April 2015
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How appealing to the voter is a politician who preaches subjugation and enslavement? Likely little to none is the obvious answer given to that question by most Americans. Yes...there are "Greenies" who don't mind living in a tent and walking to work if they're so directed by their would-be master. They want to be reduced to the status of cattle and sheep to be directed from cradle to grave by bureaucratic creeps...and...will support such destruction of liberty if it's replaced with the proverbial "freedom-to-obey". Hence...it's likely BERNIE SANDERS...that scumbag from Vermont...might get the "Greenie" vote due to his nasty bent on enslavement.
U.S.Senator Bernie Sanders is a devout socialist. He has announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential nomination. He told a 15 person crowd of well-wishers he planned on destroying liberty and replacing it with "freedom-to-obey". To that proclamation...those 15 fellow travelers screamed and cheered. Here was a leader who would enslave and destroy...something these 15 people discussed 24/7 among themselves...positing how romantic to return to "tent and mule"...to sit about campfires singing old negro spirituals and dancing until dawn.
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Since the WAR ON POVERTY began...$22 trillion has been spent winning it. Of course...as the Bible foretold, the poor are still with us. Yes...big foot government has grown until it's a leviathan of sorts...crushing and directing...but...that silly WAR ON POVERTY has been lost it seems. Indeed...Hillary Clinton recently spent 30 minutes telling her 24 person crowd the AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS has been reduced to poverty because there was not enough spent...not enough big foot government programs...not enough grip and grab of the would-be master...and...if she were to be elected...she's see to it everyone was equally yoked...equally tethered...equally enslaved.
It began with fantasy…open to every imaginable way…whatever desired…true…palpable…at least in the virtual world specifically created…and…completely kept…secret diary of sorts…time capsule meant only to be opened before dateless night grabs hold.

Scared? Maybe. Dare such find its way into where I wished?
CRUSADE…march to make salt…FIRST BRIGADES…appearing everywhere and inviting voters to consider liberation over subjugation…help erase the yoke and choke agenda of the CAGE.
Do Americans want to be herded as cattle and sheep with cradle to grave diktat issued by bureaucratic creeps?
Probably not and likely would join a crusade to liberate. At least the Bible says the message of the light overcomes the minions of darkness any time such choice offered.
It can be done. Americans could insist the CAGE be eliminated…every rule or law creating or perpetuating such grip and grab deleted. If such demand came about…prosperity would bubble forth…parade…band…and…gleeful shout.
There is a need for a VOICE to come forth…perhaps a voice of one crying in the wilderness…a…lone voice…a voice you might wish to hear when you’re surrounded by spider…snake…and…rock…a pool of God awaiting…enlightenment afoot...shepherd with fearful flock.
Jesus cleared the TEMPLE…directed MAMMON be gone…so does this crusade to dismantle the CAGE…whipping would-be tyrants…driving away what evil had them drawn.
How it can be done? Just as Jesus pointed new ways afoot…so the crusade nowadays…into America such liberation put. First…discharge virtually every federal employee…leaving skeleton crews to manage while each victim of the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE can be identified…their claims monetized and paid off with colored-paper script…as each department or agency fulfills the task of paying off whomever a victim of that department or agency…that department or agency is then deleted…erased…and…dispatched into the trash bin of history of enslavement. 
Indeed…Social Security recipients and Medicare recipients and all Medicaid recipients would have their claims monetized and a lump sum payment made in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the RIDE. But thereafter each would have to make their way through life without a big foot government imposed siphon on the wealth of the producer.

The down-sizing might take several months to achieve but as soon as the world finds America is open for business…that there isn't any more cronyism…not any more government-created winners and losers…not any more hassle and hinder…America will blossom and bloom as capital and producers flock to our blessed shores to breathe free once more!
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If Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky) preaches liberation over subjugation...and...invites his audience to march with him to "make salt"...to dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where people can be forced to worship whatever idol MAMMON might forge,(MATTHEW 6:24)...if...RAND PAUL declares himself a freedom-fighter marching to delete and eliminate whatever hurdle or tax obstructing or bottle-necking...if he calls upon the patriot in every American to stand with him and oppose the CAGE...and...demand KEY...demand the yoke and choke agenda be erased and the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market permitted thereby to flourish and deliver EDEN...yeah...if RAND PAUL proclaims he will eradicate the grip and grab of the would-be master...such that never again can some would-be demagogue decree, "Our tears...your purse!"...should RAND PAUL say as much...he will shake the very foundation of tyranny...put its complicit MASS MEDIA in full retreat...and...deliver what America deserves to have as it struggles around the world with dictators and petty gangs with missiles.

But what is so dynamic about forming great alliances to combat terrorism? Why partner with China and Russia? The answer is that the socialists are losing everywhere and eventually the otherwise unhampered market's logic and rational aspect will lead everyone to the same conclusion: eliminate the grip of big foot government everywhere! And...the Chinese and the Russians will be the ones with the clout to open markets and help eradicate terror and tyranny.

Indeed...as most historians concede...in these early days of the 21st Century...would-be tyrants scanned the Middle East...studied socialist dead-en India...considered the greed of the Russian and the desires of Chinese mandarins...and...determined it was possible to erect caliphate and with the help of a few "nukes"...they could control much of the energy production for decades to come...preventing any intrusion by threatening to "nuke" anyone daring to oppose.Tehran knows it can reach anywhere in the world and blow holes as menacing as anything unleashed since World War II. These maniacs just need time to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH and Obama is giving that 'time' to them!
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Wondering what Bruce Jenner might experience has drawn many seekers into this newest way of receiving another self...completely different...perhaps...even female in gender..orientation...even down to a clitoris in the mind and a penis so small not even the most ardent admirer can manage erection other than as a full-fledged female receiving pleasure from female things...hormone created dreams...packed...panties...bra...and...female thought bubbling in and out.
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Hillary Clinton appeals to most socialists and other freedom-haters because she will eliminate liberty and replace it with freedom-to-obey...something most socialists call paradise. But...some big wig Democrats seem to doubt Clinton's general vote-getting prowess and fear 2016 could be a landslide victory for the entire Republican Party So fearful are these grand-players they are looking for surrogates...replacement personnel. One such puppet is some dude sporting the moniker: BIG WEBB...while "Papoose"Warren has been the favorite of the New England ruling elite for some time and as such would surely be raised up.
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Baltimore is controlled by Democrats and the police in that town are as nasty and cruel as such philosophy requires. In a free society...the police protect and serve. In Baltimore...a socialist paradise...they stomp and chomp with impunity.

Such contrast came forward starkly just the other day. As most people...now...know...Freddie Gray darted away when he spotted THE MAN approach...20 masked...jackbooted dudes...arrayed in "hunter-prey" format...batons...cannons...and...a penchant for mayhem's way...and...from such terror...quickly ran Freddie Gray.

They grabbed Freddie and threw him to the ground...then steel-toed boots began to stab...and...jab him all around. The base of his neck received a well-placed slam...his spinal cord parted well...as into that jagged spot steel-toe rammed. Freddie Gray was murdered...and...then...the ill-deed hidden from view. Yeah...TEAM OBAMA controls Baltimore...just another death cold and without a clue.
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Using an invitation given by a well-known Washington DC MASS MEDIA operative...a cub-report from this BLOG sat in the DINNER ROOM and listened to the gossip and well-told jokes. Sifting through the banter and caviling...the cub got the impression few were there to honor Obama and most were pretending friendship as they ferreted out another "hate-Hillary" nugget.
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The unchallenged nonsense of today is tomorrow's accepted slogan. Man-made global warming when it was first proposed was considered preposterous...but...there was so much money to be made from a chicken-little scenario that good sense was put aside and the myth of man-made global warming was born. Nowadays...people believe in the myth even when it revealed to be as preposterous today as it was 50 years ago when it was first posited as a lucrative way to sell a LIE. Indeed...as Penn State's Mike Mann conceded, "The myth is quite lucrative and never would I or anyone else making money off of it...poo-poo it...it just ain't gonna happen."
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Voters between the ages of 18 and 30 years will support Hillary Clinton because she's a socialist and will destroy what little freedom there is left in America replacing it with "freedom-to-obey"...the kind of stuff these people were taught in their socialist public-schools to worship. They won't care if she gave the Russians 20% of America's uranium production...or...that she left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi...or...that she would destroy industry in order to return America to a romantic time...a time of mule and tent...a time when she and her ruling elite could stomp with impunity. No...they won't care since the MASS MEDIA will tell them not to care but to kneel and worship whatever idol Hillary might forge,(Exodus 20:17).
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Africans are pouring into Italy...a socialist paradise...a place where free food and shelter are offered to everyone with big foot government giving it all away just to help the refugees. Sure...native Italians feel slighted since they know their portion of the socialist pie is getting smaller as their part is given to these newest arrivals. "We don't want any more refugees. They take our jobs...they work only for themselves...and...have families so large Italy will be Africa in less than a decade if we don't stop them," whispered Democrat Chuck Schumer when asked what help he planned for Rome.

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The sound of a drone...it's drone tone...so to speak...can be detected and a drone-alert issued.Taliban and al Qaeda have long had the technology to detect drones and hence avoid them and their deadly payloads. Indeed...those rag heads who have been obliterated were not protected by DRONE-TONE but left to fend for themselves. Why they were "cut-loose" can't be readily explained but explanation will be forthcoming.
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In Nepal...every 80 years or so there is an earthquake of 7.0 or better. The cause is the tectonic plates rub each other and eventually Mother Nature slaps back. Because mankind is obviously to blame for this destruction...Obama has proposed a new law that will forbid Mother Nature from ever causing such things anymore. He has asked the Brits and Germans to assist in sewing up the world...sewing tight each rift...making sure Mother Nature can't unleash her fury. It's a grand project with over 10,000 scientists signing a letter about the glory of it all.
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He shot President Reagan and now he wants to be released to his mother under house arrest so he might pursue his dream of being in a band. Yes...JOHN HINCKLEY wants his freedom back. When asked if his band would play to sell-out crowds...he glared into the camera and said anyone not appearing might one day receive a HINCKLEY GRAM.
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An orphan's curse would drag to hell
A spirit from on high;
But oh! more horrible than that
Is the curse in a dead man's eye!
Obama recklessly dispatched drones to blow up al Qeada operatives in a house with walls through which surveillance could not see...never suspecting Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Bo were imprisoned there specifically.

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Hillary Clinton said she would force Hobby Lobby to pay for abortions even though the owners were devoutly opposed to such activity. When asked why force someone to support such a thing...Clinton became angry and replied, "Our tears...their purse!"...adding that "You can't ask the would-be mother to pay for her own abortion...particularly when big foot government can force others to cover the cost. No...I'm for more not less grip and grab...more not less yoke and choke...and...when I'm President...I'll delete the last vestiges of liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"!
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"You know Dad...if I didn't feel right about it...we'd be out in that front yard...blowing holes in each other,"(ONE-EYED JACKS). A similar general understanding has been uncovered between Obama and Hillary when she departed her Secretary of State perch  in 2013. She'd been suckered in Benghazi...and...undermined in every respect by Obama on many other occasions...but...she was willing to ignore his indiscretions in exchange for his support when she commenced her presidential bid.
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U.S.Senator Marco Rubio(R.FL)...in a face-off with Hillary Clinton...defeats her 6 times out of 10....according to the polling data generated by the esteemed POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG. When given a choice between an advocate of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and the leader of the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market...most voters choose KEY over CAGE...and...pick Rubio.
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Could there be some nefarious connection between Hillary Clinton and the Russians? Under intense scrutiny presently is the relationship Ms.Clinton had with some Russians who were trying to tie up 20% of the world's uranium production. While most investigations into something such as that never fetch much...this one might prove quite different in outcome. Unlike the other gum-shoes who have dogged Clinton's trail over the years...the one handling the URANIUM CONNECTION has never been deterred. Yes...folks...the "cub-reporter" of this BLOG has uncovered what Hillary thought well-hidden.
Former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley told a cub-reporter from this BLOG he was headed for the Oval Office dismissing Hillary Clinton as "yesterday's rice" and adding that he knew how to preach enslavement and socialism....that he could sell whip and chain better than anyone...and...he could prevail in 2016 because people want to be directed and controlled from cradle to grave and he was ready to be that would-be master.
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Chile is packed with active volcanoes...some so dangerous only a fool would venture close enough to measure emissions. So how does one calculate the amount of stuff belching from those smokestacks...those polluting things from Mother Earth's inner core? The answer is that statisticians are asked to GUESS and then create computer models to hide the GUESS part since few benefactors give funds to hear someone flip coin and pronounce outcome.

Amazing as it might seem...in America...the combined smokestack emission of all industry amounts to about 78 minutes of volcano eruption. Indeed...in 79 minutes...the volcano emits more stuff than mankind emits in an entire year. And...because Mother Nature is hence the chief polluter...TEAM OBAMA...on Earth Day...proposed a law making illegal any belching or erupting. By the use of the same logic that has driven the WAR ON DRUGS...so it it with the WAR ON NATURE. Make the penalties for violating the NO ERUPTION law so harsh that Mother Nature would never again permit a volcano to erupt and spew forth inner-core pollution into the blessed atmosphere.
U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma) told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that she had spent last weekend in a Miami penthouse cavorting with Debbie Wasserman Schultz...head honcho of the Democratic National Committee...and...between massages...they had discussed her role in the 2016 presidential contest. Candidly..."papoose" confided that TEAM HILLARY wasn't going to get over the goal line...and...a new ball carrier was getting mentioned more and more on Park Avenue. And...Debbie was there to seal the deal and enlist "papoose" as the 2016 standard bearer.
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Man-made climate change is myth...a very lucrative one...perhaps...but...myth...nonetheless. Those so-called scientists who defend the myth are handsomely paid and as equally directed never to speak the TRUTH...never divulge that the theory of man-made global warming is ridiculous...that the underpinning for it as preposterous as someone with spoon and bucket dipping the ocean dry. Indeed...data debunking this myth is available on GOOGLE...but...never will the complicit MASS MEDIA direct viewers to such well of knowledge.
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Hillary Clinton had to know her closet was going to be searched and searched hard. Perhaps deleting emails was part of her cleaning process...but...it's as likely as not the HACKER DEPARTMENT of this BLOG already possesses "smoking guns" and is merely waiting for that moment when another salvo is all that's needed to dispatch this socialist.
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When Jesus entered the Temple with his 3-cords woven into righteous whip...he rose forth with a manifesto...preaching it as he drove Mammon away. And...while it was contrary to what THE ESTABLISHMENT thought best...it attracted and edified anyone seeking "the light". So powerful his message of liberation over subjugation that even today wise men follow him.

Mention is made of this great prophet...since...today...in America...there must rise forth a similar leader demanding liberty and the eradication of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE proclaiming...the CAGE "yesterday's rice"...and...a new way available...the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can an able-bodied pauper be found. Should a glib-tongued politician preach this message...landslide victory would surely result.

Because the 2016 election season has commenced in earnest...every would-be presidential hopeful has been duly contacted by this BLOG and invited to consider this fresh alternative. Why accept the grip and grab of big foot government any longer? Why permit the would-be master to paint the future?

                                                       THE MANIFESTO:
1.Eliminate the 16th amendment and the progressive income tax.
2.Eliminate the gift and estate tax
3.Eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and replace the system with a post-card flat tax not to exceed ONE PERCENT of ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME.
4.Eliminate almost every federal department, bureau and agency leaving only those government functionaries delivering essential services of courts, police and limited national defense.
5.Federal government funded solely by: rents, royalties, donations and various user fees.
6.Open borders to/from so that capital and labor pass without hinder or hassle
7.Eliminate any federal rule or law that perpetuates or creates the CAGE environment
8. Pay off every RIDER aboard the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE with colored-paper money
9.Delete all federal subsidies of any sort...including FOOD STAMP PROGRAM
10.Repeal OBAMA-CARE and delete any law or rule that requires any hospital to treat for free
11. Give all departing federal worker bees thank you notes and fruit baskets in recognition of their drooling, selfless public service but not anything else.
12.Delete any trade barrier and remove all tariffs with a declaration to the world:
                                                  AMERICA IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS!
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Can Hillary Clinton remain untarnished if the barrage of accusation continues? When will it become too obvious...and...the Democratic National Committee chooses their cohort: ELIZABETH "papoose" WARREN...a rabid socialist who wants to eliminate all liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"? What day will Clinton remove herself from the presidential field.
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HAMAS grew in social prominence when it began to use women and children as human-shields. Instead of cowardly...they were called BRAVE for using such shields. They were labeled "the most blessed" for their use of babies to stop American tanks from crushing their cities. And...when they asked Michelle Obama to appear with a HASH-TAG for recruitment of female martyrs...her agreement surprised even the rag heads of Tehran.
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BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...DISTANT CANNON BLOOMED.No...folks...not a passage from Gettysburg...but...fitting frame for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential game. Whenever asked questions...she'll pretend never before has anyone ever sought such knowledge...asked for such enlightenment as that embodied in that elegant-question from that"stranger". Never will her audience be told the question scripted...the person asking it...carefully chosen...since such revelation would give too much insight into who Hillary Clinton really might be,(MATTHEW 6:24).
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If U.S.Senator Robert Menendez(D.NJ) were indicted for assisting his pal, Dr. Melgren...then...Hillary Clinton should also be indicted for her misuse of her position as Secretary of State. Recently...due to the investigation undertaken by this BLOG...Hillary Clinton's fingers seem to have been in many pockets. Definite political and economic favors were by her granted in exchange for large sums of money being donated to her so-called FOUNDATION.
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While this BLOG has been providently critical of Obama...labeling him MARXIST ON MISSION and framing him as an obvious dung-throwing monkey...it is also fitting to compliment him on his persistence in pushing for an open-trade agreement giving Americans access to Pacific rim countries. He's to be commended on that demand that America and those rim-nations merge their interests and declare to each...open for business.

Of course...labor unions hate open-trade since wages are determined...then...by competition...and...the more open the trade...the more give and take in terms of comparative cost and efficiency. Take for example the oyster industry of Maryland. That bunch depends heavily on specialized oyster experts who come in season...arrive...shuck...pluck...and...then...depart with handsome payment for what they alone are able to perform.
Senator Graham and Senator RAND PAUL exchanged a few petards as they discussed the other senator's foreign policy positions. For instance...Senator Paul wants America to be more careful and not stick its nose into every brush war afoot and such prudence angered Lindsey "hawk" Graham...a South Carolinian war-monger. "RAND PAULA simply can't be right. The terrorists are everywhere...Holy Wars are everywhere...people getting hacked to death...Christians beheaded...Churches burned and Israel threatened daily with utter extinction...and...so American troops need to be everywhere and the military-industrial complex...my constituency and principal supporter...will be there to supply and resupply...and...supply some more...in an endless parade of global power. And...my colleague RAND PAUL would thwart such business and say "butter not bullets"?
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Hillary Clinton whispered to one of her aides that she hated her days as Secretary of State since Obama had put her there so that he could keep his eye on her and undermine her chances to be President in 2016. She pointed out that he kept her "in the dark" while the Benghazi compound was under attack for 7 long hours. Had she known about that assault she'd have unleashed the firepower hovering above that area and slaughtered all of the attackers. But...no...Obama had concocted that attack for that very purpose...and...he wasn't about to alert his victim so that she might extricate herself from that "prepared trap".
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Ouch! Such was the reaction when Penn State charlatan Michael Mann...ole hockey-stick liar himself...heard DUKE UNIVERSITY was prepared to say man-made global warming was myth...that Mother Earth was not any colder or warmer than she'd be if mankind were here or not. "Those damn Blue Devils. You can't ever trust a Blue Devil," Mann added as he scanned the 1.9 million pages of back-up data. Unlike his LYING that didn't use "real stuff"...DUKE had actually compared things and measured things...and...used real math...and...real science...indeed...deploying critical analysis...and...had concluded...Mother Earth was in a natural progression up and down the temperature scale.
The Spratly Islands were given to China as part of the resolution of World War II. Yes...there are several countries nowadays demanding their portion...but...their respective claims are silly and not properly grounded. President Xi knew it was time to step in and assert China's hegemony and he did. In years to come...this strategic move will prove of great benefit to them.
Michele Leonhart resigned as head honcho of the Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA). During her brief tenure...she was unable to stop scumbag DEA agents from raping and pillaging...lying and perpetrating heinous criminal acts. Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY)...a great supporter of DEA...bragged when asked about his position...adding..."The DEA can kill with impunity...rape women any time they want...sell drugs to kids...and...do other despicable acts against the Afro-American community. Indeed...I've always been impressed how well they manufacture proof to convict people. But...Michele couldn't get her game straight...so she had to go!"
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When Hillary Clinton was asked about her domestic policy theory...she retorted, "By removing liberty...I can reduce most people to boot lickers. I can then make them kneel and worship whatever idol I might choose to forge. We...socialists...have passed so many rules and laws...that I will have sufficient power to stomp and destroy as I see fit. I will rule with an IRON FIST!"
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Bingung means confused. When you hear an Indonesian expressively look at you and declare, "Bingung"...that person is editorializing and pronouncing. The other day...Hillary Clinton appeared in New Hampshire and heard the crowd chanting that peculiar word over and over again. She asked her aide what they were saying and was told they wanted to be guided...their liberty removed and replaced with "freedom-to-obey". When so informed...Hillary perked up and began to speak since here was her kind of herd...the kind of servile supplicants and parasites she envisioned inhabiting her America once she got control.
Folks...if you have not seen THE JERSEY BOYS...it's a "must-see". If you feel like you just got stomped...and...not any way to climb...watch THE JERSEY BOYS...and...by the end of that movie...somewhere in that desert will come you and a marching...sing...banging...crew praising and declaring: "Oh...what a night!"
In THE JERSEY BOYS...Clint Eastwood injects himself in the same way Alfred would cameo himself in his movies. In JERSEY BOYS...on the TV...Rowdy Yates...RAWHIDE...is playing. If one were to run the dates for the FOUR SEASONS and that scene...RAWHIDE was playing on most TV stations. Hence...Mr. Eastwood was adding another layer of information and demonstrating his genius even more.
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Bill Clinton received bigger "speaking fees" once his wife became Secretary of State. Did he demand bigger fees due to his connections? Even if not verbally expressed...anyone paying $500,000 to hear Bill Clinton repeat the famous line: "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky" had to want something more from him. And...as for Hillary's other relative...the hedge-fund dude using just the moniker RODHAM...he landed huge investors...again...once Hillary became Secretary.
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U.S.Senator Elizabeth Warren(D.Ma) was asked about the raisin case presently before the U.S.Supreme Court. Without reflecting...she instinctively blurted out, "If I get my way...Marvin and Laura Horne won't have a raisin-growing business* any longer. How dare they try and stop the destruction of liberty. I...for one...will stomp them out. We're socialists, now...not Americans...and...the sooner people accept their place as slaves...the better off I'll be when it comes to my desire to control from cradle to grave."
*Wall Street Journal A-18;04-21-15 wherein HORNE v. USDA is before SCOTUS. It's likely the Hornes won't be able to prevail and personal property in America will be thereafter confiscated without due process. Imagine FORD MOTOR COMPANY being told they must donate 20% of their cars to charity or face a billion dollar fine...or...APPLE, INC. being directed to give 34% of their iPhones to the BILL, HILLARY AND CHELSEA FOUNDATION. Would anyone dare say such diktats aren't confiscatory? Yet...the Hornes are being told 49% of their raisin crop will be taken and they had best not make any noise about it. Sounds like NAZISM.

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Into the Gulf of Yemen...was dispatched the U.S.S.Theodore Roosevelt...a nuclear aircraft carrier with enough firepower aboard to obliterate Yemen and Iran...if the Houthis became too tough...or...the rag heads in Tehran tried to sneak-attack America somewhere.

While sending more ships isn't a bad idea...what has many political scientists concerned is how foolhardy Obama has been in his foreign policy and "how' this carrier could be destroyed and if sunk what America would be led into doing by an administration with a faltering U.S.economy and a potential hand-save of another brush-war just waiting to be engaged.

As unlikely as it might seem...any ship can be sunk. Nowadays with 600 mph torpedoes and land-to-ship missiles festooning every shore on Earth...there is a great likelihood this carrier might be a doomed ship. But for now..."the fair breeze blew...the white foam flew...the furrow followed free...for we were the first...to ever burst...into that silent sea." Good luck, boys!
Gazprom...the Russian oil giant...has been attacked by a tin-pantie witch sporting the moniker ANTI-TRUST PROSECUTOR. According to this lady...Gazprom has been "too good" in supplying quality natural gas and she would stop it! "I want them to grovel at my feet," she drooled and fumed when asked by a cub-reporter from this BLOG "why" bite the feeding hand.
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Except for Senator RAND PAUL...the other Republican 2016 presidential hopefuls are too scared to call for the eradication of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and its "victim-making" entitlement system. They won't because the MASS MEDIA is supporting and promoting this CAGE and trying to stifle any dissent. RAND PAUL knows this propaganda machine's only weakness is a message of liberation over subjugation since that kind of rhetoric simply can't be "spun and stomped".
In North Korea...a well-known police state...people are killed all the time by the POLICE and their slaughter is ignored since any dissent is taken as "treason" and the noise-makers are also deleted. Mention is made of this horror since the POLICE STATE has arrived in America. The number of murders committed by the POLICE is growing...and...the cover-ups are getting even more brazen. It's as if big foot government can kill now with impunity and the complicit MASS MEDIA is willing to cover it up just as the MASS MEDIA does in North Korea.
FREDDIE GRAY WAS MURDERED! Yes...folks...Baltimore police murdered Freddie Gray...and...now...the cover-up machine has been started to smooth over this wrinkle in the WAR ON DRUGS. While the facts surrounding the MURDER are not yet fully known...what might be said is that: Freddie Gray was an Afro-American. He was spotted by the scumbag police walking casually through a park. Because he was black and walking...he was suspicious...and...probably prowling...looking to hurt or kill someone...or...so...the police assumed. When FREDDIE GRAY saw those evil things approach...he departed quickly...running as fast as he could which wasn't fast enough since these scumbags surrounded him and began to beat and kick until they had almost severed his spine at the neck. Then they loaded him into a police van charging him with illegal possession of a 3 inch pocketknife. They took him to the jail but FREDDIE GRAY was almost dead. They continued to maltreat this victim of police brutality until he stopped breathing. Then they took him to the hospital acting surprised.

A person does not run with a severed spine. Hence...that injury was sustained when he was brutally knocked off his feet and kicked with steel-toed jackboot...black shiny jackboots...Nazi-like jackboots...the kind of boots designed to severe the spine at the neck when the kick is delivered. When FREDDIE GRAY was loaded into that police van...he was already mortally wounded...slaughtered...intentionally slaughtered...as one would squish a cockroach...so FREDDIE GRAY was stomped. He was MURDERED!
Recall Democrat Jon Corzine stole $2 billion from his clients but escaped because he had "dirt" on Obama and many of the Congressional Democrats. "Bite me...and...I'll bite back," threatened scumbag Corzine. Mention is made of this nasty jerk since he told people recently he was going back into business and expected to reap great profits from his "newest" victims,(Wall Street Journal C-1;04-20-15).
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Instead of fighting with the Food and Drug Administration's personnel...why not adopt another approach? Simply "infect" those causing the bottleneck to "new-drug" development...and...they'd be the first to open the doors and remove the hurdles. Give the scumbags at the FDA deadly diseases which have cures but are kept off the market...and...FDA would be a "quick-path" instead of an expensive dead end.
The chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) James Comey told Poland that 6 million Jews died because Poland refused to say "stop" when Hitler's Hun-horde was slaughtering and burning. Instantly...Poland cried out and demanded an apology. "He's a fool to say such things,"whispered a senior aide to the Polish President,(Wall Street Journal A-8;04-20-15).

Mention is made of this FOOL since he should have taken the occasion...the HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CEREMONY...to denounce the so-called WAR ON DRUGS and liken it to the HOLOCAUST. Had Comey done as much he'd be called a worldwide hero instead of a FOOL. But...of course...Comey is as much a NAZI as anything Hitler could have produced...and...the last thing he was going to do was kill off his own JOB by comparing the massacre of Jews to the WAR ON DRUGS.
European Central Bank President Marco Draghi...in a remarkable moment...admitted the "no-growth" in Europe was principally due to "socialism". "We socialists are to blame. We took away incentive...and...replaced it with freedom-to-obey and it resulted in stagnation and misery for most Europeans. I'm not proud of the result...but...I'm a socialist...and...my hatred of liberty trumped any alternative!"
Tribal chiefs lose influence and power if members have ways to escape the grip and grab of the tribe. Chief Justa Monk proudly pointed out that unemployment in his tribe is 70% and that figure keeps him in his position of authority. Naturally...when 4000 new jobs were potentially to be available if a pipe line were constructed through tribal lands...he gathered his "sheep" and directed them to stop that construction. "I wanted them to stop it so that I might retain my power," snorted Justa Monk* when asked about his efforts to stop Canadian oil from flowing to Asia.
*Chief Justa Monk was not picked as an environmental hero because he didn't destroy enough industry. "Had he ruined the entire oil production of Canada...he'd be in line for several awards: THE FREEDOM-HATER AWARD given out by FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA...the GOLDMAN award...a $175,000 money reward for tearing down ways to better mankind...or...the prestigious HILLARY CLINTON AWARD for killing as many people as possible and escaping the blame(Wall Street Journal A-6;04-20-15).

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WAR ON DRUGS...a decades-long "witch-burning" exercise euphemistically labeled WAR ON DRUGS. It has resulted in the imprisonment of 34% of the Afro-American population...it has created a scumbag crew called Drug Enforcement Agency packed nowadays with sexual predators prowling the alleys looking for women in need of a "fix"...and...just recently added another casualty to the light-year long list of "horrible-incidents".

In this "witch-burning" era...in Baltimore...to prosecute this WAR...the police beat drug-dealers senseless and then claim they fell off a bench or slipped on soap in shower.

And...as mentioned...just the other day...Baltimore officers committed another heinous act. Indeed...as the story goes...they came upon Freddie Gray...seated quietly in a park...his pockets full of peanuts for the squirrels and pigeons.

They spotted this man and knew he was a drug-dealer just by the way he sat. They surrounded him...all 25 of them...masked and dressed in black raid suits with batons and cannons. Without saying a word they attacked and beat him to death. Instead of finding drugs...though...they actually found critter-food...and...knew they were all in trouble if this CRIMINAL ACT couldn't be covered up.

Enter the WAR ON DRUGS cover-up squad led by jerk-wad MARILYN MOSBY...herself an accomplished spin-doctor who trained in the U.S.INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT...a well-known cesspool of degenerates and scumbags.

Instantly...she proclaimed an investigation into the death of FREDDIE GRAY would be done. She fumed...snorted...frowned...yes...she did what the WITCH-BURNING BOOK directed so that the "alarmed sheep" would not rise up and repeal the WAR ON DRUGS...and...with it HER JOB.

Maybe you don't care. MOSBY...that so-called chief prosecutor...is counting on the propaganda machine to convince the "sheep" they needn't care about FREDDIE GRAY. He was a drug-dealer. Sure...not any proof...but...in the WAR ON DRUGS...death and destruction are what is expected and they delivered mightily.

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Even with the National Labor Relations Board(NLRB) giving unions the ability to unionize a workplace in less than 30 days...few worker bees will join. They know UNIONS are the worst thing possible and only hurt their chances of advancing and painting a better future. As one labor expert said, "Americans don't need unions and know how to say "no" to their entreaties."
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Attacking movie theater companies? Yes...the scumbags at the INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT are attacking AMC and others. It's obvious speculators will be able to bet those theater stocks will drop by as much as 60% in the next 12 months...and...make some big bucks off the destruction of that industry. Years ago...the INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT was more cautious...but...nowadays...the LYING AND TREACHERY is rampant and despicable. But...not anyone is saying anything against these slime slugs. Why not? Has America descended into the toilet bowl of tyranny?
Amazing to consider the MASS MEDIA is pushing HILLARY CLINTON so hard she'll probably defeat every contender except RAND PAUL. Unlike the other Republicans in the 2016 field...RAND PAUL cries out for liberation over subjugation. While Hillary will preach more not less big foot government grip and grab...RAND PAUL will offer KEY to this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE which Hillary is intent on rendering inescapable.
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When it was said that to repeal the estate tax would cost the federal government over a decade an estimated $270 billion...that declaration was fundamental. It says that everything a producer produces and is able to save...at death...such wealth will be taxed. Whatever is owned is subject to this hellish MARXIST tax. It's a tax based on envy and is satanic(Exodus 20:17 thou shalt not covet).

While MARCO RUBIO will preach repeal as will RAND PAUL and TED CRUZ...the others in the Republican field of potential 2016 presidential candidates probably won't. Repeal of that estate is imperative for a free society. As for that $270 billion...such represents the hard work and dreams of a producer who wished to pass on something to heirs without big foot government stepping and grabbing the best portion...the liquidity.
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Fiery Cross located in the Spratly Islands is the site of Chinese construction. Following a plan given to President Xi by the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG...defensive airstrips are being built. These runways will give the Chinese hegemony over the South China Sea. Sure...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...said building airstrips would cross a "red line"...but that threat was assessed as little more than "in-coming" dung. Congratulations to President Xi.
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Instead of demanding liberation over subjugation...Democrats proclaim it's the era of big foot government and they'll make sure everyone...except them and their cronies...are reduced to the status of servile supplicant or parasite. Taking their proclamation to its logical end...TEAM OBAMA is against the repeal of the estate tax. They want only big foot government in control of wealth or access to it.

The estate tax is a MARXIST invention which coupled with an INCOME TAX gives the would-be master unlimited power to paint the future. The estate tax and the income tax were cited by KARL MARX as primal tenets of socialism. He pointed out that big foot government can destroy anyone using these two taxes making big foot government omnipotent.

But what is the ESTATE TAX? Well...when you die...if your estate is over a certain amount, big foot government intrudes and grabs as much as it can...destroying any business that was on-going...and...putting many people out of work and wealth. The tax is based on ENVY...a mortal sin...and...yet...Obama claims he'll veto any repeal of that MARXIST LAW because it gives him and his ilk control over all property.

MARX wanted a way to use ENVY OF THE MOB to attack wealthy people. And...shortsighted folks usually join this cult of envy because they are envious of what others have and want big foot government to take it away. They don't stop and think about how it was that the decedent was able to gather so much wealth. The ONLY WAY such wealth can manifest is if the decedent during her lifetime pleased and satisfied so many customers that a profit was generated over a long course of time and effort. Her wealth is a mirror of that "satisfaction".

Ever the dung-throwing monkey...OBAMA hates such producers. "How dare they work so hard they were able to create wealth and not be dependent on big foot government!"shouted this dung-throwing monkey when asked about his threat of veto...adding..."The estate tax and income tax are my ways of keeping people dependent and impoverished."
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Because of the grip environmentalists have on California's water supply...millions of acre-feet of water are dumped into the San Francisco Bay. When asked why dump useful water...the environmentalists reply they're save the darter snail and the bloat-bug...two endangered species about which except for these jerks not anyone cares. Once more mankind in California must kneel to the whims of environmentalists.
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Adam and Shivaun Raff started a website. They called it FOUNDEM. It offers its patrons ways to find stuff to buy and sell. While popular in Britain it lacks much interest anywhere else. When GOOGLE de-indexed FOUNDEM it did so because it was simply copying other sites and transmitting them on FOUNDEM. The operators of GOOGLE felt FOUNDEM needed to be somewhere else and not on GOOGLE.

Raffs began to whine. Yes...their silly website was popular in some places in England...but...it was almost unknown on the continent. They went to Brussels to file a complaint against GOOGLE. How dare the owners of property wish to use their property as they saw fit! "We're socialists and we want their wealth taken from GOOGLE and given to us," dripped Adam Raff as he recited how his website had been demoted on GOOGLE. "I want GOOGLE to give me what I want," screamed his wife whose connection to GOOGLE'S competitor(MICROSOFT) is an obvious "tell" as to what the RAFFS have in mind.
In Europe...if your company is barely hanging on...you're said to be a "good citizen". On the other hand...if you provide the best service at the lowest cost and are successful...you're called "bad citizen"...and...are attacked by scumbag-socialists such as Margrethe Vestager. GOOGLE,INC. is hated in Europe by the socialist-masters since it gives Europeans what they want instantly. Indeed...90% of all searches are done on GOOGLE! Yes...APPLE and MICROSOFT have search engines...but...they're "yesterday's rice" when compared to the dynamic aspect found only in GOOGLE.
GOOGLE,INC. is so good...so dependable...it has attracted the envious eye of would-be competitors who claim their "lousy" search-engines must be exalted not ignored. How dare GOOGLE be so good it attracts almost 100% of computer-users. According to Margrethe Vestager...an antitrust slug working for the European Union...GOOGLE is so good big foot government must step in and destroy it!
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Socialism in Fresno, California is alive and well. Fresno has the nation's 9th highest unemployment and the Fresno socialists point to that "number" and brag about how well they're taking care of the sheep. "We like how dependent these people have become. I can stick out my boot and the unemployed bend down and lick," declared Fresno's mayor.
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Okay...let's fast-forward to 2018. IRAN has finally constructed its SWORD OF ALLAH...a doomsday device capable of destroying all life on Earth and is threatening detonation if the world does not accept ISLAM. Americans are angry at their politicians for permitting such a thing but the complicit MASS MEDIA won't assign "blame" and says it was inevitable and there wasn't anything that could be done.
Russian President Putin maneuvered his team so skillfully that Russia now controls Crimea and most of eastern Ukraine. Indeed...President Putin is the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT! Unlike that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office...President Putin has a vision for Mother Russia which puts it at the top. Instead of offering more socialist drivel and Eco-fascist dogma...President Putin offers "liberation over subjugation".
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Even though the European economists are forecasting a rebound in general commerce...this BLOG predicts it won't occur. By flooding Europe with "easy money"...the socialists believe the producers will take the "bait" and produce despite the onerous tax burdens and nasty "red tape" aspects of toilet bowl Europe.
Marco Rubio will be a good President but it's as likely as not he won't delete the NANNY STATE CAGE but merely trim about its nasty edge. Even if he could dismantle the CAGE...he won't. Somehow he's satisfied with the status quo...satisfied with the yoke and choke agenda...and...won't eliminate the grip and grab of big foot government. He'll pay lip service...but...he won't eradicate the 20th Century CAGE. No...folks...RAND PAUL is more apt to usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market than Rubio...more likely to denounce socialism and Eco-fascism...and...more able to carry out this liberation...and...complete the march to "make salt".
Senator Ron Johnson,(R.Wis) warned the Republicans that Obama is planning on using his control of the MASS MEDIA to mount a campaign of enslavement when KING v. BURWELL is decided against TEAM OBAMA. Ever the dung-throwing monkey...Obama will send the lame and palsied across the stage pointing out that they lost their big foot government subsidy and won't be able to get any more "freebie" medical care. He'll tearfully declare that little Timmy will have his braces and Sally her catheter despite cruel Republican rules and he'll kill people to get it. He'll be called gallant and bold for his willingness to enslave in order to keep little Timmy from crawling and Sally from wetting her bed.

However...such MASS MEDIA spin can be out-flanked. Senator Ron Johnson...instead of describing a few measures that could ameliorate the punishing effect of KING v. BURWELL...he could call for dismantling of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where OBAMA-CARE could readily be turned into oppressive law and the so-called offered alternatives to its "grip and grab" (Wall Street Journal A-15;04-14-15)simply "trim and tuck" instead of deleting the entire socialist yoke and choke agenda. Perhaps...RON JOHNSON is fearful...timid and scared...maybe he would like to see liberation over subjugation...but...to say as much...well...he wouldn't dare.
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Shiite and Sunni Imams calls the other "infidel". Sure...they both read from the Qu'ran...but...they interpret its phrases differently. For example...according to the Shiite Imam...the Qu'ran directs camel dung be used as a spice for tea and bread...while the Sunni cleric proclaims camel dung can only be used as an aphrodisiac. Such difference is at the heart of the conflict between these two Muslim sects making this confrontation perpetual.

BOKO HARAM kidnapped 300 schoolgirls and First Lady Michelle Obama erupted and demanded they be returned and that a rescue mission be dispatched forthwith. Her demand was put on TWITTER and was publicized by the complicit MASS MEDIA in ways intended to make it seem like MICHELLE OBAMA actually cared and was actually doing something...sort of walking the walk not just talking the talk.

Of course...MICHELLE OBAMA used that tragedy as a "photo-op"...a chance to get herself some of that 15 minutes of proverbial fame everyone seems to seek. She didn't care about the fate of those girls and used their horrific abduction for her own political gain.

Callous...nasty...scum-like. These are adjectives framing Michelle Obama and her so-called rescue of those 300 girls. U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) finally broke her silence and admonished the First Lady for her Machiavellian use of fear and horror. "That First Lady didn't care about those 300 schoolgirls. She just wanted to pretend and the MASS MEDIA permitted her evil," Schultz rambled as she recited all the shortcomings of Michelle.
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A retired life insurance salesman volunteered to participate in an undercover operation wherein drugs were sold and an arrest was to be made. He liked the idea of "witch-burning"...arresting people who want to get high or help someone else get high. He loved the accomplished-fact of big foot government intruding and imposing such idiotic laws and now he had the chance to go into the so-called jungle...grab a "witch"...and..."burn"!

When the "witch" was spotted...a chase commenced. The 400 police officers involved in this "sting-operation" liked having volunteers since they could be directed to do their "dirty work". And...so this life insurance salesman dashed after the fleeing "witch" with those 400 scumbag cops cheering him on and inviting him to pull his TASER and punish this "witch". Of course...the salesman was so excited...so enamored with the chance to stomp a "witch" that he pulled his 357 Magnum and fired one of its exploding-heads into the "witch" who had been run down...tackled...and...had a knee squishing his head into the concrete.

The "witch" died from the gunshot wound. Instantly the Tulsa County cops began to step away from "blame" claiming the salesman accidentally pulled his 50 pound 357 cannon and didn't realize he was not deploying his 10 ounce TAZER instead. Everyone of them claim they were too far away from the salesman to prevent the error. Sure...they were right next to him...all 400 of those scumbags...and...yet...not one of them tried to stop the shooting.
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Instead of consolidating his land grab and imposing the IRON FIST of German MASTER RACE stuff...HITLER attacked Russia. Had he not attacked but had waited...waited until he possessed atomic weapons...he could have obliterated most of Russia and China and claimed Euro-Asia as his own fiefdom. Why he was so stupid not to have waited many have ventured to guess only to be confounded by new theories and arcane proofs.

Mention is made of this attack on Russia since IRAN would be foolish to launch an attack on America until it possessed atomic weapons. However, once the maniacs in Tehran acquire strategic "nukes"...they'll attack and blow a hole in Manhattan.
U.S.Senator Marco Rubio announced that he's running for President of the United States. When asked about the American Embargo of Cuba...a 50 year old undertaking...he smacked his lips...took a drink of water and replied, "KING KONG and Fay Wray were caught in a celluloid jam. Mention is made of this 1933 movie marvel since somewhere in Obama's hand shake with Raul Castro...this is how the message ran: "Science Fiction...double-feature...see Obama build a creature...see Raul Castro whining...Brad and Janet...Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Planet. Oh...no...all at a late night double feature picture show....I ought to know...hey...yo...back row...ah...oh...oh...oh...at the late night double feature picture show."
Once BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT gets its grip on the so-called existing INTERNET...there will be a premium on stringing non-government fiber lines...perhaps...even...wireless...digital stuff...unfettered...extremely fast...and...not susceptible to government interference. Everyone will want the "new breed"...and...will relish the fact big foot government was left on the other side of an impenetrable wall...guarded 24/7 by the vigilant and jealous inhabitants of paradise.

The Jerk of Spade
Internet shade
Demon-like fade
Ne're mourned
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How can Hillary Clinton be called a 21st century candidate when she wants more not less big foot government? And...how can tepid...fearful..Marco Rubio ever hope to convince freedom-lovers he'll dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE when his Wall Street Journal article presented a case of "me-too" politics? Perplexing questions for a would-be voter...yes...but...critical answers required...nevertheless...particularly...when...it might actually make a difference.

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Before voyage and trouble...course charted...expected and unexpected gripped and groped. Can it be said MARCO RUBIO did as much before he launched his ship afloat? In the Wall Street Journal a few weeks back...he told America he didn't plan on cutting too much...and...would leave the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE intact...chain and whip in his masterly clutch...and...promising to lead the ravenous pack.
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Iranian warships prowling near American shipping. While today American naval power can chase those idiots away with a proverbial "boo"...when...those same rag heads get an operations nuclear weapon system...it'll be they who will be doing the "spooking"...but...by then...however...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...will have long since departed the Oval Office and will declare it was Secretary of State John "long-jaw" Kerry who betrayed America not he.
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Retailers have been directed to deliver to the State Attorney General their work schedules so compliance with New York Labor Laws can be investigated. Of course...TARGET and DOMINO PIZZA have given up whatever was requested since their corporate leaders are parasites and supplicants and don't wish to anger their would-be master. Other employers...desiring to breathe free...have told scumbag-Schneiderman...as he's reverently called...they're not interested and won't lick big foot government boot.

As this BLOG has warned many times: "STAY OUT OF NEW YORK!" Yes...there is money to be made in that toilet bowl...but..what's given up might very well be too costly in the long run. "We will destroy as much business as possible reducing the worker bees to complete dependency" giggled Tsedeye Gebreselassie...a slime slug assistant to Schneiderman,(Wall Street Journal B-1;04-13-14).
Socialists don't care who they ruin or what they destroy so long as they remain in control. Take for example, India. Before President Modi arrived...the ignorant socialists...having bought into the man-made global warming myth...shut down the iron-ore industry...thereby removing the 3rd largest iron ore producer from the worldwide stream of commerce and costing that industry about $20 billion.

Naturally...President Modi when he arrived observed the horror inflicted by this idiotic myth. He knew man-made global warming was a way to enslave and because he actually cared for the people of GOA, India...he removed the LOCK and told iron-ore producers they could resume production. But his effort came too late. Iron ore production went elsewhere. It went to places not beset with socialist whim. It went to places where the costs associated with production are far less and big foot government intrusion nonexistent.

Perhaps...in the years to come...some big foot government subsidized conglomerate will begin mining iron ore once more in Goa, India...but...for now...the market has decreed Iron Ore from India is low-grade and costs too much.

As for the businesses of Goa, India...they all took a beating when IRON ORE production was stopped so that a local snail and long-eared bat might have a better habitat. To save Mother Nature's bounty...the pre-Modi government was willing to destroy as many livelihoods and businesses as possible. As one big foot government employee bragged, "We destroyed $20 billion in business enterprise and we're not done yet. We'll reduce India to a beggar nation...hand-out...eyes hollow...and...whose spirit only what we say it will be."
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The 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is the best way to deliver prosperity. Take for example, iCRACKED. This gadget-repair service for APPLE PRODUCTS has just hired 400 more employees. The amount of repair work is astounding and few people know "how" to repair such devices correctly. As the story goes...iCRACKED began when a girl and guy...both out of work...broke their cellphones and discovered not anyone nearby able or even willing to fix such devices. Instantly...they concluded they were going to become that service and fill that niche.

What has many political scientists worried is that instead of promoting an environment wherein iCRACKED might prosper...TEAM OBAMA...and...now...Hillary...of course...are discussing ways to destroy such businesses through "red tape and taxes"...burdening and stomping until what remains totally dependent on their largess. "We want businesses that conform to what we believe is best...with all divergence identified and deleted,"snorted Hillary Clinton when asked about her plan for America.
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Uber Technologies,Inc. has applied to the Ministry of Road Transport for a permit to operate a cellphone taxi service in New Delhi. Dealing with socialists is tricky since UBER will never know if their license is insulated from the vagaries of raw power...the thing from which India suffers mightily. And..it's this uncertainty which has caused UBER INVESTORS many sleepless nights lately.
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The Yemen crisis is getting more perplexing as each side receives "game-changing" weaponry. Iran...for instance...has sent surface-to-air missile batteries to be used to counter Saudi airstrikes but hasn't been able to find anyone in Yemen who can operate the control panels. "We need competent personnel and all we find in Yemen are camel drivers and toothless winches," whispered an angry Ayatollah Khanemei.
U.A.E.Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash told a cub reporter from this BLOG that PAKISTAN had to take a position in YEMEN and support Saudi airstrikes and whatever else the Coalition of Gulf States chose to unleash there. "The Pakistanis must do our bidding and attack where we choose and die as we direct," sniffed scumbag Gargash as he drooled over the prize Yemen represented to the Coalition.
Prince Saud Al Faisal...Saudi Arabia's Foreign Policy Minister...told a cub reporter from this BLOG it was not a war between Shiite and Sunni...but...merely an effort to restore the socialists to power thereby continuing Saudi grip on Yemen. "We want to reduce the people of Yemen to supplicants waiting to receive whatever we wish to grant," Minister Faisal replied when asked what purpose served by getting into a conflict in the toilet bowl of Yemen.
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Despite her 2016-Presidential Campaign social media announcement...packed as it was with people in need of big foot government assistance...many voters are reluctant to support her. They doubt they're the ones who will get "freebie and favor"...and...if they do get something...there will be some kind of Clinton-string attached...some hidden grip and grab...and...such suspicion will undermine Hillary's effort to prevail in 2016.
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So long as Hillary Clinton does not ADMIT she's a socialist...she has a chance of defeating the wishy-washy Republican Party candidate. With the exception of RAND PAUL...the other so-called Republican hopefuls are "same old same old just different bag". They don't want to eliminate the grip and grab of big foot government...but...only to trim and massage...to lessen and ameliorate...but...not delete and dismantle this hellish 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. And...if  Republican voters do send a "wishy-washy" whatever into the finale...Hillary will win!
Unlike the "me-too" approach of MARCO RUBIO...U.S.Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky) knows his message of liberation over subjugation will carry the day against the big foot government advocates such as Hillary Clinton. While Clinton offers the electorate more not less big foot government grip and grab...RAND PAUL invites voters to choose KEY over CAGE..to march with him to "make salt"...to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE and usher in the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper...a place where would-be masters such as Hillary can't decree: "Our tears...your purse!"
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Yes...folks...on 04-12-15...Hillary Clinton announced via social media that she's running for President. Her video presentation included every group...every interest known to the Democrat Party. She promised more big foot government "freebie and favor" in exchange for removing what little liberty remains...and...replacing it with "freedom-to-obey". Her campaign strategists believe Americans want to be enslaved...to be directed from cradle to grave.

What is it about modern-day Democrats that enables scumbag politicians such as Hillary Clinton to stand before them and drool venom and hate and receive cheers and adulation instead of righteous indignation and reactive repudiation? Is it they want more not less big foot government grip and grab? Is it they are so confused and perplexed with hurdle and hassle...all delivered by government...that they want more not less yoke and choke?
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Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...and...baby-killer-Raul Castor SHOOK hands at a meeting in Panama. Naturally...most Cubans in America know Obama is getting played like a fiddle and any agreement with Cuba would be favorable only to Cuba. "We simply can't trust those cockroaches," declared U.S.Senator Marco Rubio when asked "why" he was angry at Obama.
U.S.Senator Elizabeth "papoose" Warren(D.Ma.) is a member of the Jew Haters Club(JHC). When she denied her membership at a town hall gathering where she was scheduled to speak...her DENIAL was instantly challenged with social media data depicting her saying such things as "I'm a Jew-hater!"...and..."I hate Jews!" When this vulture saw her DENIALS were not believed...she stormed from the stage screaming that she had influence with the Internal Revenue Service and she was going to use that power.
A Public Policy professor at Howard University loudly denounced the "skilled-worker" visa program since it was used to replace employees at big foot government enterprises. At California Edison...100 employees lost their $100,000 per year jobs to Turks and Syrians whose salaries were 50% less although their job descriptions were the same. "How dare that Utility Company attempt efficiency and down-sizing" screamed Ron Hira...himself a rabid freedom hater and one whose vision of America that of a gulag with him as its tyrant.
Elizabeth Warren is a monster. She would kill her own mother to advance the socialist grip on America. Indeed...she told a cub reporter from this BLOG she hated liberty and wanted to impose her will on everyone. "I will stomp and chomp until everyone kneels to me and worships whatever idol I forge!" she proclaimed as if she were speaking to a crowd in 1938 Nuremberg.
Martin O'Malley...a scumbag socialist...told eager-to-be-enslaved Iowans his administration would raise taxes and take that extra money and spread it all around Iowa. As he was speaking to the 14-person crowd...his campaign workers passed out bovine excrement sandwiches in commemoration of his trip to that corn-growing state where government-subsidized ethanol is "king".
no image
After 6 appearances in Iowa...former Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley still hasn't been able to generate big crowds and those who do attend come away shaking their heads concluding he's just another big foot government socialist intent on destroying what little liberty remains in America and replacing it with "freedom-to-obey". One voter said she thought he would be different but his pitch was to take from the producer and redistribute as he saw fit...something she felt arrogant and haughty.
The most Officer Slager could have observed immediately before he drew and shot 8 times as a suspect fled on foot was resisting arrest without violence and broken tail light violation, both simple misdemeanors and not something where deadly force is ever authorized. Yet...Officer Slager thought he could deploy and slay. It's obvious he had been trained to do what on video he was caught doing: murdering a fleeing black man. Indeed...according to Officer Slager: if an Afro-American is standing, he's loitering; if he is walking, he's prowling; and if he's running, he's escaping.
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Using an electron microscope...the battleground was surveyed. There stood the CRE(carbapenem-resistant Enterobateriaceae)...ready to slay its host if left alone. Against this Goliath stood the newest David...armed with trusty sling and smooth river rock. But Goliath knew the maneuver...and...had his shield ready for such assault. However...David's rock was shaped to boomerang and then blast away. And when conflict arrived...Goliath was once more vanquished.

Yes...folks...a sort of Goliath is afoot...this one comes in the form of a nightmare kind of bug and it's killing people. There is not any anti-bacteria ointment or pill to stop the CRE once it gathers its forces and strikes. It can kill in less than a fortnight...taking many victims in a matter of hours instead of days. And...there is not any way to combat this menace...this horror...this wee-beastie. Indeed...there isn't..."as yet"...that special flat-smooth river rock capable of getting around the raised shield and blasting away.

And...yet...hope has been found. The SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG has offered an idea on how to dispatch the critters. The method is called specialized discharge extravaganza(SDE). No matter what mutation the CRE develops...SDE examines the entire organism...graphically displays its strengths and weaknesses...crafts an exquisite attack plan and then implements with eradication its sole mission statement. Despite the creature's ability to adapt and mutate...nevertheless...SDE is designed to examine...find the weakness...and...then exploit that aspect to finality.
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Kathleen Madigan has been selected for the cover of the May issue of IDIOT MAGAZINE. She won this distinction by writing nonsense,(Wall Street Journal A-2:04-10-15). Despite Madigan's conclusion to the contrary...there is little better than a U.S.dollar gaining in value. The more valuable the dollar...the more that dollar buys. It's a distinct benefit when the U.S.dollar is growing in value in relation to other countries' currencies. Indeed...the American consumer* can buy much more including imports.
*The exporters find adjustment to inflation harder since the price of their goods in U.S.Dollars might be $5.00...but...in Venezuelan Pesos...that item would cost $5000 pesos. Naturally...the Venezuelan lacks power to stop his scumbag government from inflating the peso.

Ayatollah Khamenei told a cub reporter from this BLOG that he reads the BLOG every day and that he was inclined to agree that Obama was never to be trusted and if his lips are moving...he's probably lying." The Ayatollah went on to confirm that Dr. Afridi had been betrayed by Obama. "He back-stabbed Dr. Afridi. He promised that gullible doctor $25 million and extraction from Pakistan in exchange for bin Laden's coordinates. And we all know Dr. Afridi was left behind. Back-stabbed by Obama and is now languishing in a Pakistani prison. So...I simply don't trust Obama. I'd liken that jerk to that of a dung-throwing monkey," whispered the Ayatollah when asked to describe his feelings about Obama.
IRAN has as its head honcho a dude calling himself the AYATOLLAH. This would-be master grew loud and angry* when he discovered the "negotiated deal" contemplated Americans inspecting Iran's military bases and installations** above and below ground. While he knows anything hidden won't be observed...he doesn't want to take the chance of some inspector following the wire into the forest so to speak.
*"Please don't throw me into that briar patch!"
** United Nations Inspectors are notoriously careless. It's more likely than not that IRAN could hide its "nuke" production and these inspectors never even suspect "cheating".
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Can an atomic weapon he reduced in size so that it might be carried in a backpack? Many nuclear experts acknowledge the possibility of such a miniature version. They point out that an atomic bomb can be small but effective. For example...a 5 megaton bomb...could easily fit into a suitcase and be almost undetectable. An Iranian could travel to Canada...sneak across to America...and...detonate that bomb in Manhattan. Obama's so-called "deal" does not address that potential assault scenario.
U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) has been attacked by the Obama-controlled MASS MEDIA since he announced his candidacy for President in 2016. They claim he's "too extreme" and will dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and eliminate most of the entitlement system...paying off each "victim" with a one-time payment in recognition of the psychic injury inflicted by the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE. They claim he'll delete most of the burdens and diktats of the so-called Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) thereby permitting coal and oil to flourish and the cost of energy to drop even further.

"If RAND PAUL succeeds...the CAGE and our grip on the throat of freedom will be gone. We simply must stop RAND PAUL since he'll turn off the lights in most departments and agencies. He must be stopped!" screamed Elizabeth Warren when asked about RAND PAUL and his decisive move to delete as much of the CAGE as possible.
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The number of people killed on video is growing. Just the other day...another white police officer in North Charleston shot and killed an unarmed Afro-American. With every killing...it seems...there is a cover-up. In New York City...for example...Eric Garner was choked to death on video and the killers were given awards for their heroism. What will happen to Officer Slager...the jerk who shot a fleeing Afro-American...isn't as yet known but unlike New York...this cop will be hung if found guilty of 1st degree murder.
CUBA is 90 miles from Key West. If a transmission tower were put on a U.S.owned island...Cubans could be given access to the INTERNET...even though prohibited by the CUBAN REGIME. While such a threat would be considered a viable one in an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...President Raul Castro knows America is not such a place but is a 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as controlled and enslaved as those poor souls of Cuba. He knows he needn't fear TRUTH reaching Cuba through the INTERNET...particularly the American INTERNET...reciting as his basis the "net neutrality" STOMP AND CHOMP Obama's stooges at the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) imposed* on 2-26-15.
*America was conquered by the ruling elite on 02-26-15 when "net neutrality" was imposed.
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Shepard boy and trusted dog. The two icons found in any sheep raising district of planet Earth. However, it's as likely as not this bucolic aspect of that ancient profession will soon be something read about in books but not actually found any more to be used as a cheap way to raise and market sheep. There is a robot on its way which can reliably do what boy with dog did for centuries but at a much lower cost.

Timmy Titler...a sheep industry mogul...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that with 5 drones and 5 wheel-bots...he was able to farm 10,000 acres and market a billion sheep! He pointed out that the drones would drive the sheep wherever he wished...and...the wheel-bots with their tentacles would marshal the critters. He saved almost $5 million dollars and planned on marketing his system worldwide even though OBAMA threatened to erect hurdles and hassles to hinder and hurt.
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What if Obama already knows IRAN has a "nuke" but does not have enough of them to be a threat or material menace...and...this so-called "deal" he's forged is designed to give him insulation when Manhattan is obliterated beneath a mushroom cloud? Instead of suffering ignominy...he'll crow about how he kept America safe for 10 years and that Manhattan needed to cleansed and what better way than with a nuclear blast!
Ellen Pao...the lady who falsely claimed workplace sexual harassment and discrimination...told a cub reporter from this BLOG she would find employment...wait until she could prove a case of discrimination...and...then...leopard-like...pounce on the unsuspecting employer seeking big bucks as settlement. "To hire her is to pull a rattlesnake into your sleeping bag," confided Donald Trump when asked about her future as an employee.
The Boston Bomber-Tsarnaev was found guilty on all 30 counts. He might very well face a death penalty. Recall he and his brother set off bombs at the Boston Marathon. Had he killed people in Baghdad with the same bombs...he'd be called a hero...a martyr...and...other praiseworthy labels. But...he chose to kill Americans in America and for that criminal act...he'll be punished with the death penalty.
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In CUBA...it's illegal to be connected to the INTERNET with state-granted permission. The tyrants don't want Cubans acquiring knowledge that isn't first filtered by big foot government censors. When asked about this "oppressive model"...Raul Castro...Cuba's President...said he was only doing what Obama did to Americans under the guise of "net neutrality". "Your own President enslaved you...and...you're trying to liberate us?"scoffed Raul Castro when asked about this barrier.
Ellen Pao will LIE in order to gain advantage. Recall she claimed to have been passed over for partner because she was a female and had stopped dating one of the big shots in her company. Of course...such nonsense wasn't enough to persuade a jury convened to hear her complaint.

Now this viper is cruising the job-circuit looking for another victim. Many potential employers know she's nasty and will attack when such assault to her benefit. Indeed...there is an unwritten sign on her that says: HIRE AT YOUR OWN PERIL.
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If IRAN is caught cheating on its promise not to build a "nuke"...Obama told America a provision in his "deal" would permit America to reimpose sanctions,("snap-back"). Naturally...another "red line" declaration by a dung-throwing monkey such as Obama is almost meaningless. The rag heads in Tehran know he's a monkey and cheating on that so-called deal easily accomplished.
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When Officer Slager* pulled his gun and shot 8 times at a fleeing motorist...he intended to kill him. The motorist had been stopped for a broken tail light violation even though it wasn't night time. The officer used his stun-gun on the motorist but when that didn't work...he used his gun to KILL the motorist. The cop was white...the motorist was Afro-American...and...the place of the slaying was South Carolina not New York City.
*The scumbag cop was arrested for 1st degree murder.
ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE has lost 74% of its patrons since it was revealed one of its reporters LIED about heinous acts allegedly committed at a frat house at the University of Virginia. Instead of firing Sabrina Rubin Erdely...the editors congratulated her on her LYING and asked her to commit more such malpractice since it was "selling magazines". Indeed...Jann Wenner...founder of ROLLING STONE...said he determined the RAPE ON CAMPUS article to be stimulating and didn't much care if it were true.
Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told America that Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker was ignorant when it came to foreign policy. Many political scientists laughed when they heard "dung-thrower" accuse another politician of ignorance. "Obama is dangerous because he's so stupid. He believes the Iranians will honor their commitments and not construct their SWORD OF ALLAH...their version of a doomsday weapon," sniffed Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY).
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When defending liberty...can one be too extreme? Does the slave accept the chain because desire for freedom too extreme? Similarly...those MASS MEDIA talking heads who decry RAND PAUL because he's "too extreme"...are angry at him for daring to enlighten the American voter that there is another way...that there is a KEY to this oppressive 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. They want a wishy-washy "me-too" artist such as spineless Jeb Bush whom they know will be trounced by Hillary Clinton. People hate JEB BUSH. He's a nasty...snooty jerk and voters will pick Clinton: THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT...if...she and BUSH are the match-up in 2016.
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Within minutes after U.S.Senator Rand Paul(R.Ky) delivered his presidential announcement...the MASS MEDIA attacked...its talking heads drooling venom and telling their very small audiences that Americans wanted big foot government and the "whip and chain" agenda such entails. Indeed...ANGELA RYE...a so-called political strategist...declared, "American voters will never choose KEY over NANNY STATE CAGE."

Folks...we're in a WAR ON FREEDOM and the MASS MEDIA in America...ironically...has chosen to support enslavement. Perhaps the owners of the MASS MEDIA conclude they will be protected from the vagaries of the marketplace if they push enslavement. Whatever the reason...for the most part...the MASS MEDIA has picked CAGE over KEY. Rand Paul must expect 24/7 attack and social belittlement as these vultures and scumbags attack him for his effort to liberate the otherwise subjugated.
U.S.Senator Lindsey Graham(R.S.C.)...when told about RAND PAUL'S PLAN to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...chortled and winced. "He can tell people they can be free...but...big foot government is here to stay...and...people should get accustomed to the "whip and chain". RAND PAUL is dreaming if he believes Americans will support eliminating the yoke and choke agenda. They want more not less grip and grab...more plundering of the storeroom...and...won't ever support a crusader whose mission statement to delete CAGE and deliver KEY."
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Welcome to the raw power of big foot government. It's likely as not the tax refund you were expecting was grabbed by the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) to pay for the OBAMA-CARE TAX. If you had such looting of the storeroom...don't feel too badly. According to the would-be master...you are supposed to dance and sing that you are enslaved and unable to fend for yourself without the blessings of your dictator.
U.S.Senator John McCain(R.Az) announced his bid for re-election. Can another Republican defeat him? The answer is an obvious "yes" so long as that opponent in the Primary clearly tells the voters the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE will be dismantled and the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market permitted to flourish. Such a message of liberation over subjugation would be welcomed.
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Investors were warned to avoid GREECE. They were told anything the GREEKS say is probably a LIE or in some way intended to dupe or gain advantage. Yet...some intrepid know-it-all types...ignored the WARNING and bought GREEK this and that only to find on 04-07-15 that they were tricked...and...have suffered significant losses. Next time they might heed the ALERT.
U.S.Senator Rand Paul told a cheering crowd with their help he was about to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Many Americans will gladly join his crusade to eliminate the CAGE...but...the MASS MEDIA will do all it can to undermine and besmirch this march to "make salt".
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Washington D.C...the environmentalist dream of "green stuff"...has experienced a massive power outage...no electricity...no toilet functioning...no water flowing...not any of these public services delivered. This lack of power has disturbed some but the "greenies" are dancing* and singing. Here is an example of their romantic notion of "tent and mule" living...not any coal-fired power plants...not any cars...or...electricity...just buses...trains...bikes...and...foot-travel.
*Environmentalists drink their own bong water.
Preet Bharara has 24/7 bodyguard protection. Why? Because he's been marked* for "ball-batting" and he knows those who threatened him will succeed. Recall Preet is the scumbag at the U.S.Injustice Department who was recently caught fabricating evidence. Yes...such evil would cause disbarment of any other lawyer...but...because Preet is protected inside the cocoon of the INJUSTICE DEPARTMENT he can lie...manufacture evidence...and...not even the puppet clown-judges sitting on the federal bench are brave enough to say "STOP!"
*Preet received in the mail a baseball card with a ball-bat symbolized and framed in purple and light green. To anyone else...it would have been innocuous and any metaphor or hidden message gone unnoticed. However...to a jerk steeped in the mysticism of the Middle East...the card represented a direct threat...a threat to be struck from behind with a ball bat thereby causing eyeballs and brains to become part of the landscape.
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Before BUSH* left office...he should have pardoned "Scooter" Libby but chose to leave a man behind. Nowadays...witnesses are coming forward to admit they LIED about "Scooter" Libby but did so at the direction of scumbag Patrick Fitzgerald...the U.S.Injustice Department prosecutor. They said that Fitzgerald composed a script and they simply parroted what he wanted them to say. While they felt bad about LYING...they blamed Fitzgerald for forcing them to commit such an horrendous act of evil.
*It's likely JEB BUSH is cut from the same cloth and would leave his own team on the field "Scooter" Libby style...so to speak.
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Patrick J. Fitzgerald...now...a Chicago lawyer with 24/7 body guards and surveillance...was exposed recently for CONJURING A LIE TO CONVICT an innocent person when he worked at the U.S.Injustice Department. Because he has so much body armor and close protection...it's obvious...he's been marked* for termination with extreme prejudice.
*Other critics of this slime slug inspecting the same "defenses"...believe disbarment is the next stop for scumbag Fitzgerald. He not only needs to be stripped of his license but he needs to be marked so people can spit on him as he passes.
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An Indian befriended a rattlesnake. They got along wonderfully...laughing...joking about life and bad times. Yet...one day...while they were sitting on a rock watching the sunset...the snake bit the Indian. As the Indian was dying...he asked "why"...why bite him...pal...friend...cohort...comrade? The snake replied, "But you always knew I was a snake and prone to bite."

Mention is made of this parable since Obama has pulled a rattlesnake into his sleeping bag. The Iranians will deploy and detonate as soon as they get their maniacal hands on an operational nuclear weapon system. And...when Obama asks "why" did they blow a hole in Manhattan...they'll simply reply, "But you always knew we were snakes and prone to bite."
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Ah...yes...the LIARS at the "Rolling Stone" magazine thought it would be commercially acceptable and lucrative if they were to print a story about RAPE AT DUKE. A story about "Jackie" and how she was lured into the basketball locker room and gang-raped... these scumbags concluded would sell magazines and also sully the DUKE basketball team. Such dual purpose was thought to be advantageous and hence the editors of ROLLING STONE began to publish their filth. Sure...they had besmirched the University of Virginia with a similar LIE...but..when you're a primal Democrat rag...TRUTH doesn't ever matter.
If Senator Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton were their respective political party nominees...Clinton would lose. The choice between Clinton's vision of a perpetual 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and Paul's promise of KEY would* conclude in Paul trouncing Clinton in a landslide victory.

*The reason for her defeat...most political scientists would candidly say...was that Clinton preached "whip and chain"...whereas...in contrast...Paul promised liberation over subjugation...removing the hinder and hassle erected over the last 10 years by both sides of the aisle.
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Obama put a flop-eared crony-Ernest Moniz-on the several Sunday shows to tell America that the Iranians would not have the equipment to build a bomb. This dude assured America that the United Nations was well-able to inspect 24/7 and would do as much everywhere such a weapon might be constructed. Sure...there might be underground bunkers that might escape inspection...but...there couldn't be so many of them that everyone of them would escape scrutiny. As this crony uttered these assurances...his smile almost jackal-like...and...his greasy hair told most observers he was a SLIME SLUG dispatched by Obama to drool and obfuscate.
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The "Rolling Stone" magazine over the years was a great place to go to find out about what was afoot in America...more often than not...presented with a humorous bent and flavor. But...recently...one of its erstwhile reporters published a LIE and that LIE hurt many people and defamed honorable institutions. Naturally...Rolling Stone eventually declared the story about "rape on campus" was a BIG LIE...but...the magazine wasn't apologetic. Yes...they threw the reporter to the wolves...but...nevertheless...proclaimed University of Virginia a Mecca for rapists...and...the fraternity system its biggest promoter.
Joe Katzman...editor of DEFENSE INDUSTRY DAILY...admitted the 'DRONE ARMADA' theorem was correct...and...that any country which deployed this weapon system had a very good chance of defeating the surprised and unwary. Indeed...according to Joe..."good enough" weapons can always defeat the superior arrow or sword...so to speak...if there are enough of them...and...they're sufficiently deployed to gain tactical advantage. He acknowledged a DRONE ARMADA with sufficient "fear factor" could achieve great victories with minimal casualties sustained.(A-15;04-06-15; Wall Street Journal).
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Obama is asking Americans to trust United Nation Inspectors(think Hotel Rwanda). "They will verify that IRAN is not secretly building a nuclear weapon that would give them instant tactical advantage," snorted Obama...himself a dung-throwing monkey...when asked what assurances did America have that IRAN would not continue to construct their doomsday device they reverently call their SWORD OF ALLAH.
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Since October of 2008...the American economy has been sluggish. Even when Obama injected $878 billion in "shovel ready" infrastructure in 2009...what was left of a dynamic economy didn't react. And...by 2015...even the LIES OF BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT can't any longer HIDE the TRUTH. Because of big foot government "red tape, tax and spend" programs and policies...America is slowly devolving into another socialist toilet. Dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE and prosperity would manifest.