Thursday, July 31, 2014

attacking marijuana

How is it that the "witch-burners" won't leave pot-smokers alone? Why can't they acknowledge their "my way or death" approach is idiotic and unwanted? Hmmm? Why?


Why are the Republicans not offering a new of liberation over subjugation? Why are the Republicans offering "same old, same old, just different bag"? Might it be that TEAM OBAMA controls so much of the MASS MEDIA that to escape outright 24/7 excoriation...the REPUBLICANS are acting as much "like" Democrats as possible so the voters won't have any difference and might in a 50-50 toss-up pick the contender?

How could an alternative ever get enough support from the voters if such KEY is always called foolish when the issue of 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE arises. Why is dismantling this CAGE so improbable that its pursuit as silly as Sisyphus and that boulder? What protects this "yoke and choke" agenda if not the might of the MASS MEDIA?

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. This BLOG has championed the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market since therein never can be found an able-bodied pauper. This BLOG has supported many candidates with almost every one chosen defeating the opponent using tenets of freedom as the sword and shield. Such as been done in spite of the MASS MEDIA which on almost every occasion takes time to belittle anyone trying to delete and eliminate the "grip and grab" of the CAGE.


The so-called EBOLA VIRUS that has recently been identified and has jumped to many shores isn't the traditional EBOLA. No...folks...this is a bio-weapon that got loose from the lab and will destroy millions of people before it's eradicated.

Indeed...the volunteer-doctors who died recently were wearing Haz-mat suits and never came in contact with the outside world from the time they entered Liberia until the time they began to snap and spit blood inside their air-tight suits...suits designed to permit them to exit into hermetically-sealed living quarters so that not once were they exposed to anything in Liberia.

They entered Liberia inside that shell and they thought it impervious to the EBOLA. They were wrong. All of them about the same time began to vomit their intestines as their innards turned to soup and jelly...consumed by a critter so horrific its creators thought they had destroyed every bit of it. They were wrong.

BW Zambesi

The Singapore-flagged BW Zambesi is the first of many ships likely to carry U.S.oil abroad. With the assistance of the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...the bottleneck was addressed and this is the 1st ship to get through the red tape and politics of big-oil. Recall that America had passed law prohibiting the shipment of oil abroad. With the advent of new ways to produce oil and natural gas...however...the glut of oil could be so great that any politician preventing export would be evicted from office as anti-American! Hence this BLOG devised a way to ship oil that had been squeezed by its very passage through the extraction/delivery system and hence was "processed" and not any longer the "prohibited-crude".


Emile Zola...a famous French night was approached by the beleaguered wife of Dryfus...the military officer who had been tried and convicted of treason even though the charges and proof were false. Wold he help her demonstrate to the world he was innocent and that his interment on Devil's Island a cruel twist of fate and uneven tyranny. Even though Zola knew his undertaking perilous and at great risk to reputation and wealth...he stood forth and proclaimed: "I ACCUSE!"

Neel Kashkari

Neel Kashkari...Republican nominee for Governor of California...has come as close as any politician to framing his message as one of liberation over subjugation. He went undercover to find a job but discovered big foot government had seen to it there were few jobs and those there were closed to Neel's entreaties. He was inside the NANNY STATE CAGE...packed with food stamp, minimum wage, and other government drawback and pitfall...and...if it weren't for a local charity...he'd have starved.

It's likely that in the months to come...Neel will tell his several audiences how bad it is for many people in California and the solution is not more but less "red tape, tax and spend". Yes...Neel faces a mighty public-employees union whose allegiance to the Democrats legendary. And...he will confront a MASS MEDIA aligned with the NANNY STATE CAGE'S would-be masters...their barrage as deadly as anything HAMAS has so far unleashed on Israel.

Yet...despite such powerful foes.....Neel Kashkari can defeat the minions of the CAGE and offer Californians a fresh painted by themselves and not one dictated by some snot-nosed bureaucrat. He knows jobs come when freedom flourishes. As it is right now...the dynamic aspect of the marketplace has been drained...and...the paucity of jobs certainly reflected as much.


The United Nations has dispatched Blue Helmets to Gaza to arrest Prime Minister Netanyahu for committing crimes against humanity. They accused him of directing his tanks to attack areas from which rockets were being launched against Israel...a reaction that required prior U.N. approval and without which Netanyahu and the Jews were opening themselves to arrest.

Sergei Dorenko

Pro-Kremlin talk show host, Sergei Dorenko revealed he had access to a "pass-key" and was using it to monitor all electronic communication to/from the Oval Office. Bragging about the freshness of data...Sergei told a cub reporter from this BLOG that Edward Snowden had taken the "pass-key" from the National Security Agency(NSA) and had been giving it to select people to be used to investigate misdeeds perpetrated by TEAM OBAMA.


Talk about mixing things up. Secretary of State John "long-jaw" Kerry managed to stir German Prime Minister Merkel. So adept was he in his ways with this German leader that she announced Germany would stop trading with Russia. She said she possessed anger toward President Putin whose only mission to insure the national security of Russia and promote Russian trade and commerce mightily.

As if some weird puppet...Merkel has informed Russia that Germans won't be needing Russian natural gas or other Russian stuff...thereby cutting off over 30% of German trade instantly...a crushing blow not only to Russians but to Germans as well. How "long-jaw" was able to convince this otherwise shrewd lady has been the banter of the scandal sheets around London and Prague.


In a vote of 225 to 201...the U.S.House of Representatives passed a directive for a lawsuit to be filed . The Republicans want Obama to impose every other rule and law that taken together would stifle and hamper what little viability there seems to be presently in the marketplaces of America.


The latest batch of emails linked to Lois Lerner...another disgraced former employee at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...reveal a blistering hatred for freedom-fighters. The content depicts a lady determined to stop anyone from dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE in which she and her scumbag pals have unbridled power to stomp and terrify.

She and the rest of her team thought themselves immune from censure since their power limitless and the politicians backing them up from "safe" districts. So long as these politicians were protected by the might of the IRS...Lois Lerner and company were insulated from any kind of condemnation. Hence...she could write emails lambasting and debasing "conservatives"...and...their supportive radio talk show hosts and BLOGS such as this one. She felt insulated and free to tell her cohorts and fellow travelers her inner most thoughts confident her emails would never be examined by the opposition.

Perhaps voters won't find her knavery so appalling they wish to pluck the source from which she drew her sustenance. Yet...many more will feel it necessary to protect themselves and their heirs from such cruelty and support the crusade to dismantle this CAGE...and...eliminate any way for such would-be masters as Lois Lerner to gain power and then hurt people with its weaponry.


Although Caesar was surprised when Brutus struck as was every other stranger to that conspiracy...those whose daggers stabbed and killed...each knew the others' mind. Mention is made of this most-questioned scene since Lois Lerner stabbed to death America and did it with the assistance of her crony-friends.

Recall Brutus did what he did not out of envy but out of a higher regard for liberty. Lois Lerner did what she did because she hated freedom-fighters and wished to delay or burden them so much as to sap zeal and throw big foot government "water" on those otherwise consuming flames of liberation over subjugation. Both stabbed...but...for different reasons. Brutus to advance liberty. Lois Lerner to perpetuate big foot government power over the individual...something she relished and prized as much as life itself.


In the Book of Revelations...there is mention of the mark of the beast,(REV.13:16-17). While this passage has warranted much interpretation and outright guessing...its application to what's afoot in America obvious. As Americans are discovering in this new world...each person is assigned a niche and their movement up or down at the pleasure of the master of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Hence...this need to document...identify...and...apply a number thereto.


BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT yesterday revealed a "glitch" in its processing of Visas...permits for entry used mostly by business people and the like. The "glitch" has backed up processing so far that most of these business people have been turned away but are being given a suggestion as to how to circumvent this bottleneck: "CROSS THE MEXICAN BORDER ON FOOT!"(Wall Street Journal 07-31-14;A-3)


Obviously the announcement that the American economy was booming at 4% growth rate was meant for those voters attending the "bridge buying" convention. They needed some thrill and OBAMA accommodated with "figures from heaven"...numbers fashioned to satisfy and anoint.

4% and climbing

It's summer of 2014 and TEAM OBAMA needs something to boost its chances in November mid-term elections. Their likelihood of retaining power in the U.S.Senate has been questioned and something needed to be done. Naturally...TEAM OBAMA has presided over a lackluster recovery from the BUSH-CHENEY couldn't conclude as much from hearing its bureaucrats crow about 4% growth in the gross national product(GNP)...a number somehow miraculously appearing just when TEAM OBAMA'S hegemony was questioned most.

Just weeks ago the American economy was stagnating and contracting at MINUS 2.5% and now somehow it's glowing "red hot" at 4% growth rate? As Obama confided, "We mix numbers and use them as one would paint. It's powerful." Because he's a dung-throwing monkey masquerading as a MARXIST ON MISSION such assessment of the American public was expected.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

McDonald's Corp. attacked

Obama's Labor Relations Board attacked the parent company and told McDonald's that it was a joint employer to be coupled with the franchisees in labor disputes. Such a coupling was extraordinary and preposterous...but...expected from the likes of Obama's minions.


TEAM OBAMA attacked some Chinese businesses in America just to show the Chinese leadership their brethren at the mercy of unbridled power as whimsical as anything conjured by the Chi-Coms. Enduring that affront without response quite unlike the proud Chinese...each one a Golden Dragon...and...just yesterday...the offices of Microsoft in 4 major Chinese cities were boarded sudden-like by tax and red tape agents...their mission statement...examine...investigate...shake...rattle...and...roll.


In the game of hot potato...when the music stops...whomever so unlucky to be holding the hot potato is ejected from the circle and the game continues until the winner is the one not holding when the music stops. Mention is made of this exciting game since in the Middle East it's been observed although played with rockets and tank shells but the stakes the same and the desire to win as readily found.


HAMAS put rockets in a United Nations schoolhouse. The U.N. personnel who permitted such a thing said they were only following orders given to them by none other than Secretary of State John "long-jaw" Kerry. Of course...the White House denied such a thing even though the U.N people had a video wherein "long-jaw" is heard telling HAMAS leaders they can use public buildings to advance the cause of a united Palestine.


Jessie Ventura and Kyle Chris were in a bar...drinking...and...sharing war stories since both were former Navy Seals. One thing led to another and Ventura was struck in the jaw by an upper cut issued by Kyle in reaction to Ventura saying something derogatory about something Chris found sacred. In Navy Seal tradition...Kyle struck Ventura while Ventura was totally without expectation or warning...driving Ventura's teeth into each other and crumbling them as if an edifice stricken by a quake.

As everyone knows...Kyle Chris was killed some time back by a mentally-ill vet whom Chris had tried to help by befriending him. Kyle and this vet had run marathon distances together and had fished the greater reefs of Florida. They had climbed K-2 together with them the only survivors after an avalanche took the rest to their doom. So Kyle Chris was quite unsuspecting that day at the rifle range...the shooting place where the public can break out their cannons and blast away at targets situated in front of a huge mountain of dirt.

Kyle Chris and the vet exited Kyle's vehicle. Kyle went to the back and began to load the rifles they'd be using. He was discussing the firepower of each weapon as he was loading it recalling stories surrounding them or him. The mentally-ill vet pretended to be listening although his concentration was keeping Chris at ease while the vet slipped into position to grab one of those guns...put the thing of "fire"...and...blow this Navy Seal sniper away...dispatching this shooter...and...ending the karma afoot.

As surprised as Ventura was Chris surprised when that mentally-ill vet turned one of those cannons on him...and...unseamed him from "nav" to tap...making a hole so big a bucket could fit.

William A. Galston

William A. Galston declared the Russians delivered the missile which in turn was used to shoot down Malaysian flight 17. While Galston doesn't know such to be true...he parroted as much because that's the "buy-line" of TEAM OBAMA. Instead of pointing out the only beneficiary of such an attack was TEAM OBAMA...indirectly blaming the Democrats...Galston chose to assault President Putin. He ignored the deflection of anti-Democrat public attention away from the Mexican border that the "shoot-down" caused.


Hashmat Karzai...powerful oligarch and cousin to Afghan's leader...was greeting people at his home. The body guards standing at the door and around the room...each armed with bazooka and machine gun...were searching everyone as they entered making sure Hashmat was safe. In order to insure absolute safety...Hashmat installed a metal explosive-detector...each designed to issue a loud-alert should such be discovered.

Protected...insulated...Hashmat greeted well-wishers occasioned by Eid al-Fitr...the festival celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The room was packed when into his presence walked a young man carrying a motorcycle helmet. He had not been searched...and...was a stranger to all. Yet...unfettered...he marched toward Hashmat...drew within a foot of him...grabbed Hashmat and detonated his 50 pounds of C-4 explosive blowing a hole 20 feet deep, 4 city blocks wide...and...eliminating thereby President Karzai's principal backer in Kandahar.


Gina McCarthy and Becky Gerritson...two ladies with different agendas. Gina is head honcho of the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)...her mission to destroy liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey" while Becky's efforts center around fighting against the NANNY STATE CAGE...the place wherein the likes of McCarthy possess unbridled power.

To hamper Becky's sap her drain her enthusiasm...big foot government "slow-walked" her application for non-profit organization status. She discovered her application for such exemption was receiving "special handling" by the Cincinnati office of the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). She was accosted by a goon squad dispatched from the U.S.Department of Injustice. These aloof and quite haughty "agents" demanded to know the identities of her donors...requiring in such revelation detail and data one might at a bank or a federal reserve vault keep.

Becky refused to kneel and worship the golden calf. She directed the 342 "agents" to leave her property and to take the sniper squads stationed in the nearby hills with them. She called the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and a law suit ensued. It was discovered the attack on her position came from the Oval Office itself...her message and devoted purpose a combination so feared by Obama that he directed the HARPIES at IRS to descend and annoy.

Zhou Yongkang

Zhou Yongkang...head of the national police of China...but now retired...was himself arrested for corruption while in office. The indictment listed a host of transgressions...principal of which included accepting a basketball as a gift from North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il without reporting its receipt as required by law.


ISIS...the merciless army with the BLACK cleansing large areas of Iraq driving from those areas all Christians and non-Sunnis...offering escape or death...but...unrelenting in their intention of having a Sunni State...homogeneous and servile...a collection of sheep...over whom the Caliph rules with heavy hand and righteous word.

When HITLER was afoot performing the same eradication of unwanted ethnic groups...most of the world didn't pay much attention. Historians note that when Franklin Roosevelt was informed of the German death camps...he said "What's that to me...I don't care if that bastard kills them all."

Can it be that Obama...himself a closet Muslim...perhaps Sunni...doesn't much care about the plight of the Iraqi Christians? Could the ghost of Roosevelt somehow afflicted Obama so to make him little more than another uncaring fool?


In the Art of War...Sun Tsu says the leader to prevail should place his army where there isn't any retreat and hence the fight must be to the death. While metaphorical in some respect...the Jew hasn't anywhere to retreat and must defend Israel to the last Jew. Hence...Gaza must be overcome...its tunnels destroyed, its cashes of rockets and land mines destroyed...and...HAMAS as a viable army obliterated.


A local joke around Gaza is: How do you say Tunnel in Yiddish?Answer: Eid Al-Fitr!
Eid al-Fitr is the celebration and festival that the holy month of Ramadan is ending.


As long as there has been a planet called Earth...there has been...and...there will...continue to be...climate change. Mankind serves itself best by accommodating such change than attempting to interdict whatever Mother Nature and the Universe planned as finale. Imagine trying to "plug" an erupting volcano...telling it..."!" Imagine as much and you'll sense how ridiculous it is for anyone to declare mankind can change the weather or bid a tornado turn left.

" models say man has changed the temperature of Mother Earth," you hear pro-global warming enthusiasts protest when confronted with this idiocy of standing at the ocean's edge with bucket and spoon attempting to dip it dry. These models predict disaster as early as 2015 if mankind does not stop using fossil fuel. "If man does not return to the days of camp fire and tent...destruction and loss of all life on the planet will occur," whispered Norman Bay when asked what danger was there if Americans didn't abandon fossil fuel and use wind and solar.


Due to government interference the national electrical grid is unable to accommodate peak hour usage and hence rationed availability is common nowadays in such socialist miasmas as California and the Northeast. Because big foot government its cause massive P/R has been dedicated to blaming everything else possible including "greedy utility" companies. Not once has any MASS MEDIA thunder framed big foot government as culprit and cause for suffering and scarcity.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. As this BLOG is in Washington D.C. is big foot government drawing its plans to take over the entire power grid dictating usage and delivering to those industries thought valuable to the hive while denying those enterprises targeted for termination.

Perhaps you aren't concerned since the JACK BOOT hasn't reached your town. But...when rolling blackouts begin and they surely might wish to review "how" big foot government ever was able to sneak up and ambush so easily.


Transferred from person to person through saliva,sweat,urine or blood...EBOLA is a deadly virus capable of killing within days of its assault. How this thing ever became part of the human story many find too much to fathom while others know EBOLA was a virus built in a lab that day...walked away...and...has been a menace ever since.

Yesterday...a great man was slain by EBOLA. Sheik Umar Khan...a doctor dedicated to fighting this virus...succumbed to it in Sierra of the spots EBOLA has been found. Even though he was warned to wear the bubble suit he chose to deploy standard surgical gloves preferring them to the suit since the temperatures inside the bubble suits was usually a mild 125 degrees. Somehow...he contracted EBOLA and died snapping and spitting blood as his organs dissolved into goo.

This deadly virus will be in America soon and Americans must be prepared. The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has found a vaccine for EBOLA and approached the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) with it. The application process these scientists were told would be many years long and their chances of ever receiving FDA approval slim to none. Even though EBOLA would arrive within weeks of this initial interface with FDA employees....nevertheless...these intrepid researchers were turned away...their vaccine never to be used to save the millions destined otherwise to suffer and die as horrifically as Dr. Khan.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


TEAM OBAMA is losing mightily in the political polls with the Republican chances for a majority in the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate improving by the day. While the MASS MEDIA won't attribute such "toilet-numbers" to TEAM OBAMA'S socialist's obvious the voters have.

 Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) told a cub reporter from this BLOG that the chances for a Republican blow-out were substantial. As more and more refugees and "others"...numbering now in the millions...flood across the Mexican more and more foreign policy blunders cost more American lives and entrenchment of national more and more feats of recklessness are revealed...TEAM OBAMA'S support will wain.

German nose

Cut off nose to spite the face? Foolhardy enterprise...yet...Germans like the space.Russian pipes provide 30%(+) of Germany's natural gas needs with as much as wanted available. Because such inventory so close and so tell the Russians "no thanks"...proverbial cliff and desperate leap.


In Venezuela...there is an unfinished skyscraper wherein squatters lived until bought by Chinese whose mission statement to finish the building and sell units to unsuspecting Chinese...those easily-fooled buyers...who wouldn't realize how nasty the political environment since it will be sold as a piece of socialist-paradise.


Bored and in need of something to justify the county keeping them as law enforcement personnel...a special squad of "make-work" enthusiasts...scouted the countryside...covering many square miles looking for anything they could use to impress big foot government. They needed to stomp someone...hurt someone...grab some other dreadful act which would inveigle them with their patrons.

And...of always...these jerks succeeded. They found a marijuana patch that was graded "primo" and in tonnage quantity when cut for destructive conflagration. "There's enough pot here to satisfy the wants of every Texas for a 100,000 years." opined one of the deputies as he stood there near the bonfire proudly declaring how great he and his comrades were to have destroyed an entire industry...deprived 10,000 families of an a circus down in Waco.


Someone "high" on marijuana drives as well as someone who isn't under its influence unless the "urb" was SKUNK BUD or MAUI-POW-EE. Hence the new sobriety test requires the officer to ask the suspected inebriate what format did his pot take.


TEAM OBAMA...poster child for land mine magazine...was featured stomping through a field with eyes closed and fingers stuck into each ear. Fit frame for foolhardiness...and...explanation for why the Jew was by Obama betrayed.


Hercules was dispatched to clear the grove of Zeus of a most indestructible critter, the NEMEAN LION. When "Herc" encountered the beast he applied all sorts of weaponry and yet little good it did. Only when he chased the LION to its den and grappled with it did he succeed in choking it to death.

Mention is made of this drama since Eric Garner seemed to have morphed into this form only to find himself as unlucky and ill-fitted to good fortune as that LION discovered to his mortal error. Recall Eric Garner was attacked by New York City Police and was choked to death as he screamed for mercy and cried out he couldn't breathe.

Similar in prospect as to what dreams may come...Eric Garner was the father of 6...count them...6 children. And...yet...on a dingy sidewalk...minding his own was the NEMEAN LION that moment before Hercules attacked...ERIC GARNER was most foul and cruelly murdered. As he screamed for he begged for he oped his soul's last phrased grab for life...such was the same as the NEMEAN LION fell.


India begets geniuses and yet these forts of reason and bridges of logic's rote pursue enslavement...not motion but hub and spoke.


Perhaps still there are gullible voters who believe there is prosperity to come inside the environs of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Those inclined to feed upon "government-data"...stomach-filled...overflowing acceptance settled well in feted globe...these suppliants will kneel and worship whatever golden calf their would-be master might forge lest they lose some freebie or favor otherwise received.


Senator "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) rabid a freedom-hater as foulness might conjure...was asked about how she'd describe her hatred of liberty and her preference for the monuments and chains of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. She smirked and then in taught-voice declared, "The harlot's cheek, beautied with plastering art, is not more ugly to the thing that helps it than is my deed to my most painted word."

Recall that Elizabeth Warren LIED about her American Indian roots but at the time she LIED she needed to have such connection lest she not land that big foot government job. Hence her moniker: Papoose Warren.

More recently "Papoose Warren" glared into a TV camera and declared that the producers of wealth were not themselves sole author that she and the rest of America helped. But for Papoose Warren and her minions she snorted there wouldn't be any airplane or rocket ship let alone a light bulb or a cure for Rabies. And because producers didn't do it...she and her team want to tax and tax some more...grip and grab and bash down storeroom doors.

As Papoose Warren crowed, "Take these again...for the noble gift wax poor when the giver proves unkind."


When Israel commenced blowing holes in Gaza looking for rocket launchers and tunnels...Prime Minister Netanyahu relied on Obama to keep the Iranians busy elsewhere enabling him to take out HAMAS without having to worry about resupply from Tehran. On such reposed trust...Israeli troops entered Gaza going door-to-door using ground-penetrating radar to locate tunnels and ammo-dumps.

However...Israel's reliance on a dung-throwing monkey such as Obama was grievously misplaced. Not only is the European Union trading more with Iran...but...Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he was sure IRAN would assist America in Iraq combating ISIS if America would remain on the sidelines when it comes to the obvious issue of HAMAS or JEW.


Have you noticed that most of the people who voice opposition to eradication of the anti-drug laws are those who either have a vested interest in perpetuation of "witch-burning" or have never used the products and hence are simply ignorant and too ashamed to admit their vacuum?


Hic et ubique: "then we'll shift our ground". Such was said by Prime Minister Netanyahu when asked if the Jew will endure.


Ironic to think America is erecting a "wall" to stop capital flight from its effort to escape the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE oppressive paradigm mightily imposed by TEAM OBAMA. "We must stop them from escaping!" snorted Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...a rabid freedom-hater and one of the architects of this "wall".


Secretary of State John "long-jaw" Kerry was able to get the Jew to cease fire in Gaza. Even though it was tactically idiotic to cease fighting...the Jew relented and stopped. As soon as the attack was halted...the rag heads reloaded their rocket launchers...something they could not do so long as the Jew was advancing on their several positions located around Gaza.

And due to the success of  John "long jaw" of this morning...the sky of Israel is bright with rockets' red glare...bombs bursting in air. Yes...the Jew was betrayed by TEAM OBAMA but you'll never convince the Jew that such tricks were played. They trust too much and know too little of TEAM OBAMA and its mission to erase the Jew from Palestine.


The Jew runs for the bomb shelter while the Muslim stands forth and suffers death becoming thereby an Islamic martyr. This difference is obvious in the recent conflict. So far in Gaza...for example...there have been reported deaths of children and women who refused to leave the area and preferred to stand by the rocket launchers even though such rockets were targeted for destruction by the Jew.

Because the Muslim is willing to die for whatever cause their leaders conjure...their odds of defeating the Jew are rather good. So long as there are troops to take the place of those martyred...the rag head can continue to trouble and terrorize the Jew...and...perhaps....eventually through attrition wear down the Jew's resolve...entrench the Jew's hegemony...and...eventually drive the Jew back into Sinai...there to wander among the snake, spider and sand.

Pro-Israel organization?

Perhaps the American Jew didn't know it...but...TEAM OBAMA directed the scumbags and slime slugs infesting the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to "slow-walk" applications of organizations whose intention to assist Israel. Until recently...TEAM OBAMA had done well in hiding such interference. But due to Republican snooping...emails have surfaced wherein TEAM OBAMA was found directing that very thing!


In times past...the Jew was tricked and betrayed more often than not. When it came time to protect or undermine...though...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...chose Islam over Judea. What's surprising is how silent American Jews have been even though they obviously know Israel has been betrayed. What gags them?

DAVID MURRAY: pot hater

Now that freedom is slowly coming to America and the anti-drug laws are deleted...the "witch-burners" can't stand loss of power to impose their "narrow-minded" ideas on others. Take scumbag David Murray. He told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he relished the idea of watching witches burn. He loved the smell of roasting human flesh. If I could kill pot-smokers...I'd do it!" he drooled and snorted as he discussed his hatred for liberty. "They must live my way!"

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and the entrenched "witch-burners" and their cohorts in law enforcement...the NAZI contingent...want to stomp and chomp until the CAGE can be reimposed. They want their way or blood in the streets. They can't stand the fact people want to be free and wish to be left alone and not bothered by "NANNY STATE" pejoratives.


In Missouri...the show me state...a federal court in a 2-1 decision determined the police can murder a person with impunity. Their decision determined that there was not excessive force used when police deployed a TAZER and shocked a man to death. They wouldn't stop applying the electrical shock even though Samuel De Boise was a schizophrenic and refused to comply. Hence...the police elected to murder him.

Monday, July 28, 2014


Who is in favor of doing anything except dismantling this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Who is so base as to desire dependency and worm-like supplication for freebie and favor at the hand of some would-be master?'s time to stand forth...evict the vermin Hun horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and the other freedom-haters along with any "me-too" Republican replacing the whole scurvy bunch with freedom-lovers whose mission to eradicate the grip and grab of the CAGE...issue KEY...and...usher in EDEN...the otherwise unhampered market. this summer of 2014...TEAM OBAMA and its complicit MASS MEDIA is telling Americans they want enslavement...and...more...not less...big foot government...empowered to do whatever it wants. Indeed...there will be many proverbial* Eric Garners if Internal Revenue Service is granted even more power, for example.
*Eric Garner was murdered by the New York Police Department personnel on video and little has been done about it. When the Brown Shirts slapped Jews or fire-bombed their businesses...not anything was done. This lack of boldness to say "stop" was observed as Eric Garner screamed and begged for his life only to be murdered by having his wind pipe crushed.

Metaphorically...IRS will strangle people and the public will pass by smiling...not caring...even though one day the HANGMAN will come for them.(Maurice Ogden-THE HANGMAN)


Secretary of State John Kerry...alias Long-jaw...was accused by the JEW of favoring HAMAS. As this BLOG has said quite often TEAM OBAMA plans to sell out the the JEW of yesteryear...destruction and diaspora await. Senator Chuck Schumer is a traitor even though he still enjoys the trust of the New York and Hollywood Jew. Why? He was video-taped telling some friends he hated Israel and wanted Islam to stamp it from existence(click here).


When it comes to CAGE or KEY...most people can tell the difference between a hawk and a handsaw.


HAMAS shot at least 12 rockets into Israel with one landing on an abandoned school where just moments before 243 children were reading the Torah and asking God to deliver them from the terror of the Muslim horde. They had been warned by a special detection system that the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG had delivered and set up to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Lady Elizabeth's qualifications

Lady Elizabeth...what a piece of work she noble in infinite in form and moving how express and action how like an apprehension how like a goddess...her beauty, the paragon of perfection. Yeah...this newest incarnation of Joan of Arc...this reprint of Barbara Frietchie...this leader of a crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...she invites everyone to join her and march to "make salt" demand liberation over subjugation...and...usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Lois Lerner chose to hide behind the 5th amendment against self-incrimination even though there was a kind of confession in her looks which her modesty hadn't crafted enough to color.

king cotton

Cotton was scarce and its price rose accordingly. And as always with markets...the suppliers instantly tried to get as much profit as possible and hence planted more in order to have more to sell at such prices. However, as supply grew the price fell as it always does in a market-oriented economy. And...when...Texas finally received the rainfall it needed...for instance...the cotton supply exploded until the price is so low a 3-X T-shirt can be made for about twenty-five cents.

Of course...the Mills which had bought cotton at those higher prices and hadn't hedged properly using default swap positioning and other 21st century barriers to ruination...those Mills are filing for bankruptcy protection. As one Mill owner said, "Who buys 3-X t-shirts for dollars when the Mill down the street is offering them for pennies?"


One of OBAMA-CARE chief architects was a dude named Gruber...a Jonathan Gruber. To hear him tell it...he enslaved America with the stroke of his accomplishment the Old Soviet Empire never achieved. So confident in his insulation from proud of his dastardly assistance...he even declared the states were supposed to grab the "offered carrot" and create "state health exchanges" in order to receive big bucks from Uncle Sugar in the form of "tax credits".

Making wind different

Al Gore...a climate-change charlatan...told the Sierra Club...with an investment of only $100 billion he could build a fan so large it could blow tornadoes into Canada and hot air into Mexico leaving America an EDEN-like place. Why he picked as his audience bunch of fools such as the Sierra Club wasn't answered until revealed by Gore himself. "The Sierra Club is packed with dreamers wishing the world were but tents and campfires...peaceful and quiet...starving children fighting over rotten pieces of discarded meat...and...couples pleasantly enjoying the 100 degree summer heat knowing their suffering in some way causing the wind to be different tomorrow. Such folks deserve a BIG FAN to assist them on their way."

"eager eye"

"This is it, boys...this is war..." such words seem as fitting now as they were when "99 red balloons" was first offered to the world as a reminder of the eager eye of the industrial-military complex.


As Prime Minister Netanyahu said when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG if the Jew could ever be safe with HAMAS, "You don't put a rattlesnake in your sleeping bag."

HAMAS: "Never!"

Charlie American newspaper hound...asked the leader of HAMAS if he would recognize Israel as an independent state. Instantly...he replied, "Never!" Such reply was expected since the Jew has been destined to be flushed back into Sinai every since HAMAS grabbed power in Gaza. To the Muslim...the Jew is a pariah and must be eradicated or dispatched back into Sinai to wander as did their ancestors. This envisioned diaspora the goal and purpose of HAMAS and as such the reply of "never" was not only meant but also dispatched as trenchant herald.


Beware of Argentina. Such was the warning this BLOG gave to investors some years ago. Those who listened are happy while those who did not find themselves facing huge losses. Those suffering believed that a socialist-government to be just as honorable as a quasi-free country such as the United States. Of course...they were wrong and now are at the mercy of the socialists whose coffers dedicated to perpetuating their domestic power not paying off foolish creditors who thought they wouldn't be bitten by such a rattlesnake.


Mrs.Rudhart-Dyczynski and her husband went to the crash site of Malaysian flight 17 to look for their daughter. They weren't successful and came away with grief and a determination to find out "who" shot down their daughter's plane.

That was yesterday. Today...they've contacted this BLOG and asked that the RESEARCH DEPARTMENT use* the "Edward Snowden pass-key" and identify the culprits since by now one of the conspirators must have emailed or text'd someone about it. Accepting the mission...the RESEARCH DEPARTMENT is now fully engaged in searching out this horror's authors.
*Eddie Snowden was an employee of the National Security Agency. He departed with a "pass-key"...a computer program that permits the user to access and monitor any electronic communication. So intense and exacting that the only way to escape censure is to speak face-to-face...use cups connected by string...or...rely on messenger-pigeons.

who benefited

When asking which political party benefits from the Mexican border mess...why not merely watch TV...a medium controlled by TEAM'll receive the answer. TEAM OBAMA is the one which receives sustenance from such misery that flood of humanity represents. Even the Wall Street Journal(07-28-14;A-5) mentioned the "surge at the border complicates GOP pitch to Hispanics".

The Republicans lack the support of the MASS MEDIA. Whatever triumphs and successes to be enjoyed come election day...should Republicans defeat the socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom-haters marching beneath TEAM OBAMA'S'll be accomplished in spite of the torrent of nasty epithet and demeaning commentary heaped by the complicit MASS MEDIA.

The Republicans must address this issue from the standpoint of liberation over subjugation. Most of those people trying to enter America are young people whose future much better here than in their socialist toilet bowl like countries. What is surprising is that they haven't been told that the United States is headed in that same direction at break-neck speed and their future just as "iffy" as it was in the nasty climes from whence they came.

Sunday, July 27, 2014



Seto Bagdoyan

Seto Bagdoyan told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that 11 out of 12 federal healthcare applications were fraudulent. The potential recipients lied about their income and their overall wealth in order to receive government "freebie and favor". He went on to reveal that roughly 8 out of 10 applicants in the 8 million applications so far examined were liars but had received subsidy despite such falsehood.

He said it required a police state atmosphere to impose socialist healthcare. He proposed using "health police" who would force people to kneel and lick big foot government boot. He almost drooled thinking about the power these NAZI types would be given. Here would be a wondrous thing he exclaimed to have a society where everyone had a niche and every niche a master to direct from cradle to grave.

How describe her

All the sway of Earth shake like a thing unfirm...such is the way I'd describe Lady Elizabeth and her fight against socialist worms.


A guiding principle of socialism is "from each according to each according to need" with big foot government deciding all aspects of that paradigm. According to the "choice and master spirits of this age" using an entitlement-system self-starters can be lured into utter dependency...thereafter directed and controlled as if cattle and sheep to be pushed around by bureaucratic creeps.

TEAM OBAMA operates on such ideas...reducing people to abject dependency and then demanding their vote in exchange for more freebie and favor...something the RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE quite inclined to give since the more whip applied to the FOOLS who PULL...the more benefits coming their way.

However...when a politician stands forth and tells the crowd why kneel and worship whatever golden calf some would-be master might forge...and...offers liberation over subjugation...announces a way to dismantle the NANNY STATE CAGE...and...invites listeners to join the army of liberation and march together to "make salt"...when such words spoken...whomever their maker...that person will ascend to the lead and accomplish eradication of this 20th Century model of enslavement and usher in EDEN...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Which American so base to prefer to be a bondsman...for that person will not listen to words of liberty but ignore accepting instead the wisdom of the CAGE. Fruitless against the RIDE to consider an alternative dispatched and implored. Once a RIDER is dependent...that person will lick boot with candied tongue in exchange for master's promise of not less but more.

A beast that wants discourse of reason would have sought liberty instead of  a chain exchanged for master's freebie and favor...and...yet RIDERS sit smiling in their respective assigned seats waiting for whatever their would-be master might deign provide.


Only in a free society with an otherwise unhampered market is there the most safety and security since everyone's interest revolves around prosperity not ignominy...around liberation over subjugation not whip and chain...and...everyone is so interconnected in such a marketplace it doesn't ever benefit or behoove anyone to attack another out of envy or unbridled desire to replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey".

U.N. School destroyed

In the Gaza-Israel conflict...HAMAS needed a boost in the MASS MEDIA. Because death of children is an "attention-maker"...HAMAS blew up a United Nations school filled with women and children killing almost all of them. As soon as the misdeed accomplished, HAMAS contacted Senator Chuck Schumer and asked him to fight against the cruelty of the Jew. They picked possum-face Schumer since he hates the Jew even though with flattering hand welcomes their money into his campaign coffers.


Metamorphosis. What if the human is similar to the butterfly? What if the human shell as if a cocoon and when finale arrives...and...the heart not any longer sustaining...what if the soul emerges...having passed through nature to eternity...ethereal and winged? As one sage promised, "The butterfly never knows the worm."


Fair is foul and foul is fair...hover through the fog and filthy air. Such is how her book tour framed...herself a rabid freedom-hater...her mission to destroy liberty... in its place "freedom-to-obey" it's newly formed name.

Leonard Berry

Leonard Berry...a FAU climate-change guru...was overheard telling a colleague that man-made global arming was myth although quite a lucrative one and one that gives big foot government the power to attack and hurt people. He liked the idea of such power and he relished the thought of stomping and chomping liberty in order to gain such tyrannical power.

What's so nasty is that this scumbag is getting paid by taxpayers to hurt industry in Florida. How can he be stopped? How can such a scoundrel have this kind of income and this kind of stature? He along with the rest of the climate-change charlatans should be identified...marked...and...shunned as if scribbled with plague.


Ironic that Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) is pro-HAMAS although he hides his preference quite well. He's a slithering sneaky-snake and needs to be defeat in the next election. Once defeated and a private-citizen...then...people can slap his possum-face and spit on him in a grand and stunning demonstration of hatred and disregard. He's a parasite who has sucked the life blood from Israel and will continue to hurt Israel's chances of getting rid of the terrorists in Gaza and elsewhere.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu acknowledged this two-faced aspect of possum-faced Shumer. He noted that Schumer was a "hot friend" cooling and needed to be marked for defeat in the 2014 election cycle. He called on all American Jews to stand against this jerk.


Marijuana. Should it be legalized in the United States? The answer is obviously "yes". The "witch-burners" have had their day. Millions of Afro-Americans along with many others have had their lives ruined because of these anti-drug laws. It's time to tell the "witch-burners" to go and kill themselves if they wish to mete out misguided retribution for something...but...leave the pot-users alone.

It's time to tell the Bertha-better-than-you-are types to keep their busy-noses out of other people's business and lives. How dare some scumbag approach a pot-smoker and tell that smoker he can't get high because it's "wrong"! That scumbag needs to repair his own life and leave his idiotic opinion unsaid.

Most people don't care what other people do so long as that activity does not hurt anyone else. Sitting in the house smoking pot doesn't harm anyone. Yet...the scumbag "witch-burners" will declare somehow they've been attacked. They claim injury where none found simply to incite the unwashed masses to support their "police-state" ways.

Again...the debate about pot is over. Those who wish to smoke...must be permitted to pursue their "high" without trepidation and certainly without the unwanted intrusion of some scumbag dictating their peculiar and insipid morality.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Won't play ball?

Have you noticed the man-made climate-change lobby can't get Mother Nature to play along with their LIE. The summer of 2014 was predicted by their computer model to be the hottest on record. While a few spots in the United States have been quite hot...most of America has been inordinately cool. As AL of the charlatans demurred, "That bitch won't play ball!"


Has anyone noticed the Democrats choose "whip and chain" instead of liberty when given the choice? Maybe it's time to evict TEAM OBAMA and replace these would-be masters with politicians whose duty to delete and dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE in which the scumbag-Democrats use the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to attack enemies...a CAGE in which whatever produced the property of big foot government and what left in private hands only at the whim of the master...indeed...a CAGE wherein TEAM OBAMA decrees: "Our tears...your purse!"


Mark Cuban...a big shot with big bucks...told a crowd of well-wishers that he was selling any stock of any company that left America to escape the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He liked getting fleeced and desired everyone else to suffer the burdens associated with the CAGE. In the 1930s...there were big shot Germans who said Hitler was great and people should remain in Germany because it was the "patriotic" thing to do. Could Mark Cuban be as wrong today as they were then?


Should Hillary Clinton run for President...her husband's mistresses will surely be revealed. Women will ask "why" she can't keep her man. Men will ask "what" was it that made Bill find another bed.


Mike Huckabee said Eric Garner was killed by mistake it was not murder. He said the New York Police were not at fault they just made a mistake when they choked Eric Garner to death as he screamed "I can't breathe...I can't breathe...I can't breathe...I can't breathe...I can't breathe...I can't breathe...I can't breathe...I can't brea....: DEAD! Yes...that father of 6 children was mistaken killed not murdered according to this jerk.

Perhaps you're inclined to agree with Huckabee. It's likely your assent is due to you not being involved. And with a bystander attitude you don't care. But...when those nasty cops kill your child...or...shot your's likely you'll understand "why" Hucnkabee is wrong and his massaging of that murder into a mistake is clearly evil.

Friday, July 25, 2014


Dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate the power of big foot government to attack, harass and stifle. Take for example the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Only inside this CAGE could the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) employees think they could attack enemies of TEAM OBAMA using the power to "slow-walk" non-profit organization exemptions delaying these organizations' ability to fight against the tyranny that is so emblematic of TEAM OBAMA.

Not only was the IRS used to attack enemies of Obama...but...was also used to pay for health care for people that were applicants of federal health insurance exchanges. Even though OBAMA-CARE says that only people receiving health insurance through "state-run" exchanges are eligible for "government freebie-subsidy"...nevertheless...the IRS granted subsidies to federal exchange applicants in direct contradiction of the law. But that "illegal-subsidy" was implemented since 2/3 of the United States population are in federal exchange areas and without that subsidy most of those applicants would not have received their "health insurance" and probably have voted Republican in 2012.


Ukrainian troops were shelled by Russian cannon located inside Russia. Somehow that barrage angered Obama so much that he stopped his fund-raising tour to denounce such effort at peace-keeping. "President Putin must cease protecting the "separatists" and permit them to be wiped out," snorted this dung-throwing monkey as he stepped back into his Limo to go to another fund-raiser.


Polls show Obama's rating is well below 50% when it comes to "doing a good job". Most people believe Obama is a dung-throwing monkey and a reckless politician citing OBAMA-CARE as a domestic disaster...and...the loss of  the Iraqi War and the Afghan War as his foreign policy misadventures.


The Chinese eat something called "stinky tofoo". It has the odor of a dung-heap and is quite noticeable when served or eaten. If a patron isn't accustomed to the will force that person to depart the area quickly before uncontrollable vomiting ensues. So stinky... that its smell has been reported a 100 miles away from where it was served.

"Stinky tofoo" is a commonly found item in Chinese restaurants. But the Chinese consumers became irate when they discovered one of their most trusted meat producers was delivering rotten meat. One piece of chicken was over 2 years old...for example...and...wasn't even fit for animal consumption.

At first...many Chinese thought it was a new type of food similar to "stinky tofoo". But...when several patrons fell on the floor snapping and spitting blood...they knew it was contaminated and the smell was an indicator of toxins and other death-causing stuff.

McDonald Restaurants in China were instantly asked about their "McNuggets". The company reported their surprise and promised to correct the error. In turn...McDonald told its meat supplier to examine the problem and clean up the mess. Instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water...McDonald decided to keep its supplier preferring to have this company do what needed to be done to insure "safe product".


A Hepatitis C patient was informed the "cure" was too much and that big foot government wasn't about to pay for it. "Give them a pain-pill" was the solution Obama offered. "Big foot government health care manages the herd and ignores the individual and we need to avoid expensive medicine," confided former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

She went on to make very clear the position of the socialist-paradise Obama and she envisioned. "If that Hep-C sufferer wants such an expensive medicine...let that person buy it...but...big foot government is better off if death overcomes that person," snorted Sebelius off-camera when asked "why" not use every penny in the U.S.Treasury to save even one life."


People flee tyranny. To stop such "voting with feet"...the dictator usually builds a wall or establishes laws which permit police to arrest people trying to escape the grip and grab of the welfare state. Indeed...most historians will tell you that people flee tyranny as quickly as they can using whatever means available, legal or not.

Nowadays...American corporations are fleeing America. Ironically...the place that was considered the "most free" has now become a pariah for big companies and to avoid the "yoke and choke" agenda...they're moving to better places using something called a corporate inversion.

In an inversion...the American corporation merges into a smaller off-shore corporation and thereby escapes the taxes otherwise levied. Obama is angered by such duck and dodge since his welfare state requires fools who pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Lose too many fool and his "fundamental transformation of America" will be bankrupt as has occurred in such socialist paradises as Venezuela and Argentina...two countries well-known for capital-flight.

As with any would-be master...Obama wants to direct and control claiming these companies benefit from American infrastructure and American big foot government red tape. Somehow...the gasoline tax paid by these companies doesn't off-set their use of roads, harbors,airports and bridges. Moreover....according to this theory of wall-building...these same companies benefit mightily from burdensome regulation and bureaucratic diktat and their refusal by use of an inversion to pay maximum taxes is not patriotic.

Folks..we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. TEAM OBAMA'S main goal is to enslave the producer and make the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE as dependent as possible thereby insuring their loyal vote come election-day. The more corporations Obama can drain of wealth the better off his chances of retaining power so that even more enslavement can be imposed. Obama knows that such flight of capital will diminish federal funds making it even more imperative to: print more money leading to Zimbabwe-like inflation...or...stop these companies from escaping the omnivorous maw of big foot government.

Ms. Vanhee Cybulski

Hermes International has named a new CEO: Vanhee Cybulski. Recall it was Vanhee who selected the dress Michelle Obama wore at the 2012 victory celebration...the one with a black and red front. She also chose Obama's neck tie and the color of his socks...choices Obama simply could not make for himself. When asked "why" she would even do business with Obama...she snickered and replied, "A dung-throwing monkey still needs a good tie and matching socks."


The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) is "slow-walking" a vaccine for Malaria since that vaccine could save people...something the FDA is mightily against.


"Let 'em die!" exclaimed a Food and Drug Administration(FDA) spokesman when asked about the cure for Hepatitis C. This scumbag went on to tell a cub-reporter from this BLOG that the FDA would never allow such a drug to be sold since it would help people. "We can't allow such an expensive drug on the market...when the cheaper route is to ignore and permit that disease to kill off its victims."


The newest on-line magazine has made Eric Schneiderman...New York Attorney General...its poster child. "He represents what's evil and nasty in America and needed to be on the cover of the 1st issue of SCUMBAG magazine,"whispered one if its editors, Timmy Titler. Americans need to know who is the "bad guy" so they can spit on him or slap him as he tries to shop or interact with people. "Hey there's that scumbag!" many people will say to themselves as they approach and spit on him.


TEAM OBAMA accused Russian President Putin of conducting massive shelling campaigns along the Ukrainian border pummeling opposing forces and giving the "separatists" protection from outright slaughter. As President Putin told Obama by telephone yesterday, "Keep your simian-nose out of my business lest I make you my business."


An American can get free food, free shelter, free clothing, free transport, and spending money if that American were to declare "refugee" status as the Hondurans are doing. There are over 10 million Central American refugees headed for Texas and Arizona and TEAM OBAMA is doing all it can to make matters worse at the Mexican border. Now...TEAM OBAMA wants to erect "refugee centers" in Central and South America and then transport them into the United States to be placed in districts where Democrats need more votes to retain power.


TEAM OBAMA was asked what if could do to hurt farmers and destroy as much of the farming base of America as possible. Never missing an opportunity to tell people about its desire to enslave and control...Senator Ron Wyden...spokesman for TEAM OBAMA...said TEAM OBAMA was dedicated to nationalizing all farming operations and the more farmers it could put of of business the better.


Mining operations around the country are getting attack by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). EPA and its allies have also stopped mining permits being issued insuring that America will eventually be 100% reliant on imports...something America mustn't permit since such reliance is a national security concern. Instead of getting out of the way of such mining...certified experts at the EPA announced it would stop such production in order to weaken national security since it would be better to be enslaved than to have "dirty air".

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It took awhile for the Aussies to sort of the man-made global warming myth but they did and they've deleted any law or rule based on such hokum.


Hamas knows it can't overcome a well-armed Israeli battle force. The combination of armor...troops...tanks...jets...helicopters...and...drones would prove too much and Hamas would be wiped out to the man. No...folks...Hamas' best approach is that of attrition...slowly nibbling away at the conviction and determination of the Jew...slowly sapping the Jew...draining off perseverance...and...generally demoralizing the Jew. By blowing up a village now and then...slaughtering children on a bus headed to a soccer game...or...killing babies in a hospital...Hamas can keep the Jew angry and fearful...two things Hamas knows will eventually cause the Jew to give up enough land that a new Palestinian state might manifest.


Now that the Jew is in Gaza...there is little possibility of retreat. To surrender any portion of Gaza would permit that "released area" to be made into the site of rocket launches or worse. It would be "liberated soil"...the kind of turf that should have rockets launched therefrom...defiant rockets...deadly rockets...proverbial rockets...rockets meant to get the Jew's attention...rockets to bedevil and annoy the Jew...and...rockets to keep the Jew worried and fearful of that day when eviction into Sinai shall be upon them.


Christians slaughtered in Mosul...a 1300 year old church burned...and...over 10,000 Christian ladies raped by Muslim spiritualists masquerading as ISIS troops...and...Obama can't be seen or heard condemning such things? Yes...he can pivot and posture about Malaysian flight 17 and accuse the Russians...the last people who'd ever do such a thing...but...not any statement about the massacre and rape of Christians. As Senator Chuck Schumer said, "Obama is as silent as a lamb and won't say much about the Christian slaughter lest he anger the lovers of Islam."


Unlike his Democrat opponent...U.S.Rep. Bill Posey has "new ideas". For example...he's mentioned on more than one occasion his willingness to support the effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. He likes the idea of a small central government whose funding limited to rents,royalties, lotteries and Warren Buffett kind of donations.


Why pick on Russia? What did the Russian people do to American that would cause TEAM OBAMA to lash say nasty things about Russia...and...attack using economic sanctions? If the answer is that the missile that struck Malaysian flight 17 was made in that might be replied that the person who fired that missile...that person's identity isn't known and won't be known since the culprit was a CIA-operative.

Rep. Bill Posey

Folks...U.S.Rep. Bill Psoey(R.FL) has done much to help the 8th Congressional District of Florida. His opponent wants to hurt Florida by adding mountains of red tape and taxes...the same stuff that stifled the Northeast.


The "default" position for TEAM OBAMA is "tyranny". Every time they get a choice between liberty and chain...TEAM OBAMA chooses "chain". To defeat these socialists, Eco-fascists and other freedom haters...a/k/a...TEAM OBAMA...the Republican candidates must offer liberation over subjugation...promise to dismantle the oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where big foot government dictates and directs from cradle to grave...and...then...deploy THE ORB* and accomplish the feat.
*The omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.


Brooklyn Bridge had several American flags flying above it until last night when they were bleached white...devoid of color...and...left for everyone to see and know America is gone and what remains isn't worth having that glorious flag represent.

What happened to America didn't occur overnight although TEAM OBAMA has taken the logic of socialism and Eco-fascism about as far as can be done recently which startled many people who like the frog in the slowly heating pot...would still be sitting and wondering...if it weren't for how fast TEAM OBAMA has implemented the "yoke and choke" agenda. Hence...someone erected those bleached-out flags.

When the residents of the City of New York did not instantly demand the arrest of all those involved in the murder of Eric Garner...a father of 6 children...choked to death by a band of thugs...a/k/a...police officers...someone decided to bleach some flags.

When it became convincingly clear that Obama was obviously mixed up in the shoot-down of Malaysian flight 17...and...that he and his scurvy crew were escaping condemnation...someone decided it was time to bleach flags.

Israel and Delta

It began with Delta Airlines refusing to fly anywhere near Israel and snowballed into general boycott of the area. One Airlines official acknowledged it was the lack of safety which prompted all the airlines to avoid Israel lest they suffer the same fate as Malaysian* flight 17.
*...a passenger-jet that was attempting to traverse a "no-fly" zone when it was blown to bits by a missile fired by a CIA-directed blacks ops team. The involvement of the CIA has been confirmed using data acquired from the National Security Agency.


Eric Garner...a father of 6 children...was accosted and choked to death by New York City police. Those officers involved...everyone of them along with their supervisors must be prosecuted for murder. The Police well...must be held accountable. This was outright murder and the officers who watched approvingly are as guilty as that jerk who actually choked this father of 6 children to death.

Eric Garner cried out "I CAN'T BREATHE!"...over and over again.  But the officers standing above him didn't react. They listened to this torture...watched this torture...and...permitted it to continue. Yes...they could have told that scumbag applying the choke-hold to stop...but...they did not. They approvingly watched...keeping the public back with threats of death should anyone try and save Eric Garner.

The police chief...after hearing there was a video and there was not any way to cover up the murder...something he had done many times...he went on TV and told America that the CHOKE-HOLD was forbidden and that every officer knew it was forbidden and had been told such was forbidden and could not be used. That statement was a LIE and a clumsy attempt at cover-up. The video had audio too and not at any time do any of the 10 cops watching this execution say "STOP" " Chief Bratton has told us we can't use that let that father of 6 children go and permit him to breathe."

At least one of those cops would have said STOP" had there been such a PROHIBITION against the CHOKE-HOLD. The police chief was LYING and trying to cover-up complicity in this MURDER. Because he's a big foot government jackal...he went on TV and LIED. He had to LIE in order to avoid New York City having to pay millions of dollars in damages to both the widow and to those 6 "fatherless" children.

cover-up begins

Since that Malaysian passenger jet was shot down...two fighter-jets have also been shot down. The 2 fighters were shot down to cover-up the actions of the CIA-unit which was instrumental in firing the missile which killed those 298 people aboard flight 17. As Israeli officials acknowledged, "It was obvious TEAM OBAMA was the beneficiary of that flight 17 shoot-down and now Obama is scrambling to cover his tracks."


Senator Saxby Chambliss came forward to accuse Russia of shooting down Malaysian flight 17 without any "real" proof. Why he signed on to this LIE remains to be answered. But it's obvious this jerk has bought Obama's "story" sinker, line and hook.But with a war-monger such as Chambliss...that's all it took.

Recall it was Chambliss who didn't fight too hard to stop OBAMA-CARE or any of the other evil things TEAM OBAMA has done. He's part of the ESTABLISHMENT and needs to be evicted along with the rest of the would-be masters of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


One federal court ruled "no freebies"...while another federal court packed with socialists ruled "freebies are available". Will Americans take the freebies while knowing others were taxed to give them that free stuff? Most likely they will because they've been taught in socialist public school to kneel and lick big foot government boot.


U.S.Intelligence officials have claimed Russia was behind the shoot-down of Malaysian flight 17. How could they know so quickly? It's obvious Obama directed a black-ops team to make noise to distract Americans from the miasma unfolding on the Mexican border. The cover-up and deceit is in full swing and most Americans are wondering "why" Obama had to kill so many to make this kind of noise.


David Perdue(R.Ga) will face off against Ms Nunn in November of 2014 for the U.S.Senate. David has promised he'll dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE not enhance it as Ms Nunn has promised. Nunn wants people of Georgia kneeling and worshiping whatever golden calf she might forge. Are the voters capable of choosing liberation over subjugation, though? Nunn and her scumbag crew think not.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy refused to pick Michael Sam. Dungy refused to elucidate as to his basis for that decision. He just said a 7th round draft pick is really not a big deal since these people are usually dropped after getting their brains beat out for 4 weeks in the heat of summer. When someone mentioned that Sam was openly homosexual...Dungy looked at the person who raised that point...glared for a moment...and...then...walked off shaking his head at how narrow-minded some people had become.

Jason Biggs

Tweeting Jason Biggs apologized for his insensitive statements about the Malaysian flight 17 tragedy. Recall it was Biggs who told America that it was obvious Obama benefited from the shoot-down and that his own CIA was obviously involved. The rant about Obama caught everyone by surprise since Biggs in times past professed a love for tyranny and admitted such scumbags as Stalin and Mao were his heroes.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Sunni. Iran and the Iraqi government are predominantly Shiite...and...ISIS...that malevolent Sunni army is proceeding to impose a caliphate-like template by force of arms absorbing parts of Syria and Iraq. And...somewhere in all this fuss and fester...someone might ask where can Obama's foreign policy be found?


In Mosul...ISIS troops told Christians they either convert to Islam or suffer instant execution. Because most of them could trace their lineage back several thousand years...they refused to denounce Jesus as their Savior and accept Mohammed as the great prophet. The machine guns worked all night. And when they were so hot they could not be fired any more...ISIS troops using machetes hacked off heads until 246,921 Christians had been slaughtered.

Of course...Obama was informed of this tragedy. Instead of appearing indignant...and...throwing one of those far-stare poses...he shrugged it off as something unavoidable and to be expected in that area of the world.

"Those people should have known I would never help them fight against Islam's grip even if children were to be murdered. They should have fled. They chose their own fate," Obama drooled as he waved off any further inquiry.


Senator Joe Manchin(D.WVa) has been quiet about the attack mounted by TEAM OBAMA on his state's coal-industry. But he became a "noise-maker" when Obama refused to attack Syria in order to demonstrate to the world what "red line" meant. And...recently...this dude has been heard demanding America attack Russia claiming he knows Russia was involved in shooting down Malaysian flight 17.


The Chinese battle carrier, LIAONING arrived in the disputed area of the ocean to assist China's expression of sovereignty. Why the other nations won't cede such hegemony to China seems without a clear answer. This BLOG...however...favors China's ascendancy to leadership and the lesser nations should stand aside and permit as much. Indeed...with China in a leading trade will blossom as more and more countries find it cheaper to remove CAGE and WHIP and permit unhampered markets with China protecting the shipping lanes from pirates and other would-be wrongdoers.


Pushing the greenhouse gas template is one thing but to keep uttering falsehood to bolster the mantra has become monotonous. Take for example MSNBC talking heads proclaiming the summer of 2014 to be the hottest on record and that man-made global warming must be its cause. They know that statement is patently false. But when you're pushing a template...contrary data isn't discussed and even denied outright in favor of whatever "buy-line" they're given to push.

According to data from reputable sources...the summer of 2014 has been unseasonably cool,(Wall Street Journal C-4;07-22-14). Natural gas prices have plummeted as a result of such lack of need for more energy. Yes...NOAA came out and said "hottest ever"...but this scurvy bunch was handsomely paid for that statement. As one NOAA representative confided, "Had we said it was a cooler than usual summer...we'd have lost our funding...and...that wasn't about to happen, now was it?"


Before socialism arrived in Venezuela...there was a modicum of a marketplace. Yes...government was in everything but most officials could be paid something to look the other way...the same way they do in every other country that thrives in spite of "red tape and taxes". However, as with every other kind of tyranny...the master with mob template has finally drained the bucket...there aren't any more sacrificial cows...and...what carcasses remain are so foul and bewildered...even scumbag-Maduro can't conjure a solution.

Recall Maduro imposed price controls on food and electronic devices. Within a few stores were empty and RADIO SHACK personnel were selling hot dogs out front since the store was bare within. Similarly...when Maduro attacked an American car company for selling "overpriced" car parts disappeared rendering most vehicles in Venezuela not repairable...something Maduro envisioned as the socialist-way to force people to ride government buses.

Following along with this desire to force people to ride accept getting treated as if cattle and sheep...Maduro told his people they would be better off without capitalist-cars. And...playing into his hand were the car companies. Most of them refused to produce in such a socialist miasma where annual* inflation is 60% or more. They couldn't buy a $100 car part in America and then be forced to sell it in Caracas for $5.00. They couldn't afford to be another fool for socialism and most of them departed.
*The Venezuelan money is worthless outside of that socialist paradise. The hunger for U.S. currency is so great most Venezuelans buy cars to absorb the inflation until they can sell the vehicle in exchange for U.S.currency...a currency much prized in this socialist toilet-bowl.



In order to stop American corporations from escaping ruinous domestic taxation...TEAM OBAMA wants to erect an IRON CURTAIN. The Republicans have a chance to offer liberation over subjugation. The Republicans should demand the TAX CODE be revised. Eliminate the tax on income and estates and force big foot government to find its funds from rents, royalties, lotteries and Warren Buffett kind of donations. This reduction in cash flow would force big foot government to reduce its size until what remained only essential government services of courts, police and a small defense force dedicated to defense only.

Not only would American corporations remain in America...but...almost every corporation anywhere situated would come here to enjoy such liberty. It's odd that there hasn't been one Republican demanding such liberation over subjugation. Why not?


Edward Kleinbard has never owned a business and has all his life been a parasite with his latest "sucking effort" as a so-called law-teacher at the University of Southern California. Recently...because he is such a freedom-hater and a big foot government advocate...the Wall Street Journal featured him on its Op-ed page(A-11;07-22-14). There this pedant proclaimed he knew what was best for America and that was bigger footed government...more power...more ways to hassle and hinder.

Folks...Eddie is a fascist. He believes the producer is a beast of burden to be directed as the ruling elite sees fit. To him...corporate capital flight is reprehensible since it drains the bucket from which the would-be master might dip to pay for the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. "How dare Americans try and hide their wealth from the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE!" Eddie snorted as he spoke off-camera to a cub-reporter from this BLOG who had accosted him to find out "why" he hated liberty so much.


Perhaps you want more not less "whip and chain" believing such enslavement might fetch something for you from your would-be master...maybe some entitlement or enhancement thereof. You might even relish the idea that your rich neighbor was attacked by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) or excited that your utility company can't deliver 24 hour service because greenhouse gases might be emitted and kill all life on planet Earth...something you fear almost as much as death itself...and...hence willing to accept sweating in the summer and shivering in the winter so that TEAM OBAMA can have even more power over you.


A federal court has determined those citizens of those states which chose the federal health insurance exchange instead of erecting their own exchanges can't receive subsidies from Uncle Sugar. In reaction to this obvious slap to face...Obama declared he didn't care what the LAW said...he was going to give people whatever they needed to buy health insurance coverage. Sure...he was taking from producers and redistributing the MARXIST ON MISSION...anything else wouldn't be fitting.


The crash site of Malaysian flight 17 has been compromised. So much has been many people have been there and gone...there isn't any way to determine culpability. As General Breedlove...NATO dude...admitted, "The CIA is quite good about hiding its involvement. I doubt there will be any way to connect Obama to that "shoot-down" although it's obvious he ordered the attack."

Oliver Bullough

Oliver Bullough is an Obama-stooge. Recently in the Wall Street Journal(A-11;07-22-14)...he used the space to demean Russian President Putin. Somehow he found it necessary to say nasty things about one of the greatest leaders in the early days of the 21st Century. Bullough is angry because he was forced to depart Moscow when he was caught having sex with a crippled-at-birth 10 year old boy. President Putin...wishing to avoid a scandal that could hurt Obama...permitted this scumbag to depart Moscow without publication of his capital crime. he is...attacking President Putin. What a Democrat!


Secretary of State John a one-on-one meeting with Obama...was informed his mission was to deceive the Jew and assist the Muslim in forcing Israel to accept partition.Kerry was overheard exclaiming in disbelief, "Betray the Jew?"

After collecting his composure once more...Kerry asked Obama "why" undermine the Jew. Obama told him the better choice was Islam and the Jew needed to be dispatched once more into Sinai to wander for another epoch. Sure...American Jews might suspect betrayal but Kerry was skilled enough to pull it off and Obama was counting* on "long-jaw" to handle it.
*Obama's moniker for Kerry:  "long-jaw"


Obama was overheard laughing at how Senator Joe Manchin was fooling his West Virginia constituents. He pointed out that the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) had all but destroyed West Virginia as a coal-producing state and the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) had stomped and chomped the citizens of that state until they were cattle and sheep easily directed by bureaucratic creeps. "How stupid are those hicks in West Virginia?"he scoffed and chuckled.

Maybe Obama is correct...but...most voters in West Virginia...according to official polling data...know how Obama feels about them already and didn't need to read about it in this august BLOG. They know their state will continue to devolve into a socialist toilet bowl kind of place...and...that Joe Manchin will stand by and permit such destruction of liberty replacing the same with "freedom-to-obey". They know Joe Manchin isn't a freedom-fighter but a "go along to get along" type person who will stand there and watch big foot government ruin West Virginia.


Just watch the "spin-masters" as they try and connect President Putin to the "shoot-down" of Malaysian flight 17. The only beneficiary of this tragedy is TEAM OBAMA. Politically speaking...Obama was in trouble due to the Mexican border fiasco...needed a distraction...a big one...and...received what he wanted compliments of a black-ops team sporting the moniker: ZETA-BRAVO.

Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...a scumbag in his own right...candidly explained "why" that passenger jet was shot down. "They did what they were asked to do and now Obama is using the results to distract public attention and push it away from the mess on the border."


United Nations Ambassador Samantha Powers told the Russian Ambassador that it was obvious to everyone the only benefit from that "shoot-down" of Malaysian flight 17 was TEAM OBAMA but due its control over the American MASS MEDIA few would ever know the truth.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Malaysian flight 17 shot down. Who did it and why not yet known. But it coincided with TEAM OBAMA having trouble with its Mexican border.

 Then there was the "gas attack" allegedly committed by President al-Assad of Syria at a time when TEAM OBAMA'S economic numbers were dismal. Recall the posturing and "red line" making?

And who could ever forget the Underwear bomber...some poor jerk who was told by his CIA-handlers he could push a button and his underwear bomb would explode killing everyone in the Detroit-bound jet on Christmas Eve...the day...TEAM OBAMA sneaked OBAMA-CARE past the American people who vowed they'd never kneel and worship the golden calf.

The TV...RADIO...NEWSPAPERS...were all awash with the news of a man who detonated his underwear only to have the faux-bomb burst into flames and burn off his penis and much of his scrotum causing him excruciating pain and preventing him from telling anyone who cared to listen that he was duped...and...misled by people he thought were Islamic terrorists only to discover them to be CIA-operatives whose mission to send some jihadi down the chute for MASS MEDIA consumption and for propaganda purposes.

The underwear bomber never knew his bomb was designed to burn off his penis not explode and hurt others. It was intended to be a "news-maker" and capable of being used as "filler" so that OBAMA-CARE could be sneaked past the otherwise vigilant patriots whose watch kept everyone safe from the grip and yoke of the would-be master until then.

Don't get fooled again. Why permit the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA to dupe you? Why not ask who benefited most from that "shoot-down" of flight 17? Who benefited most when Assad was accused of a "gas attack" with deadly gas that was traced directly to CIA-canisters left behind in the desert. And who benefited when the underwear bomber chose to attack on the day OBAMA-CARE was being prepared to be sneaked past the American people? Hmmm? Who benefited?

100 kilowatt laser cannon

Using wind energy...and...a huge bank of lithium batteries...the Jew has deployed a new protection system...a protective dome...with anything coming in contact with the dome's perimeter attacked with laser cannons. A small $100 drone...for example...armed with a pound of C-4 explosive can be blown from the sky for less than a dollar eliminating the need for the antiquated IRON DOME SYSTEM with its $100,000 per interceptor-rocket costs.

Such cannon-deployment has so far stopped HAMAS...for example...from inundating Israel with a million drones...drones the size of a toy airplane...each armed with a pound of C-4 explosive...a destructive armada that if they all landed and exploded there'd be little left of Israel standing above ground that wasn't rubble or worse. To-date...the Jew has blown 192,344 drones from the sky preventing them from devastating Israel at a cost of less than $300.00.

Police Chief William Bratton

Smug...haughty...and...not the bit remorseful...such were the adjectives describing Police Chief Bratton as he discussed the death of a father of 6 children...a death caused by the New York Police Department. The Chief had the audacity...the unmitigated temerity to say the Department had told its officers not to use the CHOKE HOLD...a definite LIE...a BIG LIE...and...obvious to anyone to be a LIE when they watch on VIDEO that police officer grabs that father of 6 children by the neck and the other accompanying officers don't say anything about it...even when that father of 6 children was begging for his life proclaiming he couldn't breathe. None of those scumbags told that jersey-wearing officer to cease the CHOKE HOLD...something they obvious would have done had there been such a PROHIBITION AGAINST CHOKE HOLD as described by "LIAR-BRATTON".

No...folks...everyone of those cops are guilty of murder along with that lying police chief. There wasn't any was common practice. But scumbag-Bratton couldn't admit such a thing lest he be condemned along with the others to the gallows. He had to lie and lie he did. Just watch his interview and watch his demeanor...his'll sense he's lying to save his own neck.

What has angered so many people is they were told by Mayor de a secret choke anyone they pleased and he'd cover for them. far...these scumbags and that nasty police chief have escaped condemnation. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) told a cub-reporter from this BLOG when asked why he supported Bratton, "We can even murder people on video...right in front of New York City people...and...they look the other way. They're sheep...cattle...mindless critters...and...we can stomp and chomp as we please!"


If the Chinese were to permit one place in that huge country to enjoy an otherwise unhampered market...that place would be the most valuable real estate on the planet. Why the Chinese won't do it is a testament to their prudence and providence. How could anyone want prosperity beyond imagination?


The "spin-masters" of the various nations met recently at a conference where these generators of public opinion exchanged information and offered tutorials in "how" to deflect...distract...massage...and...of course...lie with a straight-face and unwavering eye.

The largest seminar...standing room only...was given by "bag-head"...a person with bag over head and gloves on hands. This eloquent speaker delivered a chilling expose of efforts to enslave the world explaining the disguise sported in the seminar was for "safety" purposes only since Lloyds of London had refused all attempts of covering the liability.

Keeping the attention of this "tough crowd" was easily accomplished by revealing "dirty laundry". Bag-head passed around discs which contained the "hacked" top-secret communications between Obama and the black-ops team which shot down Malaysian flight 17. This most-incredible patriot also passed around irrefutable proof that Obama had given the snuff order to assassinate Ambassador Stevens and U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY.


Why must the voters accept perpetuation of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why must voters kneel and worship whatever golden calf the masters of this CAGE wish to forge? Hmmm? Why must they lick such boot?

When there is only "same old, same old, just different bag" offered....when there isn't much difference between Democrat and Republican...the answer to the above question is that the voters are never given any choice but that of more enslavement and subjugation.

Knowing such things has prompted Lady Elizabeth and her army of liberation to publicize their march to "make salt". They offer an alternative. It's called the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!" And they invite everyone to join their crusade to dismantle the CAGE and usher in EDEN. Won't you consider such an alternative?

J.Samuel Kass

J.Samuel Kass...White House chef...was told he wasn't invited to the annual chefs' conference. His association with Obama seemed to be the rub. When asked about the conference organizer replied, "Had he been a chef anywhere else...he'd have been invited."

One conference-attendee made a joke of that White House stooge. She pointed out that Kass parted his name in the middle because he was hiding something. As she said to  Sam Kass, "If it's all the same to you...I'll just call you "Jack".


Four star general, John Kelly...a Marine...came forward and said the only way to stop immigration was to impose a thorough police state and force people to worship the WAR ON DRUGS. He wanted to kill people and ask questions later. "Let's destroy them and their ways by slaughtering and maiming," he chortled when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG why he was so blood-thirsty.

Of course..General Kelly is wrong. His approach only makes the problems worse. As one certified expert whispered, "Eliminate the anti-drug laws and the cartels and their cronies in government would disappear." much better would Central and South America be with such an elimination...that the power-brokers who thrive on the WAR ON DRUGS have asked the complicit MASS MEDIA to raise up war-mongers...such as "kill'em all" somehow representative of what makes America "great and good". They want more not less "stomp and chomp" even though such an approach is what is causing the flood of humanity across the Mexican border.


Boko Haram killed 104 people yesterday. Obama was vociferously blamed since he had troops in the area and they didn't stop the slaughter even though they were able to have done as much. "Obama is a murderer!" cried Abba Aji Khalil...a vigilante he picked through the ashes of what was once his village of Damboa located in the middle of Nigeria. "Obama was warned an attack was imminent and he dallied and ignored and we're having to pay the price for his callousness."

At the same time Obama was being excoriated for his role in killing those people in Damboa...across the Ukraine...Obama's minions were busy foisting blame for the shooting down of Malaysian flight 17 on President Putin. Because President Putin had troops in the area around the site of the shoot-down...he had to be involved. Similarly...using the same logic...Obama was involved in the slaughter of those 104 people in Damboa because he had troops in that area and they didn't stop Boko Haram even though they could have.


Taking photographs with a drone is a federal crime punishable by years in prison and a huge fine. Of course...most Americans don't fly drones because they lack any need for them. But those Americans who do use them...this law is nonsense and they defy big foot government to do something about it.

Take for instance, Sean Maloney...a Democrat U.S.House member. He wanted his wedding filmed from 100 feet above the wedding site and it was accomplished using drones. As Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) opined, "Had he been Republican...though...his wedding would have been crashed by federal agents."

How Maloney...a member of the ruling elite...was able to avoid federal condemnation might be framed in the guest list he had. Attending were Steny Hoyer...big shot House Democrat along with Nancy Pelosi...another prominent Democrat...people who would have attacked a Republican for this federal law violation but who smugly stood there and permitted that "offending drone" to take videos of the gala event.'s time to eliminate federal departments and agencies. The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) along with the other alphabet agencies and departments need to be deleted and their employees sent home without anything except thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their drooling,selfless public service. Such elimination of power will prevent scumbags such as Hoyer, Schultz, Maloney and Pelosi from using such power to force other to do what they themselves find enjoyable.

U.S.Rep.Cory Gardner(R.Col)

Gardner v. Udall...fool v. ghoul...or any other way said...Gardner will lose his chance to defeat Udall...that one you can take to bed. Gardner got caught in a tar-baby trap...he touched when told stay away...his face now rudely slapped....little more there is to say.

Gardner came out some time back and said "life" began when the egg was fertilized and demanding his way was the right way and a lady's right to determine her own future not hers but his. Who put this fool up to expressing such nonsense? Who was sent to undermine and destroy his chances at defeating Udall "the ghoul"?

Had Gardner preached THE ORB and left the pro-life ideas in the closet where they belong...he's be way ahead in the polls instead of far behind. Udall has benefited from this idiotic display of pedantry and foolhardiness. Instead of framing Udall as a ghoul...a foul demon...he has put himself in such posture as TV ads excoriate him for his intrusion into a very private and solemn decision-making moment. Had he preached liberation over subjugation and demonstrated how Udall attacked liberty...he'd be so far ahead of scumbag-Udall that the MASS MEDIA would be scrambling to find someone else...another Jennifer Mason bend Gardner's ear and have him say something "stupid and demeaning".
THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill(THE ORB) wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its entitlement system.

Carl Levin(D.Mich)

U.S.Rep. Carl Levin(D.Mich) has been backed for years by labor union power. In bloc vote format...the unions have sent Levin to the House many times and over the years Levin has reciprocated mightily. His hand and template can be seen in such flowering places as Detroit...a place Levin calls a socialists' paradise. And while most people would call Detroit a "blighted bunch of misery, envy and greed"...Levin's complicit MASS MEDIA refers to it as "Motor City".


Senator Ron Wyden(D.Or) was told he could openly profess his socialist bent and would be protected from public reactive ire by a complicit MASS MEDIA. Taking this advice to heart...socialist-Ron Wyden has come forward and demanded more taxes...more regulation...more burdens...more hassle and hinder beginning with stopping American corporations from departing for better marketplaces. He liked the idea of being able to stop multinational companies by merely dictating as much. The power felt good and in his socialist mind it felt "right".


Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh) was instrumental in directing federal officials to use Ohio as the primary place where immigrants are warehoused. He told a skeptical audience that it was good to pay for others and he wanted them to smile and open their storeroom so he might plunder it for those newcomers. Only a few applauded when he said he wanted the socialist paradise of Ohio to be enjoyed by everyone and the Ohio taxpayers had best accept this directive.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


A member of a Smoking Angel's Club was accosted by police in New York City. When he denied any wrongdoing...he was attacked and choked to death. When asked why kill this father of 6 children...the police chief sort of smiled and said he was killed because he attacked police officers and had run the risk of that kind of reaction to such an assault. Of course...that statement was made before that scumbag learned there was contradictory video!

jet ski valiant

Jet skis are used to cross the river into America from Mexico. To stop them...the U.S.border guards are employing water cannon. Using these super-powered water streams...the riders are de-horsed so to speak...collected...and...returned to the Mexican side with an admonishment to avoid trying that again. As one border guard said, "I've drowned almost a thousand of those wet-backs myself and they still keep coming."


Rep. Michael McCaul(R.Tx) said he was eager to return to the so-called COLD WAR. He wanted to kill Russians and Ukrainian separatists in some kind of weird 3rd world war scenario...two titans trying to stomp the other. To hear him tell it...he had accepted the "proof of Russian involvement" even though its source the same that produced the "video-explanation" when the Benghazi embassy compound was attacked and Ambassador Stevens assassinated.


Obviously...Russian President Putin was surprised when a CIA-directed team shot down Malaysian Flight 17. Never did he think Obama could be that evil...that callous...that merciless...that he'd shoot down a passenger jet in a "no-fly" zone just to distract the American public during the summer before the 2014-mid-term elections. President Putin told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he didn't know quite what to think of that order to kill 295 people just to get public attention off the Mexican border and America's dismal economy.


Should Florida demand "open trade" with the world...demanding federal "stifle and stomp" be suspended...and...that Florida's several commercial ports be opened to trade from everywhere...Florida would boom and blossom. As U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,(D.FL) admitted, "People standing in the way of such prosperity want Florida to remain a backward area where people swat bug and sweat until first cold snap of winter. If these 'tent and campfire' people become the voting majority...Florida will continue to be impoverished."