Monday, April 27, 2015


If Senator Rand Paul,(R.Ky) preaches liberation over subjugation...and...invites his audience to march with him to "make salt" dismantle this 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...a place where people can be forced to worship whatever idol MAMMON might forge,(MATTHEW 6:24)...if...RAND PAUL declares himself a freedom-fighter marching to delete and eliminate whatever hurdle or tax obstructing or bottle-necking...if he calls upon the patriot in every American to stand with him and oppose the CAGE...and...demand KEY...demand the yoke and choke agenda be erased and the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market permitted thereby to flourish and deliver EDEN...yeah...if RAND PAUL proclaims he will eradicate the grip and grab of the would-be master...such that never again can some would-be demagogue decree, "Our tears...your purse!"...should RAND PAUL say as much...he will shake the very foundation of tyranny...put its complicit MASS MEDIA in full retreat...and...deliver what America deserves to have as it struggles around the world with dictators and petty gangs with missiles.

But what is so dynamic about forming great alliances to combat terrorism? Why partner with China and Russia? The answer is that the socialists are losing everywhere and eventually the otherwise unhampered market's logic and rational aspect will lead everyone to the same conclusion: eliminate the grip of big foot government everywhere! And...the Chinese and the Russians will be the ones with the clout to open markets and help eradicate terror and tyranny. most historians these early days of the 21st Century...would-be tyrants scanned the Middle East...studied socialist dead-en India...considered the greed of the Russian and the desires of Chinese mandarins...and...determined it was possible to erect caliphate and with the help of a few "nukes"...they could control much of the energy production for decades to come...preventing any intrusion by threatening to "nuke" anyone daring to oppose.Tehran knows it can reach anywhere in the world and blow holes as menacing as anything unleashed since World War II. These maniacs just need time to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH and Obama is giving that 'time' to them!