Saturday, January 31, 2015


Islamic State said it would obliterate women-only mosques. Baghdad Bob...its putative leader...said women are pray in the back of the mosque near the broom closet and never in the central hall where the men conduct their services. Imam al-Wiki-O-boot-ball...a dude with 200 year old piano keys for teeth...issued a fatwa


In a French public school...a 5 year old was told to say "I AM CHARLIE" and the child refused. He objected to the socialist teacher trying to inculcate* socialist values. He blurted out, "I AM KOUACHI"...referring to the brothers who attacked** CHARLIE HEDBO...a satirical magazine..located in the middle of Paris.

Instead of pointing out the basic principle of "free speech" and "how" the murderers of those HEDBO employees were trying to stomp and chomp such concept...the teacher was telling her captive audience they had to become herd-like...and...give up individual desires...adding...that I AM CHARLIE meant everyone was a slave to everyone else and all had to obey the would-be masters of their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE.

The 5 year old reacted to that attempt to crush his desire to breathe free and replace such liberty with "freedom-to-obey". The child knew enough to know socialism was morally wrong and any attempt to push that hokum needed to be addressed upfront and boldly. The child never expected his teacher, though, to be a KUNG FU expert...and...capable to putting her finger through a steel wall.

*The socialist teacher...who was trying to mold the child to be one of the herd...walked over to the child and rudely slapped the 5 year old so hard he was knocked from his seat and ended up against a wall 15 feet away. She closed distance and as the child was recovering from that first BOMB...she delivered her jackboot to his gut rupturing his spleen.

**The father was immediately arrested as was the desperately injured 5 year old child whose injuries were later treated at a socialist French hospital where the medical history revealed he slipped on a bar of soap in the gym's shower stall. The father and child were interrogated for 72 hours straight. They were even subjected to Dick Cheney water-board torture just to make sure the father and child weren't some kind of "sleeper cell"...ready to activate...and...slaughter.

Friday, January 30, 2015


As oil heads toward $25 per barrel...a likely price for Brent Crude...the marginal aspects of oil production are are getting cut...and...steel producers have inventory unsold. The overall effect of lower priced oil and natural gas is that the consumer is reaping a bonanza. Indeed...this "windfall" one of the primal reasons 2015 might very well be a great year* for investment and speculation.
*The speculators who foresaw the Swiss Bank opening its Franc to float reaped billions of dollars in profits. Similarly...those speculators who "shorted" steel and other commodities also benefited by this plummet in prices. Jack Ma...owner of Alibaba...for instance..."shored" copper and made $3.9 billion in a fortnight!

4 million punished?

Four million Americans will be penalized by the Internal Revenue Service for failure to buy required health insurance. These 4 million(+) Americans refused to kneel and lick boot. They refused to perform lowly curtsies and base spaniel fawning. In a sense...they refused* to be "TOBY". How about you?
* Recall in the movie, ROOTS...the hero was beaten until he admitted his name was "TOBY".


UBER...that crazy service summoned in 288 cities by a cellphone "app" told the world it was capitulating and going to become just another taxi service...slow...mediocre...and...definitely unlike for what UBER was known: INSTANT RIDE.


Mitt 'the nit' Romney told America he wasn't running for President in 2016. When asked what made him change his mind he mentioned he'd taken the advice of this BLOG. He pointed out that as a socialist...he'd be a "me-too" candidate giving Hillary Clinton the White House by default...a prediction well-framed by the POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG.


In Kansas...Governor Brownback is fighting against advocates of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He wants to cut taxes and remove the burden of funding big foot government while the Democrats want more not less grip and grab...more not less yoke and choke agenda...and...they're using the complicit MASS MEDIA to cry out for more government freebie and favor...something Brownback doesn't wish to give.

Brownback has discovered how entrenched the advocates of the CAGE are in Kansas. Sure...he clicked his Ruby Slippers...and...wished real hard...but...what he envisioned didn't appear. Instead of cutting government spending...the Democrats opened the flood gates proposing every benefit known to mankind. The dramatic effect of such spending proposals is to impede the Governor's effort to reduce Kansas taxes.

Maybe some day...Governor Brownback will read HUMAN ACTION by Ludwig von Mises and conclude it time to fight back against the would-be masters and the vermin Hun-horde of socialists, Eco-fascists and other "freedom-haters" which support such tyranny. day...Governor Brownback will stand forth and demand liberation over subjugation...march to "make salt"...and...usher in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Since 2009...the number of civilian workers at the Pentagon has increased by 7% until there are over 750,000 of them while at the same time military numbers have decreased by 8%. What Obama has done is create a 750,000 strong Brown-Shirt force to be used by a would-be master to stage parades and ceremonies.(Wall Street Journal A-13;01-30-15)


Sheldon Silver...a/k/a/...SILVER SURFER....was arrested on corruption charges filed by the U.S.Injustice Department. According to Injustice Department insiders...THE SILVER SURFER was using his office to generate about $5 million in behind-the-scene profits. He steered people to law firms who specialized in asbestos claims and received a "finder's fee" for them. Because he was one of the most powerful people in New York politics he was able to perform such feats with impunity. When he refused to attack the Republicans with more vigor last year...though...Senator Schumer(D.NY) asked Obama to undermine and eliminate.


The BLACK WIDOW who helped kill CHARLIE HEDBO workers in Paris was spotted at an Islamic State checkpoint in northern Syria. Hayat Boumeddiene and her body guards had traveled from Paris and were expected to be guests of the Islamic State and perhaps even given more assignments...but...this time using the code-name: ELIZABETH WARREN.


It's obvious theft when big foot government prints trillions of dollars making the existing money supply that much greater thereby reducing the value of each dollar. The worker bee never senses loss of honey, though, until shopping day at the supermarket arrives. The prices are higher since the grocer must pay more for what is sold on the shelves. The car dealer must sell the vehicles at higher prices since the cost of the product has increased. producers find they must raise prices lest they become impoverished.

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. TEAM OBAMA has done its best to enslave and hurt Americans. Oh...sure...a few have profited and benefited from the socialist and Eco-fascist programs and policies imposed...but...most Americans are suffering. And...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...recently declared he wanted to attack people even more by taxing the so-called "529 plans"...those tax havens for money dedicated to college tuition.

EDITORS' NOTE: Due to the mighty campaign this BLOG mounted...Obama withdrew his plan to attack the "529 plans".

Thursday, January 29, 2015


America is situated in such a way that Manhattan could get "nuked" and America wouldn't be able to retaliate. For example...Iran could blow a hole in the Big Apple and Obama wouldn't be able to do much except fume and declare another "red line" crossed. Indeed...the Europeans would never permit a fly-over and Turkey and Pakistan would refuse to grant clearance. They all know that "nukes" generate poisonous radiation without boundaries...destroying without mercy...and...perhaps eradicating most of mankind along the way. Besides...America was labeled long ago as the Great Satan whose elimination a paramount pursuit by Islam.

If New York City were to be "nuked"...for instance...the radiation would be confined to North America. The blast would poison the surrounding area for 500 miles in all directions. Hence, Europe would be safe from radioactive fallout should the Iranians elect to blow big holes in Uncle Sugar. However, the Europeans know that if IRAN were to be "nuked" in retaliation...the prevailing winds and weather would surely bring those radioactive clouds over Europe delivering another Chernobyl kind of horror.

As Wing Captain Lionel Mandrake said, "If IRAN ever does get an operable "nuke" with an adequate delivery could "nuke" America and never have to fear retaliation in kind. Sure...America might dispatch troops to seize eliminate its ruling elite...but...America would never be permitted by the global community to fire "nukes" on IRAN. Yes...the JEW might drop Atomic Bombs on IRAN just to teach the rag heads a lesson in humility...but...America would not."


Aloft flew the drones...both kinds...offensive and defensive. The battle was fierce. They fell from the sky by the thousands as armada fought armada. In the end...there wasn't any winner since both armadas were replenished almost by the hour.(Wall Street Journal B-3;01-29-15).


Obama directed his goon squad at the Federal Trade Commission to attack Dr. Oz and Lindsey Duncan...a so-called nutrition expert...because ole Lindsey told the TV audience that in his experimentation with GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT that it did assist in weight loss. "Eat some GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT and you'll lose weight," he told America as he sat next to Dr. OZ

What Mr. Duncan didn't know...however...was that TEAM OBAMA hated him ever since he called First Lady Michelle Obama's effort to hurt children with "bad food" little more than monkey with banana.

And...when Obama heard Duncan telling OZ and America about GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT...he called the jerks at FTC and they attacked. Yes...Obama is President...but...he's really in his mind a "little fella"...and...when...Duncan described Michelle's school lunch "remake" as simplistic and foolish...the "little fella" grew angry and called his stooges and dispatched them to hassle and damage.(Wall Street Journal A-12;01-29-15)


Would the British permit Islamic State caliph, Abu Bakr Baghdadi(a/k/a Baghdad Bob), to close the Suez canal? The answer to that question might come sooner than most folks think since the Islamic State has its foot in Sinai. Indeed...the Ansar Beit al-Maqdis...a bunch of jihad-zealots...pledged undying loyalty to BAGHDAD BOB in exchange for weapons, good wine and vestal virgins. Recall it was the Ansar crew who closed main roads between Egyptian cities to demonstrate their power and control.'s as likely as not...this outfit has enough firepower to close Suez any time they choose.(Wall Street Journal A-9;01-29-15)


The Peshmerga reclaimed KOBANI driving out Islamic State fighters. The crowds cheered the Peshmerga as they triumphantly entered what was left of KOBANI. Once a thriving Kurdish's now a heap of twisted steel and concrete...with hidden mines everywhere...even inside children's toys. These evil-doers even booby-trapped a merry-go-round at a local school with a fuse set to detonate after the merry-go-round had spun full circle 5 times...guaranteeing to injure or kill children.

The cruelty and horror embodied in what the Islamic State unleashed across the Middle East was plainly evident in Kobani. International officials described the butchery and death perpetrated by Islamic State. In one part of Kobani...for example...a mass grave with 35,891 homosexuals was uncovered while in another part of town...bodies of 4678 women were found each stoned to death.

What has so many people disturbed is how cavalierly Obama is taking such revelation. Instead of him dispatching his military to eradicate Islamic State...he ignored the event altogether merely mentioning that Islamic State suffered a severe blow when Kobani fell. Not once did he condemn Islamic State for its butchery or its dastardly extermination of people.


There are 30 million Americans who will find their income tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service much less than expected. The reason is that their tab for health insurance will be deducted. Sure...most voters didn't realize how powerful and nasty OBAMA-CARE was going to be...but...this latest STOMP AND CHOMP by Uncle Sugar will surely have many voters screaming for this so-called HEALTH LAW to be repealed.(Wall Street Journal A-3;01-29-15)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yemen sits in a strategic position. Indeed...if Yemen could close off commerce in and out of the Red Sea. Of course...Yemen would be instantly attacked by victim-nations. Hence...Yemen would never make such an effort. Yet...if radical Islam succeeds in conquering Yemen...there will be such suicide attacks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


A drone landed on the White House lawn. The Secret Service scrambled to meet the threat. Within seconds that drone was blasted with high-powered 50 caliber rifles and machine guns dispatching the offending robot into oblivion.

The question people are asking is "how" did this drone enter White House air space and not be detected? Even more disturbing what if that drone had been one of thousands each one armed with bomb and boom? The entire matter is one of great concern since this episode demonstrated proof of concept. A drone armada could enter U.S. airspace and be undetected until it was too late to interdict.


Abubakar Shekau...putative leader of Boko Haram...said he planned on spreading ISLAM into every region of Africa and establish a continental caliphate. He said he would exterminate opposition and welcome loyalty. He'd punish violation of Sharia Law in accord with the Qu'ran...and...never accept anything less than extinction of the infidel. He abducted 300 girls...for be used as baby factories to produce the troops needed to spread BOKO HARAM. He pointed out that the Qu'ran called for such enslavement when the goal was caliphate.


Unlike any other country on the planet...using the ballot box...Americans can dismantle its 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system and usher in EDEN...the 21st century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) is preaching this message of liberation over subjugation. Recently...for example...Senator Paul called upon the repeal of the estate tax and a reduction in the income tax pointing out that big foot government needed to get out of the way of progress and prosperity.


A big storm just struck the northeast. Those states which took precautions are handling the 3 feet of snow and flooding quite well...while those states that ignored the alert are shoveling and crying. Take New York for example. Governor Cuomo said the weather dudes were wrong and he wasn't about to mobilize an army to deal with a few snow drifts and iced-over roads. From scattered reports...New York was hit hard and its residents are suffering dramatically...while in New Jersey...the preparations were so good...few are having any kind of storm-related troubles.


Obama told the Arabs he would stop oil production from proliferating in America. Recently...he announced he was closing off vast oil-rich tracts in Alaska and imposing new regulations on oil production everywhere else thereby making the price of oil climb back to $102 per barrel.

Yes...folks...this dung throwing monkey is trying to make the cost of gasoline and diesel very expensive once more. Many people are asking if America can stand 24 more months of this jerk and his vermin Hun-horde of socialists and Eco-fascists. How about you?


Socialism prevailed in Greece. Alexis Tsipras and his Syriza Party took control and they plan to flood Greece with big foot government freebie and favor. It's likely Greece will continue to devolve into a cesspool of envy and interest group warfare.


With the dramatic assistance of the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...the outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, or PEDv...was brought under control. The pig herds are growing and the price of pork is falling. Acknowledging the terrific help this BLOG gave in that battle against the "wee-beastie"...U.S.Rep. Bill Posey(R.FL) has put this BLOG up to receive the CONGRESSIONAL GOOD CITIZEN AWARD.


In California...egg-laying hens are required to have so much space in their cages that the cost of a dozen eggs has gone from $1.34 to $3.88. California...the egg-laying hen lobby had skilled advocates who marshaled enough votes to pass the BIG CAGE LAW making egg production very expensive in a state where 4 billion eggs were eaten in 2013! Because the poor and impoverished eat eggs as a cheap source of protein...this BIG CAGE LAW has hurt them. Yet...when asked about this terrible consequential effect...Senator Barbara Boxer(D.Ca) said, "Then let the poor eat cake!"

16 bullets

Yes...Obama delivered on his promise to send arms and ammo to the freedom-fighters battling ISIS in Syria and Iraq. According to field reports...they received 16 bullets per trooper making a mockery of Obama's promise to arm and assist.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Why is it the weather can't be predicted but there are charlatans who claim Mother Earth in a 1000 years will be 2 degrees hotter?  Indeed...a record snow storm is about to bury New York City and Boston and such was not predicted by any climate-change models used by the charlatans to prove Mother Earth into flames is about to burst. Could it be Mother nature decides what will happen and mankind is just along for the ride?


In Mosul...the grip of ISIS is merciless. Every day ISIS troopers slaughter a few Mosulites just to keep the 800,000(+) residents in line. One refugee who escaped from Mosul recounted how he'd screamed when little MACH-MOOD touched land mine. "I screamed...MACH-MOOD...don't go into that mine field with your eyes closed and fingers in your ears!"


Mr. Goto...will be spared...snorted a masked dude with machete in hand...if Jordan releases a lady due to be hung...Mr. Goto's head on demand. Naturally Jordan doesn't wish to release someone who killed 60 people...but...they also don't want Mr. Goto's head lopped off. Will Jordan release this BLACK WIDOW before time runs out for Mr. Goto? Perhaps...the answer is somewhere in the middle of having "Ja-pan-eeze-ah" in the theme song.


The other day...Obama asked Valerie Jarrett what he was to call the jerks who shot those Frenchies at Charlie Hedbo...that satirical magazine located in the heart of Paris. She told him to stay away from describing the slaughter as a consequence of "radical Islam" and frame his remarks in such fashion as to avoid hurting the feelings of Muslims worldwide. Of course...everyone knows...Obama took her advice and labeled the "shooters" as "mean guys with nasty dispositions"...a description designed not to offend America's friends in the Muslim world.


Democrat Jon Corzine stole a billion dollars from his clients and escaped prosecution because he had dirt on too many Democrats...dirt he was willing to throw should they attack. So skilled was he at insulating himself from condemnation that the New England Patriots called upon him to reveal his secrets. How could they escape accusations that a deflated football was used by Tom Brady to out-sail the hapless, lackluster Colts?


As nations cheapen their own currency...the U.S. dollar has soared. The cost of imports has fallen dramatically as the U.S. dollar is able to buy much more than before. Of course...the export market is priced in U.S. dollars which requires the foreign buyers to use more of their "cheaper money" to buy what they were previously buying for much less. These buyers...though...for the most part...are residing inside socialist toilet bowls and can't rebuke such "cheapening" of their money and must accept their enslavement quietly.

American exporters must find other markets where their goods can be bought with "cheaper money" but with "cheaper money easily obtained" so that parity is once more attained. In Trinidad..for example...the socialist jerks in their big foot government made their currency so worthless that it took 10,000 Trinidadian dollars(T/D) to buy just ONE U.S.DOLLAR. Eventually...though...the Trinidadians didn't mind paying $1.0 million Trinidadian dollars for their hamburger since they had a billion T/D in their wallets.


Money is a commodity. If you print boodles of it...the overall price per dollar...for less than before such abundance created. The consumer has more dollars to spend although the actual value of the overall dollar "pre-printing" was much more than after such deluge of colored script occurred.

In Zimbabwe...for example...the government took this idea to the pinnacle of absurdity. They began printing $100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes featuring elephants...spiders...and...colorful birds adorning this incredibly valuable piece of paper money.  Fortunately for the investing public...the rumor caught up to that $100 trillion note before it ever was used by a Nigerian Banker...for buy Florida or the Bahamas. Indeed...after the rumors flooded...with that $100 trillion Zimbabwe note...that big could buy some gum or a candy bar...but...little else.


Greek elections last week revealed the voters of that socialist toilet bowl want to grab what's left of the storeroom and pass it out. The MARXISTS prevailed mightily and with the help of some fellow travelers in Parliament will finish off Greek liberty replacing it with "freedom-to-obey".


Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma.) is a freedom-hater at ram speed. She tells her audience it's good to be envious of others and that she'll ruthlessly plunder the storeroom of the producer and redistribute the loot as she deems best. Her crowds cheer her as she lists the benefits she plans to pass out...the freebie and favor dispensed...assuring them their chains will be light...the whip meekly used...and...their obedience required under penalty of death.


At the FREEDOM RALLY in Iowa...not one speaker called upon the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE to be dismantled. Oh...sure...they spoke about trimming its excesses...making the shackle more acceptable...and...eliminating some of the more outrageous aspects of the grip and grab of big foot government...but...not one of them called for a 21st Century alternative. Marsha Blackburn(R.TN) came closest when she said the less interference in the economy the better for America. But never did she proclaim the best way out of the CAGE is to usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


There isn't any need for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Governor Kasich(R.Oh) should focus his effort on repealing the 16th amendment(income tax) instead of trying to give big foot government more ways to stomp and chomp liberty.

On the other hand, if Governor John also is saying that a necessary incident of such a balanced budget amendment would be the eradication of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE along with its entitlement programs and policies, then this amendment would not harm America. Indeed...delete the 16th amendment...eliminate the CAGE and its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...cap the entire game with a balanced budget amendment...America would be well-positioned to remain the leader of wealth and commerce on this planet for a 1000 years in all directions.


In America...starting a business was easy. There wasn't any red tape and the taxes were so slight that prosperity awaited anyone willing to spend the time pursuing their dream. tape is stifling...taxes are horrendous...and...most people are reluctant to risk their time or paltry capital chasing a chimera. One HARVARD SCIENTIST pointed out that there are more businesses dying than their are businesses birthing.

This more death than birth has many Americans startled. They didn't know how bad it was in America to start a business or assist someone in creating a new something. Indeed...most Americans don't want cradle to grave NANNY STATE be left alone so they might pursue their dreams with their own paint and edge,

In Iowa over the weekend...for example...there were two big events held by both political parties. Obama drew a 126 person crowd where seating was prepared for 10,000 while across the state...the Republicans played to a sold-out crowd. While Obama told his cheering bunch he would enslave them and the rest of America and turn the country into a socialist toilet bowl...the Republicans preached liberation over subjugation...calling for Americans to march with them to "make salt" dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Which vision will prevail in 2016? According to the MASS MEDIA which covered the Obama speech but ignored the packed-house Republican gig...Americans want more not less big foot government. They want to be directed and controlled as if cattle and sheep...from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps. They can't do for themselves....they need a would-be master telling them what to think and believe.


When Obama reported that Yemen was deflating their football...the world grew angry. How dare Yemen cheat and use a deflated football to advance their game! The Houthis...a Shiite-sect...took control of Yemen's capital...seized Yemen's President...and...demanded to know who let the air out of the football.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS was practiced by the NAZI regime. Hitler subjugated Germans in order to bring about a THIRD REICH. Nowadays...people accept Keynesian economists because they don't realize the connection to evil. If they did...they's spit on them.


In order to weaken the Euro...the Central Bank is going to flood Europe with printed money...and...reduce its value. This action might make the U.S. dollar that much more valuable.

Since money is a commodity...the more you make of it...the less valuable it becomes. Instead of using 100 Euros to buy a McDonald's hamburger in Paris...for instance...the European will need 500 Euros. making the Euro less valuable...Europeans are benefited. taking away the value of the paper money for which people labor each a whole...are better off.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The big foot government crowd in Europe is almost out of Keynesian band-aides. The 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE requires more and more money to finance programs and policies and this latest devaluation of the Euro is a lackluster attempt at keeping the CAGE afloat and entitlements flowing. The end result will be more stagnation and inflation. In many ways...except perhaps for Germany...Europe is going down the proverbial socialist toilet.

Friday, January 23, 2015


Yemen was cited by Obama as a showcase of stability. He bragged about how safe and secure the Yemen government was from attack by would-be terrorists. However...that proclamation was found to be hokum recently when the President of Yemen and his cronies were evicted by the Houthi militia. This off-shoot of Shiite-Islam fought for weeks until they entered the Presidential Palace and seized President Hani offering him his life in exchange for his abdication...a choice he made instantly.

This Shiite victory might be short lived...however...since the Sunnis in Yemen might get involved and oust the Houthis. It might very well be that Yemen and Somalia will be absorbed in the latest crusade to eradicate the infidel and establish caliphate based on some form of Islam. Whatever becomes of the people of this area of'll occur despite Obama's proclamations or intrusions.


In the northern part of Pakistan a gasoline shortage has erupted. Reacting to this crisis...Shahid Khaqan Abbasi...Pakistan's OIL MINISTER...said the situation was perplexing since to remedy the shortage would require him and his entire big foot government "grip and grab" to stand back...let go...and...permit an otherwise unhampered market to address the shortage and thereby deliver satisfaction to the consuming public in that area of the world. He added that it was quite impossible to delete the NANNY STATE CAGE and those suffering in the northern portions of the country would have to accept that they're just bricks in the socialist wall and they need to stop whining.


 THIS BLOG has decided to feature a TV component. The hardware and software are in the construction phase. The purpose of adding this vector is obvious. We wanted to get worldwide exposure. Indeed...most heads of state read this BLOG before they make their next move. We here at BLOG headquarters wanted to bring some of this stuff to life.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry took James Taylor to France to sing "YOU'VE GOTTA FRIEND". Frenchie cried...and...called out for more as the Miller told his tale....said CHARLIE HEDBO needed more...and...touched a whiter shade of pale.


Even though CUBA will appear to be open for business...any commerce will be monitored. However...because 7 out of 10 Cubans are impoverished and dependent on big foot government...the only entrepreneurs will be the DOLLAR GENERAL STORE and maybe Walmart. Everyone else will steer clear of that toilet bowl.


The Republican Senators voted to declare the world's climates are changing but refused to assert it was due to man-made global warming or that CO2 was any kind of climate-force maker. Most of the Republicans recalled basic botany and knew plants eat CO2 and deliver Oxygen as a waste product. The more CO2...the more the plant kingdom chows down keeping the CO2 in balance and the world in equilibrium. Thus...they voted to acknowledge climate change might be afoot but refused to add the preposterous notion* that mankind was materially-affecting overall climate change.
*Historically...climate records have been kept for 134 years. Before that time...arctic ice cores tell of what befell the planet in the ancient past.Naturally, the history of the planet is known somewhat but most of it remains inscrutable and without a doorway. Hence...that part of the entire climate picture(99.99%) is not addressed...and...not any climate-change computer model considers distant past events and trends. A necessary consequence of ignoring this total framework is that there is a tendency to fall prey to what is commonly called the FALLACY OF THE NUMBER.

THE FALLACY simply put is that 134 years of record keeping is a small number when compared to the putative age of the Earth(3.9 billion years old). It's as likely as not that whatever climate change observed is not a change at all but a small blip in a pool of days numbering in the billions past and hence. The Republican Senate chose to avoid signing on to the MYTH preferring to acknowledge Mother Earth does change her mind from time to time.

pigskin bend

The inflated-football recently was called into question when someone said the New England Patriots used a deflated football because it is easier to catch. While there wasn't any evidence of such a thing...nevertheless...the MASS MEDIA has packed its programming with show after show discussing this allegation. Could it be this kind of publicity was intended to distract Americans from asking about Cuba and higher taxes?

Alessandro Michele

Gucci took the advice of the CULTURAL DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and hired Alessandro Michele as its new creative design director. Recall it was Michele who identified this BLOG as the most important thing ever to be found on the INTERNET.


Jeb Bush and Mitt 'the nit' Romney would be defeated easily by Hillary Clinton. They are too wishy-washy and agree with Clinton on almost every social issue including imposing socialism from cradle to grave. Of course...the complicit MASS MEDIA would like nothing better than to have Clinton in the White House and seem like they'll do just about anything to make that wish come true. By pushing these two losers on the Republican side...the MASS MEDIA believes it can deliver victory.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...the would-be master with mob knows that when it comes to plundering storerooms...only those whose storerooms targeted...only those victims will be there to oppose and defend. They defend since they wish to retain their wealth and don't want it plundered so that some politician can perpetuate himself or herself in power thereby.

Take for example** the DEATH TAX. It plunders and marauds with impunity. It's a tax levied on the assets of the decedent...a tax that usually extracts all the liquidity of an estate causing whatever business based thereon to fold like a cheap suit. The DEATH TAX is the ultimate weapon used by the master to control from cradle to grave. This tax attacks at a time of sorrow and bereavement...and...if a business a time of sorting and pondering. It is a Satanic Tax...a tax fashioned* by Mammon,(MATTHEW 6:24).
*The estate tax...a/k/a...the death tax...taxes the wealth of a decedent. What is never explained by the advocates of such an evil levy is that it's a tax which penalizes a person for his or her productivity and launches such an assault when loved ones are least able to fight back. Indeed...a producer to have such a storeroom had to have satisfied many customers and the wealth a representation of the worth and satisfaction delivered. However, when such a tax...such a penalty is levied on that producer's storeroom at death...big foot government is declaring that it deserves to grab a portion of such wealth despite it being a representation of satisfaction bestowed by customers on the dead-producer. Such a tax is hence an evil tax...and...meant to enslave not liberate.
**Last night...Obama...once again...demonstrated "why" he's been dubbed a "dung-throwing monkey".


PUMA PUNKU...a spot on planet Earth where found building blocks made of one of the hardest stones and precision cut in ways that even modern day stone masons find almost impossible to reproduce. People examine the site and proclaim ancient aliens must have done such things since carbon-dating seems to indicate the stones were etched almost 100,000 years ago...a time when man was thought to be living in caves and drawing crude pictures on cave walls to tell their heirs from whence they came. It was a time when such architecture and masonry far beyond what was thought possible.

However, there might be another explanation. In PUMA PUNKU...there might have been people who could do such things and what's left of their civilization what found there today. In Japan...for example...robots are being used to excavate and bulldoze. Might not PUMA PUNKU have been built by robots...mechanical devices designed to lift and place such huge stones...cutting them as need there be...and...erecting and constructing as directed?(Wall Street Journal B-6;01-21-15)


Shazam it? Yes...if you hear a tune and you want to know its artist or its lyrics...merely use the SHAZAM app on your iPhone and you get everything including the nearest place to buy the song. Recently...SHAZAM has been said to be worth over a billion bucks and there are some analysts who say its valuation might be 100 times that if SHAZAM can get its foot into other doors...get its product into other venues...and...erect itself as the GIANT...the go-to source for any kind of music, service or product.


With the U.S.dollar soaring in value in relation to other currencies...U.S. manufacturers are finding ways to make the most of this turn of events. Imports are cheaper and exports are more expensive. In Trinidad...for U.S.dollar can buy 1/2 the town while a town full of Trinidadian "colored-paper" couldn't buy a Starbucks Coffee Latte.

Indeed...reacting to this STRONG DOLLAR....manufacturers are using machines and robots to do the tasks once performed by an army of worker bees. By reducing costs, the exporters believe they can continue to sell their goods and services even though the nations in which those products are sold use $100 trillion "colored-paper" dollar notes to buy their beans and pone,(think Zimbabwe).


The STATE OF THE UNION speech last night was "same old, same old, just different bag" kind of stuff. Obama demanded the RICH be taxed and the loot redistributed as he sees best. He called upon big foot government to stomp out any dissent and forge an inescapable NANNY STATE CAGE. He told the unwashed masses the CAGE would care for them...tend to their needs...cull those deemed from cradle to grave.

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM. The underlying premise of the CAGE is that the state is all-powerful...that the individual serves the state or is deleted. Last night Obama chose to weave this doctrine into his speech...telling America that he would continue to enslave them and reduce them to herd-like critters whose mission statement whatever Obama selected for outcome. He declared war on capital saying he'd increase the death tax* so that only big foot government would ever have the resources for new industry and innovative enterprise. He told the single moms that big foot government was going to give them a subsidy so they might be less burdened as they care for their children in their rent-subsidized housing(SECTION 8).
*More small towns' economies have been ruined by the death tax as the principal producers in those areas had their estates wiped out by big foot government death tax levies. In Vero Beach, Florida...for instance...the death tax wiped out 4 packing house with grove operations along with 4692 jobs. The death taxes collected were then given to SOLYNDRA,LLC to produce solar enterprise that was fraught with corruption and cronyism and ended up costing the American taxpayers $378 million!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Alberto Nisman

Despite repeated knocking and entreaties...the maid could not get Alberto Nisman to open his door. With the help of several local policemen...though...entry was gained. What they found was a grizzly scene...with Nisman's brains splattered all over the living room rug. He'd been shot at close range with a.22 caliber pistol.

Of course...everyone will recall that he was the prosecutor who was claiming he had proof that Prime Minister Kirchner had committed criminal acts. Now that he's's likely whatever Nisman knew ill be buried with him and his highly publicized prosecution dismantled and shelved. Perhaps Nisman should not have ignored the "alert" this BLOG issued when its editorial staff heard what might befall Nisman if he persisted.


Obama...ever the dung throwing the STATE OF THE UNION speech will toss and pitch his inventory with tactical skill. He'll tell America...for instance...that socialism is better and that Eco-fascism will save what's left. He'll call for more grip and grab. He'll demand more yoke and choke agenda. He'll promise more not less intrusion by big foot government...and...tell about what a great benefactor big foot government will be,(MATTHEW 4:8).

Opposing this statement of enslavement hopefully will be a declaration of liberation over subjugation delivered by Senator Joni from Iowa. Should Senator Joni preach KEY and promise dismantling of CAGE...America will insist on TEAM OBAMA getting out of the way and permitting EDEN to manifest.


Mayor Marino told Rome that he was going to clean out the city...get rid of the motor cycles in the town squares...delete all small businesses unless properly permitted...and...force pigeons to drop their loads someplace other than on his head or car. He told Rome he had over 100,000 rules and laws he could use to flush the city and cleanse it of its rabble and what not. He said there were far too many outdoor tables...for example...and...he proposed to delete 99% of them and charge a government fee if use sought for the few which remained.

Naturally...grumbling and discontent are afoot. The 23 million Italians who used those tables...for example...are saying they plan to defend their respective tables with knives and guns. One dude...sporting the title: JOEY...JOEY...JOEY...said he and his crew planned to stomp anyone trying to remove their 15 tables they use in the eastern part of Rome...a place the world knows as: "Mike's Spot".(Wall Street Journal A-10;01-20-15)


U.S. Senator Joni Ernst(R.Iowa) will deliver the ANSWER for the Republican Party after Obama reveals his STATE OF THE UNION to the American People. He'll call for wealth transfer and for more intrusion into people's lives. He'll tell how his wife ruined school lunches although the MASS MEDIA extolled this commandeering of school food content by big foot government as wondrous and enlightened. He'll inform America that Cuba isn't any longer an enemy and that Iran has chosen not to build its SWORD OF ALLAH...pursuing only civilian uses for plutonium and centrifuges.

Senator Joni will have to tell Americans that there is not any free lunch even though Obama declared there was. On the other hand...Senator Joni should ask Americans "why" would they want to be given anything by TEAM OBAMA.

Indeed...she should tell America that the country is on a march to "make salt" and everyone is invited to help. They can demand those in Congress heed the call to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in the 21st Century "otherwise unhampered market"...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where the consumer and not some bureaucratic creep is queen or king...and...a place where never can a would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

Senator Joni should tell Americans that the Republicans want to eliminate as many taxes and hurdles to prosperity as possible beginning with a deletion of the estate tax and a 100% reduction in everyone's income taxes. To off-set that loss of revenue, big foot government would be down-sized with 50% of the federal worker bees being given thank you notes and fruit baskets for their selfless, drooling public service but nothing else!

As for the permanent RIDERS aboard the UNCLE SUGAR entitlement bus...those on social security, medicare and every other federal payment plan...Senator Joni should ease their fears. She should tell them that they'll be paid off with a one-time victim payment in recognition of the lies and deceit practiced on them by Uncle Sugar.

She'll sadly report when delivering this part of her ANSWER...however...that all that is left of the federal treasury is "pretty colored paper"...and...every victim will receive a payment in that "colored paper"(U.S.Currency). But the good news...she should proclaim... would be that not any longer would worker bees have to fear their paycheck getting slammed by more taxes and fees; and those who did get their claim paid off ...they...with adroit investing...could take that one-time victim's payment and triple it in less than 10 years.

Yes...Senator Joni has a unique opportunity to tell America about liberation over subjugation. She could tell America that the Republicans are going to use specialized ear-marks to fund only specific functions of government and permit the others to wither. She will note that federal worker bees rarely come to work unless they're paid. By refusing to pay the scumbags working at the Environmental Protection Agency, for example, the Republicans will stop the attack on the coal industry and permit gasoline to go below $1.00 per gallon!

But...will Senator Joni be that bold? From her military would assume she is as courageous as any freedom-fighter and knows how to tell America about liberty and the price Americans pay each day for that freedom. It's likely she's been told TEAM OBAMA controls the MASS MEDIA and hence she must say things that are wishy-washy..."me-too"...oh-shucks...stuff...and...stay away from inviting Americans to join together and evict the vermin Hun-horde from power at every level of government!

In anticipation of her valor...this BLOG entreats Senator Joni to preach liberation over subjugation...promise to eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE off its victims...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market. Should she choose to preach KEY and not CAGE...her ANSWER will be historical and probably recited as many times as the GETTYSBURG ADDRESS.


Obama...alias MARXIST ON MISSION...will deliver another humdrum State of the Union speech demanding more socialism...more looting of storerooms...and...more climate -change legislation including onerous regulations that will stifle and hinder and put the federal government in charge of all energy production.Imagine the likes of Obama deciding if you'll take a bus or use your own'll sense the dastardly bent of this dung throwing monkey.

Monday, January 19, 2015

1.3 billion and 62% under 30 years of age

There are roughly 1.3 billion Muslims...a group...for the most part...divided along sect and doctrinal lines...lines so striking that each considers the other infidel and worthy of slaughter. Hence....since THE PROPHET left town...the Shiites and Sunnis...for example...have been killing each other claiming their way the "right way". And...with 62% of the Islamic world* under the age of 30 years...there has been some discussion among the elders on all sides about how to keep these religious wars going into the 21st Century.

*The elders know that in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) of the 21st Century there is not any room...not one small inch for terrorism or cronyism. They know that only inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm are people killed for one cause or another. the OUM...people go about their respective lives free of any fear of getting blown up by some disgruntled Shiite or disturbed Sunni. The elders don't wish such peaceful existence...this EDEN on Earth...this OUM. They know such advent would mean their power and control over people would be gone and their way of life just another etching on some rock in a desert back to speak.


When considering a contrast between the Muslim jihadist and a well-equipped American soldier...many military strategists say the one with the superior firepower usually prevails. But...that proposition does not address what has been generally described as asymmetric warfare...confrontation in places that don't permit massive armor or omnipotent air-power...warfare wherein a dude with an AK-47 as deadly* as an Abrams battle tank or an A-10 Wart Hog.
*Had Pickett a 50 caliber machine gun at Gettysburg...for example...he'd have cleared those hilltops and vanquished the Northern armies. Had General Lee a set of walkie talkies he'd have been able to position his forces so that he didn't lose troops fighting for useless ground after that first day of battle at Gettysburg. Just one weapon such as a 50 cal. machine gun and the American Civil War would have ended with a Southern victory. Fortunately, neither the North nor the South had such weapons of mass destruction and that bitter conflict ended when attrition finally consumed the South.


BUSH-CHENEY had a chance to erect perpetual peace in the Middle East by creating an otherwise unhampered market economy in Iraq. America was the conqueror and could have eradicated socialism and mandated liberation over subjugation thereby eliminating any way for Shiite or Sunni from gaining power and looting the storerooms of the other.

Had they done as much...there would never be any circumstance which would permit the rise of something as cruel and as dastardly as the Islamic State, for example. There would not be any reason for s Shiite to fear a Sunni holding public office since in the otherwise unhampered market the political realm is singularly insulated from any interface with the Socio-economic aspect. In other words, the Shiite could not pass some law or make some rule that would bottleneck the Sunni access to any kind of market.

Although BUSH-CHENEY had the chance to create such an otherwise unhampered market economy and thereby delete any reason for institutionalized civil war,,,they did not. Nowadays...Sunni and Shiite slaughter each other from time to time expressing therein disagreement over the latest round of taxes and burdensome red tape. Indeed...most political scientists agree that BUSH-CHENEY are the authors of the morass and miasma which troubles and bubbles in the Middle East.


An electromagnetic pulse(EMP) can disable electronic-circuitry. If an EMP were deployed as a tactical maneuver...most computer-operated military systems which were engaged at the moment of the EMP...those systems would be fried to the core. Imagine every tank, jet and vehicle all inoperable stranding entire divisions in the field...entire battle fleets adrift...and...troops left without any artillery, tank or air support. Imagine as much and you'll sense the strategy behind the EMP once war begins.

Mention is made of the EMP since the Middle Eastern enemies of America don't have the capacity to launch sophisticated battle fleets and would rely principally on such a tactic. Indeed...insulating and protecting against the EMP wouldn't be easily achieved with most armament disabled within minutes of the EMP. An entire tank corp stranded in some desert...or...entire wings dropping from the sky as jets malfunction due to lack of computer input. That kind of calamitous scenario easily imagined...with the EMP giving thereby any rag tag army a decisive advantage.

The battle plan for a concerted attack on America seems easily conjured. In the attack...America would be subjected both to a high altitude EMP and an invasion of drone armadas...drones equipped with weapons to kill and terrorize. Behind them would come the storm troopers...slaughtering everyone who would not kneel and lick boot. The carnage would be unparalleled and historical in its reach and ferocity.


World War Three? It'll be a complete and total war with cyber-attack and bomb adroitly used to cripple military and hassle the citizenry. Instead of airplanes which can be easily shot down...though...WW III will be fought with drones and robots...equipped with the most dastardly of weapons and capable of mass slaughter...merciless...machine-like massacre.

Imagine in the latest version of the movie, RED DAWN...instead of Cuban and Russian storm troopers invading that mountain town...the teenagers are confronted with an armada of drones equipped with poison darts and machine guns...firing and killing indiscriminately...causing terror and horror. Imagine as much and you'll sense what WW III will be like.


They cheered and clapped when told they'd get what was to be taken from others. Those whose storerooms were to be plundered shouted back into the mob that they...too...would lose if they permitted such theft. When you or your heirs attempt to attain grab prosperity...would you wish them to be subjected to what you by such cheering support today? Whom among you would be so much a bondsman to the likes of what stands on that stage asking you to make the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE inescapable?


How could Americans cheer a scumbag whose mission statement to loot the storeroom of others? Yet...with the assistance of a complicit MASS MEDIA...Obama is traveling around America bragging about how he plans to rob the rich and redistribute the plunder to the poor. What has many political pundits concerned is how ignorant the American people are and how easily they're duped.


TEAM OBAMA wants more taxes? The Republicans must demand lower taxes and elimination of as many taxes as possible including the estate and gift tax...a tax that is socialism's big tenet since it attacks the producer when he or she is most vulnerable: AT DEATH.  As Senator Rand Paul noted, "By deleting the estate and gift tax, the socialists would lose their grip on the grave."

I'm who?

In Pakistan...people carry signs which say, "If you are Charlie...then...I'm Kouchi". Of course...the signs are referring to the massacre at CHARLIE HEDBO in Paris by the Kouchi brothers. People started wearing buttons that said "I AM CHARLIE". This symbolism could not go unchecked so the mullahs directed their followers to wear these new buttons and carry these new signs demonstrating ISLAM will kill infidels and mockers.

Miss Israel

At the Miss Universe Contest...Miss Israel jumped into a collection of contestants and snapped a "selfie" and uploaded it. Instantly...the entire Muslim world burst into rioting and killing. In GAZA...for instance...HAMAS shot 15 girls who looked like Miss Israel while in Iraq...the ISLAMIC STATE sent out its mullahs to rape camels in public in a show of disgust for such a "selfie".


Why would Republicans be proposing "net neutrality" rules? Why not leave the INTERNET alone? Eventually any perceived bottlenecks will be circumvented making these "net neutrality" rules obsolete but nevertheless burdensome(think old AT&T model for example of public utilities turning into dinosaurs). But as soon as rules are imposed, it creates a situation where government directors end up picking winners and losers and causing innovation and related technology to evaporate as would-be innovators and entrepreneurs are discouraged and never make the attempt.


Folks...the Republicans in Congress must come forward and preach liberation over subjugation. Yes...the MASS MEDIA is controlled by TEAM OBAMA...a scurvy bunch dedicated to the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...a unified message of liberty...a declaration of independence from the grip and grab of this CAGE...such proclamation couldn't be stifled...or...smothered even by a complicit MASS MEDIA!

Hearing this call for freedom-fighters to muster...some Republicans have made noise. They've stood up and said raising taxes wasn't going to happen. Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL)...for instance...came forward to oppose Obama's latest demand for more taxes. Using the arguments fashioned by the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...Rubio proposed lowering everyone's taxes and permitting Americans to use their money as they see fit. He pointed out that it was time to eliminate the yoke and choke agenda of the 20th Century CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


What does God want? Answering that question has been the root of death and destruction throughout human history. In the Middle East...nowadays...for instance...the Jew, the Christian, the Muslim and others struggle to keep their version of that answer. While the Jew and Christian never attack anyone else over religion...the Muslim does. Indeed...the Muslim by the diktats of he Qu'ran must slaughter the infidel and establish the era of the 12th IMAM. Hence...the Muslim answers with a knife while the Jew and Christian answer with open hand and welcoming smile.

Inside the Muslim community there are many sects...many versions of the "answer" each one willing to massacre the other groups in order that their version might prevail. In Syria...for example...Shiite and Sunnis are slaughtering each other by the thousands led by Imams and Mullahs whose mission statement that of power and dominion. They kill each other and claim their goal to bring God to Earth.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Some years back...many cities and towns declared a war on cats. They'd collect stray cats...take them to a cage...and... in 24 hours if unclaimed...exterminate and bury the remains. Hearing about such cruelty...a place was created where cats could go and find peaceful co-existence with whatever else sought such refuge or habitat. It was appropriately called THE CAT COLONY but its whereabouts lost...all maps with its coordinates destroyed...any reference on the once-viable INTERNET obliterated with everything else when the ULTIMATE-HACKER erased mankind's hard drive.

Out there...somewhere...a CAT COLONY existed. What valley...island....or...cave not anyone knew but then again looking for it in terms of numbers were less than a few. Yet...of the few who were endeavoring to locate THE CAT COLONY was Princess Addison. In a class at her Catholic School she read about this legend...about how...during the great ULTIMATE HACK when mankind was hassled by destruction of all and every electronic device on the planet...cats were continually taken to THE CAT COLONY so they might be spared. She wanted to find that spot and see what had become of those cats.

She asking old ladies with bright eyes and a suspicious way about them if they had ever heard of THE CAT COLONY...that some of them had heard of THE CAT even knew about where it might be. After many hours on the newly revived INTERNET...Princess Addison...using the information provided by helpful people...found a likely spot. She printed out the Google Earth map...packed her bag and flashlight...and...set out to observe what had become of THE CAT COLONY.


Saturday, January 17, 2015


The ECONOMIC DEPARTMENT of this BLOG issued an alert that the Swiss Bank was about to do the unthinkable and remove the peg on its Franc to the Euro! The alert went largely ignored. When the Swiss Bank did exactly what this BLOG had predicted...instantly...billions of speculating dollars were lost as investors and speculators realized they were on the wrong side of that hedge...a calamity they could have avoided had they heeded the warning issued by this BLOG.

Mullah Mohammad Omar

Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Omar said he wanted more not bless blood in the streets. He praised the slaughter of children at that army-run Pakistani school and called for more such mayhem and murder. "Without such blood-letting...the 12th IMAM scenario can't manifest!"


Any place where worker bees can choose to belong to a union...they opt to remain union-free. Only where union dues are mandatory and taken from all worker bees are there viable unions since without money most unions are featureless and relegated to back fence bitching.


Instead of leaving the children alone...First lady Michelle Obama is trying to make them just another brick in the wall. She's demanding preschoolers be fed texture-less tofu...raw carrots...and...something resembling cardboard. Of course...most of the "affected" preschool businesses are complaining since the parents have removed their children due to this change in food and beverage. Can the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE be this powerful?


DEFLATION: When the overall consuming public refuses to buy since prices will be coming down and producers refuse to produce since their inventories jammed and their costs to produce expected to fall. Why built widgets with $100 parts when in a week they'll be $50?

Theoretically...perhaps...somewhere this phenomenon might manifest. However, in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM) the supply and demand for any service or product is dynamic with shortfall and glut in every instance a constant peril for even the most experienced producer or investor. The consumer is always benefited as the price and quantity go up and down with such aspect reflected in plummeting prices.

Nowadays with the INTERNET..though...few producers get caught with a million TWIGS which was last year's fad and can't be given away even as door prizes in small one-light towns during church raffles. And those that do get caught in the bind of the market...their assets are sold to those producers who kept abreast of what consumers wanted such that the consuming public is always benefited by the OUM.

Folks...we're in a war on freedom. The MASS MEDIA...and...the Democratic Party...for the most part...have been captured by the socialists and Eco-fascists. Their leaders call for more not less big foot government... and...for more not less intrusion into privacy with a mighty grip on every facet of life from cradle to grave. Standing against these would-be masters of the universe are the Republicans. Most of them have united behind a call for deleting big foot government and instituting a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.


Expose a room filled with propane to a spark and the place goes boom. Can it be that Islam and Christianity so opposed...the Muslim must exterminate anyone wearing different clothes? In almost every instance lately the Christian has been targeted for massacre and the perpetrators always scream "Allahu Akbar" when they're beheading and shooting.

How could the Qu'ran call for elimination by death of anyone opposed to Islam? How could any inclusive religion call for slaughter of the infidel? Indeed...there are few "real" IMAMS who tell their followers to go into the world and slay the non-believers. And...those IMAMS and MULLAHS who are preaching such dastardly visions have an ulterior motive...a hidden isn't something from God but from Mammon(Matthew 6:24).

In the EDEN of the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...the people of the world peacefully co-exist. While persuasion always welcomed...initiation of physical force within the Socio-economic context strictly prohibited. You can call someone names, perhaps, but not shoot or steal from them. Hence...the Muslim and Christian can operate peacefully and freely among each other never having to fear some jerk screaming "Allahu Akbar" and spraying the marketplace with AK-47 bullets.

The 21st Century OUM is much more peaceful and appealing than the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm...a model that was imposed by BUSH-CHENEY...for IRAQ after BUSH-CHENEY had conquered that piece of Terra Firma. Instead of eliminating the big foot government SADAM had erected...BUSH-CHENEY simply changed faces...but...did not delete the structure which permitted this kind of socialism. BUSH-CHENEY had the chance to create EDEN but they chose CAGE instead.

Iraq didn't have to be but is nowadays a classic case of socialism and the institutionalized civil war such a socialist system invariably begets with interest groups fighting for their season of power so they might use the same system to loot their opposition's storeroom as they had done to them. Iraq...the Shiites and Sunnis are at war. The Sunnis* observed they were finally disenfranchised and the Shiites were using government to stomp them out. In reaction...the Sunnis finally refused to lick Shiite boot and declared it was their turn to run the power-panels.

To get ever-lasting peace in Iraq and Syria...there must be an elimination of the CAGE and its big foot government directed entitlement systems. If the CAGE were gone and the OUM in place in IRAQ...for instance...the Islamic Army would have been little more than a few thugs on the CIA payroll looking for a political squabble anywhere they could find one.

If there were an OUM and not a CAGE in IRAQ...ISIS recruits would be very hard to get. Why attack and kill the banker or baker the would-be troops would ask the ISLAMIC ARMY recruiter? Why start a fire down the street that might eventually burn down my business too? Inside the OUM...not at any time need anyone fear some MASTER'S decree: "Our tears...your purse!" As Omar Abu Al-Buhy...the great Islamic Scholar whispered about the socialist system of IRAQ at the WEST WALL in Jerusalem, "Help me tell Satan to get behind me!"(MATTHEW 4:8).


*The ISLAMIC STATE was created by the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA). It's goal and brilliance was its ability in attracting every dissident possible...inviting many moles to surface and join outright the confrontation...and...thereby...gaining a list of who to eliminate quietly from time to time until the army of dissent is wiped out by attrition.  What the CIA didn't realize, though, was that the ISLAMIC STATE had other plans and simply pretended to be CIA dupes and puppets until they had secured enough power to go it on their own. This alienation...this break-away was what really prompted Obama to "bomb" ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria.


Recently...the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG conducted research on drug-resistant microbes searching for a new antibiotic which could eradicate an infection which was otherwise resistant to modern day antibiotics. The problem for most research has been...though...that most microbes won't grow in lab dishes. Hence...a new method had to be developed to trick them into believing it was not a lab dish. It took some time to find the right medium...but...folks...a new era in antibiotics has been exposed!

The information was instantly distributed on the INTERNET and an enterprising researcher read the BLOG...and...took the idea to its next level producing something called: TEIXOBACTIN. The drug is so good that the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) issued an immediate "hurdle and hassle" diktat to stop its production. The scumbags at FDA defended their action by claiming such an antibiotic would help and save too many outcome FDA was definitely against.

Friday, January 16, 2015


What if you were tired of a skinny woman in bed with you and wanted more to hug and hold. You just order the "pPLUMPER"(tm)...hook your wife up to it for 6 the end of 6 weeks she will be ravenous...eating pure lard to grow bigger for you. You'll have what you want.

She'll continue to grow every time you put the "pPlumper"(tm) on her and turn it on. It fits snuggly into the small it can't be readily seen. Below there fits an adjustable "pPassionator"(tm) slips around the clitoris and whenever your wife eats something really loaded with calories it turns your wife into a passionate woman...her excitement growing as the "pPassionator"(tm) and "pPLUMBER"(tm) in unison tell her subconscious eating fattening food is pleasurable and is something she needs to do unless she's sleeping.

On a Love Boat cruise of six weeks the "pPLUMPER"(tm) was road-tested. And...reports came back that satisfied husbands observed their wives going from skinny to big and luscious. One husband said in a year after that cruise his wife was a busting 469 pounds and there wasn't any limit to what he might expect. He bought "pPLUMPERS"(tm) for all his friends as the 2015 Christmas present of the year. If his pals had skinny...bony a year they'd be round...and...very...very...plump.


Recently with oil and natural gas prices plummeting as more abundance abounds...the "green energy" enthusiasts have commenced an attack on "methane" as a deadly naturally occurring gas that if not regulated will make Mother Earth into flames burst killing all of mankind. Of's "chicken little' stuff...all fear and fright...with little else within...scientifically right.

Take for example the climate-guru claim that methane is 50% more likely to cause climate change than CO2 and hence must be more strictly regulated. Or that the methane molecule can climate-force 20% more than CO2 making methane a dangerous gas in relation to the issue of mankind's survival on planet Earth.

These statements are based on faulty math and science. The gurus ignored the fact that the infrared absorption bands of atmospheric water vapor cover those of methane. One can't absorb the same radiation twice. Moreover, methane bands are located from the peak of the surface heat emission spectrum where there is little energy available to be absorbed.

It's likely such errors are intentional since man-made global warming is myth and whatever junk science which can be mustered...even stuff based on used to support it. But when there are billions of bucks at stake in advancing such nonsense...its advocates will defend with anything possible including falsehood.


The wealthy portion of Spain is trying to separate itself and become its own nation. Of course...the poor part of Spain doesn't want to lose such storeroom access since they're socialists and must have storerooms to loot lest they starve.

Nigerian zealots

Perhaps the early days of the 21st Century will some time hence be called the AGE OF ZEALOTS. Take for example BOKO HARAM in Nigeria. This bunch of Islamic enthusiasts will be said to have been one of the most merciless when dealing with disobedience or disloyalty. They'll be described as kidnapping young girls...debauching camels...and...beheading anyone who disagreed or refused to kneel and lick boot.

Could SEAL TEAM #6 eradicate BOKO HARAM if that scurvy crew ever chose to target America? long would it take to delete those scoundrels should it come to such a thing? As for the first question...SEAL TEAM # 6 or a thousand such teams could not erase BOKO HARAM. It's an idea embodied in a well-knit army of zealots dedicated to compelling everyone to worship Allah and abide by Sharia Law. As for how long it would take to exterminate such would be without end since the idea of Islamic domination is as old as THE PROPHET'S Qu'ran.(Wall Street Journal A-8;01-16-15)


Hayat Boumeddiene is a lady bursting with anger. Her penchant for manifesting rage using an AK-47 only matched by how audacious she and her companions were when they entered CHARLIE HEDBO and slaughtered defenseless artists. As she was shooting them in the back of the head she was heard to scream, "Allahu Akbar!"(god is great)

Thursday, January 15, 2015


In a debate in the Republican Primaries...Senator Rand Paul will stand alone. He'll stand alone since he demands liberation over subjugation. Unlike the other Republican wannabes...he wants to delete the yoke and choke agenda of the last century and usher in the otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Some of his detractors point out that he is anti-abortion...that he is pro-life.  While this proposition is true...nevertheless...recognizing that the decision to abort or proceed full term is a private and solemn decision to be made only and solely unfettered by the would-be mother...Senator Paul does not wish to entrench on the way things are as established by ROE v. WADE.

He believes in open borders but wants to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE in which these immigrants find themselves after they've hazarded the deserts and paid off every scumbag between their front door in whatever toilet bowl from which they're escaping and whatever destination they find suitable here in America. As for Afro-Americans he will pardon and release any federal prisoner held for drug violations if they are not classified as "violent felons".

Senator Rand Paul will transform the national defense into a 21st Century paradigm of efficiency and modern weaponry including rail drone jets...and...ships run by robots. Imagine entire battle fleets directed from a room inside the Pentagon...relayed by satellite...and...the only thing to be lost mere metal and diodes. The cost will be much less than what is borne by the American taxpayer of today...and...the defense much more powerful and frightening. electromagnetic pulse of sufficient size could disable much of the communication capacity underlying these 21st Century military defense models...but much of it...though...would survive and what did survive of sufficient strength to retaliate with mutually assured destruction.
*Rand Paul is the "snake" Pliskin of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He pushes the button and changes the world. He gets rid of the whip and chain and liberates America and the rest of the planet from the grip of these mandarins and potentates of every sort, format and description.


A colleague of Alan Dershowitz warned him that he had best stay away from JANE DOE #3. His associate said that JANE DOE #3 claimed that he had forced her to have sex with him. Alan was stunned. How could someone named JANE DOE #3 be saying such nasty things without showing the proof? Such query stumbled and banged from side to side inside Alan's troubled thunder-dome.Can he survive this assault? Does he have the strength to fight nuance and innuendo?


Carlos Hathcock...the best Marine Sniper ever...died saving his men when their armored personnel carrier struck a mine. But as a sniper...he could stay silent and remain inert...never moving...for days...if need there be to shoot the target and then retreat.

Why not dispatch another Carlos Hathcock to eradicate the leader of the Islamic State? Why not send one to snuff the North Korean dictator...why not with one bullet seal that scumbag's fate?

caliphate time

In a caliphate...a religious state...the Caliph is the head honcho. Nowadays...Baghdad Bob...has asserted caliphate over large parts of Iraq and Syria...a quite terrible fate. He beheads enemies and keeps his subjects fearful of what he might do...should they not obey...and even then he might kill them too.


The 3000 foot high DAWN WALL of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park was thought to be impossible to be climbed with only hand and foot. Yet...Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgenson...using 21st Century techniques and skills taught by the HURDLE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...ascended this cliff face in a 14 day ordeal which required them from time to time to rest to permit their hands and feet to heal.


In exchange for political support...Obama gave the Teamsters a release from a 1989 consent decree wherein the federal government imposed strict oversight of all business conducted by them. President James P. Hoffa demanded this release in exchange for political support in 2012.(Wall Street Journal A-6;01-15-15)


Methane...a naturally occurring gas in nature and a gas which is emitted in unknown quantities from Mother be regulated and human-production of oil burdened by silly regulations reducing the methane emitted from well. A volcano emits more methane in one hour than all the man-made oil wells ever have!


A scumbag was arrested by the FBI. He said if the FBI would be lenient he'd expose his friend who was plotting to deploy and detonate pipe bombs around Washington DC and then use semi-automatic M-15 rifles  and 600 rounds of ammo to pick off federal worker bees as they fled the burning buildings. The FBI in need of such headline-type arrests...agreed to work with the snitch. The snitch then set about inducing Chris Cornell...a quasi-bright consider attacking instead of sitting around praying 5 times a day and complaining about American involvement in the Middle East.

Of course...CHRIS CORNELL suspected something...but...the snitch was always disparaging weakness and cowardice and was continually saying Chris needed to go buy some guns and get on with the plan to cause mayhem and foment unrest. Instead of paying attention to his "don't do it" alarm...he began to use email and other social media to discuss the plan with the snitch who was continuously demanding action.(Wall Street Journal A-6;01-15-15)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) is the best candidate for President. He is dedicated to dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminating its "red ink" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system. Yes...disguised socialists such as JEB BUSH and MITT' the nit' ROMNEY are being pushed by the MASS MEDIA...but...Senator PAUL would be better than they for sure.


Congratulations to OHIO STATE football team. They defeated Oregon Ducks in a national championship game that demonstrated their prowess. While the Ducks had a great quarterback...their skilled personnel had all been hurt in prior games. Yes...the DUCKS seemed to be ripe for victory...but...a lack of skilled players proved their undoing. As the motto of the Florida Gators: "Wait 'til next year!"


Mitt 'the nit' Romney is the proverbial turd in the punch bowl. He's a wishy-washy socialist. He lacks the conviction and courage to fight against the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm and will perpetuate it in every way possible should he ever be elected as President. The crusade to dismantle this CAGE would not be helped should that lackluster big foot government advocate ever get the Republican nomination.


When the leaders of the world met in Paris and marched in solidarity against Islamic terrorism...they asked, "Where's Obama?" It turns out that Obama didn't much care for the tabloid which had been attacked by Muslim gunmen in Paris and hence didn't wish to be observed marching against Islam.

Sunday, January 11, 2015



The village of BAGA, Nigeria was warned that BOKO HARAM was afoot…they were in its path…and…those who didn’t flee would be slain. Naturally…this BLOG’S warning was ignored since BAGA had been promised by First Lady Michelle Obama that they were safe and secure from BOKO HARAM attack. After the weekend carnage…though…her assurances are considered drivel and tripe. Indeed…with the body count at 34,788 many BAGA survivors use her name when describing treachery.
HARAM in that African language means "sin".


When Manhattan has a hole from a "nuke"...will the MASS MEDIA blame TEAM OBAMA? Probably not. Somehow the Republicans and "others" will be called "cause and effect" people and it'll be 24/7 said that if it weren't for Obama...half of America would be glowing and not just Manhattan.


With the Republicans in control of the Senate and the House...they could easily mount an assault on the entire 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm...eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where never can some would-be master decree: "Our tears...your purse!"

What stands in their way? Well...Obama would veto anything resembling an attack on his beloved CAGE...and...the Democrats would not step up to override that veto. The only thing the Republicans could do to circumvent such obstacles is use "ear-marks" to fund essential functions of government(police, courts, and national defense) and not pay those departments and agencies targeted for elimination. By simply cutting off the money otherwise dedicated* to federal employee salaries and pensions...those departments and agencies won't have personnel and in essence cease to exist.
*Federal employees would receive both a thank you note and fruit basket in recognition of their selfless drooling public service but nothing else!

Friday, January 9, 2015


Had the hostage crisis occurred in New York City...the stand-off would have lasted 100 days or more as negotiations went back and forth. However...the hostage crisis occurred in Paris not the Big was over in an hour...gunmen dead...the survivors rescued. There wasn't even enough time for CNN...for get one of its TV crews over to that grocery story to document the hostage recovery process. Several bangs and booms and it was all over.


Cherif Kouachi and his bother, Said Kouachi met two other equally disgruntled Frenchies and plotted together to attack CHARLIE HEBDO...a satirical newspaper...and...kill as many people as possible. These two Muslims had been watching world news and saw how Obama had instigated the riots in New York City and how instrumental Obama had been in causing two NYPD cops to be killed. They were inspired by Obama and through social media outlets told the planet how they'd been radicalized* by Obama and how he'd encouraged them to massacre.
*French President Hollande admitted these 4 shooters were motivated by Obama.


TEAM OBAMA and its complicit mass media in the wake of the 2014 losses has adopted CAGE DEFENSE. Their stop the Republicans from dismantling the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system they will create as much social unrest as possible...foment and instigate...and...blame the riots on the Republicans claiming but for the effort to delete the power of big foot government...the rioters wouldn't have anything about which to complain.


The murderers of CHARLIE HEBDO have been cornered in a Jewish grocery store where they've taken hostages and have sworn to kill them should the French police attempt to conduct hostage rescue. SEAL TEAM #6 has been dispatched. Indeed...the apparition* of Chris Kyle channeled so that every military trick can be applied. It's likely the hostages will be slaughtered anyway since these Muslims are on a suicide mission and the body count is what guarantees their entrance into Islamic heaven...a place where awaits them 14 virgins and all the wine they can drink.
*Chris Kyle was an American sniper. He was killed at an American shooting range by a demented vet who took the rifle Chris handed to him and began to blow Kyle away in what can only be described as point-blank target practice.


OBAMA-CARE has a traps the poor and pathetic. By this time next year...for example...many workers who earn within a few dollars of the minimum wage will have less income and less insurance coverage as a group than they did before the OBAMA-CARE mandates began to take effect. What has many voters concerned is how cavalierly TEAM OBAMA is addressing this mishap...this unintended consequence.(Wall Street Journal A-11;01-09-15)

Indeed...U.S.Senator Bill Nelson,(D.FL)...typical TEAM OBAMA champion...laughed about the plight of the poor. "It's too bad for them. We used them as a foil....we said we were helping them when we were really enslaving them. It's somewhat humorous, don't you think?"


France was warned by this BLOG'S INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT to stay out of the Iraq-Syria civil war and permit ISIS to erect its caliphate. Ignoring the warning...Hollande...the socialist idiot calling himself the leader of France...joined with Obama...and...dispatched French jets to drop French bombs on ISIS. So far over 3000 targets belonging to ISIS have been hit including command bunkers, equipment and weaponry.

So nasty have been the bombing campaigns that ISIS had to send a BLOOD-NOTE to Hollande. That CHARLIE HEBDO was picked as the sacrificial lamb was not any accident since HEBDO had come out squarely against ISLAMIC STATE*...championed the cause of ISRAEL...and...was reportedly Hollande's favorite newspaper. When HEBDO was alerted about an attack based on those 3 elements...though...the editor of HEBDO laughed and said his newspaper was loved by the Muslim community and his team didn't have anything to fear.
*(a/k/a ISIS, ISIL, DAESH)


CHARLIE HEBDO...a satirical newspaper...was warned by this BLOG 7 days before the attack to place armed guards at every entrance and exit point because they were about to be boarded sudden like. Of course...HEBDO ignored the warning since it came from a FREEDOM-FIGHTING BLOG...although the most prominent in the world...nevertheless...not a BLOG deserving of HEBDO acknowledgement.

The result of such reluctance to heed an ALERT has been revealed. Islamic gunmen entered CHARLIE HEBDO headquarters and shot people calling many of their intended victims by name. "Where are you Mr. Silly-Billy?" was heard asked by one gunman as he walked through the corridors looking under tables and in closets. "Oh...there you are!" was also heard and then the sound of an AK-47 blasting away.


In times past...there was so much oxygen in the air it enabled bugs to be enormous. Cockroaches were a foot long and spiders were 3 feet across. Centipedes were 6 feet or longer and dragon flies were the size of small airplanes. The oxygen-rich environment...however...eventually disappeared as other gases became more abundant. The plant-life which delivered such massive volumes of oxygen wasn't as plentiful...the CO2 level had dropped depriving the plants of a necessary food-ingredient. As the CO2 levels decreased...the oxygen derived from that plant life deceased and eventually big bugs couldn't breathe. They died off leaving only those bugs capable of surviving in the "new" environment.

Folks...CO2 does not cause any "greenhouse" gas effect on this planet. It simply makes plant life more abundant and hence more oxygen in the air. Over the eons such increase in CO2 would deliver GIANT BUGS once more...something most humans couldn't tolerate. Imagine trying to kill a 5 foot spider or slam a 14 inch fly. The world would surely be a different place.


If 10,000 scientists signed a letter claiming 2+2=5 would that epistle cause anyone to alter their reason and accept such nonsense? Yet...millions of Americans have accepted the myth of man-made global warming even though it's as preposterous as 2+2=5 because so-called scientists created a computer model which delivered whatever answers they wished including "5".

Indeed...Mike Mann...climatologist working at Penn State chuckled about how easily he and his 10,000 cronies duped the world into believing with spoon and bucket one could dip the ocean dry. He laughed heartily as he spoke about how they had told the gullible that the plant-life of Mother Earth didn't use CO2 for food and that mankind's production of CO2 would flood the atmosphere creating a greenhouse gas effect and causing the planet to become so hot it would melt lead at surface temperatures.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

socialist miasma

Around the world...those governments dedicated to socialism are floundering. The so-called "stimulus" pumped into those economies only benefited some but not all people and those economies are beginning to stumble once more. What is somewhat humorous is that if socialism were abandoned...all of those "toilet bowl" countries would instantly blossom and bloom with prosperity.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


OIL is a natural resource that we were told by so-called scientists was becoming scarce and in less than 50 years OIL would be gone or so scarce it wouldn't be any longer useful as a propellant(think gasoline). Naturally...these chicken little types were wrong but they received huge bucks for their idiotic prediction. Indeed...with new technologies and innovations...vast oil and natural gas reserves have been found making the "fear of scarcity" almost nonsense.

To make the prediction come true...though...these so-called scientists and their political cronies are demanding that all new technology be suspended...prohibited....thereby assuring America will suffer from the predicted scarcity. Hearing them...and...heeding their request...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...directed Gina McCarthy...his stooge* at the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) impose rules which would stifle and hinder OIL PRODUCTION....and...also promised to veto the KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE.
*So far she and her scurvy crew have generated over 4500 pages of "4-font' regulations!


The Muslims engaged in slaughter aren't messengers of God but cruel demons dispatched from the bowels of oblivion to wreak havoc on everyone who doesn't submit to Islam. In Africa...those workers who couldn't quote the Qu'ran...for example...were summarily executed when their encampment was overrun by Islamic zealots...wild eyed...screaming Allahu Akbar...and...beheading non-believers with Mulsim-like fervor. In Paris just the other day Islamic terrorists spouting off passages from the Qu'ran shot and killed 12 Parisians. And while these two instances have been in the news...there are countless other atrocities committed by Muslims which are never mentioned.

Mention is made of the unusual nature of the Muslim and this proclivity for massacre in the name of God...since...Obama doesn't understand their merciless methods or their willingness to annihilate. He believes...for instance...he can negotiate with Tehran's ruling elite even though any Islamic scholar would warn him never to trust or rely on anything said or promised. And...because Obama is getting played for the "idiot with balloon"'s as likely as not that IRAN by the time Obama departs the Oval Office will have developed a "nuke" and a missile capable of delivering that nasty thing and blowing a hole in Manhattan.


When the federal government can decide if a pipeline is built...Americans have already been enslaved. That Obama could declare his intention to veto the pipeline is all the more proof of how little liberty remains in America.


GOOGLE is experimenting with cars that don't require drivers. What has intrigued so many investors is the use of such technology on roadways that are many miles long straightaways. In Australia and China...for example...there are endless roads which stretch non-stop for a thousand miles in every direction. Such roadways could use robot-driver cars and GOOGLE will be called the EDISON of that technology one of these days.


How much Carbon Dioxide(CO2) does the plant life on planet Earth consume per second? The answer is "unknown". What is that the more CO2 you put into the environment...the more plant life found...much more robust...and...bountiful. This simple fact is never discussed when man-made global warming is mentioned. The reason is obvious. Global warming theorists can't answer such obvious questions including how does one with spoon and bucket dip the ocean dry?

What also is never mentioned is that these same theorists in times past claimed the planet would become a big snow ball instead of a burned out desert. They used the same data and came to an opposite conclusion...something indicative of "flawed theory". Nowadays...with people willing to pay to hear "chicken little" doomsday prattle about "Mother Earth in flames"...though...these charlatans* are claiming their computers are predicting doomsday will occur on 12-31-15.
*Many of them received huge sums of money for their predictions. Penn State revealed that climatologist Mike Mann was paid $12,450 for a declaration that Mother Earth will explode on 01-20-17.


In Paris...people were killed as they sat at their newsroom desks writing stories about Paris and its rich cultural heritage. The Islamic-shooter said he was a Democrat...loved Obama...and...wanted to demonstrate his love for that so-called Hawaiian. He said his dog told him to kill people and he simply picked the closest nest of vermin he could find. Allahu Akbar.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


China removed the bottleneck on rare earths. For years...China refused to sell its rare earth inventory since scarcity meant China would always be in the loop of innovation. However, with oil prices plummeting as huge reserves are discovered and new techniques accrue for its retrieval...President Xi Jingping concluded that China would be left* behind if it didn't get in on the bonanza and opening its rare earth market seemed a great way to begin.
*President Xi Jingping met with the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG using SKYPE and the need for opening China's markets was thoroughly discussed.

Monday, January 5, 2015


The United States added 600,000 miles of pipeline...utilities substituted gas for coal on a massive scale and the economy grew. Yet methane emissions fell. Yes...there was a 2.3% increase in "enteric fermentation" commonly referred to as animal flatulence...but...that measurement was conjecture at best since not any scientist measured every animal's gas-emissions on planet Earth. Hence...the recent "chicken little" declarations about the danger of methane(CH4) are nonsense and any rules based thereon have an ulterior purpose: destroy the energy industry and replace it with a "freedom-to-obey"paradigm,(Wall Street Journal A-16;01-05-15).


In the Hausa language..."western education forbidden" as a phrase is framed with the words: BOKO HARAM.'s easy to spot a BOKO HARAM enthusiast...he's the one with wild eyes and naked body chasing kidnapped school girls across the Veldt. Recall BOKO HARAM needed wives for its warriors so they abducted 300 school girls to be sex-slaves and mothers for a new race of MAN-DEEN-KO warriors...dedicated to tribal law and ready to grab another female for the team.

Boko Haram has become as big a noise in Africa as ISIS has become in Iraq and parts of Syria. Indeed...BOKO HARAM is as much a band of cut-throats and miscreants as ISIS ever thought of being. At one point...for instance...BOKO HARAM gained international status* when they began to pack their warehouses with women whose mission statement: to get pregnant and bear warriors for the cause.

So confident is BOKO HARAM of its insulation from attack from any government that...nowadays...special scouts are dispatched to reconnoiter a town or determine how many women can be grabbed for sex-slave purposes...and...then BOKO HARAM enters...goes house to house...hovel and hovel...busting down flimsy wooden doors held together with vines and wooden pegs...grabbing the women...and...then telling everyone left behind they had best forget about those taken lest next time they're not spared.

*First Lady Michelle Obama openly supported retrieval of one unfortunate group of women. She said she wanted the 300 abducted women safely returned...going so far as to offer a $1000 reward of her own money for information leading to the arrest of the culprits.


With two houses of big foot government controlled by the's likely they'll eliminate virtually all of Obama's anchorites stationed in the several departments and agencies thereby permitting the repeal and deletion of all the "hinder and hassle" heaped upon the business community and create an environment for investing and innovation.

Among the most important features of this Republican "patch and putty" though, is the defense and protection of the INTERNET. It must remain insulated from the grip and diktat of big foot government lest America be swallowed up as most other countries have been absorbed by the ever-grabbing NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm.


Due to rampant socialism and cronyism...India is too "iffy" to chance any long term investment. If an investor can both enter and escape within 30 days...then...India is a viable investment option. One investor...for on the rupee's roller coaster value and profited handsomely...while another chose to invest in long term telephone stuff...and...was hammered by socialist-grip and crony-grab.

Jack Mosley's employees

When Michigan raised its minimum wage...its legislature never considered the job destruction such minimum wage increase would cause. Indeed...the legislature never considered the non-profit activity of Pastor Jack Mosley and hence did not know the increase would close his doors to his restaurant-TASTE OF LIFE...and...leave his 12 employees without a job. When legislators were told about this consequence...they laughed. "Why is the pastor unhappy? We put another 12 people on welfare to be cared for by big foot government...something the pastor should want," bragged Senator Levin,(D.Mich).


U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) was recently called a "nutcracker" by TEAM OBAMA when she revealed she would fight confirmation of Antonio Weiss as undersecretary of the Treasury. She said he wasn't as much a freedom-hater as that job required. "He doesn't want to kill people to advance socialist and Eco-fascist ideals...and...I can't support him because of that deficiency,"she told a cub-reporter from this BLOG when confronted about her recalcitrance.

99 counties

There are 99 counties in Iowa and each one will hold a caucus to decide "who" will be the Republican and the Democrat Presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton has directed her organization to expand its effort to include not only the 2 counties where she is well-liked but to the other 97 counties where she's either disliked or unknown. "She'll need to do a different dance if she wants to be nominated,"whispered Carol Gordon...the Grundy* County Democrat leader.
*Grundy County is where Obama got his start and eclipsed Clinton by the end of that Iowa campaign.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


According to Obama...Black Sabbath contributed little to the culture of rock and roll and its songs were more or less clown-like noise thumped in an empty tent. While many regard Obama as a lousy President they have even less respect for him as a critic of rock and roll. "He likes Doris Day," chuckled David Pfieffer...a close friend of Obama but someone who likes Black Sabbath.


THE KID WITH THE DRUMS NEXT DOOR...THE NEIGHBOR WITH SOMETHING THAT BARKS 24/7. Two things renting a place might have somewhere hidden...but...waiting to annoy, nevertheless, once you've taken up residence. The clue arrives as you commence your 1st day off in a month. The bedroom bursts alive with drum beats...jungle-like...foreboding...frightening...and...quite loud. Something begins to bark and growl...and...continues that noise level competing ever so often with the drums. Such is when you discover "why" that RENT was so low and the landlord so eager to sign the million year lease.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Enrico Fermi...beneath STAGG the University of Chicago...successfully conducted an experiment in nuclear energy. To his supervisor, James B. Conant...Fermi dispatched a coded message: "The Italian navigator arrived at the shores of the new world."

Nowadays...such profound epistles and declarations are smothered in the billions of other such things GOOGLE and other lesser search engines offer. Yes...great statements...they're out there but the effort to glean and sort almost dauntingly hard that most people give up looking.

Take for instance the proclamation of Jack Ma...the founder and leader of ALIBABA HOLDINGS,LTD...when his first Initial Public Offering(IPO) fetched him a cool $46 billion! He was heard to exclaim, "ALEA IACTA EST!" Without GOOGLE and this BLOG...though...most people wouldn't know about Jack Ma's first words.

When Obama directed* the assassination of Ambassador Stevens at the Benghazi embassy compound on 09-11-12...those words were caught by a pet eye-ball working for this BLOG and posted for the world to see just what a dung-throwing monkey** Obama really was. Obama bragged about how he'd dispatched a black ops team to delete Stevens...and...used a "riot" as the smoke screen. He chuckled at how hard the complicit MASS MEDIA had pushed the "riot-by-video" theme which in turn gave him even more insulation.
*The YouTube video of Obama telling David Pfeiffer about how easy it was to snuff Stevens and then how he used a distracting video ploy concocted by Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton to avoid condemnation.
**Obama went to a gay bar. They wanted proof of sex. So he showed them. They said it wasn't enough. Disturbed...Obama went to his psychiatrist and said, "Doc...I keep thinking I'm a dog." He told Obama get off the couch.