Sunday, August 31, 2014


When Obama told America he didn't have a plan or strategy to combat ISIS...he once again verified what otherwise heretofore mere supposition. As anyone knows...someone such as Obama without a plan drinks his own bong water.


Not anyone could believe it...but...there it the hand of Lady Elizabeth as she and her army of liberation marched to make salt. The Spear of Destiny...its holder invincible so long as the crusade for liberty and not for more of the same.


And Jesus on an exceedingly high mountain was offered kingdoms and glories yet turned them down,(MATTHEW 4:8)...while the so-called Prophet Mohammed grabbed as much as he could and promised his followers 14 virgins and label-quality wine. Fairly different approach, eh?

This difference can be observed manifesting itself as ISIS destroys and loots...sweeping across the land as if hungry locusts...gobbling and consuming...leaving not any enemies behind. Not any "turn the other cheek" with these dudes. No...they're eye-for-eye and they don't care who screams or cries.


Lacrimae Rerum...the tears of things...such was the inscription on Priam's Fountain of Troy...and...the mantra for ISIS. What goes around...comes around.


As Marijuana goes...there have been varieties which their producers claim to be the ultimate bud...the best high...the greatest feeling. Competing for that position has been something about which most Americans have known...but...kept to themselves since America still burns witches. Indeed...Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...a notorious witch-burner...drooled with delight when he heard 10 Afro-Americans were killed in their attempt to grow marijuana.

Yet...while in times past they seemed omnipotent...nowadays....despite the stomp of "possum" Schumer and his minions of MAMMON(MATTHEW 6:24)...the witch-burners are losing ground fast. More and more voters see opposition to marijuana something used by the would-be master of the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE to entrench even more liberty until left only "freedom-to-obey". They plan to evict the witch-burners...and...send them packing...labeled so people know who they were and probably still are. When asked "why" mark them...the pot growers said...they're the same jerks who come upon great "urb"...pull out the plants as "pirates".


If you have shortness of breath...vomiting...diarrhea...and...your heart stops...stop taking BIG-BOB and call your doctor right away. So the warning label read on that pill bottle. But...because the benefits of BIG BOB were so many...that potential hazard of little import. was surprising to Timmy Titler when he fell over dead.


Everywhere...Africa...Middle's all exploding...bullets loading...bodies floating...and..someone is telling Obama...there isn't any eve of destruction.


The leaders of ISIS know if captured...they'll be executed as criminals charged with the death of James Foley and a million others. Hence...they'll fight to the death...mercilessly meting out whatever torment and tyranny needed to retain their season in power. If "nuking" Manhattan will afford them...for more day...then...BOOM!


Heston...playing the role of Gordon the movie, KHARTOUM...meets the Mahdi...the Muslim leader...and...they confer on what's best for the Sudan. Pasha later tells a subordinate when reflecting on that meeting that he hadn't considered the MAHDI might very well be the his people he might very well be as dedicated and passionate as Pasha...and...that scenario he hadn't considered.

What if BAGHDAD BOB...leader of ISIS...has such a passionate belief? What if he sees himself as the MAHDI...the head honcho...directed by Allah to cleanse Islam...delete the infidel...and...deliver heaven on Earth with him as its dictator? Hmmm? What if?


A black widow spider eats its smaller mate...and...with its venom kills should hand tempt fate. ISIS has a platoon of such critters. They look like ladies dressed in the traditional Muslim-for-women garb...a peep hole in a pup-tent. Beneath their attire..though...are 400 pounds of C-4 explosive...firing-caps inserted...batteries fully charged...and...a "red button" to be pushed once the spider acquires target.

Beware the black widow! Come 09-11-14...the number of Muslim women in the streets of New York City dressed in that way will be so many there won't be any way to know which ones are the BLACK WIDOWS until their "red buttons" are pushed. Maybe this prospect of doom is the explanation for the mass exodus from New York.


ISIS wears black...while Americans wear desert-brown. In battle each knows the other by color...never shooting their own team down. In the coming months, however, ISIS will fade into the Sunni population making it almost impossible to ferret out the menace leaving the non-combatants alone.

Eventually...the moral hazard inherent in such tactic...however...manifests as more and more non-combatants are harassed and hassled while the Shiites look for vermin. And when sufficiently offended...something ISIS counts on happening...these Sunni non-combatants will form sturdy support should ISIS re-appear...a re-appearance orchestrated to occur when America has once more lost interest in that toilet bowl.


In a few months from now...ISIS will be gone...absorbed by some greater organization. Its leaders hunted down...arrested...and...ignominiously hung with piano wire. Such will be the last rites for the BLACK FLAG "no quarter" crowd.


Cursed spite that ever I was born to make it right. Such words flew through the mind of BAGHDAD BOB as he contemplated his next move in the civil war between Shiite and Sunni. The Mosul Dam was held but a few days and then recovered by the Shiites with the considerable help of American air power. He had erred when he did not deploy his own anti-aircraft around the dam and mine it in such a way that if attacked...the entire dam would be blown. He wasn't about to make that mistake again.


Defensive End Michael Sam was cut from the Rams. His sexual orientation didn't cause the "cut". He just wasn't able to find a spot on the RAMS. It was pointed out that he was...still...suitable for the practice squad.


Just when you think you've observed the best talent in the're quite surprised when someone else arrives and does more than imagined possible. In one football game, yesterday...for instance...a player caught the ball behind his back...while another leaped 20 feet through the air to intercept what would otherwise have been the game-winning throw.
FSU defeats Oklahoma: 37-31


As long as China leaves Hong Kong alone and does not attempt to smother its dynamic economy with "red tape and taxes"...the residents of that thriving...bustling...metropolis would give themselves a great benefit by permitting China whatever hegemony its government might wish to impose. One Chinese official summed it up when he said, "Hong Kong bounded in a nutshell...yet considers itself king of infinite space."


In Florida...there is a movement to eradicate the anti-drug laws and remove 90% of the need for law enforcement. As Charlie Crist said, "We can delete 75% of all law enforcement personnel and use that money to pay for healthcare for the poor and pathetic." Most voters like the idea of eliminating the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a grip represented by the "coffee-drinking" cops infesting the 'hood.


In Germany...Hitler made a deal with THE ESTABLISHMENT. If he eliminated certain people from his organization...he would be given the power to rule over all of Germany...the one thing Hitler needed to carry out his plan of conquest. Following along with that agreement...Hitler dispatched his team to delete those mentioned on the DEATH LIST. Hitler even included his longtime lover, Ernst Rhom...something he didn't want but had to do. He had the a show of solidarity...hand a love-note from Hitler to Ernst just before he was shot seated and reading.


The Boston bombers had a sister. After the Boston Marathon explosions...she became reclusive...preferring not to speak to people since they only wanted to know what it was like living in the same house with two "crazed-monsters".

However, America wasn't done with the sister of the bombers. Ever so often...a neighbor would find a spot in this girl's day to attack with innuendo and opprobrious epithet...every one of them striking home...and...hurting her psyche...tearing her down...never building her up. The hate she felt was almost palpable. The glares...the stares...the unkind grimace...the shunning in worked on her mind...brick by brick...she found herself becoming more angry...more vengeful...more like a bomber.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


A car load of Baptists. Yeah...4 in the car and a fifth under the seat.


In Playboy magazine there was a cartoon with two people crawling across a water...certain death their see them parting...crawling in opposite directions...with one of them saying angrily, "Why did you have to tell me you were Catholic!"


In one scene...villagers break down a door demanding to see what Paul Muni has in his pot atop a well-burning stove. They angrily sift through the bubbling broth finding only water and dirt. After inspecting the fare...they depart the hut apologizing for the intrusion. They were hungry but not that hungry.


Should EBOLA strike America...Americans will get 1st dibs on "cure". This priority has angered Africans saying American-socialism requires Americans to deny themselves and save others...that they must watch their loved ones die in order that strangers might be saved. Of course...only Republicans say as much...TEAM OBAMA says, "Speak for yourself, brother!"


While somewhat ridiculous to's the ultimate confrontation...the last Shiite facing off against the last Sunni...each willing to slaughter the other in the name of the one true Islam. America need only sit back...foment unrest and mayhem to keep that battle raging from time to time...and...eventually be done with that nasty religion...a religion that gives the suicide bomber 14 virgins and a recognized label on the wine.


Obama got a couple of suits at Joseph A. Banks and decided to wear the summer fashion at a press conference where threats to America were discussed. Whereas...Prime Minister Cameron had raised the terrorist-threat for Britain to "severe" from "substantial" with the only level left that of "critical"...Obama casually told America he lacked a plan to fight ISIS or any other would-be enemy...and...invited everyone to the White House for a "beer summit".


Music shops in Mosul were closed by ISIS. Their owners were told they could re-open but their inventory had to pass muster. One shop-keeper told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that the new inventory consisted of Qu'ran chants and prayers of people just before they were by ISIS executed. Somehow...ISIS believes the music stores will sell such things to both the curious and the devoted.


Holding ground. The conqueror's biggest hurdle. Yet...easily accomplished using a ROBOT-ARMY..."bot-army" for short. The bots are cheap...they can be armed with incredible firepower including a self-destruction bomb capable of blowing a 20 foot hole 4 blocks easily detonated...everyone just leaves the bots alone.

Controlling such a huge swarm relies on termite-technology...programs designed to coordinate the efforts of all bots so that the opposition is faced with an organized and highly dynamic fighting force...capable of tactical and strategic maneuver.

An entire war could be fought and ground held using such bot-armies. For the price of one Abrams M-1 tank...for instance...a 100,000 bots could be produced...each one capable of  both flight...and...ground-game warfare...and packing enough "payback" to frighten off any would-be aggressor. Indeed...national defense in the 21st Century could be cheap provided the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE at the Pentagon and elsewhere wish such up-grade.


Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) was told not to get "too close" to Hillary Clinton...give her room. When asked "why"...Senator Paul was told, "Stay clear of her stinger!"


According to BUSH-CHENEY...09-11-01 was not predicted...and...not anyone knew such an attack afoot. Of course...Jessie Ventura and his conspiracy team demonstrated conclusively least...CHENEY knew of the attack 72 hours before it occurred!

What if ISIS is already inside some water storage tank planting a "poison-bomb"...some device to release cyanide or EBOLA into...say...New York City's potable water system? Sure...Obama has spent $3 billion securing the Mexican border...stopping anyone from entering without permission...but...hasn't spent a dime on securing obvious targets should ISIS choose to demonstrate its BLACK FLAG "no quarter" prowess on 09-11-14?


It's September of 2014...and...still...not one politician preaches liberation over subjugation. It's as if the unwashed masses want to be miserable and pathetic...never caring that their niche prepared and controlled from cradle to grave. Yet...because some Americans would support such an effort to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the army of liberation marches to make salt...undaunted..intrepid...and...ready to invite everyone to join and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. long can THE ESTABLISHMENT..."THE MAN"...reign? Why must Americans suffer beneath an ever growing mountain of rules and regulations...each intended to entrench liberty and impose "freedom-to-obey"? Why can't there be someone leading a rebellion to delete and eliminate until the CAGE has been dismantled?

THE MAN believes the voters want NANNY STATE CAGE like conditions...since 110 million of the 335 million population receive big foot government stuff such as: food gasoline education...and...a monthly stipend to assist in those daily bills.

TEAM OBAMA has retained power using this promise of more not less. They tell the fearful RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE their seat in jeopardy should Republicans gain power. Only by perpetuating the "more not less" regime can RIDERS be assured their portion undisturbed and perhaps even augmented from time to time as master deems appropriate.

TEAM OBAMA knows these recipients are enslaved. They'll vote for anyone promising more not less freebie and favor. Hence...they promise more redistribution...more pillaging...more plundering...and...more rules to follow in exchange for such gifts. The RIDERS never sensing how dependent such things make the recipient continue to rely more and more on the master's day...when master says lick boot...candied tongue and absurd pomp mix into a shoe-shining event.


When Hitler spoke about "more room" for the Master Race...the crowds cheered. Here was a leader willing to destroy them in order to make Germany great.

While such enthusiasm for nonsense was in vogue in that era...nowadays...most people would laugh at such foolishness. They'd tell that would-be master to find whatever hole from which it crawled and return with all due dispatch. September of an army sporting the moniker: ISIS. It's led...once another would-be master...slaughtering everything which even hints of opposition...and...whose mantra: "more room".

Friday, August 29, 2014


Eventually...there can be only one true Islam. While Americans don't understand such exclusivity...the Muslims do. They know that the Prophet Mohammed declared only Islam...not several his death...Sunni and Shiite bubbled forth forever at each other's throat declaring the other infidel.

Americans don't understand this mind of the devout Muslim. Their ignorance causes them to ask "why" would Shiites permit Sunnis to execute captured Shiite prisoners? Americans never understanding these prisoners are infidels unworthy of existence. Both sides operate with this eye-for-eye approach squarely and perpetually guiding their revenge. If Sunnis are caught...they're impaled or crucified by Shiites operating in "payback" mode and visa versa.

They both believe that the mightiest shall decide since success must have been the will of Allah. And with this expiation in mind...both sides are and will continue to butcher each other...committing ever greater atrocities until only one is left surviving. The Shiite believes the last person standing will be Shiite...probably a mullah with 200 year old piano keys for teeth...while the Sunnis don't much care. As one ISIS dude said, " So long as I get 14 virgins and that promised bottle of wine in heaven...I'm good to go!"

ISIS is an army comprised of Sunnis plus mercenaries...and...CIA moles and miscreants.


Few nowadays know it...but...Germany dispatched Lenin to Russia to end the war so that Germany could concentrate its firepower to make up for the entry of America into the conflict on the Western Front. While the Germans had held their own against the Brits and Frenchie...adding American might meant reinforcements were needed and the only place from which such could come was from the Eastern Front. But for German assistance and funding... Lenin and the Bolsheviks would have been just another blip on the screen. As it was...Lenin made peace with Germany and Germany got an additional 5 million men to waste on their battlefields in Europe.

Mention is made of such historical calamities...since ISIS might very well be one of those things dispatched for different purpose but which mutated into a monster never imagined and defense against which there isn't any. What if ISIS began as a well-managed CIA operation...well-funded...given enough anonymity to insure rapid growth in membership and firepower...and...somehow...those CIA-employed dudes decided ISIS could be turned into something more...perhaps... those people went... with BAGHDAD BOB leading this band of marauding, pillaging prairie dogs across Iraq and Syria leaving in their path a story which only now comes to the big cinema screen? Hmmm? What if?


Silva and Rouseff are competing for the Presidential berth. Both are rabid freedom-haters...but...Rouseff refused to destroy what little liberty left in Brazil. To demonstrate difference...Silva...ever the socialist...declared she would loot and plunder for the benefit of everyone...that every storeroom was hers to pillage as she saw fit and Brazilians...should support her effort. She promised free food, clothing and shelter in exchange for fealty and worship.


Muslims wishing to slaughter Americans have spray bottles filled with EBOLA virus. Their plan is to spray people in train depots and bus stops...infecting thousands at a time...and...slaughtering almost 85% of the population of the United States within 60 days from attack. It's monstrous...but...justified in the Qu'ran. Allahu Akbar!


What if the EBOLA virus were man-made? The proof is mounting the critter was constructed as a "terror weapon" got loose. Dr. Jib Tickle...speaking on condition of anonymity...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that they didn't realize until it was too late that the thing could mutate to defend itself against counter-attack...making antidote or cure as unlikely over time as possible...and...turning it into a doomsday weapon...wiping out all life on the planet...even down to the lowly fungus and bacterium.

Dr. Jib was frightened. He said he and his family were going to an island and live out their days. According to his charts and graphs...this EBOLA strain could and would wipe out 50% of the human population in 12 months. "There isn't any way to stop it. It mutates so fast...there isn't any way to keep abreast of it and people will die...and...die by the millions per day! Now...if you'll excuse me...I need to finish packing."


In China...Jack Ma and Alibaba had the world almost to themselves. Their e-commerce empire built on supplying Chinese with stuff as quickly as could be delivered anywhere on the planet. Jack Ma even had a commercial where a customer gets a cellphone...1st one...rookie...tender foot...and...a button is pushed and out comes a Genie...and...with the wish..."poof"...everything one could imagine!

However...Walmart...ever looking for another field to plow...entered China and declared YIHAODIAN which means "number one store" e-commerce platform with physical distribution capacity rivaling anything Alibaba was doing. Walmart entered the market and began to make noise using this slogan that it was the best of the best.

The competition between the two e-commerce titans has been quite keen since that landing...although Jack Ma has the better business plan and a more talented imagination. You can order a Rolls Royce by cellphone...for far...only Alibaba can deliver it in less than 24 hours. YIHAODIAN...on the other explaining why their inventory so limited...said they were more interested in the folks wanting, tent, horses and wagon wheels. They said their preference for face-to-face customer contact made their e-commerce approach the better deal. HUH?


Come 09-11-14...what will ISIS be said to have done that day to hurt America? So much needed is this answer that political scientists are using "grand chess master" algorithms to determine the "where"..."when"...and..."how". The likelihood that Manhattan will have a big hole in it...for example...has been rigorously pushed through such process hoping the answer will bubble forth.

Recall that there was an alert issued by this BLOG that the Boston Marathon was a likely place for a bombing. The alarm was not spread quickly enough and many people died when those bombs went off...bombs any paranoid investigator would have assumed present and ready to explode. Likewise...once again...there is an alert issued that there are people already in America and they're preparing a dastardly attack. Allahu Akbar!

Mitt 'the nit' Romney again?

How likely is it that Mitt 'the nit' Romney could grab the Republican nomination for President? Unfortunately for the Republican's quite likely. He's a loser...damaged goods...and...whatever other opprobrious epithet you might append making him the darling of the MASS MEDIA. They know he couldn't win if pitted against Hillary Clinton...their putative Democrat-pick for that berth in 2016. as the MASS MEDIA pushes 'the nit' into 2016 prominence.


Beleaguered Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett...a wishy-washy Republican...was told he could garner favor and votes...particularly the Democrat and Independent voters...if he were to declare Pennsylvania a socialist state...whose producers his slaves...and...whose needy and unwashed masses his cohorts. Instead of demanding all bottlenecks to healthcare be deleted...he agreed to add even more layers of big foot government to that part of the Pennsylvania economy by giving 500,000 more people money to buy health insurance...that money having been ripped from the storerooms of the producers.


Before 09-01-01...few Americans had heard of al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden. After the World Trade Center towers crashed and burned...however...there was a public outcry to grab guns and punish the perpetrators. BUSH-CHENEY orchestrated the response and generated two needless idiotic military foolish...that in 2014...most political scientists blame the SOCIALIST-FASCIST mix BUSH-CHENEY imposed on the Iraqi and Afghan people...a system wherein scumbags such as Maliki and Karzai could punish Sunnis and help Shiites in ways reminiscent of Neo-feudalism.'s 2014...and...Obama is playing the "meek and timid" card...telling America he lacks any plan to combat ISIS and ISIL...two organizations...whose announced purpose is eradication of the infidel and erection of a caliphate. Once ISIS has blown a hole in Manhattan...though...Obama will play his "war-drum" card and pump billions into the economy as America gears up for another bout of "Whack-a-mole".


Big foot government must control the INTERNET. This control is an imperative. If it can't bottleneck the has lost its grip on America's throat. Without a way to stop contrary thought...its concomitant CAGE could be deleted easily once enough voters discover their reluctance to escape the CAGE something the public school inculcated.

Hence...Obama's stooges at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) are busy attempting to kill off the INTERNET and replace it with a government-run utility. If anyone recalls AT&T and how people were treated...they'll never want government-run INTERNET. Why be like Russia and China...places where the INTERNET certainly isn't as liberated as found in America...making America the place for growth in the electronic universe...the only place big foot government hasn't entered. Why permit scumbags such as Obama such power? Are you that much of a boot-licker you'd permit someone such as they to direct you and your future?

NOT TO THEIR LIKING an austere form of Islam. You can tell an Arab who practices Wahhabi because he uses camel dung as a spice for his morning tea. Indeed...Wahhabi demands camel dung be used for almost a 1000 different activities should the practitioner wish to be faithful to the Qu'ran. Dried camel dung..for used as snuff...a pinch between the cheek and gum and a jihadist is ready for a good 5 hours of hard fighting. One brand, DUNG-DIP advertises a Jihadi fighting for more than 10 hours non-stop just because he had a good pack of DUNG-DIP.


Wahhabi? Yes...folks...Wahhabi...might very well be the cement which binds ISIS into an effective and formidable army. Recall it was Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab who preached an austere form of Islam. And it's his teachings which ISIS uses to impose caliphate...absorbing even Saudi Arabia along with every other Muslim nation until the one true ISLAM reigns over everything. As one ISIS trooper declared, "ISIS will liberate MECCA from the grip of the House of al-Saud!"

Iran is Shiite and knows how the eradication process works should ISIS breach its borders and proceed to impose caliphate. The Council of Twelve...those 12 ugly mullahs...know they'd find their heads prominently displayed in Tehran should ISIS succeed in crossing Iran's border. Indeed...Iran has been gathering its homeland brigades...beefing them up...arming them with anti-tank missiles and huge land mines expecting a potential ISIS encounter within the next 24 months or so.

Iran knows it might be alone should ISIS come calling. The mullahs are miffed that Obama refused to intercede and eliminate ISIS thereby permitting ISIS to reach Iran's border with a fully-equipped army. If Obama's advisers are correct...and...with a little pushing from CIA-moles...the Shiites and Sunnis are about to slaughter each other with collateral benefits redounding to Uncle Sugar. All Obama had to do was shake the jar real the bugs inside it fight.


Why wouldn't warring factions settle their differences? They won't unless something new offered...something which permits each faction to conduct their own lives and never fear having to defend home and hearth from aggression because of such life style. This new way is called the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. In the OUM...never need anyone fer some would-be master imposing "our tears...your purse" programs or policies. In the OUM...both Shiite and Sunnis can compete for customers and never fear the other dispatching a suicide bomber to delete the infidels down the street.

But...the OUM envisions peaceful social cooperation and division of labor infinitely arrayed and dynamic. Inside the OUM...the government needed is small and efficient. Courts(civil-penal)...Police to protect and serve...and...National Defense for defense only. Because it requires so little...most big foot government "control-freaks" can't imagine the OUM ever existing and hence doom most religious sects to perpetual civil strife...a war where each side attempts to gain enough power to loot the other side's storeroom for a season.


Are there limits to what ISIS will do? After James Foley was seems that answer is "no". Prime Minister Cameron told his people that security measures were in full effect...that his team afoot everywhere...watching...spying...securing...and...waiting. He pointed to a park and asked his audience if they could spot the 12,000 hidden snipers posted throughout...a feat none could perform. He assured Brits his bunch was doing all it could to stop the attack before it commenced...nip in to speak.

But what if ISIS were a puppet of big foot one-world government? What if its mission statement included "be as nasty, vile and disgusting as possible"? What if ISIS were used to scare people into giving up what little liberty they had in exchange for the likes of "loudmouth" Cameron protecting them? Does anyone sense something "wrong" with Cameron insisting ISIS website stuff...ISIS videos...ISIS junk mail...ISIS this and that be removed? The INTERNET is free and people need to have the chance to see what is obviously "puppet-antics". Cameron doesn't want such inspection since somehow he's inside that "inner circle" of collaborators who fashioned and dispatched ISIS into the arena.


When Obama was finally pressed about his intentions with respect to the civil war afoot in Iraq and Syria...he flatly replied, "I lack a plan." As for that moment...Obama wasn't intending to intercede and get stuck* on that tar baby. But by such declaration...he also confirmed the proposition that by remaining on the sidelines...America can benefit from the slaughter Shiite and Sunnis are inflicting on each other...reducing the overall enemy America will have to face eventually in a war to the death.
*Joel Harris...tale of patch...and...the tar baby.


Hillary Clinton waited 3 weeks before making a statement on the Ferguson shooting wherein college-bound Michael Brown was gunned down by burr-headed Wilson in the middle of town.


Inflating the currency...siphoning off its as much a theft as stealing the potatoes from the storeroom itself. In Venezuela...for example...a person can't ever save money because the money unspent the next day buys less and less. Eventually...inflation stomps both those on fixed income and those receiving low-wages. have a bunch of scumbags who believe that a government has the right to steal using inflation. They're called Keynesian economists...and...are best known for adding 2+2 and getting such outcomes as "5" and "10" depending on what LIE they need tell.


Rotherham, England became the center of attention when it was discovered 1400 children had been methodically raped in government institutions under a program designed by the Arch Bishop of Canteberry. When asked "why"...the church-dude replied, "We here in England like little boys more than hasty pudding."


Russian President Putin has secured the Russian border and is assisting in making sure Russians inside Ukraine are treated fairly. If that help includes tanks and a few artillery shells here and be it. Even if the idiotic Europeans impose sanctions that hurt themselves more than the Russians...nevertheless...President Putin* is courageous and has refused to abandon his people inside that disputed area.
*Most political scientists have concluded and rightly so that Russian President Putin is the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT...and...then some! He is one of the great leaders of the early days of the 21st century about whom historians will write glorious volumes!

"no plan"

At least Obama was candid enough to tell America he lacked a plan to defend Uncle Sugar's shores and people from surprise attack from ISIS...the big noise in the Middle East whose mission statement includes eradication of the infidel...both the little Satan(Israel) and the big Satan(Uncle Sugar).


Will 09-11-14 pass without incident? According to ISIS officials...they plan to do something dastardly and make Americans feel the anger and loss they've suffered at the hands of Uncle Sugar in Iraq. Many of the ISIS warriors lost family and loved ones to American military operations and they want some "payback".

Thursday, August 28, 2014


ISIS. The Islamic State of whatever. It has overtaken 1/2 of Iraq and Syria...slaughtering and destroying...not leaving any enemies behind...and...Obama dithers and dallies. Or is he following the ART OF WAR...standing back permitting two formidable teams to decimate each other? Is he permitting ISIS to eliminate potential threats America might face in the years to come?

The POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has studied ISIS and has concluded it'll implode. It's already losing ground in every place where its medieval "law" has been imposed. In one town BLACK FLAG boys appeared and informed women their faces in public had to be covered or face a beating there and then. They told the men any of whom homosexual they had best run and keep running since they were marked for extermination along with the fleas and rats. They told shop keepers they had to pay a weekly "vig"..."baq-eesh"..."bribe"..."security fee"...with stomping for failure to pay...and...the Christians their daily payment insured they wouldn't find out what Jesus meant about carrying the cross.

Had ISIS entered and declared a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) of the diktat and prerogative of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...both Shiite and Sunni would have embraced them. If they had left people alone to pursue their own dreams without some directing busy-nose...left them free of of regulation and its concomitant-corruption...ISIS would have already swallowed the entire Middle East and made socialist Israel isolated and vulnerable.


That ISIS is socialist and fascist mixed and splattered...soon it will be crumbled and tattered. It'll lose all but the most fanatical supporters in the next few months...particularly after "fighting season" is over* and everyone returns to their meadows to chew cud and plot next year's revenge. ISIS...will find it hard to retain power over cities where even a lady's lip stick can be a cause for tribulation at the hands of the BLACK FLAG boys. Micromanagement can't be done in the age of YouTube and the cellphone. The effort of ISIS to achieve North Korean fealty is quite unlikely.

*During this's likely ISIS won't be at "full speed" rendering their "core command" susceptible of assassination. Payback for James Foley...shall then be observed.


Silly Putty was a toy...a clay-like came in a green plastic egg shell. You would open the egg shell by pulling the two halves apart and inside was a glob of Silly Putty. You could do very little with the stuff but the few things you could do were fun enough that every child owned some Silly Putty.

Recently...OBAMA called ISIS...that merciless Sunni army seeking caliphate...Silly Putty. He had already likened them to a JV team wearing Lakers' jerseys...but...the Silly Putty reference angered ISIS so much they beheaded James Foley...a reporter without borders...and...threatened to kill Steve Sotloff...another reporter without border...should Obama persist in that kind of humiliating degradation.


Greg Towns was chased on foot by Georgia police...caught...thrown to the ground...hand-cuffed behind the back...and...then executed using two special electricity-emitting prods sporting the label: Taser X26.

Despite ardent this 24 year old Afro-American came to be face down and cuffed has finally been revealed. He fled from the cops because he didn't want to suffer a "shake-down"...where the cops stop and detain and search and if anything is said to stop them...the target is beaten senseless and said to have attacked the officers by surprise. Greg knew something like a "shake-down" was in progress and he was scared...frightened...and...quite apprehensive. So...he dipped...broke to speak...and...tried to run away.

After Greg Towns was cuffed...the cops demanded that he stand up. Greg said he was tired from the chase and was cuffed making his self-rising something he couldn't do. Of course...this refusal under Georgia law permitted the officers..themselves exhausted from the 20 mile deploy their TASER X26 weapons...and...blast away...electrocuting...and...executing the victim. Not any other state permits such the PEACH STATE...the cops are hired if they lack any quality of mercy and are dedicated and ruthless. This law gives such power-mongers a free-hand at executing anyone they please.

Oh Georgia...sweet Georgia...ah...Greg Towns not any longer has you on his mind, eh Ray?


In order to get Food and Drug Administration approval of new treatments for maladies...why not infect the scumbags who bottleneck the process.? The "cure" would be "fast-tracked" for sure.

Yes...infect those jerks...give them that 10% chance of recovery without the new drug which is at that moment getting hassled and hindered inside the bowels of that how fast approval comes forward.

Short of such dramatic "skin-in-game" measures...though...the better route is to disband the FDA...send those critters back into whatever hole from which they slithered.


There is a pill a person can take to assist them in breathing and prolong their life for years. But...the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) received a directive to deny such approval for that pill and thereby slaughter 63,000(+) people in less than 24 months. The Nazis didn't even kill that fast. Why must Americans suffer beneath the boot of big foot government wherein scumbags at such places of power as FDA decide who lives and who dies?


EYES CLOSED...FINGER IN EARS...FEET STOMPING. Yes...great description of Obama crossing a mine field?'s a rendition of his foreign policy.


Hillary Clinton was asked to take a batch of her books to the Mexican border and hawk it to illegal immigrants as they cross the Rio Grande. As Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) openly declared, "They're the best audience for HARD CHOICES."


A virus called "BACK-OFF" has been supposedly traced to a Russian hacker located in an apartment in Moscow sporting the moniker: BIG NOISE. According to official reports...BIG NOISE wanted to scare off America by demonstrating that the entire banking system of Uncle Sugar is and will be for a long time to come subject to random "mess-around"...skewing and screwing...rendering most data worthless and insolubly corrupted.

In an ultimatum posted on the INTERNET...if...America doesn't leave Russia alone...colloquially "back-off"...then...BIG NOISE is going to make banking in America as complex and perplexing as found in such commercial centers as Zimbabwe or Venezuela. This BLOG entreats TEAM OBAMA to lift sanctions and offer hassle-free commerce with the RUSSIAN BEAR and avoid the havoc this "dog of war" promises to let slip.


To grab millions of bucks from take a big need only form a union. Then...hold an election which will have about a 5% patronage...of which this upstart union need only 51% of that 5% to begin to siphon money from the public trough.

As one SEIU organizer said, "This tactic guarantees an endless stream of earned by producers...grabbed by big foot government...and...then given to SEIU so that it can become even more politically powerful and instrumental in perpetuating the system that delivers such "bounty".

In Minnesota...SEIU pulled this gambit and out of 27,000  possible votes...received 3500...yet because 3500 was 60% of the overall election tally....SEIU became the representative for 27,000 home-healthcare workers...SEIU coffers paid directly from each worker bee's stipend. Even though there are 22,000 who didn't vote...nevertheless...they...too...must pay that obligatory 15.8% of their weekly wage...a wage paid by Medicaid.


The Wall Street Journal(08-28-14) featured a photo of some missiles ISIS obtained when it raided government warehouses in the Iraqi cities it's overrun. The WSJ presented that photo as proof of the threat ISIS represents to America. Most readers would look at those missiles and adopt the underlying argument that something must be done quickly lest ISIS unleash that firepower on America. When the publisher was asked "why" use a photo of missiles that require aircraft to launch them...aircraft ISIS lacks and will never have...the cub-reporter from this BLOG was flatly told, "They'll never know!"


The National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) handles labor disputes between big corporations and the unions which plague them. Recently...with unionization slipping into the "yesterday's rice" category and membership falling and falling some more...the unions called in their marker with Obama and demanded his stooges on the NLRB destroy the franchise business with McDonald's Corp. the first to go.


Natural gas has become competitive with coal due its abundance derived from Hydraulic Fracturing "fracking". It's likely conversion to natural gas will be expensive...but...overall the production of energy should be lower. The Vero Beach Utility Company uses coal. If FP&L buys the Vero'll probably convert to gas making the costs to consumers less overall.


Is there a Republican Party message? Some central core...some template...which when read delivers a passionate report on liberation over subjugation? If not...TEAM OBAMA will continue to retain power. They promise more not less big foot government and tell their supporters they plan to loot even more storerooms for redistribution. As it is right now...TEAM OBAMA controls the MASS MEDIA and most of the it a primal advantage in the upcoming 2014 mid-terms. If the Republican message is not one of freedom...they'll lose mightily and remain in a minority position for decades to come.

To prove the point...consider a debate between a Democrat...say Senator Chuck Schumer...and...a Republican...say...Senator RAND PAUL. Schumer offers the crowd more "red tape, tax and spend"...more of the same old, same old, just different bag. He promises more burdens...more entangling energy. He offers the RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE more entitlements...bigger to speak...and...all in exchange for their obsequies vote.

Senator Rand Paul rises forth...approaches the podium and tells the audience there is another way. They don't have to remain inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE living out whatever life some scumbag bureaucrat has fashioned. He offers the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. He offers a place where the individual and not some bureaucrat is queen or king...a place where never can some would-be master...looking much like "possum" Schumer...decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Which candidate would you pick?


According to Josh Shaw he was instrumental in saving 40,000 people trapped atop Mt. Sinjar without food or water. Had it not been for his heroic intercession...Mt. Sinjar...instead of a place of singing and dancing...would be a desolate place filled with vultures eating away at what was once the Yazidis.

But Josh Shaw isn't a stranger to acts of incredible heroism. Recall it was Josh Shaw who saved his nephew from certain death. His heroic saving action was overwhelming and brought him national acclaim with Obama declaring him an even greater hero than Corey Booker*...who ran into a burning house and dragged an 80 year old woman to safety.
* A small grease fire but the Fire Dept. was called. Corey happened along...saw them casually approaching the fire so he sauntered into the house to see if anyone were home. He found an 80 year old lady talking on SKYPE with her family in Alaska. He told her about the fire. She told him to get some water and put it out. She was busy. Naturally...Booker was there for the photo-op having been told by the Fire Dept that this one was likely a good one for such a political effort. So Booker showed up as directed...dashed inside as directed...and...extracted a "pissed-off" 80 year old who was telling her family where the $100 million was hidden.


Smug...pompous...arrogant...such adjectives framed Obama when he coldly declared, "We don't negotiate with terrorists." It wasn't his child whose life could be bought for $130 he wasn't interested in that kind of exchange. Hence...James Foley was beheaded.

When pressed on his callous disregard for human for paper seemed a good trade...he stated, "Jimmy was told he could die if he went and that little would or could be done to save him should he be captured by the same people on whom he wished to chronicle for capture for everyone a "real time" blow-by-blow revelation...and be a great reporter without border. But to exchange him for wasn't about to trade paper for life...that would be foolhardy."


Raqqa...inside ISIS was declared its capital...the "hub" from which ISIS generates its awesome power. If the leaders in that quiet-capital deliver the order to behead...say...Steve Sotloff...such doom will befall that reporter without border in the same manner as suffered by James Folely. Recently...the leader of ISIS told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that Sotloff's future was directly tied to the security of the capital. If Obama does not bomb it...if Obama leaves ISIS alone...maybe...Sotloff will be released.


Officer Darren Wilson was confronted by a huge young Afro-American taunting him...telling Wilson that he wasn't about to get out of the road...and...Wilson needed to go on about his M/F business. Naturally...Wilson...all pumped on power and prowess...tried to exit his patrol car to enforce the law and Mike slammed him back into the driver's seat and a fight ensued. big...and...Wilson so determined...Mike never observed the gun. But...when he did...whatever he did thereafter was in reaction to that gun.


Obama...a south side of Chicago community-organizer...acting in his capacity as commander-in-chief...met with his Security Advisers among which could be found such "big-brains" as Valerie Jarrett and Josh Earnest.


Lois Lerner's Blackberry cellphone was destroyed by the "HIDE-IT" squad inside the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). Their mission to cover-up and delete until the trail couldn't be followed. Had such a team done as much to hide stuff...from say...the IRS...that effort would be deemed a conspiracy and prosecuted by the U.S.Injustice Department. But...since Lois Lerner, et al were covering-up the connection between IRS and TEAM wasn't criminal activity...but...prudent closet cleaning.

However, taxpayers took due note of this difference. As one taxpayer said, "When I get my audit notice and that demand for data...I'm going to tell those scumbags that I exercised my LOIS LERNER privilege and prudently cleaned the closet." Unfortunately for that taxpayer...the burden is on him to support whatever deductions or credits taken with lack of such data a disqualifying aspect. If you can't show where you spent $1000 on some business-related activity...the IRS will disallow the deduction and if more tax is due will exact that sum along with commensurate penalties. Hence...what LOIS LERNER did to save her own skin can't be beneficially repeated by the taxpayer...a/k/a...cattle and sheep.


Yes...folks...even the editorial board reads this BLOG before the WSJ is printed. Confirmation of such interface came on page A-12 in the 08-28-14 issue. Recall this BLOG...a few days back...declared the Chinese fighter pilot who flew around the American spy plane was a Chinese "top gun"...a MAVERICK...and...with the call sign: GOLDEN DRAGON he wasn't about to collide with a huge Boeing 4 engine job. And...following along with this descriptive analogy...the WSJ said as much. Thank you!


Obama is right to permit China to exert its influence throughout the Pacific rim. The Chinese as a whole combine to create and present a commercial giant to the world and America should be helping them achieve whatever greatness the 21st Century might hold for such an incredible nation. As Ludwig von Mises in HUMAN ACTION pointed out, "In the otherwise unhampered market...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper." Obama knows if left alone...China will eradicate the "hassle and hinder" the pettiness of nations has generated...opening trade and thereby offering everyone a chance to be rich and famous.

Dan Fesperman

Dan Fesperman has authored a book called UNMANNED. It's about drones and how they could be used for purposes both good and bad. While he didn't take time to credit this BLOG for the core-idea...he did faithfully inject its premises into his discourse. Thank you, Dan.

Mention is made of UNMANNED since ISIS has commenced building a DRONE ARMADA...equipping the flying things with machine guns, poison darts and missiles...each drone capable of killing 10,000 people. TEAM OBAMA was told by this BLOG such an assault was likely but the alert was ignored in favor of giving ISIS as much room as possible to impose its caliphate. Now...from reports of moles inside ISIS...that Sunni army has a DRONE ARMADA numbering in the thousands...DRONES capable of slaughtering and destroying.

What if that ARMADA were by ship brought within...say...a mile of the beaches of Florida...and...those nasty critters were dispatched.?The mayhem on Labor Day would be incredible...millions of dead bodies...dogs licking the blood...and...Obama declaring a "red line" crossed.


In the movie, PATTON...George C. Scott in that stellar role...exclaims, " magnificent bastard...I read your book!" He says as much as he observes his cannon blow away the Afrika Corp using Rommel's own tactics against this "Desert Fox". Knowledge is power.

Mention is made of this scene since ISIS is easily defeating much larger more well-equipped forces. It's obvious to any military analyst that someone in a leadership position has read ART OF WAR and is applying its tenets with determination. ISIS has absorbed lesser groups promising a caliphate with them in positions of prominence and power. So far...ISIS has succeeded in inveigling the Sunni population many of whom were tired of Shiite "heavy-handedness" backed by American firepower.

Even though successful on the battlefield...once opposition is would ISIS govern? They know battle-tactic...but...they lack any foundation in rudimentary economics. In every area conquered...for example...they've imposed SHARIAH and have even become "big-taxing" power-mongers. Could it be the ISLAMIC STATE will disappear because it has chosen "CAGE" and not "KEY"? If North Korea is any indication of how long a prison-state can last...ISIS's caliphate will remain so long as its borders sealed and any dissent immediately extinguished.

"long jaw" didn't know?

Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry was surprised to learn NURSA was opposed to ISIS. While NURSA troops have been battling ISIS soldiers in Iraq and Syria..."long jaw" has been telling the world NURSA is on his "terrorist list"...and...can't be supplied with firepower because they'll turn that weaponry on the donors eventually. As one Iraqi official pointed out, "Long-jaw seems too aloof...his head so far up...he's looking out his belly button to discover his position."

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Because there was a need to counter-balance ISIS...that merciless Sunni army...Iran was asked by Obama to supply Shiites and Kurds inside Iraq. Mr. Zarif acknowledged it was the "noise" made by this BLOG that encouraged Iran to help fight this spectacular Sunni army.


Astorino and Cuomo are competing for the governorship of New York. Cuomo has been a "big tax and spend" Democrat and believes he has reduced enough voters to dependency they'll be bound to support him in November. Astorino is hoping enough Democrats find his message more appealing. He wants to lower taxes and reduce spending. He believes if he just tweaks the rules and trims some laws New York will return to prosperity. His message is so tepid he probably won't prevail. Had Astorino declared he was champion of the otherwise unhampered market and appealed to every voter to join him in his fight against subjugation...he'd have flushed scumbag Cuomo along time ago.

EB-5 Visas

The ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG contacted the Chinese and alerted them the EB-5 program was available offering citizenship in 24 months with a $500,000 investment and a fee of $50,000 paid to this BLOG to direct the Chinese through the arcane EB-5 process. Those Chinese using this BLOG'S "direction sheet" have succeeded in completing their plan. Welcome to America, folks.


Obama is considering his options including declaring a "red line" and daring ISIS to step over it. While most advisers said the "red line" scenario was stale and Obama needed another rallying cry...Senator Chuck Schumer...ever the artist with deceptive wording...told Obama he could call ISIS a "cancer"...and...get some mileage with it. He said the MASS MEDIA would call the label "enlightened and almost God-like"...praising such nuance as something only Harvard could teach.


In a recent unionization election...SEIU received 3,543 votes with 2,306 against. SEIU immediately contacted MEDICAID in Minnesota and demanded 10% of the wages it paid to the 27,000 home-health workers. Somehow...22,000 such workers didn't vote? How can SEIU grab $20(+) million in this way?

Doug McCain

Doug McCain...the putative out-of-wedlock son of U.S.Senator John McCain(R.Az)...was killed fighting for ISIS...the merciless Sunni army presently holding 1/2 of Syria and Iraq. Naturally...Senator McCain denied any connection to this "freedom-fighter" who was killed holding the BLACK FLAG of "no quarter". In an email sent to his supporters in Arizona he said, "I am not his father. I disavow any statement I made to the contrary and say it was error to have tried to exploit the child's death as I did. When I found out he died fighting for ISIS and not for the IRAQI Shiites...I was appalled!"


Above and beneath the ocean...nations prowl. To avoid detection...China has deployed stealth submarines...nuclear-powered boats...capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph...and...carrying torpedoes with a range of over 1000 miles...and all guided by robots dedicated to search and destroy gambits. So serious this threat from bot-subs that America sent spy planes into the oceans surrounding the Pacific Rim attempting to locate what might be a submerged armada numbering in the millions.


Chris Kyle...a deceased Navy Seal and highly acclaimed sniper...was slaughtered by a deranged vet whom Chris had befriended and had taken to a shooting range to have some fun...plunk some targets...and...reminisce about old times. When Chris handed the cannon to the mentally-disturbed vet...the vet flipped off the "safety" and opened fire blowing a bucket size hole in a very surprised Chris Kyle.

Recently...a former Seal and gun specialist...took a 9 year old schoolgirl to the shooting range. He had a 22 caliber pistol for her to shoot. She insisted on shooting the UZI...a machine gun. The instructor agreed and put a 1000 round clip into the UZI and handed it to the little frail 9 year old. The little girl was directed to aim and fire. She pointed the UZI at the target down range and pulled the trigger. The machine gun was in "automatic" mode...and...a 1000 rounds spewed forth in less than a tenth of a second with many of them fatally striking the surprised instructor.

The question. Who was more* surprised? Was it Chris Kyle...a sniper who had slaughtered thousands of people from miles shot one kill sort of guy? Or was it the instructor who was home from the jungle...and...wanted to perform a civic service by showing schoolgirls how to operate a machine gun?
*Kyle and that instructor gave fresh meaning to the expression of verbal surprise: "HUH?"


Stromautobahn is the way "stupid" is pronounced in German. Yes...the Germans attacked Russia...a stupid move. And...the Germans have gone socialist...another stupid move. But to believe wind and solar will power Germany is just as stupid. They plan to erect huge wind propellers across Germany...pumping out power when Mother Nature lifts her skirt...storing unused power in giant batteries...and...doing it all on the backs of the consumer.

The idea is to erect enormous power transfer stations and cables across Germany. Force the consumer to pay for "free green energy"...a concept most Germans are saying sounds a great deal like "Stromautobahn".


Stephanie Feldstein...CEO of the Center for Biological Diversity...was asked if she could say something that was so ridiculous...that few if any would believe it. After a few moments to settle un-proportioned thought...she said, "Greenhouse gases will destroy mankind!" Her statement was as much incredible as it was succinct. It was so powerful she was promised it would find its way into the Wall Street Journal(A-10;08-27-14).


After Germany fell...the troubling question was "how" could the German people not have known about the death camps. How could they have hidden such atrocities from the public? Was Nazi propaganda that good? Or was it something else?

Recently that answer might have bubbled forth in the most unwitting way. Andrew Strelka was discharged from the U.S.Injustice Department. "He was a hot-potato and had to be deleted," sniffed an Injustice official. Recall it was Strelka who was the go-between in the Internal Revenue Service scandal wherein Lois Lerner attacked enemies of TEAM OBAMA. That Strelka was the bridge between Lerner and the Oval Office is obvious and such revelation meant he had to be jettisoned.

But...the fact that Strelka and Lerner both have refused to reveal the plot and plan of which they were so much a part...that reluctance...that silence...such is what enabled Hitler to perpetrate the "Final Solution".


It's an inconvenient truth but plants eat CO2(carbon dioxide) and deliver O2(oxygen) as a byproduct. The more abundant the CO2...the greater the harvests from such crops as rice and wheat. And...because China has been a prime producer of CO2...they're experiencing "bumper" much grain they lack warehouses big enough to hold it all. However, because China is beleaguered with "red tape and taxes"...the farmers can't get their product to the markets where it can fetch the highest price. It's not greenhouse gases hurting China...its' the mountains of government this and that.


Kabaddi is a game of tag played in school yards across the Punjab.'s becoming as popular as Cricket. Because of its power to attract patrons...ISIS has fielded its own KABADDI team. The goal is to teach Kabaddi to every ISIS trooper so that as they run around slaughtering infidels they can continually say "Kabaddi"...instead of the traditional Allahu Akbar...a saying too "yesterday" to be meaningful.(Wall Street Journal 08-27-14;B-8).


RIDERS aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE were told their seat was in jeopardy should TEAM OBAMA not be re-elected. Many of them became frightened and wanted to know what boot they could lick to retain their "freebies and favors". Others wanted to loot storerooms in the way the Afro-Americans did in Ferguson a few weeks back...taking whatever they wanted...burning up whatever they chose.


When the Chinese fighter pilot did incredible stuff with his jet as he circled and dodged the American spy plane...the Americans felt they needed to determine if an American "top gun" could do the same maneuvers. When the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG heard of the contemplated "test" contacted Jack Keane...former chief of staff...and...begged him to do what he could to stop it since there wasn't another human on planet Earth who could do what that dude did over the South China Sea.

Jack Keane...a war-mongering sort of guy...refused to intercede and stop tragedy before it occurred. expected and F-15 pilot was killed when his jet refused to do what the Chinese jet was able to do. But when you're feeding the industrial-military complex...what's a little more blood on the banner, eh, Jack?


Senator Sherrod "scumbag" Brown(D.Oh) has attacked Burger King. He's angry that someone would attempt escape from the clutches of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He was so angry he asked Obama to send people to BK headquarters and seize their profits and assets. "The warehouse must be open for the unwashed masses!" drooled Scumbag Brown. He told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that BK was really owned by the government and could be directed as he chose. Yes...he really lives up to that nick-name.


What if there was a need for a "boogey man"...a "terrifying thing"? And...what if it were used to frighten and push? Such questions were asked at a round table session of the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG as the team examined and conjured.

IRAN was receiving harsh sanctions imposed by Uncle Sugar. Stop enriching uranium and the "hurdle and hassle" will be removed. That Secretary of State John Kerry believed IRAN would kneel and lick boot in order to get those barriers lifted is indicative of "how" foolish and incompetent TEAM OBAMA has become. They're so ignorant...Obama believes ISIS is somehow not connected to IRAN because ISIS is "Sunni" not "Shiite". Yet...ISIS has become the BIG NOISE in the Middle East...and...IRAN has been pushed from the TV screen and the "hate-speech" circuit.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Although Obama doesn't understand the concept...Syria is an independent nation embroiled in a civil war. ISIS...Iraq's newest nemesis...was born in that turmoil and thrives on terror and destruction inside Syria. Indeed...ISIS has its headquarters in Syria...a place they know Obama won't bomb. The are sure he won't since the Syrian Air Force has the latest Russian Migs and can shoot down just about anything America would send their way. As one Syrian pilot bragged, "I shot down Maverick* yesterday!"
*In the movie, TOP GUN...the hero uses the call-sign:  MAVERICK.


If a police officer stops a suspect from shooting and robbing...that officer is properly performing his duty to serve and protect. He stops the offender before the ill-deed performed or arrests the perpetrator thereafter.

The police don't make the laws. They enforce them. If a law said "shoot Jews"...the police would shoot Jews. If the law or rule said to drop gas pellets into the showers and slaughter Jews...the police would do as directed. They lack any soul or morals. They're picked because they will kill their own mother if directed.

Hence...when the scumbag "witch-burners" passed anti-drug laws...the police were directed to burn witches. They never asked if it were morally correct. Just as they slaughtered Jews because it was the law...the grabbed and torched witches...people getting high or helping someone else get high. These were to be killed because the law said as much.

The only solution is to eliminate the drug laws. Delete the reason for Darren Wilson to take out his cannon and slaughter college-bound Michael Brown. Take away the purpose behind the jerk who executed Ezell Ford in Los Angeles because he would not show that lousy cop his hand...or...the slime balls that choked Eric Garner to death in New York City because he sold an illegal cigarette. Remove the laws that enable such callous disregard for life and the police would almost never be observed doing much since in a free dedicated to a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...few crimes are committed...since it's a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper, (HUMAN ACTION, von Mises).


A warehouse full of derby hats. Such was the way people described communist-economics. Mention is made of such nonsense because China has not shrugged the planners' grip. China...are a trillion tons of steel...unsold...just sitting...waiting for what not anyone's there...waiting...representing some plan...some big foot government diktat...but...otherwise devoid of any economic meaning other than as: "depicted waste".


Alexander paid his warriors off in plundered wealth. Hitler paid off many of his underlings in stolen European art. Stalin killed 100 million Russians just to pick their teeth of gold. Nowadays...ISIS just robs banks and uses the U.S. Currency found therein to pay its team. In one bank...for instance...$800 million was found while in another Iraqi central bank another $900 billion was located...some of it in platinum, silver and gold.


TEAM OBAMA knows its duration in power depends on how long it can dupe a majority of voters. If it can convince them more not less government freebie and favor is coming their way but only if they support TEAM OBAMA...then...they'll defeat the "without message" Republicans.

They promise the voters a better seat aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE....while the Republicans tell the same voters they plan to throw them off...something a voter can prevent by voting for TEAM OBAMA...the maker of the RIDE. Instead of telling the RIDERS they'll get more in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"(OUM)...that the RIDE keeps them "poor and pathetic"... and that the RIDE is "red ink" and about to end for most of them anyway...the Republicans are busy telling people they can manage the CAGE better...keep the area clean...probably wash it out more often...but...little else offered.

avoid India

Investors must be very careful when investing in anything in India. Its "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies are so many that few can navigate them without some rub or mishap. On the other hand...if an investor can jump in and out quickly...the risk might be lowered somewhat...but...eventually...the chamber with the bullet will find its way to doom. Why take the chance?


A court in India declared 200 coal mining leases to be illegal. It directed the companies to consider disgorgement of their leaseholds. These companies mine about 90% of India's coal and such a court ruling would send India back to the stone age...something some environmentally-conscious people want. Yes...India would be almost uninhabitable without coal and its life-giving energy...but...when you're saving Mother Earth...such concerns are trivial.


Burger King is going overseas to escape the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. As many as can are getting out while they still can before the master with mob finds a way to erect a wall so that the storeroom packed when they come to loot. Will BK escape? Can BK manage such a corporate inversion before Obama's venom reaches their spot?

Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION. What he didn't know was that an escape route had been prepared some years ago in the event a scurvy crew...such as TEAM OBAMA...were to seize power and use it to plunder and enrich themselves on the wealth of others. When Obama observed such a path to any tyrant...he directed his scumbag stooges to find ways* to plug the stop the escape from the clutches of the CAGE.
*Fire enough to kindle cowards and to steel their valor.


PLAGUE! How would America fight such a thing? If Ebola were to rear its ugly head would such a deadly virus be fought? The answer: "easily". Recall that EBOLA was kicked to the curb recently with the advent of ZMAPP...a biopharmed product derived from Tobacco plants. The tobacco plant is infected with reaction...the plant makes antibodies. These byproducts are then harvested...and...injected into the EBOLA victim. The results are 100% cure.

Naturally...big foot government can't have anything not under its control...particularly something that can save lives. As Senator Chuck Schumer said, "TEAM OBAMA wants to have the power of life and death over Americans and such is achieved through federal stomp and chomp." 

According to official White House sources...the Federal Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has stopped cures for AIDS and 10,000 other maladies. Indeed...officials inside the Obama administration were amused Z-MAPP was available since the cure for EBOLA was still "locked-up" in "red tape". One FDA scumbag was overheard laughing about the millions of people FDA kills every year and they never get called on it.

Maybe you aren't sick, yet. But...what contract a malady that could have been but still can't be cured? What are you going to say to the FDA? They won't listen and they know you'll be dead and forgotten and their job and their niche will perpetuate. They know as much.

Ironic that your death might be due to your own apathy...your reluctance to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE environment wherein some goof-ball bunch in a government agency determines your fate. Why not join the army of liberation and march to make salt? Why not remove the government's grip on the throat of medical innovation and invention? 


You can be form Vassar all you want...but 2+2= matter how hard you hunt.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Because this BLOG has an international reach and global audience...when it makes "noise"...important movers and shakers...listen finding wisdom and direction therein. Hence...when this BLOG discovered Obama had betrayed James Foley something had to be done. This BLOG could not rely on TEAM OBAMA to extricate these "endangered Americans"...and...had to accomplish this feat on its own. Happy to report that Qatar interceded and Peter Theo Curtis has been released.

Imagine...Obama would not trade worthless paper money for the life of James Foley. What a ruthless dung-throwing monkey this Obama. He could have exchanged $130 million in $100 bills and received James Foley. As Mike Foley...the brother of James...said, "Obama murdered Jimmy. He had the power to save and refused. He's as ruthless as the scumbags who slaughtered my brother!"

Many Americans plan to vote Republican in 2014 because TEAM OBAMA is sticking together on this one. They like the fact that Foley died a martyr...a symbol...a poster child...and...that his loss usable to inflame and stoke the "war machine"...and...voters know it. Sure...the MASS MEDIA is trying to smooth and cover...but...voters know it isn't rain* falling down their backs this time around.
*In the movie, JOSIE dude says to another, "Senator...where I come from...we have a saying...don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining."


College-bound Michael Brown...was placed into the ground...above him people sang and prayed. Some came to stir anger...others tried to calm it down. People who didn't know the lad pretended they did...they cried and grimaced teeth for camera little was hid. One lady from New York fainted...the TV dwelt upon her body as it fell...some danced with Jesus in their hearts...some wished that shooter a date in hell. Even the funeral of Michael Jackson...the pop star...didn't have dignitaries from the White House crying and pretending they cared. Why even Russian President Putin wished the family well...and...Senator Schumer into the camera just glared.

Col. Danny McKnight

Col. Danny McKnight* said he and his extraction teams knew where the hostages were kept and could have rescued the whole lot including James Foley. However, Obama said "no"...that he needed some "skin" in the game...some American blood mercilessly shed...and...ISIS was providing the carnage. Hence...he didn't want to stop it!
*Col. McKnight and his team were celebrated in the movie, PREDATOR with Arnold S. playing the part of Colonel "Dutch" McKnight.

How describe myself?

All the sway of earth shakes like a thing unfirm. Yes...seismic...quake-like...such adjectives frame and clothe.


Without air power...ISIS can't complete its conquest and erect a caliphate. But to accomplish this would have to have a docile American Air Force for 5 years in order for ISIS crews to come close to rivaling the expertise and punching power of the U.S.Air Force!

Peter Curtis

Because of the noise this BLOG made about the death of James Foley...Qatar agreed to assist in the release of Peter Curtis, an American who adopted Islam as his religion in 2001. Welcome home, Pete.


Obama has decided he's irrelevant and has become disengaged. Hence...he party'd in Martha's Vineyard...and...only returned to Washington DC in the last 24 hours.His aloofness is either foolhardy or telltale.

If intemperate...America will get bombed by some Muslim jihadist...if "sign post"...America never need fear an ISIS attack. The former is far-fetched and the latter obvious. He didn't need to rush back from his vacation to save 40,000 on Mt. Sinjar or invite Netanyahu to another round of peace talks. He knew all of that stuff would be why break up his golf game?


Chinese like "muscle cars"...vehicles with machismo...power wheels. Yet...the Communist government wants them to drive "small" cars...little things...weak...timid...putt-putt things whose big feature: it gets 60 miles to the gallon...a goal China's big foot government people say will occur in 2020. Imagine a Lincoln Continental...the big one...reduced to the size of a golf'll sense what this reduction means to a big shot Chinese dude whose moniker: GOLDEN DRAGON. He arrives not in a DAYTONA or a gold cart puttering as if its innards little more than what a TATA has.
TATA is a car built in India that is so small its engine can fit in the palm of your hand.


Ecuador has gone socialist and the cost to the economy is only beginning to show. skeptical are investors that few wish to buy Ecuadorian bonds even if backed by Ecuadorian gold. As one investor opined, "What if the Ecuadorians refuse to surrender their gold when default occurs?"


College-bound Michael Brown...laid to the midst of mournful sounds.


ISIS is a puppet. For whom and why are the questions most political scientists are considering. One think-tank told Obama that ISIS was directed by President Putin while others said the North Koreans are obviously involved. Even Senator Rubio came forward and declared the Cubans were managing ISIS as one would a herd of cattle.


The funeral of Michael Brown was bigger than the one held for Michel Jackson, the pop star. Unlike Jackson's gathering...Browns had representatives from Obama's administration along with the crown heads of Europe. President Putin even appeared via SKYPE to tell about the life and times of 18 year old Afro-American Putin did know personally...but...who was deemed important because of the TV time his slaying had received.


Amity Shlaes and Chris the Wall Street Journal(08-25-14;A-15)...described a way to assist the beleaguered middle class and the poor. They propose a new tax vehicle called: UNIVERSAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT. An account designed not on the cumbersome "control and direct" model TEAM OBAMA likes so well...but...on the Canadian system...a system which enables Canadians to break free of the grip of the NANNY STATE CAGE.

While these two freedom-fighters propose this restructuring...they're reluctant to demand eradication of the income tax and the inheritance tax...the two taxes which stifle and destroy. Why not compel government to live within its means? Why not reduce the footprint of government until only essential services are delivered? Why not delete the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century CAGE? And...why not limit government to those functions with its funding from lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffett like donations?


Ends justifies the means. Such is one way to describe "pragmatic" and might be the one best able to frame what TEAM OBAMA has done to the American economy. They attacked the health services industry...for example...and managed to cripple it so much more government intervention is likely...something relished by these would-be masters.


CRYSTAL BALL STUFF. A squad of "black widows" attacked the Beltway with sniper fire and poisoned public reservoirs in Maryland and Virginia. So far the death toll isn't known but almost the entire region around Washington DC has fallen silent...not even a cellphone...or dog barking. One official speaking on condition of anonymity believes that 99% of all life was wiped out in a 500 miles area. Allahu Akbar!


Former Chief of Staff Jack Keane wants snipers to take out key officials of ISIS including Mr. Baghdadi...its putative leader. "By cutting off the head...the snake dies," blood-thirsty Jack Keane said.

Somehow...snipers...wearing "gilley suits"...will sneak up and shoot leaders and underlings...picking them off one by one...slaying them in shower public bathrooms...and...wherever else they might think themselves safe from surprise attack. By such executions...Keane believes ISIS can be eliminated as a threat to Middle Eastern peace and accord.

But...if we attack ISIS in such manner...what prevents them from attacking Americans in a similar fashion? What stops anyone from taking up that BLACK FLAG "no quarter" cause and delivering death and destruction to the infidel? Indeed...there was already one dude who described himself as an "appointed-by-God" executioner...avenging the dead in the Middle East by getting some "payback" here in America. He took out several unsuspecting Americans including the father of 6 children and a preacher with 15 adopted dependents. Allahu Akbar, eh boys?


BUSH-CHENEY committed grievous error when they attacked the toilet bowls of the Middle East: Iraq and Afghanistan. They compounded their error by refusing to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE which was strangling Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of eliminating the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies of these two countries...they enhanced and made them worse. They used sheer firepower to suppress dissent...suppression which caused the Sunnis to grumble...and...then...through ISIS rumble across northern Iraq slaughtering any opposition in its path to caliphate.


Why does the ISIS leader have a name few can pronounce? Why doesn't he call himself "Smitty"..."Tim" about BAGHDAD BOB? If you asked people to say Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi most will say it in a way which few can understand. Hence...the fear factor is lost. Even the prisoners facing death when they're told who has condemned them respond: "HUH?"


Instead of calling a water pipe a "bong"...many call it a honor of the great swimmer and fellow traveler. Recently...the legendary middle finger gesture...previously called "shooting the bird"...or..."flipping off"...has been renamed. "Hey just threw me a Manzeil!" Yes...the "bird" is now called a MANZEIL in honor of the quarterback who was fined $12,000 for flipping off an opponent who said something bad about his mother.


Almost improbable. Such was the way most military analysts described ISIS. Many of them suspect its existence underpinned by major powers...perhaps Venezuela or North Korea. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL)...weighing in on who could be directing such nimble military tactic and strategy... believes Cuban advisers were responsible for the series of stunning victories over much larger Iraqi armies. And...U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL)...never to be upstaged...told a cub reporter from this BLOG she knew the Russians were bankrolling ISIS and providing its troops with "pleasure centers" packed with Jewish women abducted from West Palm Beach.


Always ready to entrench liberty...the California legislature in reaction to the 6.0 earthquake which struck the NAPA region...directed its regulators to draw up new building codes. In the future there will not be any building that is not shaped like a pyramid and not any building will be over 15 feet in height. When asked if such were not "legislating Tee-Pee" stuff...Governor Brown laughed and replied, "We want to remove as much freedom as possible and what better way than forcing people into tents and campfire living."


In the time of the Old Testament...there was a bunch calling themselves the Chaldeans. This tribe lasted throughout the ages...ducking and to avoid extinction at the hands of ISIS...a radical Sunni army which demands fealty on punishment of instant death. This sect of Christians is on ISIS's S.O.S. list(shoot on sight).

Obama was informed he could save these people...and...he laughed. "Why would I help those rag heads when I can get a better deal once ISIS has slaughtered all opposition. No...they need to disappear...they've been around too long."


Folks...why not dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE? Why have some scumbag bureaucrat telling you what to do? Are you that much of a moron you need their help? And before you answer that question...ask yourself who these people are in which you have reposed such to whose hands you have given your liberty. Are you that servile...that weak...that timid you would permit such scum to direct and control? (Wall Street Journal 08-25-14;A-13).


Soccer players must be cautious nowadays. A soccer player scored the winning goal and the fans of the home team became so angry one of them threw a deadly dart which slew that goal-kicking player.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


ISIS...well-funded...well-organized...might succeed in solidifying its position and power...but...eventually...the prime movers will be moved out...and...another merciless crew will take its place. And on and on it'll go...tribe after tribe consumed with the fight for power. Such perpetual and without human prevention.


Down the chute...the CIA sends underwear bombers...even entire armies such as ISIS. What grand chess game afoot seems obvious...but checkmate might be unpleasant for New York City. As the song goes..." I stand...looking the dust of what was once a city..."


Louie was beheaded. He went to his doom with honor and never once did he cry out since such whimper would have been unheard and yet emblematic of the terror at hand. So it was with James Folely. Condemned to die by a mob...ruthless...blood-thirsty...and...ready to do their worst.


On the left NAPA...a 6.0 earthquake struck. The geologists declared the quake a freak while others including Al Gore...working with another inconvenient truth...declared that hydraulic fracturing of the earth in Pennsylvania caused the shaking and to save the planet all uses for fossil fuel had to be eliminated. Not to be outdone by some or upstaged by kooky-Gore...former Chief of Staff Jack Keane contacted the MASS MEDIA to assert that ISIS had discovered the Hammer of Thor and they had performed a "test run" to see if the "bloody thing" actually worked.


Al Sharpton is a faux-preacher. He inflames...and...does not calm. His rhetoric* not a gentle breeze from heaven but a hot blast from hell. Jesus told his disciples that many would come in his name(MARK 13:6).
*The shooting of unarmed Mike Brown is surrounded by rumor and misnomer and few know what happened. The forensic evidence will tell something about the encounter. The gunshot wounds will speak volumes. How close...which came first...which on...until that bullet to the top of the head is explained one way or the other. Was college-bound Michael Brown more than 3 feet away when Darren Wilson...a Ferguson cop...opened fire with his cannon? If he were a substantial distance from Wilson(more than 3 feet)...then...Wilson committed murder. [As violently as hasty powder fired doth hurry from fatal cannon's womb.]


General Jack Keane...former big shot and prime mover...described ISIS as a capable army well-able to attack and hold...something other Islamic wannabes weren't able to achieve. He'd like to see the industrial-military complex well-fed and such done with many left dead.

ISIS won't attack America...even though Keane and his scurvy lot desire such destruction. Why poke the sleeping giant. If left alone...Uncle Sugar will continue to sideline sit while ISIS grabs everything worthy and fit. Sure...Obama saved a few hundred souls on Mt. Sinjar because this BLOG had made so much noise about those trapped and desperate people. And...he's bombing ISIS in Syria as this BLOG directed...but...overall...Obama will sit this one out and permit the Shiite and Sunnis to slaughter each other which they'll do since one uses camel dung to spice their tea(Shiite) and the other as an aphrodisiac(Sunnis).


Dr. Rand Paul went to Guatemala to assist people with eye-problems. His effort was called callous and evil by TEAM OBAMA. "How dare he help people when we're trying to reduce them to utter dependency. He's hurting Obama's effort to destroy liberty in the northern hemisphere." sniffed Obama when asked about Dr. Paul's efforts.


Al Gore...always the scumbag parasite...claimed the 6.0 earthquake in NAPA was caused by hydraulic mining in Pennsylvania. While such claim is preposterous...MASS MEDIA is drooling all over it since Gore called for an elimination of all fossil fuels. Only then can Americans sleep easy at night. Sure...they'll be sweating from the summer heat...but...when you're saving Mother Earth such discomfort should be a badge of honor. Or so said scumbag Gore.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


What's the underlying premise of socialism? Easily said, it's the idea that your life is not your own but belongs to the hive and whatever is good for the hive imposed despite how it crushes and destroys opposition. The "good of the hive" is determined by the would-be master whose authority limitless...whose power unbridled. Such is the guiding theory under which America struggles and suffers today.

It didn't have to be that way, though. Had America...after Reagan stepped down...continued to delete and eliminate agencies and departments...continued lowering taxes and removing the "hassle and hinder" of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...America would be booming and blossoming instead of inching along at a sclerotic 1% GDP! To the socialist...dividing pie at gunpoint is the only way to perpetuate the CAGE. their ignoble credit...the socialists...using the MASS MEDIA...have reduced 1/3 of the American population to "abject dependency"...drooling and licking boot kind of dependency.

As has been done many times before...however...Americans can choose to throw off their liberation over subjugation. The army of liberation marches to make salt. Yes...arrayed before it is the formidable MASS MEDIA...packed with socialists and ready to fight to the death to defend their hegemony over their subjects...their dependent...easily if they the princes and we their peasantry. But it can be done. Reagan started it...let's finish the job!


Socialist Africa starving? Are there not hungry altruists ready to give their last bushel of wheat to their starving neighbors? Where are all the big foot government loudmouths who promised more not less "red tape, tax and spend"? Did not their socialist rules and laws promise abundance and prosperity? can't satisfy the omnivorous maw of socialism. It's designed to create a ruling elite and starving unwashed masses...pathetic and herd-like...easily directed and controlled. Africa is more or less that socialist paradise. However, most of its inhabitants are starving. Their socialist warehouses are empty...their socialist grocery stores lack product...and...their socialist-green energy policies have put most people on foot.

Makes you want to vote for TEAM OBAMA, doesn't it? They promise packed energy...full stomach...and...public healthcare. Of course...what the vets are pleasurably experiencing at the hands of socialized medicine at the Veterans Administration will be ubiquitous...but...socialist-paradise is always for tomorrow...its suffering for today.


Could ISIS sneak its troops across the American border and deliver knock-blows to entire regions? The answer is "yes". TEAM OBAMA has done little to interdict this kind of threat. ISIS troops can be male or female and their mission is singular: eradicate infidels. Whatever they must do to execute their mission will be done. The sole protection people have is their own vigilance and that of their neighbors combined into a web of defense.

For example...sentries must be posted at every utility company structure particularly dams and bridges. It's reported that ISIS has been training black widow suicide bombers to blow up bridges and theaters. These ladies want to be martyred and slaying infidels assures such label.

With some careful observation, though, these spiders of doom...and...their brethren...can be spotted and stopped. If an American were to sense's these heightened times of fright and paranoia...that such fearful person might shoot a shadow...or...blast away at a dog lost and trying to ask for help. This kind of shoot and ask questions later might be the only thing that stops terrorists from achieving their ill-purpose.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Walking down the street with an aspirin in a plastic wrapper...the one off the cigarette box...and...handle it in such fashion a cop observes the possession and it's likely in a few moments that cop will pull his gun and execute that innocent person. How could it happen?

It begins with a cop racial profiling. The cop sees the plastic wrapper and something inside that appears to be white. From experience, the cop instantly concludes that it's obviously drugs...illegal drugs...because only drug dealers carry stuff in those plastic wrappers off cig boxes. The cop approaches the person from behind and demands the person fall on the deck and flop like a fish. The person refuses because nothing illegal in progress.

The cop fears for his life as the person holding the plastic wrapper with the aspirin therein reaches into his back pocket to get his identification with his "free-hand". It the drug-dealer reaching for a gun in the back pocket so the cop fires 200 rounds striking body mass 199 times. That's how it can happen.  Ezell Ford...God speed.


How can you etch granite or diorite with the precision found in ancient monuments? A diamond drill can scratch diorite...granite can be gouged with get the corners and cuts within cuts not any stone masons even in 2014 could achieve the overall feat. The H-Blocks are such a mystery as to how they were produced, that ancient alien technology proposed.

Yet...there is an explanation that fits and addresses all concerns. The diorite and granite were heated...heated and was once again molten...flowing...and...they simply poured that bubbling stuff into molds and hence the precision achieved once the forms removed. No ancient alien required in the alien technology needed...just old fashion heat and some forms and such "incredible" things could have been massed produced.

Nimmi Gowrinathan

Nimmi Gowrinathan told a cub-reporter from this BLOG she knew many black widow bombers...each dedicated to mayhem and taking as many infidels with them as possible when they detonate. She said that many were inspired by Hillary Clinton. They liked how she doomed Ambassador Stevens and then covered it up. That kind of talent finds respect among black widows.


As we approach election season...the amount of noise has increased. The Mexican border became the big thing when OBAMA-CARE was under public scrutiny. When the job report came out and it showed Afro-Americans had a 49% unemployment rate...IRAQ erupted with 24/7 TV about ISIS and the beheading of James Foley. What else has TEAM OBAMA in the chute ready to be dispatched to deflect public scrutiny?


In China...innovation is fast and furious. Inventors and innovators are busy trying to find ways to give what insistent consumers want. They're discovering state-owned companies...though...are soaking up almost all available capital leaving these "new sellers" to struggle attracting usually investors at high interest rates or worse. Many of these small companies have incredible products but few if any backers capable of funding the production required to make the endeavor profitable.

Take MAKERSPACE...for example. This lad discovered a way to insulate the bot-brain from cosmic rays thereby enabling bots to traverse the cosmos without getting "fried". With this invention along with others developed by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG at its China-site...lunar mining in 5 years will be commonplace as bots roam the lunar surface looking for valuable minerals and other resources including water. Once envisioned by MAKERSPACE...production-bots would arrive...dig and process...sending the final stuff to the go-bots which in turn dispatch the payload from the Moon to low-Earth orbit where SpaceX teams sort and deliver to whomever has requested the same.

Instead of finding ways to remove barriers so Americans can participate in this incredible "leap forward" in science and civilization...TEAM OBAMA has erected hurdles to halt "commercial development of the universe". Speaking for the cosmos...EPA stooge, Gina McCarthy said, "We on this small, insignificant speck in the universe mustn't disturb what the future might hold."


Because this BLOG supports the American military assisted in organizing HOOPS FOR TROOPS. Pro ball players are asked to travel to military bases and play games for the troops. Kobe Bryant and D.Wade agreed as did all the other great basketball players including  #23...AIR-JORDAN.


In January of 2014...Obama said ISIS might be wearing Lakers uniforms...but they ain't Kobe Bryant. Obama's estimation changed...though...when he saw James Foley beheaded. A clear and present danger was evinced and Obama knew those scumbags weren't going to stop until they impaled him on the White House lawn.


Billie strolled along the knotty-oak lined path...headed to Timmy's house to play "army guys". He was carrying his AK-47...a toy gun his mom had bought at Walmart the night before. As he walked along...his head exploded as a sniper's bullet blew him away. What Billie didn't know...because he was deaf...was that cops had spotted him...classified him as a terrorist...and...had summoned a SWAT team along with a 1000 snipers...each one with an itchy trigger finger...just waiting to perform: "one shot, one kill".

The cops reported this small-in-stature terrorist was carrying an AK-47 and wasn't heeding the command to stop...lie on the ground...and...put the weapon down. It was obvious the terrorist was headed toward Columbine High and needed to be killed before he could inflict more destruction and death. Because the consequences of non-action were too much to risk...the order to kill was given...the sniper fired his 20 mm cannon-rifle and splattered Billie's brains over 5 counties.


By how Obama reacted to the death of James could tell that wasn't his child. Aloof...almost could tell it wasn't his child ISIS wasn't his heir who died.


Our sun will eventually become a red giant consuming the inner planets including Earth. To stop this change...Al Gore and other climate-change gurus want Uncle Sugar to pay them to examine the ways mankind can survive that dramatic change. Al Gore also claims to know a way to make the sun do what he wants. What a guru!


By declaring ISIS a "clear and present danger" to America...Obama might attack them by surprise and overwhelm them in so doing. It's not likely...however...Obama would decimate a viable Sunni Army when that same bunch might be useful should "Shiite" IRAN finally get a "nuke". He might bite its heels...maybe even kill a few of its leaders...but...ISIS will be permitted to remain.

Why not tears?

Obama was caught laughing and joking as he played golf not 15 minutes after delivering a stirring eulogy for James Foley. Both sides of the aisle were miffed by such callousness and demanded Obama exhibit remorse and a profound sense of loss.

As Admiral Kirby explained to a cub-reporter from this BLOG...Obama warned reporter without border not to go to Syria. It was too dangerous and if captured a beheading was a probable consequence. "If he goes any way...I can't cry* when he's slain," Obama told Kirby when they begged don't go there in vain.

Despite such graphic admonition, James Foley caught a westbound 747...he left before knowing what to do. Unfortunately, Jimmy will never know if it rains in Southern California since he was slaughtered on TV...a spectacle on colorful YouTube.
* Tears seven times salt


Obama could help America become more prosperous by opening all borders and inviting China to invest. Equally important...China should be supported in its effort to oversee the Pacific rim.


In the movie, TOP GUN...Maverick and Goose are quite good at what they do. Recently...on 08-19-14...a Chinese crew having watched that movie wished to display prowess and skill. Their jet flew over and under the American spy-plane as if it were an eagle playing with prey. It was good fun...everyone laughed...and...that Chinese Jet crew...the pilot: Golden Dragon...his spotter: Rabbit...they claimed the spot as TOP GUN!


U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) was caught giggling about something her companion said as she was watching Obama deliver his eulogy for James Foley. How Democrat, eh Liz?


Three leaders of HAMAS...slain by the Jew...vengeance and old as it seems new.


Mohammed Deif lost his wife and child to a bomb dropped by the Jew. He laughed at how far away he was when they came to find and slay. Yes...he was angry at his loss of child and wife...and...he vowed to take another life: NETANYAHU!
Hear that?'re too was a cricket caught by frog...that sound unmistakable...I'm surprised...hundred yards away that pond and log.