found...fighting against the would-be master...side by ancestral side on sacred ground? Not possible, you say? 
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Deserts due to man-made global warming are growing hotter. Such incredible words were said recently by Michael Mann...a Penn State climatologist and charlatan. Naturally...his measurements were anything he wished and what he did measure as meaningless as his assertion about desert heat. However, he was paid $567,899.00 to discover such important information and he found it. Imagine...getting paid to say desert heat is growing...and...such payment not fraught with acrimony and anger about deception and idiocy.
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ISIS was designed as a small, fast-moving force capable of inflicting heavy casualties on the other side and avoiding any prolonged confrontation wherein attrition would dwindle their effectiveness. Hit and run so to speak with enough people mopping up that success insured.

Against this Sunni army stand the Shiites. They're armed with weapons given to them by Uncle Sugar with directions to use them to slaughter other Iraqis. At first, the Shiites didn't want to shoot Sunnis but when the Sunnis overran their position and beheaded these timid Shiites by the thousands in Old Testament fashion...this refusal to confront changed. Now...the Shiites are fighting as mercilessly as the Sunnis. Both sides know there isn't any quarter and any prisoners are doomed.

Mention is made of ISIS and this civil war since Secretary of State, John Kerry has flown to Jordan to undermine Iraqi President Maliki. As one official source revealed, "Kerry's mission is to undermine the Iraqi government...and...create an instance where replacement personnel can be imposed...puppets willing to lick Uncle Sugar's boot in exchange for military backing and much-needed subsidy."

Despite Kerry's machinations...it's likely ISIS will prevail and defeat all comers making them the big noise in Baghdad. At that time...TEAM OBAMA would have to initiate another "re-entry" assault...killing and slaughtering as mercilessly as anything ISIS did up to that point to gain and/or keep hegemony. Would President Assad or President Putin permit Obama to carpet-bomb ISIS positions massacring tens of thousands of women and children just so Obama could avoid getting blamed for losing the IRAQ WAR? Many doubt it.
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On 06-13-11...Internal Revenue Service employee, Lois Lerner recycled her hard-drive. During that time...there was a directive...unwritten, of course...that a cleansing needed to be accomplished since the connection between the "slow-walking" of IRS exemption applications for conservative organizations had commenced and there was a distinct likelihood Lerner's activities were criminal in nature. She had best purge as fast as possible. And in true TEAM OBAMA tradition...she's been purging ever since. She even went so far as to deploy the bag enema making sure there wasn't anything which could be uncovered...detected...and...hence...revealed.
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Reacting to the astounding military success of ISIS in Iraq...Obama dispatched a special forces team of 300 to address the matter. According to official White House sources...they were equipped with spray cans of RED PAINT with instructions to establish RED LINES throughout Iraq. Obama in a special briefing told them he'd would mention RED LINE when they'd finished their work so that their effort wouldn't be in vain.
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Edward "the long shanks" was the cruelest king ever to sit on the throne of England. It was in those times that William Wallace stood forth and defied such tyranny. In the movie, Braveheart...Mel Gibson tells the nobles that they fight over scraps from Long Shank's table...instead...of fighting for liberation over subjugation...their right to breathe free as Scotsmen.

Nowadays...how many people kneel and lick boot with candied tongue in order to curry favor with the master of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the modern-day format of Long Shanks? How many Americans have accepted the socialist dogma that the collective goo is important and not I or you? How many people preach enslavement and demand those in bondage give their produce to support the hive?
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Cantor was replaced by McCarthy and yet few differences between them can be found. What difference did it make that Dave Brat defeated Cantor...when...not one inch was taken of the ESTABLISHMENT'S defended ground?
U.S.Rep. Eric Cantor was defeated by David Brat quite soundly in a district Cantor was told by the wizards of THE ESTABLISHMENT was a "safe one".
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Jason Riley was contacted by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and invited to join its ranks. Naturally...Jason instantly accepted. It's likely that you will hear from him in the coming months leading up to the election of 2014. He has told Americans they can escape the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...free themselves from the bondage of the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...using their own efforts find EDEN.
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Sun Tsu wrote a book called the "Art of War". Therein he admonished the would-be master: ignore and lose, follow and prevail. According to the Art of War...Obama would err mightily to enter Iraq when the battle is between two versions of the same religion...each sect attempting to dominate or snuff out the other side. Little could be accomplished and great expense would be suffered. Yet...because it's so foolhardy...it's likely what Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...will probably do.
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Into Iraq...Obama dispatched 300 special forces personnel equipped with everything required to defeat ISIS...an army of about 800 or so warriors...each one dedicated to slaughtering as many Shiites as possible. Naturally...Obama told them in typical "Mission Impossible" format that if any were caught...the Secretary would disavow any knowledge.
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Has anyone noticed how smug and haughty the Internal Revenue Service personnel appear when they're asked about their own criminal misconduct? Take for instance, Lois Lerner. She destroyed evidence as did 6 of her underlings so that emails and other data could not be accessed and examined for proof of misconduct. She appeared calm and self-contained. She took the 5th amendment when asked to testify before Congress and did so knowing she had already destroyed the trail of proof.

And...how about that scumbag Koskinen? The so-called new head honcho at IRS...hmmm...what about him? Who is this jerk any way? From where did they scrape this barnacle many Americans are asking. This smug jerk sat there and lied and lied and lied some more knowing he was lying and knowing most of the Democrats on that Congressional panel knew he was lying but sat there because the Republicans were looking for misconduct and they weren't about to help them find it.

Harley-Davidson...known for its motorcycles...has offered an electric one. It lacks the distinctive throat of the Harley...sounding more like a whining jet engine...and...can go 40 miles before needing a 50 hour recharge. It's a "green bike" said Jay Leno who was one of the first to buy it. Jay bought the bike because it fit his lifestyle and life.

Since Jay is only known in the 40 mile radius around his house and because he likes notoriety...the bike is great. He can ride around his neighborhood...showing off...and...for several minutes...he can pretend he's saving Mother Earth from bursting into flames and killing everyone.
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Because palmer aramanth...a/k/a...pigweed...grows 3 inches per day and is impervious to glyphosate...a/k/a...ROUNDUP...cotton growers in Texas have asked they be permitted to use another weed killer...one so toxic that once applied anything crawling or walking on that "treated ground" usually dies a horrific death...all curled up in a fetal position...snapping and spitting blood. Yet...the stuff kills pigweed which is a nasty thing to find in your cotton patch.
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U.S.Senator Richard "Dick" Blumenthal(D.Conn.) when told Lois Lerner and 6 other Internal Revenue Service ghouls had all lost their hard drives at the same time thereby preventing Congress from looking at their criminal misconduct...he declared, "There are huge gaping holes here."

Many people who heard this disgusting scumbag say as much just laughed. Here's the jerk who was lying about his war record claiming he had saved Lt. Dan and his best pal, Bubba...and...had carried several others to safety before himself suffering a wound. And...he says there are "big holes in the IRS portrayal of how 10,000 emails got lost? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
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Government Motors...f/k/a...General Motors...recently said one man in a core command structure of 30,000...a meek gentleman named, RAYMOND DeGiorgio...was the sole cause for the ignition switch catastrophe unfolding as more and more GM cars have air bags that deploy precipitously killing the driver and all occupants of the car. There have been so many killed that people are wondering where is the "crimes against humanity" crowd when such occurs.
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Michelle Obama used the kidnapping of the 223 schoolgirls in Nigeria as an opportunity to push her school lunch program and her new book on MARXIST FARMING METHODS. But that was weeks ago and Michelle has since gone on to other things.

No...Michelle's two girls were not some of the 223 taken by Boko Haram to be sold to North Koreans as sex slaves...and...maybe...such insulation has caused her to eliminate their plight from her schedule. Because when she was called by Reverend Enoch Mark to discuss information about the girls...she refused to take the call. She told her aide to tell him she was not any longer interested in such trivial things when the climate of the world and maybe the universe hung in the balance with doom everywhere afoot.

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When the Republicans attacked TEAM OBAMA over the Benghazi scandal and the Internal Revenue Service scandal...and...the OBAMA-CARE boondoggle...TEAM OBAMA turned around and dispatched its hell hounds at the U.S.Injustice Department to probe Congressional Offices looking for people who tip off investors about things that are about to be announced thereby giving those "in-the-know" a way to short-sell a particular position and reap huge dividends when the news is finally given to the public.

And...because...inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...big foot government has such a choke hold on the economy...any "leak" carries a premium for anyone fortunate enough to have that data before the "opening bell" so to speak. Remove the power of government in the economy...eliminate the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE...however...and...such insider trading tips would be little more than nonsense instead of being "earthquake stuff".

Whether the Injustice Department uncovers such tipsters inside the Congressional Office Building has been juxtaposed with those scandals and boondoggles which the Republicans are discussing. According to Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) Obama is using the Injustice Department to harass the Republicans with the hope that such aggravation from the Injustice Department probe will cause the Republican Leadership to back off and give the Democrats a better chance in the 2014 election cycle.
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How is it that all over the world people dissatisfied with the bondage and oppression of their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE environment are fighting to end the "whip and chain" of socialism and Eco-fascism...but...in America...such isn't occurring? Could it be that the CAGE-TEAM has such control of the MASS MEDIA and PUBLIC EDUCATION that Americans don't know their imprisoned and will become even more so as more and more layers of government are heaped and mounded.

Folks...OBAMA-CARE has a universal tax which reduces every American from individual to beast of burden working for big foot government in ways big foot government dictates. Sure...there are those who are aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE bidding master compel the fools who pull to perform their jobs better or face the bite of the lash...but...that number is dwindling as more and more RIDERS foresee a day when their heirs will be tugging and pulling those stones to erect another pyramid for whatever Pharaoh template afoot...and...they want no part of it.

Recently...in Virginia...for an instance of enlightenment on a mass scale...the FIRST BRIGADE of VIRGINIA arrived and defeated Majority Leader Eric Cantor replacing him with Dave Brat...an economics professor at a local college who stood up and said it's time to dismantle the CAGE...and...usher in EDEN...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. While Cantor wanted to protect whatever liberty remained...Brat wanted to eradicate any "grip and grab" the CAGE had on the producer in an ATLAS SHRUGGED kind of way. The voters chose "dynamic" instead of "same old, same old, just different bag" and evicted another defender of the CAGE.
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The withering fire from those asking questions...what did she know and when did she know it...is having a deleterious affect on Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming President in 2016. For example...recently questions arose about "why" Clinton had dodged a statutorily-imposed duty on her as Secretary of State to see to it that all embassies and "other" were well-secured. Clinton said she never considered security issues since those were left to her underlings even though by law she was required to make specific security decisions for defenseless consulates like Benghazi,(The Secure Embassy Construction and Counter-terrorism Act). Such recklessness will be too much for most voters to accept...particularly...when...they recall how an irritated Hillary slammed her fist on the Congressional Hearing table and declared, "What difference does it make now..."
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One day in Vero Beach,Florida...a 6 year old told her friend that she was a "willagirl" and that if any cosmetic needs arose that she was the source for advice and product. Naturally...her best friend forever, Emma Rose...immediately asked for make-up and eye-liner both products this "willagril" happened to have available. As word spread in the sleepy fishing village by the sea that there was a 6 year old making over $10,000 per day selling in a network of friends and more friends...envy and anger grew.

Mothers Against Cosmetics For Tweens was the first to demand this enterprise be stomped. How dare a 6 year old make money pleasing our youth proclaimed its leader.Piling on...the neighbors demanded they get some of the profit because they were allowing customers to park on their lawns and in their driveways. As is always the case with the power of envy...the government...also...got involved. Police were sent to stop the selling because it violated zoning ordinances. The Internal Revenue Service showed up threatening to destroy the entire family if some of that income weren't surrendered.

Folks...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE must not be permitted to attack and slam this child. Big foot government should not be allowed to stomp what appears to be a fledgling enterprise whose destiny not yet written but for such destruction.

What's so surprising is how few people will stand up and fight for the child and that child's industry. In Vero Beach...though...the drama was different. When the police arrived...they were met by 100,000 people...each one wearing a sign: "willagirl!" The police knew they needed to keep their jobs so they departed. The Internal Revenue Service goon squad was also so met and was rebuffed with reactive threats of revelation of the emails that Lois Lerner claims she lost. Such threat was so persuasive that never again would IRS come sniffing.(Wall Street Journal B-1;06-17-14).
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Jack Ma, J.Michael Evans and Jerry Yang have teamed up to pilot Alibaba in the 21st Century. For investors this triad might very well be reverently called GOLDEN DRAGONS. With them at the helm there is a likelihood that the stock of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. will rise in price. Many securities analysts foresee Alibaba out-performing almost every other "security" on the market for the next 50 years or more. Never has such a team of dragons come together to create...innovate...and...dedicate and most investors can't wait for the chance to get in on the drama.
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Andres Moreno...sat in his room...looking at the walls...and...wondering what was he going to do to make some money and stop being a drag on his family in Caracas. He decided to contact the editorial board of this BLOG to inquire what avenue would deliver for him the most benefit. The IDEA DEPARTMENT of this BLOG instantly replied with this prescription: "Get a website...call it OPEN ENGLISH...accessible 24/7...priced at $80.00 per month..staffed with pleasant comely English speaking teachers...and...teach only ENGLISH."

Instead of ignoring this advice...ole Andres followed it to the letter. He now has a website worth $300 million and an invitation to meet with Obama about the many scandals he has.
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How can putting more people on Medicaid be good news? Medicaid is a "state freebie"...and...few doctors and fewer hospitals accept Medicaid. Hence...the quality of care received by Medicaid patients revolves around the public health centers where doctors from Pakistan and Tibet examine and treat.

Yes...the unwashed masses receive care but it's at the expense of the taxpayers. How could that be "good news"? Only inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE could a would-be master decree" "Our tears...your purse!"
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In the movie, GODS and GENERALS...there's a scene where Jeb Stuart and Jackson interface and discuss the coming war. At one point there is some question about how to treat the Union forces. Jackson's face becomes sinister in visage...he glares and says, "The black flag, sir, the black flag."

Al Qaeda has a black flag and ISIS...an off-shoot of Al Qaeda...brandishes such a flag. In one town in Iraq, for example, 10,000 Shiites were machine-gunned into a mass grave by ISIS troops and as they were slaughtering these zealots were heard to scream, "Allahu Akbar!" It was Sunnis with black flags killing Shiites with black flags over a religious difference not any of them knew or could articulate with any degree of understanding. Yet...each sect has declared "eye-for-an-eye"...and...civil war is afoot with the black flag the symbol for all sides.
*The black flag was a reference to "no quarter...no mercy...everyone slaughtered...not any prisoner taken...all dead...one way or the other gone."
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If a taxpayer told a zealous Internal Revenue Service that the taxpayer's hard drive had crashed just the day before they arrived and it was not available for access or scrutiny...the IRS would instantly demand revelation of hard drive so that forensic retrieval might occur. Few readers of this BLOG would doubt the opprobrious aspect such a "hole" in the books represents should IRS prosecute for civil fraud or worse.

Mention is made of this supposition since recently Lois Lerner...head honcho in the Cincinnati IRS Office...took the 5th amendment defense to interrogation and refused to testify before Congress about TEAM OBAMA'S plan to attack conservative groups through the IRS and thereby hinder their efforts to affect a political outcome. Not only did she take the 5th amendment...but...days before that tactical duck and dodge...she "crashed" her hard drive so that emails and other incriminating information could not be retrieved and used against her.

Now...it's been revealed that IRS was up to much more and that the stuff the Republicans have requested would also reveal other dastardly things and stratagems...all designed to advance the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. According to White House official sources...speaking on strict condition of anonymity...Obama was personally involved in this "stomp and chomp" as Lois called the plot from time to time when she and others would email back and forth about how well they were doing in preventing political opinion from hurting TEAM OBAMA. This inside source also revealed that Obama had many meetings with IRS people...more meetings in fact than with any other agency or department giving the entire matter an appearance of impropriety.

And just the other day...IRS admitted that 6 other hard drives...those hard drives that could have held the Lois Lerner material...everyone of them...all six of them...on the same day...at the same time...coincidentally crashed and were discarded even though federal law prohibited such deletion process.

One of the six IRS stooges whose computer allegedly crashed was interviewed by a cub-reporter from this BLOG, She asked the IRS employee "how" could such a confluence of bad luck befall 6 computers at the same moment...the odds were almost infinite against such occurrence. After making sure the reporter was not "wired"...this frightened nobody with power said, "We were told to delete and ignore. What we did to people was never to be revealed or explored. Monstrous...Nazi-like...complete scumbag stuff...but...we did what we did because we were following orders...orders from Obama!"

Maybe there are some Americans that are so pro-Obama they don't mind if he used the federal government's power to insure his 2nd term but many more are disgusted. Perhaps this disillusionment was recently reflected in a poll of a 1000 people. They were asked about Obama and most declared they were not any longer supporting him or his vision whatever that might turn out to be in the next "told-LIE". But then the shoe would be on the other foot, eh OBAMA?
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Obama's brand of tribal socialism hurts the poor. It's designed to create dependency such that those exposed to it become parasites or servile supplicants whose desire to lick boot only out done by their demand for more not less big foot government stuff. Indeed...Obama-nomics has pushed America into stagnation. Sure...government statistics say America is "booming"...but...those are false numbers produced for the MASS MEDIA'S use as propaganda.
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Obama promised New York that funds to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy would not be hindered by big foot government "red tape". Of course...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...was LYING. He knew that federal money couldn't be spent on any rebuilding until the "environmental impact study" was completed as to each proposed "rebuild". He also knew that New York was plagued by its own labyrinth of "red tape" and that few New York victims would receive anything quickly and what later received less than promised.

In some ways...those New York victims deserve what they're not receiving. They love big foot government. They worship big foot government and if it stomps them...so what. They love to be directed and controlled by such scumbags as Obama. Why most New York residents are such parasites can be explained by the fact they like receiving loot when other people's storerooms are plundered. If it takes awhile for them to get their share...so be it.
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Does anyone find it preposterous that the MASS MEDIA would tell Americans that their elected officials know how to create jobs when those officials are in government precisely because they couldn't make it in the private sector and hence chose to become a parasite? Yet...you will hear scumbags from TEAM OBAMA get on TV and say they know how to create jobs when they really haven't a clue and the MASS MEDIA fawn over their drooling as if it were a statement from God.
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In the era of Obama...how does one spell "fall guy"? The answer is: Ahmed Abu Khatallah. He's the pathetic Libyan Obama had one of his goon squads capture and bring to America to stand trial for the assault on the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12.

According to official investigators examining the matter to find a way to sue Hillary Clinton for reckless endangerment...this dude is a "fall guy". TEAM OBAMA needed a "patsy"...a "he-did-it" person...and...this simple Simon was picked for the role. Can Hillary Clinton hide her recklessness in such a manner? Can Obama hide the fact that he ordered Ambassador Stevens assassinated to prevent Stevens from revealing "game-changing" data which definitely would have propelled Romney into the Oval Office?
Rick Geddes and Brad Wassink have proposed the federal government add another tax to the mountain of taxes and regulations so that this money might be used in "shovel ready" projects. Naturally...these two idiots weren't around when $878 billion was spent to improve infrastructure along with adding more roads, bridges, harbors and airports. Of course...Obama later chortled about how he lied about "shovel ready". There were not any such thing but the money was spent anyway on government funding of government stuff.

Now...Geddes and Wassink believe that a new tax and the new funds derived would not be siphoned off again but would this time" go to "shovel ready" projects if any be found. Their idea is nonsense and overlooks the boondoggles TEAM OBAMA has foisted on America for the last 6 years(think Solyndra).
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Joel Harris wrote a story about a rabbit and a fox chasing that rabbit without success. The fox finally stopped chasing and began to prepare a tar baby to catch the rabbit. He made it...put it on a log near the path where rabbit strolled with a sign: DON'T TOUCH!

Naturally...rabbit touched tar baby and his front paw got stuck. So he used the other paw to pull and that paw got stuck. He then used his back leg and that too became glued to tar baby. In final desperation...rabbit used his last leg to pull free only to find all 4 paws stuck and he the dinner for fox.

Of course...fox was so bright he removed rabbit from tar baby and began to fix a fire. Rabbit said...to fox..."Hey...I know you want to eat me...and...while I can't say I'm up for the treat...I know that such death is much better than getting thrown into a brier patch."

Fox stopped to consider rabbit's fate. He hated rabbit and wanted to eat him but he also thought about the horror of briers and how they'd surely hurt rabbit. So...fox...ever the bright fox...grabbed rabbit...took him to a brier patch and tossed him into it. Instead of that brier patch being bad for rabbit...it was something rabbit loved and knew was safety if he should trick fox into such a throw-in.

Folks...IRAQ is the proverbial tar baby. We mustn't return to that quagmire. BUSH-CHENEY were wrong to send in the American military in the first place. Why go back into that toilet bowl? There isn't any solution except outright slaughter until either the Sunnis or Shiites control whatever is left. Until then...Allahu Akbar!
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Sobibor was designed to kill and burn thousands of Jews and other undesirables. The packed cattle cars would slowly slither through the gate and past the commandant's house to a platform. The contents of the those trains were then directed from the platform to a holding area where they were directed to strip. They were then directed to a barrack where their hair, clothes and anything of use to German industry was removed. They were then directed down a 650 foot long 13 foot wide ten foot tall walled chute and into what these victims thought were showers where they could bathe and begin their new life inside a camp with a promise of relocation to the greater Germany. A few minutes later when the screams died...camp cleaners would enter and remove the 5000 bodies...putting them on a train car and taking them to pits where they were burned. The entire process took about 65 minutes from the train stopping to the last body part disappearing in the inferno.

Mention is made of this horror since Americans due to OBAMACARE have been loaded on cattle cars and are headed through the gate. They'll be processed much in the same way the Jew was handled and their plight won't ever be heard since the entire world is headed into the darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism. Why must Americans kneel and lick socialist boot?
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The leaders of ISIS attacked an Iraqi prison and the guards therein chose to shoot the inmates as they screamed for help from their cells to ISIS troops as they closed in on the jail compound. The Shiite guards knew they themselves would be slaughtered if overrun and that doom-scenario seemed quite likely so they decided to take as many Sunnis with them as possible.
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The MASS MEDIA is abuzz with news that the leader of the 09-11-12 Benghazi Embassy Compound attack was aboard an American naval vessel headed to America for prosecution and slaughter. Of course...this prisoner lacked any connection to the plot to assassinate Ambassador Stevens since that idea was hatched in the Oval Office to stop Stevens before he revealed "game-changing" data that would have caused voters to choose Romney in 2012. He's just another "fall guy" needed to close holes and assist Hillary in her effort to become President.

"What a scumbag!" exclaimed a U.S. general when asked his opinion about Obama using the old fall-guy tactic to close off any political blow-back from the Benghazi massacre in the upcoming 2014 election cycle. He heard that a Libyan had been collared and labeled ring leader of the 09-11-12 attack. "That dude couldn't lead that kind of coordinated assault. No...that guy has been picked to die in a similar fashion as that scene out of GANGS OF NEW YORK and Obama is a scumbag for allowing that kind of mindless retribution."
Chen Jihong took a closed foundry and turned it into the largest smelter of aluminum in the world. Nowadays...he's under house arrest for promising too many creditors the same stock as collateral for business loans which became necessary when aluminum dropped in price. Chen didn't count on TEAM OBAMA destroying so much of the American dynamic that the American economy would become stagnant. He thought the Democrats as faithful socialists would pump money into aluminum since it's the "green metal". He was wrong. The creditors comparing portfolios discovered they were double-booked...even triple booked...and...complained.

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Nowadays...computers use algorithms to trade super-fast. Trades are monitored and adjusted in micro-nano seconds gaining thereby a few points here and there making the "super-fast" trade route much more lucrative than traditional "voice and act" trades. Naturally bull dike Mary Jo White...head stooge at the Securities and Exchange Commission...wants to stop such trading in favor of the old way. "We want to reduce the stock market to a ward of the state...that can't move...can't breathe...can't fart without my permission!," sneered this bull dike when asked about her vision of America by a cub-reporter from this BLOG.
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Okay...folks...are you sitting down? There is a Swede who loves to game. He's fairly decent in his play and people enjoy teaming up with PEWDIEPIE to defeat whatever foe presents itself for potential dispatch. He picked "pew" since that is the sound of a laser. He picked "die" since that's the game...and..."pie" because he lost his other password. But...he has played his game until he's got a website worth about $10 million(Wall Street Journal A-1;06-17-14).

The INTERNET is a wonderland. Imagination comes and goes but on the INTERNET it becomes another person's prose. In the traditional media...PEWDIEPIE would merit perhaps a mention somewhere on page C-9 dealing with "odd ball facts". However, the INTERNET is global and anyone can transcend to the pinnacle of prominence and prestige. Whether that person can remain at such heights is something that person must consider and deliver. Hence...the consumer is treated to the best of the best on all occasions since mediocre and "same old, same old" doesn't go anywhere and that performer usually terminates the effort and goes on to some other endeavor.

But why mention PEWDIEPIE here on this BLOG? Nowadays...the control-freaks embedded in TEAM OBAMA want to impose taxes on the INTERNET...burdening...drowning...stifling...reducing it to something similar to the dinosaur railroad system that was overtaken by big foot government in the 1890s and onward into the 20th century until the railroads of America were so regulated few could make a profit and fewer wished to invest any more in what was proving to be in many cases a losing venture as more and more gasoline-powered vehicles began to be manufactured.

The INTERNET is for everyone. It has many features with many more to come. On the other hand...if big foot government can impose a federal taxing system...then...penalties and prison can be attached thereby frightening away the imaginative or "odd-ball". Recall that the Supreme Court ruled that free speech was involved in Ohio when the Democrats passed a law that said a person could not tell a "lie" about a politician. Yes...the politician could lie but people could not lie about the politician...eliminating one of the most powerful tools people have since that kind of activity would be deemed "anti-state"...to be taxed...to be excised...to be prevented from publication on the...you guessed it...INTERNET.

Branson...in his SPACE X way...is distributing low orbit micro-transmitters...designed to receive and transmit as much data as the big billion-dollar satellites. The SPRITES...as they're called...the name a cub-reporter from this BLOG asked Branson to give them...are about 2 inches square...with all the stuff needed to do what the big ones do at a cost of about $20.00 each.

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For $1.7 billion upfront paid...Russia will ship gas to Ukraine. Obviously...President Putin doubts Ukraine's credit worthiness. Reacting to this latest move...Obama...told Ukraine he'd give them the money so that come December of 2014...charted to be the coldest winter in world history...Ukrainians would not freeze to death. As Michael Mann of Penn State University acknowledged, "The winter of 2014 will be terrible with temperatures reaching down to minus 150 degrees...so cold steel cracks and people instantly turn into frozen critters."

The problem is that there isn't $1.7 billion in some special "transparent" fund...waiting to be given to a bunch of socialists demanding socialism be for all of Ukraine while President Putin and the freedom-lovers of that area demand an otherwise unhampered market approach...a 21st Century approach...an approach and paradigm that always delivers the most to the most at the least cost possible. Such is "why" President Putin insisted that Ukraine pay for the gas "upfront". He had heard of how Obama tricked Dr. Afridi and had assassinated Ambassador Stevens and somehow did not trust any Ukraine-credit...get now...pay later...kind of plan that included some "promised" gift from Obama*...a/k/a...dung-throwing monkey.
*In RUSSIA...the phrase for dung-throwing monkey is phonetically presented: "GOOP...DE...DOOP...BRASH...NA...LOOP"
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Special Forces...a/k/a...THE GREEN BERETS...have been dispatched to guard the American Embassy in Baghdad and everywhere else. Obama has restarted the Iraqi War. What an idiot. This devolution into civil war is a 1400 year old sectarian conflict whose struggle has become quite poignant since in Iraq BUSH-CHENEY installed a mixed-economy welfare state paradigm that would give either sect the power to crush the other side. Hence...Sunnis are now fighting the Shiites whose power in government is used to pick Shiite winners and Suuni losers.
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Does anyone recall the Keystone XL Pipeline?  That one project could have helped insulate Americans from the repercussions the oil market might feel as the advance of ISIS ripples throughout the "short-selling" world of the speculators whose mission to put scarce oil where it's most profitable making the American consumer having to pay more for fuel in the coming months.

Politically...TEAM OBAMA might have to release strategic oil reserves to bring down the price of oil and hence eventually lowering reactive gasoline prices...but...Obama won't do it if he believes it will hurt the environment...and...kill Mother Earth...a tragedy he shall not permit to happen!

Perhaps...it's time for the Republicans to become the noise in the room and demand the XL Pipeline and every other energy source we can tap be left alone so that it can adapt to the market giving the consumer the best quality at the lowest price. Of course, the MASS MEDIA will do everything to blame BIG OIL for the higher prices at the pump when the culprit is big foot government's interference in what should otherwise be an unhampered commodity market.
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Can a lawyer knowingly present a LIE in court? Answer: "No". As an officer of the court the lawyer is duty-bound to present only those things that support the proposition without fabricating any of the moving parts. If...for instance...a police officer says he saw something that could not possibly have been observed in the manner and to the extent proclaimed...the State Attorney violates the RULES OF CONDUCT when such LIE is presented as "truth". The State Attorney's imprimatur is on the accusation and most jury's never suspect the Assistant State Attorney is knowingly presenting "fiction" as "fact". Hence...when an assistant state attorney is caught "manufacturing or doing the ostrich maneuver"...that lawyer is disbarred. The reason: As an officer of the court there was a knowing violation of the primal command: TRUTH NOT FALSEHOOD.
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Medical devices which are installed inside the human body have become taxable items and the companies that make such things have decided to flee this socialist take-over. They'd rather sit off-shore and benefit from the commerce their wares create and not suffer the taxes otherwise imposed. This maneuver is another proof that the better way is the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where a producer never need fear taxation on production...indeed...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse."
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ISIS is the most recent bunch with delusions of grandeur. Their purpose to impose an Islamic State with Shariah Law under Sunni guidelines not Shiite...although the difference is so slight as to be ridiculous. Will IRAQ succumb to civil war? It's obvious the answer is"yes".

BUSH-CHENEY never should have attacked Iraq. It was purposeless and embroiled America in a sectarian conflict as old as the day THE PROPHET ascended to Heaven over 1400 years ago. Sure...there was a way to get a stable-peaceful environment by imposing a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm but BUSH-CHENEY chose to impose a mixed-economy welfare state model...a/k/a...the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

These two Military Industrial Complex dudes didn't know that the ability of big foot government to pick winners and losers in a state ruled by religious fervor would be used by whatever party in power to lay waste to the made-defenseless minority. And..any advantage achieved by using the power of government would be unleashed by the Shiites against the Sunnis and v.s.v.s. should Sunnis gain control over the major cities...a feat well in the making.

What Obama should do is make sure America's national security is not compromised. ISIS has declared war on all infidels and America has been labeled THE GREAT SATAN. However, unlike American leadership where if one is removed the next is just as good or better...in IRAQ...ISIS is controlled by a core command of 10 people with a primal leader known to his pals as "Tim". Eliminate ISIS's so-called leadership squad and ISIS as a movement and army would evaporate as water in a desert.

Hence...we get to the issue. Can Obama lawfully attack and kill combatants whose fight seems to be with Shiites over the mistreatment of Sunnis? Can Obama order the assassination of ISIS people? And...what is one to make of it when the favor is returned in Old Testament "eye-for-an-eye" fashion as the Qu'ran would tend to prefer? Are Americans to be angry when our leaders are snuffed by car bombs and suicide-vested children? Are we not asking for another 9-11-01 kind of torment by interfering with an obvious religious struggle between two factions whose desire to delete the other entirely?
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Soccer in Brazil is a national passion as compared to America where few ever heard of the game and even fewer ever play or played it. Maybe in grade school, perhaps, such game played but to conclude it a national sport with temper and tantrum equal to anything seen when the Packers or Redskins fight on the gridiron...is more than most Americans wish to consider.

Unlike football...soccer is an almost endless back and forth kicking of a ball and attempting to evade defenders and score by putting that ball into the otherwise well-defended net. Bend it like Beckham...so to speak. As one TV analyst said, "Soccer is a boring sport and few is the number of viewers who watch it. Unlike the Super Bowl where advertising is a million bucks per second...in America...a 30 second ad on TV during the International Soccer championship runs about $9.95(U.S.Currency)."