Friday, October 31, 2014


Obama was told Foley...the reporter without border...had been beheaded. Instead of dispatching U.S. Marshals to ferret out this culprit...he played golf. Cameras caught him laughing on that golf course at the same time Foley's mom and dad were crying for the loss of their son. Foley's father was heard calling Obama both a "coward"...and..."chicken shit".


In Jerusalem...many sects and religions found...some tolerant...others determined to cleanse Holy Ground. The Arab hates the Jew. The Shiite Arab hates his Sunni brother and the rest like or hate the "other". Ever so kills...the other butters...they play out Cain and Able...avenged and shuddered.

CRASH SITE:Virgin Galactic

While any crash is a 'set-back''s hoped that Virgin will continue to be a pioneer of space and the leader in its exploration. One state trooper who observed the explosion said it looked like some kind of missile was used to shoot it down. If that PRIVATE VEHICLE were shot down the only people capable of that precision and secrecy is the American CIA.

Ruth Slencznska 89 year old concert pianist contacted this BLOG and asked if she could give to the MUSIC DEPARTMENT her latest attempt at a "freedom-anthem". Naturally...her offer was accepted and the melody is novel...captivating...and...will be played often as an introduction to the army of liberation as it marches to "make salt".


Ying and Yang...Chinese Siamese twins conjoined at the hip. Such metaphor used when Republicans describe how Democrats supported Obama 100% of the time when it can to passing laws which entrenched what little liberty remained. Senator Shaheen...for example...told New Hampshire voters she liked replacing liberty with "freedom-to-obey"and was expecting them to kneel and lick her boot with candied tongue.


Russian President Putin made a deal for gas into Ukraine in time for winter sales. Even though Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...tried to create confrontation...Ukrainian leaders ignored and inked the deal. Congratulations to President Putin and his skilled team.


There are degrees of falsehood according to U.S.Senator Landrieu(D.La) when asked about her support for Obama's Marxist agenda. "There is lying...quite lying...and...then...there is Landrieu lying." She laughed as she spoke about degrees of deception with her method the best of all. "I'm able to LIE so well...voters buy it and to others tell...I could better than not bridge-sell," she chortled and dripped.


Arabs paid a hefty premium to get the "green-team" of Canada to block pipelines which would otherwise deliver oil to places from which it could be profitably shipped to other places. ENERGY EAST as the massive project was called would have delivered billions of dollars in new wealth from cheap oil but would have reduced the "green-team" influence to little more than bug on elephant's butt and have made Arab oil too expensive and unsalable...something the beleaguered Saudis couldn't permit lest their Royal Family be evicted.

To stop this oil...this cheap oil from ever getting to market...bottlenecks had to be erected. The best players in such a gambit wold be "green-team" people...fools with money...and...loud mouths. Using GOOGLE SEARCH...the Arabs happened upon the perfect pawns...idiots with purpose...fools waiting for orders. Indeed...Patrick Bonin was the first to receive some Arab money.

Why choose him? Recall Patrick Bonin was the one who wanted people to live in tents and work their patch by mule. He said he'd kill anyone who opposed his vision of this romantic lifestyle. "I want everyone to wear animal skin and eat of the land...the root and berry...and...never harm the furry critters or anger Mother Nature...and...anyone opposing such vision I will slaughter," drooled Patrick on YouTube.

Of course...with wit and wisdom such as his...he founded GREENPEACE CANADA...and...has led his scurvy band to oppose pipeline and rail thereby preventing tar sand oil from ever reaching the poor and needy of the planet who dream of "cheap energy". As one GREENPEACE insider revealed, "Ever since Patrick received Arab money...he's another person...almost devil-packed. He's spending that $125 million in ways we feel too risky. His purchase of whale-hunter pornography and his sexual bent on female harbor seals...just to name a few of them...has everyone concerned and really worried that he'll lose sight of his mission to make energy as costly as possible."

Andrea-Harden Donahue...CEO of the so-called COUNCIL OF CANADA...held out for $200 million but in exchange promised to get her native tribes to make noise...thump drum...war-dance...and...speak of ancient times when the good earth was for observing and man was just another creature deserving little more than the maggot or fly. We'll stop oil production she promised her Arab contact...a Muslim with ties to Islam. But...I need $200 million lest I find something good about giving "cheap oil" the the hungry world.


Obama and his "green-team" are busy trying to keep OIL PRICES as high as possible so that all the "green-energy" boondoggles might continue in perpetuity. can't be chained and Americans found a way around the bottleneck these scumbags erected. It was called "hydraulic fracturing" or "fracking" propelled American energy production back into the Number One spot. Yes...Obama and his Democrat-green-team have stifled as many pipelines as possible...imposed as many shipping restrictions as possible...and...have done as much as any dictator could do to hurt people using such methods...and...still...the price of oil is going down and with it the price of gasoline, natural gas, coal, nuclear and diesel making the "green energy" stuff worthless and its production little more than "dupe and poop".


Before making the final ascent...JOHN DELANEY was warned not to attempt any farther...that another step meant his demise. Ignoring this prediction of doom...Delaney grabbed his stuff and proceeded. As everyone knows...Delaney...the charismatic CEO of INTRADE...died on Mt. Everest. The company he left behind, INTRADE was a company based on the freedom-loving concept: prediction-for-profit. His website was the best forecaster of political outcomes ever devised by the imagination of man. And...this powerful and determined dude** ignored the most important admonition leaving behind little anyone* else could make bubble out gold.
*PIVIT is an app which makes an attempt to offer what Delaney envisioned. It's likely it won't go very far since PIVIT already has limited itself in fundamental ways...delivering its owners a short future.
**Ah...yes...grapple then into your soul with hoops of steel.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told Tom Wheeler...a use his position at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) to destroy the "freedom of the Internet". "I want to control what is permitted to be conveyed on the INTERNET. I want to be the absolute bottleneck," Obama was overheard telling ole Tommy boy.


If Russian President Putin were to open Russia and offer an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...he could circumvent the so-called sanctions* imposed by scumbag-Obama and propel Russia into the winner's circle! It's likely he understands such an approach and knows by eliminating the "yoke and choke" agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...his nation will blossom and bloom and leave socialist-bound America to continue into the toilet of misery while Russians enjoy prosperity beyond imagination...a veritable EDEN...something President Putin deserves to have manifest on his "watch".
*Scumbag-Obama....a/k/a...the dung-throwing monkey...imposed sanctions on Russia to punish President Putin for securing the Russian border and making Russia a safer place to live. Instead of retaliating...President Putin has commenced opening Russia and implementing the OUM...creating thereby a vacuum-effect as capital flees socialist America and socialist Europe.


The Federal Communications Commission(FCC) must be deleted. The maggots in power at the FCC want to kill of the INTERNET and reduce it to some glorified telephone company...another AT&T dinosaur. Why would Americans permit a scumbag such as TOM WHEELER to determine what they can and can't do on the INTERNET? How many INTERNET users need to be told how to live by the likes of TOM WHEELER...a nasty miserable jerk whose only accomplishment is that he licked Obama's boot before anyone else thought it productive.

Kate Bachelder

Kate Bachelder finally relented and wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal(A-13;10-31-14) addressing the concerns this BLOG had with the deceit in the MASS MEDIA...deceit designed to dupe the American people into believing big foot government is best. In her article she outlined 10 SILLY PROCLAMATIONS that people hear 24/7 from the MASS MEDIA. While she could have spent a 1000 pages decrying each one...she chose to reveal their essence and leave the rest of the task to this BLOG to paint and powder.

SPENDING MORE IMPROVES EDUCATION. Nonsense. America is spending billions on education and the test scores show little improvement. Yes...the bureaucracies grew exponentially...their unions' coffers overflowing with mandatory union dues...but...teaching children hasn't been improved. Ask any "real" teacher and you'll hear how little they and their children receive.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING HELPS THE ECONOMY: The $878 billion stimulus package didn't do much except help TEAM OBAMA get re-elected in 2012. Little more need be said about how silly such an idea must be to believe you can rob Peter to pay Paul and think anyone is better off.

MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE HELPS POOR PEOPLE. It's obvious mandating minimum wages doesn't help but definitely hurts people. A person who can't produce $10.10 per hour in value won't be a $10.10 per hour minimum wage prevents that marginal worker bee from getting a job...and...guaranteeing that person will remain poor...a condition the Socialists find welcomed since such "kept-poor" are easily directed and controlled.


LYING TO AMERICA. If there were one phrase describing what has unfolded since would be THE LYING TO AMERICA. Obama and his team of Democrats...for example...lied about OBAMA-CARE and the economy's rebound. And...they believe more lies will help them in the mid-terms. They even directed their fools at the Wall Street Journal to parrot such nonsense.

Indeed...on page one...the WSJ declared America's economy was whipping along at 3.5% never mentioning such 3.5% was simply a reflection of big foot government spending and not on any real improvement in production or commerce. But if the WSJ were to reveal the TRUTH...Americans would be rioting and calling for the eviction of all Democrats in power. As Senator Chuck Schumer confided, "LYING is best when TRUTH would cause voters to demand the ouster of the whole lot of us."


Ben Rhodes...a well-known coward*...told America that Obama was planning on giving the "green light" to IRAN and permit those maniacs to finish construction of their SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear weapon so powerful its detonation will destroy all life on planet Earth. Ole Bennie-boy said he obviously lacked the courage and fortitude to tell Obama that such leniency would fetch disaster for the planet.
*The ATLANTIC...a socialist rag...recited that Netanyahu was a chickenshit and a coward...never mentioning Ben Rhodes was the poster child for such derogatory appellations.


Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said he was going to close the gates and butcher everyone inside. Of course...he meant his team would grab as much wealth as possible and leave American businesses destitute. He planned to take the loot and give it to "green energy" people...citing SOLYNDRA, LLC* as a fitting example of "how" big foot government takes from some and gives to others.
*$378 million was squandered at bankrupt SOLYNDRA. Where that money went hasn't been revealed...but...jack Lew got a new car and boat about that same time as that $378 million was passed out.


U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) hates freedom and is offering her audiences a glimpse of life beneath her jackboot. Many people know she's evil but the MASS MEDIA loves her and her nasty bent. Instead of describing her as anti-American...the MASS MEDIA describes her a liberator of the "little people"...the poor and needy...the downtrodden...the people who want the loot from plundered storerooms. "She will take from the rich and give to the poor as she sees fit," they drooled in praise and wonder. As MSNBC Ed Schultz proclaimed, "She's a rabid freedom-hater and I like her way of telling how she will enslave and destroy."

Joseph McNamara

San Jose, California had a wise police chief. Joseph McNamara was profoundly opposed to the war on drugs forecasting it would hurt families, create a drug sub-culture and undermine the honesty of the police. He died saying the WAR ON DRUGS was ridiculous...quite anti-America and smacked of totalitarian nonsense. He'll be missed. God speed, Joe...your voice and wisdom will be missed mightily.


The Republicans have been bombarded by the socialist-controlled MASS MEDIA. Because the socialists control most of it...they attack anyone demanding liberation over subjugation. "How dare David Perdue offer liberty when I stand for enslavement," drooled Michelle Nunn...herself a freedom-hater of the 1st order.

Of course...the MASS MEDIA...instead of calling her anti-America for her declarations of power and control...described Michelle Nunn a great politician who would pass out freebies and favors as she sees in her god-like wisdom. The MASS MEDIA showed "prepared" crowds cheering her proclamation of enslavement instead of people booing and hissing her.


"Experimental drugs to save EBOLA patients? Why that's absurd. I will stop such efforts to save people. I wanted a million dead and everyone asking me what to do," drooled a senior official at the American Food and Drug Administration(FDA)...a big foot government death mill...a place where people are doomed to die horrific deaths so that these scumbags at FDA can feel powerful and god-like.

Indeed...another maggot at FDA...a she-devil named Luciana L.Borio told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that death was part of the EBOLA SCARE and the FDA was committed to seeing to it that millions of people died from EBOLA. This virus is gives me and the rest of us here in big foot government the power to decide who lives and who dies...and...the feeling is wonderful. I can't wait to see the roster of the dead."

Piero of the leaders of this "save them all" movement...said that Bario was as cruel and hateful as any she-devil he'd ever met. "She needs to be infected with EBOLA. Give her an interest in the outcome and I'm experimental cure...a drug that has already saved everyone to whom it was given...will be demanded. Will I withhold it from her and watch her dissolve into a puddle of goo and gore? I haven't yer decided...but...perhaps...I might deliver her this divine dispensation...once she screams in horror that the FDA has abandoned her and that it was OBAMA'S plan all along to refuse to dispense "cure".


Scott Brown...born in New Hampshire...was called a carpetbagger...but...his opponent who moved to New Hampshire to grab political power wasn't. Why the MASS MEDIA is supporting socialist JEANNE SHAHEEN hasn't been fully explained. It might very well be that the MASS MEDIA is so socialist-packed that it must attack a liberator and support the freedom-hater.

For final debate the panelist asking questions was wrong about his geography and continued to ask to-be-Senator Scott Brown about Sullivan County stating in the question that Sullivan county was not a border county with Vermont. Brown corrected the panelist but the panelist...a hateful socialist...continued to claim Sullivan county was somewhere in Europe and demanded to know what Brown thought of such border interface.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lois Frankel: liar

Lois Frankel has done more to hurt Floridians than any other politician in recent memory," crowed Senator Bill Nelson...himself a Democrat but a Lois Frankel hater of the 1st order. Recall it was Frankel who tried to tell Floridians how evil and nasty ole Bill was pointing out that he knew about the killing of children in that reform school but kept quiet about it.


Eric Frein didn't shoot anyone. He's the proverbial patsy...a fall guy...a dupe. He was set up and now he needs a lawyer who can persuade a jury that similar to Lee Harvey Oswald...he was in the vicinity but was not the shooter. Recall that an AK-47 was found on a tree limb...the same gun which was used in the shooting. Who left that rifle? Answer that question...and...the real culprit will be revealed. "It certainly wasn't Eric Frein!" asserted MSNBC Ed Schultz...himself a skilled analyst of trouble.


The Giants defeated the Royals in the 7th game. The pitcher was superb...defense almost flawless...and...the big hitters showed up as well. Congratulations.

Udall: socialist maggot

Udall is a socialist-maggot. He hates liberty and has done as much as any other member of TEAM OBAMA to make Colorado a worse place to live. Most voters understand his evil bent and they're going to support the Republican. Recall Udall was against legalization of marijuana and has never done much to help the Hispanics and Afro-Americans in his state. Sure...he's telling them he has...but...they smell a liar instead.

Virg Benero

Lansing, Michigan...a socialist enclave...has a maggot for a mayor sporting the moniker: VIRG BENERO. He told sock-puppet Ed Schultz...himself a socialist-scumbag...he wanted higher income taxes and a confiscatory estate tax so that when people die big foot government enters and grabs leaving the widow and children to look to him and his brethren for assistance.

"I want to force people to kneel and lick my boot," he drooled when he was envisioning a Democrat victory in Michigan. He pointed out that most people in Michigan are worms and slaves already and he would make sure their heirs bow and lick his boot and the boot of the other would-be masters. His bent is typical of TEAM OBAMA but such evil seems to attract minorities and other servile supplicants.


How did Maryland voters get duped into supporting a maggot such as JOHN SARBANES? What did that jerk promise them in exchange for their vote? It's likely...he can be defeated in the next election if the message is one of liberation over subjugation. Such an approach would force this despicable worm to reveal how evil and nasty he really is. Indeed...he'll betray and belittle but never will be fight for liberty. He's a typical Democrat...a person who wants power and will kill his own mother to get it. A real maggot!


Kilauea erupted and vomited lava which is now headed toward the sea consuming and covering as it goes. Because man-made global warming enthusiasts always say mankind caused every disaster...they demanded Al Gore stop the lava using his "guru words". "How dare he not claim man caused that eruption!"screamed Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...herself a climate-change advocate...adding that she expected man-made global warming to be blamed and was miffed Al Gore and the other maggots hadn't surfaced to make such claims.


Tom Menino...Boston's Mayor has died. Before he passed away...many of his pals heard him rebuke Obama as a MARXIST ON MISSION...called him a dung-throwing monkey...and...told incredulous Democrats they had best stop supporting socialism and fight with him for liberty...a change-of-mind Menino experienced after reading this BLOG! God speed, Tom.

How did Tom evaporate? Well... he got up...went into the kitchen and died...and...oh what a feeling as his soul went through the ceiling as on up into heaven he did rise. When he got there...they said...Tom it happened this slipped on the floor and hit your head...and...all the angels say before you passed away...these are the last words that you said:


Even if the interest rate is 20%...stay away from any bonds offered by European companies or governments. The potential for loss is great. One Wall Street pundit pointed out that socialist governments are headed down the toilet and the investors will suffer the most should they have been so foolhardy to ignore this ALERT.


Many employers are dumping their employees onto government health exchanges telling their worker bees big foot government will care for them...and...treat them as cattle and sheep to be directed by bureaucratic creeps...and...most employees like the feeling of being reduced to critter status. "I have always wanted to kneel and lick master's boot and now I have the chance," drooled Timmy employee of 20 years with BOONDOGGLE,INC.... an enterprise that makes its money off big foot government contracts.

Naturally...Timmy liked the idea of  a big foot government subsidy that he could use to buy his healthcare insurance...a subsidy taken from others and given to him. "I like how OBAMA-CARE turned me into a slave. I love the way I felt when I heard such maggots as Senator "papoose" Warren tell me I didn't build anything...that others did it for me. It makes me feel good to know when she grabs other people's money and gives it to me that the loot was never theirs but belonged all along to whomever "papoose" determined in need," drooled Titler.


Kaci Hickox returned from Africa and was quarantined for 21 days to make sure she didn't have EBOLA. Of course...she refused to be isolated...and...has been traveling about infecting as many people as she can...doing what she promised Obama she'd do.

According to "White House" leaks...Obama asked this "caring" be recalcitrant and to protest the isolation, "I want to cause fear and hysteria in the days leading up to the could be a great help. I need for you to travel around and infect as many people as possible. Maybe ride you bike and spit into local water supplies...such things might be enough to scare people into supporting more big foot government grip and grab and get TEAM OBAMA re-elected."

Wolfgang Schauble

Wolfgang Schauble...a German banker...was contacted by the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and entreated to stay the course and not smother the German people in more taxes and red tape. He was begged not to increase the already burdensome government "grip and grab" but consider eliminating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which is keeping the German people from their destiny as leaders of the world.

So far...Wolfgang has appreciated the profound wisdom of liberation over subjugation and has rejected any demand for more enslavement ...a demand heard from such maggots as Hollande and Draghi...both big foot government hacks whose mission statement to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey".


The German people hate enslavement. They discovered how horrific such can be during the 1930s and 1940s when Hitler and his NAZI PARTY took control and began to direct from cradle to grave. more and more socialist countries flounder suffering hyper-inflation and stagnant economies...the German model is getting attacked. "How dare the Germans prefer liberty over subjugation,"shouted one would-be master whose mission statement to subjugate as many people as possible reducing them to slaves waiting for their handout from big foot government.

Such scumbags as faux-economist Alan Blinder say Germany must smother its people with cheap currency and mountains of regulation and diktat...the very things that are stifling the rest of Europe(think France and Italy). By drowning the Germans in more not less big foot government program and policy...Blinder believes the German people and the rest of Europe will find economic prosperity. Of course...Blinder has never earned an honest dollar and is a so-called teacher at Princeton University...itself a lackluster institution whose better days were a 100 years ago.


The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG examined the latest version of EBOLA and discovered this virus was lab-created...that it had been turned into a deadly weapon and had been intentionally released in West Africa so that its destructive potential could be measured. Recently...the Wall Street Journal(A-20;10-30-14) published an editorial wherein this virus* was unwittingly described and described so well that few readers could miss the fact the only way such a strain of virus could exist is if it were manufactured.
*This EBOLA STRAIN is an unstable RNA genome which tends to make genetic errors as each EBOLA STRAND copies itself and multiplies throughout the cells of body tissue and then into new hosts. These mutations mean that the disease itself is changing over time, potentially becoming more(or less) infectious and harder to diagnose. As one HARVARD SCIENTIST quipped, "It's obvious to me this EBOLA STRAIN was created and turned into a weapon and it somehow got loose...or...more likely...was intentionally released to see how fast it kills."


In Bolivia...President Evo Morales has granted children as young as 10 years of age the chance to work for wages giving almost every family a chance to be productive without having to fear some big foot government edict preventing such augmenting of the overall family income.

While many socialists are angry that Morales isn't stomping his people into submission but giving them more ways to sustain themselves without the need for government handouts...this BLOG is supportive and has sent $254 million in  funding to assist in implementation of this wonderful realization that socialism is horrific and needs to be deleted.

James Tien

James former member of the elite ruling class in China...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG his statements during the HONG KONG riots were meant to calm and smooth...and...never intended to undermine or injure. Yet...he was dismissed from the inner circle for having spoken in ways not considered appropriate.

Mention is made of this "firing" since in of Obama's inner circle called the Israeli Prime Minister a "chicken shit" and a "coward" but nothing has been done to address such a vulgar declaration. Perhaps...whoever did add that derisive moniker to Netanyahu is too connected...has too much potential dirt on Obama...and...hence...invulnerable and safe.

Baryalei dead?

Muslim activist, Mohammad Ali Baryalei has been reported to have been killed by Australian security forces. He was shot dead by a sniper who had lain in wait for him for over 6 months...never moving...statue-like...covered by limbs and leaves...silently...viciously waiting for that "kill shot" which finally arrived when B-Ball as he was called by his friends and allies stepped from a mosque carrying a crippled child in his arms. 

The well-aimed 50 caliber bullet blew his head off causing his limp body to fall and throwing the crippled child into a street where she was crushed beneath the wheels of an oncoming bus.

 Instantly...Obama held a news conference and said such executions would become commonplace and anyone near such targets had better keep their distance lest they too become another OBAMA TROPHY.

Governor Christie: "good guy"

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told a heckler that if he liked...they'd go behind the building and discuss the matter...nose to to man...and...the heckler refused. Unlike TEAM OBAMA...Christie took steps to protect his constituents from the EBOLA THREAT that Obama permitted to enter America. Of course...Obama is pushing hecklers to interfere with Christie's effort and do it "on camera" so the complicit MASS MEDIA can show him fighting people* who don't want safety but hysterical panic.
*Obama was told that TEAM OBAMA can be easily re-elected if there were a dramatic threat afoot by early November of 2014. Obama has done everything he can to perpetuate the fear and fright EBOLA has caused.


Because this BLOG supports undertook to reveal who it was in the Oval Office who called Prime Minister Netanyahu a "coward" and the "chicken shit". So far...the potential pool of culprits includes Obama himself. Recall that Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he despised Netanyahu and his plan to build settlements in East Jerusalem. Could his hatred of the JEW have spilled over into the minds of his underlings and it was one of them who revealed what Obama thought of "Bibbi"?

Annise Parker backs down

Houston Mayor, Annise a secret communique...was Obama to issue subpoenas to local Texan-pastors demanding they reveal their sermons so that she could examine them for "bad content".

Doing the bidding of her master..she issued them and the uproar began. "How dare big foot government intrude in such fashion!" many pastors exclaimed as they were confronted by S.W.A.T. teams dispatched to back up the subpoena power. One sniper said he had his sights on a pastor's head and was ready to squeeze off a "kill-shot" when something told him "maybe Mayor Parker was wrong and this shot was murder...a moral problem even for these robot-like snipers whose mission statement the same as Parker's: lick master's boot.


Using Edward Snowden "pass-key" software* the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG monitors White House activities. When anti-American stuff is discussed...when plans to kill an America are drawn...when Obama sneezes...every aspect is examined...every word dissected...and...whatever conclusions revealed and instantly delivered to the patrons of this BLOG. Yesterday...for example...White House spokesman, JOSH EARNEST openly admitted Obama and his scurvy crew were being monitored by some kind of cyber-hacking...its origin unknown...its purpose seemingly benign(Wall Street Journal A-6;10-30-14).
*Edward Snowden...a former employee of the National Security Agency(NSA)...took with him when he departed a specialized software package designed to monitor all electronic communications. Unless Obama uses two cups connected by string...anything he says or does is captured for examination using this "pass-key" system...a "pass-key" Snowden delivered to this BLOG since this BLOG is the ONLY ONE that preaches liberation over subjugation and offers a 21st Century approach to freedom.


There is solar activity nowadays in the form of sun spots. One in particular, AR12192 is as large as Mother Earth and is shooting solar-flares toward us heating up the atmosphere. While this solar activity heats up the atmosphere of's never included in the man-made global warming myth as an alternative cause of global warming. As Al Gore...a well-known climate-change guru...confided, "If we did tell people the Earth cools and heats naturally and mankind lacks any real way to affect it...I'd be broke and so would the rest of the charlatans whose income depends on propagating the MYTH...spreading the LIE so to speak."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Has anyone considered eliminating the income tax and the inheritance tax and delete the mortal grip big foot government has on every producer? Why not dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its victim-making FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system?

For eliminating the federal income tax...a $15,000 per year worker bee would have $2568 more per year to spend. What a great worker-benefit delivered by eliminating the CAGE...eradicating the would-be master's grip and grab! Likewise...the farmer might have something to pass on to his heirs should the death tax be repealed...another great benefit by merely dispensing with the yoke and choke agenda.


Sarah Palin...a speaking out and demanding eradication of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where producers are enslaved and the others are groomed and culled as the master sees fit.


Why vote for a Democrat? Many who do...claim they expect to receive something in exchange. What could be given if not taken from someone else? And...if legalized theft the underlying method for such redistribution...who'd really want the gift?


A high-ranking Obama insider...sporting the name JOHN "long jaw" KERRY took the time to tell a popular magazine that Benjamin Netanyahu...the Prime Minister of Israel...was a "chicken shit" kind of guy...a proverbial coward. Of course..."long jaw" didn't know that Netanyahu was one of the Jews who defended the Golan hand-to-hand combat. Kerry didn't know that this so-called coward...during the battle...told his team...issue last ammo...fix bayonets...the rag heads are approaching. He and his men fought for 9 long hours hand-to-hand...himself killing almost 300 rag heads before help arrived in the form of tank and cannon.

Only after the statement of "long jaw" in the ATLANTIC was published did Obama try and escape the obvious condemnation such a scurrilous description brings. "I didn't call him that..."long jaw" did and I'm sure "long jaw" is apologetic," Obama told a cub-reporter from this BLOG who had found the statement disconcerting and quite troubling particularly when IRAN has threatened to destroy Israel with a "nuke".


Some years ago...the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG presented to the world a way to cure cancer. Many pundits called the proposal "far-fetched and science-fiction"...yet...this BLOG persisted in its presentation and publication. Yes...many BLOGS sniffed and chortled that such an effort was silly.

Despite such nay saying...however...GOOGLE X LIFE SCIENCES not only found the proposal creative but also an idea worthy of its funding. Hence...the cure for cancer is little more than 60 months away from becoming as simple as two pill puts the "finder" into the body...the other pill eliminates what found.

Imagine a pill packed with little things that scurry about attaching themselves to tumors and other cancerous stuff..identifying "ground zero" for the next pill...this one packed with "eradicators"...little bombs which go to the sites marked by the "finders" and destroy the "targeted thing". BOOM...BANG...GONE!

Rumor has it that the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has been directed to stop such an effort since it would prolong life...something the FDA doesn't want to happen since it would increase healthcare costs for big foot government. As JOSH EARNEST...White House spokesman...skillfully said the other day when asked about this newest approach to cancer-cure, "We want to make sure people don't outlive government funding."


In China...President Xi JingPing is cleaning house...eliminating as many dinosaurs and hassle-makers as possible. His vision is that of a great leader who senses CHINA will be the leader of the world not only in prosperity but in innovation and creativity. He has a fan club as wide as Texas and is always wished well in his endeavors.


Unlike Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...Russian President Putin is a highly skilled negotiator and strategist. He has been said by many political scientists to be the reincarnation of Peter the Great. He will be called by historians in the millenniums to come one of the greatest leaders of the early days of the 21st Century.


Even though Obama was critical of Governor Christie's decision to quarantine EBOLA PATIENTS...he directed soldiers he'd dispatched to EBLOA COUNTRY to be isolated for 21 days to make sure they didn't have that horrific disease...a disease easily transmitted to others.


Buying votes. Such is the way Obama described his welfare state. "I buy people the same way farmers buy cattle," he declared...adding "They lick my boot in exchange for whatever I determine better or best."


A Russian rocket was sabotaged by people who want Russian rocket science and production to suffer. It exploded only 4 seconds after it was launched destroying the 5000 lb payload meant for the International Space Station. Unaware that he was being shadowed...Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY) was overheard telling one of his aides he expected that rocket to explode since he'd heard the CIA had messed with it."


Some believe the Norwegians are the most stupid people on Earth...characteristically doing things the stupid way. On the other hand...ask a Frenchie and he'll tell you the Swedes are notoriously foolhardy and idiotic.

"The poster child for stupidity is the Swede not the Norwegian,"chortled French President Hollande. He pointed out the Swedes are permitting their scumbag government to inflate the Krona reducing its value and hurting the worker bee pocket book. "Only a Swede would permit those maggots to cheapen their pay for the work they did," Hollande carefully added.


In North Carolina...most Afro-Americans concluded quickly that Senator Hagan was not on their side. Since that time..."hag" Hagan as she's called by most Afro-Americans has lost so much ground politically that even Obama refused to help her. "I can't afford to squander my place in history by helping "hag" Hagan," he confided.

Although Afro-Americans are refusing to support "hag" Hagan...the MASS MEDIA is telling America that Senator Hagan will defeat Thom Tillis and such victory will be based on the "black-vote".'s untrue...but...when did truth...ever...get in the way of the complicit MASS MEDIA?


Florida Attorney General Bondi said she was against legalization of marijuana. "I want to keep pot away from kids,"snorted Bondi when asked about pot in school. She refused, though, to concede less pot would be given to children if legalized even though all scientific surveys conducted by HARVARD SCIENTISTS say legalization deprives children of access.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he hated gasoline prices dipping below $3.00 per gallon. "If I had my way...gasoline prices would be headed north of $5.00 per gallon. I envisioned people riding buses and bikes...perhaps...even walking that 30 miles to work. I wanted Americans to feel what it's like in a socialist country which I am determined to make here in America. With gasoline dropping in grip on their throats isn't as strong...something I dream about...want...and...won't stop until I get!"


Only a fool would ever conduct any farming operations in Congo. Yes...there might be a way to risk "other people's money"(OPM)...perhaps using the Import-Export Bank or some other outlet whose mission to waste as much OPM as possible...but...anyone with big bucks of their own would never make the effort...particularly in the Congo.

Bill Clinton draws huge crowd

In Colorado...Bill "blue dress" Clinton delivered a political speech supporting Senator Udall...a rabid socialist. Most of the people attended to see what Monica found so appealing she risked her life to have sex with "that man, Bill Clinton".
*The stain on the blue dress forced Clinton to confess.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has been stopping Canadian oil from reaching Gulf Coast refineries and causing unemployment to skyrocket in such places as Louisiana whose U.S. Senator hasn't been heard to protest such stifle and stomp. Nowadays...though...with her career as a scumbag socialist-politician on the line...Senator "scumbag" Landrieu is helping the Canadians ship their oil by barge. While the circumvention is expensive it does afford the Canadians access to American gasoline markets heretofore denied to them.


HBO...a division of TIME-WARNER, about to lay of 158 more employees citing OBAMA-CARE and other Obama taxes and regulations as the culprit. "We supported OBAMA-CARE because we're socialists...and...wanted to see Americans enslaved and made to lick boot. What we didn't expect was that same scumbags who imposed OBAMA-CARE would also attack their friends in the MASS MEDIA. We...basically...miscalculated and now we must lay off our best employees to avoid OBAMA-CARE'S nasty grip and grab," confided Jeff Bewkes...speaking on condition of strict anonymity.


Cubans wishing to destroy America with their Cuban socialism are entering America to vote for TEAM OBAMA...the American version of Cuban socialism. "We want to destroy liberty here in America and the best way is to enter and vote for TEAM OBAMA," confided one Cuban when asked "why" enter America before the mid-term elections. One Cuban said he was going to Minnesota where voter fraud not only well documented but also his vote for socialist AL Franken quite needed.


The Council of Twelve in Tehran is busily developing their SWORD OF ALLAH...a huge nuclear device capable of destroying the planet. Similar to the Doomsday weapon in Dr. Strangelove,(movie)...the SWORD OF ALLAH will be detonated and poison the atmosphere for a 100,000 years...killing all life on the planet and making room for the 12th IMAM to enter and rule.'s a nasty thought...but...these 12 rag heads dream of such devastation as proof they can change the world. And...Obama...ever the dung-throwing permitting its construction.

Puppet Ed Schultz(MSNBC hack)

Sock-puppet Ed Schultz...a MSNBC hack and clever socialist...drooled over how much of a freedom-hater Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren had become. "She represents the deep hatred Americans have for liberty and I will proudly support her effort to become the 2016 Democrat candidate for President."


Anyone involved in the prosecution of U.S.Senator Ted Stevens(R.Alaska) should have not only been fired from the U.S. Injustice Department but also been disbarred. Yet...these scumbags are still there and still doing the bidding of whomever controls the White House. The only reason they're still there and not publicly shunned or held up for 24/7,365 derision is the MASS MEDIA has called them heroes for LYING AND DECEIVING. "But for their effort...I'd never have been elected in Alaska," bragged Mark Begich...a rabid socialist and the darling of the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA.


ENEMY TO FLORIDA FARMING. Such was the moniker Senator Bill Nelson proudly sported recently when he said he liked how the ESTATE AND GIFT TAX was destroying Florida farming families by taxing away their land and capital through estate and gift taxation. "I want to kill off farming in Florida replacing it with government-farms...big collectives where workers sing in the fields for whatever their master determines better or best,"he quipped when asked about his declaration of enslavement.


Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) is an enemy of liberty. He's a maggot feeding off the carcasses of estates destroyed by his INHERITANCE TAX. "I want to destroy liberty and the best way is to take whatever a person has accumulated and redistribute it. By looting the team will control people from cradle to grave...making sure only big foot government is the place where people must go to beg for whatever we determine better or best," he fumed when cornered by a cub-reporter from this BLOG asking about his obvious MARXIST bent.


Those in opposition to Governor Chris Christie's quarantine should be sprayed with EBOLA and sent home to kill off their families and loved ones. As their relatives die snapping and spitting blood they can thank the opponent for the chance to suffer such horrific death.

ELIMINATING THE CAGE how elimination of "whip and chain" was described by the Republican Establishment. "We must trim around the edges of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but not dismantle it lest we...too...are jettisoned because we made ourselves irrelevant," whispered Mitt 'the nit' Romney when asked about his position on liberation over subjugation. He went on to add that Americans crave enslavement. "They want to be cared for from cradle to grave by people who know better than they what is good for them," he snorted and drooled.


Romney is a devoted socialist. He's a freedom-hater but has softened his expressions of hatred for liberty so that Republicans can defeat the socialist-Democrats...a crew Romney loves but can't admit he knows.


CAGE or KEY? The Democrats preach enslavement while the Republicans tell their crowds they won't impose as many chains or whip as hard. Why won't someone stand up and preach liberation over subjugation? Why won't someone declare the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE anathema and demand its eradication?

Perhaps the answer is that the MASS MEDIA and most public schools are controlled by the would-be masters whose propaganda of "more not less" big foot government "grip and grab" overwhelms and belittles such effort of escape. Indeed...almost every TV and RADIO show preaches the benefits of enslavement. "You will receive free exchange all you have to do is kneel and lick your master's boot," Senator Warren told a jubilant crowd recently as she outlined "how" she would stomp out what liberty remained and replace it with "freedom-to-obey".


U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) is a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. She spews her venom of envy and anger as if it were "Holy Water". She tells her audiences she wants to enslave them and they cheer wildly at the prospect of having this scumbag directing them from cradle to grave. Who are these people in such crowds who cheer for "whip and chain" to be welded by such creeps and ghouls as Warren and her scurvy brethren?


U.S.Senator Jeanne Shaheen(D.NH) said that she and the rest of TEAM OBAMA had made so many slaves out of New Hampshire voters that she was bound to win. "I reduced them to slaves. They lick my boot with candied tongue. They do my bidding as if I were their master. I win because I will give my slaves what I want and they'll gladly take it because they are my slaves," she gloated as she reviewed her latest polling numbers. Hew Hampshire was a freedom-loving state but I undermined their will and their tenacity until they lick boot and kneel whenever I say," she added as she drooled her socialist venom.


Robel Phillipos...friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev...the Boston Bomber....was convicted of LYING to the FBI when he was asked about what he knew of THE BOSTON BOMBER. His lawyer never raised the proper defense and hence this young man will suffer federal punishment. Had his legal team mentioned that U.S.Attorney General Eric the Holder and Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...were inveterate LIARS and that ole Robel was just following their lead...he'd have prevailed.
*Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion of his own clients' money...LIED about it...but escaped because to bite him would mean he'd bite back and he had so much dirt on Holder and Obama they knew their best approach was to steer clear of Democrat Jon Corzine.


U.S.Senator "papoose" Warren...was asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG where she got the idea that people didn't build whatever they had but were given as much by others and that because they received so much that they couldn't complain when big foot government entered and grabbed whatever from their respective storerooms. She said she was following the model of hope and inspiration espoused by Fidel Castro and his brethren. She pointed out that Cuba was a socialist-paradise and America...if she had her way...would devolve into such a system where people worked as they were told...lived as they were told...and...died as they were told.
Scumbag Warren was dubbed "papoose" when she was caught lying about her American Indian heritage.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LePage on Michaud

In Maine...Governor LePage is up against Mike Michaud...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. It's likely LePage will defend his niche from this interloper...this'll be close. And...if LePage does'll be because he couldn't muster the courage to call Michaud a socialist-ghoul...a freedom-hating monkey...but left it with a crude comment about his sexual preferences.

Perdue and Nunn

In Georgia...socialism* has a name: MICHELLE  NUNN. She's a freedom-hater. Her ideas are to enslave the people of Georgia...raise their taxes...increase red tape...and...reduce them to cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. But she has the backing of the complicit MASS MEDIA...something Perdue lacks. While NUNN is discussed favorably on such drivel-TV as MSNBC...Perdue is derided and demeaned and never given any opportunity to respond.
*In toilet-bowl Venezuela...a socialist-paradise...and...a model Michelle Nunn loudly endorses...people are impoverished without any hope of freedom.


The founder of the Weather Channel came forward and said he was miffed that so many in the MASS MEDIA had swallowed sinker, line and hook the myth of man-made global warming.

Indeed...John Coleman,,,Mr. Weather...asked an audience of former climate-change believers, "How could so many seemingly smart people whose lives are dedicated to public discourse be so willing to accept the preposterous...and...dogmatically ignore contrary proof?"

In answering his own question...he noted this lucrative myth was similar to a person with spoon and bucket trying to dip the ocean dry. He noted that CO2 is a trace gas and that plants...strangely CO2 and give off Oxygen as a by-product. The more CO2...the greener the plants...the more productive the wheat fields and the more the forests add to their number. tell man-made global warming enthusiasts such things would have met with boos and derision. Yet when he told former enthusiasts such things they nodded in gleeful agreement.


Vice President Joe Biden was asked about any contrast between American justice and Islamic justice. In assessing the question he declared."Difference? Americans put people into the electric chair and fry their eyes and brains out. ISIS beheads guilty as those people executed in that hellish chair. They killed two reporters without borders because they were not Muslims and deserved to die. Their crime that of an infidel and their fate sealed when ISIS determined they were to die. In America...we kill innocent people all the time...wrongly convict them using unethical prosecutors


 Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told Michelle...the First Lady...why he liked ISLAM: "The message of Islam can't be stopped. It can't be silenced. It can't be derailed. It will become the mantra of the world as more and more men find they can use ISLAM'S teachings to subjugate their women reducing them to slaves and bond-women. I like the idea and you had best like it too."

$15,000 in wages

A person earning $15,000 pays almost $2500 in federal taxes not to mention the state and local taxes such worker bee suffers. Why must there be such taxes? Well...without taxes how would police and firefighters get paid? How would teachers get paid? would all those scumbag bureaucrats and politicians get paid?

The answer is that in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) such funds are raised by donation, rents, royalties and lotteries. Yes...the funds are small...but...dedicated selfless...drooling public servants will be found to labor for little in return for the respect and generosity of the neighborhood. A judge...for example...would never receive more than $15,000 per year...a mayor little more than $300 annually. If they didn't like such pay...they could always quit and find a good job cleaning toilets or brushing down a well-ridden horse...things for which they're most likely suited any way,


Governor Chris Christie(R.NJ) erred. He thought his neighbor New York Governor Cuomo would stand by him when he announced a general quarantine of anyone returning from EBOLA-ridden Africa. He was duped...deceived...tricked...or whatever other word might fit his decision to tell the world that New Jersey would grab and isolate anyone with EBOLA SYMPTOMS so as to prevent its spread and avert what would be ZOMBIE-panic.

"How dare he try and protect people!"screamed Cuomo...adding..."If people die in New York so be it...but...I'm not going to protect them by quarantine."

Yes...this Democrat-scumbag promised Christie he would stand by him and augment the decision to protect the general public..but...this pretense was little more than political maneuver designed to hurt Christie. According to the MASS MEDIA...Cuomo is right to place his New York resident in harm's way. "If they're not frightened...they'll vote Republican and hurt our control of America," Cuomo confided when asked about his decision to betray Christie.


Formidable. Such was the description of ISIS. Indeed...General Dempsey told a cub reporter from this BLOG that the Islamic State had captured enough weapons and ammo to continue their march to caliphate. He pointed out that ISIS was in possession of exotic missiles and other "equalizers"which made any eradication effort almost impossible. "They'll blow our Apache copter from the air and destroy any tank or other armor should we engage them on the battlefield," he quipped. He added that Iraq and Afghanistan would surely become part of this caliphate.


Obama told his goon squad to hide the fact that he issued a diktat to "slow-walk" veterans and deprive them of timely medical services. This directive was never revealed until recently when a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT petition forced revelation. Obama is an evil person who must never be given a moment's peace but subjected to 24/7 scorn and derision.

34 million pro-Democrat votes

It's rumored that Obama directed his goon squad to print 34 million Amnesty cards. When asked "why" create such things...a cub-reporter from this BLOG was told by White House spokesman, JOSH EARNEST that the coming election cycles will be decided by a few votes and TEAM OBAMA was using these 34 million new voters to assure victory for a 1000 years to come. "We are making slaves with these GREEN CARDS. We will be able to direct these people as if they were robots and we will perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE by so doing," confided Vice President Joe Biden...never a person who hides his feeling and determination.


Chicago Afro-Americans* are speaking out. They read this BLOG and realized TEAM OBAMA was dedicated to keeping them in poverty and under the jackboot of the police. "We must delete this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE," cried these Afro-Americans as they recounted how Obama was a MARXIST ON MISSION and his goal to reduce them to servile supplicants...ready to lick master's boot for master's favor.


Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) told an audience that people didn't build their own wealth but that others had done it for them. "You didn't build that...we did!" she fumed as she discussed FACEBOOK and VERIZON WIRELESS as two good examples of what big foot government created and hence was entitled to grab back anytime such expropriation found better than leaving that wealth with its putative owner. After her speech about why she and her politician pals were the real owners and masters of all wealth...she departed by the back entrance fearing the acrimony of the "crowd-outside".

Anticipating this tactic...a crippled child stationed herself outside the backdoor...putting her little crutches by her side so she could rise to her feet if she had to chase this scumbag to ask for Warren's wealth. As Warren cleared the backdoor...the crippled child asked her for her wealth. "You didn't create your wealth and I need your money...all of it!" exclaimed the crippled child.

Senator "papoose" Warren heard the entreaty and stopped. She looked down on this crippled child and smiled. "You will get whatever I decide you get," she sniffed and drooled. "I take from others and give to whomever I please. It's all mine...and...I never give my own stuff...only the wealth of other people do I offer. Never ask me for my wealth. I'm a socialist...a rabid freedom-hater. How dare you ask me for what is mine!"

With that diatribe spoken in plain hateful English...Warren stepped over this crippled child...her heels wading through the tears of this crippled child. "But you didn't get your wealth by yourself and you must share it...and...I want it...and...I want it now," screamed the crippled child. "You didn't build your took it from me and my parents and I want your money...and...I want it now," cried the crippled child.

Of course...this scumbag socialist was caught...caught in her own her own idiocy. The cameras were rolling and the crippled child was crawling towards her...demanding all that Warren had...asking this socialist to disgorge what others had given her and this scumbag-Senator stepped over this crippled child on her way to her next audience to preach socialism and despotism.


According to Gina McCarthy...head honcho at the so-called Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)...Hawaiian lava is about to consume 1/2 of the big island because mankind has angered Mother Nature. "If we return to the days of tent and mule...Mother Nature will quiet down and not cover Hawaii with lava," she confided when asked what she was going to do to stop volcanic eruptions and lava flows. "We will remove the combustion engine and replace it with wagon and mule thereby making Mother Nature happy," she snorted and drooled.


Singer, Graham Nash revealed his deep-hatred of liberty. "I want Obama to take away the car and truck and make people use horse and wagon," he fumed when asked about man-made global warming. "People need to be forced to accept whatever I say is good for them," he drooled and smacked.


With oil and natural gas prices plummeting..."green energy" boondoggles are being exposed. Eventually...most Americans will recognize the charlatans for what they are and rebuke any politician who claims to know about the need for "green-energy".


Tesla going under. With gasoline prices plummeting...TESLA MOTORS will fold. Except for the "green-energy" advocates...most buyers will not spend $100,000 to buy an electric car that goes 40 miles before it needs to be recharged for 24 hours.


The state-owned Brazilian oil giant will lose 40% of its value in the coming months. An investor could buy stock now...sell it...and...pocket the difference when the replacement stock is bought a few weeks down the road. Indeed...a buyer could borrow 10,000 shares today...sell a few weeks buy 10,000 shares at a 40% discount and pocket the difference as profit. As James Dimon...a well-known short-seller said, "Rouseff will destroy what little liberty remains in that toilet-bowl of a country making me large profits in the wake of her grip and grab."


The drought which struck the coffee-producing region of Brazil has been attributed to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. "They've tampered with CO2 concentrations so much that it's caused a drought in Brazil," confided Jim Smith a well-known climate change strategist. "They will destroy most of mankind's ability to produce and leave us with tent and mule...and...that prospect is too frightening to consider," remarked Juan Valdez...a grower of coffee.


Even though by the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...BPH Blliton PLC was warned not to buy the shale-oil claim near Fayetteville, Arkansas due to the socialist-bent of that region and that the purchase would be fruitless...they didn't listen but chose to rely on OBAMA'S economists who proclaimed an era of high oil and natural gas prices would continue due to big foot government hinder and hassle at that time in full sway and swing. "We can promise you that Obama will destroy oil and gas production in ways that will make your investment very worthwhile," whispered Senator Mark Pryor...a devout socialist and leader of the anti-liberty wonks of Arkansas.


Brazil is basically a socialist-paradise. You can live in Brazil and receive free healthcare. will be treated as if you were an animal but in a socialist paradise that isn't so bad. As Dilma Rouseff promised, "We will take from the haves and give to the have-nots and the have-nots will lick our boot since we decide who lives and who dies,"

With that mantra...Rouseff was able to convince enough Brazilians that their vote meant more freebie and favor. When they discover they're little more than beasts of burden to be directed by scumbags such as'll be too late...the death squads will be rampant and Rouseff will silence any dissent with a bullet to the head.


Senator "hag" Hagan(D.NC) bragged that through "voter-fraud" she would defeat her opponent. "I have been assured that illegal aliens and others will flood the ballot box and give me another victory," she drooled. When asked if such were anti-American she laughed and replied, "I'm a socialist...I hate freedom...but...North Carolina voters are cattle and sheep whose desire more than life itself to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...creeps and scumbags that I appoint to enslave them even more. I'm the future and this vote assures my control."


Obama...ever the dung-throwing a documented JEW-HATER. Recently...he told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he longed for the day when Palestine was restored and the Jew dispatched into Sinai to wander for another millennium. "When they announced construction of 620 housing units in Ramat East Jerusalem suburb...Netanyahu proved he wasn't a friend to America and I want the Jew eliminated once and for all!"

Jaylen Fryberg

Jaylen Fryberg* was a fan of Obama and Elizabeth Warren. He told school mates he loved socialism and they represented the "new order". While his classmates listened...they laughed when he said he was directed by TEAM OBAMA to do something for make a how big foot government would step in and control from cradle to grave.
*This 15 year old practicing Democrat took a gun to school and killed another child...a child that had professed allegiance to freedom. As Jaylen was shooting he was heard singing socialist-worker songs...songs he'd learned in a Seattle grade school from socialist teachers.


Jeanne Shaheen...a freedom-hater of the 1st order...promised New Hampshire voters that she'd continue to intrude and direct their lives. "I'll do a diaper-check" ever so often," she promised a crowd of knaves and slugs. "I love how she will care for me from cradle to grave," drooled one attendee pointing out that in New Hampshire she can get free food, healthcare...and...all at the expense of her neighbors something this cheering-Democrat in public school had been taught to crave.


Unlike other politicians...Dr. RAND PAUL wants to help America eliminate the "yoke and choke" agenda of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He wants to remove the "whip and chain" which predominates the American landscape and usher in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Naturally...the MASS MEDIA...itself socialist-packed...hates him since he represents liberation over subjugation...something they've championed for the last 75 or so years. The TEACHERS' UNION despises him because he'd make them teach and only pay teachers and not big foot administrators...something the UNION fears since its existence relies on mandatory dues...taking money from teachers without their consent. The bureaucrat,(3.97 million of them) can't stand Senator Paul since he asks people to push back and delete them from their lives...something these goons and scumbags fear most.

JEB BUSH: socialist in drag

Jeb Bush is a closet-socialist. He loves big foot government. He's another ROMNEY...a whining...simpleton...and...a dangerous wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware of that jerk!


In the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) the buyer must always beware of what is being offered for sale. While the buyer might risk the venture and purchase whatever offered...most people don't. They ask others about the product or service and from such input determine what's better or best. It's a personal choice and a personal effort but never does big foot government entrench the process. America...the people are burdened with big foot government oversight. Americans have entrusted their decision-making to government officials as if somehow those scumbags and goons know better.'s this NANNY STATE CAGE stuff which has grown so powerful...that if cattle and sheep...wait for their would-be master to tell them what is good and bad.

For instance...if a person wants to buy Oxycotin...a powerful heroin-like drug...they should be able to get it any time they like. If they overdose or get a "bad product" it's their loss and their tragedy...self-made...self-perfected...and...not anyone's concern but theirs and that of their loved ones. The seller of the tainted product would be held liable for the "mess".

The legal system(tort law) in the OUM...and...not some big foot government agency...takes care of such problems. It's designed to address such things. Moreover...the public would shy away from that seller and not use that seller's product. Indeed...nowadays...the INTERNET is so powerful that such wrongful conduct would be instantly publicized and the seller(s) would be arrested for the fraud. Hence, there isn't any need for the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION or any other kind of "tell-me-what-to-do" kind of agency.


When there is an abundance it's called a GLUT. Similarly...when their isn't's called SCARCITY. In an otherwise unhampered market...these things come and go as consumers determine the supply. If the consumer wants a car instead of a covered are produced and the Conestoga makers disappear. the America TEAM OBAMA has created...big foot government would instantly subsidize the CONESTOGA makers so they might continue producing these unwanted things with the would-be masters telling the consumers they must suffer this kind of intrusion into their lives.


As the American flag was lowered at CAMP LEATHERNECK in Afghanistan...the Marines and other personnel saluted and listened to the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. They were departing toilet-bowl Afghanistan...leaving their well-built encampment and base of operations. They had used this sprawling camp as an ammo dump and landing pad for planes and copters. Now they were saying goodbye to toilet-bowl Afghanistan...a land of mystery and confusion...a place where thousands of their comrades lost their lives or limbs...a spot so medieval that it was as likely as not that within a few months the TALIBAN would raise its flag...or...worse...ISIS would raise it BLACK FLAG of "no quarter".

BUSH-CHENEY had a chance to install an otherwise unhampered market paradigm in that region...but...they chose to impose socialism and state-control over every aspect of life something the docile Afghans resented but accepted since the overall aspect made life a little better. Instead of having to work to eat...they merely stuck out their little frog-like hands and were given sustenance by big foot government.

But they weren't free...they were subject to income taxes, estate taxes, huge departments, snotty ministers and agents...intrusive bureaucrats of all types and descriptions...they were beset by what Americans daily suffer in America. Sure...they accepted the "yoke and choke" agenda of BUSH-CHENEY...but...they longed for the day when Americans would leave and permit them to return to their ways...their ancient ways.


In order to hurt Americans...TEAM OBAMA directed its goon squads to do whatever necessary to make oil and natural gas production more expensive. "We will add taxes and red tape and hurt Americans something we want more than life itself," bragged Senator Elizabeth Warren...herself a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. She pointed out that as gasoline prices drop so does the need for socialism. "I want Americans enslaved and lower gasoline prices dent TEAM OBAMA'S plan to force people on to buses and bicycles," she added with a gleeful look drooling off her grimly etched face.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Ezra Klein said he was miffed that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would issue a quarantine order addressing anyone who was caught entering New Jersey with EBOLA. "How dare he protect the millions of voters in New Jersey,"scumbag Klein drooled. "Obama and I want mass hysteria and with Christie's quarantine there won't be such fear and TEAM OBAMA will lose the mid-terms. He's messing up our plan!"


Hydraulic fracturing...a new technique for producing oil and natural gas...releases small amounts of methane gas...a harmless substance. But...the environmentalists scream if any is released. But when big foot government tells America it's about to release deadly radioactive gas and Chlorine gas...there isn't any noise...not any fussing...not any MASS MEDIA condemnation. Indeed...the contrast is so startling that even the most freedom-hating environmentalists can't keep quiet. Yet they are. Why?

Aecio Neves

Aecio Neves received 48.44% of the vote while socialist-Rouseff received 51.56% of the overall ballots counted. Rouseff fared well with the poor and needy...a group she worked hard to create and perpetuate. "By making them my slaves...they vote as I direct," she laughed when a cub-reporter from this BLOG asked how she prevailed against a semi-liberator.

Had Neves, though. told Brazilians his plan was to eliminate the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE..liberating everyone...paying off all the RIDERS in the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system..he'd have defeated Rouseff mightily. However, he refused to listen and consequently lost.


In Brazil...welfare recipients were told to vote for their master-Dilma Rouseff. And...because they are enslaved and mindless...they did as they were told. Over the next four years...though...even these mind-numbed robots will find Rouseff and her socialists are the reason they're poor.


One of the tenets of the otherwise unhampered market(OUM) model is that government employees are never paid very much and whatever paid is always considered "way too much". Hence...only the most dedicated are found in such jobs. Because government in the OUM can't pick winners and losers in the marketplace...there isn't much incentive to be a legislator or governor. And...because only victim-crimes are "on the books"...there are few police and even fewer prisons.


Anyone who can escape is departing Kansas...a state beleaguered with high taxes...mountainous red tape and government employees who hate liberty more than life itself. "I left Kansas as soon as I found a sucker to buy my stuff," confided one of the millions of Americans flocking to Florida...a state without an income tax or an estate tax...a state packed with liberty-lovers...and...a state where to preach socialism fetches the speaker a baseball bat to the back of the head in the parking lot.

Aly Salem

Aly Egyptian Muslim...told the world that ISLAM has been abducted by closet-despots. He pointed out that Sayyed Qutb wrote a manual on how to kill dissent and erect a caliphate: IN THE SHADOW OF ISLAM. instead of rejecting QUTB...the rag heads embraced it. "We can use that book to enslave," whispered BAGHDAD BOB...leader of ISIS.


Ah...yes...the "you didn't build it" crowd is back with Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth"papoose"Warren making the most noise. "They didn't build their businesses...we did. And these businesses need to give back. Give as much back as we decide," these two slime slugs dripped and drooled. Of course...their crowd packed with servile supplicants screamed with adulation. Here were to leaders willing to take away liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...and...they cheered such enslavement.

When asked why cheer for more "whip and chain" of the crowd said, "They plan to take it from the producer and redistribute the loot and I'll be in line to get my share. Sure...I'll lick big foot government boot to get my portion...but...I was taught in public school to kneel and worship my master."

Folks...socialism is afoot. But few ESTABLISHMENT-REPUBLICANS are confronting this nonsense. They prefer to be quiet and allow these scumbags to grab even more believing by remaining silent they,themselves, can continue in power and escape the condemnation of the MASS MEDIA, itself socialist-packed.

Addressing the underlying premise embedded in the "you didn't build it" statement:

A person never buys or does anything unless by so doing something more is obtained. A person doesn't work...for instance...unless payment is forthcoming. If the pay is short of what wanted, then the employer loses an employee. If you wish to buy a car, you never buy the car unless the money spent is less in value than the car obtained. Hence...the seller gets more than the seller had lest the seller not sell and the buyer gets more than the buyer had before or else the transaction wouldn't occur. Both parties in a transaction get more than they gave or else the deal wouldn't have occurred.

The government injects itself into this simple transaction...however...and...drains the benefits flowing to each person making the "deal" troublesome and more often than not even discouraging the transaction altogether. In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the government is funded through lotteries, rents, royalties and Warren Buffet like donations. Never does big foot government gain advantage through taxation and regulation.

Such is why in the OUM never can there be found an able-bodied pauper...and...only in a welfare-state such as America or Brazil are there mindless, unwashed masses waiting for scumbags such as Warren or Clinton to stoop down and give them whatever these two "leaders" believe needed. "I want to lick her boot," confided one Warren supporter adding that Warren would loot the storeroom of others and pass it out as she decided in her inimitable wisdom was better or best.

Years ago...people would never have listened to such drivel and tripe. They'd have smacked Warren in the face with a pie or slapped Hillary with a lawsuit for her husband's indiscretions. They would have reflected on the hours of labor spent producing and become disgusted with such knavish utterances. Nowadays...though...with socialists controlling the MASS MEDIA and most government positions held by scumbag-socialists and other freedom-haters...her DECLARATION OF ENSLAVEMENT is received with jubilation and enthusiasm.


Oscar Taveras...a baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals...recently died. He will be missed. God speed, Oscar. Recall it was Oscar Taveras who came forward and called Obama a dung-throwing monkey. He said he wanted TEAM OBAMA defeated in the 2014 and 2016 elections. He didn't know where he'd be...but...he'd know about it and he'd be glad.


In Georgia...Michelle Nunn...a rabid socialist and freedom-hater...directed her team to use buses to shuttle Afro-Americans to the voting booths. "I want those cattle and sheep collected and sent down the chute!" she fumed when told her chances weren't very good against Republican David Perdue. "We need to get them into the voting booth where they'll do their master's bidding and put me into the U.S. Senate where I can remove what little liberty they enjoy. I'll make them lick my boot with their candied tongue," she drooled as she was looking at the precinct maps.


Welcome to Obama's America where taxes and red tape destroy anyone not picked to be a winner. Nowadays...TEAM OBAMA is demanding there not be mandatory quarantines since such efforts would ruin the PLANNED EBOLA HYSTERIA that Obama and his scurvy crew plotted.


Have you noticed the MASS MEDIA and TEAM OBAMA are saying social media and the internet are to blame for the so-called lone-wolf attacks in New York City and elsewhere? Never do they blame themselves or their programs and policies since to put blame where it really should lie would be to undermine their effort to enslave America...and...replace liberty with "freedom-to-obey".

Take for example the dude with the hatchet. He had been radicalized by the New York City socialist system. He had been taxed and hampered until he was destitute. He tried to make a difference in his own life by working hard and every time he gained a few bucks...some big foot government tax or red-tape scumbag would take it from him. He saw the police as an appendage of this "grip and grab" so he attacked in the only manner he knew how. He ran at a couple of surprised policemen with his weapon taking out a few before he himself was slain.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


A nurse returning from West Africa was quarantined. Kaci Hickox...a nurse...wasn't infected but to be sure she was isolated. Naturally...Nurse Hickox was miffed but the danger to others too great for such risk to be left alone. Hence...she was grabbed and put into a room with a portable toilet and paper clothes. "You'll be released as soon as we determine you're free of the virus," she was informed by Governor Chris Christie.


The message of liberation over subjugation is afoot. The army of liberation marches to "make salt" dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. TEAM OBAMA is doing all it can to stifle and hinder the effort...but...the message is beyond its evil grasp.


ISIS...that bunch of rag heads in the desert...has used the INTERNET to recruit replacements for its army of Islam. "With the internet these Muslim-zealots can invite others to join their march to caliphate," steamed General Dempsey. "We need to eliminate all freedom in America by grabbing control of the INTERNET," he quipped when asked about "how" to confront such a religious message.


FREEUSFLORIDA! When Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...heard that its was FREEUSFLORIDA that had exposed his plan to get TEAM OBAMA re-elected in the 2014 mid-terms by flooding the complicit MASS MEDIA with frightening things such as ISIS and EBOLA...he directed his goon squad at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) to do what need be done to delete and eradicate. "We can't have such a powerful opponent going into the final days leading up to the mid-terms!" he drooled and fumed.


SHUT IT DOWN! Such was the diktat issued by Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey. He was miffed that this BLOG had exposed his evil and was telling the world all his Administration's secrets. "How can they know what we're doing?" he asked his Secret Service people. "They connected ISIS to our CIA. They knew I ordered U.S. border guard BRIAN TERRY to be silenced; and that BLOG demonstrated I ordered our lab-created EBOLA released in Liberia. We will lose the 2014 mid-term elections if we don't shut that BLOG down!"


Instead of slowly moving the football down the field in the closing minute of the game against LSU...the quarterback...himself a braggart and bully...elected to throw a 48 yard pass which was quickly intercepted ending the game and Ole Miss's chances to be national champions.


An illegal immigrant who didn't enter America lawfully...shot several law enforcement officers. The shooter was a "regular voter" and always voted for Democrats since the Democrats promised more not less big foot government health care. The shooting occurred because the deputies were interfering with this supportive effort. "I killed them because I am a socialist and I want more not less freebies," this scumbag Mexican was heard to say.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


The City of Vero Beach must fire Robert Scheffel Wright and Jim O'Connor. Wright's a hack lawyer with ties to O'Connors, the City Manager of Vero. Eliminate them and Vero will be better off. And...while the City Council is at it they should demand Wright disgorge the fees he's charged. He's an incompetent "yes-man" and deserves to be deleted. Indeed...these two scumbags are plotting to hurt Vero Beach with an insidious contract unworthy of contemplation.


Ah...yes...this island Earth. Could mankind construct an "Interossiter"? So far...they're stuck in the goo and grime of big foot government muck and mash.


Dr. Spencer returned to New York City and made it a point to go to public places where he could infect more people. He was directed to spread EBOLA so that hysteria would grip the Big Apple and probably assist in re-electing Democrats who would have otherwise lost their bid for re-election. Because he's a CIA-operative...he did as he was told and has since become a pariah in the City. To Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...however...he's a loyal soldier who would kill his own mother to advance the cause of socialism in America.


"People who rely on the scumbags in big foot government are doomed," whispered a whistle blower at the Center for Disease Control(CDC). "Big foot government doesn't create...we pretend...and...laugh when people die," confided Tom Frieden. Recall that he smirked when asked "how" he could have been so reckless in permitting EBOLA to enter the United States.


Brazil is about to choose between more or less chain and whip. If they choose Dilma Rouseff...they'll continue into the toilet bowl of socialism and poverty. Indeed...Dilma Rouseff promised more not less big foot government because she knows most Brazilians are cattle and sheep who crave direction and control by bureaucratic creeps. "I can urinate down their backs and tell them it's raining and they believe me," she quipped when asked "why" push more not less 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE stuff.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bill Nelson: scumbag

U.S.Senator Bill Nelson(D.FL) came to the Indian River County Commission and was respectfully received. He's a socialist and a rabid freedom-hater...yet...not one commissioner called him as much. He needed to hear from Vero Beach and he didn't. Yes...outside of the commission chambers he was accosted by freedom-lovers who called him scumbag and socialist. But when you're telling evil it's evil it hears only its name and little else. How he escaped public derision is not known but he did depart knowing some people disliked his bent for destruction of liberty.


When Bob was accosted by 3 cops as he was walking along the sidewalk...he pulled his own pistol and shot all 3 of them. He wasn't about to be beaten and stomped. His friend was almost killed by these 3 cops the week before and when they came for him...he defended himself with his cannon. As one bystander said, "Those cops deserved to be shot. They were messing with him. They were trying to hassle him and he showed them they were messing with the wrong guy." BOOM...BOOM...BANG.

10 mile walk

Without a car...a worker bee walks to/from his employment...a 10 mile round trip. His path unfortunately takes him through woodlands and hills. Instead of it being a pleasant's fraught with hassle and travail. On one of 10 occasions...for example...cops surprised him...knocked him to the ground...and...kicked his front teeth out when he protested the "grip and grab". They thought he was the suspect for whom they'd been looking...and...that mistake had occurred 10 times with the last one being the worst incident.

The leader of the cops denied that this worker bee was injured by them. Had it not been for a video a camper was able to make...these scumbags would have been able to avoid liability. As it is...all 398 of them have been suspended and U.S.Attorney General Eric the Holder has promised vigorous prosecution. Obama even came forward to say he planned to prosecute them as powerfully as he had Democrat Jon Corzine...the poster child of evil.


To win the mid-terms we must lie about ourselves and our passion for enslavement. If the voters knew how evil we were and are...they'd find ways to hang us not support us," confided U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(d.FL) when she was asked "how" TEAM OBAMA was going to avoid a big defeat in 2014.

Democrat Jon Corzine

Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion of his clients' money and was never prosecuted. He told U.S.Attorney General Eric the Holder that if he were attacked he'd reveal "dirty laundry" and sink TEAM OBAMA. Respecting this threat...he was left alone.

Mention is made of Democrat Jon Corzine since recently a Republican who did less stealing was prosecuted because he lacked such "dirt on Obama". Had this "game-cock" possessed such "filth" he could have escaped condemnation. However...Bobby Harrell lacked such stuff and has been attacked. His lawyer...though...didn't want to make a big deal out of how Democrats such as Corzine and Landrieu were thieves since just because they're despicable and evil...his client didn't wish to use such comparison of treatment as a viable defense.

"Yes...Corzine and Landrieu are evil as one could imagine...but...Bobby didn't want to use the "dirty laundry" of others as a defense," his timid lawyer replied when asked "why" Harrell didn't sink as many ships as possible before he himself drowned.


Because Obama is a MARXIST ON MISSION...his anti-freedom drivel and tripe inspired child-activists who want to help this dung-throwing monkey. One such Democrat-child-activist took a gun and went into a West Virginia school and began to kill other students. As the shooter was delivering death...witnesses claim he was singing a song OBAMA said he loved. It was a MARXIST workers' party song...packed with the love of enslavement and a willingness to kill to create a socialist paradise. Of course...not wanting to waste a crisis...Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren...herself a dedicated socialist and freedom-hater...said she liked how this student demonstrated the values herself and other socialists share.


EBOLA is in America. Indeed...the PENTAGON has dispatched a 30-member "strike-team" to handle outbreaks where and when they occur. In the meantime...people who come to the hospitals around the country bleeding from their eyes and ears are disappearing. The hospitals deny they were ever there. What's up?


Senator Landrieu stole money and she was not prosecuted. Bobby Harrell...a Republican did the same thing and was. The difference? He's Republican and she's a socialist-Democrat. While many people would feel disgusted by this contrast...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...thinks it's humorous. Indeed...he laughed when told Landrieu should be prosecuted.


Penn State football teams for years were attacked by Jerry Sandusky...a queer-coach. He would sodomize the players in the shower and demand their silence in exchange for a berth on the starting roster. "If you were a "starter" you had been raped by Sandusky," confided a former Penn State All-American. Mention is made of this perversion since in Pennsylvania it was discovered that many high school coaches were raping their players in exchange for a position on the "1st team".


The founder of SILK ROAD a dude named ROSS ULBRICHT was arrested by big foot government and the federal judge presiding over his trial is a scumbag of the 1st order. Judge Katherine Forrest promised to help big foot government stomp and chomp. "I'll make sure it's a kangaroo court," she drooled when asked "why" most Americans wanted to kill her.


A cure for EBOLA was perfected by private industry without any assistance from big foot government. It's called ZMAPP. It's production almost didn't occur because 5 federal so-called health agencies didn't want a cure to be perfected preferring instead to study the matter and make recommendations to other federal agencies which in turn would ask for more money to study the recommendations and proposals.

However...Senators Orrin Hatch and "papoose"Warren...two big foot government advocates...want to fund more big foot government studies and whatnot. Will they succeed in convincing Americans that the money will be properly spent? Will they be able to use that intentional-scare which EBOLA has brought to get it done?


Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) was told she had to lie to get a government job. Instead of refusing to LIE...she began to tell people she was a direct descendant of Chief Sitting Bull and any other Indian whose name might ring a bell of recognition. was deceitful...but..."papoose" Warren is an unprincipled scumbag and lying is just a natural outgrowth of her hatred for liberty.


Folks...did you know that Orin Hatch and Elizabeth Warren...two ESTABLISHMENT scumbags...were drawing up their plan for more funding for big foot government research before EBOLA was injected into America? How did these two freedom-haters know EBOLA was coming to America?


THE ESTABLISHMENT...alias "THE MAN". Has anyone asked themselves "why" support THE STATUS QUO? Why not delete and eliminate big foot government's grip and grab? Yes...THE MAN is protected by the complicit MASS MEDIA...but...a message of liberation over subjugation is afoot,folks. It's called the army of liberation before which is carried THE ORB. marches to "make salt" delete the yoke and choke agenda of THE ESTABLISHMENT. Why not join this crusade to help eradicate the "whip and chain" these scumbags have imposed?
THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.


How fast does a shrimp walk or run on the ocean floor? While the question and answer are idiotic...big foot government spent almost $400,000 finding out. Indeed...does a rabbit like to be massaged? Well...after $387,000 spent...the answer is "yes"...they do like to be handled and petted. The list of boondoggles of which these are just a few...would make any taxpayer wince and tear up in anger.

Yet...yesterday...more money was demanded to fund such important research and integral science. The proponents for more big foot government expenditure pointed to EBOLA as a reason for such funding. "We must spend other people's money to get a cure for EBOLA and the trillion other diseases that might be out there," drooled U.S.Senator "papoose" Warren...herself a socialist and an advocate for shrimp-and-rabbit science.

Maybe people will be fooled again and support such boondoggles but many taxpayers are revolting and demanding big foot government stay out of the business of funding scientific research. Indeed...the EBOLA SCARE was intentionally imposed on America so that people would support this expansion of BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT. "If we scare people we can get what we want," sniffed "papoose" Warren adding that she liked scaring and lying to voters more than life itself.


Mike Bibeau...the Muslim maniac who shot people in Ottawa...picked Ottawa because he was sure they lacked guns. He decided not to attack an American building because too many guns and too many people carrying those guns who wouldn't hesitate to kill him. But in was "open season"...and...the risk of death at the hands of angry people was almost nil.

Michael Zehaf Bibeau

A soldier without bullets in his gun stood at a war memorial situated close to the Ottawa Parliament building. He'd been stationed there to stop Muslims from urinating on the monument. What he didn't expect, though, was one of those Muslims charging him from behind and shooting him in the back with a 30-30 Winchester rifle. He died as surprised as was the rest of anti-gun law Canada. How could someone get a gun this defenseless soldier thought as he drew his last breath.

Mike Bibeau had been given "free health care"...and...yet...socialism could not prevent this dastardly attack. "We're socialist and we took from everyone and gave it to Mike and this is how he repaid our kindness...our help?" asked Sergeant of Arms Kevin Vickers whose own gun...the only gun* within 200 miles of that kill-zone...Vickers used to slay this Muslim-maniac.
*Vickers was told not to have a gun but he defied the edict and had one locked away in a vault. took Vickers 30 minutes to unlock all the locks and put in all the codes to access his firearm...but...finally he was able to get his hands on his COLT 45...a gun with a "stopping-power" bullet. He walked up to maniac-Mike...and...blew this scumbag away. "Had I listened and obeyed the diktat of "no gun"...we'd be crying over the people Mike was successfully able to run down and slaughter," quipped a jubilant Vickers.


There are 15,000 documents that Obama is preventing from revelation so that TEAM OBAMA can get re-elected. After the mid-terms...after the Democrats have once more secured their power and control...he promised he'd reveal "fast and furious" what his people did. He even said he'd finally admit he issued a "snuff order" to silence U.S. border guard, BRIAN TERRY whose data would have exposed Obama's plan to foment mayhem and unrest along the Mexican border.


The athletes playing for the University of North Carolina could access "work-free" classes and receive a grade even if a "no-show" for whatever classes such courses prescribed. One athlete received an "A" and never wrote a paper...never took a test...and...never showed up for class. While it might seem he was the only turns out 99 out of 100 Tar Heels were "handled" in such fashion calling into question the diplomas for 2307 former Tar Heels their names withheld to protect the innocent.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


In Florida...marijuana is on the ballot and the elderly are against any liberation. "I want enslavement!" screamed an 85 year old dude whose life splattered with envy and hatred of liberty.


In Georgia...Michelle Nunn was finally asked about her socialist bent. When she began to drool venom and preach enslavement...even her supporters turned against her. "She's not for freedom, is she?" asked one disenchanted Democrat removing her lapel pin. "She finally revealed herself to be a freedom-hater and it's despicable," added another Democrat who said she was voting for David Perdue.


Why choose Democrat over Republican? The answer is because Democrats will take away liberty and replace it with "freedom to obey" and that prospect excites the Hispanics and Afro-Americans...two groups who traditionally lick their master's boot. "I want to lick boot and do whatever my master says," drooled Al Sharpton...a big voice in the boot-licking community.


In 2011...Obama deliberately took away funding for traditional Afro-American colleges. He wanted them to know they had to lick boot for master's favor. "I want to teach them they must kneel and obey whatever rule or diktat I might issue," smacked Obama when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG "why" he did so much to harm Negro colleges.


Suspended for 2 NFL games was quite enough as to punishment for striking his fiancee' so hard in an elevator that she fell to the floor unconscious. When RAY RICE was removed from the roster altogether...though...he appealed. Of these politically-correct times...some people want him never again to play football. "I want him to suffer," drooled U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca) when asked what she thought should happen.

urination on monuments

In Jerusalem...the house where Joseph, father of Jesus resided is located in a Muslim part of town. The Muslims urinate on its walls and inside its bedrooms in order to demonstrate their lack of respect for Christianity. In Ottawa...Muslims pissed on a war memorial so much that unarmed guards were stationed there to stop such desecration.

Of course...the Ottawa shooter killed one of those guards as he walked into Parliament to continue his destruction. Had that guard had bullets he could have defended himself but without bullets he was a sacrificial lamb. Naturally...the anti-gun crowd said he deserved to die and hailed the shooter as a real good guy just trying to find his Islamic roots,eh.

sixty percent?

Sixty percent(60%) of voters must approve marijuana in Florida or else it will remain illegal. The police are drooling over the prospect that they can continue to hassle and hurt people using anti-pot laws as their basis. Indian River County Sheriff Daryl Loar...for instance...said he liked anti-drug laws since it permitted his deputies to kill people with impunity. "I like killing people and these anti-drug laws give me the power to do what I like," he fumed and venom dripped.


ISIS...a terrorist organization in control of an area the size of Indiana...recruited 3 teenagers from Colorado promising them Islamic Paradise. "Come and join the movement...a movement where women are slaves and men are directed from cradle to grave." That kind of advertising while idiotic to most Americans was captivating to these two Afro-American teenagers whose teachers had told them how noble jihad was. Their teachers even showed them that TEAM OBAMA had granted it approval to a recently written book wherein jihad and death were stylistically championed.


TEAM OBAMA was heard laughing that they had hurt working people by inflating prices. We made them miserable and we were able to blame the Republicans using our cronies in the MASS MEDIA. "If voters knew we were behind this mess...they'd boot the lot of us," confided U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) when asked how Democrats were escaping public condemnation.

Sgt of Arms

Kevin Vickers...Sergeant of Arms of the Ottawa Parliament...took his gun and killed the terrorist who was shooting people. He was the only dude with a gun because Canada has strict gun-control. The terrorist was assured he'd not have to fear anyone reacting with return fire. "You'll be able to kill at will...and...need not fear any return fire," whispered JOSH EARNEST...the Obama-operative assigned to dispatch this new Islamic convert.

The terrorist before he was killed...wanting to praise his promoter...shouted how much he loved Obama and wanted Canada to become as socialist as America had become. "Obama is great and I will kill anyone who says otherwise!" this shooter proclaimed before Vickers' bullets peppered his head.


In Europe there is a need for natural gas. In America there is an abundance of cheap natural gas. So why doesn't the need get met? The answer is that big foot government...both European and American...have added so many layers of hassle and hinder that it can't does occur...only when big foot government grants permission.

Lady Elizabeth pointed out this bottleneck and demanded all hurdle and stifle be deleted forthwith. Immediately...big foot government cronies in the MASS MEDIA defended the grip and grab claiming only government officials knew best how to distribute such product. "How dare someone declare liberation over subjugation!" snorted MSNBC Ed Schultz...himself a rabid freedom-hater and devoted socialist.


Ah...yes...electronic voting machines in Cook County, Illinois. The machines are rigged so that the Democrats prevail. It's nasty...evil...and...illegal...if the trick is discovered. So far...several machines were found to be "rigged"...and...the perpetrators employed by the Mayor's office. Little has been done and little if anything will be done since the Democrats control the police and courts.