Even when George Pataki exited the Republican presidential field only his closest associates knew as much despite 24/7 announcements from every MASS MEDIA outlet that Pataki was calling it quits finding few Americans wanting a technician. So far...it would seem Trump's snarl and sneer was more powerful than Pataki's glare and share. Where as Trump said he would delete much of the federal government...Pataki...in contrast...said he wished to fine-tune and massage. It was obvious Republicans are more inclined to support a freedom-fighter than another BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT wannabe.
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Babba Ramdev...guru...and...businessman...told an overflow crowd his billion dollar estate belonged to his Ashram...his collective farm. When asked if anyone could join his ashram...he paused and then asked if these newcomers would have money. When they declared themselves indigent...Babba said his door was closed.
Competing for the title of SCUMBAG...Bill Cosby bragged about how many more women he had seduced than BILL-the-PILL...the name he used when referring to Hillary Clinton's husband: Bill Clinton. Showing off his leather bound book of conquests...he went through page after page* describing therein how he had conquered over 12,000 women...far more than BILL-the-PILL ever did.
*"I even had Gloria Allred...that snotty lawyer...on the couch for over an hour seducing and raping her," Cosby drooled as he reflected on that night in Vegas...adding that he and Gloria had met at a Baccarat Table...what happened next...Bill depicted in his book...a book prepared and kept so he might prove his prowess if ever compared to Bill Clinton...a reputed bane to women.
Ben Carson and Jeb Bush are falling behind. Carson because he won't demand liberation of the subjugated...preferring to trim about the edges of the oppressive 20th century NANNY STATE...Bush because he would perpetuate what already had been imposed...never once attempting to delete the grip and grab of big foot government. So dejected are the followers of both of these Republicans...many political pundits expect Bush and Carson to be gone after the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina.
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Does anyone find it disturbing big foot government is trying to stop refugees from getting their wealth out of the country from which they flee? And...if you find it horrific...might you not call Obama and demand he stop hurting these beleaguered migrants? Tell that dung-throwing monkey to leave his paws off hawala...the Arab-way of transferring funds.
Money transfer...a/k/a...HAWALA...dating back to the time of the Middle Ages...is the way refugees use to transport their funds thereby avoiding the treachery and theft such funds along their route might inspire. Naturally...big foot government hates any way that is not theirs. Indeed...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed goon squads to kill hawaladars...those who assist in this money stream. Already...12,598 hawaladars have been murdered by his agents in this overall effort to stop the flood of people fleeing civil wars OBAMA helped cause.
In America...Pollacks are the brunt of cruel jokes. Jokes such as: How can you tell the bridegroom at a Polish wedding? He's the dude with the new bowling shirt...are often told around dinner tables to add mirth and humor to an otherwise boring meal. But why the jokes? What about them make them so easy a target for joke writers?

Well...that answer is easy. Just look at Poland and you'll instantly find the answer. Take for example the latest act of idiocy. The Poles are going to destroy what little liberty remained in their MASS MEDIA...and...give total power over TV and RADIO to the ruling elite. Their purpose to make sure propaganda is pro-government. And that goal is ridiculous...but...when Poles do it anyway..it's also the inventory for more jokes.
New York City Detective Joseph Lemm was killed in Afghanistan. He was on his 3rd tour as a National Guardsman and had told his wife Obama was exposing him and his team to grave hazards. He said it seemed to him as if Obama were trying to kill him. Indeed...the day he died...Joe had called his wife and left a message: "Going to my doom. Can't refuse. Must go, Love Joe."

Mrs. Lemm...after Joe's funeral...told a cub reporter she planned to reveal what Obama had done. "He killed my husband. He sent that team into that village knowing death awaited. The rumors of suicide bombers were everywhere and the day they were attacked...that bomber came at them on a motorcycle going 100 miles per hour at the moment of detonation. And...Obama...knew my husband was likely to be slaughtered that day...but...needed some DEATH for political purposes. He's a scumbag and I plan to tell the world about him," whispered Joe's weeping wife.
Hillary Clinton in Africa was caught on VIDEO(click here) shaking her thing. So perplexing and awkward her presentation...most dancing Africans pulled away leaving her encircled by gawking villagers. Indeed...it was that DANCING which prompted Senator Elizabeth Warren...some time back...to contemplate running in the 2016 presidential race. "Anyone as foolish as that to be videoed dancing like that can't become president," Warren was overheard saying as she watched that disgusting video.
Using Democrat Jon Corzine's playbook...Bill Cosby alerted Obama that if he's convicted...Obama would be sorry. Of course...Bill was referring to a time when he and Obama ran together in Hawaii...where they had their way with thousands of villagers. Indeed...some villagers kept their stained blue dresses since they had heard such proof might assist them one day would they need help.
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Jeffrey Kerr...general counsel of PETA...said dropping a possum at midnight to celebrate New Years was "red neck" and didn't make sense. "Why lower a possum and not a glittering...sparkling ball?" asked Jeff Kerr as he studied the cushion-lined straps which would tether the possum to the rope as it was lowered to the ground in a TIMES SQUARE rendition reminiscent of a time when the Kerrs of the world were observed burying squished possums along the busy highways of America...and...keeping their noses out of local traditions. Nowadays...though...telling other people how to live is what Kerr and his crew do...and...they get paid handsomely for interrupting and disturbing,(WSJ A-3;12-31-15).
Senator Joe Manchin destroyed the coal industry in West Virginia. He went along with Obama even though Manchin knew he was betraying his constituents back home.

Many West Virginians are asking why did he sell them out...only to be told that Joe was promised glories and kingdoms so he knelt down and licked Obama's boot with candied tongue, (MATTHEW 4:8).
Democrat Claire McCaskill was asked to open her bank account and help flood victims in her district. In response to that demand that she walk the walk as much as talk the talk...Senator McCaskill declared, "I'm a socialist. I spend other people's money...never my own. Yes...I will make taxpayers pay for flood damage...but...never will I use my own. I'm a socialist...and...a good one at that."
Before Trump entered the Republican portion of the 2016 election cycle...JEB BUSH was called the "anointed one" with the MASS MEDIA touting his prowess and stature. After Trump arrived...of course...JEB dropped into back door stuff...small audiences...tepid support...and...little else. Yet...despite how Trump has ignited the love of freedom once more...the MASS MEDIA has told voters they plan to undermine and delete Trump delivering the Oval Office to Hillary Clinton...a scoundrel whose mission statement to enslave.

 The question is...though...does the MASS MEDIA have such power since the INTERNET arrived? Can TEAM OBAMA...before the 2016 election cycle gets into full swing...somehow...destroy freedom on the INTERNET thereby delivering more power to their controlled-MASS MEDIA? Answering that question, scumbag Tom Wheeler...head honcho at the Federal Communications Commission...says they can. As he said, "By destroying liberty on the INTERNET...imposing "freedom-to-obey"...and...forcing people to ask for permission...I can guarantee Trump doesn't run the table!"
Talk about nepotism...Ali Vitali was hired to be a talking head because her dad was in show business. But for that link...not anyone would ever hire Ali to cover any major news topic. She's too shallow and shows her hatred outright never hiding any aspect of her obvious displeasure. Indeed...every time she mentions TRUMP...she drools venom...and chokes on her cud...two disqualifying traits for anyone else.
Pseudo-intellectual Beth Fouhy couldn't grasp "why" Trump would be discussing hair spray and ozone. Unbeknownst to her...obviously...she was ignorant of the 2015 attack on industry based on ground-level ozone...a natural occurrence but one about which few Americans know. Obviously Trump knew how silly that hair spray restriction was and how silly the 2015 ozone rules were...made jest about it...but...his levity was too far above the closed-mind of Beth-the-beast.
DATING ETIQUETTE? Yes...some time back...it was a best seller. It's author, Bill Cosby wrote the book after many years of dating various girls. As he put it...he felt he needed to explain...how, why and what. Each date was different and the drug he used to seduce was powerful and always fetched a "kill" as he put it on PAGE 19.

So descriptive and illustrative was Cosby in his writing that he was arrested* for sexual assault. When asked "why" would he confess to such nefarious conduct...he replied, "I was only kidding. I never had sex with 10,733 drugged-out women...I was LYING."
*What has disturbed many Democrats is the fact in his BLACK BOOK of conquests...Cosby had the name: MICHELLE OBAMA.
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Has anyone noticed the description of a typical Trump supporter painted by the complicit MASS MEDIA? Has anyone noticed the MASS MEDIA always pick the most unattractive attendee at Trump rallies to interview. Their purpose to pick "green-tooth neanderthals"...or...half-crazed former Democrats in order to bolster their derogatory presentation of a TYPICAL TRUMPSTER. It's obvious to most voters so the RUSE won't work.

Indeed...to help save money...and...to give Trump a level playing field...the HELP DEPARTMENT of this BLOG told the leaders of the MASS MEDIA to stop wasting their time...voters know their game and hate them for it.
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When Bettie R. Jones was killed by Chicago police...Chicago's mayor was not on duty but vacationing in Communist Cuba. Hearing that his resignation was being discussed...scumbag Emanuel flew back to Chicago to throw more people under the bus to save his own neck. What a scumbag! Coming to his defense...however...was U.S.Rep. Danny Davis, (D.Illinois)...who said that the mother of 5 children deserved death since she was told to keep her door closed.

"When she defied "whitey"...she deserved to die!" exclaimed Rep. Danny Davis trying as best he could to insulate an otherwise culpable Rahm Emanuel. "Bettie died because she defied!" added Danny Davis as he drooled his defense of Rahm Emanuel.

"Bettie was killed because she stuck her head up the hill." pondered Danny Davis as he looked at photos of a headless Bettie Jones. "Had she obeyed "whitey'...and kept her nose out of police business...she'd still be alive and caring for those five," opined a solemn Danny Davis.

Yes...folks...Danny Davis came to the rescue of a beleaguered Mayor Emanuel...obviously paying off some "marker" ole Rahm was holding.
Trump snuff. Such was the prediction by the venomous talking heads of the MASS MEDIA. Trump would lose Iowa and New Hampshire...two pro-socialist states...and...those losses would taint him in subsequent venues destroying his path thereby to the Oval Office. Yes...soothsaying and forecasting are talking head tools...intended to entertain more than to edify. But...to hear them discuss TRUMP...you'd think TRUMP had already lost big time. Again...it's TRUMP SNUFF.
Already the pro-Hillary MASS MEDIA is predicting Trump was all noise...not pith-packed...but...empty...vacuous...and...ignorant of the need to enhance and augment the grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

"How dare Trump want to delete the yoke and choke agenda...forged by prior generations...and...which...presently...is generating a sclerotic 1.5% increase in gross national product!"fumed MSNBC Hardball Chris Matthews...adding in the same breath how much his left leg tingled every time he thought of Hillary in that Oval Office enslaving and destroying wholesale.

Only when voters find it necessary to cast their ballots for liberty is there maximum voter turn-out. Indeed...Mitt 'the nit' Romney lost because people didn't see much difference between Obama and 'the nit' and chose to scratch what they already had rather than chance an unpleasant encounter. To win...TRUMP must promise KEY not more CAGE. If he does as much...he'll defeat all comers both Republican and then Democrat. If...however...he's tepid about what he will do...he'll lose to Hillary whose promise of redistribution is infectious and attractive to many Americans.
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Trump exhorted his overflow crowds in Iowa and New Hampshire to vote. He asked Iowa's caucus goers to consider him...while pleading with New Hampshire voters to support his effort to delete the grip of the 20th Century NANNY STATE. Yes...the MASS MEDIA is working 24/7 to derail Trump since they know Trump will defeat Hillary in a general election. But..it's as likely as not...voters know the difference and are going to turn out for Trump.
Democrat Bill Cosby was arrested for date-rape. While he might be prosecuted...it's unlikely he can be convicted. The proof is stale and wholly relies on the recollection of the alleged victims...all 10,467 of them. Apparently...Democrat Bill Cosby was prolific and diabolical. According to Gloria Allred...a lawyer for 4000 of these ladies...Cosby drugged the date...then...raped over and over again thereby expressing his allegiance to the Democrat-doctrine of fairness.
There is good and bad Indian ground. The natives who resided in America for thousands of years before the colonists arrived knew of such difference. And during that long stretch...they determined what was a safe area and what was not. And...before most native Americans were wiped out...they told the settlers that there was a difference in where one lived. Stay away from bad Indian ground they would warn and over the years most people heeded the warning. Yet...as with most traditional ways of looking at things...the good and bad Indian ground idea evaporated until not anyone could recall where the good and bad places were located.

Recently...Mother Nature took it upon herself once more to define the difference. But for this designation...few Americans would conclude "good and bad ground" was the explanation for the devastation recently suffered from El Nino storms that swept great portions of America with tornado and horrific flood. Yet...there was a difference! Those who were residing on "bad ground" had their houses destroyed...their businesses flooded...and...their lives dashed and dumped.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon admitted most of the flood damage his state is presently experiencing could have been avoided had Senator Claire McCaskill done her job in Washington DC. Sure...he's passing the buck...but...when you're a socialist-Democrat you never accept blame and always say it would have been better had there been more of other people's money.
Billionaire Bill Cosby was asked to come forward and support Hillary Clinton. When he refused...he was indicted in California for aggravated indecent assault. He drugged and then raped females while unconscious. So horrific his sexual appetite...the number of victims might number in the tens of thousands as victims come forward to collect on their respective claims. In his defense...COSBY said he didn't do any more than BILL CLINTON did...and...should escape condemnation as easily as he.
Democratic National Committee chairwoman, U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to define socialism since to reveal as much would instantly disqualify both Sanders and Clinton as viable candidates because both of them are devout socialists whose mission statement to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". Americans would not knowingly vote for enslavement. Thus Schultz had to duck, dip and dodge the question and its obvious answer.
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If TRUMP will lose to HILLARY CLINTON in a general election...then...why is the Clinton-loving MASS MEDIA attacking him so much? Why did NBC dispatch a merciless jerk such as Katie Tur to cover him if TRUMP is such an easy defeat for Clinton? What might be behind TRUMP which the MASS MEDIA finds inimical to its health and welfare?
"Radicalized" on the INTERNET. Has anyone heard the MASS MEDIA touting such power of the INTERNET? Although that assertion nonsense-packed...it caught the attention of the MASS MEDIA. In that declaration of power to change people...the MASS MEDIA also demanded the INTERNET be governed strictly by big foot government...putting bureaucratic ghouls and creeps between consumers and their suppliers. "If TOM WHEELER were in charge...San Bernardino and Paris would not have been attacked,"Screamed Senator Elizabeth Warren...herself a freedom-hater and one who wants to enslave America.
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Two people with same job but different salaries. In California...such difference is outlawed. Not only must employers pay men and women the same...but...any difference would be grounds for class-action attack...something any employer would wish to avoid. While some employers are accepting this burden...many more are looking for ways to depart California to avoid such big foot government diktat and its obvious stifling aspect.
"Not in my neighborhood!" screamed William A. Galston. Yes...he advocated refugee relocation in America...and...told the world it was good for America to take in a million or two...but...he didn't want them in his gated community. As with most scumbag-socialists...they like spending other people's money...but...never...will they ever stoop down to help the crippled child,(WSJ A-11;12-30-15)
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Some time back...the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG pointed out Taliban would never again control Afghanistan provided America deleted socialism and imposed an otherwise unhampered market paradigm...thereby insulating the storeroom of the loser from the grasp of the winner and insuring eternal peace and prosperity thereby. With DRONE STRIKES every time Taliban exposed itself...that vermin could be kept in check and eventually deleted.

While the DRONE STRIKES are being implemented...socialism is still stifling Afghanistan and causing perpetual civil war...wherein Taliban find power and strength. Yes...Obama could have changed* the socio-economic system of Afghanistan to delete socialism...but...he didn't because he is as much a socialist as any found in toilet-bowl Afghanistan.
*BUSH-CHENEY are the chief reason why Taliban still exists. Had these two jerks imposed a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market model in Afghanistan...free trade...open markets...not any red tape or big foot government bureaucrats...had they done as much...Taliban would be unwanted everywhere in Afghanistan. "Why support the scumbag who wants to control and direct?"most Afghans would ask themselves.
Senator Chuck Schumer told a few friends some days back that "A big thank you should be issued to James Comey...Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Because of his dedication...there has been a decoding of the encrypted messages between George Soros and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the former leader of Brazil. Apparently...Soros and da Silva were involved in Petroleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras...and...their messages have become the focus of a corruption investigation into a far-reaching conspiracy...an unlawful agreement between scoundrels...a relationship which could go all the way into the Oval Office."
As if playing a game of RISK...Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Sanchez were overheard arguing about the control of Spain. Rajoy said he had sufficient armies to wipe out Sanchez* to which Pedro replied, "Roll and see!"(WSJ A-8;12-30-15). Could it be socialists are fighting over what's left of the Spanish pie?
*If you vote for Pedro...all your wildest dreams will come true. Such was Pedro's campaign pitch but he lost to Rajoy's mundane: Let's make Spain great again."
Even the hard-core socialist countries of Southeast Asia know there is prosperity embedded in free trade...indeed...far more prosperity than in government handouts. And...to the extent people have power to loosen the grip of the NANNY STATE...free trade will manifest. But...the little bit of loosening these southeast Asian countries have in mind won't do much for their respective populations. Yes...freer trade will fetch some benefits to the well-connected* but those on the "outside" will find their lives just as troubled as ever,(WSJ A-7;12-30-15).
*John Lozande...secretary-general of the National Federation of Sugar Workers(NFSW)...told a cub reporter that lower import prices will mean the poorest people can now buy sugar. Adding to this observation he pointed out that "cheap imports will come in, prices will fall, and our workers...440,000 on Negros alone...and...the farmers who employ them...all will suffer."
Protectionism does create such hazard for the unwary. Those sugar workers...all 440,000 of them...were forced to be sugar workers because there was not any other ball game in town in socialist Philippines. On the other hand...open trade...unfettered commerce...such things would instantly absorb those 440,000 worker bees as hungry entrepreneurs flooded the area looking for opportunity.
As incredible as it might seem...Obama issued a directive to the Veteran Administration to ignore class-action complaints filed by indigent vets seeking the help they were promised. "If they want to whine...let them do it individually. We can stomp them out as they come forward. But a "class" of them...that kind of noise would be hard to silence."
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Big foot government employees are fearful their PENSIONS will be eliminated. They know local and state governments promised much more than taxpayers were willing to give and their pensions will be deleted. Yes...they relied on big foot government to kill and loot for them...but...even these scumbag politicians know they had best delete pensions or get voted out of office themselves thereby losing their own income stream. It's amazing to watch socialists disguised as Democrats eliminating PENSIONS so they might remain in power. What a bunch of scumbags. And they're all Democrats!(WSJ A-1;12-30-15)
Obama directed his goon squad to spy on Prime Minister Netanyahu. Yes...the Jew was not told of the spying effort. When the Jew discovered the SPYING...he called that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office and complained bitterly noting that he had "dirt" on Obama and was prepared to publish it. In reply...the monkey said he'd stop spying on the Jew.
If you were to put recent weather into a bigger picture of weather over...say...a billion years...its egregious nature wouldn't seem "record-breaking"...but...be quite commonplace and ordinary. But if such were said...all those scumbags reaping big bucks off this"chicken little" stuff...would have to disgorge their profits. And...you can't ask charlatans to give back...it's a waste of time.
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Despite consensus science proclaiming otherwise...it's obvious Mother Earth is ever changing...its massive plates back and for over the eons...its oceans coming and going...and whatever life precariously hanging on. El Nino recently altered* course due to the tectonic plates in the Pacific moving about.
*Yes...climate change guru...Al Gore...said if paid sufficient money he could sew the earth together and it would never quake again and with a spoon and bucket he could stop El Nino's potential for destruction. To think otherwise, chided Gore...was to experience an inconvenient truth.
In New Hampshire...Joey McQuaid used his newspaper, THE UNION LEADER, to endorse Chris Christie. Trump sensed McQuaid was a devout socialist and would never support Trump since Trump wanted to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. And...once again...demonstrating good business sense...Trump was correct to avoid any dialogue with such a snake. McQuaid came out supporting Chris Christie because Christie would destroy what little liberty remained in America...something McQuaid relished more than life itself.
Trump told the world he was going to spend $2 million per week revealing how much of a scoundrel Hillary Clinton has been and will continue to be. Ann Lewis...a HILLARY-PAC gal...said TRUMP was wasting his money since people loved Hillary and didn't much care if she ignored the screams for help in Benghazi...or...that hundreds of thousands of people died because of her incompetence as Secretary of State. No...voters didn't much care since Hillary was promising to redistribute and make everyone better off.
What if Trump is not a freedom-fighter after all...but...as rabid a socialist as Sanders or Clinton ever thought of being? Instead of demanding liberation of the subjugated...what if Trump declares he wants more power and takes over much of American industry and wealth?

Perhaps "what if" scenarios are interesting...and...might conjure abject fear...but...most voters know Trump isn't about to destroy his own empire. They know he wants to delete the grip and grab of big foot government thereby making America great again. He wants to eliminate the NANNY STATE...and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.
A dude named COUCH ran over some people and was sentenced to 10 years probation for DUI manslaughter. Unfortunately...COUCH refused to follow probation rules and disappeared with his mother into the badlands of Mexico. After a fortnight in inhospitable surroundings...however...COUCH was ready to give himself up and take that 10 years of prison. When asked "why" not tough it out and remain free...COUCH replied, "Hey...man...I'm an American...without any survival skills...and...in need of what civilization offers,"
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While the embassy compound in Benghazi was being attacked...Huma and Hillary were off doing what they were wont to do. Hence...when Hillary was asked what she was doing during that 7 hour siege of the embassy compound on 09-11-12...she declined to answer that question for OBVIOUS reasons. However...unlike everyone else...though...Mr. Trump...her nemesis...wants that QUESTION answered for obvious reason.
Hillary Clinton is a scoundrel and an inveterate LIAR whose mission statement to impose socialism in America and delete what little liberty remains. "If you thought Obama was nasty...just wait til you see what I can do. I am going to control every aspect of the INTERNET. I will tell people when to live...when to die...when to laugh...when to cry. It's my destiny to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey",Hillary snorted as she reviewed her latest poll numbers.
Don't be a chump. When someone says that to another person they're saying there's a better way than what has been chosen. Recently...Ann Lewis...a Hillary Clinton helper...said anyone voting for TRUMP was a CHUMP...a foolish person. Indeed...Ms. Lewis went on to describe how Hillary would eliminate what little remains of liberty and impose socialistic "freedom-to-obey"...something Americans craved...to be ruled from cradle to grave.
While Bernie Sanders didn't know exactly "how"...nevertheless...he declared the recent tornado attack on America was because of man-caused climate change. "If we had just stopped El Nino...re-routed it...or...wished it away...the death and destruction wrought by those tornadoes wouldn't have occurred," he noted as he looked out over the devastation.
Germans say they cheered Hitler but did not know what a monster he would turn out to be. They did not know their entire country would one day be a pile of smoldering rubble when they were applauding his declaration that Germany would be great again. When Hitler took over countries they screamed with adulation...never sensing the horror embedded therein. Yet...after years of fighting...and...so many battles their names lost in the wad...Germany was defeated...devastated...and...dreams of empire dashed.
Bettie R. Jones heard noise. Stopped what she was doing and opened her door. When she did to look outside...she was struck by a hail of bullets fired by police officers who were responding to a domestic violence call. Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the Jones family they needed to get over the loss since death was part of the Democrat game plan for Chicago. So callous was his response to this horrific loss that his resignation has been demanded. Bettie Jones left 5 children behind...folks...5 children...and...scumbag Emanuel had the audacity to say death is part of his game plan. It's outrageous and he must resign as mayor.
Ramadi was retaken from the Islamic State or was it? What if Islamic State personnel buried an enormous bomb...so big that its crater over 5 miles across and 10,000 feet deep? Of course...Iraqi troops understand the ramifications of such a nightmare scenario and have refused to garrison in the Ramadi area preferring a camp site beyond the BLAST ZONE.

Equally troubled and reluctant are former Ramadi residents who have heard rumors of ultimate destruction beneath their feet. Despite assurances from Baghdad that Ramadi does not have beneath it a huge bomb...few people want to resume residing in that DEATH TRAP. As one former Ramadi citizen pointed out, "If they're so sure...why are they not changing their addresses to Ramadi?"
*The knight strikes at midnight. Such was the phrase people have heard described when the BOMB would explode. When asked about the retaking of Ramadi...Iraqi troops said they were led by the King of Hearts.
Andy Puzder...CEO of CKE Restaurants...pointed out how the minimum wage erects an impenetrable wall for the marginal worker dooming those people to a life of institutionalized unemployment,(WSJ A-13;12-28-15). As the minimum wage increases...the amount of VALUE that marginal employee must produce also increases. Indeed...at $15.00 per hour...the employer loses money the day that $15.00 per hour marginal employee is hired...a day that won't ever arrive because most employers can't afford such munificence.
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The minimum wage creates institutionalized unemployed people...people unable to produce enough to justify such hourly wage. The greater the minimum wage...the greater the wall for those marginally able to produce. Bernie Sanders told a screaming audience he would raise the minimum wage to $50.00 per hour making America the highest minimum wage country out-doing even Greece...that socialist paradise where work needn't be done in order to receive. Despite its idiotic aspect...people want to be enslaved with this minimum wage nonsense.
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The official village historian...known as a griot...when...asked about Obama...replied, "Obama was born in Kenya. Because of where Hawaii was located...it was chosen as the site where he would be declared to have been born. The proper birth papers were created...people who might be asked were prepped...and...the RUSE thereby created. Trump got close to the truth but was tricked by "suitable paper work" and the recollections of people whose interests have since been shown to have been aligned with Obama when they were asked about their recollection the night* Obama was born!
*If you examine the date line and the Earth's rotation...it was possible for Obama to be flown to Hawaii and placed into that hospital so that a PRETEND BIRTH IN AMERICA could be perpetrated. Indeed...Macmood Wingobee...a griot of respect and prominence...told a cub reporter he saw Obama born in a Kenyan hut...saw his mother give birth...and...also saw the black colored helicopter that took mother and new born Obama away,(WSJ A-11;12-28-15).
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed Tom Wheeler...his stooge at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC)...to destroy the INTERNET and transform it into OBAMA-NET...a place where innovation requires big foot government permission and people use the web as permitted not as wanted. 

While there are cattle and sheep who don't mind being directed by bureaucratic creeps...most Americans resent intrusion and are demanding TOM WHEELER be fired...publicly marked for shunning...and...exiled. Trying to defuse such a fate...Wheeler told a cub reporter he licked boot because he was a knee-crooking knave...a scumbag* who followed orders and he should not be condemned for such loyalty,(WSJ A-11;12-28-15).
*In their defense...German generals at Nuremberg said they only gave the orders.
Marijuana...a/k/a..."urb"...is considered an illegal drug under federal law. That archaic law must be repealed so that the $1 trillion cash generated by "urb" sales in Colorado might be put into banks and then used to buy stuff. As it is...banks are virtually prohibited from accepting those billions of dollars per day even though such infusion of capital would enhance the value of the banking system remarkably. As a side note...scumbag Chris Christie wants to shoot all pot smokers and kill all pot growers because he loves the smell of rotting flesh. It brings out the "witch-burner" in him.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel said a few accidental killings are to be expected in Chicago. If the police slaughter people...so what. They probably deserved it. So callous and uncaring were his remarks...his resignation was demanded. How dare he dispatch goon squads to slaughter Afro-Americans. Yes...he's a nasty unrepentant Jew...but...that doesn't give him the power to kill people with impunity.
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STICK v. BULLET. Once more...the bullet won. In Chicago...Quintonio Legrier armed with ball bat was shot 7 times by a police officer. This angry police officer claimed the 19 year old college-student deployed the bat for attack and was shot 7 times "center-mass" in order to stop the maniac whose bat and anger at the time were 50 feet away!
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Erecting a barrier along America's southern border is possible but a wall just makes people build better ladders and little else. On the other hand...America is made better off when people come to this blessed land to produce* and build their own empires...their own lives...and...do it without hurting others.

If America were an otherwise unhampered market and not a NANNY STATE wherein people are given "free food, shelter, clothing, transport, unlimited health care services and spending money...most of the illegal immigrants would never have spent the time and money to sneak into such a place...a place where work is required and there are not any entitlements.

However, America is not a 21st century otherwise unhampered market but a NANNY STATE...and...the freebies are as magnets attracting iron filings. The immigrants are given social security numbers as soon as they are identified and such card gives them a KEY to the STOREROOM of the enslaved American Taxpayer...and...a big reason to support the political party which endorsed their .
*Recently, the Syrians have been tagged as a "suspect group" wherein terrorists might be hiding using refugee disguise to enter America where mayhem and unrest might then be unleashed.

The wizards...who brought the voters McCain and Romney...thought their magic could put JEB BUSH in the Oval Office. The Democrats were pushing a flawed scoundrel whose checkered past too much for most voters to overlook...and...the other runner-up was an old time socialist whose mission statement: rob Peter to pay Paul. However...so far...JEB BUSH has been labeled: UNWANTED.

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China is erecting another wall...this time...though...it's an electronic barrier. The Chinese told the world that if its electronic products wish to be sold in China...the ruling elite must be given access to "back-door" surveillance so that would-be terrorists might be interdicted before they can strike. Many humorists are having a field day with this law telling their laughing audiences the last thing a terrorist is going to use is something with a bunch of eyes and ears festooning the landscape.
In World War II...the U.S.S. Hornet approached the Empire of Japan and launched a squadron of B-25 Mitchell bombers their mission to attack Tokyo. While the damage inflicted was minimal...the psychological aspect was devastating since the Japanese thought their homeland safe from bomber-attack. Mention is made of the Doolittle Raid since such surprise attack would probably catch Islamic State with its pants down.
While some political scientists scoff at the declaration that the Islamic State is a creature of the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)...most international wonks say otherwise backing up their conclusion with data most Americans haven't seen. It might very well be President Putin is withholding such information from American voters so that the political race won't be tipped against the Democrats. Indeed...there is an old Russian saying which fits: Have more than you show...say less than you know."
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Some of the Chicago police...still... don't have non-lethal tasers a deficiency which resulted in the death of a 19 year old college student and a 55 year old mother when these "lacking" officers arrived at the site of a domestic disturbance and were confronted by a maniac with ball bat and a screaming mother trying to tell the police don't shoot...don't hurt her mentally deranged son.
A 55 year old mother was shot dead by police. Later...the shooting was called accidental. Mayor Rahm immediately told the complicit MASS MEDIA to hide the video...and...not release it until it had been scrubbed reciting how much noise came from the Laquan McDonald cover-up. "We want a clean video this time, gentlemen," Rahm was overhead telling his cronies.
In South Carolina...Bakari Sellers said Hillary Clinton would win...pointing out that voters liked how much she promised...and...were willing to give her the chance to destroy what little liberty remained and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". According to Bakari Sellers...a devout Democrat and freedom-hater...voters in South Carolina yearned for enslavement.
Islamic State leader, al-Baghdadi dispatched a VIDEO and the world has seen how he can brag and crow. He mocked Obama for his tepid attacks...thumbed his nose at the Russian Bear...yeah...al-Baghdadi on VIDEO...yet...Hillary Clinton* didn't care. She was too focused on telling her hand-picked crowds how Trump was a recruiting tool for ISIS. She said if Trump were to win...America would be instantly in crisis.
*VIDEO. When there was a question about the 09-11-12 Benghazi embassy compound attack...never did Hillary Clinton explain here whereabouts or her actions during those 7 long fateful hours...hours in which Ambassador Stevens could have been saved. She chose instead of hide behind a VIDEO...even though she knew not any VIDEO was involved. Then...recently...Hillary told a hand-picked crowd that ISIS was using Trump in its videos to recruit people. Although that declaration was LIE...she didn't care. She spewed that drivel and tripe.
Ancient Egyptians wrote on both paper and stone. On stone when important...on paper when mundane and commonplace. Hence...in tombs...and...on their massive monuments are found the etchings...encrypted messages...meant to be read by spirits and later generations. Yes...paper in tombs could theoretically last as long as stone...but..."why" take the chance?

Mention is made of this "lasting message" concept since more and more information nowadays is kept on computer. Blow the grid and most of the world's data would be instantly lost. Indeed...could the story of Atlantis be more metaphorical than an account of a real civilization destroyed in a precipitous calamity?
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Turkey launched attacks against Kurds in border towns indiscriminately killing both civilians as well as anti-government warriors. When asked "why"...the Turk general replied, "We were told to eradicate vermin...and...we're doing just that!"

Despite such eradication efforts...as strange as it might seem...in other parts of Syria and Iraq...Obama is helping the Kurds fight Islamic State...giving them just enough ammo and weapons to keep them interested but not enough for them to win. While the Kurds know they're getting deceived and betrayed...they must play along lest Obama cut them off entirely assuring thereby their wholesale slaughter by either the Turks or by Islamic State.
Although the bane of Nixon...Bob Woodward surfaced and declared he hated Trump. He envies Trump and wants socialism to stomp out liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". Trump might very well stand in the way of such destruction of freedom and Woodward despises him for it. "If I had my way...Id' attack Trump from every angle. I'd expose his business dealings and do all I could to undermine and destroy," drooled venomous-Bob...never once pointing out that Hillary Clinton could never survive a MASS MEDIA expose' on her nefarious ways.
Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry together with Obama gave Iran the ability to build both a nuclear weapon and the missile system capable of reaching Manhattan. Yes...Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders pushed for that IRAN-NUKE- DEAL...even though it would mean maniacs with "nukes" and America too far away to do much about it. Indeed...Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu described the DEAL as foolhardy and probably one of the primal causes of World War III.
While the complicit MASS MEDIA won't corner Bernie Sanders and force him to reveal what he really means when he says growing the middle class to they can work for the common good. Does he mean everyone is a worker bee and the hive takes precedence over any individual concerns? The answer is "yes". Indeed...Bernie has often said he plans to turn America into another European-like toilet.
The capital city of Anbar province, RAMADI has been reduced to rubble...broken concrete...shattered lives...and...little else. Islamic State...always the sore loser...departed Ramadi but left behind enough bombs and booby-traps to keep bomb squads busy for several years. Mr. Too-Wa-Kee...a rag head leader of Iraqi troops...told a cub reporter the rubble wasn't any big deal since Iraqis have always lived in tents and used camel dung as an aphrodisiac.
Mr. Donald J. Trump and Steve Colbert intersected. Colbert came away claiming Trump could both win and thereafter eliminate the stifle and stomp of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE thereby making America great again. Colbert wished Trump would lose...however...since he liked socialism and wanted people to be as miserable as he.
Dr. Ben Carson told a cub reporter from this BLOG he would dismantle much of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...delete its "victim-making" entitlement system. He would do what he could to usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. He felt Trump was "bump and thump" but little more and in the end would not eradicate the grip and grab of the would-be master.
Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders  enchanted his crowd in New Hampshire as he promised to take money from others and pass it out to them. The cheering and noise-making was thunderous and could be heard 100 miles away. Here was a real scumbag who was willing to plunder storerooms* for them and they loved him for it.
*These low-information people could not recall how Venezuela began its trip down the socialist toilet.
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Ramadi. American lives were lost taking that city but as soon as the Americans left...Islamic State entered and remained until recently when Americans returned and chased them away. The re-taking of Ramadi will be called a classic bunch of nonsense in years to come as Islamic State enters once more...and...Americans are required to push them out again and again.

If...on the other hand...an otherwise unhampered market model were imposed in that region...a model wherein neither Sunni nor Shiite can loot the storeroom of the other...then...Ramadi would become a place where people would choose to reside and raise families in peace. Those professing Islamic State dogma would be welcomed but their violence eschewed in such fashion there wouldn't...any longer...be...the RIFLED HAND.
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The same laws and rules Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton wish to impose are the same ones which stifled Venezuela and Brazil and sent them down the socialist toilet. However...most Americans don't know about such things since the complicit MASS MEDIA has done much to hide the misery and squalor socialism brings to wherever it's imposed.
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Moon-bot(tm) is the label of a robot which operates on the dark side of the moon. What? Yes...the dark side of the moon...frigid...hostile...but...packed with stuff Earthlings can use. And...there the moon-bots graze. They wander the lunar surface...marking treasure...sending back data...and...assisting in the strategic planning of moon-mining!
Merle Haggart sang about the loss on Kern River telling the world he'd never swim Kern River again. And yet...Hillary Clinton just yesterday said swimming Kern River was better than ending up dead. Of course she was referring to her chances in New Hampshire since her husband began traveling that state...telling the lady-folk...he'd be lurking in the Rose Garden waiting for gals wearing blue dresses.
In Ramadi...the capital of Anbar province...100 Islamic State troopers are defending against 200,000 Iraqi warriors...all fitted out with Iraqi uniforms...American weapons of incredible firepower...and...American gunships to wipe out "spotted" resistance. And...yet...those advocates of the Islamic State hold out. But how could they defend against such an onslaught? Could they have planted that many mines...that many booby-traps...that many pitfalls that they can hold a capital city against the might of the Iraqi army and its American helpers?

If the answer is "yes"...how many Islamic State trooper would it take to disrupt and terrify in such places as Los Angeles or New York City? Could a few bomber and snipers bring those two cities to a screeching halt? The answer...according to FBI Director Comey...is "yes"...a well-coordinated cadre could attack and damage America. Maybe Trump is correct in asking: "what the hell is going on?"

Maj. Gen. Bob Scales told a cub reporter American troops were in Syria and they were getting killed. Their deaths are being kept secret since Obama doesn't want to hurt Hillary Clinton's chances to be president. If he were to reveal how many troops were already committed and how many more American lives would be sacrificed...he'd undermine Hillary who has told her crowds she champions what Obama is doing.
Zahran Alloush, a Douma native, was a former preacher turned rebel leader who commanded about 10,000 fighters in and around the Syrian capital of Damascus. With the assistance of President Putin...Syrian President Assad was able to locate and eradicate Alloush and 9,999 of his followers in an extraordinary bombing raid carried out by top guns in the Russian Air Force. Indeed...in one massive air strike...the so-called Army of Islam was obliterated.

The United Nations...drunk on Climate Change diktat and power-grab...were stunned to learn Alloush...their PUPPET in Syria had been deleted along with virtually the entire Army of Islam. With such annihilation...al-Baghdadi and his cutthroats of the Islamic State rejoiced since Alloush had vowed to wipe that Sunni horde from the Earth,(WSJ A-6;12-26-15).
While President Trump could dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and thereby usher in EDEN...many freedom-fighters are asking, "But...will he?" They suspect Trump is a disguised big foot government advocate...not a liberator...and...when given the chance to eliminate the grip and grab of the CAGE...he'll falter...stumble...and...fall...failing to eliminate whip and chain...plummeting to Earth in flip and flame...just another bouncing ball...such might be what's in that name...America great again...many will ask who's behind such call?
Prime Minister Abe told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he tried to spend Japan into prosperity following Keynesian tenets only to have his country remain stagnant and lackluster. When asked what would make Japan great...he looked into the Rising Sun and said, "A golden dragon needs room...and...the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm has proven to be foolhardy. Japan must move into the 21st Century and eliminate the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE. Only then will Japan be great...only then will  the Japanese people be prosperous and happy."
Mr. Donald J. Trump could very well be America's gift to itself. If Trump were to become president and if he were to have a Republican House and Senate...he could dismantle this 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st century otherwise unhampered market delivering what has been described as a virtuous cycle where rising wages encourage consumers to spend, leading to more growth and wage increases.
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Inspecting the destructive landslide in Shenzhen...officials concluded the catastrophe could have been avoided had that landfill operation been a private enterprise and not a mixed-bag of government and crony incompetence and greed. One official pointed to the fact that 4 days before the tragic collapse of that enormous landfill situated above the city...an engineer said the entire situation was unstable and evacuation was mandatory. His ALERT was written down...and...put into the large pile of "ALERTS"...a pile filled with possibilities and maybes.
What is it about Islamic State that attracts French and draws them into its evil ranks? According to an official study...the reason for there being so many French is that the French children are taught to be cattle and sheep...to be ruled and directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. The education is so good...most Frenchies can't wait to go to Syria and join the rag heads in their slaughter of people wishing to be free,(WSJ 12-26-15;A-1).

During World War II...U-Boat 552 sank more ships than any other. Until it was sunk by American destroyers...U-552 was the most deadly German sub in the north Atlantic. When James Clapper was asked "why" he was referencing an anecdote from times past...Clapper laughed and whispered, "You...fool...the Islamic State is building submarines and their crews are suicidal. America is about to be attacked from the air and from the sea. The enemy knows its best chance is to attack when Obama is still in power. The reaction by America will be tepid...and...end miserably for most."
Trying to make Hillary Clinton acceptable to the "low-information" voter...the typical Democrat...U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) snorted, "Declaring the wrong lady the winner at the Miss Universe pageant is by far a worse mistake than ignoring demands from Ambassador Stevens for betters embassy defense."
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MSNBC Hardball Chris Matthews told a crowd he hated Trump but Hillary made his left leg tingle. Instead of trading petards with scumbag-Matthews...however....something Trump is wont to do...Trump remained positive and determined. He told Matthews he intended to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in EDEN...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some knee-crooking bureaucrat is queen or king...indeed...a place where some would-be master such as Hillary Clinton can never decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
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Some years ago...when this BLOG told America that TEAM OBAMA was orchestrating a civil war in Syria...few believed it...and...even more scoffed at such a notion. Yet...recently...Obama admitted his team has been materially involved in Syria for years and was largely responsible for the flood of refugees now inundating Europe and elsewhere. This admission was startling since Obama...in times past...denied he caused the mayhem and unrest afoot in Syria; and for him...now...to admit he was the cause of so much misery was both surprising and shocking.
BUSH-CHENEY created the mess now bubbling and boiling in Afghanistan. Instead of imposing a 21st century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...they created a socialist welfare state...opened the storeroom of the loser to the winner...and...departed knowing there was "built-in" civil war once American firepower left the region. Obama...himself an inveterate socialist...didn't see anything wrong with the welfare state and extracted the troops who were keeping disgruntled losers from rioting and grabbing power so they might loot the loser's storeroom...in an eye-for-eye Islamic way.

Now...the beleaguered socialists in Kabul are begging Obama to return and bolster their effort to subdue the losers...and...force them to open their storeroom to the grip and grab of the NANNY STATE CAGE. Indeed...the TALIBAN has been able to cobble together a loose union of tribes who were subjected to socialist diktat and want to get some pay-back. One Taliban leader...a rag head sporting the title Mullah Mansour...admitted that most of his troops were fighting because the central government was looting their storeroom.
Hillary Clinton...inside her glass house...threw stones at Mr. Trump. Returning the barrage...Mr. Trump called her a LIAR and then offered a thousand instances where she was caught LYING. In describing the scene...Huma Abedin confided, "Shattered glass...lots of glass...no way to glue back what has been lost. Why she attacked Trump can't be explained or framed in political cost."
"Hey...there's a light in the window at Frankenstein's place. Might the river of debt go streaming...might grip and grab go gleaming..."Governor Tom Wolf hummed beneath his breath as he perused the $30 billion budget for Pennsylvania...a budget which did not include his socialist pals...a budget that did not include more for his backers...a budget he hated and despised.
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Touting another victory...the ACLU told a cub reporter from this BLOG that 100 illegal Mexicans were going to be brought back into the United States so they might continue with their court battle to remain in America. Yes...folks...in this OBAMA WORLD...the American taxpayer is footing the bill for those "deported" Mexicans and their esteemed lawyers. They came to America illegally...and...now...they are being brought back to America so they might continue to fight to stay in America,(WSJ A-4;12-24-15).
LAKEISHA NICOLE HOLLOWAY, a former award-winning high school graduate with a 3 year old child in the back seat...rammed into people on a crowded sidewalk in Las Vegas. When asked why she would want to slaughter so many people...her lawyer, Mr. Abood whispered, "She loves Obama and wanted to show that she too could kill with impunity. She knew about Obama assassinating U.S.border guard, Brian Terry and Ambassador Stevens and countless others in the Middle East and wanted to demonstrate to an aloof Obama that she loved him so much she...too...would kill with impunity. It's a freakish dedication...I'll grant you that...but...she loves Obama so much she wanted to show him how much her love meant to the world. As I see it...she's a socialist-patriot and should be given another award not condemned for first degree murder."
Michael Brune...a director of the Sierra Club...criticized Obama for deleting the BAN ON OIL EXPORT. "I want to force people back into tents...using mule to plow patch...dancing about campfires singing old negro spirituals...and...Obama deleted one of my best weapons. I hate him for it." fumed Mike as he looked out over a vast array of windmills and solar panels each one designed to make life miserable.
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In Kenya...leaving a village burning in the distance was a sign of power and called a FOOTPRINT. Recently...Obama's FOOTPRINT was spotted among the 10.7 million impoverished elderly. Indeed...the number of Americans 65 and older living in poverty was 4.6 million in 2014 up nearly 30% from 2010 Census figures. Moreover, the number of food stamp users has been said to be around 50 million up almost 65% from what it was years ago...and...the number of people without jobs has climbed even further even though federal statistics say everyone now has a JOB and is HAPPY. What a footprint, eh, Obama?
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Trump...thinking quickly on his feet...said Hillary Clinton's absence from the stage in the Democrat Debate was metaphorical in as much as she went missing the night Ambassador was murdered. Where she was during those crucial 7 hours...hours in which Ambassador Stevens could have been saved...has never been explained. She covered her tracks that night very well...yet...using* Edward Snowden "pass-key" software...this BLOG discovered Hillary Clinton was doing all she could to insulate herself from what she knew was a "snuff job" by Obama.
*When Eddie Snowden left the National Security Agency...he took with him PASS-KEY software enabling him to listen in on any electronic communication. So useful the PASS KEY that all dialogue can be monitored. The only way not susceptible of this kind of accessing is two cups with a string between it.
So Trump made a big deal out of Hillary Clinton using the restroom during the Democrat debate. Bernie Sanders...in a cutting remark about Trump's reaction...admitted he had also used the restroom during that debate...and...found it hard to believe Trump would describe Hillary's potty break as most disgusting. What Trump added but was left out by Bernie in his sarcastic reference was that Hillary Clinton didn't squat to urinate and handled the matter like a man.
Until Trump arrived...the Republican hopefuls* were content to offer tepid solutions without any grand scheme to dismantle this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm. But for Trump's insistence on liberating the subjugated and making America great again...there wouldn't be much to watch or expect.
*Ted Cruz and Rand Paul were offering a modified version of the 21st century paradigm...but...Trump is the one who raised that issue to the top and made everyone ask: KEY or CAGE.
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Although Jesus escaped the slaughter...all the other first born of the Jew were slaughtered by order of King Herod. Yet...when his time came...he went to doom on a promise of greater kingdoms and pearl-domed rooms. Did he die for others...New Testament frames as much...perhaps just another prophet...with a better understanding of the healing touch.
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Inside Virginia...the bad guys know if the car has an out-of-state tag...the occupants won't be armed and will be easy prey. Hence...there is an alert to avoid Virginia. Yes...the residents of Virginia are the proverbial cattle and sheep directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...but...travelers can avoid getting victimized simply by circumventing that socialist toilet of a state.
When the customer was told "merry Christmas" by the clerk...the offended customer threw her coffee on the floor and ran out of the store screaming and crying uncontrollably. "How dare anyone wish me "merry Christmas"! declared this angry Muslim...the tears inside her pup tent palpable and mighty. She had just returned from a Hillary Clinton rally where she pledged to support the destruction of what little liberty remained replacing it with freedom-to-obey.
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In times past...the WORD DEPARTMENT of this BLOG forged a new host of names using the suffix: bot. Hence...moon-bot...gun-bot...work-bot...and...of course...chat-bot. So enamoured was Google with the idea...they created an entire messaging service app using the concept: CHAT-BOT. Thank you, Google for using an idea that was meant to be used by the greatest search engine ever imagined!
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He made 57 Twitter accounts inviting readers to join Islamic State and destroy the Great Satan. After 57 times...Homeland Security Agency called on this disturbed teenager and asked him why was he inviting people to join that evil empire. The teenager reflected scratching his rag covered head...took a drink of fermented camel dung...and...softly said, "Allahu Akbar...Akbar...Allahu...I'm recruiting for Caliphate...how about you?"

Even though Islamic State has pledged to attack and quake. Nevertheless...this teenager asked others to join the troupe...play another round of KILL THE INFIDEL...and...play a few scores of hoop.
Theranos,Inc. was unscrupulously attacked. When Brooke Buchanan was asked to support Obama's effort to destroy innovation in medical devices...she refused to go along. And for that refusal to lick boot...her company was ruthlessly attacked. And what's so nasty about the assault is the Wall Street Journal jumped aboard thinking its patrons support the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

So overwhelmed was Brooke by this big foot government stomp...the LEGAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG dispatched a cadre to assist.Indeed...so well-known are these cadres....in the next few weeks...look for the U.S.Injustice Department and all other government personnel in anyway involved with this "chomp" falling back and leaving her company alone. Why? Because once Trump is in the Oval Office...any government hack, crony or official in any way involved will be fired and publicly humiliated.
There is LIE. Then there is BIG LIE...and...then...there's BILL NYE LIE...a lie so nasty...so evil...that it's purveyor demonic and demented. Such was the way in which Bill Nye...CEO of Planetary Society...was described by Senator Elizabeth "Papoose" Warren when asked whom she thought the greatest American in 2015. Senator Warren without hesitation said, "BILL NYE is that person. He would kill his own mother to advance the cause of green energy. He would remove the car and replace it with tent and mule. Yes...I'd pick BILL NYE...as my choice for greatest American in 2015."

Folks...before you buy the BILL NYE LIE...why not perform a simple experiment? With spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry. If you can't accomplish that feat...you'll understand how evil the BILL NYE LIE...and...how dastardly the endorsement by Warren.

Indeed...to reveal how evil this entire CLIMATE CHANGE RUSE really is...Trump commissioned a team to ensnare one of its gurus.

Bill Nye was offered $5 million if he would renounce the LYING and ADMIT he was pushing a myth for financial gain. And as expected...BILL NYE counter-offered declaring:  Make it $10 million and I'll expose the whole nest of vermin behind the propagation and publication of the myth of man-made global warming and man-caused climate change.
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Schengen. It means open-border inside the European Union. Recently...with the flood of 3.56 million refugees into the E/U...SCHENGEN has come to mean something more. It means "OPEN DOOR FOR FREEBIES"...free shelter...free food...free clothing...free transport...and...spending money. It has come to mean: SOCIALIST PIE SHARING.

Yes...socialism requires selflessness and drooling abject servitude...but...even these European sheep know when they're headed for doom. And they're beginning to erect walls to stop the hungry hordes from the Middle East. But...as one German said...it might be too late. There are over 3 million Muslims in camps and if they combined they could take out France and Italy within hours and Germany in a fortnight.
Once Trump becomes president, the Republican majority in the U.S.Senate thereupon eliminates the so-called 60 vote filibuster. Instead of having to get 60 votes to get a bill out of the U.S.Senate, only 51 will be required. Hence...the entire NANNY STATE CAGE can be dismantled almost instantly...assuming...of course...the Republicans still hold a majority in the U.S.House of Representatives.

The deletion-plan is dubbed: THE ORB. It stands for The Omnibus Repeal Bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE and its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. When THE ORB is deployed...the misery and darkness of socialism and Eco-fascism will be chased away. Thereafter, the federal government will only offer essential services such as police, courts and a very limited national defense with funding derived from rents, royalties, and Warren Buffet style donations. By such delimitation...America will flourish and prosper like never before. But to reach EDEN...the CAGE and its RIDE must be eliminated and Trump is bold enough to accomplish this incredible feat of liberation.

Indeed...one of the provisions of THE ORB is that all RIDERS are paid-off* with a one-time payment in exchange for which they release Uncle Sugar and the proverbial taxpayer from bondage. Another provision of THE ORB delimits the grip and grab of government insulating thereby the Socio-economic context from an intrusive would-be master** whose power dependent on being able to pick winner and loser,(WSJ A-4;12-23-15).

By deleting the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th century and ushering in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...EDEN will appear. Indeed...in the OUM...never can there be found an able-bodied pauper...and...the consumer not some knee-crooking bureaucrat or would-be master decides what is good and bad.

Yes...freedom can be obtained through the ballot box. Sure...TEAM OBAMA and whatever comes after him aren't about to be evicted without a fight. They'll deploy their cronies in the MASS MEDIA...and...their goon squads at the U.S.Injustice Department...but...eventually voters will conclude they can delete the CAGE...and...find EDEN...and..when they do...America will blossom. Trump it seems might very well be able to lead this parade out of slavery and into the proverbial land of plenty.

*Yes...the RIDERS will be paid off in colored-paper federal reserve notes...but...folks...that's all that is left. Both sides of the aisle have raided the so-called TRUST FUNDS leaving only paper I.O.U. The RIDERS in the aggregate will receive around $50 trillion. And that $50 trillion will be theirs to spend or save making that pool of RIDERS a very wealthy group. However, the release of the anchor such ENTITLEMENTS represent is worth $49 quadrillion in the form of new economic growth in every dimension possible.
**The INTERNET is powerful and lucrative because big foot government in America kept its hands off. Recently...however...scumbag Obama directed his stooge, Tom Wheeler at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) to attack the INTERNET. What has so many HARVARD SCIENTISTS surprised is how many INTERNET big shots are going along with this power grab. Could it be they think they can continue to "win" if they empower the politician? The ORB would eliminate the FCC along with a host of other Alphabet departments and agencies...a likelihood these big shots seem to fear.
The cartoon in the Washington Post depicting the children of Senator Ted Cruz as monkeys. It was despicable...but...when you're trying to stop the destruction of the NANNY STATE CAGE...everything that can be used will be used. Indeed...the editors* of the Washington Post admitted they're socialists and fear ted Cruz will delete the grip and grab of big foot government thereby reducing their influence to that of popcorn sellers at football games.
*On editor said she hated Cruz and Trump so much she was always looking for ways to attack their children. When asked if Obama's children didn't resemble monkeys...the editor laughed and said she wasn't about to lose her job telling people the truth.
U.S.Senator Joe Manchin(D.WVa.) has done all he can to destroy coal mining in West Virginia. Instead of fighting against the environmentalists...he went along with their idiotic policies and programs to the point where West Virginia is going under. Yes...scumbag Joe has his salary and his pension...but...he is destroying people so he can gain even more power in Washington. What a scumbag!(WSJ A-3;12-23-15)
According to a concocted poll...50% of Americans don't trust Trump. Fortunately...that poll was a FALSE POLL but one which the MASS MEDIA is discussing as if it were ACCURATE. Indeed...a competing POLL was taken...and...99% of Americans trust Trump to make America great again and the other 1% have a vested interest in seeing America continue down the socialist toilet.
While few people actually care...most polls are concocted to deliver whatever outcome the patron wants. Take for example the freedom-haters at NBC and MSNBC. They needed a poll that showed people did not TRUST Trump as much as they do Hillary. It was OBVIOUS that poll was manufactured to serve a purpose. Who would ever trust Hillary after she permitted Ambassador Stevens to be murdered?
LIAR-RITA KATZ...as she's now called...was exposed when her statement about Trump was shown to be false. Yet...Clinton used KATZ-LIE as her backup when she accused Trump of using video to recruit ISIS troops. Many are asking if the VIDEO to which Clinton referred wasn't the same one she said caused Ambassador Stevens to be killed on 09-11-12 at the Benghazi embassy compound.
no image
Terrorist act? Many political wizards have since concluded the Miss Universe pageant's unhappy ending was the result of an Islamic State attack. Islamic State spies knew Steve Harvey...the master of ceremonies...was a heavy drinker and was likely to be quite intoxicated by the time the announcement of WINNER was to be made. The spies also told al-Baghdadi...putative leader of the Islamic State...that the operation was fool-proof because Steve Harvey could not read English and relied on the SIGN LANGUAGE DUDE from South Africa.
Hillary Clinton has been reckless and incompetent in her tenure as Secretary of State. Syria and Libya are boiling cauldrons of unrest because of her lack of skill in diplomacy. The exodus of refugees also can be directly traced to her incompetence. Indeed...Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry pointed out he found so much wrong in the world because of her stupidity that World War III was inevitable.
Recklessness and incompetence. These are the two labels people choose when discussing Hillary Clinton. They cite Benghazi and 4 dead Americans as proof-positive that Clinton can't be trusted...and...definitely will go "missing-in-action" when that crisis arises which was sudden...surprising...and...doomsday for someone. As Senator Marco Rubio said, "Few Americans would ever want Hillary Clinton on the other end of that phone if they were being attacked in Benghazi."
According to RUSH LIMBAUGH...the Clinton Family Foundation is a criminal enterprise but it won't ever be touched or criticized since its owners are powerful politicians who can summon a goon squad from the U.S.Injustice Department to hound their foes into whatever corner chosen.

In distinct contrast...the WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA...a not-for-profit company based in Maine...makes sure a wreath is on every grave of every veteran. Taking part in this venture of love...Walmart donates trucks and helpers as do many other businesses in a mutual effort to get those wreaths on those grave sites before Christmas.

Recently...the U.S.Injustice Department was dispatched by Hillary Clinton to shut them down. Somehow the MONEY that could have been given to the CLINTON crime family's operation was going to the WREATH bunch and Hillary hated that re-routing. "I want that wreath company's wreath on their own grave!" Hillary was heard to declare as she reviewed* her company's losses and gains.
*Envy is a cruel emotion and one of the SINS mentioned in the TEN COMMANDMENTS to be avoided. But...ever so often...ENVY rears its ugly head. Take for example Steve Gay...himself a wreath maker in the same town as WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA. He can't give his wreaths away. Not anyone wishes to buy his wreaths since his wreaths aren't the ones people want when placing a wreath. They want the ones sold by the Worcester family...the owners of WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA. Yes...it's an identical wreath to the one Gay offers...but...Gay's wreaths are overlooked and are not chosen if a choice is offered. In reaction...Steve Gay told  a cub reporter from this BLOG he hated the Worcesters and wished they all would die.

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Bridges...harbors...roads...rails...all are falling apart in one way or another. Yet...according to Washington D.C officials...the deterioration is found only in the socialist states. Pennsylvania and New York are two prime examples of decaying infrastructure...two states where big bucks have been taken from the producers only to be squandered on everything except "repair and replace". Senator Chuck Schumer...in a rare moment of candor...admitted New York was socialist and that socialism was causing the lack of "repair and replace" efforts...but...said he was proud of it. Indeed...underscoring socialism's grip...scumbag Schumer opined, "If a bridge collapses and people are killed...so what! Socialism will always have winners and losers."
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Has anyone heard Obama say a tax-cut must be paid for? If you've heard as much...did you consider its underlying premise that everything is owned by big foot government and if there is to be some loosening of the GRIP...such LOSS must be paid for by taking it from some place else?

Never is spending ever cut. Not ever. Indeed...recently...Spaniards voted to increase socialism's grab and stomp evicting anyone who promised austerity. Sure...there are not enough producers to make socialism any longer viable in that toilet bowl of a country...but...Spaniards are too stupid to know it. Perhaps when the shelves are empty...and...gasoline is only found on the black market will they realize how idiotic they were to support socialism. Until then...though...they're content to drink cheap wine and watch bull fights.
A no-fly zone in Syria is preposterous. It's unworkable and silly in every respect. And...such an intrusion would almost certainly draw Uncle Sugar into a morass without any exit possible. As Trump sagaciously said, "We need to watch what's going on...helping friends...hurting enemies...and...benefiting every way possible." That Trump knows more than Hillary seems obvious to every political scientist who has examined the two politicians' qualifications and their announced solution.
Hillary Clinton refused to apologize for her nasty remark about Trump being a recruitment icon for Islamic State. Most political scientists doubted she would apologize...however...since she never apologized for getting 4 Americans killed at the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12. A lady who doesn't believe she erred in Benghazi isn't about to admit she erred when she called Trump that nasty name...now is she?
Trump spokeswoman, Katrina Peirson told a cub reporter Trump would dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...that overall template has big foot government scared. Pointing out Trump's power...Katrina declared, "They know Trump means "pink slip" for 3.78 million federal worker bees and they're plenty scared. They can't believe they might have to find a real job...something they will find unavailable to them because they bear the "stain of Cain".
As the Republican hopefuls near the Christmas vacation...many of them are dropping out. Lindsey Graham told his 23 supporters and 2 surviving campaign workers he was calling it quits. He invited Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum to join his exodus declaring Hillary Clinton was better than all the rest and if he could not win...he wanted a Democrat to be there. In many ways...Graham appeared to be angling for some kind of government job after his Senate tenure ends.
Bio-fuel...boondoggle...and...waste of taxpayer funds. Such were the words used when another round of bio-fuel subsidy was on the table for Congressional review. Yet...big foot government delivered every dollar even though idiotic in the face* of plummeting oil and natural gas prices. How can such BIG FOOT SPENDING go unchallenged?
*Is IOWA so important even the Republicans won't dare touch ethanol subsidies despite the ruinous effect on corn prices? Consumers pay greater prices for American corn than they would pay if big foot government were not subsidizing ethanol. If Ethanol producers could not survive in the market...then...so be it. But to take money from producers and pass it out on boondoggles is reprehensible and can't ever be justified. Indeed...many bio-fuel producers saw the lack of market to be a great hurdle once the BOONDOGGLE was discovered and they concluded they had best diversify lest they be consumed when bio-fuel was generically rejected in favor of cheap gasoline and diesel,(WSJ B-1;12-21-15).
Why does WSJ give Phil Gramm writing space?(WSJ A-23;12-21-15). Could it be they like reading how Gramm would trim and refine the horrific grip and grab of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but not dismantle it? What in his drivel and tripe do they find so appealing? It is his desire to perpetuate the yoke and choke agenda that makes him so much the better choice for that space?
MSNBC has unscrupulous talking heads. When they're told to LIE...they do as much with aplomb.Take for instance the LIE about journalists killed by President Putin. That statement is not only SLANDEROUS but also FALSE.

And...to her credit...Katrina Vanden Heuvel...refused to go along. She declared she could never make a statement that was as FALSE as what those talking heads were gleefully saying.

Indeed...in that confrontation on Morning Joe...she said Putin might have created the climate in which journalists were killed...but..she lacked any proof that Putin was ever involved in any murder of journalists. Her rebuke of those vicious talking heads was surprising but to her credit she didn't back down. Thank you, Katrina.
Bush-Cheney are the authors of the turmoil in the Middle East. Instead of imposing an otherwise unhampered market paradigm and thereby guaranteeing peace and prosperity in all directions...they enhanced the NANNY STATE in both IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN. Hence...tribal envy and hatred were given access to the storeroom of the loser...and...perpetual civil war began.

Nowadays...the SOCIALIST MODEL is what Obama has proposed to be imposed on Syria...with the Sunnis given the power to stomp the minorities...including President Assad's team. Of course...this kind of resolution is so idiotic even President Putin found it necessary to step in and sort out competing interests.

But...unlike Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...President Putin envisions a SYRIA wherein there is a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market model...a place where the storeroom of the loser isn't plundered...indeed...a place where the consumer and not some knee-crooking bureaucrat is king or queen.
U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham told a cub reporter he felt JEB should also drop out of the 2016 presidential race. Looking beleaguered and dejected...Lindsey whispered his decision to drop out was the same one Jeb was making as well: "Jeb is as much a loser as I am. We both are ESTABLISHMENT people...we would perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...and...voters don't want that this time around. They're not looking for another Mitt 'the nit' Romney but a firebrand ready to dismantle the yoke and choke agenda I so much love. But...I know numbers speak a different truth and I am dropping out. I believe Jeb will too."
U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham(R.S.C.) dropped out of the 2016 presidential race. His lack of support was obvious. He had "loser" written all over his campaign. He wanted to perpetuate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE here at home...and...WAGE WAR across the rest of the world. Few Republicans agreed and his lack of support even in South Carolina eventually told him as much. Thank you, Lindsey for dropping out.
Trump at one time directed Miss Universe and when the CROWN was given to the WRONG GAL...Trump came forward and said it was OBVIOUS the project had been given to the WRONG TEAM. Indeed...TRUMP said there were few errors which could be made in that setting...but it was incumbent on him to make sure there were not any errors.

In explaining what he meant about the ins and outs of a pageant...Trump said there was always room for error. And...the ERROR which happened last night...an error Trump referred to as THE BIG ONE...that ERROR was always played for FIRST and FOREMOST. Last night...when THE WRONG GAL was CROWNED...it proved why Trump always made that mistake the FIRST one found.

When asked to put some clothes on his critical assessment...Trump added, "It was obvious the PROJECT MANAGERS this time didn't know that Steve Harvey could not read English and had for years relied on a South African sign language person to assist."
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OOPS! Steve Harvey...a Hillary Clinton supporter...erred when he announced Miss Universe. He gave the accolade to the WRONG GAL. It was embarrassing. It was horrible. It was despicable. But...because Steve Harvey supports Hillary Clinton...he was instantly* forgiven.
*And...in typical Clinton fashion...the lady who had to give that Miss Universe Crown to Miss Philippines...was BLAMED and called bad names. "How dare she not know Harvey was making a BIG MISTAKE and keep SILENT!" exclaimed U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren.
Wherever you go in America...people know about Trump. For the most part...they know he wants to eliminate big foot government and usher America into a 21st century otherwise unhampered market paradigm wherein never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a promised EDEN.

And....because he'll delete most of the federal government's yoke and choke agenda...Trump is hated. Katrina Vanden Heuvel...a vicious freedom-hater...for instance...literally drooled venom as she discussed Mr. Trump's ability to command almost 100% of all MASS MEDIA time and effort...a focus she resented more than life itself. Sensing herself getting pushed into the proverbial corner...Hillary Clinton joined Huevel and attacked calling Trump a LIAR...as if the pot could ever call the kettle black.
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Yes...an exodus of physicians from Colorado has commenced. Elsewhere...people are asking why the flight? The answer is these doctors refuse to be slaves. It'll be a few years before people in Colorado have to go looking for a doctor so they might avoid the dingy health clinics...clinics where one size fits all...and...horrific viruses lurk and wait...but it'll happen* just as it has happened everywhere socialism has been imposed.
*Eventually healthcare in Colorado will be the inventory for comedians as they describe terror and incompetence all mixed together in a collective goo.
Katrina Vanden Heuvel...editor of THE NATION...refused to say President Putin ordered journalists killed thereby underscoring what Mr. Trump had said. She hates Trump but admitted Trump was correct when Trump said: President Putin is a great leader. Heuvel is a freedom-hater and loves Hillary Clinton so much she drools venom when Trump is called the best chance for America. And when Trump called President Putin a great leader and referred to Obama as a dung-throwing monkey...her ire became unframed...and...her venom spewed forth.
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VICTORY! Trump told Barbara Walters the one word to sum up his time in the Oval Office:VICTORY! It's obvious Americans will support Trump and his march to "make salt" since it's only by dismantling the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE that America might ever hope to be GREAT AGAIN.

Yes...there will always be a BERNIE SANDERS or a HILLARY...pied pipers...luring...the low-information voters deeper into a web of sin...a terrible place...don't go in.
What if the DATA were intentionally left for Sanders team to find? What if it were intended to ensnare Sanders once the DATA had been thoroughly mined? John Podesta is known for such "dirty tricks"...he leaves the bait...and...prepares* the fix!
*Salt lick and hunter. When the deer come to lick...the hunter chooses which one for supper.
Who directs the Islamic State? According to Russian sources...the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)...is the puppet-master. While most people will scoff at such an idea...many more will step back and find explanation* to what otherwise seems improbable.
*Take for example the putative leader's public appearances where around him stand 100,000 troopers...black flag waving...chanting...and...dancing troopers. How could al-Baghdadi ever step outside where he could be targeted and terminated if it weren't for some assurances as to his safety and security? Sure...he chopped off hands and heads...and...is dangerous in every respect...but...he's secure so long as he follows the plan sketched by the CIA.