Saturday, November 29, 2014


In Europe...unlike here in America...people do things which are reprehensible but traditionally after 10 years the indiscretion or crime are forgotten...and...the perpetrators can go about their business...stroll the avenue...and...not have to fear getting kicked in the groin or spat upon. They know not any newspaper, TV or RADIO will be describing their prior blemish and hence can proceed without fear of the rude slap from someone who just heard.

However...all that changed when GOOGLE arrived. GOOGLE unlike any other platform has the power of knowledge as its principal wall and concomitant weaponry. might GOOGLE the name of the dude who raped the 5 cleaning ladies in that New York arrested and photographed in a "perp walk"...but...was alter exonerated when the video showed Senator Chuck Schumer doing the sexual whatever...and...that French dude nabbed because he and ole Chuck looked very much alike...almost as if identical twins.

So far reaching is GOOGLE...its ability to deliver data so vast...that Europeans concluded their tradition of "10 year privacy wall" was gone...absorbed by the creeping vine of knowledge...any aspect of the world available...obtainable...and...presented in every way possible...all to the destruction of this "PRIVACY WALL". The perpetrators want to escape the perpetual grip of "stone-throwing" condemnation...and...GOOGLE is breaching that wall...indeed...undermining it and washing it away into the stream of human knowledge.


The Kurds must be careful...but...they could establish their own nation with borders...erect...a small limited central government dedicated to perpetuation of a 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...and...have the most prosperous region in the Middle East. As mentioned generally in the Qu'ran...a Muslim never slaughters his baker or banker. Hence...not even ISIS would wish to attack this golden place...a place where everyone is welcome and not anywhere found an able-bodied pauper.

If the Kurds...on the other hand...simply want their own borders so they can continue the socialist nonsense BUSH-CHENEY imposed in Iraq...their desire for nation would evaporate as tribe after tribe found advantage in looting their neighbor's storeroom using socialist tax and socialist red tape. Institutionalized civil war...the stuff tearing Iraq into warring factions,,,such would work its iniquity in what could otherwise be a great place for Kurds and anyone else yearning to breathe free.

Yes...the MASS MEDIA has championed the Kurdish politicians who preach enslavement and big foot government's likely the Kurds initially operating the control panel will be BUSH-CHENEY socialists and power-mongers...but...eventually...enough Kurds will find the courage to rise up and declare liberation over subjugation...demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be dismantled and direct all would-be masters to depart for other thrones or stay...remove the gun and grim...and...participate in the OUM...the next best thing to EDEN.


Big foot government is doing all it can to hinder and stifle economic growth that it can't control. "Only those picked as winners should be permitted to prosper,"declared Obama...himself a dung-throwing monkey incensed by America's unwillingness to kneel and lick his boot.


TEAM OBAMA did all it could to stop Americans from producing cheap energy. They wanted the price of oil and natural gas to remain high because it offered an explanation for the "green-energy" boondoggle afoot. Recall TEAM OBAMA spent $178 billion on "green energy" projects most of which have since bankrupted as energy became cheaper. Indeed...even Hollywood tried to poison the market and destroy the new technology by claiming it "hurt" the environment...a Hollywood thought it could tell easily given the stupidity* of the American people.
*Jonathan Gruber...a maggot from M.I.T. was caught telling an audience of maggots how stupid the American people were and how easily they could be duped.

Friday, November 28, 2014

GoPro,Inc. contract

GoPro,Inc. has made a deal with Obama to put hidden cameras in every toilet and shower facility of national leaders so that he can "watch".'s demented...sick...and...depraved...but...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...doesn't care what people might think. He likes to "watch" and has agreed to pay GoPro a billion bucks to secrete such cameras and to patch him into the "stream".


FACEBOOK is closing down freebie advertising at the same time GOOGLE is increasing access to its multiple platforms. If FACEBOOK doesn't watch what they're doing...GOOGLE will supplant FACEBOOK rendering FACEBOOK little more than "yesterday's rice"...a dinosaur few people wish to use. Take for instance Christy Bossie...who recently discovered FACEBOOK was about to plug-pull her $100,000 per year gem stone business. She was informed FACEBOOK was about to terminate her "interface" and she was perplexed.

Coming to her aid and comfort...however...was this BLOG whose platform is so expansive and accommodating that millions of entrepreneurs are flocking to it to get some advertising space. As Christy pointed out, "When President Putin and scumbag-Obama are both referring to FREEUSFLORIDA before they make political's likely their constituencies are also perusing that BLOG."


U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) was asked "how" would TEAM OBAMA retain power given the awful 2014 mid-term election results. He looked into the camera and said, "We need to learn to lie as well as Jonathan Gruber* and Obama."
*Jonathan Gruber was caught on video laughing about how he and Obama had tricked the "stupid" American voter.
Obama told voters they could keep their doctor and insurance plan...a LIE as big as anything Schumer has in mind.


In China there is a new game afoot. It's called HONG KONG PONG. It's similar to ping pong but it uses a glowing ball that has a bounce so unusual many who have played the game say it's much too difficult to master and will be around for generations as people try and become 'THE WINNER'.


With the dramatic assistance of the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this EBOLA vaccine has been discovered. Yes...the Food and Drug Administration did all it could to stop this vaccine's production...but...this BLOG went forward anyway and gave Nancy Sullivan at the National Institute of Health the "direction" she needed to produce this much-needed defense against this lab-created monster(Wall Street Journal A-6;11-28-14)


Tim Loehmann asked his boss what was he to do if he observed a 12 year old boy with a "play-gun". His boss, Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba thought about the question for a moment and then replied, "Shoot the little bastard...and...ask questions later." And...of course...this rookie...hearing such advice did just that when Emir Rice pulled his toy-gun from his pants to show Tim it was not a real gun. Ole Tim opened fire and blew a bucket-size hole in little Emir's chest.


Europe is every level of life...big foot government can be tape...taxes...and...diktat...all well-packed...and...plentiful. terms of "start-up" companies...there are few found and those found are struggling against so much "hinder and hassle"...fewer still will remain viable. As Juan Pedro...a struggling Spaniard said, "I thought we were free in's an illusion. Big foot government is everywhere and their mission statement is to keep me "poor and pathetic"...since in that position...they believe I'll lick their boot better."


Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) has long been a foe of liberty. He gained power by promising to destroy freedom and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". He even supported OBAMA-CARE a dramatic approach to enslavement which scumbag-Schumer thought would be well-received by the unwashed masses and thereby perpetuate him in political power for a 1000 years in all directions. When he discovered to his chagrin that voters hated "whip and chain"...he instantly came forward to denounce OBAMA-CARE.

Even though he was one of OBAMA-CARE'S principal support beams...Schumer is now claiming he never wanted to enslave...but...was compelled to vote to impose such shackles because he was a loyal Democrat who would kill his own mother to advance the cause of socialism. If the voters don't see how pathetic and evil this scumbag is...they never will.


Until America became energy-independent due to new ways to extract oil and natural gas from Mother Earth...consumers were at the mercy of the Middle Eastern oil barons. Nowadays...though...the abundance of oil and natural gas has caused these oil-barons to retrench and decide "how" they'll interrupt the flow of oil to make prices rise again. One oil-baron...for example...thought it a good idea to "nuke" New York City...blow a hole in Manhattan....while others pointed out it was too risky and the results might not be as good as contemplated.


Even though Obama and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists don't understand how a free market works...the consuming public does. They know big foot government has been keeping prices "high"...and...making their lives miserable. the OIL GLUT has been forcing downward prices on all energy-related goods and services...they aren't interested in big foot government policies and programs designed to keep prices up. The consumers know market forces are at work and their not about to permit scumbag government officials to make it different.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Michele Flournoy

Michele Flournoy was asked if she wanted the job as Secretary of Defense. She instantly turned down the offer since she knows whomever gets that job will be blamed when IRAN drops a "nuke" on New York City. She's too smart to be made the "patsy".


If you're so unlucky to have 20 or more will be forced by big foot government to add "calorie count" to each item of food and beverage offered. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has hired 10,000 FOOD-POLICE to travel around and identify transgressors. If the menu isn't changed in their presence they have full authority to shoot the owner and ask questions later. It's called* the MICHAEL BROWN OPTION.
*Mike Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri by a police officer using this OPTION that Senator Claire McCaskill helped fashion. "I want big foot government to have absolute power and this option to kill without mercy seems a great idea," snorted this Democrat-pig.


Darren Wilson will never again* be a law enforcement employee. Not any police department would ever wish someone such as Wilson to be found among them. To almost everyone who has heard about him...they consider him a be shunned and ignored. "I doubt he could get served at a restaurant if the owner knew who he was," whispered U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill...herself a Democrat ready to stone-throw.
*Darren Wilson is the cop who shot Mike Brown...the gentle giant who had just committed a robbery of a store clerk moments before getting shot dead by a fearful Wilson.


It's THANKSGIVING DAY...and...everywhere in America families are getting together for a day of food and fun. Many haven't seen each other since the last feast and welcome the chance to share their love and fortune. If you don't have any place to go...why not meet people at the local church or community center where free food and friendship abundantly granted?

1 in 30 homeless

Ever since TEAM OBAMA has been in control of big foot government...the poor and impoverished have grown in numbers until 1 in 30 children are homeless. Yes...TEAM OBAMA imposed as much welfare state nonsense as possible...Michelle Obama took food from schools and replaced it with cardboard and broccoli...medical care was removed from the neighborhood and centralized in the next big city down the way...and...Obama flooded the country with illegal aliens...but...overall...the American economy is stagnant and sclerotic.


The Missouri National Guard was ready to quell rioting but were not deployed by Governor Jay Nixon because he was told not to dispatch the Guard by U.S.Senator Claire McCaskill...a scumbag Democrat hag who believes she can only get re-elected if voters don't know who she is.


The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE received 10 million new "bloc-voters" when Obama by executive order granted "citizenship" to Hispanics and anyone else who lacked a passport. Obama also granted them access to welfare state freebies and favors knowing such gifts would assure their loyalty come election time.'s a callous way of creating a voting bloc but TEAM OBAMA knows it must have these additional votes lest they lose all power in Washington DC and their CAGE be subject to dismantling by disgruntled Republicans and disillusioned Democrats.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) was told he would lose his next election because his hatred of liberty has been revealed by this BLOG. With the incessant attack by this BLOG has come a realization on the part of many New York voters that Schumer is an evil...disgusting scumbag. To counter this onslaught...scumbag Schumer has come forward to denounce OBAMA-CARE. Perhaps he'll fool the voters but it's not likely given the massive "revelation-campaign" this BLOG undertook to delete Schumer.

cold blooded killer

Darren an interview...said he wasn't sorry he killed MIKE BROWN...then gentle giant of Ferguson. He shot him because the gentle giant insulted him.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


In Iran...FACEBOOK has opted to remove any FACEBOOK PAGE wherein liberation over subjugation is preached. GOOGLE sensing an opportunity to take 194 million customers from FACEBOOK has offered Iranian freedom-fighters access to whatever GOOGLE does. Naturally...FACEBOOK will ignore this entrenchment of its patronage because FACEBOOK believes it doesn't have to accommodate customers while GOOGLE sees the benefit. Big difference...and...bigger outreach by GOOGLE.


One day a scientist came into a marbled-floor conference room and told his colleagues they had best find the Higgs Boson today or else they would be looking for jobs tomorrow. The funding was running out...the donors were turned-off by failure and without that discovery today their lives tomorrow would be penniless and desperate. They all agreed they'd "find" that ultimate building block of the universe by five o'clock that day and they did.

Of course...they were the ONLY ones in the testing facility and the only ones who observed this ULTIMATE BUILDING BLOCK...but...they staked their reputations on the discovery and accepted the praise of the entire scientific community for finding that building block...that ultimate bit of "mass" from which all matter comes.

Recently...though...their ruse was revealed. In the weeks following the so-called discovery of the HIGGS BOSON...others attempted to repeat this "discovery-process" so that they might as well observe what many believed was not observable given the equipment at hand. What they found was the BRYSON...a particle 6 times as large as the HIGGS BOSON...but...something the "scientists" seemed to have missed when they were conducting their "observational exercise". an act of job-preservation...they found the flea but didn't see the elephant. Many real-scientists are angry at how easily their brethren were able to dupe the entire science community. Some defenders of such LYING said the trickery was done to keep their jobs and if there had not been such pressure to produce...these charlatans would never have LIED.


In reaction to the grand jury's refusal to indict Darren Wilson for his execution-style killing of Mike Brown...thousands of Afro-Americans broke windows and burned buildings. Sure...they were expected to do as much and they did. But...the killing of unarmed Afro-Americans will continue unabated. The POLICE STATE is very much afoot there.

Even U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill endorsed this "stomp and chomp" by big foot government saying, "We need to put the blacks in their place and keep them there even if now and then we need to slaughter some to make our point."


Darren Wilson was not indicted for the slaying of Mike Brown...a/k/a...the gentle giant. Yes...Wilson shot him 500 times...reloaded and continued to fire into the dead body of this gentile giant...but...such defensive firing was found to be proper. As Obama said, "It's open-season on the Afro-American...and...they'd best get their own guns or face slaughter."

Monday, November 24, 2014


Climate-change guru, REESE HALTER was asked about 7 feet of snow in Buffalo. He refused to admit he was wrong...that his theories were junk science stuff...and...declared Mother Earth in to flames was about to burst. As he said off-camera...he's paid too much to admit he's a charlatan and his climate-change proclamations MYTH in drag.


Ayn ATLAS SHRUGGED...predicted what Tom Wheeler has been asked to do. If the Federal Communication Commission(FCC) isn't's likely what is nowadays called the INTERNET will be left behind as people go to microwave to circumvent the bottleneck Wheeler has been asked to erect.

Indeed...if the FCC can impose "hinder and hassle" into the INTERNET...then...entrepreneurs will be compelled to find another way to "connect" and leave the traditional INTERNET in the hands of the would-be exodus similar to what many consumers did when they had the choice of land-line or cellphone.


Where ya' goin' Sean Corrin
on this cold and foggy night
you know the danger out there
you know it ain't your fight
and you know it be treason to mount those barricades
and there's gotta be a reason for defying the crown this way
hush now momma for a going I be to mount the wall to prevent the fall of freedom and liberty...and momma why such gloom...we'll be returning as sure as the rising of the moon.

 And where ya going Jimmy Corrin
on this cold and dismal day...
can't you put that terrible gun down
can't you see it my way...
No...god...momma...Sean's a' going...and...I've my mind to keep
for I've seen that side of freedom
and that is what I seek...
and Momma why such gloom
We'll be returnin'
as sure as the risin' of the moon

And as the fog closed about them
as they moved from the room
they promised they'd be returning
as sure as the rising of the moon

And now I hear 'em a'  comin'...
keeping their promise to me..
to soon be returning
for them now I can see...
the blood it has dried....
how long I have worried
how long I have cried
But I knew you'd be returning
 to wipe away my gloom...
to return to me for these old eyes to see...
in the light of the rising moon.

And every night
I hear their fight
those rebels in that glen
they;'re double strong
to glory they belong
and my love to them I send.


Unlike Obama whose popularity has plummeted...President Putin enjoys remarkable affinity with Mother Russia and its many different people. They know leading them is a great and wise man and their best days are ahead.


ISIS would deploy and detonate a "nuke" erasing New York City. Indeed...ISIS leaders have said as much. And...pursuing this goal...ISIS has been trying to get its hands on a North Korean "nuke"...or...some "hand-made" Iranian whatever...and...blow a hole in Manhattan. Defense Secretary CHUCK HAGEL knows their goal...and...didn't wish to be the Secretary of Defense when that mushroom cloud observed over the Big Apple.


Afghanistan has many tribes each one vying for hegemony and power in its tribal province in ways grounded in ancient writ and religious prescription. Such faced BUSH-CHENEY when they entered this mysterious land of mud hut and silken veil. As conquerors of the Taliban...the putative government of Afghanistan...BUSH-CHENEY had the right to eliminate Islamic socialism and impose liberation over subjugation...permitting every Afghan the right to vote and to choose their own future. Indeed...BUSH-CHENEY could have guaranteed every Afghan lady the right to live as she saw fit.

Instead of opening Afghanistan to liberty...something every Afghan irrespective of tribal affiliation would want first...however...BUSH-CHENEY perpetuated SOCIALISM. Instead of eliminating the grip of big foot government over the Afghan people...BUSH-CHENEY gave the warring interest groups the unbridled power to loot the storeroom of their opposition thereby guaranteeing Taliban's return and future ascendancy as champions nationalism...mislabeling American help as officious meddling and jingoism. HAGEL has resigned It was obvious he was not wanting to be called the LOSING DUDE...referencing him as the man who helped America lose the war in Afghanistan. He must know something really bad is about to happen and he isn't about to be the "fall-guy"...the one on whom heaped the blame and acrimony surely to be heard and felt around America when the MASS MEDIA finally reports Taliban has resumed control of Afghanistan...the black flag of ISIS waves over Baghdad...and...IRAN has just revealed a multi-bomb "nuke"...a missile capable of delivering those 1000 "nukes" to every big city in America and Israel.

t's obvious ole Chuck doesn't wish to be around when all that FUSS AND NOISE hits the fan so to speak.


In an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...there can't ever be found an able-bodied pauper...there's too much opportunity...too much benefit from production...too much prosperity to find time to rob or kill others. However...inside this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE so afoot in America nowadays...93% of all murders committed in America are perpetrated by Afro-Americans killing other Afro-Americans. Perhaps...if Afro-Americans were not subjugated inside the CAGE...they'd find better solutions than slaughtering each other.


In a desert one can find THE BURNING MAN...and...a 100,000 Americans looking for a good time. The vehicles...buildings...tents...and..."other"...they combine with the crowd to be something so awesome...many people go year after year just to find what they missed...beyond their eye...beyond their ear...wandering...and...looking for bliss.


Not "if"...but..."when"...the IRANIANS finally acquire a nuclear's likely they'll deploy and detonate. The Council of Twelve has promised as much. Such is obviously "why" Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry hasn't been able to cut a deal with those rag heads about development of a nuclear weapon. As one Tehran official exclaimed, "We'll keep jawing and spooning with Kerry to buy time to finish our SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear weapon so powerful its detonation will destroy all life on planet Earth enabling the advent of the 12th IMAM!"


In China's valleys are found large cities which burn coal to produce energy. When the weather puts cold air over hot air( an inversion layer)...SMOG results...and...air-quality becomes fair to poor and remains that way until Mother Nature lifts her hand and permits the wind to blow that accumulated smog away. Remove the coal-fired generators...replace then with natural gas...and...the SMOG PROBLEM would disappear. Short of that extreme remedial cure...those Chinese residing in such valleys must accept the way things are.

However...SMOG is not any indication of man-made global warming. Yes...the advocates of that MYTH point to Beijing and other valley-cities as proof positive of man-made global warming when it's nothing more than a recitation of where not to build coal-fired generators. But...China is a planned economy...and...its planners never cared much about air-quality when they charted their planned cities and planned infrastructure. Indeed...President Xi Jingping knows man-made global warming is nonsense...but...cleverly used by big foot government advocates as another way to enslave and hurt.


Iran is almost ready to announce they have a "nuclear weapon"...and...CHUCK HAGEL didn't want to be labeled as the one who gave those maniacs access to a "nuke". "If I didn't resign...Obama was planning on raising me up to receive the blame for Iran getting a "nuke". I wasn't about to be a "fall-guy" for that dung-throwing monkey," Hagel whispered when asked "why" he abruptly resigned as Secretary of Defense.


Annette Taddeo is a rabid socialist and freedom-hater. Her idea is to enslave Floridians and redistribute wealth as she sees fit. Of course...except for a few Hispanics and dependent Afro-Americans...most Floridians find her vision despicable and revolting. Perhaps such is why she and her socialist team lost so miserably in the 2014 mid-terms.


The Federal Communications Commission(FCC) wants to reduce the INTERNET to a "public utility" thereby destroying its vitality and replacing it with "dinosaur-like" stuff. Many might recall how they were abused by AT&T before government-protected monopolies were eliminated during the Reagan era. Before that break-up...AT&T abused its customers with a "take it or leave it" attitude. After the protection was removed and competitors arrived...AT&T lost almost 70% of its customers and few of them will ever use AT&T again...not ever!

Marley Natural

In 1981...the world lost a great song writer and composer. His name was BOB MARLEY. commemorate his passing and to push his ideas...PRIVATEER HOLDINGS...the Marley family trust...will unveil MARLEY NATURAL...a marijuana brand many believe will be the best of the best. Imagine "one-hit" high which lasts all day and you'll sense the greatness Marley will once again bring forth into this otherwise gray and dismal world.


"Unboxing" is a YouTube video featuring a person unwrapping a box...and...revealing its contents. Recently...unboxing...has gone viral with millions of viewers watching people unbox rules and laws. enterprising lad unboxed OBAMA-CARE...that 2500 page law which attempts to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". Into the camera...the disgruntled person declares, "Had only TEAM OBAMA unwrapped this idiocy before making it law!"


The parents of bake-sale students were threatened with jail should they not stop their children from selling baked goods to raise money for crippled children. "We can't permit such liberty lest people think big foot government can be defied with impunity," screamed U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) who personally undertook to flame this fire and direct local authorities to crush those children and their attempted bake-sale. "They did not build that bake sale themselves and their parents must be imprisoned...their houses taken...and...their children put in foster-care," Warren dripped and drooled when asked what menace such a small bake-sale represented to her vision of UTOPIA.


Chuck Secretary of Defense...has resigned. He was told by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG he was being set up as a "fall guy" for the loss of the Afghan War. "Depart before you're labeled as the cause of this loss," he was warned. And...because of the power of this BLOG...Hagel listened and has issued his resignation. Obama will have to find someone else to be the "blamed official".


Service Employees International Union leader, Mary Kay Henry declared SEIU would disrupt as many businesses as possible and force them to pay  a higher wage. What "Hateful Henry" won't demand the taxes* the employees already pay be lowered or eliminated. She won't demand liberation over subjugation since she likes big foot government. Indeed...if it weren't for big foot government...her UNION COFFERS would be as limited as her UNION membership,(Wall Street Journal A-3;11-24-14).
*Recall Governor Scott Walker deleted "mandatory union dues" and the SEIU immediately lost 96% of its funding reducing its ability to harass and hinder in that state mightily.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Cut the head off and the snake dies. Such is the strategy of TEAM OBAMA in its dealing with Baghdad Bob...the leader of ISIS. They plan to assassinate him much in the same way Osama bin Laden was deleted.


Obama was getting hammered as was his scumbag Congressional compatriots over the revelations of JONATHAN GRUBER...that M.I.T. maggot who got paid to dupe America and get OBAMA-CARE passed. Hence...SARAH LACY and BILL COSBY have been thrust into the limelight so that America will be distracted and not pay any more attention to "how" Obama deceived them.


MARION BARRY died yesterday. Recall he was the Mayor of Washington DC who uttered the immortal words: "It only takes one person to say not-guilty"...and...I'll be free again from the clutches of THE MAN."


Mike Nichols died recently leaving behind a legacy of great movies including the GRADUATE. He'll be missed. Before he died...he told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he wanted America to stand up and fight against the socialism and Eco-fascism that was smothering and ruining this blessed land.


Does anyone sense something's wrong when the MASS MEDIA is apoplectic about BILL COSBY'S alleged raping of "drugged women"...but...little if any outrage exhibited for the RAPE OF AMERICA by GRUBER and OBAMA...the two architects of OBAMA-CARE...the biggest screw-job* ever perpetrated?
*In World War II...Roosevelt knew Hitler was killing JEWS yet kept quiet as did the complicit MASS MEDIA. Nowadays...Obama's MASS MEDIA is lambasting Cosby but not telling America how Obama and Gruber LIED TO THEM...AND...RAPED THEM.


Sarah Lacy apparently hates UBER...the "sleep-over" company which puts travelers at houses people offer for the night. But why? The answer is as simple as it is despicable. She was paid handsomely by UBER'S competitors to sully UBER and to undermine UBER as best she could. Such explains the enthusiasm she exhibited.

As most New York City residents know...LACY began to emit LIES AND NASTY RUMOR to undermine and hurt UBER. In retaliation...UBER hired some "gum-shoes" to shadow investigate her "after-hour" relationships with Washington DC Senators. Indeed...Senator "little dick" Durbin and Senator Schumer  revealed their emails and other things had been hacked and their trysts with Lacy were going to be "front-page" in their districts come the next election.


On 09-11-12...the Benghazi embassy compound was attacked by American Central Intelligence Agency operatives. Almost instantly...Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went into "cover-up" mode to protect her 2016 run for the Presidency. But...other with bigger involvement were also busy making sure they could reveal Clinton's complicit should they ever be fired or threatened with job loss.


Bill Cosby is getting "hanged" in the MASS MEDIA because there was a need to put something worse than JONATHAN GRUBER- THE LIAR into the program. As it was...OBAMA and GRUBER were getting slammed 24/7 by MASS MEDIA talking heads either favoring the LYING they did or calling them on their misdeed. But either way...there was a need to get something worse on to the TV and RADIO lest TEAM OBAMA be sullied beyond repair. And...BILL COSBY was selected since there were "me-too" ladies willing to cry "RAPE!"


It's preposterous to believe Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry could ever negotiate a disarmament deal with the rag heads in Tehran. He doesn't realize the Iranians are bound and determined to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH...a "nuke" so powerful that its detonation will destroy all life on planet Earth thereby making way for the coming on the 12th IMAM. By killing everyone...the 12 IMAM will be able to walk upon this blessed planet unopposed. What a glorious vision, eh John?

Naturally...unlike clown-act Kerry...the Jew knows the danger and will not permit these rag heads access to such a weapon. Prime Minister Netanyahu said he'd obliterate Tehran and any other place suspected of having such a "nuke". "I'm not about to permit those maniacs the ability to destroy the world." Netanyahu told a cub-reporter from this BLOG.


The black flag of "no quarter" was waved defiantly at Harvard by what looked like an Iraqi man with a hatred etched on his visage as monstrous as what is found in that Middle Eastern toilet bowl. When asked "why" wave such a symbol of murder and mayhem...this Iraqi man said, "America will be next. We'll slaughter everyone in this place and elsewhere...making room for the coming of the 12th IMAM."

Saturday, November 22, 2014


What holds the Republican Party back from demanding liberation over subjugation and declaring the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE will be dismantled come their ascendancy as the party-in-power in 2015(114th Congress)? It's likely the socialist-MASS MEDIA which keeps America enslaved.


Irredentists are those who demand their ancient lands be restored to them. The Palestinians are fanatical irredentists. They want their ancient land returned to them and the occupying-Jew sent back into Sinai to wander for another 1000 years. What's stopping this diaspora is the Jew's determination to keep what they have despite serial attacks from these rag heads who claim it's their land and they'll to the death fight to retrieve it.


Big foot government demanded air bags be put into cars. Big foot government scumbags designed the air bag so that it would explode and kill the person it was intended to save. And...yet...not any MASS MEDIA talking head will identify the jerks who pushed the "air bag" boondoggle onto the American people. Might it be that these MASS MEDIA slither slugs liked the idea of an "explosive device" situated right in front of every driving-American?

Stacia Hylton admits involvement

Stacia Hylton, director of the MARSHALS SERVICE, admitted she was instrumental in carrying out the "snuff order" issued* by Obama which directed the execution of U.S.border guard, BRIAN TERRY. "He had to die lest our involvement in Mexican border turmoil were exposed and we all go down for murder and mayhem," she whispered when asked by a cub-reporter "why" she liked killing people.
*Brian Terry was killed with a gun that was traced to the Obama Administration.


Folks...THE ESTABLISHMENT must be eliminated and its 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE dismantled. Instead of demanding liberation over subjugation...the U.S.House of Representatives through its misguided Speaker is suing OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...citing in the lawsuit they want Obama to impose every hellish provision of OBAMA-CARE and destroy what's left of liberty. How can these jerks be so stupid?


The voters of Illinois have been duped and are on the hook for $100 billion in government employee pension obligations. There isn't a $100 billion in the entire state ready to be handed over to public employees who are demanding their pensions be funded. Indeed...big foot government has grown so large in Illinois that few taxpayers can imagine how their wealth is at risk but will soon find out as taxes and other imposed fees begin to rise and slice away at their asset base,(Wall Street Journal A-5;11-22-14).


U.S.border guard BRIAN TERRY was murdered. The bullet which killed him was traced to a gun* that had been in the care,custody and control of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm Agency(ATF). This BLOG has continually claimed BRIAN TERRY was snuffed because he was about to whistle-blow on what he had discovered. He found proof-positive that the unrest and mayhem along the Mexican border was fomented by the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA).

*'s been revealed that American police are disguising themselves as Mexican Marines and attacking supposedly drug-cartel compounds,(Wall Street Journal A-1;11-22-14).

Friday, November 21, 2014


Emperor Obama told America he will pack America with illegal immigrants who will bloc vote for that in America a socialist paradise can be imposed...the same paradise they left in South and Central America. With these "new voters"...TEAM OBAMA will prevail in 2016 and the socialist paradise can be finally fully imposed...where big foot government masters will tell everyone when to laugh...when to cry...when to live...and...when to die. Yes...Emperor Obama...scumbag...but...for these illegal great kind of guy.


Peshmerga are brave souls fighting tyranny. If not for the peshmerga...ISIS would have already gobbled up northern Iraq. But...Obama has refused to support the peshmerga...claiming he does not want to make the peshmerga so powerful they can stop the Baghdad politicians from fleecing them. Obama likes how the Iraqi central government can dictate and direct in unbridled socialist fashion in ways Obama wished he could impose in America but can't seem to get around Republican hurdle thereto.

Women are fighting along side men and are helping to defend Kurdish land from conquest. The troops of ISIS try and avoid confrontation with Kurdish women-warriors because it is very unmanly to be gunned down by a woman. Indeed...a woman can be bought for a cow and camel and ISIS troops don't wish to be shot by something that is classified as chattel.


Former President Jimmy Carter came forward to denounce Hillary Clinton for handling of the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy scandal. He told a cub-reporter from this BLOG Clinton was reckless and then covered up her complicity. As a Christian...he wanted to burn her at the stake of public opinion.


Most tea party members are against such executive action enabling illegal aliens to remain in America. While open borders are best...such can't be done when America is suffering under the welfare state. These newest "seekers of benefits" will draw down the available wealth for redistribution depriving the Afro-Americans of their portion of their master's freebie and favor.


In Vero Beach...a kangaroo jury convicted another hapless Afro-American of drug possession and because of what was possessed...he'll receive 25 year minimum mandatory sentence. Never been in trouble before and yet he's going to be the POSTER CHILD FOR HORROR. It's idiotic...but...we're in Florida where idiocy is well-practiced.


Myron May entered a Florida State University library and began shooting people before he was shot and killed by security guards. Myron May told people he was angry that Obama had not enslaved America as well as promised and he was going to show Obama how such "whip and chain" could be readily imposed. While Obama is trying to distance himself as he did with Jon Gruber...many political analysts say it will be harder to do since May and Obama were conferring through to/from email right up to minutes before Myron May entered that library and commenced imposing OBAMA-RULE!


The federal government is paying big shot preachers to tell their congregations that God wants them to "go green" and eschew the material aspect of freedom. "I want you preachers to tell your flock it's better to kneel and lick my boot and in exchange for your assistance I'll give you freebie and and power," he snorted and fumed. "I want you to tell your people they need to live in tent and plow their patch with mule...and...give their product of their labor to me so I might redistribute the wealth as I see fit," Obama drooled and dripped.(MATTHEW 6:24).


Steve Wynn...CEO of WYNN RESORTS...told a cub-reporter* from this BLOG that he was sure his casino business was getting attacked by TEAM OBAMA due to his refusal to kneel and lick Obama's boot. "Had I knelt down and licked his boot...I'd not be suffering such an assault from his goon squads from his Internal Revenue Service(IRS) or his U.S.Injustice Department," he confided as he sipped his Cuban coffee and smoked his Russian cigar.
*Before Obama travels to Vegas...he made sure Steve Wynn was embattled.

Fuad Hussein

Kurdish leader, Fuad Hussein was told he would not get the weapons he was promised. "But Obama promised!"he replied when he was informed that he was getting "played". Hussein mentioned that Obama declared his word as "strong as oak"...and...such declaration was respected in the Kurdish community. "He would not LIE to us."

Yet...Hussein has since changed his mind and has concluded Obama is an inveterate LIAR and capable of rank-deception. "He's a maggot...a scumbag...and...the Kurds realize it now. He is playing us as fools and dupes. Sure...he can deceive Americans quite easily...but...we, KURDS, we know when it's urine and not rain running down our backs!"(Wall Street Journal 11-21-14;A-8).


Emperor-Obama was informed that Wall Street banks were making money off Alibaba...and...that news angered him. "How dare money be earned without my imprimatur!" this MARXIST ON MISSION turned EMPEROR screeched. "I want the U.S.Injustice Department and the maggots at the Internal Revenue Service to attack Alibaba...hurt them...mess with them...annoy whatever else can be done to injure and defame!" he scolded his underlings,(Wall Street Journal C-1;11-21-14).


The next air battle might be fought by drones...piloted by computers...and...directed from ground stations on the other side of the world. Such was the prediction of the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG after reviewing how antiquated and foolhardy the present batch of DEFENSE CONTRACTORS has become. In World War II...for instance...the Germans produced tanks which were practically invulnerable on the battlefield. Yes...from the air bombs could be dropped...but...on the ground...they rolled over almost any defense bulwark erected to slow them down.

Nowadays...DEFENSE CONTRACTORS are building weapons such as jets and tanks which can be destroyed by cheap bomb-toting drones. Imagine a $80 million dollar jet getting destroyed by a $100 drone and you'll sense how foolhardy the American DEFENSE CONTRACTOR BUNCH has become. Sure...they could build drones...armadas of drones for what one jet costs...but...then...they would not get big buck and they'd have to lay off 99% f their employees...something BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT does not want and something these dinosaur defense-contractors can't permit,(Wall Street Journal B-1;11-21-14).


Obama has become an emperor...ruling through executive order. What has many political analysts concerned is that he has focused on the immigration issue and not using that power to disband and delete the Internal Revenue Service(IRS). He should have fired the entire bunch of out that nest of vermin.'s a committed MARXIST ON MISSION and he needs the IRS to stomp and chomp as he sees fit.'s obvious he's using the EXECUTIVE ORDER route to create a Hispanic voting bloc for 2016 so that the Democrats can carry on with their plan to enslave what once was a land of the free and home of the brave.'s clear the purpose is to attract Hispanic voters and thereby create a "winning combination" for the 2016 election wherein the Republican candidate will be as wishy-washy and "me-too" as in 2012 and the Democrat-candidate will be preaching* more not less big foot government...something Hispanics want more than life itself.
*As Senator Elizabeth Warren pointed out, "Unlike Americans...Hispanic immigrants love to be cared for and tended as if sheep and cattle. We can direct them as if they were beggars and they'll lick my boot to get something. It's a great strategy."

Gary Segura

Gary immigration activist...told America that these immigrants are socialists and will support the enslavement of America. They'll bloc vote to create the socialist paradise they escaped so that in America they can get their free healthcare.

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen...the strong-willed heroine of HUNGER GAMES...might very well be the latest incarnation of Lady Elizabeth...the leader of the army of liberation presently afoot in America. Recall it was the army of liberation which delivered the stunning 2014 mid-term victory for the Republicans with its greatest effort found in the dethroning of Senator Mary Landrieu...a scumbag socialist who promised to enslave Louisiana should she be given another 6 year term.

Sundar Pichal

GOOGLE big shot, Sundar Pichal told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that China is a great venue for ANDROID...the cellphone which Google offers around the world. Yes...there were things Chinese were not permitted to access...such things as news networks which offer "real news"...not "managed news"...but..."raw and dirty" stuff...but...overall...mainland mandarins are allowing more freedom...something they know they must permit lest they become "dinosaurs".

$2.6 billion!

It costs $2.6 billion to bring a "new drug" to the general marketplace. Due to big foot government hinder and hassle this price tag is so great few helpful drugs are able to make it through the bottleneck. When asked about this hurdle...Obama laughed and replied, "If we allowed all those drugs into the marketplace...people would live longer and better...two things big foot government abhors!"


FACEBOOK declared "no gun ads" will be permitted. Hence...gun-sellers and gun-vault sellers have asked this BLOG if they might use it for advertising and were duly welcomed aboard. In many ways...FACEBOOK has given this BLOG another opportunity to tell America there is another way.

Metcalf substation attack

In April of 2013...armed terrorists* attacked the Metcalf substation shooting up transformers and cutting  foot-thick transmission cables. Because the attack occurred at night there was not any rolling blackout but the damage was significant and its meaning worth discussing. If that attack were carried out across America...the entire power grid would be shut down enabling an invading force to advance quickly.(Wall Street Journal B-3;11-21-14).
*From "hacked" data...the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) carried out this operation. Because it's so incredible...few believed the CIA was involved. Yet...the "hacked data" from the CIA'S own computers reveals its involvement and the purpose behind the attack.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Why hire a "mime"? Well...when you stiff him...what's he gonna say!


By this BLOG...Bill Cosby was warned that an attack was planned on his TV reputation. The details of the assault were laid out with the people involved revealed in lured detail. He was told he had to engage defense before the plot unfolded and his blood dripping from their knives. Yet...Bill Cosby refused to stand forth and call them lairs...all 10,000 of them...all who said he had debauched them...raped them...done things to them they can't really tell about. foretold...Bill Cosby in the last few days has been bombarded with cruel and unusual questions about decades-old unfounded rape-claims. How could he be singled out for attack? Who would want to pack the MASS MEDIA 24/7 with "rape-claim" testimony from women with an interest in outcome?

Folks...Jonathan Gruber*...that maggot from M.I.T....was getting hammered 24/7 by the conservative MASS MEDIA. TEAM OBAMA had to throw red meat into the pit and distract the feeding public. Hence...ole Bill...faithful...Obama-loving Bill...was picked. The public knows that name...and...would wish to hear every sordid allegation...every woman with a claim heard on TV and RADIO. The MAS MEDIA could flood the TV and RADIO 24/7 with Bill Cosby stuff...thereby distracting the public's attention away from LIAR-GRUBER...that scumbag who fleeced the American taxpayers out of $400,000.
*Who comes forward to reveal candidly that he was paid to deceive people and got $400,000 for the effort? Jon Gruber does.


Charity has its own rewards. Recently the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation received $275 million in royalties from the sale of its products developed using donations. In turn this $275 million will be used to grow new lungs for all victims of this DNA-caused disease. Congratulations to the folks at that wonderful Foundation.

Lu Wei climbs fence

China's top Internet regulator, Lu Wei, minister of the State Council's Cyberspace Administration, told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he understood liberation over subjugation was in the best interest of everyone at the table of life. Expanding on that moment...Lu Wei told a billion face was China's turn to lead the world. He was opening China to cyberspace...and...permitting its people access to whatever afoot on planet Earth.


Revelations 13:17. MARK OF THE BEAST. To compel immigrants to carry an identification card and require employers to verify such prospective employee using such E-Verify system...has not the MARK OF THE BEAST been affixed? can equal protection under the law find purchase when a producer must reveal his IDENTITY CARD prior to production?

Labor and capital must be free from big foot government bottleneck and be unhindered to move to/from. Nowadays...however...TEAM OBAMA has reduced the Mexican border to a hazard zone. Instead of opening the borders so all might come and prosper...Obama has been grabbing and imprisoning these countless millions. Open borders insulates everyone...not only the hapless immigrant...but...every American from the grip and grab of the beast...alias BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT.

Mention is made of this dramatic MARK...since Obama...ever the dung-throwing about to give 14 million souls a reason to vote for TEAM OBAMA. Yet...whatever so-called Executive Order Obama might disclose today...he'll not offer freedom but some kind of system where immigrants are branded so that they might be counted...and...culled from time to time as the master sees fit. turn...the immigrants will be directed to bloc vote for this giver of life and freedom...this master whose power unbridled and whimsical at best.


They remained seated when socialism was declared. They kept quiet when liberty was ensnared. Will they rise when freedom is almost gone? Republicans stand...yes...but stand they for what...sunset or dawn?

"Who climbs with me?" such have become immortal words of freedom...defiance of tyranny...and...the willingness to refuse the drum of rise forth and proclaim freedom...not seated...silent...and...meek.

Who will stand up...and...proclaim freedom and the dismantling of this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...with its billion ruling-book...and...goon squads ready to slay and hook...who stands up to master with mob enraged...who is willing to defy the grip and win the day?


Lex Walse* saw fence and sign
don't touch...don't climb
On the other side freedom stood
but death awaited those who would
Nevertheless, Lex strode forth
grabbed the fence...immortal course
Machine guns aimed...death so near
On he climbed...freedom's spear
A billion sheep watched in awe
defiant one man 'gainst fang n' claw
And as if from heaven words from him flowed
divine encryption now scraped and glowed

*In Communist Poland...Lex Walsea was told if he tried to scale that fence...that big foot government fence...he'd be shot and killed. Over 200,000 people showed up that morning to watch and see if Lex would defy tyranny. Lex heard the cocking of guns...racking that first round..machine gun death...should he touch that fence...he heard the orders for shooting sounds.

As he began to climb...the captain of that "defend-the- fence" squad cried out, "Take aim!" As Lex pulled himself further up that fence...he heard the captain order that the guards begin to shoot. But not any guard would perform that feat...not any of them would ever again kneel as if obedient sheep. When the captain pulled his revolver and started to approach and shoot...he was obstructed by a well-thrown stone...ripened fruit


Since taking power in 2009...TEAM OBAMA has managed to keep America burdened with "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies while adding more layers and more diktats of their own insuring thereby their hegemony for a 1000 years in all directions. A few statistics would be helpful in evaluating this critique: 92.6 million Americans were but are not now in the "observed" labor force; 50 million Americans in poverty...the highest number ever recorded; 10 million fewer Americans working full-time; the median household income dropped steadily for the last 6 years; federal regulation now costs the employer about $20,000 per year per employee in federal rule compliance expenses; and the overall cost of energy has risen with its ascent only ameliorated by technology TEAM OBAMA tried to derail, (think "fracking" and coal).

No...folks...TEAM OBAMA is the latest edition of "big foot government" organization whose power unbridled and whose grip and grab as merciless and ruthless as any tyrant might forge. And...these statistics...they only show part of the damage Obama and his scurvy crew has wrought.

Another tabulation of wickedness which tends to reveal more about TEAM OBAMA than the above statistics do is a recitation of the liberties Americans have lost at their hands. For instance...TEAM OBAMA has attacked and enslaved the medical service industry...all but obliterated the coal industry...and...has burdened the general power grid with "green boondoggle and subsidy" in ways almost too ridiculous to imagine. These are but a few of the horrors TEAM OBAMA has unleashed as its LEGACY.
Fracking is shorthand for hydraulic fracturing of the subterranean deposits of shale-oil...a cheap source of oil and gas only recently tapped.

Cochrane's cookbook

John M. Cochrane...a Finance teacher at the University of Chicago...finally admitted the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM) was the ONLY way people can prosper without interference from big foot government...that only in the OUM would there ever be "income equality"...since only in the OUM can there never be found an able-bodied pauper,(Wall Street Journal A-17;11-20-14). While ole Johnny boy didn't proclaim an epiphany...he did declare big foot government the cause of inequality.


In the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...borders are simply geographical constructs without any other meaning. Goods and services can pass to/from without government hinder-and-hassle. There is not any incentive to come and reside in America...for example...simply to grab welfare state freebie and favor since in the OUM there isn't any such "benefits" to be gathered. A person must produce or seek charity but can never declare, "My tears...your purse!"

However...America in 2014 is not blessed with the OUM but is beleaguered and otherwise burdened by the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where people can apply for welfare benefits and receive them. In exchange for such freebies...though...the recipients are directed to vote for those whose mission statement includes perpetuation of the CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system.

What Obama by executive order wants to accomplish is to "legalize" another 14 million voters. These Hispanics who will be support those who promise more not less "freebie and favor". They'll be reminded that it was TEAM OBAMA who opened the door to paradise...a place where they can get free medical transport. Sure...they escaped their own socialist paradise to come to America to find a better place to raise a family but they'll be obliged to support socialist program and policy here in America because they were "helped" by Obama and his scurvy crew.

TERRY O'Sullivan whining

Laborers International Union CEO, Terry O'Sullivan discovered he and his pipe-fitters had been betrayed by U.S. Senate Democrats. The UNION expected clear-sailing for the KEYSTONE PIPELINE...and...were surprised when socialist-Democrats refused to pass a bill directing its construction. "We were betrayed and it hurts because we thought our socialist brethren in the Senate would back us up. We were wrong to rely on them. I guess we'll have to look elsewhere for help since the socialists and Eco-fascists won't" he lamented as he discussed the U.S.Senate defeat with a cub-reporter form this BLOG.


Tom Steyer spent $74 million(+) trying to get "green" Democrats elected and he lost miserably. Any politician preaching such hogwash as "man-caused" climate-change was soundly defeated. The voters know "man-made global warming" is a falsehood perpetrated by scumbags such as STEYER. Sure...Steyer has big bucks...but...nevertheless...a maggot...a freedom-hater...the kind of jerk people shun and spit upon when they see him pass them on the sidewalk.

By a cub-reporter from this BLOG...Steyer was asked "why" he doesn't venture out into the public stream. He hesitated and then admitted that he didn't like getting spat upon or kicked in the groin...two things likely to be heaped upon his miserable maggot-like self.

Steyer admitted in the interview that he had reduced the Congressional Democrats to slaves...his slaves...who would preach whatever "falsehood" he preferred and would lick his boot to a fine shine when asked. He chortled about his power to stop the KEYSTONE PIPELINE pointing out that it was his crew in the U.S. Senate blocking the KEYSTONE from getting completed.


House demolition in Jerusalem by the Jew. While many sniffing-pundits might find home-destruction's a way of reacting to Palestinian suicide bombers. The Jew simply identifies the culprits and then destroys their houses leaving holes where once homes stood.


The conspiracy to deceive the American people about the so-called Affordable Care Act had many participants. One of these maggots, JONATHAN GRUBER grabbed $400,000.00 of government money for his part and is now under investigation for his LYING. It's likely he'll be indicted by some disgruntled grand jury somewhere for this unlawful conduct. But...he'll not be attacked by TEAM OBAMA...or its U.S. INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT since Gruber has "dirt" on Obama and many of the Democrats in the U.S.Senate and U.S.House of Representatives.


The myth of man-made global warming is based on what has been characterized as "junk science". The mythologists....however...proclaim their computer models are correct. Indeed...their models forecast that November of 2014 would be a sweltering wave of heat...killing polar bears...and...delivering little if any snow. They bet their "model" on that prediction.

Of course...Mother Nature isn't one to be framed and edged as if a paper-doll...and...she delivered the worst frigid weather on record yesterday. Now...these same scumbag mythologists...fearing loss of their "government grants and other stipends" will be taken back as a reaction to their deception.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

President Putin's miracle

Russian President Putin directed the central bank to let the ruble float with the market thereby assuring Russians a great surge in prosperity. He also has mentioned he'll delete almost the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and open Mother Russia to commerce and prosperity. Of course...Obama...that scumbag Marxist on Mission...belittled this effort to delete the "whip and chain" claiming only by enslavement can real state prosperity accrue.


Sam Stein...a slither slug...came forward and admitted he had information about U.S.Senators Robert Menendez(D.NJ) and Chuck Schumer(D.NY). As for Menendez...he confirmed ole Robert had been caught sexually attacking a 12 year old Cambodian boy...and...Schumer had admitted he liked how the Palestinians were harassing the Israelis in Jerusalem.


Apple,Inc. has offered iphone users an encryption program that can't be broken by the National Security Agency(NSA). Reacting to this latest wall-erection...Obama said he'd confiscate everything Apple,Inc. owns and arrest all iphone users with directions to his scumbag national police to kill anyone refusing to kneel and lick his boot.


The Prophet Mohammed used camel dung in two spice for tea and as an aphrodisiac. Of course...BEFORE he died...he did not pick which one was best causing thereby a rift which nowadays can be observed in the conflict between Shiite and Sunni. The Shiites use camel dung to spice their tea and abhor its use as an aphrodisiac...while the Sunnis have gone so far as to field a "black-flag" army sporting the moniker: ISIS to compel people use camel dung as THE PROPHET intended.

record snow fall?

Just when the man-made global warming mythologists were getting a great deal of help from Obama and the complicit MASS MEDIA...Mother Nature elects to ruin the LIE. "How dare that bitch defecate all over our myth!" screamed Senator Sherrod Brown(D.Oh)...himself a climate-change enthusiast. Of course...he was referring to the record snow fall in the northeast...snow fall the climate-change computer programs said COULD NOT HAPPEN.

U.S.Senator Robert Menendez(D.NJ)

Because he's a socialist-Democrat and friend of Obama...he has escaped prosecution. Recall he was caught with a 12 year old Cambodian boy...both were naked and Menendez was performing a despicable sexual act...when the motel room door burst open and the undercover cops entered and asked what he was doing. He declared he was engaged in a HOUSING DISPUTE with Republicans in the Senate and this child was his go-between. Hearing that explanation...the cops left telling their supervisors they had just been in the presence of "evil incarnate".


OBAMA-CARE is about to claim another victim. Pet-Smart has lost ground due to the stranglehold OBAMA-CARE has on its business model. Investors are advised to sell their shares as quickly as possible lest they get sucked into this omnivorous maw.


In Jerusalem...Muslims spit on Jews...urinate on Jewish shrines...and...burn the Torah anytime they come across that scroll. HAMAS leaders were observed giggling about the attack on that synagogue a few days back. They liked how many rabbis were executed and wondered how many more must be slaughtered before the Jew departs Jerusalem. Mahmoud Al-Habbash...a big shot in HAMAS...declared "open season" on Jews and invited his brethren to shoot on sight.


Dabiq...a small Syrian village...was mentioned in the Qu'ran as the place where the final battle between infidel and Islam will happen. ISIS...that Sunni army whose black flag of "no quarter" waves over an area the size of Indiana...tells its members the time of the final battle is quickly approaching. They're promised 14 virgins and all the wine they can drink should they be killed during this ultimate confrontation.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told America he would enslave them. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL) screamed, "In-coming!"


KING JOHN was forced at Runnymede to sign the MAGNA CARTA in 1215. Nowadays...Congressional Republicans face the reincarnation of KING JOHN and they must stand together and fight against such tyranny. As U.S.Senator Marco Rubio said, "Americans must fight against TEAM OBAMA lest we become totally enslaved."


Instead of eliminating the "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies which burdened Japan and reduced the country to a welfare state...packed with bored...miserable...people...Prime Minister Abe simply added more of the same with disastrous results. Japan is steadily devolving into another "collective-goo" place...with few ways remaining to extricate itself. Indeed...Abe told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he wanted to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which was smothering Japan...but...there were too many bureaucratic creeps whose mission to direct the cattle and sheep.

Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue

At the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue...Palestinian terrorists entered and slaughtered rabbis as they prayed. While murdering them...the Palestinians screamed, "Allahu Akbar!" which roughly translates to "God is great." These Jews had been directed to hire security personnel and have them present 24/7 to deter such an expected attack...but...the rabbis were convinced they were never a target and ignored the ALERT issued by this BLOG a week before.


The same pollster who said "hag" Hagan was going to win in North Carolina has come forward to predict "LIAR" Landrieu will prevail in her run-off election against Bill Cassidy in Louisiana. An insider at the Huffington Post told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that the POLL was manufactured to help Landrieu...that it was not an actual polling of likely voters...but...a ruse to be used by LANDRIEU to get out the favorable vote.


There is stupid...very stupid...and...then...there's Delaware stupid. Last night...U.S.Senator Chris Coons...a rabid freedom-hater and socialist...refused to support the KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE. He had been frightened by the SOUIX INDIANS who had paid him a visit and did a "fear-dance" outside his 100 room mansion located in the richest part of Delaware. Sure...his "no" vote guaranteed "high gasoline prices"...and...higher priced heating a socialist and a would-be master...he simply didn't care.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

U.S.Rep. Sean Duffy(R.Wi)

U.S.Rep. Sean Duffy believes OBAMA-CARE can be repealed and replaced with a law that is "free-market" oriented. Now that it's been revealed that Obama and his scurvy crew( think Jonathan Gruber) LIED TO AMERICANS to get this horrific law passed...will U.S.Senators...who did support OBAMA-CARE in 2010...will they join with Republicans to make repeal "veto-proof"?


There are few insurance risk pools which would accept anyone with a pre-exiting condition without "rating" the risk such pre-existing condition represented to the overall risk pool for the group. Hence...pre-existing condition people must rely on charity and/or their own assets should they seek medical care. In this person can't enslave another demanding the other pay for medical care and treatment. Such is the approach of the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"


Slaughtering Rabbis? Netanyahu was incensed by this latest affront to Israel. How dare the Muslim attack a Synagogue and eliminate its Rabbis!

What Netanyahu doesn't understand, though, is that this latest attack was carried out by operatives directed by the American Central Intelligence Agency. When he finally accepts this involvement...he might change his mind about Obama.


U.S.Rep. Jan Schakowsky(D.Ill) admitted she was nasty and hateful. She told a cub reporter from this BLOG, "I like being a socialist and as a socialist...I like spending other people's money...and...telling people what to do. Eventually...I'll have Americans totally under my control and when I get such power...that's when they'll see my real hatred." Naturally...the interview was on video so Illinois voters can see what a scumbag they have representing them.


An Emir is a "prince"...a minister of granted unbridled power to conduct affairs as he sees fit. Mention is made of such station and status since the ISLAMIC STATE now controls an area the size of Indiana...and...Emirs have been appointed to direct its subjects from cradle to grave.


Obama was caught on video explaining "why" he wanted the price of oil and gasoline to remain significantly above $1.00 per gallon...the price American fuel will cost by mid-2015 without government interference. "If I were to permit gasoline and other energy to be cheap...the boondoggles in GREEN ENERGY would be too obvious. I have asked Jonathan Gruber*to craft a verbal deception I can use to fool Americans again."
*Gruber told America he thought they were stupid and that he and Obama had deceived Americans in order to get OBAMA-CARE passed.

Liz Leverde

Liz Leverde asked her principal at Watagh High School if she could start a CHRISTIAN CLUB. The principal scolded her for asking to seek God on campus. "How dare you!" erupted this school official adding that only the Jew and Muslim is permitted such CLUBS on campus. The principal called the police who arrived and beat this little girl 1/2 to death claiming she was a terrorist.


Japan has tried to use big foot government diktat and control to generate economic activity but has found it doesn't do much except line the pockets of friend...and...does little to increase economic activity. Japan...there is so much "red tape and tax" that few businesses wish to grow and new businesses are discouraged.


Josh Wong...leader of students in Hong Kong...told a cub reporter from this BLOG he was prepared for arrest and imprisonment. But he wasn't about to stop demanding mainland China release its grip on Hong Kong. He envisioned a Hong Kong packed with socialist-diktat with him giving the orders.


People must not get fooled by the man-made global warming myth. They must understand that CO2 is a naturally occurring gas and is what plants eat. The more CO2...the more plants grow. Indeed...Mother Earth has an equilibrium which changes from time to time over the eons...but...never is there any quantity that is not addressed by it. To claim mankind could ever change that equilibrium is to also claim with spoon and bucket you could dip the ocean dry.


Scientists looking for grants and other ways to make money ginned the myth of man-made global warming. It was a great way to create fear in people since there was not any way to prove they were LYING. Indeed...these enterprising jerks went to places near active volcanoes...Mother Nature's generator of CO2(alias greenhouse gas)...and...took samples of the air knowing the CO2 level would be much greater there. Then...they left off the "location" aspect and told the world that CO2 levels were dangerously high and that mankind was about to die.


Two American Central Intelligence Agency operatives from East Jerusalem entered a Synagogue and killed Jews before they, themselves, were killed. As they were hacking away with their hatchets...they screamed: "Allahu Akbar!"


Because NBC,CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN are controlled by TEAM OBAMA...only a bare mention of the GRUBER-SCANDAL has been uttered. They don't want to tell their audiences that GRUBER thinks they're "stupid"...and...need to be directed as if cattle and be controlled by bureaucratic creeps...of which it's obvious he leads the pack along with Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION.
Jonathan Gruber was caught on video six times laughing about how Obama and he DECEIVED and DUPED the American people to accept OBAMA-CARE.


Scumbag socialist and freedom-hater. Such were the questions posed by a cub-reporter from this BLOG as Jonathan Gruber walked down a sidewalk. "Do you think the American voter is stupid?" she asked this nasty critter. He silently walked past her and her camera crew never once answering that question or the other questions posed. Here was the typical NAZI slither slug...received $6 million for his work on Americans were aware of his input and his statements about them...they wanted the $6 million back and this jerk in jail!

"not guilty"

Even in federal court...a kangaroo court if ever there were one...a 12 person jury can begin to acquit marijuana growers and sellers thereby rendering the federal drug laws inert. Most juries will begin to acquit them and defuse this WAR ON DRUGS...effectively ending this idiotic WAR since every time one of these valiant growers or sellers is arrested and in the kangaroo federal court prosecuted...the 12 person jury takes 5 minutes...and...returns a verdict of not guilty.

unhinged anger

In Colorado...DEA took a ram and busted down Bob's door...entered with their cannons...and...arrested Bob as he stood in the foyer wondering what was afoot. The DEA then proceeded to his basement which had been featured in a TV SHOW about marijuana growing at home and seized his 10,000 plants. In Colorado...the growing of pot is legal...but...under federal law...the law DEA was using to do what they did it is not legal.

One DEA agent said he looked forward to performing such BUST-AND-GRAB. It reminded him of the way the NAZIS treated the Jew and he relished his power to frighten and injure. He drooled as he smacked his thin-pursed lips with venom. "We are the masters and you're our slaves," he smirked. "We can attack with impunity...take anything we want...hurt anybody we please...we're DEA...the new NAZIS in town and I like my power!"
Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) must be disbanded. It's personnel marked for public scorn and derisive shunning. These scumbags are merciless and deserve whatever penalty might be meted out. In Iraq...ISIS beheads such people.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Jonathan Gruber spoke about how he and Obama had discussed drafting OBAMA-CARE and "why" deception was required if OBAMA-CARE had any chance of becoming law in 2010. Obama did his part by telling people over 1000 times..."If you like your doctor you will be able to keep your doctor and your health insurance.period." He was obviously LYING but following the script GRUBER had prepared. However...nowadays...when Obama is confronted with this INTERFACE between him and Gruber...he declares he almost never heard of GRUBER.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...informed the Republicans he was going to "make-voters" by legalizing 19 million otherwise "illegal aliens" and give them voter-I/D cards so they could support TEAM OBAMA in 2016. "I will win the 2016 election using these "slaves"...and...put my team back in power," he snorted and drooled.

Peter Kassig

Peter Kassig was hired by the RESEARCH DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to infiltrate the FOOD RELIEF that was being sent to Syria and Iraq for the purpose of confirming that the American-CIA was behind ISIS...that black flag carrying Sunni army. He was able to send back many videos and audio tapes demonstrating conclusively that the CIA was integrally involved. But...he got careless...told a few people back home about his discovery...and...within 72 hours of his release of data...ISIS located, captured and beheaded him. He broke one of the cardinal rules of espionage...never tell anyone what's up.


Federal Communication Commission(FCC) was directed* by Obama to attack the INTERNET and reduce it to a heavily-regulated utility...packed with red tape and privilege. Recall that AT&T...during the days of the TITLE II control and dictate...had to ask permission to change the color of phones...for example... from BLACK to permit other colors such as pink and red. The cordless phone and the cellphone wouldn't be here today had the FCC had its way. But those days were gone until Obama resurrected this "diktat-approach" so he could control INFORMATION...exercising the same "stomp and chomp" the North Koreans have over their INTERNET.

How could Americans permit this dung-throwing monkey to destroy the liberty found on the INTERNET? It's likely most Americans wouldn't support such enslavement if they were actually told what Obama wanted. But as Americans have recently discovered...Obama and his scurvy crew are inveterate LIARS...consummate deception artists(think Jonathan Gruber)...and...they are wary of anything Obama proclaims as "good and beneficial"...the phrase he is using to frame his attack on the INTERNET.
*FCC head honcho,TOM WHEELER has since declared he isn't in favor of destroying the INTERNET and wished Obama had not included him in that idiotic speech about "net neutrality".


STUXNET is a computer-virus which the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG created and dispatched to disable Iranian Centrifuges thereby hobbling the production of "weapon-grade" uranium. Recall that Uranium hexaflouride gas was being used to create "nuke-stuff" but the process required special machinery with sophisticated software. What STUXNET did...and...still it attacks these software packages and makes processing almost impossible.


Lennie Bruce...the comedian...once told his audience that even if the wife has photos of the infidelity...deny...deny...deny...because eventually...the wife will accept the DENIAL. While's obvious Obama and his HHS stooge, Burwell have adopted this strategy when they were recently confronted with the JONATHAN GRUBER declaration that TEAM OBAMA had to LIE to the American people about OBAMA-CARE lest they be defeated instantly in a uproar of discontent and anger. "The American people are stupid and we had to lie to them or else we'd would never have been able to pass OBAMA-CARE," chortled Gruber when he was asked about his involvement in the passage of OBAMA-CARE in 2010.

Now...Obama...ever the dung-throwing going around telling anyone who will accept another LIE that he never relied on GRUBER even though he paid GRUBER $400,000 for GRUBER'S so-called assistance. Recall Obama admitted he LIED about "you can keep your doctor...and...your health insurance"...but...he added that people should never have believed him. But since GRUBER was caught on video laughing and giggling about how Americans were deceived and duped...OBAMA and BURWELL have come forward to declare GRUBER was never involved in OBAMA-CARE...another LIE but one the complicit MASS MEDIA is pushing24/7.


If you qualify...the federal government will buy you a health insurance plan. Of course...most doctors won't treat you because it's a government health plan...but...whomever is so stupid as to accept you as a patient...that medical healthcare provider will treat you as if you were a beggar. a socialist get what you get and you don't throw a fit.


Instead of discussing the man-made global warming myth and ways to enslave people using that silly theory...oil-producing nations were busily exchanging ways to bolster plunging fossil fuel prices...a plummet which has benefited many producers already around the world. Ali al-Naimi...the Saudi oil minister...for example...met with Rafael Ramirez...his Venezuelan counter-part...and...refused to stop producing so much fossil fuel UNLESS the socialists in Caracas ceased their production...something Venezuelans can't do since oil revenue supports the socialist edifice such oil in the past has so well funded.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


The Sunni army which had overtaken and controls an area the size of Indiana can't sustain such grip unless it can produce armaments of war. of the names sported by this Sunni bunch...has a billion guns, 20 tanks and some other can't replace personnel or equipment fast enough to sustain any kind of prolonged conflict with a well-supplied opponent.

One division of Marines...for instance...could eliminate the entire vermin horde but the effort would require Obama's imprimatur...something he refuses to give. In many ways...ISIS provides TEAM OBAMA a "boo-factor"...which it can use from time to time to assist its domestic effort to enslave America. To delete ISIS...a puppet of the American-CIA...would be quite counter-productive and a huge waste of resources already dedicated to the perpetuation of this "TERROR".


The black flag of ISIS has come to represent "murder and mayhem". Recently...its leader, Baghdad Bob ordered a captured United Nations health-worker to be executed. ISIS has done on other occasions...this hapless U.N.dude was beheaded.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Annette Taddeo

Annette Tadeo is a rabid freedom-hater...but...she has the backing of George Soros...a well-known socialist and billionaire. With his funds she has bought her way into the MASS MEDIA talking head shows where she spews her scripted venom about the benefits of enslavement and the wondrous paradise such "whip and chain" creates.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Because U.S.Senator "maggot" Warren(D.Ma) needs to be able to use other people's money to promote herself as a potential 2016 Presidential candidate...Majority Leader "for now"Harry Reid created a new office for her. She'll conduct an "out-reach" effort to interface with minorities...thereby giving her a "cover-story" when she's caught spending millions of dollars of other people's money promoting her "maggot" self.


Obama told America he wasn't about to approve the KEYSTONE PIPELINE. Hence...the so-called floor Majority Leader Harry Reid scheduled in the U.S. Senate on passage of the PIPELINE is nothing more than "trickery" to deceive voters and help "maggot" Landrieu get re-elected. She told Reid she needed his help or else she'd have to find a job cleaning toilets...her skill level outside of the U.S.Senate. Will this TRICK work? Well...after how Americans were tricked into supporting's as likely as not Louisiana voters will be easily fooled again.


Women were killed by socialized medical care in India. "It was the system which murdered them," confided R.K Gupta...a physician who was directed by his socialist masters to sterilize women. "I didn't have any choice. I was directed to use unclean instruments to "tie their tubes"...and...most of those poor ladies died due to horrific infections caused by these unclean medical instruments," he tearfully reported adding "If I had a choice I'd have told these ladies not to trust the Minister of Health."

Sullivan won?

Because of the $327 million this BLOG poured into the U.S.Senate race in Alaska...Dan Sullivan defeated socialist the Republicans a greater chance in Congress to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a CAGE...Begich promised he'd continue to make more escape-proof and burdensome if re-elected. Obviously...voters didn't want to be enslaved and preferred Sullivan...a pugnacious lad whose mission statement to delete and eliminate.

McSally v. Barber

Martha McSally is both a former fighter pilot who flew combat missions over Iraq and a Republican challenger for the U.S.Representative niche held by a scumbag-socialist Democrat, Ron Barber. The difference between them is 161 votes in favor of McSally. Naturally...scumbag-Barber hasn't conceded defeat and wants the votes recounted. According to him...he was surprised the people in his district didn't kneel and lick his socialist big foot government boot although he received all the Afro-American and Hispanic bloc-votes...two traditional boot licking groups who seek freebie and favor from their government masters.


The landing of a 200 pound space probe on a comet traveling 84,000 miles per hour and several billion miles from Earth is a dramatic example of German skill. Congratulations. This BLOG wishes to thank them for using the APPROACH AND LAND paradigm the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG prepared for them.


America is beset by a complicit MASS MEDIA and TEAM OBAMA...the former purveys the LIES...the latter the construction-experts. Take for example, OBAMA-CARE. Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told Americans they could keep their doctors and their insurance plans...OBAMA-CARE wouldn't change any of that. Such STATEMENT most Americans now know was LIE. Instead of questioning such assertions...though...the MASS MEDIA pushed that DECEPTION 24/7 and used it to defuse the fear and concern socialism always generates.

Now we know these LIES were part of the overall plan to deceive the "gate-keepers"...and...quell dissent. What has surprised so many voters, however, is that many on that team are now going around bragging how easily it was to dupe such ignorant...stupid...people. Jonathan Gruber*...for instance...a maggot infesting M.I.T...was caught on VIDEO chortling about "how" such LIES fooled** you and me.
*Recall that "grub" Gruber was one of the principal architects of OBAMA-CARE.
**Fooled you and I...never caught eye...ears heard LIES

Thursday, November 13, 2014


In popular Mexican tourist spots...conflict has erupted...danger bubbles and clots. Beware travel're likely victim become...stay out of Cuban and Jamaican Rum.


The Jew in 1967...through conquest...brought Israel closer to heaven. But to appease the rag head...and...all their friends...the Jew permitted the Muslim Temple Mount...there no Jew offend. But the Muslim wanted more...wanted Jewish land...wanted Jewish door. We want what's ours although you too claim...but we will not stop until you're evicted into the desert yourselves the only ones to blame.


Douse with PIG BLOOD or burn down with well-placed match. Such the choice of the operatives of the they rummaged through evil's bag...they put down pig and picked up rag. In that area of town...the Muslims held sway...what better to cause anger and grim than a mosque burned at night and found by day.

Rep. Chris van Hollen(D.Md)

U.S.Rep. Chris van Hollen...scumbag Democrat...went on MSNBC and told as big a LIE as the one Jonathan Gruber* helped forge when OBAMA needed deception and trick to sneak socialism into America. Van Hollen said INSURANCE COSTS were going down due to OBAMA-CARE...a law good and sound. His statement...though...contrary to fact. OBAMA-CARE has made health insurance much more costly...but such reality isn't on his side of the tracks.
*Gruber is a maggot at M.I.T...who was caught laughing about "how" he and his scurvy crew had tricked Americans...the ones who look as if a bean patch were their home.

60 votes

Has anyone considered that 60 Senate "yes" votes overrides the veto pen?  That the 54 Republicans of the 114th Congress could with a few Democrat helpers this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE put to an end? And which of the socialist scumbag Democrats would ever dismantle CAGE? No...folks...TEAM OBAMA isn't about to burn the master's ruling page. THE ORB to be deployed would need all Republicans and most Americans demanding someone inside the tower...use that voting power...and...eliminate the grip and grab of the ruling elite.


U.S.Senator-for-now Mary Landrieu(D.La) was shown on MSNBC and every other Obama-controlled TV network speaking about the KEYSTONE much she loved much she fought to make it happen...but...was undone...and otherwise a Republican bunch whose minority vote too well warming a theme for her too much hinted. What the camera didn't show was that the Senate was empty...she was speaking to a bunch of chairs...she acted as if a world were into the camera she blinked...scratched and stared.

Perhaps voters in her state can be so easily fooled. At least that's what an Obama stooge said as into the video he drooled. Jonathan Gruber...a scumbag and worm...he laughed about how stupid the easily he could make 'em squirm. We LIED about OBAMA-CARE and the American people ate so much they asked for more...yeah...we tricked and nicked and closed the CAGE'S door.

"Americans will never shake the chain...manacle well-chased...our MASS MEDIA will tell the LIES...and...such consumed as if a 2nd grader eating paste. The American people are cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps."

Such were things Landrieu found appealing in Gruber's grubby little into empty chairs...she driveled and spewed all day.

99.99% safety record?

GREEN ENERGY can't exist without big foot government subsidy. Remove the subsidies and GREEN ENERGY would almost instantly disappear. To keep OIL and NATURAL GAS  prices "high" though...and...the GREEN ENERGY bunch in business...they're claiming rail cars are an unsafe way to transport oil even though such transport has been thoroughly documented as 99.99% safe!(Wall Street Journal B-1;11-13-14).


U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi(D.Ca) came forward and denied she knew JONATHAN GRUBER...the scumbag at M.I.T.who declared Americans were so stupid TEAM OBAMA could LIE about OBAMA-CARE. Yet...PELOSI was caught on video in 2010 speaking lovingly about Gruber and his effort in pushing OBAMA-CARE and until the other day...praised GRUBER on her website. Yes...GRUBER is a LIAR...but...PELOSI didn't want to be left out. What a gal.


How does one say "liar"? Most people answer that question by replying, "FRED KRUPP". Recall it was Krupp who was caught on video laughing about how stupid Americans were and how easily to them sold the MYTH OF MAN-MADE GLOBAL WARMING. "You can sell those idiots about any theory you want so long as you dress it up in some Hollywood movie and have a few MASS MEDIA talking heads on TV verbally accepting the LIE wholeheartedly," Krupp was caught on video proclaiming at a MIT weather-and-you conference.


Man-made global warming is a nasty-myth but it's a great way to entrench liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". While such destruction of freedom is anathema to most the Chinese...however...whose history is replete with mandarins directing from cradle to grave...such fresh ground for intrusion is welcomed wholeheartedly. What has concerned so many freedom-loving Americans is how easily Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has embraced CHINA'S overture to hammer producers and compel them to kneel and lick their "global warming" boot.


Recently...the Dallas hospital where Tom Duncan went to seek help for EBOLA will pay $240 million in damages to his American relatives for having released this "freebie" seeking African from its care instead of putting him in a $3000 per day bed and permitting him free medical care...the kind he expected since he was African and had come to America to kill as many Americans as possible with his deadly disease. Why that hospital paid that freebie-seeker's relatives anything isn't yet's likely its board of directors felt "good" about making such a hefty payment with "other people's money".


The WEATHER CHANNEL has always produced accurate reports on the weather. Its founder came forward recently to tell Americans that man-made global warming was myth and its advocates sinister socialists whose mission statement to return to the romantic days of tent, campfire and mule. Unfortunately...the mythologists couldn't stand being exposed as LIARS and conducted an attack on that company's COMPUTERS. As Penn State mythologist Mike Mann chortled, "Let's see them fix that hockey-stick glitch."


When this BLOG was looking for another poster-child for IDIOCY...Nick Timiraos was selected. He's the idiot who believes the lack of full-time employment and extensive joblessness the consequence of the "engineered" RECESSION of 2008(+). Never does he ascribe to big foot government's minimum wage policies and OBAMA-CARE any portion of blame. No...folks...this jerk says it was BUSH-CHENEY that did this to America and he wants more government intrusion to "fix-it".(11-13-14;Wall Street Journal A-1)


Because of the vast space between's unlikely mankind will ever touch such things. On the other hand...if there were some way to go to such places without turning into jelly...mankind will find it. Indeed...once the method for transport is discovered...Americans will inhabit as many worlds as there are available for colonization. The movie, INTERSTELLER depicts the feat in graphic fashion but that kind of space conveyance...while only Hollywood today...will become a commonplace thing in...say...100,000 more years...perhaps.


The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG was invited some time ago to help hit a postage stamp 4 billion miles from Earth. And...a few days ago...a 200 pound probe landed on an 85,000 mile per hour comet and is sending back at light speed data about this strange critter whose orbit around the sun guarantees this planet's viewers quite a front row seat to creation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Can the voters of Louisiana be so stupid that they'd fall for the faux-vote Harry Reid is about to do so that Mary Landrieu can show voters her power is awesome and they'd loose a great deal of their pull in Washington should a Republican be elected? According to an Obama-helper recently caught on video saying as much, "Americans are stupid and easily deceived."


In an interview with a cub-reporter from this BLOG...Wendy Weiser snorted in pig-like fashion that she was angry that most Afro-Americans in Alabama were put into several concentrated voting districts so that their entire bloc-vote for the socialist-Democrat could not hurt the rest of that glorious state. She pointed out that the Afro-American vote would always be for the socialist-Democrat because...unlike most white voters...the Afro-American relies almost exclusively on big foot government handouts and wants to bloc-vote to keep "whitey working for them" as witch-Weiser put it so eloquently.


President Xi and Obama agreed to work together to destroy what little freedom remains in America under the guise of "climate change"...that phenomenon wherein mankind emits so much CO2 that polar bears drown and New York disappears beneath a 100 feet of rising ocean.

According to President Xi...he'll work with Obama to pass laws that prevent oil and gas producers from producing so much oil and gas thereby keeping the prices high instead of plummeting into the basement. Such constriction of production will help the Chinese...according to their wizards...avoid miserable climate* change and bankruptcy.

Unfortunately...because they play the game "GO"...and...not CHESS... they INVESTED when OIL was $100(+) per barrel. Their Chinese version of "wizards of smart" told them America had idiots in power and these jerks do what needed to hinder American production. And by such American hassle and hinder...the supply would remain scarce...OIL would remain $100(+).

The Chinese sunk hundreds of billions of yuan into projects relying on this prediction about Obama and his scurvy crew.

President Xi Jingping was guaranteed that Obama was one of the biggest scumbags ever to rule a country...and...was assisted and supported by an impressive collection of fellow scumbags(think Gina McCarthy, Michael Mann and Eric the Holder) and together they'd work hard to keep OIL above $100 per barrel; that their coordinated efforts would prevent a price-plummeting GLUT...and...President Xi believed it.
*Mother Nature does what she wants and these would-be masters of the universe...those who believe pumping CO2 into the atmosphere can make her do something different...they're shoveling dung against the to speak.


In Germany...Germans became concerned that "have-nots" from other countries were coming to Germany for "free rent, clothing, shelter, food, and transport". Unlike America...for the most part...any person can come into Germany and get instant housing and cash to spend. The big foot government of Germany takes huge sums from producers so such "handouts" can be dispersed. In Turkey...for example...there's a sign in Istanbul...a 100 foot by 200 foot sign...that tells the "poor and pathetic" to find their way to Germany and get "freebie and favor".

Naturally...hard-working Germans are angered by such largess and want the "non-workers" to be excluded from this "GIVE-AWAY" fashioned on the socialist idea that big foot government owns everything and everyone and anything big foot government wishes to give away...the cattle and sheep had best be quiet lest they be identified and subjected to German hassle and jack-boot stomp.


According to Democrat-paid polling data...most Palestinians(98%) are determined to evict the Jew and send that vermin back into Sinai to wander about for another 2000 years. What has so many American Jews concerned, though, is that Obama subscribes to such eviction and has privately told HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH and "others" he wouldn't stop the eradication...but...permit the rag heads to run them back into the desert where they really belong.


U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu is a socialist-hag. When she's given the chance...she supports any law or rule that hurts freedom. She said she loves OBAMA-CARE, for instance...even though OBAMA-CARE is anathema to liberty. "I want to replace liberty with freedom-to-obey," she snorted recently when asked about her undying support for the "whip and chain" embedded in that horrific healthcare law. But to save her miserable job in the Senate...Majority-leader-for-now, HARRY REID is going to hold a vote on the KEYSTONE PIPE LINE...even though he knows Obama will veto whatever law encompasses this PIPELINE.

What has so many people concerned is that LYING is the "default" position of LANDRIEU and most other Democrats.'s likely this tactic of this faux-vote might swing enough votes over to LANDRIEU to put her back into the U.S. Senate where she can continue destroying liberty and preventing freedom from erupting as OBAMA-LAWS and BUSH-LAWS are all repealed.


Russian President Putin dispatched some of his bombers to fly around the Gulf of Mexico to give Americans a taste of what Obama has been doing to Russia. It's likely this provocative feat will estrange the two leaders even more than they already are...but...President Putin knows Obama is a dung-throwing monkey quite incapable of any real retaliatory response. "Obama is a jerk and he needs to be taught a great lesson in humility," declared one of Moscow's officials.

Dan Ammann

General Motors was nationalized by TEAM OBAMA...taken from its owners and given to the UNIONS and to big foot government "yes-people"...and...the products which Government Motors produced have killed at least 30 people as defects in airbags and ignition switches bubble forth. Only a fool would ever buy a Government Motors product. Even their trucks are junk and lose their value almost immediately and are constantly in the repair shop trying to fix defects.

Dan Ammann...CEO of Government Motors...wants to tell consumers GM products are a good buy and have great value. He's LYING. But when you're a puppet of big foot government...LYING is the "default" position. As one Ford executive put it, "If Danny-boy's lips are moving...he's lying!"


If Obama says he's for something...the better choice is to be against it. More often than not...the choice not to support will be correct since Obama's effort will be to entrench liberty. of his scumbag helpers said Obama had to LIE TO AMERICA to get OBAMA-CARE passed. Had he not LIED about likely never would have passed Congress.


Sending a space craft into the cosmos and landing a 200 pound probe on the rocky face of a comet traveling 34,000 mph and 300 million miles away when the landing occurred...such a feat would seem improbable and require technology and mathematical skills far beyond that of mortal man and yet that task was completed and data is coming back to Earth at light speed.


RUSH LIMBAUGH is a fool when he came forward to decry marijuana usage. This fool needs to keep his opinion and his "junk science" to himself. It's obvious if he needed pot to prevent encroaching blindness or needed pot during chemo-therapy...his so-called negativity would not be observed. He's a fool and deserves to be called one when he attempts to tell people his opinion about pot. Hey...RUSH why don't you stick to telling American about the evils of TEAM OBAMA and leave the pot-users alone?


Businesses stuck in states which impose a sales tax want the INTERNET to be beleaguered and burdened as they. Instead of demanding the "chain" be removed from them...they want others to experience the wonder and bliss of big foot government grip and grab. It's not fair that we must pay a sales tax and the INTERNET-sellers don't. "We want those sellers as smothered with red tape and tax as we find ourselves," tearfully spewed on brick and mortar business owner adding, "I want everyone to suffer as I suffer even though I'm a worm and won't speak out against the sales tax that is crushing my own business."