Tuesday, June 30, 2015


When that Falcon 9 rocket blew up a few days ago...it surprised most people since space travel was in times past deemed fairly safe. Luke Skywalker didn't seem to have much trouble with his craft and Michael Rennie was doing quite well with his BOT and SHIP until he was gunned down.


Hillary Clinton opened up her $27,000 per month campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. Sure...she was there once...had many photos taken...even had video gurus make cameos of her strolling along the sidewalk having "beans N' pone"...and...yelling out: "how is you?'

Kabul ka-boom

In Kabul...a car bomb went ka-boom and killed American troops in a predicted attack. Why the forecast was ignored is still in dispute but many military experts believe Obama was expecting to use that latest BODY COUNT as political ammunition come 4th of July.


If big foot government didn't have such a stranglehold on industry...America could compete with anyone. Indeed...if America were an otherwise unhampered market(OUM)...a place where the consumer and not some knavish bureaucrat is queen or king...the so-called gross national product(GNP) would be bubbling at 10% or better. As one big foot government economist admitted, "In a 21st century OUM...there never can be found an able-bodied pauper."


When Tom and Sally were permitted to return to their house in Washington State...they found smoldering rubble and little else. Their wide screen and all the family heirlooms dating back 100,000 years were gone...lost in the conflagration. Sally looked at Tom as they wandered through what was once a 50,000 square foot mansion and declared their footprint on planet Earth was almost erased. Tom replied that had big foot government permitted him to clear a hundred foot free-zone around their home...they'd have survived that holocaust. Sally smiled...wiped back tears...and...continued to look for her talisman...her crystal ball...that box filled with desperation in ways gestation.


In socialist Puerto Rico...that Caribbean paradise...general coffers almost empty...not much more pie to slice. Does anyone have $70 billion to loan those socialists for a day? Is there any investor so foolish such an investment ever made?(A-13;06-30-15, Wall Street Journal).


What caused the SpaceX Falcon 9 to explode hasn't yet been determined. However...the data so far obtained points to a malfunction in a part of the engine that was built by former employees of Solyndra LLC.


Onuora Amobi...in 1990...slept in his car outside the U.S.Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria so that he might receive a VISA to come to America and attempt to gain a foothold...perhaps even prosper. Nowadays, not only is Mr. Amobi a U.S.citizen but is also CEO of Windows News Network. Mention is made of the "how" and "why" with respect to Mr. Amobi since there are millions of people who crashed the gate and are here without the papers Mr. Amobi struggled to get. And in that way is Mr. Ambi angry since he was required to hoop-jump...while...these "illegals" haven't been so burdened.

After hearing about Mr. Amobi's complaint...a cub-reporter from this BLOG requested an interview. In that dialogue...Mr. Amobi explained "why" he didn't mind the hurdle and hassle. If he...an ignorant illiterate Nigerian could get somewhere...if he...a tribal nobody could hoop-hump...they could too. I crawled when others ran. I plowed dirt with broken hands. They can get in line and wait their turn...I did it that way...it's time they learned.

When asked if he'd support open borders without the hassle he had faced. He said he would with huge embrace. Why he had a thousand uncles and aunts each waiting their turn to grab the PIE...no VISA bottle neck...that idea made him scream and cry.

eye for eye

Egypt's top prosecutor, Hisham Barakat was warned about a possible attempt on his life involving a suicide bomber and a motorcade. Naturally...Barakat ignored the warning issued by the FORECAST DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and while in a motorcade in Cairo...his car was attacked by a bomber and he was dramatically slaughtered.

Why he ignored the ALERT has been explained many ways but the one which appears most suited is that it was not dressed in the fabric of the Qu'ran. His long time friend, Senator Chuck Schumer(D.NY) in his eulogy addressed that very point when he whispered, "Had the Qu'ran been quoted....perhaps one of the more tangled passages been used to frame the ALERT...though...he'd have heeded the WARNING...avoided that motorcade and been alive today instead of struggling with dateless night and conqueror worm.


Pennsylvania was a great place to drill wells and extract shale oil and natural gas. So much is there of this natural bounty that the state is dotted nowadays with wells plentifully pumping out cheap oil and gas. What these energy-entrepreneurs didn't realize...or...knew but didn't care about...was that Pennsylvania is a socialist-state packed with all sorts of taxes and other red tape hurdle and hinder...so much of it that eventually the greedy-grip of big foot government would find its way onto the throat of that shale-extraction industry and tighten its grasp until little left worth having,(Wall Street Journal A-3;06-30-15).


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that he was running for president. His speech outlined how he'd make America great again. He promised he'd be a straight shooter...telling it like it is. But...will Christie dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE? Or...is he just another BIG FOOT GOVERNMENT loudmouth?


The farmers who were hurt by the computer-glitch which kept farm labor from crossing the border are now looking for a politician who will delete whatever hurdle or hassle which caused that VISA HOLD-UP.  Strawberry farmers...for instance...lost 90% of their crop due to this foul-up at the State Department...and...they want someone to pay for their loss. Of course...they're out of luck there since big foot government is designed to destroy not pay-back for the destruction!(Wall Street Journal A-2;06-30-15)


The U.S.Supreme Court finally stood up in a 4-5 manner and said the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) rules limiting mercury emissions were flawed and could not be imposed. When asked about the Court's decision...Gina McCarthy...head honcho at EPA...sneered and proclaimed, "We don't care what those jerks said. We're going to destroy the energy grid of America and return the United States to a more romantic time...a time of tent and mule...a time when people sat about campfires and sang old negro spirituals...a time when travel was limited to what a man with horse could do in a day."


When the honchos at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) were asked to divulge their hard drives so that data might be gleaned...officials of the U.S.House of Representatives were told they had been destroyed. While such elimination of trail is usually found in dictatorships...to have discovered that same evil bent at the IRS was as startling as it was appalling.

Monday, June 29, 2015


For $5 billion...near San Diego...a salt water conversion factory was to be erected. It would have alleviated water shortage for most of California giving most people as much water as they wished. But...it could not be built. There were too many permits...too many environmental interest groups looking for another victim...the more victims the better. Even Gina "scumbag" McCarthy stuck her nose into the effort using her considerable influence and power as head honcho at EPA to stifle the permitting process adding hurdle and hassle at every turn and trip.


Inside that wooden horse perhaps Greeks sit hoping the Trojans foolish enough to bring such a thing inside otherwise impenetrable walls. After considering that possibility...the Trojans opened their gates and...as Homer's story goes...were thereby doomed.

What banker...what idiot...what fool would ever have loaned any Greek any money. No...people who loaned Greeks money...people who are about to get a big hair cut...they were lured by Greek promise...duped by Greek glitter...and...are as doomed as the Trojans to cry at Priam's pyre.


Shoot straight! Such were the last words of Breaker Moran. His benefit? He would know the great secret before they. He had lived his life each day as if it were his last knowing that some day...one day...he'd be right. And there he sat...down range from a firing squad.


Recently...using* an EDDIE SNOWDEN "pass key"...Obama was observed directing his scumbags at the American Central Intelligence Agency to commence grooming a suicide bomber to strike on JULY 04, 2015 wearing a Romney button and whistling Dixie. Ever the dung throwing monkey...Obama thought such an attack would incite anger and give him more power over the American people...power he needs to consolidate his tribal  socialist grip.
*This BLOG was given a way to access any computer in the world with impunity...remote observing...so to speak.


Hawaii has a great number of wind turbine and solar panels and they add to the grid from time to time. When such addition might occur...however...is...as whimsical in timing as Mother Nature herself  thereby making the overall grid burst and blow.(Wall Street Journal B-1;06-29-15)


When the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG warned ELON MUSK about a possible problem with a specific aspect of the FALCON 9 design and that it could lead to an explosion...such WARNING was ignored. Perhaps the warning* was too enigmatic: THE KNIGHT STRIKES AT MIDNIGHT.
*King of Hearts

6 oil industry CEOs

An OPEN LETTER was signed by 6 oil industry CEOs asking that there be imposed a carbon tax. Yes...fascism never sleeps. Somehow...the managers of companies that would be hurt by a carbon tax want to be hurt? Has man-made global warming enthusiasm become so powerful it has robbed these CEOs of their rational senses? Or...have they found a way to make money off the misery such a carbon tax will inflict on Joe Six Pack?


The man-made global warming enthusiasts had to admit the planet has been cooling down...not heating up...due to solar activity. Yes...folks...oddly enough...the Sun has something to do with Earthly temperature. Sure...it's a novel idea...but...something as big as that in the sky surely has more to do with global warming than whether cows emit methane or some dude in Detroit doesn't have the right stuff to stop CO2 from finding its way into the atmosphere.(Wall Street Journal A-13;06-29-15)

And...by the way...while we're discussing the OPEN AND OBVIOUS has anyone asked the plant kingdom if they like getting less CO2? Where are the hell hounds of the SIERRA CLUB whose advocacy for tree and bug has been heralded as the New Age of Interface? They can speak for the tree and worm...even the tortoise...but...not for the plants...not for those things that eat CO2?


Michael R. Bloomberg told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that while he didn't believe mankind could ever affect climate let alone change it...he was going along with the nonsense because it was quite lucrative. As he explained...if he were to proclaim mankind wasn't doing anything and that the man-made global warming advocates were liars, charlatans, cronies and idiots...he'd never get any speaking engagements...he'd be kicked out of every club to which he belonged...and...he'd have to stop flying his confederate battle flag in his bathroom.


Why is the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) still using POISON GAS in Syria? Yes...the rebels are blaming President Assad for the latest gas-attacks but the evidence left behind demonstrates clearly the perpetrators are CIA-operatives! Why use POISON GAS again? Maybe...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...has concluded he needs* to THREATEN "red line"action again to gain political traction in America where people want to hear about death and destruction.
*OBAMA thought he could get some political advantage if he had the CIA disperse poison gas. He declared a RED LINE if Assad used poison gas. When poison gas was dropped on rebel stronghold...Obama declared a RED LINE had been crossed and he was going to attack Syria. Of course...America now knows the POISON GAS was a gambit used by Obama and the culprits behind the poison gas were CIA-operatives.

Kuwait mosque

Kuwait was warned by the WAR DEPARTMENT of this BLOG that it was about to be attacked by a Sunni suicide squad whose mission statement: DESTROY SHIITE MOSQUE. Of course...the WARNING was ignored since they did not recognize this BLOG as authoritative enough to heed. Perhaps...next time...they will, (Wall Street Journal A-8;06-29-15).


Sousse, Tunisia. A tourist mecca...nice beaches...beautiful women...plenty of casino action...and...a pleasant climate in which to luxuriate. Yet...the bucolic aspect was smashed as a gunman walked its beaches shooting and killing 39 sun-bathers. While shooting people...the shooter was screaming that he loved OBAMA and wanted to show OBAMA how socialists handle sheep.


Peter Singer walked the halls of the Pentagon warning anyone who would listen that CHINA was growing stronger and eventually would assert its hegemony over the Pacific rim nations. According to Peter Singer...the Chinese harbor ill-will for the rest of the world and will dominate every aspect of life if they're not stopped. While some ignorant government officials might accept that idiotic premise...most political scientists and weapon-experts know China is dedicated to peace and prosperity not war and havoc!


When Greeks chose socialists to run Greece...they simply were ignorant of what socialism meant or how it was practiced. Recently...though...when the socialists closed the banks...many Greeks finalyy concluded socialism is nonsense!

Sunday, June 28, 2015


The escaped prisoners were spotted by drones but such drone use was kept secret since the Federal Aviation Agency(FAA) had decreed all drones were to be grounded and not any drones were to be used lest drones get a big boost publicly as a good way to search for such people...cheaply...and...efficiently. As one New York officer admitted, "Had drones not been used...the escaped prisoners would still be on the loose,"


U.S.Senator Chuck Schumer,(D.NY)...as rabid a socialist as ever formed...was asked about the steering wheel in the front of his pants. Finding humor in socialism...Schumer replied, "Yes...it's driving me nut."


How do you spell nuclear holocaust? Is it O-B-A-M-A? Or...is it K-A-R-I-M-S-A-D-J-A-D-P-O-U-R?


One shot dead...the other caught. Yes...folks...the ordeal of Mr. Matt and Mr. Sweat is over. Those 2 convicted murderers are off the threat board. The outstanding effort by law enforcement personnel along with the assistance of this BLOG'S "bounty-gang" fetched a great conclusion. The upstate communities of New York can once more sleep in peace.


In America...could the MASS MEDIA be so powerful it can suppress an outcry for liberation over subjugation? The answer is the MASS MEDIA with the skilled assistance of big foot government has acquired such a stranglehold on information distribution...it's as likely as not whatever the propagandist want the public to believe...such can be made to happen. As one big foot government hack...Federal Communications Commission chairman, TOM "scumbag" WHEELER bragged, "I can plug-pull any computer...destroy any business...and...demand whatever I want!"


How silent? Well...there's silent, of course...and...then...very silent...I guess...and...then...the epitome of silence...SHEEP SILENT...willing to take whatever quietly.Why do you ask? Well...in America...TEAM OBAMA has pretty much enslaved and yoked almost every kind of producer possible...and...there hasn't even been a whimper. Of it there has been an outcry...it's been so slight...so soft...so quickly there and gone...it might as well haven't been there at all.

Folks...where are the freedom-fighters? Where are those seeking to breathe free? Has the NANNY STATE CAGE withered the brain...enfeebled the spirit...and...sapped the soul of its need for liberation over subjugation? Answering that question for you...according to the MASS MEDIA...people want to be directed from cradle to grave...ruled and pushed by bureaucratic knaves.


Folks...TEAM OBAMA is acting as if it's not any big deal if IRAN gets its hands on a "nuke". The complicit MASS MEDIA is doing all it can to give Obama the insulation* he'll need from lynch mobs looking for him after the Iranians blow a hole in Manhattan. It's even telling Americans that it won't be so bad if the IRANIANS do have a "nuke". They're already telling Americans the rag heads won't do what they've promised: NUKE THE GREAT SATAN!
*But...once those maniacs in Tehran get an operational "nuke"...they'll dictate terms...they'll demand...they'll threaten...and...claim the upper hand. But...until then...they'll sweet-talk Obama...and...flatter John "long jaw" Kerry...buying them the time they need to complete their SWORD OF ALLAH...a doomsday weapon similar to what was described in DR. STRANGELOVE.


As if a great Zeppelin were losing gas and plummeting...so might the enthusiasm of the editorial staff of this BLOG lose their wind gauge...and...quit the crusade to dismantle the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. What keeps the march to "make salt" afoot...however...is the desire to breathe free. How about you?

Friday, June 26, 2015


Sensing a need for link-up...Airnb,Inc. chose a very interesting business plan. Airbn puts home-owners in touch with tourists seeking a nice place at a cheap price. Because hotels are usually disgusting and nasty...Airnb's service took off.

But hotel owners grew angry when they discovered...given a choice...most tourists...for instance...will never choose a French Hotel. Instead of trying to make their accommodations more acceptable...however...they demanded the FRENCH GOVERNMENT outlaw such home-use thereby guaranteeing tourists would have to use their filthy hotel rooms...so filthy most patrons are given Haz-mat suits before they enter their respective suites.(Wall Street Journal B-1;06-26-15)


In the days of feudalism...the KING decided who would be the baker,,,the tailor...the candle stick maker. At any time...the KING could plug-pull...eliminate...delete as he saw fit with unbridled discretion. Such a Socio-economic system...though...kept people mired in misery and disgusting squalor. But it guaranteed the KING could perpetuate dictatorial power. Could it be that feudalism is once again afoot?

UBER TECHNOLOGIES is facing a modern-day feudal-reaction to its effort to give the people of Paris another way to get from point A to point B. Yes...taxi service troops are angry and want UBER stopped since taxis are taxed and heavily regulated and can't compete with UBER'S drivers. What has so many political scientists puzzled is the way the taxi-troops addressed the matter. They attacked UBER instead of demanding big foot government remove those things which created burdens making their service less desirable than an UBER RIDE.

Antonin Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia dissented and said the Supreme Court was wrong to add terms to OBAMA-CARE that were not obvious found therein on purpose. Judge Scalia noted it was a shame the Court was doing silly things to support socialism...but...off-the-record...noted that in times past...the Court ceremoniously proclaimed that people were chattel, (Dred Scott opinion 1857).


Ramadi was under assault for a year by the Islamic State and Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...permitted that key city to fall. Sure...he could have dispatched Seal Team #6 to slay the ISIS troops and eliminate the threat...but...he chose to train Iraqis to do such eviction effort. Unfortunately...the Iraqis are lovers not fighters and they fled as soon as the bullets started flying giving up Ramadi...a town where 296 Americans died during the Iraq War.


The Druse inhabit parts of Lebanon, Israel and Syria. They're a small sect but fiercely loyal to their tribe. In Syria...for example...the Druse fight for President Assad against all rebels. Such alliance recently led to a massacre of Druse civilians by Sunni fanatics whose hatred for Assad was expressed in the 3000 Druse heads they lopped off,(Wall Street Journal A-10;06-26-15)


Alia Nusseif...a prominent Shiite lawmaker from Baghdad...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that most Iraqis consider the Islamic State to be a created-critter of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)."We don't have any trust in Americans anymore. We now think ISIS is being used as a tool by America to divide and weaken Iraq!"

Mr. Nusseif pointed out that Hillary Clinton had done a great deal to promote the ascendancy of the Islamic State. He said that when the Sunnis and Shiites both observed political trouble in Iraq...and...asked Clinton to assist...she sneered* and called them "camel jockeys"...a term so demeaning...so insulting that few Muslim men would ever wish to speak to her again let alone beg her to give them guns to protect their homes from marauding ISIS troops.
*The sneer...the glare...the anger...all were combined in that derogatory label. So powerful that dramatic declaration about their livelihood...DONALD TRUMP used it when he called for a WALL across the border to stop rapists and murderers from entering America.


Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he wasn't about to permit American military inspection of his nuclear weapon factories. He acted as if he could refuse that request. He acted as if he didn't fear Obama or the might of the American military-industrial complex. He acted as if he were about to have an operational "nuke". Yes...folks...he acted as if he were about to become the RULER OF THE MIDDLE EAST!

Because Obama is little more than a dung-throwing monkey...the Ayatollah thinks he can refuse such a request. And...for now...perhaps he's right in believing America won't attack IRAN in order to stop the construction of their SWORD OF ALLAH...their version of the Dr. Strangelove dooms day device. However...in 2016...if a Republican ascends to the commander-in-chief position...it's as  likely as not that Republican will insist on inspection and invade if inspection denied.

But "why" would any President wish to stop IRAN from getting its hands on an operational "nuke"? What danger is there should IRAN acquire a nuclear arsenal? The risk is open and obvious. IRANIAN ruling elites have always framed America as the GREAT SATAN and have publicly advocated that Uncle Sugar be "nuked". As the Ayatollah said in the interview,"When the time comes to delete the GREAT SATAN...the SWORD OF ALLAH will be upon them!"


Yes..folks...a new frontier has been imposed. In America...after yesterday...whatever the would-be master decrees will be upheld as "the law". Even if the statutory language says just the exact opposite...nonetheless...according to the U.S.Supreme Court...the would-be master can choose what the "law" actually says irrespective of exact statutory language to the contrary.

Not only did the Supreme Court undermine the so-called "rule of law" yesterday...it also declared "same sex" marriage could not be prohibited in America. One of the associate Justices said that she looked forward to the day when people can marry as they see fit. She pointed out that in her region...men had sex with sheep and cows and were probably going to invite the critters into their matrimonial bed...something she* found appealing.
*This female Justice has a Great Dane and that dog satisfies her in ways only the imagination could paint.


When big foot government needs to hide its criminal activities...it simply erases any trail leading to the culprits. Indeed...the scumbags at the Internal Revenue Service(IRS)...for instance...were caught attacking conservative organizations whose mission statement was anti-Obama. But the hard drives that showed such dastardly misconduct were erased. Even the back-up digital tapes...the back-up for government data...even those were erased thereby eliminating any link to the employees of that NAZI-like agency,(Wall Street Journal A-3;06-26-15).


James Clapper is an inveterate liar. And just the other day...plying his skills as a LIAR...this scumbag accused China of the most recent hack-job on U.S.government computers stealing the personal data of 39 million federal employees. Naturally...few people believe this jerk and wonder "why" the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) engineered this latest HACK-JOB. How that "hacking" will be used by TEAM OBAMA in the coming days will fairly well indicate "why" the CIA was directed to perform that intrusion.


The U.S.dollar is a commodity. If you increase the number of dollars in the pool...the overall value of each single dollar is less. Hence if you are saving money...a 2% inflation of the stuff you're saving reduces its overall value. Every year...for instance...your U.S.dollar buys 2% less than it did before. It turns out the Federal Reserve has been directed to inflate your U.S.dollar so that it buys less and less. Your grocery bill...for example...is intentionally made higher...your gasoline costs higher...your utility bill higher. Yes...folks...big foot government is busy hurting you and you don't realize it since your wealth is siphoned off at a rate of 2%.


Bobby Jindal...Governor of Louisiana...said he wanted to be president. His ideas are basically keep America inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE but trim around its edges to make it less onerous to the enslaved producer.


The Islamic State dispatched a goon squad to foment terror in France. The beheaded body of a Frenchman was found. A warehouse was blown-up. Yes...folks...France is under attack.


Trump got thumped. Because of his depiction of Mexican immigrants...Univision told him it wasn't interested in his help in the upcoming beauty pageants.


A tyrant needs helpers. Yesterday...in a 6-3 vote...the U.S.Supreme Court became such a helper. Those so-called judges ruled that the plain language of OBAMA-CARE does not mean what it says and determined OBAMA...ever the dung-throwing monkey...could continue on his way destroying the very fabric of society thereby and reducing America to a socialist toilet bowl.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Yes...the U.S.Supreme Court examined express language in OBAMA-CARE and declared it ambiguous enough to support whatever Obama chose to do. A rubber-stamping occurred and America is worse off for it. Yes...those people receiving Uncle Sugar subsidy for their healthcare insurance will continue to get their freebie...but...the producers have been told that there is not anything that can't be done to them. (Dred Scott can you hear us?)


BUSH-CHENEY had the chance to eliminate the entire government framework of socialism in IRAQ and usher in an otherwise unhampered market with limited government providing courts, police and national defense. Had they done as much both Shiites and Sunnis would still be at peace in IRAQ since each others storerooms insulated from the avarice of the other side. Had BUSH-CHENEY done what was obviously required...the ISLAMIC STATE would never have been able to rise up and be what it is today.


At his sentencing...one of the Boston bombers apologized for his dastardly attack on the Boston Marathon. Why he waited until that moment to speak out seems to have been the wrong way to handle that matter.


A Tribal socialist decrees and the members follow the diktat. Michelle Obama...herself a tribal socialist...issued such directive. She told public schools their lunches will conform to what Michelle thought best. Sure...the food she picked tastes like cardboard...and...looks as if it were prepared by a moron...but...when you're imposing yourself on others their preferences and dislikes are irrelevant.


In the OBAMACARE dialogue...proponents say people are buying health insurance with government subsidy but they are helped by such welfare transfer. To take away the freebie would return them to status of "no insurance" forcing them to seek Medicaid coverage in their respective state. Never is there any consideration of the producers whose product is taken to cover that freebie.

The other side...the freedom-lovers...they proclaim such enslavement is socialist and anti-American.They want big foot government to step out of the insurance business and permit national pools to be created. They point out that taxation is legalized theft and can't be justified by saying the taxes are used to help those who can't or won't help themselves. The storeroom should not be subject to plunder by a master with hungry mob and yet OBAMA-CARE offers just that scenario.


Jesus was not ordained by THE ESTABLISHMENT. He was preaching a new message...one not scripted by the church. By the time he made noise in the Temple(MARK 11:15)...his followers and crowd wishing to discover what was offered were many...so many that TEMPLE RECEIPTS were down. People were preferring divine expiation without a 2 shekel temple tax payment as a precondition to such divine dispensation.

Lady Elizabeth was not granted some title..nor...does she have a list of government positions and the like. No...folks...she's just a citizen who finally stood up and said, "STOP!" She marches to make salt. Her crusade is growing and her mission statement clear: DISMANTLE THE 20TH CENTURY NANNY STATE CAGE.

Tax-exempt means what?

FORD FOUNDATION is a charitable enterprise with assets in excess of $11 billion. Critics of tax-exempt organizations say this exemption is a subsidy and costs big foot government to extend such insulation. The underlying premise of that criticism is that all wealth belongs to the government and whatever is permitted to remain in the hands of the producer is subject to change at any time master with mob desires.


After receiving a 6-3 endorsement of OBAMA-CARE from the U.S.Supreme Court...Obama took to the stage to brag and gloat. He had succeeded in packing the Court...had succeeded in putting Americans into the socialist bowels of the OBAMASTAD...and...accomplished an assault on American liberty that even 20 years ago would have been called treasonous.

Could it be America is headed down the tribal socialist tube?


Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton agree on so much that the differences aren't hardly worth discussing...yet...2015 mid-year polls show Bush and Clinton are the preferred candidates. But who is being asked?


Even if there are a million YouTube shows and other TV presentations...there will be only one presenting the way the otherwise unhampered market works and how that government-created problem might be solved by deleting big foot government's interference. Such is the overall polemic of THE SHOW.


The economic progress of America in the first half of 2015 has been almost nil. Producers are finally refusing to work as slaves. Perhaps Americans in 2016 will get the message and vote against socialism and elect a Republican president. If a Republican prevails...then...Congress needs to combine its effort with that vision of the new president and dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE!


Yes...folks...Americans are enslaved. The U.S.Supreme Court declared the plain language of OBAMA-CARE was ambiguous and that the statute's words meant more than plainly declared. The ruling gave TEAM OBAMA a big boost in its march to reduce Americans to slaves. Everyone who wants a hand-out from Uncle Sugar has been granted reprieve. According to the Supreme Court anyone who wants a freebie can get it from Uncle Sugar making America just another socialist toilet bowl.


The Islamic State continued on its destructive path. Recently...they destroyed the tomb of Mohammad Bin Ali...a descendant of the Prophet, Mohammad. Why would a Sunni team want to destroy the tomb of a Muslim cleric? Maybe that tomb was the tomb of a Shiite and hence an abomination.


According to big foot government advocates...$200 billion escapes taxation each year. To plug the hole...these scumbags want to enslave everyone so that any activity requires their permission. Naturally...most Americans don't want such "whip and chain" but the MASS MEDIA is dedicated to imposing that horror. Can the MASS MEDIA succeed in removing liberty and replacing it with "freedom-to-obey"?


Recently...on a beach...in the early morning hours...a lone swimmer was swimming beyond the first breaking waves. A passer-by commented that even though the swimmer was a stranger...nevertheless...it was obvious* he was from North Carolina.
*Even though 3 people had their arms bitten off...still...in North Carolina people were observed swimming...daring the sharks to continue their rampage.


The Stars and Bars...the Confederate battle flag...such waved over the South as more of a symbol of defiance than some declaration of enslavement. However, in 2015...in South Carolina...the battle flag was taken down and delivered to a museum. Nevertheless...Southerners still like the look of that flag and many still have one flying on their car or stationed in their front yard.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


U.S.Senator Ted Cruz,(R.Tx) wants to delete as much big foot government as possible. He wants to erase OBAMA-CARE and replace it with market-based policies. He wants to make insurance available across state lines, give taxpayers health-savings accounts and get rid of the bureaucrat sitting between the doctor and the patient. His ideas are good and they don't involve enslavement.


The European anti-trust commission in April of 2015 charged GOOGLE,INC. with favoring its own shopping service over rivals in search results. The regulator wants GOOGLE to change "how" it ranks shopping services and warned of large fines if GOOGLE didn't comply.

GOOGLE administrators didn't understand how socialism works. Now...however...they know "why" most computer search engines refused to do business in Europe if such business required any kind of capital outlays. They knew what socialists do. They take and steal using the law as their shield.

From what has so far been gleaned...GOOGLE owns its search engine and its data. Until April of 2015...how GOOGLE marshaled such data...how GOOGLE presented such data..."why" GOOGLE chose one way over another were strictly "in-house" matters. Nowadays...though...GOOGLE has some scumbag European snot-nosed bureaucrat seated at the table with a hammer and penalty book.
(Wall Street Journal B-5;06-23-15).


Forcing workers to pay income tax...social security tax...and...medicare tax as it's earned is called "involuntary compliance". The notion that a worker bee will save 14.5% of that bee's income and send that 14.5% Saved money willingly to the Internal Revenue Service(IRS) is absurd. People won't work for a master unless that master forces the labor and remittance of its product.

Americans  are subjugated. They're not any longer free. The politicians tell them they must be slaves or else big foot government will disappear as if perpetuation of "whip and chain" a commendable goal.

Why not eliminate the income tax...the social security tax...and...the medicare tax...pay off all recipients of social security and medicare...and...delete this SLAVE-MAKER? We could reduce the tax obligation...eradicate the leviathan-like federal grip...and...usher in the 21st Century's otherwise unhampered market,(OUM).

$3,312 per person

OBAMA-CARE is giving its supplicants $3,312 as a subsidy to buy health insurance. While many voters don't realize it...that $3,312 is coming from taxes collected from producers. If the producers were to go on strike and refuse to permit storeroom plunder...as envisioned in ATLAS SHRUGGED...the parasites...the servile supplicants and their would-be masters wold have to produce the $3.312 themselves...something they can't do,(Wall Street Journal A-11;06-24-15).

But...OBAMA-CARE was designed to create dependency...and...thereby loudmouths when the "program" is considered for elimination. "I am poor and I need my Obama-care!" screamed an Afro-American who was grabbing $3.312 from taxpayers for her health insurance.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


The Confederate battle flag that flew over the South Carolina State Capitol building was removed and sent to a museum. After the massacre at the Emanuel Ame Church in Charleston...it seemed in poor taste to have that flag waving as if it meant something.


Taylor Swift told Apple, Inc. she wasn't about to allow her songs played for free. Naturally...Apple,Inc. backed down and agreed with her. In the otherwise unhampered market such negotiations are commonplace.


Yes...it's official. Hillary Clinton is the President in 2016. The pollsters have said as much. Sure...voters must decide...but...the MASS MEDIA has already declared Clinton the winner. Instead of an election...the MASS MEDIA envisions a coronation.


The U.S.Supreme Court slapped fascism down the other day when it decided big foot government could not seize a raisin crop so that raisin prices would remain high. Maybe there was a time when big foot government could get away with stomp and chomp...but...nowadays...people know subjugation when they see it and liberate those suffering under its grip.(Wall Street Journal B-1;06-22-15)


THE SHOW has a mission statement. Be the Pool of God wherein someone might refresh themselves...find renewed spirit. Just as John did 2000 years ago...so it is that a new voice of one crying in the wilderness has stepped forth. Her name is Lady Elizabeth. She leads a crusade to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Wont' you join her march to "make salt"?


In America...people don't see their liberty slowly replaced with diktat and "freedom-to-obey" yet such is happening. The frog is getting boiled and he doesn't know it. If a freedom-lover doesn't stand up and fight for liberation over subjugation...what might be holding that Titan down...what has that would-be colossus bound?

Monday, June 22, 2015


Only in a totalitarian state is "need" used to justify big foot government expropriation. What has many political scientists perplexed is how easily Americans accept the intrusion of the would-be master.


Senator RAND PAUL has a fresh message. He wants to dismantle the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...eliminate its "victim-making" FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system...and...usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. To undermine and belittle such crusade to delete the yoke and choke agenda...THE ESTABLISHMENT has sent into the Republican Party primary process a number of politicians who are there to water down the message...thereby...giving Hillary Clinton or whomever the Democrats finally pick an easy path to victory.


OUCH! Such was the screech from the crowd. They'd been TRUMP THUMPED...and...in their brains bruise and lump...with...nasty stain. Shall he build a wall or add more tax...while he didn't know...our enemies had best not relax.


Dylann Storm Roof in his confession pointed out he chose Emanuel Ame Church because its members weren't armed. He had determined most of the other Charleston churches had armed members and his chances to slaughter unarmed victims at those "armed churches" was slim to none. During his confession...Roof told his interrogators he would predict Obama demanding more churches disarm. He said his team was waiting for that dung-throwing monkey to urge such disarmament. "The next time...we're going to massacre a million or more," he drooled and fumed while seated hand-cuffed to an interrogation table.


Sister Yates stood up and witnessed. "I have neighbors and they park their trucks on my grass and when I said something they slashed my tires and burned down my barn. But every time they took something from me...expecting somehow a reaction...I told them they weren't about to steal my victory!"(JOB 1:7)


What Dylann Storm Roof didn't know was that Charleston is considered the HOLY CITY and that his slaughter of 9 souls at the Emanuel Ame Church would only make that city's people come together even more united...even more ready to show the word of God is afoot and that not any demon can ever steal such victory.

Brazilian corruption

Because Brazil's economy is managed by big foot government...corruption was inevitable. What surprised the typical Brazilian so much...however...was how far into the levels of government the misconduct reached. Instead of condemning Brazil...though...this BLOG has offered to show them "how" they can dismantle their 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE and finally usher in a era of prosperity.


Dylann Storm Roof...the murderer of the 9 souls at Emanuel Ame Church in Charleston...described himself as an "ordinary scumbag...a Democrat...an Obama supporter...and...someone who wanted to show how evil socialism could be. By slaughtering those people...Dylann proved socialism can work through his indiscriminate massacre. "I wanted to show my fellow Americans that evil is afoot and that socialism does kill and will kill again. I needed a forum and those 9 people simply got in my way."

23 miles per day

If those two convicts have traveled 350 miles since their escape 17 days ago from an upstate New York Maximum Security Prison...then...it's an impressive trek. The terrain they had to cross...the people and police they had to duck and dodge...it all combines to prove dramatically that determination coupled with some survival skills can fetch great benefit.Perhaps their ability to avoid capture can be traded to their 1000 hours of TV watching. "They loved "naked and afraid" the most," confided a prison guard.


Abduction by terrorists isn't available any longer with the advent of the SKIN CHIP. A small computer chip...powered by the innards of the body. It emits a signal which can be located up to 10,000 miles away. If a news dude were abducted in Nigeria...for instance...he could be found within 10 minutes. Similarly...had those 300 girls been "chipped"...Boko Haram would never have been able to hide them for more than 10 minutes. Indeed...had those girls been given that "protection"...Boko Haram would not have endeavored to kidnap them since having those "chipped gals" anywhere near would have brought the ARMY down on them...a potential hazard anytime you're a rebel cause with anger in your heart.


Hobo train travel. In the 1930s...many people caught rides from town to town on coal trains and slept mighty well in rumbling box cars some left open to accommodate those struggling along the line. Despite the romantic aspect...Obama directed his goon squads to eliminate as many train cars as possible thereby retarding the production and distribution of American shale oil. His purpose was to hinder and harass American oil producers giving thereby the Saudis and others an opening to grab more share of the Middle East and Asian gasoline market. And...not once did this malicious MARXIST ON MISSION ever ask, "Can you tell me where have all the hobos gone to...I see no fire burning down by the rusted railroad tracks...could it be...time has gone and left them...tied up in life's eternal traveling sack?"(JOHN PRINE)


What's up? The Islamic State hasn't been in the news lately. Could it be they've exhausted their inventory of victims? Could it be they've slaughtered everyone they could afford to kill and all that is left are ardent admirers and potential conscripts?

It's the polemic of this BLOG that the Islamic State is a created-critter...an organization erected by the American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) and its mission statement is to be a noise-maker when politically expedient. For some reason there is a need for Baghdad Bob and his team to quiet down. Perhaps the IRIANIAN NUKE DEAL is the purpose behind the CIA telling ISIS to "cool it" for a while.


Silicon or gallium nitride(G/N)? Such might be the big question in 2016. Indeed...circuits made of G/N can handle greater voltage and switch on and off much more quickly than silicon and cost much less. A typical silicon transistor might cost $5.00 whereas that same circuit composed of G/N would be FIFTY CENTS!(Wall Street Journal B-5;06-21-15).


Glenn Hubbard was asked to tell the world "how" the United States might achieve 4%(+) economic growth. Stating the obvious...ole Glenn said the trick was to reduce taxes and the grip of big foot government...something he doubted there was sufficient political will power to accomplish. When Mr. Hubbard was asked "why" he chose to be so tepid...so general in his assessment...he replied that he feared getting attacked by some government department or agency should he cry out for liberation over subjugation.(Wall Street Journal A-13;06-21-15)


Wang Yang...China's vice premier...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that China intended to delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. He pointed out that never would China sign on to an abomination such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) latest decree that anyone wishing to do business must have a permit and be available for 24/7 audit. He was aghast Americans would permit Obama to support such a thing. As Wang Yang said, "I find it quite odd that Americans would ever permit such a dung-throwing monkey to hurt them so much."


Should Hillary Clinton become President...it's as likely as not she'll do all she can to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey". She's a rabid freedom-hater with a preference for CAGE instead of KEY.


Uber Technologies first began in California. People needing to get from point A to point B would call friends or neighbors for instant-ride. UBER simply created a "way" to connect "need" with "ride"...and...in exchange gave the world impromptu taxi service at a very reasonable cost to the patron. So successful was this approach that European taxi services and American taxi services began to hoot and scream since their monopoly was getting stomped.

The taxi owners demanded UBER be stopped since UBER did not have to pay the huge fees and taxes the taxi service companies were having to pay. Instead of demanding the hurdles which keep them tethered and enslaved be removed...they want UBER to have to pay the same freight they're forced to pay to big foot government. As one tax company owner said, "If you wish to be a feudal lord such as we...you must pay for the privilege."


When Netflix honchos lobbied for NET NEUTRALITY they never thought they'd be on the menu. They were part of the "take-over" team so they'd get benefited...not harmed. Nowadays...the same big shots...though...are crying and complaining. It turns out their proprietary fast-tracks...their billion dollar investments will be confiscated and distributed in accord with what Tom Wheeler and Obama prefer.(ATLAS SHRUGGED?)(Wall Street Journal A-11;06-21-15)


Tom Wheeler...chairman of the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) found his tires slashed on his government-provided vehicle. The note on the windshield said, "You're a scumbag and will continue to receive such help."

Li Hejun's solar moment

Li Hejun didn't understand the connection between fossil fuel and prosperity. He thought he could smother the world in solar film and it would power the planet. Of course...his dreams were based on the idiotic assertion that oil and gas were almost expended and that mankind would be without energy. When shale oil was found to be accessible...however...the vision of a solar-powered Earth faded and so did Li Hejun's billion dollar empire.

Had Li Hejun been in America...though...he could still be in business using funds given to him by the Department of Energy. Had he simply called himself SOLYNDRA...or...any of the other American solar-boondoggles...he'd still be rich instead of flipping hamburgers at McDonald's.

Rand Paul: the better choice

Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio won't delete the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. In some ways they'll perpetuate it as much as Hillary Clinton. America needs boldness in the Oval Office. America needs RAND PAUL. His mission statement is to eliminate the grip and grab of the CAGE and usher in the 21st Century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Dear Abby...dear Abby...call me rag head with "nuke"...I want to destroy Manhattan...Great Satan rebuke...but...my friends all tell me it's all in my head...but my finger on that red button tells me to write you instead, SIGNED: KA-BOOM


In Atlas Shrugged...big foot government entered and grabbed production of a new metal...stronger than steel...lighter than aluminium. If Hillary Clinton and her scurvy crew succeed in gaining power...such grab-a-thons will be commonplace.


The more pro-NANNY STATE CAGE the Republican presidential candidate...the more the so-called pollsters find them more acceptable to the groveling voter than a candidate promising liberation over subjugation. Yes...if the candidate preaches more "whip and chain"...according to the pollsters...the more the voter seems to like that person. Hence...RAND PAUL...a liberty first candidate...is said to be less preferred than Jeb Bush...a big foot government advocate.


In Chicago...in a shop located in the LOOP...stood a defiant entrepreneur. He had refused to stop his business despite lacking a BUSINESS PERMIT. He didn't know that Chicago was a closed-shop and anyone trying to do business had to pay an entry fee...and..."know" someone.


Mother Earth is composed of large plates which move. As these huge masses move...they create oceans...rivers...mountains...valleys...and...everything else observable. Naturally...ocean currents and regional climates change as these plates collide and merge. Between India and Asia...for instance...there was once an ocean but these two plates came closer and closer...as India approached Asia...that ocean grew smaller and smaller...and...the climate in that area changed.

Had Al Gore been alive back then...he would have told the world an inconvenient truth: CLIMATE CHANGE was afoot. He'd probably claim the cause mankind and not tectonic plate movement since the latter is something for which mankind can't be blamed and that isn't profitable as is claiming mankind its cause. All AL Gore needed to do was to get some heavy-weights to support the LIE offering them in exchange something so valuable they'd promote LIE to get it.

Pope Francis...for example...recently was enlisted as an advocate of man-caused climate change. Yes...he knows it's a LIE...but...he was shown how that LIE could be used to eliminate liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...a concept dear to the heart of a Jesuit priest now sporting the Pontiff's ring and cape.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Could the American stock market experience what has come to be called the SHANGHAI SLIDE...a phenomenon wherein stocks of every sort slide downward...as if gobbled by an omnivorous maw...absorbed by an avalanche? (Wall Street Journal B-1;06-20-15). And if such a SLIDE possible...what stocks might one sell short and reap the great profit when those stocks plummet?


Supply and demand. Two ideas governing man. As core an aspect not anywhere else found. Supply and demand. Give and take in every sound. When two people wish to trade...horse for cash...each gets more than he gives. The person gives up the horse since cash means more while the person giving the cash has decided the horse means more than colored paper. Both in the trade get more than they give hence a great intangible benefit derived and peculiar  as to each invested in that trade.

The otherwise unhampered market(OUM) is the environment in which such trading might occur and deliver the best results for each person...hence...the proposition that in the OUM never can be found an able-bodied pauper. Supply and demand travel up and down inside the OUM in ways infinite and ever dynamic...flexing and fluxing...heaving and weaving...and...any other way one might*imagine. _____________________________
*Hence never can a commodity be said to be stable...it's governed by supply and demand. When you think you have Dr. Jekyll...you get Mr. Hyde...and...that's a rough...rough ride.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde...same dude...stumble and stride. Similarly...the metaphor applied.


Snarling dogs. Such the way Z Street lawyers were described by the Internal Revenue Service lawyers as they sat around a table in a local coffee shop. The overheard dialogue came after the court had ruled the IRS was not immune from discovery and that Z Street lawyers could investigate...examine...and...dwell upon...making everything behind almost every door and window available for inspection. Ouch! (Wall Street Journal A-12;06-20-15)


Man-made global warming is a preposterous theory...but...in times past...when people spouted off such nonsense few stood up to denounce and stomp. And...as the aphorism goes...today's unchallenged nonsense is tomorrow's accepted slogan. So it is...in 2015...after 30 years of such unchallenged GUESSWORK...a President of the United States can describes the prospect of mankind hurting Mother Earth as disastrous and demand laws and rules be passed to stop earthquakes...silence volcanoes...eliminate industry...and...give back to the bug and bear what's rightfully theirs.


Koskinen...head stooge at IRS...was spat upon yesterday as he walked through a grocery store. Outside...he had a rotten egg thrown into his car and his house was spray painted with vile label and opprobrious epithet. Yes...people had been told about him and how evil he was. They were asked to shun him and invited to show him their displeasure by spitting upon him or clapping him about the ears with a ball bat.(Wall Street Journal A-12;06-20-15)

And...with that passionate invitation...people responded and Koskinen felt their ire...understood his evil was not any longer hidden...and...that his life was going to be miserable for here on out!

As Senator RAND PAUL pointed out, "Koskinen is the kind of scumbag who dropped poison gas pellets into the showers of horrified Jews. Koskinen is the kind of jerk who'd kill his own mother to advance the cause of his master. He's symbolic of what one writer called the BANALITY OF EVIL."


In New York City...car wash businesses are the jobs which immigrants get. Of course...UNIONS have long wanted to organize the car wash employees since such additional members would fetch greater union dues and increase union wealth. But...the employees of most car wash establishments know they would get hurt if they unionized and have consistently resisted union organizers' overtures.

However...because the UNION has the ear of Mayor Bill "socialist" deBlasio...a new BOND is going to be imposed requiring every car wash that is not UNIONIZED to buy a $150,000 bond. If unionized, though, the bond is only $30,000 and that can be paid in installments over a 1000 year period.


Imagine...a farmer with a 1000 acres of apples and his picking crew is refused entry at the Mexican border...imagine as much and you've just been inside the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Yes...folks...the borders are closed to picking crews and farmers in America are screaming. But where is the MASS MEDIA? Why is the MASS MEDIA ignoring this terrible situation? The reason is big foot government is once more stifling and hindering and because the MASS MEDIA is part of this CAGE environment...never will it reveal the horror of such grip and grab,(Wall Street Journal A-3;06-20-15).

Friday, June 19, 2015


The Republicans in 2017 might have sufficient power to deploy THE ORB and delete the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE. The Pope knows as much and prepared his latest encyclical both to denounce human progress and to demand mankind return to the days of "tent and mule"...when people followed the diktats of the Pontiff and thought demons afoot throughout the land. Yes...the Pope...himself a rabid socialist...would fight against liberation...and...that encyclical his signature brand.
THE ORB: the omnibus repeal bill wherein cited all rule and law creating or perpetuating the CAGE.


Murderer Dylann Storm Roof confessed to the slaying of 9 people in a Charleston church. He also said he was a Democrat...supported Obama...and...wanted Hillary Clinton to win. In his 15 minute stage of infamy...this ghoul whispered about how much he was moved by Bernie Sanders' hatred for liberty...and...how he felt he...Dylann Roof...needed to experience depriving people of that thing...by killing them...Dylann was giving them the peace socialism contemplated.


A childhood friend of Hillary Clinton has come forward to reveal "how" Hillary cheated in high school and in college. Refusing to give her real name and wearing a bag over her head...this WHISTLE-BLOWER said she felt obliged to come forward when she heard how Hillary Clinton had erased hard drives...deleted her trail to the Benghazi embassy debacle...and...had refused to release her personal fiscal link to foreign investors.


Marco Rubio erred when he came forward with a tax plan that preserved the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE. Learning from that incredible mistake...Senator RAND PAUL told the world that his idea was 14.5% tax...no IRS...and...all the hurdle and hassle removed: AMERICA IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Governor Kasich

Governor Kasich(R.Oh) told people he had trimmed and tucked and had made the NANNY STATE CAGE in his region more acceptable...its yoke less onerous...its grip on the producer's throat less horrific. Somehow doing something to delete the worst abuses was enough for Kasich since he went around Iowa telling voters he wasn't replacing the CAGE...he was merely removing some of its "whip and chain".


Dylann Storm Roof took his gun...went to church...disguised demon...ghoul on perch. Waited to shoot and then slaughtered them all...whatever satanic zeal...evil had arisen and called.


An amateur astronomer scanning the heavens found a spot the night before wasn't there...and...since it was of importance...something terrible obviously afoot. She contacted others and directed their attention to the anomaly asking them if her calculations could be wrong. Of course...they replied her prediction was correct and Mother Earth was about with an asteroid have the proverbial game-changing wreck. If that Texas size boulder couldn't be turned...the planet would be destroyed...obliterated...and...burned.

While many ideas were tossed around...only the solution posed by the SCIENCE DEPARTMENT of this BLOG had any chance of deflecting what would otherwise be the end of all life. Indeed...99% of all scientists signed a letter of agreement underscoring the correctness of the proposed solution. They all agreed that BIG BOB...as that menace had come to be called...would strike somewhere in the Pacific Ocean...and...the destruction would spread globally until the oceans had fizzed away..and...the surface floated in pools of lava...should the SOLUTION* not be deployed.
*The science behind the SOLUTION was based on the same computer modeling used to predict climate change. "Yes...those models were sheer guess disguised as factual assertion...but when you're deceiving who cares?" chortled Penn State's Mike Mann...himself an inveterate liar who'd been caught concocting data to fit his own profitable greenhouse gas polemic.


Obama told a concerned gun-enthusiast how he felt about guns when asked about the Emmanuel Ame Church massacre in Charleston, "Only the POLICE will have guns. I will disarm America and the only people with guns will be the police. Sure...we'll kill as we want...slaughter with impunity...and...you'll accept it since we have the guns and you don't!"

President Putin's gambit

Unlike that dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office...in the Kremlin stands a Titan...a leader...a motivator...a man who will open the 21st century to free trade and open commerce. President Putin is the reincarnation of PETER THE GREAT. He should be raised up and followed not demeaned and belittled. Americans need to look at what makes President Putin great and try and emulate this wondrous soul.


When Mr. Pinckney was warned about a possible terrorist attack on his well-known church...he rebuked that worried forecaster and declared that such a heinous act would not happen. Of course...Dylann Storm Roof changed all of that when he pulled out his cannon and killed Mr.Pinckney and 8 others. Indeed...had Mr. Pinckney heeded this alert and simply paid* an armed guard to watch over him and his flock as they prayed and sang...Mr. Roof would have been the one killed in that Charleston church.
*As Obama candidly admitted to a cub-reporter from this BLOG off-camera,"Had those parishioners had their own cannons...they could have pulled theirs and returned fire perhaps saving themselves and others."


The industrial-military establishment in America wants more noise made in the Middle East. "If the CIA doesn't foment more unrest and mayhem...we'll lose our power in America," whispered Senator Chuck Schumer...a political puppet for the establishment. Indeed...RAND PAUL knows about this evil bent and is trying to tell America about it.


Alan Blinder proudly accepted the IDIOT AWARD given out by this BLOG. He said he liked being called an idiot since he espoused stupid ideas which many people accept even though foolish. The idea that man is a slave and can be made to do the bidding of a would-be master...for instance...while an ancient precept...Blinder touts it as if it were just forged.


Hearing about the ancient legend of a crystal skull...a charlatan had one made and then claimed it was found in South America. Refusing to permit inspection...the LIAR continued to make money off his crystal skull until his death. Afterward...inspection of that skull revealed it to have been created with modern tools...but...constructed in such a way as to deceive. Similarly...in England another scoundrel claimed he found the "missing link"...that connection between monkey and man. He called it the "Piltdown" man and it made the British happy since it demonstrated the "missing link" was English not French or German.

Mention is made of these obvious hoaxes since Pope Francis in his latest encyclical is pushing another HOAX...the idiocy of CLIMATE CHANGE. In this HOAX...people are told Mother Earth into flames is about to burst unless mankind returns to "tent and mule"...eschewing fossil fuels and its industrial aspect.

"We don't need cars or planes. We need love of Mother Earth. We need to eliminate factors of production so that people will have to eke out their existence with stick and rope. Man needs to return to that romantic era where the Catholic Church chased away demons and prayed the mother would live after child birth," the Pontiff told a cub-reporter from this BLOG.


Pope Francis* issued a formal statement, an encyclical, wherein he expressed his desire for socialism to take over and for liberty to be replaced with "freedom-to-obey"...a very Catholic idea. While some Catholics might accept this declaration of enslavement...most freedom-lovers have found his proclamation idiotic and quite "yesterday". According to many Catholic officials...Pope Francis was always a freedom-hater but didn't know how to tell people about his vision of "whip and chain".
*In times past...Popes have stood by tyrants. Might Pope Francis see himself as somehow fostering more misery and horror so that he might take his place is history as another Pope who stood by and watched millions reduced to squalor and squirm?

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Dylann Storm Roof entered a Charleston church and prayed with others. But...somewhere in that service...Mr. Roof decided it was time to deliver death. He stood up...pulled his cannon and shot people including Pastor Clementa Pinckney. When asked 'why" do such an heinous crime...Roof declared he was a faithful Democrat and he was a terrorist in his heart. Sure...he might look normal...but...he wasn't. He was a faithful Democrat...an Obama-lover...and...he wanted to teach the world what socialism meant.


UBER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. suffered a torpedo strike when the California Labor Commission declared Uber's 2.98 million drivers not independent contractors but "employees" with the right to unionize and demand better working conditions...better pay...more health insurance coverage...paid sick leave...along with free car and gasoline.

Of course...Uber's Board of Directors was astonished since the great thing about UBER LINK is the driver's flexibility. Indeed...the "app" merely puts a ready,willing and able driver in a place where a willing, able and ready passenger awaits. The driver knows before the driver ever embarks on a mission what the cost of that effort will be in terms of "bottom line" and hence can't later complain that UBER somehow owes the driver "mileage" and "toll-costs".

In many ways the entrenched vested interests who have been smacked around by UBER are beginning to score hits on what seemed an unsinkable business model...a model which simply matched "need" and "want" and took a commission for satisfaction. This latest assault might not destroy UBER but it represents a big foot government attempt to ruin someone in order to help others...an evil exercise of power, (MATTHEW 6:24).


Michelle Obama attempted to force School children to eat stuff that looked like tree bark instead of pizza and subs. Instead of admitting her tribal socialism wasn't fetching "skinny" children...she doubled down and directed the school lunch program offer only vegetable and fruit combinations. She directed the children be given tap water without ice so they might know the misery experienced in socialist countries and appreciate the need for them to become slaves for others.


U.S.Senator Rand Paul announced his 14.5% flat tax...a remarkable piece of erudition and a sure path to prosperity. Naturally...the socialists...Eco-fascists...and...other freedom-haters dislike such an idea of removing the grip of big foot government from the throat of the producer. As Senator Chuck Schumer admitted, "We, socialists, are constantly trying to reduce everyone to poverty so that people might more easily be directed from cradle to grave by me and my team."


Alexandria Sirota...so-called director of the BUDGET AND TAX CENTER...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that big foot government knows how to spend money better than the people from whom such taxes were grabbed. Naturally...she has never owned a business or had to meet a payroll...but...when you're anti-business...even a mullet-wrapper such as the Wall Street Journal will feature your anti-freedom drivel, (Wall Street Journal A-14;06-18-15).


In the movie, How mom and dad saved Earth...there's a scene wherein a regiment of troopers happen upon a LIGHT GRENADE and sitting beside it a SIGN: "don't touch!" Naturally...the troopers touch the grenade each one adopting a way different from the previous trooper's effort who merely touching the GRENADE resulted in the trooper getting vaporized instantly. At the end of that scene...all that is left is the LIGHT GRENADE since all the troopers were vaporized as each one attempted to touch the LIGHT GRENADE.

Mention is made of this scene since recently in Nigeria a backpack was discovered in a mud hut and inside the backpack were explosives. Of course...the entire village gathered around to look at the backpack and its contents. However...upon the backpack being jolted...it exploded killing almost the entire village,(Wall Street Journal A-11;06-18-15).


In South Carolina...a gunman entered a Charleston church and killed 9 people...and...then...escaped back into whatever jungle from which such a scumbag comes. Left behind...though...was an OBAMA campaign poster which must have fallen from the culprit's backpack.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Yes...the Cleveland Cavs simply lacked the firepower to keep up with the Golden State Warriors. Congratulations. A national basketball championship is wonderful and a real prize to win!

Attacking Jeb

Jeb Bush was called pejorative names by Donald Trump recently. Why Trump is conducting character assassination hasn't been explained. Perhaps...Trump might have a good message but so far he has assaulted his fellow travelers and promised to continue the 20th century NANNY STATE CAGE paradigm..two things many political analysts find perplexing.

Hunter Treschl

Even with an arm missing due to a shark attack...Hunter Treschl told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that he wasn't about to stop surfing or trying to have sex with his next door neighbor's daughter.


The two escaped convicts from New York prison have been reported being observed at an Islamic State training camp. Could that bunch of maniacal rag heads really have that kind of collection network...a system so clandestine that those two convicts were picked up by a Muslim helicopter and taken to Islamic Canada where they were by boat transported to helpful Istanbul and then by camel to Mosul...the capital of the Islamic State?


If you experience vomiting, nose bleeds or stop breathing...you might be a voter who finally chose to support someone other than Hillary Clinton.


By the end of the war...the only one left of the crew stood in front of his cannon with only ram rod in hand...his powder and shot gone...yet...defiant...he stood...ready for bayonet in belly land. Ready to swing and slam until dealt death's blow from bullet or sword-laden hand. Yes..valiant...loyal...unwilling to run...there he stood...faithful servant of the gun...making another mythical stand...another soldier left undone...ah...faithful servant of the gun.


In Kentucky...Matt Bevin and Jack Conway are competing for the governorship. While Bevin preaches liberation over subjugation...a fresh message...Conway has chosen to tell his crowds he wants more not less big foot government and that such power needs to be in his hands where he can redistribute and benefit as sees fit. Which vision of Kentucky will prevail?


In India...mall building became the biggest gambit with many of them...now...closing with many more surely to follow. With the advent of e-commerce and warehousing robotics...brick and mortar stores are dinosaurs and the malls which were their mainstay are dark and shuttered.

What happened? When the investors of India saw the movie, FIELD OF DREAMS they took it as proverbial and not Hollywood sparkle and spell. BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME. Such was the mantra of the Indian promoters and their trusting investors...it was their rule of thumb.


Researching her ROOTS...Rachael Dolezal was informed that her Ancestors...as far back as 100,000 years...were Caucasian. Yet...Rachael felt she was Afro-American. Her mumbling-accent...the way she misused verbs and nouns...her hair in ruffled format...it all combined to tell her soul she was Afro-American and not Caucasian. Yet...while that refusal to admit made sense to the Gay and Trans-gender crowd...it didn't resonate with Joe-six-pack.


TRAIL GROWN COLD. Yes...folks...those two convicted murderers have escaped a maximum security New York prison and are afoot somewhere on planet Earth. And...although not yet captured...both have identifying tattoos and can be easily spotted on a beach or at a RAVE PARTY. Mr. Matt...for instance...on his back...has a colorful map of MARS...the entire planet of MARS is scaled down and accurately sketched while Mr. Sweat has on his stomach a portrait of Monica Lewinsky...a lady he felt needed to be loved in ways Bill Clinton never thought possible.


The brick and mortar business owners...those with big stores with employee payrolls dependent on sales volumes...they're going out of business. E-commerce is subsuming them. Indeed...Unilever...for instance...gambled on the BIG STORE MODEL that was so lucrative in the 1990s in America and discovered such in China and elsewhere are losing ventures. The taxes...the red tape...the ever growing tangle of rule and diktat...all combined to make the brick and mortar idea a losing proposition in almost every country where e-commerce had its grip.

In America...where fascism and socialism are afoot...power-mongers are asking the brick and mortar bunch to support imposing the same stranglehold on them that they suffer. Instead of joining together and insisting the grip and yoke of big foot government be removed so that the brick and mortar can compete...many of these fools are supporting imposition of the SAME GRAB on e-commerce entrepreneurs. Why?


President Xi was approached by an emissary from the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG and entreated to permit the likes of Alibaba Group Holdings, Ltd. to exist and flourish. Sure...in an imperious manner...President Xi could stomp such effort...or...permit it to blossom and deliver more prosperity for more Chinese...a goal President Xi has always providently foreseen. And...like always...President Xi saw the wisdom of such vision and agreed to allow more commercial liberty.

Nowadays...E-Commerce giant, ALIBABA is building roads...adding cellphone towers...and...creating more businesses and places for people to work than ever could have been imagined. Yet...to the credit of President Xi...while many did not...he did! As President Xi told the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT emissary, "China is blossoming and liberty seems its most attractive feature. I can't imagine what might be created next. As you know most inventions came from China and many more are to come."(Wall Street Journal B-6;06-17-15)


Donald Trump could preach* liberation over subjugation...promising to eliminate the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE...but...alas...he won't. He's a big foot government ghoul with big bucks and he's been dispatched by THE ESTABLISHMENT to make noise and derail RAND PAUL'S effort to usher in a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market paradigm...an EDEN of sorts...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper.

Donald Trump told his first crowd...for instance...that he wanted to build walls...impose huge trade barriers...and...stomp out dissent even if it meant sending troops to defeat ISIS and all the other would-be masters of the world. Domestically...he would replace OBAMA-CARE with universal healthcare...raise every tax possible...and...send America into some kind of socialist-fascist-hooligan toilet bowl environment.
*After giving his presidential announcement speech yesterday...Donald Trump...in a rare moment of self-deprecating humility...asked for an opinion. Hearing his quest...a cub-reporter from this BLOG loudly declared, "HARD FOOD FOR MIDAS!"


As Donald Trump marched along the aisle on his way to the podium to announce his candidacy for president...people tried to get his attention...perhaps...garner a smile or smirk. But he was headed toward more stardom and he wasn't giving hand-shakes or hello-moments. In some respects...his aloof parade to that stage seemed so emblematic of the manner in which he'd rule: imperious...hauteur...and...brash.


Tragedy struck some Irish students. The balcony on which they stood gave way plugging them 50 feet to the ground and killing them. Why that balcony collapsed will be a question discussed in architectural schools for eons to come with the same conclusion always given: GOVERNMENT CAUSED IT. As a teaching tool..it'll be used as a way of explaining "how" good sense can be stomped by big foot government diktat. Indeed...had that balcony been constructed in accord with architectural precepts...the failure of that under-structure wouldn't have occurred...and...those Irish lads would still be looking for the Leprechaun's pot of gold!


Years ago...nutritionists told America that trans-fats were better than animal fat or butter. Nowadays...that same bunch of so-called scientists is saying trans-fats are bad for cardiovascular health.

So dangerous...so horrific...the Food and Drug Administration(FDA)...that collective of Nazis and other freedom-haters...has issued a RED TAG on all trans-fat products. Yes...millions of worker bees will be put out of work as ice cream makers and other trans-fat users cease production. But when you're trying to destroy liberty and replace it with "freedom-to-obey"...why not attack this aspect of industry...destroy it...and...then...move on into other areas always trying therein to micro-manage people? It's the socialist's way of imposing their power even down to the point of directing what kind of ice cream a person will eat.


Donald Trump...bombastic...loudmouthed...snotty and hauteur...was asked by a cub-reporter about his statement that the Mexicans crossing the border illegally were rapists and drug dealers. In answering this question...Trump offered an amusing story about his source of knowledge. He pointed out that PONCHO VILLA and he knew each other quite well. He recalled how he'd come across Poncho Villa and Poncho had drawn his gun first. Poncho directed that Trump defecate and eat the dung. Trump did as told. When Poncho lost his balance...though...Trump pulled his gun and made Poncho do the same thing...defecate and eat that dung. After saying as much...Trump told the cub-reporter, "Do I know Mexicans...why Poncho Villa and I had lunch together!"


Ah...yes...DEVIL BUG...a lab-created virus whose purpose to annihilate entire populations in a fortnight. Instead of testing the product on some remote island...the lab dudes elected to spray it in a train terminal in South Korea. The virus had a name: MIDDLE EAST RESPIRATORY SYNDROME(MERS).

From public panic-reports(Wall Street Journal A-9;06-17-15)...the test is going quite well. Many people have died and millions more will succumb in the following weeks. Indeed...Mike...one of the team which spread MERS...told a cub reporter from this BLOG that there was not any vaccine or drug that could stop MERS and that once MERS was discovered in a region...that entire area would be doomed and death would grab everyone therein.


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi...putative leader of the Islamic State and its first caliph...was told in clear and convincing terms that he and his bunch needed to stay away from Afghanistan. The Taliban didn't need another batch of malcontents fomenting unrest and inflicting unspeakable acts of carnage and mayhem. Indeed...Mullah Mansoor Akhtar...Taliban's #2 dude...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that Taliban was conferring with Kabul about how to merge the interests of all Afghans and that effort didn't need some interlopers throwing petards and disrupting what could be peaceful co-existence,(Wall Street Journal A-8;06-17-15)


The Cardinals...always wanting to keep one step ahead of other baseball teams...used "hacking software" designed by the SPY DEPARTMENT of this BLOG to invade the inner sanctum of the Houston Astros. "We knew their bunt signal...and...their fast pitch signal...and...of course...we used it to defeat them. In the future...I'm sure they'll better protect their computer data base," snorted a Cardinal official speaking on condition of anonymity.


President Xi directed a military and civilian facility be erected in the Spratly Islands so that China might better secure and make safe for trade the South China Sea...an area through which half the world's commerce passes. Yes...Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...squealed and hooted...but...President Jingping knew what was best for China and hence the rest of the world and ignored the protests and embarked on what might be the greatest strategic effort fetching wondrous protection and security for all those people who rely on those shipping lanes.


RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB! When Stalin finally revealed that Russia also possessed an operational nuclear weapon...Americans grew frightened. Here was a tyrant with the capability of killing all life on planet Earth and such menace scared and bewildered. Most Americans nowadays weren't even alive when that revelation and its ripple affect manifested...so they don't understand the SIGNIFICANCE of the potential danger should IRAN ever get its hands on a "nuke". Unlike the Russians...though...the maniacs in Tehran will deploy and detonate as sure as the sun rises and the grass grows.


Scary person. Christopher Lee. He played monsters and ghouls...frightening eternally. God speed, Chris.


AREA 51. It's almost mythical the mystery and intrigue surrounding that military testing base situated in a desert far from civilization. And while Americans might feel  unique having such a secret base...it's just as obvious other countries have similar secret testing facilities...as mysterious and out-of-reach as AREA 51.

Take IRAN for instance. According to pet eye-balls* stationed inside that country's elite regime...IRAN does have several AREA 51 type facilities and everyone of them is dedicated to construction of the SWORD OF ALLAH...a nuclear-based dooms day weapon...a weapon designed to kill everything on planet Earth...a weapon whose deployment and detonation the chief purpose of the Ayatollah and his scurvy crew of cut-throats and thieves.

So what's up with Obama and his stooge, John Kerry, declaring they know IRAN lacks a "nuke" and that IRAN won't get a "nuke"? It's obvious Obama is trying to create plausible deniability for himself so that when IRAN blows a hole in Manhattan...or...detonates its DOOMSDAY WEAPON...he can tell the lynch mob he is free of fault...that he tried to stop the Iranians...but...he simply lacked the support of the voters to push that interdiction effort.
*Wall Street Journal A-7;06-17-15). Secretary of State John "long jaw" Kerry said, "We're not fixated on Iran specifically accounting for what they did at one point in time or another. We know what they did...we have absolute knowledge with respect to certain military activities they were engaged in."


Prove it! Okay, I will. Such was the heated exchange between two friends about how terrible Obama was as a leader of the so-called free world. One was saying Obama was nothing more than a dung-throwing monkey...while the other was declaring Obama a wise and skillful leader. To demonstrate the simian aspect...mention was made of what Obama did in Yemen. There he backed a bunch of socialists...people cut from the same nasty cloth as he...and...the Houthis...the majority...rose up and took back Yemen from these would-be masters.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Even though the Pope didn't get the memo...most people...even school children know both that Mother Earth has been in a long term cooling trend...a trend similar to trends which have come and gone over the eons...and...that...climate change can't be affected by mankind although Pope Francis on faith says otherwise.


Elizabeth Warren said she was an American Indian when she knew she wasn't. But by claiming as much she got a job. Sensing advantage from such deception...others emulated Warren. Take for example, Rachael Dolezal. She claimed she was Afro-American when she was Caucasian but using that DECEPTION she got a college scholarship and a job with the NAACP. When asked about her LYING...she said she was merely doing what Elizabeth "papoose" Warren did and the feigned outrage over her CHARADE needs to find another place to haunt.


Texans are using the same logic Pope Francis used when the Pope declared mankind was making Mother Nature angry and she was hurting humans to show her displeasure. One Texan sitting atop his house watching the raging river pass by blamed the flooding on people driving cars and breathing. "Did you know that humans exhale carbon dioxide(CO2)...a gas which the U.S.Supreme Court labeled a dangerous gas? And people drive cars which emit CO2. I'm on my roof watching my town get washed away because people are breathing and driving. I want a law passed to stop such harm to Mother Earth!"


Folks...not wasting a moment...the man-made global warming mythologists went on TV and RADIO and blamed mankind for the 2 shark attacks in North Carolina. One guru declared he'd conferred with the perpetrator...a 14 foot hammerhead...using sophisticated brain-to-brain technology...Vulcan mind-melt stuff.

According to the guru...Mr. Shark didn't want those arms from those two children...but...a statement had to be made. And...since suicide bombing was so "yesterday"...Mr. Shark...after much deliberation with the federal council of sharks...chose to inflict horrific wounds thereby telling mankind about how angry Mother Nature had become over the manner in which man treats his environment.

Always wanting to get in on any "destroy liberty" campaign...the leader of the Catholics declared oceans would rise...and...Mother Earth into flames would burst.

To enhance his credibility on this issue...Pope Francis asked to speak to Mr. Shark and using that new mind-to-mind technology...even the Pope was able to discuss the weakness and strength of this MYTH...a myth about how mankind can affect climate so much as to change it permanently...a theory of sorts which envisions mankind eliminating industry and returning to a feudal time...a time of dragons and kings...a time when fear and faith combine to cripple generations amounting to what might be later framed as the NEW DARK AGES.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that when he told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the contents of the "nuke" deal with the rag heads in Tehran...Bibbi turned blue.


Stanley Cup this year goes to the Chicago Blackhawks. They skated...fought...and...prevailed. Congratulations.


Okay...Trump went bankrupt several times...but...nowadays...$9 billion has found its way into his wallet. Would he be a good president? What message does he offer? So far...he has not told anyone he'd liberate the subjugated...a message RAND PAUL preaches. Would Trump demand the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE yoke and choke agenda be deleted and a 21st Century otherwise unhampered market ushered in? If Trump were to conclude eradication of the CAGE must occur...he'd probably succeed in deleting as much grip and grab as possible until the CAGE disappeared and EDEN manifested.


Mokhtar Belmokhtar was killed by a drone strike in Libya. He's the scumbag who attacked that Algerian gas plant and slaughtered all those people. He even went on YouTube to tell the world what a despicable person he was and how many more people he planned to kill. But...as with all such scumbags...KARMA arrived...and...BOOM!(Wall Street Journal A-10;06-16-15).


Pope Francis declared man-made global warming a threat and that he wanted people to return to the days of "tent and mule"...to the days when he and his team ran the show...when demons lurked in forests...and...people were ignorant and kept that way,(Wall Street Journal A-9;06-16-15).
*Pope Francis also told a cub-reporter from this BLOG that with a spoon and bucket he could dip the ocean dry. Of course...the cub-reporter didn't openly doubt the Pope's assertion but felt the Pontiff might have had too much wine.

Monday, June 15, 2015


What John the Baptist did was so important...that part of the New Testament describes how God required John's dispensation to Jesus at the Pool of God. What if this BLOG has such import? What if it is the beacon? What if through this portal liberation over subjugation flows forth? What if this BLOG is so important that America's freedom-loving aspect might very well depend on it?


Folks...in Vietnam there is a market for the "new and novel". Indeed. there are markets for about anything Americans* have to offer. Yes...the Communist Government must get its cut...but...inside that feudal society there is...nevertheless...enough leeway...for most entrepreneurs to earn a decent living if not perhaps gather enough to be called RICH. Taking advantage of this incredible opportunity...marketing mavens and TV personalities are flooding Ho Chi Mihn City...for instance...with advertising telling the Vietnamese there are MOBILE APPS linking them to everything imaginable. One product...software in nature...once downloaded gives the person wearing a a special headset the ABILITY to enter virtual reality...conduct business...have fun...maybe do something not doable in "real life"...etc(Wall Street Journal B-4;06-15-15).
*Lady Elizabeth has made an entire TV series called ARMY OF LIBERATION. It's about how the small defeats the large through persistence and honor.


The American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) has been exposed as the culprit behind the most recent "hack-attack". Yes...China was initially blamed until it was demonstrated "how" the CIA had managed to make it "look like"..."seem like"...that the Chinese were behind that cyber-assault...when...actually it was the CIA and not the Chinese. Indeed...as President Xi pointed out, "The Chinese could care less about the personal data of the worker bees inhabiting the federal leviathan. On the other hand...what better way to create a fuss than to hack one's own computers...but...claim it done by someone else...someone picked to be the scapegoat."

Where vulnerable?

Just as Hitler struck the Allies in 1940 where they were most vulnerable...so has Iran attacked the United States where most vulnerable. It struck at Iraq and Afghanistan knowing quagmire was anathema to the war-weary American voter. They grabbed the "nuke" initiative and are almost able to construct their SWORD OF ALLAH...a doomsday weapon. And they have a dung-throwing monkey in the Oval Office whom they've outwitted since he took office in January of 2009.


Alibaba is missing out on the wealth of Florida. Indeed...Jack Ma turned down an offer to supply 5 million square feet of warehousing with matching physical distribution capacity. He said Republican Governor Rick Scott was anti-business and was LYING to Floridians about his dedication to eliminating the hassle and hurdle of big foot government. "If we enter Florida in that fashion...your Governor will not support our paradigm but do what he can to hurt not help," whispered Jack Ma when asked by a cub-reporter "why" turn down such an offer...an exquisite offer made by the ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT of this BLOG,(Wall Street Journal A-15;06-15-15).


A 12 year old and a 16 year old were swimming in the ocean off North Carolina and both had their arms bitten off. Instantly...U.S.Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D.FL) told a cub-reporter from this BLOG those children were injured because of man-made global warming. But for warmer oceans those sharks would have been feeding off some New England Cape instead of feasting on Tar Heels.


Yes...biologically she was Caucasian but her heart was Afro-American. She adopted their peculiar language...their hair style...and...nasty attitude toward others. Yet...racists in the NAACP demanded Rachael Dolezal step down as one of their more celebrated leaders. As Hillary Clinton* sniffed, "She's not Afro-American. She's white and we...blacks...we hate impostors...even those who preach freedom and deliverance from narrow-minded jerks. If they ain't black...we don't want them around us."
*Hillary Clinton called Ms Dolezal and asked, "Who is you?"


What 21st century message does JEB BUSH preach? At 3:00 p.m. in Miami, Florida...we'll hear about his vision. It'll probably be eloquently packed with bromide and platitude...aimless promises...giving some kind of safety net great description...offering the fools who pull the FREE LUNCH AND WAGON RIDE entitlement system another carrot on stick declaration...and...giving the industrial-military complex as much war as they can imagine.


BLACK LIKE ME was a story about a dude who pretended to be an Afro-American so he might observe racism in the Deep South. Recently...though...Rachael Dolezal declared herself an Afro-American...grabbed a six-figure job with the NAACP...and...received a Bentley in the bargain...even though...her declaration was false. Even her mother couldn't any longer dodge the country-club gossip about "how" she could have an Afro-American daughter. Had the mother of Rachael been raped, perhaps, and never revealed it? Or had Rachael been adopted...maybe a Nigerian baby...or...from Chad, for that matter?

The answer to those obvious questions is more mundane. When Ms R. Dolezal discovered how easily Elizabeth Warren had duped people with her LIE about being an American Indian and had received that BIG JOB based on that LIE...she knew she could LIE about her RACE and receive as much accolade and accommodation as Warren had obtained. What she didn't expect was her own mother...however...finally refusing to HIDE THE TRUTH. Sure...Warren's family was willing to LIE and OBFUSCATE...but...Rachael's mother was a moral lady and couldn't any longer assist in such deception.


Hillary Clinton preached socialism to a crowd whose mantra: GIVE US MORE. As she mentioned how she'd loot storeroom and redistribute as she saw fit...the audience screamed with adulation. Here was a real tyrant...someone who'd stomp and chomp...and...give them more than they might otherwise have. And...the miller told his tale...and...Hillary Clinton turned a whiter shade of pale.

A "wanted" poster

Former Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke called the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) to report he'd seen "wanted" posters nailed to telephone poles near his house depicting him as a scumbag...a criminal...a slime slug...and...many other unbecoming metaphors. He wanted the public stain removed. He had done his duty and caused the 2007-2008 Great Recession...and...he wanted* public condemnation derailed.
*"I'll tell America how Obama and all those other jerks were involved in the 2007 Debacle if you don't stop those people from putting those posters around my neighborhood," Bernanke threatened FBI honcho: James Comey.


Folks...Hillary Clinton told a hand-picked crowd on Roosevelt Island that she would reduce the United States to a socialist toilet and the crowd cheered. Here was a real scumbag ready to replace what little liberty remained with "freedom-to-obey" and they loved it.


The same warning people received about Hillary Clinton was also issued for swimmers along the North Carolina shore. Of course...just as voters will ignore that WARNING ABOUT HILLARY...so did the swimmers in North Carolina and two swimmers had their arms bitten off by hungry sharks.


Fizzle...pop. Such the words describing Hong Kong's Democracy crop. Only a few thousand people attended the pro-Democracy rally...and...fewer clapped when anti-Chinese rhetoric was shouted. Most people know China is an ascending dragon...golden and remarkable. And...they know it's best to join the winning team than helping the loser patch wounds.

Rachael Dolezal

"But you're not Afro-American!" Rachael Dolezal's mother exclaimed as they argued about "why" Rachael would go around telling people she was Afro-American. Her mother was disturbed that her daughter had told people that a rape was the source of her claim and the mother was too embarrassed to admit such travail.

"Why would you tell people I was raped?" her mother vehemently asked.

Looking as serious as a bullet...her daughter told her mother her purpose and where she got that idiotic idea. "I needed the job. When I saw Elizabeth Warren claim she was an American Indian...a bald faced lie if ever there were one...I knew it was time to make a claim and get a great job. I just copied what that scumbag did," acknowledged Rachael as she was wiping her tears and smearing her make-up.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Yes...folks...there are great plates which move around the planet...some getting bigger...others getting smaller...and...some turning into mountains such as Himalayas...a huge mountain chain created when India slammed into Asia eons ago. As continents drift apart...as volcanoes come and go...as earthquakes shake and rattle what isn't nailed down...Mother Earth changes. And...to say mankind might change the dynamics of that process is idiotic!


Hillary Clinton was informed that sky marshals were afoot with FREEUSFLORIDA.COM signs. On that BLOG...she'd seen the BLOG: "Show me a sign" where a sky marshal for 15 minutes held a FREEUSFLORIDA.COM sign at the right ear of MSNBC attack dog, Chris Matthews. And...she wasn't about to allow such SIGNAGE to spoil her socialist moment. Hence she picked an island and the people who would attend. "The only way a sky marshal is going to breach our defenses is if he parachutes onto the stage," quipped Karen Finney...a top Clinton adviser.


Obama...ever the dung-throwing monkey...held a closed-door session* with Democrats just before they were to vote on a necessary "fast-track" trade component. Afterward...he bragged about how he'd convinced them to support his power to create a feudal system for the Pacific Rim and that he was quite confident they'd choose "feudal trade" authority.

As history now recounts...U.S.Rep. Nancy Pelosi saw Obama defecating into her bonnet and knew he expected her to clap it upon her head. Instead of doing what Obama envisioned...though...she and her scurvy crew of socialists, Eco-fascists, unionists, and other rabid freedom-haters voted with some skittish Republicans and defeated a key-part of a trade-treaty in the U.S. House of Representatives. Ouch.
*In BRAVEHEART...the old dude tells the young prince: "We'll support the rebellion from our lands in the North...but...condemn it in our lands in the South." Might Obama in that closed-door session have discussed such tactic...such stratagem...and...Pelosi's betrayal something expected and needed as part of a larger plan?


Jeb Bush is a socialist...an Eco-fascist...but...disguised as a Republican candidate for President. He is as much dedicated to perpetuation of the 20th Century NANNY STATE CAGE as Hillary Clinton although unlike Hillary he'd trim about its edges to make the yoke less onerous.

No...folks...RAND PAUL is the best candidate and will be the best President. He'll eliminate the grip and grab of the CAGE and usher in the 21st century otherwise unhampered market...a place where never can be found an able-bodied pauper. He'll open the federal prisons and release all those souls languishing entombed because of getting "high" or helping someone else get "high". He'll open the borders to everyone and declare America is once more open for business. Come one...come all...we're at last free and open for everyone.

Recently...Lady Elizabeth offered names to the army of liberation asking which candidate should the crusade champion. Naturally...100% picked RAND PAUL. They know he will usher in a 21st Century EDEN by deleting the grip and grab of the CAGE* and its would-be masters.
*Inside the CAGE...gold goes for $1300 per ounce as where in times past an ounce could be bought for $35.00. Indeed...1/1300the of an ounce of gold can't be seen with the naked eye. Such is how destructive the welfare state has been to Americans. And...JEB and HILLARY want to perpetuate that horror!


On TV...MSNBC talking heads told would-be entrepreneurs they had best know tax law and their obligation lest they be attacked by an impressive array of big foot government goon squads. While the statement was intended as a "public service" announcement...it also sounded much like what Parisians were told by the NAZIS about how they were to act when Hitler came to town,(a scene out of Casablanca, the movie).


Is there anyone so base they would support any form of enslavement? And yet when asked about the INCOME TAX or the ESTATE TAX...these same people will lament the yoke...but...express acceptance with their feudal niche. A fish never knows it's inside a fish bowl, perhaps.